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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bollyn= The Zionist Criminal Network


 The Zionist Criminal Network

Mapping the Zionist Terror Network

February 11, 2010
“We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.” 
- David Ben-Gurion, a.k.a. David Grün (1886-1973), Israeli Prime Minister (1948-53, 1955-63) and Chief Architect of Zionist terrorism and the state of Israel; revered by Israelis as "Father of the Nation"
To understand the Zionist terror network behind 9-11, it is essential to know about Israel's long history of "false-flag" terror attacks - against Americans.  I have edited the chapter, "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism."  The following is an extract from the chapter:
The Zionists also began using terrorism as a tactic against the West in the 1940s, carrying out false-flag terror attacks against the United States and Britain as far back as the bombing of Jerusalem's King David Hotel on July 22, 1946.  The bombing of the luxury hotel was ordered by Menachem Begin, the head of the Irgun, a Zionist terrorist organization during the 1930s and 1940s. Begin, a terrorist and avowed racist, later became prime minister of Israel, a position he held during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, which was led by Ariel Sharon, then minister of defense.  Begin had a Jewish supremacist view of the world, which he used to justify his crimes of terrorism and genocide.  "[The Palestinians] are beasts walking on two legs," Begin, then Prime Minister Begin, said in a speech to the Knesset, as quoted by the Israeli writer Amnon Kapeliouk in his article "Begin and the 'Beasts" in the New Statesman of June 25, 1982.

Menachem Begin, the Polish-born head of the terrorist gang Irgun, and the King David Hotel he ordered bombed in 1946.  "Everything was coordinated with the Haganah," Prime Minister Begin later told the Israel Broadcasting Authority.  The Haganah was headed by David Ben Gurion.
I have added three improved schematic diagrams to a special section at the end of another key chapter entitled "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9-11."  These diagrams were sent to me by a reader and supporter in Massachusetts and are quite similar to the large diagram that I made as I wrote this chapter of my on-line book, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World.  

These simple diagrams are very helpful for the reader to understand the network of relationships between the key individuals and entities in the Zionist network behind the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11.  The diagram of the people involved in security at the World Trade Center has Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, the head of the massive insurance fraud scheme known as A.I.G., and his business partner Henry Kissinger at the top of the network.  Kissinger is still a key player in the crimocracy as seen by the conspicuous fact that he was sent by the new Obama administration to meet with the leadership of Russia, although the nominal Secretary of State was Hillary Clinton.  Understanding "Hank" Greenberg's connection to WTC security helps to understand the huge financial fraud he managed as head of A.I.G. - and why it was bailed out.  American taxpayers were forced to absorb the immense costs of Greenberg's crimes, which drained hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury.

Henry Kissinger and Maurice Greenberg are old business partners
- and key players in the terror network of 9-11.
The diagrams can be seen by clicking on the following links:

Michel Friedman & the Jewish Crimocracy

Updated December 23, 2009

The removal of the menorah in the Moldovan capital was a non-violent protest, a reaction against a symbol of a foreign and anti-Christian cult in a nation that is overwhelmingly Christian.
On December 13, some 200 Orthodox Christians in the Moldovan capital Chisinau removed the large, metal menorah that had been set up in downtown Europe Square, and placed it upside down on Stefan cel Mare Square at the base of a statue of King Stephen the Great.  The menorah was replaced by an Orthodox cross, the religious symbol of the vast majority of the Moldovan population.

The incident is being misinterpreted as an act of hatred and anti-Semitism, which is politically convenient for Zionists like the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith.  It needs to be understood, however, that this was a natural and normal protest against a crass provocation by the Jews themselves.  No Jews were hurt nor were any Jews denied any of their human rights. 

What needs to be remembered is that this was a non-violent and natural reaction to a blatant provocation caused by the Jews who put up their anti-Christian symbol in the capital of an Orthodox Christian nation during a Christian holiday.  The reaction by the Christians was correct and proper, in my opinion.  It would be wonderful to see the Christians of Chicago removing the huge menorah that dominates their downtown plaza every Christmas (see below).  Western Europeans and Americans, however, have been lulled into accepting mindless "tolerance" through which they have been deceived into accepting de facto Jewish dominance of their cultures and nations.  Such mindless tolerance has caused their nations to be looted and plundered by Jewish criminals and their young Christian men to be dragged off to fight and die in costly wars to support the Zionist agenda.  Christians in America should understand the historical importance of non-violent symbolic protest actions like the removal of the menorah in Moldova and stand up for their faith and nation in a similar way.

Jewish news agencies have reported that the Moldovan Orthodox Church blamed the Jewish community for the protest in which a public menorah was torn down:

"We believe that this unpleasant incident in the center of the capital could have been avoided if the menorah had been placed near a memorial for victims of the Holocaust," the church's statement said, according to a report Monday by the Interfax news agency.

The church's statement said it disagreed with the form of the protest, and that the church respects "the feelings and belief of other cults that are legally registered on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, and expects a similar attitude from their side," according to the report. 

"At the same time," the statement continued, "we think it inappropriate to put a symbol of the Jewish cult in a public place connected to the history and faith of our people, especially because Chanukah is classified by the cult books of Judaism as a 'holiday of blessing' that symbolizes the victory of Jews over non-Jews."

Michel Friedman, former vice chairman of Germany's Central Council of Jews, at the trial of John Demjanjuk.  Friedman is a known pedophile and sex criminal who has abused hundreds of young Ukranian girls - who had been kidnapped and forced into prostitution.
There is a secret Jewish organization controlling our governments whose power and presence can be discerned by its effect on our nations.  This largely unseen force is criminal in nature and corrupts our governments through its secret control of our elections, central banks, political parties and politicians, mass media, and courts.  A government which has fallen under the control of this secret criminal network becomes what I call a "crimocracy."  A hallmark of such a state is that Jewish criminals are protected by the courts and media.  Michel Friedman, a well-known leader of the German Jewish community is a good example of such a criminal.

While the Christian nativity scene is banned, an ugly steel menorah is allowed in Chicago's Daley Plaza every Christmas.
The steel menorah in Chicago's Daley Plaza is a stark reminder of who wields the real power in President Barack Obama's adopted hometown of Chicago.  When I lived in the Windy City, my hometown, a local Jewish atheist had succeeded in having the traditional crèche nativity scene with the baby Jesus in the manger banned on the grounds that it was a religious symbol.  But a massive and ugly steel menorah, the religious symbol of the Jews, is permitted - without question - in the central plaza of a city that is overwhelmingly Christian.  As I have revealed in previous articles, the real power behind President Obama and Mayor Richard M. Daley is the secret Jewish network.  Obama, for example, was cultivated as a political candidate since 1992 by Bettylu Saltzman, the daughter of the former president of B'nai B'rith International, the secret society of Jewish Freemasons.

The Jewish secret network of B'nai B'rith wields immense power behind the scenes of the U.S. government and those of other Western nations.  As the Jewish conspirators are small in number, compared with the non-Jewish populations they live among, secret societies and the controlled media are used as Jewish "force multipliers."  A nation where such methods are painfully evident is Germany, a proud nation that remains occupied some 64 years after the war.  The New York Times, a B'nai B'rith mouthpiece, calls 
the ongoing occupation of Germany the "light footprint" of its conquerors.  There is, however, nothing "light" about the footprint of the boot of the foreign occupation of Germany.

Germany is an amazingly powerful nation, as the Romans learned in the First Century.  Devastated and plundered twice in the past century, greatly reduced in size and population, Germany is once again the most powerful economy in Europe.  A much smaller nation than the United States or China, Germany is the largest exporting nation in the world and accounts for 75 percent of all European exports – but occupied it remains.  More than six decades after the end of the war, there is still no formal peace treaty ending the war between Germany and the United States. 

The secret Jewish power that controls Germany can be seen in the severe occupation laws and proclamations, which remain in effect to this day as part of the Basic Law (Grundgesetz) - the "temporary" law of the foreign occupation.  The occupation law of 1945, which was supposed to be replaced with a proper constitution, still serves as Germany's constitution.  The Jewish power behind the occupation law can be seen in the distorted system of justice that punishes honest historians severely while letting Jewish criminals run wild.  The ongoing trial in Munich of the 89-year-old John Demjanjuk has brought, once again, one of Germany's notorious Jewish criminals into the spotlight.  His name is Michel Friedman.  Friedman, born in Paris, is a well-known lawyer, journalist, television personality, Zionist leader and former vice chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

Michel Friedman at the trial of Demjanjuk.  Who is the real criminal in this photo?
Friedman has been attending the trial of John Demjanjuk, a frail Ukranian immigrant from Cleveland, and promoting himself and the Zionist agenda as he is paid to do.  The fact that Michel Friedman is the criminal who should be on trial for the outrageous crimes he has committed is never discussed in the controlled press.

Michel Friedman was the vice chairman of the Central Council of Jews when he was found guilty of possession of cocaine and using the services of "forced prostitutes."  He was forced to resign from his official positions and given a fine of some 17,000 Euros but that, as the late Paul Harvey would say, is only half the story.

Friedman was fined for possession of cocaine and using "forced prostitutes."  The fact that the "prostitutes" were young Ukranian girls who had been kidnapped was kept out of the story.
Prostitution is legal in Germany so the illegal use of "forced prostitutes" gives us some idea of the human slavery Friedman was up to.  The "forced prostitutes" that Michel Friedman used on hundreds of occasions were very young girls, mostly from the Ukraine, who had been tricked, trafficked, and kidnapped into becoming sex slaves. 

I heard the rest of the Friedman story from a friend in Berlin who is a female police investigator who was involved in the Friedman investigation.  I had complimented the German police by saying something about how a 9-11 cover-up could not happen with the honest police of Germany. 

She disagreed saying that she had personally witnessed a similar cover-up of a series of serious crimes committed by Michel Friedman. Friedman, unmarried and using an alias, had on hundreds of occasions ordered two underage girls to serve his sexual needs.  They were always to be very young, about 15 or 16, and large-breasted.  The police had found evidence of some 371 different times when Friedman, using the alias Paolo Pinkas, had requested pairs of girls to be sent to him.  Hundreds of young girls were violated by Friedman, the drug-addicted sexual pervert.  Where is the justice?  Why is Friedman allowed to get away with human trafficking and sexual crimes that would result in a long prison sentence for anyone else?

Friedman withdrew from all public offices and apologized to the German people asking for "a second chance".  He did, however, not apologize to the "forced prostitutes" or their families because that would have meant revealing the huge number and ages of the young girls involved.  That would have exposed this Jewish spokesman for the criminal beast he is.  On July 8, 2003, Friedman received his light punishment.  He was fined €17,400 for three packages of cocaine found by the police - that's it.

The police investigator who told me this, herself a mother of a young daughter of the same age as Friedman's victims, was personally devastated by the way the evidence of his serious sexual crimes was covered up by the court and prosecutor.   She had to take time off and be treated for depression.  I can understand how she must have felt to have witnessed such a travesty of justice.  What I can't understand, however, is why the German media has not revealed the full extent of Friedman's crimes.  A well-known German journalist was part of this discussion about Friedman and knows all the sordid details of the Friedman dossier.  The controlled media of Germany would simply not allow such a story to be published about the criminal conduct of one of Germany's leading Jews.

Friedman is paid to promote the Zionist agenda in Germany.
This is how the Jewish crimocracy works.  Jewish criminals like Bernard Madoff of New York, Joachim Posener of Sweden, and Michel Friedman of Germany are allowed to get away with outrageous and serious crimes, the extent and nature of which are never revealed to the people.  Other criminals, like Menachem Atzmon of Israel, are allowed to control sensitive operations in Germany, such as the port of Rostock, and the United States, where this convicted Israeli political figure and Mossadnik ran passenger screening operations at the airports of 9-11.  The fact that Atzmon's crucial role in the terrorism of 9-11 has not been divulged in the tort litigation of 9-11 underlines the Zionist control of the obstructed judicial process in which the relatives of 9-11 seek in vain to obtain justice and accountability for their losses.  Eight years after the attacks there has still not been a trial for the families who lost loved ones on 9-11 and it appears there never will be a trial in the court of U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, a devoted Zionist and father of a son who lives on an illegal Israeli settlement on the West Bank.

If the mass media were to inform the people of Germany and the United States of the crimes committed by such Jewish criminals the exposure alone would have a cathartic effect.  This is why it is essential for the survival of our nations that Jewish criminals be treated in the same way as every other criminal.  This is the first step to recovering our national sovereignty.

Sources and Recommended Reading:
Source:  Moldovan church blames Jews for menorah incident, December 22, 2009

Friedman, Michel, „Ich habe kein Mitleid mit John Demjanjuk“

"Studio Friedman" on German television

Michel Friedman interview with Horst Mahler

Rahm Emanuel to Light DC Menorah, Yeshiva World News, December 9, 2009
The Israeli son-of-a-terrorist Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff of the Obama White House.  It speaks volumes that Yeshiva World News would choose this picture of Emanuel from Inauguration Day to accompany their story about Emanuel lighting the "national" menorah in Washington, D.C.  What nation does Emanuel represent?  Certainly not mine.

The Criminal Nature of the Zionist Controlled Press

December 8, 2009
From the practical point of view, it is obvious, whatever the case may be, that one hypothesis leads to the same consequences as the other. Politically and socially, Masonry and Judaism combine into one and the same campaign, against which it is good to fight, whether by doing so one fights simply a humanitarian, levelling utopianism, having its principle and its end in itself, or whether, on the other hand, one may by doing so paralyse one of the main instruments in the service of the occult will-to-power of a race which is not ours, and whose triumph, visible or invisible, could only mean the decline of the highest heritage of the best Indo-European civilisation. 
Julius Evola (1898-1974) 

The European view of the absurdity of Barack Obama, a Zionist warmonger, getting the Nobel Peace Prize by Roger Chappatte of Le Temps (Geneva)

"Paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell."
- Hugo Black, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1886-1971)
Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. 
- U.S. Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

“The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.”
- Vladimir Lenin, founder of several newspapers and the Russian Communist Party (1870-1924)

"The press is not only free, it is powerful. That power is ours. It is the proudest that man can enjoy."
- Benjamin Disraeli, first Jewish prime minister of Britain (1804-1881)

"Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day."
- Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 1807 

"There are laws to protect the freedom of the press's speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press."
- Mark Twain, American author (1835-1910)
The false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 should serve as a giant red light for the American people.  If the mass murder of thousands of our fellow citizens doesn't shake us out of our political apathy, nothing will.  The events of 9-11 and the criminal cover-up of the truth of what really happened that day are like the visible tip of a treacherous iceberg.  The media cover-up of the real evidence of 9-11 provides us with the most obvious evidence that the United States is ruled by a very nasty crimocracy and their wholly-owned media.

The crimocracy that runs the U.S. government is evidently controlled by a Jewish secret society and is protected from exposure by the fact that the same secret society owns and controls the mass media: lock, stock, and barrel.  This can be seen most clearly in how the mass media has completely avoided any discussion of the evidence that shows that 9-11 was an elaborate false-flag terror attack designed to kick-start the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror."  For example, to this day not a single mass media news outlet has even addressed the crucial discovery of chips of super-thermite in the dust of the pulverized World Trade Center.  This shows that the owners of the controlled media are complicit in a massive criminal conspiracy to cover-up what really happened on 9-11.

As an independent journalist I have investigated 9-11 since the day of the attacks.  Having discovered solid evidence of Israeli involvement in the terror attacks, I have investigated these leads for eight years and found that at every nodal point of the attacks and subsequent cover-up was a Zionist Jew in the key position of control.
Michael Chertoff, for example, the son of a Israeli Mossad agent, supervised the non-investigation of 9-11 as the Assistant Attorney General of the U.S.
Michael Chertoff, the Israeli son of a Mossadnik, supervised the non-investigation of 9-11 and the confiscation and destruction of crucial evidence, such as the Thermite-melted steel columns of the World Trade Center.
My most unusual point-of-view concerning 9-11 has given me greater insight and a different perspective than any other journalist writing about this subject. I am the only American journalist to have suffered a brutal attack and torture with TASER by a three-man tactical squad of heavily-armed undercover police at his home and then forced to endure malicious prosecution, a form of pay-back from the criminals running the United States.

Christopher Bollyn suffered a broken elbow and malicious TASERing in a pre-planned assault by a special undercover police unit in August 2006.  The controlled media avoided mentioning that Bollyn was a working journalist, something that would have been hard to finesse in a nation that supposedly respects the freedom of the press.
As Thomas Jefferson wrote about the misinformation in the press: "The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day."  I am in such a situation.  I am in the position to confront the media lies about 9-11 with the facts, which is the main reason I was brutally attacked by an undercover tactical police squad and subsequently fired as a journalist from a controlled paper in Washington, D.C. 

I have been attacked by numerous Zionist-controlled media outlets, such as Rupert Murdoch's FOX News, Gerald Levin's CNN/TimeWarner, and Sam Zell's Chicago Tribune.  These Jewish media moguls are members of the Zionist secret society B'nai B'rith and are dedicated to defend and protect the state of Israel.  Their ham-fisted attacks against me revealed their commitment to the Zionist agenda to protect the deception about 9-11.
Gerald Manuel Levin, a Zionist Freemason of the B'nai B'rith, took over CNN from Ted Turner, which was the last U.S. mass media news outlet in the hands of a non-Jew.
Gerald Levin, the head of CNN, sent a team to my home near Chicago to interview me about 9-11.  I quickly saw that the CNN reporters had no interest in the evidence of 9-11 and only wanted to get footage of me that they could use to slander me as an anti-Semite.  Their hit piece aired on CNN the day before my trial was supposed to begin in the court of Hyman I. Riebman, a Zionist judge in Cook County.  Gerald Levin is a member of the Media Lodge of B'nai B'rith, a lodge of the Jewish secret society that is open only to Zionist Jews who have senior positions in the media world.  This is the secret vehicle of the Zionist media conspiracy.  When Levin's son was murdered in 1997, Louise E. Dembeck, a veteran lawyer and executive with TimeWarner and then president of the "Music, Entertainment and Media Division of B'nai Brith", published a note of condolence on the obituary page of the New York Times, the secret society's controlled mouthpiece owned by the Sulzberger family of Lodge No. 1. 

Louise E. Dembeck and her Israeli "kibbutznik" husband Giora Ne'eman had earlier been indicted of serious criminal fraud in New York City.  I mention this because it illustrates the kind of craven and venal person who is attracted to such secret organizations in the first place.  They dream of having wealth and power and see the B'nai B'rith as the vehicle to obtaining these things.  Many members of B'nai B'rith, a secret society of Jewish freemasons dedicated to a foreign state, are high-level judges in the United States.  The obvious conflict of interest that arises when one of the parties of a lawsuit is connected to the state of Israel, as in the 9-11 tort litigation, and the judge is a member of a Zionist secret society is never discussed in the controlled media.  With their control of the press, courts, and government, the Elders of Zion of B'nai B'rith consider themselves to be invulnerable.  They know that their 9-11 crimes will never be prosecuted in a system they control.
Sam Zell, a well-known Zionist criminal from Chicago, took over the Tribune Company - and quickly plundered it.  Loaded down with debt, the Chicago Tribune is sinking like a weighted corpse in the Chicago River.
Sam Zell, the man who destroyed the Chicago Tribune (and L.A. TimesHartford CourantNewsday, WGN, etc.), recently left the CEO position of the Tribune company.  The Tribune is now fighting for survival, weighed down with billions of dollars of debts loaded onto the company when it was turned private by Zell.  Zell is, however, a well-known Zionist criminal from Chicago.  Criminals like Zell have a known pattern of criminal behavior, which the Chicago Tribune knew all about.  The Tribune covered the story in the late 1970s when Zell and three other lawyers were indicted for having participated in "serious and calculated fraud on the United States."  Zell was only able to avoid prison by co-operating with the prosecution - and sending Roger S. Baskes, his brother-in-law to jail.  Zell, Baskes, and two others had concocted an elaborate scheme using shell companies in the Bahamas to hide some $700,000 from the government.  Baskes was sent to jail for two years although I don't know how long he actually stayed in jail.  Baskes is the son of Mr. Irwin Baskes.  His mother, Ella Rosenberg Baskes, was a vice president of the B'nai B'rith.  
Sources and Recommended Reading:
"The Bollyn Trial: The Criminalization of an Outspoken Journalist," June 29, 2007
Evola, Julius, "The Relationship between Judaism and Freemasonry"

B'nai B'rith - The Secret Society of Jews

November 22, 2009

B'nai B'rith was instrumental in gaining U.S. support for the nascent Zionist state of Israel in the late 1940s.  The Jewish secret society of Freemasons used President Harry Truman's friend - and their agent - Eddie Jacobson of Kansas City (standing behind Truman) in off-the-record meetings in the Oval Office to persuade the president to approve the Zionist land grab known as the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan of Palestine and then to recognize the state of Israel the next year following the Zionist ethnic cleansing of nearly 400 Palestinian villages and towns.  By applying pressure directly on Truman, B'nai B'rith dictated U.S. policy in spite of strong resistance from the U.S. Department of State. When Truman extended de jure recognition of the Zionist state on January 31, 1949, the only guests invited to the signing ceremony in the Oval Office were members of B'nai B'rith: Eddie Jacobson, the B'nai B'rith executive vice president Maurice Bisgyer, and the secret society's president, Frank Goldman (sitting).

President Truman, a highest level Freemason, was forced to accept the dictates of a gang of Zionist Jewish Freemasons on crafting U.S. policy in the Middle East.  What does this say about the real hierarchy of power among Freemasons?  Truman, a Freemason since 1909, had established the Grandview Lodge No. 618 in Missouri and served as its first "Worshipful Master". In 1940, Brother Truman was elected the ninety-seventh Grand Master of Masons of Missouri.  In 1945, President Truman was made a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33°, and Honorary Member at the Supreme Council of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (A.A.S.R.) Southern Jurisdiction Headquarters in Washington D.C.  The fact that Jewish Freemasons of the B'nai B'rith were able to meet secretly with the president in the Oval Office whenever they wanted and were able to direct the U.S. president, a highest level Mason, to follow their orders in shaping U.S. policy in the Middle East, shows the immense power this secret society of Zionist Jews has long had over the U.S. government and other Masonic orders.  Barack Hussein Obama was cultivated as a politician in Chicago and made President of the United States by the power of the B'nai B'rith.  It's high time for these secret societies to be removed from the corridors of power where U.S. policy is crafted.

The first step to solving America's most serious problems requires that we identify the people who control the hidden hand behind the disastrous policies that are destroying our proud republic.  This is the first article in a series about the B'nai B'rith, the Jewish secret society that created the state of Israel and made Barack Obama president.  

After one year in office it is clear that the Obama administration, elected on a platform of "change", is actually maintaining the policies of the Bush administration.  In some cases, such as the occupation of Afghanistan, President Barack Hussein Obama has actually added to the war effort by sending tens of thousands more troops.

The fact that the political change was only superficial and that the Obama administration intends to follow the basic policies of the previous administration can best be seen in the continuing cover up of the truth of what really happened on 9-11.  The false-flag terrorism of 9-11 is the fundamental lie that needs to be protected.  Upon this blatant lie the fraudulent "War on Terror" is based, and this illegal war policy has been embraced by Barack Obama.

When the Obama team sent Henry Kissinger to Moscow for early meetings with the Russian leadership, rather than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it was evident that the power brokers running the Obama White House were the same as those that ran the Bush and Clinton administrations – and those before them. 

Rahm Emanuel, Chief-of-Staff of the Obama administration and son of an Israeli terrorist, and David Axelrod, the president's strategy chief and senior adviser, are two of the highest managers of Barack Obama.  Axelrod, the son of a Communist Jew, has been managing Obama's political career since 1992.  Emanuel, as a former senior adviser in the Clinton White House, was the person who pushed the disastrous NAFTA legislation through Congress in 1993.  But who really manages Emanuel and Axelrod?  Who tells them what policies to promote and which to discard?

Our politicians and policies are given to us today via television and the controlled media like the mysterious writing on the wall appeared to Babylon's King Belshazzar, son of Nebuchadnezzar, in the Old Testament.  But who controls the hand that creates the politicians and crafts the policies?
The election of Barack Obama has provided us with a glimpse of the hidden hand that controls the government of the United States.  The politicians and policies of the U.S. government do not actually come from the people but are presented to the public through the controlled media.  The two most influential papers in the United States, The New York Times and Washington Post, are both controlled by German Jewish families that are among the founding members of the Jewish secret society the B'nai B'rith.  The B'nai B'rith, an order of Jewish Freemasonry, is closed to non-Jews which puts its Jewish members at the top of the Masonic hierarchy.  The members of B'nai B'rith are able to join other Masonic orders but only Jews can belong to B'nai B'rith.

Barack Obama has been created as a political candidate since 1992 by David Axelrod and Bettylu Saltzman, the daughter of Philip M. Klutznick, the former head of B'nai B'rith International, the supreme body of the B'nai B'rith.  This is the secret society of Zionist Jews that controls the White House and the policies of the U.S. government. 
The first Chicago newspaper report from the 1860s that revealed that a secret organization of "Israelites" had existed in Chicago for some 20 years.
'Do you really think that criminals are clever, good people, Thrasymachus?'

'Yes, if their criminality is able to manifest in a perfect form and they are capable of dominating countries and nations.'
- Socrates in Plato's Republic
Secret anti-Christian organizations like the Freemasons and B'nai B'rith are like the fabled black holes of astronomy.  Like other unseen astronomical bodies, astronomers postulate the existence of black holes based on how they distort light and affect other bodies around them.  So is it with the Jewish B'nai B'rith and other Freemasonic secret societies, which we know very little about but whose presence can be seen in how they pervade every level of our society and affect everything around us.

Great nations, like the United States, France, and Germany, once had anti-Masonic and anti-Semitic political parties that acted to challenge the pernicious influence of secret Masonic and Jewish organizations.  Today we no longer have such political parties to counter these secret networks and find ourselves ruled by B'nai B'rith and Jewish Freemasons.

In the United States in 1828, the Anti-Masonic Party was the original third party to be active on the national scene. Popular opinion in America was naturally opposed to secret organizations and people feared the Freemasons, believing they were a powerful secret society that undermined republican principles.  The Anti-Masonic Party was right.  A democratic republic that allows its government, courts, and media to be run by the members of secret societies will soon find that they have taken over the republic.  This is what has happened to the United States.

In 1843, a German Jew who called himself Henry Jones founded a Jewish secret society called the “Bundes-Brueder” (League of brothers) in the Sinsheimer Café near Wall Street in New York.  Jones recruited his co-founders from the synagogue where he was in charge.  At least four of its founders were Freemasons. The order, which was later re-named the “B’nai B’rith,” was closed to all non-Jews and to any Jew who fraternized with Christians.

The power of the B'nai B'rith has grown immensely during the past 166 years.  As an independent journalist who has investigated the evidence of Israeli involvement in the false-flag terror of 9-11, I have seen how this secret society of Jewish Freemasons is able to corrupt every aspect of American society.  It is the force behind the media and government cover-up of the truth of what happened on 9-11.  It is also the secret organization behind the brutal attack on me at my house in August 2006 and the malicious prosecution and corrupt court process that followed. 

 Christopher Bollyn the day after being brutally assaulted by a three-man undercover tactical police squad at his home in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, in August 2006.
Sources and Recommended Reading:
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Fuchs, J.R., Oral History Interview with A.J. Granoff, Kansas City, Missouri, April 9, 1969http://www.trumanlibrary.org/oralhist/granoff.htm#transcript 

The Orthodox Jewish Criminal Network in the United States

July 27, 2009

Some of the members of the international Orthodox Jewish criminal network arrested on July 23, 2009.  This network is deeply involved in illegal narcotics and financial crimes.
The FBI's mass arrest on July 23 of Orthodox rabbis, their partners-in-crime, and the venal and corrupt politicians who accepted bribes from a Jewish gangster-turned-witness provides essential insight into the extensive Othodox Jewish criminal network that dominates Israel, New York, New Jersey, and to a great extent the United States of America.  Having written a great deal about this subject, particularly in relation to the false flag terror attacks of 9-11, there are a few important things that need to be pointed out about this developing story. 

This is a very important story, not only for the insular and segregated Orthodox Jewish community in which this criminal network operates but for the larger intercommunal relationship between Jews and the U.S. general public, which is incensed and indignant about being ripped off for hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars by notorious Jews like Bernard Madoff, Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G., and Ben Shalom Bernanke of the Federal Reserve. 

"If the charges against the rabbis are proved to have been correct," one veteran Brooklyn rabbi told the Israeli press, "it'll be the worst and most terrible blasphemy that will ever be remembered about the New York Jews."
While the controlled media wrongly puts the focus on the corrupt minor politicians who allegedly took bribes, the real crooks are those who paid the bribes and used dirty money to corrupt politicians. 

The main players in this criminal network are among the leading members of the Sephardic Jewish community of Brooklyn, New York City, and Deal, New Jersey.  The key players, such as the FBI's cooperating witness Solomon "Shlomo" Dwek and the 87-year-old "chief rabbi" Shaul J. Kassin, are both high-ranking members of this closed community, which is actually Israeli (or Palestinian prior to 1948).  A member of the Dwek clan, Rafi Dwek, for example, is director-general of the Likud party, the extreme right-wing party of Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, and Benjamin Netanyahu.
Shlomo Dwek, the Talmud teacher and Jewish gangster-turned-witness who helped expose a small part of the international Orthodox criminal network
Israeli members of this Syrian Orthodox Jewish community are discussed in my articles about the secret visit of Ehud Olmert to New York City on the very eve of 9-11.  During this top-secret visit on September 10, 2001, Ehud Olmert, then the Likud mayor of Jerusalem, met with two other Likudniks from the Syrian Jewish community, namely Shaul and Meir Levy, founders and owners of the "Wings" beach store chain.  Having visited one of these massive "Wings" stores in North Miami Beach, I am convinced that the Levy brothers deal in more than beach towels and suntan lotion.
The tiny Syrian Jewish enclave of Deal, New Jersey (population 1,000), has been mentioned in my 9-11 research, for example in the chapter on the Architecture of Terror.  When the FBI busted 5 prominent rabbis from this secretive group of Syrian/Israeli Orthodox Jews, I was very interested and watched to see how the media covered this story, which is far more important than many realize.  This story reveals the fundamental Jewish method of corruption and political control, which is the subject of my earlier 9-11 article about Italian Gangsters and their Jewish Bosses.  While the rabbis and the Jewish "charities" were laundering tens of millions of dollars, venal politicians were being bought off by the rabbi's son for a few thousand dollars, literally for pennies on the dollar.  Two things are striking about this latest story:  the depth and extent of the Jewish criminal network and the cheapness and degree of corruption of our political leaders.  The Jewish criminal network is just as entrenched in Chicago, Miami, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles as it is in New York and New Jersey.

The Dwek and Kassin families are very close and have been since at least the early years of the 1900s when they studied Talmud and Kabbalah together in the yeshiva in Jerusalem (then part of the district of Syria in the Turkish Ottoman Empire).  The Kassin family came to America from Palestine in August 1933.  Rabbi Jacob and his wife Mazal arrived in New York with their first four children, the eldest being Shaul, the now indicted rabbi.  Mazal, the rabbi's 30-year-old wife was unable to read or write, according to immigration documents, which is not unusual for this segregated and backwards community.  Orthodox Jewish women are known to be treated as untouchable second-class humans and are made to ride in the back of the bus even today in Israel.  Non-Jews, "Goyim" or Gentiles, are considered to be even lower and are despised by Orthodox Jews yet they choose to live and carry out their criminal schemes in America, which has a population which is overwhelmingly non-Jewish. 


The Syrian Jewish community is known for its strict racial Edict that acts like "an invisible fence" and bans members of the community from marrying anyone outside of the community.  "Never accept a convert or a child born of a convert," the son of rabbi Kassin told Zev Chavets of the New York Times in 2007, summarizing the message of the Edict. "Push them away with strong hands from our community. Why? Because we don't want gentile characteristics." 

To understand the ties between the key families in this story, I recommend Sarina Roffé's articles on the Kassin and Labaton rabbinic dynasties.  Sarina is an expert on Syrian Jewry and a member of Brooklyn's Syrian Jewish community and the Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc. of New York. 
The "Syrian" Jewish community is well known for its notorious criminals.  One of the most infamous is Eddie Antar, a.k.a. Crazy Eddie. In the '70s, he created an empire in the home electronics business.  When he was caught defrauding investors of nearly $100 million dollars, he fled to Israel, was extradited, prosecuted (by then U.S. Attorney Michael Chertoff), and sent to prison. 

Antar, who still lives in the community "enclave", told the Jewish Week that the recent mass arrest of rabbis doesn't surprise him at all. “Most people in this community are law-abiding hard-working Americans and the alleged actions of a few people are no reflection on the entire community. But I'm not surprised when I see this kind of thing happen.” 

Small, tight-knit communities such as the Syrian Jewish enclave in New Jersey and Brooklyn are particularly prone to financial crime, he said. “It happens all the time in all kinds of closed, insular communities, and these crimes are the toughest to crack,” he said. “The people are bound not just by economic incentives, but cultural, religious, ethnic and family ties. They tend to be highly coordinated, and they can take years to investigate.”  When the dust settles “hundreds” of people could be implicated, Antar predicted.  Antar's prediction that many more people are involved comes from a person who knows the Orthodox criminal network from the inside. 


The most obvious question that a person would ask after hearing the report of the mass arrest of Orthodox rabbis:  What kind of religious community is this Orthodox Jewish community in which its leaders are venal crooks who engage in serious criminal activity as easily as one drinks a glass of water? 

"These rings, led by clergymen, cloaked their extensive criminal activities behind a facade of rectitude," New Jersey District Attorney Ralph Marra said, describing a disgraceful picture of religious leaders heading money-laundering crews and acting as crime bosses.  They moved "at least tens of millions of dollars through charitable, nonprofit entities controlled by rabbis in New York and New Jersey," Marra said.  Exactly where the "tens of millions of dollars" came from has not been explained, but connections to the illegal drug trade and the Madoff scam are both very likely.

"Crime Boss" Shaul J. Kassin, 87, chief rabbi of the Syrian Jewish community 

"Religious leaders allegedly acted like 'crime bosses'", was the Marra quote that became the title of a July 26 article in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz.  "For these defendants, corruption was a way of life." 

Israelis, however, are well aware of the gangster methods and tactics of the Orthodox Jewish community, something most Americans are only becoming aware of as a result of this mass arrest.  Small Orthodox Jewish parties, such as Israel's theocratic Shas Party, have long wielded enormous clout in Israel's coalition governments and used political extortion to obtain special privileges for the Orthodox community.  Orthodox religious practices and conversions, for example, are the only ones recognized in the "Jewish state." The Shas party's seed money was raised in rabbi Kassin's living room in Deal, N.J., in the early '80s.
In most cases the indicted rabbis used Jewish and Zionist "charitable organizations" to launder money that they believed came from bank fraud and selling counterfeit goods. Dwek told the rabbis he was trying to hide large amounts of cash. In some instances, he said, the money came from the sale of fake Gucci bags.  It should be noted, however, that the Orthodox Jewish community has a long and documented history of involvement in the sale of narcotics and illegal drugs, such as Ecstasy. 

The Syrian Jewish community is very powerful in Latin America.  Another Kassin family member, a Miami resident from Colombia named "Victor Tesone Kassin," for example, was indicted in a $100 million money laundering operation to wash drug profits from Colombian narcotics with drug financier Isaac Kattan in 1982 following a similar investigation called Operation Greenback.  This operation involved a bank in Miami and Switzerland.  Switzerland and Israel played roles in the recently busted Jewish money-laundering operation and are also thought to be involved in the disappearance of tens of billions of dollars from the Madoff scam as well. 

A Brooklyn Jewish man, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, is charged with enticing poor people in Israel to give up a kidney for $10,000 so he could sell their organs for $160,000 each, according to Marra.  Some, if not all, of the kidney removal operations were reportedly carried out at New York's Mount Sinai hospital.

The arrest of the Orthodox rabbis led some to dub the affair "Kosher Nostra."  The rabbis, including two synagogue leaders, are suspected of organizing a money-laundering network that allegedly worked through charities in Deal, Brooklyn and Israel, Ha'aretz reported.  The 15 people arrested on money laundering charges were all Orthodox Jews and/or Israelis, including the "kidney trade middleman," a.k.a. Levi-Yitzhak Rosenbaum. There were so many detainees that a bus was used to transport them.  This massive arrest, however, is seen by many as only the tip of the iceberg. 

Officials say investigations originally focused on an international Orthodox Jewish network that laundered tens of millions of dollars through charities controlled by rabbis in New Jersey and New York.  This money-laundering network is most likely connected to the $50 billion Bernie Madoff scam.  Madoff, as I pointed out in my articles about his scam, managed the Sy Syms school of business at the Orthodox Jewish community's Yeshiva University.  Another Sephardic family, the Recanati family, has a great deal of influence in the shipping and selling of crude oil and at the Israel Discount Bank, the corrupt private bank where Sy Syms was a director for many years.  Like the 9-11 crime and cover-up, at every key nodal point of this vast criminal financial network -- one finds an Orthodox Jew.

Levy Itzhak Rosenbaum used his gun to threaten poor kidney donors who got cold feet.  He made more than $150,000 for each kidney he traded.
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The Zionist Gang that Bankrupted General Motors

June 16, 2009  (Updated June 23, 2009)

General Motors did not fall due to natural forces.  Like the twin towers on 9-11, GM was taken down.  Like 9-11, GM was sabotaged from the inside.  The corporate raiders who took down GM are part of the same network of Jewish Zionists who brought down the World Trade Center.

How much is the truth about the huge financial and terror crimes changing our world worth to you?  Interesting comments from readers follow the article.
The bankruptcy of General Motors (GM) is very similar to the collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 9-11.  Both catastrophic events are described in the controlled media as having occurred due to natural forces, while actually they are both the results of sabotage carried out by insiders.  In both cases, the people who brought down the operation were Trojan Horses, people who had bought their way into positions of control in order to destroy them.  The people behind the destruction of GM and the WTC are corporate raiders of the worst kind.

General Motors did not simply collapse as a result of market forces; it was bankrupted by corporate raiders who had infiltrated the company and taken control of its finances.  Likewise, the evidence indicates that the twin towers of the World Trade Center did not collapse due to the stresses associated with the plane crashes; they were prepared in advance to be demolished using extremely powerful explosives, including tons of nano-thermite, or super-thermite.  This was facilitated by the people who had obtained control of the towers shortly before 9-11, namely Larry Silverstein and the former Israeli commando Frank Lowy.

What is most remarkable is that these events are closely related.  The same people are involved in the conspiracy to plunder and destroy both the World Trade Center and General Motors.  This article identifies some of the key people and reveals the strategy behind the destruction of one of America's oldest companies.    


General Motors Corp. filed for bankruptcy on June 2, 2009, as the Zionist-run Obama administration provided unprecedented federal funding and oversight.  The bankruptcy filing by GM was the third-largest in American history and the largest ever in U.S. manufacturing.  Now that GM is facing restructuring, its assets will be taken over for pennies on the dollar.  The notorious corporate raider Carl C. Icahn, for example, is reportedly looking at taking over Delphi Chassis Systems.

So, how did GM go bankrupt?  If one looks at the sales figures for GM, it simply does not make sense.  In 2007, GM was the largest producer of vehicles in the world, manufacturing 13 percent of the total, and had the largest slice of the U.S. car and truck market with 23.4 percent of domestic sales. 

In 2007, GM led in global production and U.S. market share. Graphics from Wikinvest.
Globally, GM sold 9.4 million cars and trucks in 2007, an increase of 3 percent over 2006.  GM's 2007 tally was, in fact, the second best global sales total in the company's 100-year history and marked the third consecutive year the company had sold more than 9 million vehicles.  That doesn't sound like a company on the brink of collapse, does it?  In its 100-year history GM had been through much worse downturns, such as the Great Depression and the Second World War, yet GM managed to survive and thrive.  What is so different about the management at GM in the past few years that it caused America's biggest auto manufacturer to go into bankruptcy despite three consecutive bumber years of global sales?

George Richard (Rick) Wagoner became president and chief executive officer of GM on June 1, 2000.  The value of GM stock started the month of May 2000 at its peak of over $93 per share.  The day Wagoner became CEO the stock finished at $69.81.  By the end of the year it was worth less than $51 per share.  GM stock had fallen to about $35 when Wagoner was elected chairman on May 1, 2003.  Why promote a CEO who was clearly taking the company down the drain? 

Despite the falling stock price, Wagoner remained CEO and chairman of GM until March 29, 2009.  Under Wagoner's leadership GM suffered more than $85 billion in losses -- losing $82 billion in the last 4 years!  Why wasn't Wagoner replaced earlier?  How was GM selling more cars than ever but losing more and more money?  It simply doesn't make sense.

Were his hands tied?  Rick Wagoner (center) with Mark Neporent (left), COO of Cerberus, and Eric Feldstein (right), chief executive of GMAC and treasurer of General Motors Corp.  This photo is from the 2006 announcement of the Cerberus deal for a majority stake in GMAC in which Bernard Madoff's partner-in-crime, J. Ezra Merkin, became chairman of GMAC.  Is Wagoner responsible for $85 billion in losses at GM - or was he just a useful idiot?
In 2008, GM sold 8.35 million cars and trucks globally under the following brands: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, GM Daewoo, Holden, Hummer, Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, Vauxhall and Wuling. GM's largest market is the U.S., followed by China, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, and Germany.  Despite three years of record sales, GM lost $18.8 billion during the first 6 months of 2008; by late October, its stock had dropped 76 percent, and it was considering a merger with Chrysler. 

At the time the GM-Chrysler merger was being considered, Chrysler was primarily owned (80.1 percent) by the private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., headed by Stephen A. Feinberg and Jacob Ezra Merkin.  Cerberus is named after the mythological three-headed dog of Hell.  It should be noted that Feinberg and Merkin also controlled General Motors Acceptance Corp. (GMAC), the financial services branch of GM. 

GM sold 51 percent of GMAC in 2006 to Feinberg's private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management LP, and Jacob Ezra Merkin became chairman of GMAC.  Had the merger gone through, Feinberg and Merkin would have probably become majority owners of both GM and Chrysler.  This appears to have been the plan.  Feinberg and Merkin, the owners of GMAC, had plundered and conspired to bring down GM so that they could take it over.

When Cerberus gained control of GMAC, they hurt GM's domestic sales by raising the credit requirements for car loans.  Feinberg and Merkin reportedly raised the credit requirements so high that they caused a very sizable chunk of sales to be lost due to customers' inability to secure financing.  Cerberus reportedly used this tactic to pressure GM into selling or trading their remaining stake in GMAC.

Ezra Merkin became a controlling owner of Israel's Bank Leumi shortly before he got his hands on GMAC in 2006.  Here he shakes the hand of the notorious war criminal Ariel Sharon as he hands him a check for $500 million.  Ehud Olmert (center) held secret meetings in New York City on September 10, 2001.  Merkin's private Israeli bank has a branch in Switzerland that contains billions of stolen dollars held in secret numbered accounts.
Merkin is clearly a criminal.  He is one of the key players of the multi-billion dollar criminal fraud carried out by Bernard Madoff.  Merkin secretly diverted untold billions to Madoff's fraudulent investment fund.  One of Merkin's funds lost $1.8 billion of investor cash with Madoff.  Merkin was seen as "the Golden Boy controlling the Golden Goose." 

Feinberg and Merkin were also controlling co-owners of Israel's Bank Leumi, which had been privatized in 2005 under finance minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Bank Leumi also has off-shore banks and a branch in Switzerland in which billions of dollars are held in secret numbered accounts.

It was reported on December 30, 2008, that the U.S. Treasury would provide $6 billion more for GMAC, headed by Merkin and the extremely secretive Feinberg.  Feinberg is so secretive his Who's Who biography says he is deceased! 

Stephen A. Feinberg, Ezra Merkin's partner-in-crime.
The U.S. Treasury was reportedly buying a $5 billion stake in GMAC and lending $1 billion to GM. This "loan" was in addition to $13.4 billion of taxpayer dollars the Treasury had already lent to GM and Chrysler LLC.  Once again, a plundered and bankrupted company was being "bailed-out" with taxpayer funds.

Merkin had been chairman of GMAC since November 2006.  GMAC reportedly lost nearly $8 billion while Merkin was in charge.  Despite Merkin's huge losses at GMAC and his involvement in the Madoff criminal scam, the U.S. government evidently had no problem providing billions of taxpayer dollars to Merkin, whose Ariel Fund was one of the largest funds feeding billions to Bernie Madoff's financial black hole.  Madoff reportedly "lost" some $50 billion, or more. 

Jacob Ezra Merkin, orthodox Jew and devoted Zionist, finally resigned as chairman of GMAC on January 9, 2009.  How was Merkin allowed to remain in control of the privately-held GMAC operation for so long despite his history of financial fraud? 


GMAC is a very interesting operation.  A wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors since 1919, GMAC provided customers with more than $1.4 trillion in credit to finance more than 162 million vehicles.  Originally designed to provide financing for people buying GM vehicles, it branched out into other fields, such as real estate.  GMAC Commercial Mortgage (GMACCM), for example, provided the funds for Larry Silverstein and the former Israeli commando Frank Lowy to take over the World Trade Center in July 2001.  The towers served as the collateral.  GMAC Commercial Mortgage sold $563 million in bonds backed by a loan to Silverstein Properties for its purchase of the towers.  If Silverstein and Lowy were part of the conspiracy to destroy the World Trade Center, the people controlling GMACCM would probably also be.  Who was controlling the purse strings at GMAC in 2001 when Silverstein was negotiating to obtain control of the World Trade Center?

Larry Silverstein, here with his daughter Lisa, made billions of dollars from the destruction of the World Trade Center.  He is the former chairman of the UJA-Federation of New York, the largest Zionist fund-raising organization in the world.
At GMAC, the person in charge of the money was Eric A. Feldstein, born in Brookline, Mass. in 1959.  Feldstein had worked in the office of the treasurer at GM Corp. from 1981-91 and was regional treasurer in Europe from 1991-93.  In 1993, he returned to New York as assistant treasurer.  In March 1996, he was named executive vice president and chief financial officer of GMAC and chairman of the GMAC Mortgage Group, where he oversaw corporate activities responsible for general finance, audit, and worldwide borrowings. 

Feldstein became treasurer of General Motors in November 1997, and was elected vice president the following month. In June 2001, Feldstein was named General Motors' vice president, finance, and corporate treasurer.  When GM and GMAC failed in 2008, Feldstein went to work for Feinberg and Merkin at Cerberus, joining the team named after the three-headed dog of Hell.  At Cerberus, Feldstein was made executive vice president.

Eric Feldstein, the treasurer of GM, laughs with Rick Wagoner and Mark Neporent, COO of Cerberus, as the Zionist-run fund took majority control of GMAC.  By this point, GM was well on its way to losing $85 billion - all during Feldstein's term as GM corporate treasurer and vice president in charge of finance.
Eric Feldstein is the son of Donald Feldstein, a high-ranking member of a number of Zionist organizations in New York and New Jersey.  The elder Feldstein is one year older than Larry Silverstein and has a long history of leadership in the same Zionist organization as Silverstein.  Donald Feldstein was an executive director of the United Jewish Appeal-Federation Jewish Philanthropies in New York City from 1976-81.  This is the huge Zionist fund-raising organization that Larry Silverstein headed as the chairman of the board and where he is an honorary board member.  The connection between Donald Feldstein and Larry Silverstein at this Zionist organization certainly played a role in Eric Feldstein's decision to use GMAC money to back Silverstein's bid for the World Trade Center.  It is through such Zionist organizations like the UJA-Federation and the secretive order of B'nai B'rith, an international organization of Jewish Freemasons, that the Zionist network functions.  In this way actions and decisions that affect whole nations can be made without anyone outside the "community" being aware.

GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corp., under the leadership of Donald Feldstein's son, provided an $800 million loan to fellow Zionists Silverstein and Lowy to back their bid for the soon-to-be privatized World Trade Center in the summer of 2001.  This privatization deal, initiated by the Zionist Ronald Lauder and managed by Lewis Eisenberg of the Port Authority, was finalized at the end of July 2001.  The WTC complex was finally put into private hands – Zionist hands – only 6 weeks before it was demolished and pulverized with super-thermite.


After being fired from GMAC, Eric Feldstein went to work for Cerberus in March 2008.  Three months later he became CFO at Eton Park Capital Management.  Eton Park is a hedge fund run by 42-year-old Eric M. Mindich, formerly with Goldman Sachs, and Alan R. Batkin, the vice chairman of the fund.  Batkin, 64, is the senior partner at Eton Park.  Although Feldstein lost billions as the head of GMAC and was fired because he had destroyed the 90-year-old company, Mindich and Batkin made him chief financial officer at Eton Park.  Feldstein's colossal failure at GMAC evidently did not bother them.  He was clearly being rewarded for a job well done.  
Alan Batkin, the vice chairman at Eton Park, is very highly connected.  Batkin was, for example, vice chairman of Kissinger Associates Inc. from 1990 through 2006.  It is, however, his executive positions at some of the biggest companies of Israel, such as Israel Discount Bank (IDB) and Discount Investment Corporation, Ltd., that reveal the intense Israeli character of Eton Park.  (The IDB has been privatized and is also closely tied to the Madoff scam.)

Alan R. Batkin is a member of the board of governors of Tel Aviv University and is treasurer of PEC Israel Economic Corp. (part of Discount Investment Corporation, Ltd.) where he has served as CEO, president, and director. He also served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Orama Ltd. (a venture capital firm founded in 1999 to support companies in the Israeli technology sector; a subsidiary of IDB Group, Ltd.) 

From 1972 to 1990, Batkin was an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, where he a Managing Director for 14 years.  Batkin has been, since 1999, a director of Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. (OSG), which owns and manages a large fleet of transatlantic oil tankers.  As a director of OSG, Batkin works with Solomon Merkin, the brother of Jacob Ezra Merkin.  Their father, Hermann Merkin, was one of the owners of the company along with the Recanati family of Israel Discount Bank.  Batkin is also vice chairman and a director of Hasbro Inc. since 1992.

Solomon Merkin
Batkin was a director of Infinity Broadcasting Corp. since April 1992.  Infinity provided popular talk radio with a distinctly pro-Israel point of view.  Foremost among Infinity's talk show staff was Howard Stern, a vulgar and controversial radio personality.  Other national radio performers employed by Infinity included Don Imus, Larry King, G. Gordon Liddy and Rush Limbaugh.  Infinity merged with CBS Radio in 1997.

Alan Batkin is a scion of the intensely Zionist Batkin and Tenzer families and the son of Stanley Irving Batkin, a leading Zionist figure since the 1930s.  Stanley Batkin is a recipient of Israel's Prime Minister's Medallion (1974) and the City of Jerusalem Medal (1976).  These awards are given to Zionists for extraordinary service to Israel.  The elder Batkin has served, since the founding of the state of Israel, as an executive of the following organizations (among many others):  the Zionist Organization of America; the State of Israel Bond Committee; the Jewish Theological Seminary; State of Israel Bonds; Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science; Friends of Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Inc.; and Yeshiva University Museum. 


Sources and Recommended Reading: 

Bollyn, Christopher, "The Israeli Who Will Run the Obama White House," November 6, 2008

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Comments from Readers
From an American Professor in Japan:
Dear Christopher, 

Well you've hit the JACKPOT yet again!!  As you say, the idea that GM should go bust is utterly absurd!  How could Americans "forget" how to run an automobile company?!  So every newspaper or media outlet that runs with that story is part of a traitorous cover-up.  And now that you've identified the individual culprits responsible, it becomes shockingly clear that it's the same criminal gang tied to the "banksters" who did 911, and the sub-prime frauds, and the criminal bail-outs, and many other crimes through the decades....

Moreover, it makes it deadly clear that the banksters are determined to destroy the American economy in order to impoverish the population, thereby keeping as many as possible of the American people "poor and busy" so they won't be able to resist.  But this time round the result will not be like WW2 - from which Americans profited - but slavery along the lines of the Soviet Union, as created by an earlier generation of banksters.

By the way, have you had time to read  Ellen Brown's recent articles (backed up by her path-breaking book The Web of Debt?

1   www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13751

2   www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=12522

By pointing out and explaining the unique success of North Dakota's State Bank (the only state with falling unemployment ! ) she has proved that there is a simple means of evading the banksters' trap immediately available to every state government! 
The current problems are literally nothing but the most gigantic fraud - Americans need Wall Street like fish need a frying-pan! - as North Dakota proves.

Among many other implications, she thereby shows that Governor Schwarzenegger's plan to radically cut back California's state services "..because there is no alternative" is just another part of the plan to impoverish Americans and cause a depression.  (For supporting the banksters' criminal charade in this way, Schwarzenegger too should be tried for treason!)

The single most urgent step:  the people of at least one other state must FORCE their state government to immediately create a State Bank operated along the lines of North Dakota's.  This will immediately teach all Americans how their deep economic problems can be simply solved, even at this late hour.

Then the people in every state in turn must hold a general strike until their state government either establishes a State Bank or resigns so that a new team can.

Americans' time is running out.  They have to do this very soon now in order to remove Wall Street's claws from their throats and prevent the final dismembering of America, followed by its replacement with a centralised "war economy" from which even partial escape would take generations - just like the rape of the Russian people from 1917 through 1989. 
From a Reader in Italy:
Hello Christopher,

I just wanted to express my thanks for your great articles and investigative work; The one on GM really pulled it all together, that the USA financial collapse is not by chance, but a well orchestrated affair.  Thanks again and keep up the good work!
From a Reader "Love America"
We need more honest people like you.  I will always pray for you.  May God bless you & your's.
...and these very kind words from David:
You are probably one of the greatest human beings on the planet.  Fabulous, simply  fabulous.  Thanks for just being there.

The Bronx Temple Bomb Set-Up

May 22, 2009
We are living in very strange times in the United States.  The U.S. has become a bizarre police state in which all the dirty tricks and tactics developed in the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Israel are now used on the unwitting American population.  As we discovered in suburban Hoffman Estates (N.W. Chicago) before I was assaulted by undercover police, several of the people who tried to be our friends were actually F.B.I. informants.  I know of at least three. 

These F.B.I. informants would come to my house and try to engage me although there was never any real reason why I would want to be involved with them in the first place.  In the summer of 2005, we discovered the first two F.B.I. informants.  They were a male-female team that swarmed around us like flies.  One was a handicapped American male; the other a woman from the Philippines.  The first (who had met my wife at the library) had introduced us to the latter, which is typical of such operations.  Later, a Lebanese friend I had known for years, a U.S. postal worker, told me he had "started" working for the F.B.I.  This swarming of F.B.I. informers around our house was the main reason we left our home in the fall of 2005 and went to Europe.  This is also why I have learned to be very careful about the people I associate with.  I don't abide F.B.I. informants.

Amazingly, only a few days after President Obama met terror-specialist Benjamin Netanyahu, now prime minister of Israel, four American black men have been arrested in what certainly appears to be a very shady "terror" bomb plot against Jewish buildings in the Bronx and a plane at the privately-owned airport/military base at Stewart Airport in Newburgh, N.Y. 

Bibi Netanyahu was the Israeli foreign minister who told the New York Times on 9-11 that the terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans were "very good" for U.S.-Israeli relations.  Amazingly, he was also on the scene of the bombings in London in July 2005, and reportedly escaped danger after being warned by Israeli intelligence of the imminent bombings.  Netanyahu, a violent Jewish racist of the most extreme sort, meeting with America's first "black" president.  Truly amazing!  What will come next?  The bombing of Iran?  All indications point to a continuation of the radical Zionist agenda.  There is no organized resistance to this agenda, which has complete control of the mass media.

Judith Miller, the disgraced and convicted Zionist propagandist from the New York Times, wrote about the terror plot on FOX Forum (Rupert Murdoch's FOX News) where she is now employed.  Still a devoted Zionist propagandist, Miller's article was meant to underline the main point that the Zionists want to drill into the minds of Americans:  "Watch Out, America, Our Biggest Terror Threats Are Increasingly Homegrown."

"The foiled plot in New York demonstrates that the terrorist threat to America, and to New York in particular, did not end with Obama’s election as president," Miller wrote. 

On this, I agree.  The United States is still in the hands of terrorists.  Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel from my hometown of Chicago, is named after a Jewish terrorist and comes from a family of dedicated Zionist terrorists.  The Zionist Irgun, Haganah, LEHI, and Stern Gang of Palestine invented the use of terrorism as a political tool.  Sherman Skolnik, the late Chicago muck-raking journalist of the Jewish faith, wrote that Rahm Emanuel's father, Dr. Ben Emanuel (formerly Auerbach) was actually involved in the Irgun murder of the U.N. Special Envoy to Palestine in 1948, the Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte. How interesting.

What is very clear from this latest "terror" plot in New York is that this was another false-flag conspiracy in which the U.S. government, specifically the F.B.I., played a very active, if not the leading, role.  From reading the statement and complaint of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York it is very clear that the F.B.I. was directing and guiding the terror plot from the beginning.  How typical.  One of the four defendants, a Haitian, can not even read or write English.

The bombs and Stinger missile that are described in the complaint were fakes produced by the F.B.I.  That is to say that if the F.B.I. had not been involved in this plot there would not have been any plot, nor bombs, nor Stinger missile.  This was clearly more of a terror plot "with the U.S." rather than "within the U.S."  The U.S. government was involved in every aspect of this planned crime.  So, why aren't the government agents involved in plotting terrorist crimes exposed?  Who was leading whom?  Do we actually pay for this kind of government service?

This is a case that is strikingly similar to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.  Like the 1993 false flag attack, this case is also being prosecuted by the Zionist prosecutor Lev Louis Dassin, acting U.S. Attorney in New York.  "Acting" means, in this case , that U.S. Attorney Lev Dassin holds his position without being appointed by the President or approved by Congress.  Somebody retired and, BINGO, Dassin is put into the crucial position.  I have written more extensively about Lev Dassin's Zionist background in relation to the Madoff and Nadel cases.  He is clearly part of the terror problem - not the solution.

Dassin, the scion of a family of Russian Zionists, is also handling the Madoff and Art Nadel cases.  In the Madoff case, Dassin did not file the most obvious charge of conspiracy.  He obviously accepted Madoff's statement that he had stolen the $50 billion all by himself and had no accomplices.  According to Dassin's complaint against Madoff, his closest business partners, Sy Syms and Jacob Ezra Merkin, who funneled billions of dollars to his investment fund, were completely clueless and out of the loop.  They just invested billions of dollars into a black hole.  Is that believable?  The conspicuous fact that Madoff's partners are the directors and owners of "private" Israeli banks (privatized under then finance minister Bibi Netanyahu) and have branches in Switzerland that are allowed to make use of Swiss secrecy laws is of no interest to Lev Dassin.  Golly Lev, so where did the $50 billion go?

Lev Dassin, who comes from a very Zionist Jewish family, worked closely with Michael Chertoff on the prosecution of the 1993 "false flag" bombing of the World Trade Center.  Do we see a pattern here?

I find it outrageous that the U.S. Dept. of Justice is involved in plotting and setting up such crimes while it hides the real evidence of what really happened on 9-11.  This is, however, the Zionist-controlled terror state we are faced with.  As Joe Biden clearly revealed in Los Angeles, the U.S. government refuses to address the evidence of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center as it conspires to frame American Muslims for crimes that it designs.   What is most disturbing for patriotic Americans is that we have met the enemy and it is -- U.S.

Bollyn, Christopher, "Is the Prosecutor Protecting Madoff's Fellow Conspirators?" March 17, 2009

Bollyn, Christopher, "
Who is Bernard Madoff, the man behind the $50 billion fraud?" March 18, 2009
Dassin, Lev Louis, Bronx Temple Statement by U.S. Attorney Lev Dassin, May 20, 2009

Dassin, Lev Louis, 
Bronx Temple Complaint by U.S. Attorney Lev Dassin, May 19, 2009

Miller, Judith, "
Watch Out, America, Our Biggest Terror Threats Are Increasingly Homegrown," May 21, 2009, Contributing Editor, The Manhattan Institute/FOX News Contributor 

Anti-Zionist Party in France

May 11, 2009

When the United States of America was a much younger and more politically active nation, Americans actually had a political party that stood up against the powerful secret society of the Freemasons.  There was an Anti-Masonic Party running candidates for election in the United States in the 1820s and 30s and again in the 1870s and 80s.  These parties were formed from a "popular movement based on public indignation at and suspicion of the secret fraternal order known as the Masons, or Freemasons," according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.  The Anti-Masonic party, which was the first American third party, was a single-issue party.  You can imagine how strongly Americans must have felt about Freemasons running the government in the 1800s; today nobody knows enough to even care.  American society is infested with Freemasons.

In France, there were anti-Semitic parties that fielded candidates during the late 1800s.  Other nations in the past have also had anti-Semitic political parties and movements that were organizations that were primarily engaged in resisting the political influence of organized Jewry in their nations.  Today, there are very few.

In the United States we have neither anti-Masonic nor anti-Semitic political parties or organizations.  Rather, we are ruled by a secret society of Jewish Freemasons known as the International Order of B'nai B'rith.  This is not meant to be a provocative statement.  I am just stating a rather well-recognized matter of fact.  Our political parties, our media, our schools and universities, even our churches, are all heavily influenced or directly controlled by organized Jewry and have been for decades; the key word being "organized."  The B'nai B'rith are powerful, secretive, and organized.  This is how they control our nation.

Now, in France, it appears that there will be lists of anti-Zionist candidates for the European Union elections in June.  This is a major development.  It seems very likely that -- if the plug is not pulled on this anti-Zionist party -- that there will be several anti-Zionist candidates elected to positions in the EU machine, while in the USA it is currently impossible for a political candidate to stand up against the Zionist crimocracy running the United States.  The media, much of which is Zionist controlled, protects the crimocracy.  The media silence about the discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center is a good example of how the media supports the crimocracy.  That is why the 
Citizen Action Plan is so important.  We need to see which media outlets are truly interested in informing the public and which are simply controlled.  It's a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff. 

The anti-Zionist party in France is providing the French voters with a real choice, but it is still not out of the woods.  The EU Observer reports that France is still looking for ways to ban the anti-Zionist party from running in the election:

France is examining the possibility of banning the "anti-Zionist" voting lists French comedian Dieudonne wants to present for the European Parliament elections in June, a senior advisor of President Nicolas Sarkozy has said.

"The public authorities are currently looking into whether [Dieudonne's] initiatives are within the reach of the law," Claude Gueant, the secretary-general of the Elysee Palace, said on Sunday (3 May) on France's Radio J.

Mr Diedonne has been given fines on several occasions for making anti-Jewish comments, notably during his shows.

"I am not sure that we will manage to prohibit them. We can only prohibit what the law allows to prohibit."
One of the candidates is Yahia Gouasmi, president of the Anti-Zionist Party - a French nationalist movement.
During the press conference launching the campaign, Mr Gouasmi said: "Behind every divorce, there is a Zionist, I am telling you. Behind everything that divides human nature, there is a Zionist. This is what we believe and this is what we are going to prove."
It looks like it may be a very interesting election in France in June.

Source:  "France considers ban on 'anti-Zionist' voting lists," Elitsa Vucheva, EUobserver.com

Arlen Specter - The Elder of Zion in the U.S. Senate

May 5, 2009

Senator Arlen Specter's switch to the Democratic party after 29 years as a Republican has much more to do with pushing through the radical Zionist agenda of the Obama administration than anything else.  Specter will be 80 years old in 2010 when he runs for a 6th term in the U.S. Senate.  The Obama White House is controlled by the senior Zionist-Communist/Israeli advisors to the president, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. With 60 Democratic senators there will be little the GOP members can do as a block to prevent the passage of more radical legislation in the Senate. Because the Obama White House is a puppet government of international Zionists, it is important that readers understand that Specter is a very high-level Zionist agent in the U.S. Congress.
Arlen Specter is infamous for being the author of the preposterous "magic bullet" theory on the Warren Commission, the official investigation into the murder of President John F. Kennedy. As an assistant counsel for the commission, Specter promoted the controversial "single bullet theory," which asserted that the wounds to Kennedy and non-fatal wounds to Texas Governor John Connally were caused by the same bullet.  Most importantly, this theory claimed that the wound to the front of Kennedy's neck was an exit wound, rather than an entry wound, which is what it clearly was.  Specter's "magic bullet" theory was a crucial assertion for the Warren Commission, since if both Kennedy and Connally had been wounded by separate bullets, that would have proved the presence of a second assassin and therefore a conspiracy.

To understand more about Specter's role in promoting the lies of the "magic bullet" and the murder of JFK, see: "Arlen Specter and The 'Magic' Bullet" by Jim Fetzer at:
Arlen Specter (left) was the "author" of the "magic bullet" lie on the Warren Commission.
I suspect that Arlen Specter is a high-level agent of the B'nai B'rith, the secret organization of Jewish Freemasons which I consider to be the real Elders of Zion. This exclusive Jewish organization of Freemasons has immense power in the United States and around the world. The New York Times is a B'nai B'rith run newspaper, for example, controlled by the Sulzberger family. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Hillel are both B'nai B'rith organizations.  The first has a great deal of control over law enforcement; the second over the college campuses of the United States.  

The B'nai B'rith actually recruited and brought many thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe to the U.S. (especially to western states) to swell their ranks of Zionist agents in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I suspect that the Spektor family was one of them.  Harry Spektor (a.k.a. Spector, Specter), Arlen Specter's father, moved between the East Coast and Nebraska and Kansas in the 1920s and 30s.  A B'nai B'rith background would explain Arlen Specter's key role in the cover-up of the conspiracy to murder JFK.  As a matter of fact, being an agent of B'nai B'rith is the only thing that would explain Specter's being placed in this crucial position to effectively cover-up the Zionist conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy.

The role of the secret Jewish Freemasonic B'nai B'rith in such crimes can best be explained by understanding that such blatant criminal cover-ups such as the Warren Commission and the 9-11 Commission can only be carried out with the connivance of the Zionist-controlled media.  If the Sulzberger family of the New York Times, for example, a founding family of B'nai B'rith, did not actively support such cover-ups - they would have no chance of fooling the people.  In this way, one can discern the real powers behind the cover-up - and the crimes.  The media silence about the discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center speaks volumes about the Zionist controllers of the media and their role in the cover-up of what really happened on 9-11.
Arlen Specter's first award was actually given to him by B'nai B'rith in 1966, when he received the Jewish Freemasons' "Youth Services Award."  Arlen Specter (also spelled Spector) is a Zionist Jew who has a long history of such fabrications as the "magic bullet" theory he used to frame Lee H. Oswald as the lone killer of Kennedy. His father was a junk dealer from a place near Kiev and Sen. Specter has been peddling junk on Capitol Hill since he arrived in Washington as a senator from Pennsylvania in 1980. How such a notorious fabricator could be elected to the U.S. Senate five times says a great deal about the serious failure of the U.S. media and government to expose such liars and scoundrels. 
Who is Arlen Specter? He is a devoted Zionist "Russian" Jew who comes from a family of extremely ardent Zionists. His father and mother moved to Israel, where Aron "Harry" Spektor died in 1964, and Arlen's sister, Hilda Specter Morgenstern, emmigrated to (from the richest nation on Earth) after World War 2 (when Israel was created) and lives in Jerusalem, as Sen. Specter told the U.S. Senate:
After the war [WW2], Hilda, Arthur, and their family of four children lived in Russell, KS, without the benefit of a Jewish education, so they moved to Wichita where Hilda became superintendent to the Hebrew school. When they found the Jewish education there insufficient, they moved to Denver. When that proved insufficient, they moved to New York City. When that was not enough, they moved to Jerusalem where Hilda and Arthur now reside--except for periodic visits to the United States to help in my many campaigns.
When Specter ran for president in 1996 he said the first thing he would do if elected would be to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize the occupied city as the capital of Israel:
My commitment to America is to fight the scourge of international terrorism -- illustrated by the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York -- and the nerve gas attack in the Tokyo subway. At the outset of my presidency, I will move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem to implement the Sense of the Senate Resolution calling for recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capitol [sic].
Biographical sketches of Specter say that he is the son of a Jewish immigrant from Russia named Harry Specter and Lillie Shanin, a Russian Jewish girl from Missouri. His father, Aron Spektor, apparently immigrated in 1911 at age 18 with another brother Mordehe, age 25.
Sen. Specter had a tribute to his father put in the congressional record on the anniversary of his 100th birthday in 1992:
At the age of 18, determined to avoid the oppression of the czar's heel, he saved a few rubles, walked across the European Continent and set sail for America in steerage. His arrival in the United States and his search for his brother, Joseph, demonstrated his character, imagination, and determination which would be the hallmarks of his life.
When he landed in New York, a teeming city of almost 5 million people, my father had no address for his brother but knew only the name and street corner of his brother's bank from a check which had been received by the family in Batchkurina. So, on a Sunday morning, he went to the street corner with the hope that his brother might live nearby and pass the bank. 
After several hours, he saw his brother walk by and excitedly ran up to him and shouted, "Yussel, Yussel, Ich bin dein bruder Aaron.'' Yiddish for: "Joseph, Joseph, I am your brother Harry.'' My father had changed considerably in the 7 years since Joseph had last seen his 11-year-old brother. Looking at the stranger, my Uncle Joe said, "Oyb du bist mein bruder Aaron, kum mit mir.'' Yiddish for: "If you are my brother Harry, come with me.'' And so began my father's life in America.
Immigration records show that an Aron Spektor arrived on January 28, 1911, on the Volturno sailing from Rotterdam.  Spektor named his origin as the town of Monastyrischen, which is the nearest town to the hamlet of Batchkurina (Bachkuryne), which is where Specter says his father originated.
You see, my father grew up in a small town in Russia called Batchkurina, - in a one room hut with a dirt floor - a hut he shared with his parents, - seven brothers, - and one sister. As the only Jewish family in the town, - they were a convenient target for the slurs of the villagers - and the threats of the Cossacks.
Specter's father certainly did not walk across Europe in the dead of winter of 1910-11, from Kiev to Holland, where he boarded a ship for New York.  This is another fabrication of the Spektor imagination, a family that appears to have a very loose grasp of reality. 

The convicted murderer Phil Spector:  Another member of the infamous Spektor clan
The record of Aron Spektor is most likely Specter's father because the name of Aron's father, Avrum, matches that of the "only" Jew in the town, according to Sen. Specter:
Joan and I visited my father's birthplace in 1982. In Batchkurina (Bachkuryne) we talked to the village elder, a man 81 years of age, who at first did not recall the Specter family. When I commented that the Specters were the only Jewish family in town, he then exclaimed that he did remember "Avram the Jew.'' His identification of my grandfather's first name was made without any prior identification of that name by me. That incident emphasized for me the difference of being Jewish in Russia in 1911 or 1982 or, for the matter 1992.
Sen. Specter's father went to Israel in 1964, where he died:
A trip to Israel was my father's lifelong ambition. It always made me uneasy when he would say that he wanted to die and be buried in Israel. On October 9, 1964, Joan and I brought a bottle of champagne on board the ship Shalom to toast my parents' departure for Haifa. Three weeks later, a letter arrived from my mother saying that my father had suffered a heart attack when he overexerted himself in his excitement to walk the streets of Tel Aviv. A 5 a.m. telephone call on November 2, 1964, brought the news of his death and my sister Hilda and I flew from New York later that day to bury our father in the Cholom cemetery in Tel Aviv. The orthodox burial ceremony had no casket with my father laid to rest in a large tallis, the Jewish prayer shawl.

Arlen Specter, March 30, 1995
The 100th Anniversary of Arlen Specter's Father's Birth, Congressional Record of the U.S. Senate, July 1, 1992, Page: S9393
Happy Birthday Hilda Specter Morgenstern, Congressional Record, Specter, Arlen [R-PA], October 17, 1995

The Strange Case of Art Nadel

March 25, 2009
The Real "Scoop" on the Arthur Nadel Fraud

Why is Art Nadel's criminal case being prosecuted in New York City by the same Zionist prosecutor who is handling the Madoff fraud?  What is the real reason Nadel's $350 million alleged "Ponzi" case is being handled in the U.S. Federal Court in Manhattan?  Nadel's criminal operation was based in Sarasota, Florida.  Is Israel Discount Bank of New York involved in this scam too?

 The Strange Case of Art Nadel
March 25, 2009
Foster [Nadel's attorney] said he does not know why Nadel was charged in New York instead of Tampa. He speculated that federal prosecutors in New York consider themselves specialists in this type of case.
- "Nadel ordered to New York," Sarasota Herald-Tribune, February 3, 2009
Among the slew of investment scams that surfaced in the wake of the Bernard Madoff fraud is the strange case of Arthur G. Nadel.  Nadel's operation, which was based in Sarasota, Florida, is odd for several reasons.  One of them is the fact that Nadel is being held in the same jail in New York City as Bernard Madoff and is being prosecuted by the same prosecutor, Lev L. Dassin, although Nadel's criminal activity was clearly based in Florida.  Another interesting fact about Nadel is that he became the owner of the Venice Jet Center, a flight school where some of the "9-11 hijackers" had trained previously, under different ownership.  And then there is the coincidence that his oddly-named investment company, Scoop Management, Inc., which traded through Goldman Sachs in New York City, has the exact same name as an Israeli-owned company that is a long-standing customer at Israel Discount Bank (IDB) of New York.  IDB, a private bank controlled by the Bronfman family, is known for its practice of money laundering and illegal money transfers of billions of dollars.
In early February, a federal judge named Mark A. Pizzo denied a motion without comment to keep the Nadel case in Sarasota, Florida. Nadel's attorney Todd A. Foster had filed an emergency motion to stay Nadel's removal to New York City, where he was charged with securities fraud and wire fraud charges.  As the Sarasota Herald-Tribune of February 3, 2009 reported:
Pizzo signed a "warrant of removal" Monday that directs the U.S. marshal to transport Nadel to the Southern District of New York to stand trial.
While the alleged Ponzi scheme was based in Sarasota, Nadel was charged by federal prosecutors in that district because he traded his six hedge funds through a broker in New York City, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office there.
Foster said he does not know why Nadel was charged in New York instead of Tampa. He speculated that federal prosecutors in New York consider themselves specialists in this type of case.
"I would have expected there are plenty of very competent prosectors in this area who could have handled this case," he said.
The federal government "has an enormous amount of discretion in choosing the jurisdiction," said Ellen Podgor, a Stetson University law professor who specializes in international criminal law.
One possible reason for federal prosecutors to pick New York is that there may be a broader investigation already under way there, and that Nadel fits into it. Another is simply that the U.S. attorneys in that district, which takes in Wall Street, are very experienced in white-collar crime.
There is the possibility that Nadel's criminal case will be settled through some kind of plea agreement, Podgor said, adding that the parallel civil fraud case being tried in Tampa could become part of the New York case.
Arthur Nadel's investment company had the odd-sounding name, Scoop Management, Inc. and was located at 1618 Main Street in Sarasota, Florida.  This name struck me as being quite odd when I first read about Nadel's scam.  It is unlike the names of the funds he operated and there didn't seem to be any logical reason for Nadel to call his investment company Scoop Management.  Nadel's Scoop Management was incorporated on April 17, 2001 in the State of Florida and Arthur Nadel was registered as the agent.
What is even more peculiar about Scoop Management, Inc. is that there is an Israeli-owned company with the exact same name doing business in Florida.  The Israeli company is based in New York, where Nadel did all of his trading, according to the criminal complaint.  The Israeli-owned Scoop Management, Inc. is connected to a retail clothing business called Scoop, and is owned by an Israeli named Uzi Ben-Abraham and is located in New York City at 532 Broadway. 

Uzi Ben-Abraham
President of Scoop Management Inc.
Ben-Abraham's American business partner is a conservative Jew named Stefani Greenfield.  Ms Greenfield grew up in Bayside, Queens.  Her mother reportedly ran a methadone clinic in the South Bronx for 25 years, and her dad was in public relations. She attended public schools, including Stuyvesant, and the conservative synagogue at the Bay Terrace Jewish Centre.
The Israeli-owned Scoop Management, Inc. is the parent company of Scoop Management LLC and Scoop Shore Club LLC, which were incorporated in Florida, on January 10, 2006, and December 27, 2005, respectively.  Ben-Abraham is also the owner of Scoop Shore Club Inc., incorporated in Florida on September 27, 1999, and located at 1901 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach at the Shore Club Hotel.
This may be only a coincidence or it could be how millions of dollars invested with Nadel's Scoop Management, Inc. disappeared without a trace.  With two companies using the exact same name it would be possible for funds sent to Nadel's company to be transferred to the Israeli-owned company with the same name.  Asked if it was legal for two companies with the same name to be registered in Florida, the department of business records told me that between 1999 and 2006 there was a legal loophole that made it possible to establish a LLC in the state using the same name as another company.  Were millions of dollars sent to Nadel's Scoop Management deposited into the account of the Israeli-owned company with the same name doing business with Israel Discount Bank?  If that is the case we probably won't hear about it from the prosecution led by Lev Dassin.  Is this the real reason the Nadel case was ordered to New York City?  Why else has the case been taken away from Florida, where Nadel's criminal enterprise was based?
The Israeli-owned Scoop Management, Inc. is a prized customer at the Israel Discount Bank of New York, which is a bank known for money laundering and illegal wire transfers.  On January 16, 2006, for example, the Israeli business news outlet Globes online reported that the Israel Discount Bank of New York had been caught laundering $2 billion from South American depositors.  Arie Sheer, the general manager of IDBNY was put on paid leave "under protest," Globes reported.
Uzi Ben-Abraham, the president of Scoop Management has a promotional testimonial in the IDBNY's annual report for 2007, where he says:  "We've been a customer for about five years and the experience so far has been great."

Scoop's testimonial in IDB's annual report 2007
Hielscher, John, "Nadel ordered to New York," Sarasota Herald-Tribune, February 3, 2009

Is the Prosecutor Protecting Madoff's Fellow Conspirators?

March 17, 2009
"Where's the money, Bernie?"

Madoff and one of his lawyers
"So he spends the rest of his life in jail — is that justice? People's lives are ruined," said Adriane Biondo of Los Angeles, one of five members of her family who lost money with Madoff. "He's sitting in jail? That's awesome," she said sarcastically. "Where's the money, Bernie?"
- AP Report, March 12, 2009
Is the Prosecutor Protecting Madoff's Fellow Conspirators?
17 March 2009
"People tend to think of the Israeli War of Independence as gung-ho Jews-Arabs stuff; it wasn't that at all.  It was more Bonnie and Clyde, Chicago type of stuff.  The people in the Stern Gang were violent, but they had a droll sense of humor.  Some of them used to dress up to rob banks.  They loved to put on masks and little moustaches."
- Avi Nesher, Israeli film director and partner of Sharon Harel, commenting on his film about the Stern Gang, to the New York Times, 9 October 1981.  Sharon Harel is the daughter of Yossi Harel, the former head of Israeli intelligence.
When Bernard Madoff read a statement in court recounting his crimes on March 12, "he sounded like a man reading a speech he hadn't bothered to rehearse," according to Joe Nocera of the New York Times.  Madoff's performance was most unsatisfactory for those who had lost their life savings in his immense fraud.  They, of course, want to know where their money went and who helped Madoff carry out the biggest financial fraud in U.S. history.  The only thing made clear during Madoff's hearing was that he is refusing to help the government build a case against anyone else, which indicates that there are others involved in this massive fraud who are being protected.
"Did we get answers?  Not at all," said George Nierenberg, a filmmaker whose family lost "almost everything," said after the hearing.  Nierenberg, who was allowed to speak during the hearing with Judge Denny Chin, expressed his dismay that Madoff had not being charged with conspiracy: 
Nierenberg: "I know that the operation – Madoff's operation was massive, that he didn't commit these crimes alone and I don't understand why conspiracy isn't part of one of his pleas.  Just to produce the reams of documents that were received and the elaborate data that went into them must have required an army of people to produce.  And we all know that Madoff wasn't around a lot at his operation.  There were other people who handled it when he was gone.
The Court:  I gather your point is that I should reject the plea because the government has not charged conspiracy?
Nierenberg:  No.  The question is – I'm not suggesting that you reject the plea.  What I'm suggesting is that there is an additional crime that was committed that wasn't included in the plea that needs to be considered.
Joe Nocera, a business journalist, added his opinion as if it were a fact in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune by stating that Madoff's fraud was a simple Ponzi scheme and that "there is no money" to be recovered.  Nocera wrote: 
One woman argued that the judge should force a trial because it would allow for the "opportunity to find out where the money is."
But of course there is no money.  That is the point of a Ponzi scheme:  the fraudster uses money from new investors to pay old investors, pretending that payment is their "gain."
How can Mr. Nocera say with certainty that the Madoff scam is really a Ponzi scheme?  Is he simply taking Madoff's word that this was a Ponzi scheme?  If Nocera has information to support his statement, why doesn't he present it?  How does Nocera know, for example, that the Madoff scheme is not a massive theft posing as a Ponzi scheme?  Why would there be such a high-level cover-up in the Madoff case if this were a simple Ponzi scheme?  Why would the prosecution be willing to ignore the other people who were involved in the Madoff fraud?
The failure of the prosecution to bring charges of conspiracy against Madoff suggests that the U.S. attorney is ignoring the network behind the crime, as Mr. Nierenberg said, by failing to address the fact that other people must be involved.  This point was addressed by Christopher Caldwell, the editor of The Weekly Standard, in an article in the Financial Times:
To top it all off, there have been no charges of conspiracy against Mr. Madoff.  That means that, as far as prosecutors are concerned, and as far as we are permitted to speculate, this make-believe investment history was his own creation.  He must have been one of the hardest-working men of his generation.
Is the prosecutor playing along with Madoff to protect the other conspirators involved in his fraud?  If he is, why would he?  Who are these other high-level conspirators who are being protected?
It appears that the larger conspiracy is being protected.  In this regard, the Madoff investigation is similar to the 9-11 investigation:  evidence of a larger conspiracy is being avoided and ignored.  After three months of investigation, it is outrageous that charges of conspiracy were not included in Madoff's plea.  He must have had conspirators in his office, in his family, and at his banks.  It is not possible that he carried out this huge fraud all by himself and managed to keep it concealed from his family and business partners for 20 years.  That is simply not believable. 
As I have pointed out earlier, Madoff's has very close and long-standing business ties to the directors and owners of two of Israel's largest banks, which were privatized in 2005-06 under Israeli finance ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Olmert:  Bank Leumi and Israel Discount Bank.  It is a matter of record that the IDB has a history of money-laundering and illegal money transfers. 
Jacob Ezra Merkin, who funneled hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars to Madoff's fund, is co-owner of Bank Leumi.  Madoff's co-chair at the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University was Sy Syms, a long-standing director of Israel Discount Bank of New York.  These two relationships strongly suggest that Madoff's scheme was a massive theft being disguised as a Ponzi scheme in which fellow Zionist fund-raisers played key roles.
If this is the case and the Madoff fraud is actually a huge Zionist fund-raising scheme in which untold billions have been stolen, then we would expect that the role of the prosecutor would be played by a Zionist agent acting the role of a tough, but not too tough, prosecutor.  It should come as no surprise that this is, in fact, the case.

Lev Louis Dassin
Lev Louis Dassin, the acting, i.e. temporary and non-appointed, U.S. Attorney for Manhattan, is the person responsible for prosecuting the Madoff case.  Oddly, Dassin is also handling the "mini-Madoff" case of Arthur G. Nadel, whose operation was based in Sarasota, Florida.  The reason given for the Nadel criminal case being heard in New York is that he traded through a broker in New York City.  I have reason to suspect there may be a connection to Israel, which I will discuss later.
Lev Dassin, the U.S. attorney who charged Madoff, was given the position of acting U.S. Attorney on 1 December 2008 when Michael Garcia resigned from the post.  Dassin had been a deputy to U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia and took over the job when his boss resigned.  Dassin is now filling in the position until a new U.S. Attorney for Manhattan is nominated and approved, which may be Dassin after all.
From 1992 to 1998, Dassin served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, where he prosecuted a wide range of cases involving terrorist acts, racketeering violations, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and white collar crimes.
In 1998, Mr. Dassin received the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service for his role in the investigation and prosecution of Ramzi Yousef, the so-called "mastermind" of the 1993 terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center.  In 1994, Mr. Dassin received the Attorney General's Award for Exceptional Service for his role in the investigation and prosecution of four defendants for their roles in the 1993 terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center.  
As we now know, the prosecution of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center was nothing but a big false-flag "frame-up" carried out by the same elements at the Dept. of Justice and F.B.I. who went on to conceal the truth and destroy the evidence of 9-11.  Dassin worked closely with Michael Chertoff, the U.S. Attorney in New Jersey who carried out the investigation and prosecution on the New Jersey side of the 1993 bombing plot.  Chertoff, an Israeli dual-national whose mother, Livia Eisen, was a Mossad agent, went on to serve as the Asst. Attorney General of the U.S. in charge of the criminal division of the Dept. of Justice.  In this position in 2001-2003 Chertoff masterminded the non-investigation and cover-up of the evidence of 9-11 and the criminal destruction of the steel from the World Trade Center.
Dassin later became a partner at the law firm Kaye Scholer and taught a Columbia Law School class with Judge Michael B. Mukasey, the current United States attorney general.  Mukasey also played a key role in the judicial cover-up of the 1993 and 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. 
In short, Lev Dassin is one of the insiders in the judicial game surrounding the false-flag terror attacks that changed America and brought U.S. troops into the Middle East on a permanent basis.  The "War on Terror" was planned and first articulated by Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister and finance minister who supervised the privatization of the above named Israeli banks. 
Lev Dassin, 43, is a Jewish lawyer from a Russian Zionist/Communist family background. He is the son of Gerald and Miriam Dassin of New York. His father retired in 1997 as the executive vice president for finance of Revlon International in New York.  His mother, who died in 1997, was a real estate broker and a vice president at Charles H. Greenthal Residential Sales in New York.
On 17 January 1998, Asst. U.S. Attorney Lev Dassin married Betsy Kramer, a staff lawyer at Lawyers for Children in New York, according to their wedding announcement in the New York Times the following day. Rabbi David Small performed the ceremony at the Chelsea Market in New York.  Both Lev and Betsy were 32 when they married and both had received their law degrees from New York University.
Dassin graduated with a degree in English literature from Cornell, before studying law.  After receiving his law degree from New York University, he joined the prosecutor’s office in 1992, just a few months before the bombing of the World Trade Center on 26 February 1993.
As U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Dassin holds one of the most prestigious and influential prosecutor’s jobs in the nation, especially these days.  Dassin, however, tends to stay out of public view, and chooses to speak through his prosecutors in court as he did during the most recent Madoff hearing, where his assistant Marc Litt spoke for the prosecution.
Dassin is described as "a tenacious, nonpartisan advocate who moves aggressively where necessary and is willing to make hard decisions."  His history in the prosecution of the 1993 World Trade Center, and his background indicate that he is a dedicated Zionist.  Dassin is a scion of the Russian Jewish family of Sam and Bertha Dassin.  Lev's father Gerald said his uncle was the famous black-listed film director, Julius "Jules" Dassin. 
Julius Dassin, the Hollywood director, went to Europe after his membership in the Communist Party during the 1930s was exposed in the mid-1950s.  Dassin made a Zionist propaganda film, Survival 1967, about the 1967 Israeli war known as the Six-Day War, which was released in Israeli, French, and English versions.  The Hebrew-language version was entitled Hamilchama al hashalom.  His son Joseph, a well-known French-American singer, also worked on the film.
Jules Dassin, who has been described as "100 percent Zionist," arrived in Israel as the war ended and made a film he described as "a paean to Israel."  In making the film, Dassin worked closely with the Israeli government and military leaders.  He interviewed Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, Levi Eshkol, and David Ben-Gurion.  In 1970, Dassin employed the youngest son of Moshe Dayan in one of his films.
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