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Saturday, August 9, 2014

A THEORY - 911 Mass-Psychology


A THEORY – not certain, just floating the idea.
By Gerard Holmgren

I’m starting to think that S11 was an even more audacious psy-op than any of us imagined. That the ultimate purpose was not so much to get people to believe the official story as such but , but to plunge them into intellectual senility in the process of dealing with it. Of couse, the middle ranking perps like Bush desperately need to people to believe the official story and he’ll fight tooth an nail for that, but he’s just a pawn in the game too. The people pulling his strings have just let him loose in the lions cage and they don’t really care whether he wins or not. It’s the trauma of the fight that’s important.

I think it works this way. When I first got into S11 activism, I had a theory that there would be about 10 % of the population who would automatically assume that the govt did it, even if they didn’t have any evidence and about 10 % who would never believe it, no matter how much evidence they got. That leaves 80% which are open to persuasion. About half of these would be easy to convince if they got good evidence. The other half would range from difficult to extremely stubborn, but not hopeless.

So I figured that if the 40% of the population who would be easy to convince got targeted with good info, that would give you 50% and from there, the weight of majority pressure would start wearing down the other 40 % who were difficult but not completely closed.

I was dead wrong. It may have seemed like a sensible analysis in the pre S11 world, but the event itself changed that. It gave people stark choices. The official story required either that one descended into total intellectual senility in order to still believe it – perhaps deliberately made ridiculous for that very purpose – or else that one keep ones intellect alive but destroy almost everything that one had previously believed about how society works.

If the real story had just been a kind of hover between LIHOP and criminal negligence as promoted by Ruppert, then people probably would have been able to fit that into their existing social models. So it wouldn’t have had the destructive effect.

But the cartoon like nature of the script left no middle ground. Destroy all your social paradigms or destroy your intellect in defending them.

I naively expected that most people would choose to keep their intellect alive and shift their social paradigm in accordance with what the evidence told them. But the perps knew better. They were so confident that most people would rather trash their intellect in order to hang on to the basics of their political beliefs, that they deliberately gave them a story which required lunacy in the true sense of the word to believe.

It was a plot to drive the entire world insane, and completely destroy intellectual standards. Once this crack has been opened in the collective intellect, once people have openly and brazenly endorsed complete intellectual insanity for the purpose of hanging on to old paradigms, then the gate is open is to promote total insanity across the board.

So the official story challenges everyone. Those who can come to terms with LIHOP, then face the challenge of believing that no plane hit the pentagon and that the towers were demolished. Those who get past that face the challenge of remote controlled planes and non existent flights and faked passenger lists. Those who get past that face the challenge of it all just being a snuff movie – no planes and the Naudet foreknowledge. Gradually ,people fall away as it gets too much for them. Thus we see people like Brian Salter who were spot on through LIHOP and MIHOP- lite and then suddenly went completely insane, when pushed past his limit. Likewise Huffscmidt. Other people fell away earlier. But at whatever stage they fall away, there still remains a cartoon to believe in, one which they have to go insane to believe.

Once the insanity has been embraced, then the world can be flooded with any insanity they want and people have no intellectual capacity intact to deal with it.

So S11 itself is just a social and intellectual primer to set people up for whatever is next. Guilty govts are expendable in the process if the insanity takes the form of some kind of limited hangout 911truth religion – just as long as people can’t think any more.

The Name of the Game is Lie

The Name of the Game is Lie

Created on 21 February 2013 Written by Braveheart

It is pure infantilism to imagine that political disagreements are honest disagreements of opinion. They are not. Political disagreements are about using self-serving lies to get what one wants.
Let us illustrate by using "sex discrimination" as an example. Women know perfectly that they were never victims of "sex discrimination". They were not victims of discrimination when getting everything their husband's money paid for in divorce court, or in getting automatic custody of the kids or in picking up their child support or alimony checks. They weren't victims of discrimination while climbing on the life boats first or in sitting on their privileged female ass while the opposite sex did the fighting and dying. Discrimination only became a problem when they figured out they could grab all the jobs too.
Now it is pointless to tell women that they are lying about discrimination. They know they are lying the same way that the Jews know they are lying about the "six million" who did not die. Therefore, why point out the obvious?
"Snivel rights" for blacks is another example of the principle that truth has nothing to do with it. Blacks know perfectly that their own behavior, not white racism, is the cause of their problems. But if they can make white racism a bogey, then they can use it to extort whatever they want.
So, too, with the Jews and their beloved state of Israel. The Jews know perfectly that they are the cause of the problem because they stole Palestine from the Arabs. But if they can convince the ignorant, brainwashed Americans that the Arabs are the cause of the problems by misleading them "terrorists", then Israel can continue its odious policies with the blessings of the American treasury
The name of the game children is lie. Lie, lie, lie. Never tolerate the truth. Shout it down; suppress it; turn facts upside down; shout epithets and nonsense at the top of your lungs. Make the truth whatever supports your interests. That is the real world. Anyone who wants the objective truth had best search for it in the archives and rare literature. It will not be found in the real world of self-serving liars.

The Demographics of Khazaria

The Demographics of Khazaria

Created on 18 April 2013 Written by Braveheart

khazar rabbis

Eran Elhaik of John Hopkins University has written a genetic study claiming that modern Jews are largely descended from the ancient Khazars, a people who had an empire located between the Black and Caspian seas in south Russia. Critics of Elhaik claim that he is really measuring the genes of Armenians and Georgians, not the genes of the Khazars. The most basic point in the whole dispute, however, is demographics. Tens of thousands, arguably hundreds of thousands, of Jews reside in south Russia in precisely the area where the Khazars held their empire. Many of these Jews have red hair, large ears, high cheek bones, large mouths with exaggerated lips and a distinct Mongoloid tint to their eyes. These characteristics, in one form or another, were precisely the Khazar features described by the ancient Arab chroniclers. Other Jews in south Russia display bearded Turkic faces with black hair and swarthy features. Again, these are precisely the characteristics of the Khazar lower classes.
Critics of Elhaik cannot explain how a portion of western Jewry, totaling no more than 25,000-35,000 souls in all of western Europe, could possibly have generated such an immense Jewish population in the heart of the old Khazar empire. They simply ignore the question, just as they ignore the several million Jews hiding behind the Ural Mountains beyond the reach of the mythical “Holocaust”. Death rates in medieval Europe were extraordinarily high. The highest birth rate conceivable for Jewish emigrants moving eastward could not have generated the Jewish population totals in old Khazaria. Thus, if a trickle of eastward immigration and a trickle of Jews moving northward from Italy did not generate the numbers, what did? Only the conversion of the Khazars and their subject Slavic tribes provides the answer.

Does Information Make A Difference? - Mass-Psychology

Does Information Make A Difference?

Created on 05 September 2013 Written by Bravehear

There has long been the idea in the right wing that facts – getting out suppressed information to the public – will make the difference. Then there is the Paul Craig Roberts approach – that the Zionists hold the power and that they will do as they please, the facts be damned.
Who is right? Decades of experience strongly suggest that Paul Craig Roberts is right.
At one point it was possible to believe that if the media blackout could be broken, that revolution might occur. Then came the miracle of the internet. At last, truth could circumvent the media blackout. America would awaken. It did not happen, alas. The internet is used mainly to view pornography. The people who publish and read the truth on the internet are mainly those who already know it. The public remains ignorant and unaware.
There is a growing sense of unease among the public because of the Barack Obama administration. Whites feel, correctly, that they are losing control of their country. But they have still not caught on that the Jews are doing it to them. Too many of them subscribe to the Christian-Zionist fantasy that the Bible blesses the Jews and that therefore the Jews must be supported no matter what evil they do. They think that the state of Israel is the fulfillment of some fictional Biblical prophecy, not the creation of Jewish Communists from Russia. This attitude flourishes in rural, mid-West America. It is perhaps the chief impediment to a white awakening. How can the Jews be the problem when “God blesses the Jews”? It might be possible to convince a small minority of these folk that Khazars and Slavs converted to Judaism in the 8th to 10th centuries in south Russia have no right to return to a land they were never in. But that would be a very small minority. It serves to illustrate, once again, that demonstrable facts have no influence on indoctrinated minds.
The American people, circa 1920, had some historical literacy and respect for facts. They had just been suckered by the British Empire in the First World War. They were generally distrustful of politicians and their elected representatives had just refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles. Today, the average American accepts or does not seriously question the falsity of contrived incidents like 09/11.
Getting the facts out to the average American today would have no impact. Only something extremely explosive, like proving that Israel committed 09/11, might ignite a revolt. But publishing material proving that Jews created Communism or stole Palestine from the Arabs would not raise an eyebrow.


Naked Zionism

Created on 22 October 2013 Written by Braveheart

A Mr. Yitzhak Epstein, visiting Palestine in 1907, admonished his fellow Zionists that “our country” (meaning Arab Palestine) was not empty and that they should disabuse themselves of the notion that Palestine was a deserted place. He told them quite candidly that Palestine had been inhabited “for centuries by another race” which had “absolutely no thought of departing the land” He further informed them that there was not “a cultivable parcel of acreage” left in Palestine”; all arable land being already worked by the Arabs.
Remember these words were written in 1907 by a Jew who had done an on-site inspection. How can these words be reconciled with the Zionist narrative that Palestine was an empty land before the coming of the Zionists? They can’t, obviously. There are literally dozens of similar statements by early Zionist scouts of Arab Palestine, 1880-1914. The Zionist Asher Ginsberg/Achad Haam, sadly commented that the incoming Zionists never took the slightest account of the Arabs of Palestine, except as an obstacle to be overcome. Herzl himself proposed that the penniless Arab population be expelled across the border at the first opportunity.
None of these comments can be reconciled with the Zionist fiction of “a land without a people for a people without a land”. The Zionists moving to Palestine after the Balfour Declaration of 1917 were at great pains to pretend that they were not going to dispossess the Arabs. They spoke in mellow, lying words about how they only wanted a “national home”, not a national state, while privately admitting that “national home” was merely a circumlocution for the real thing. Sir Herbert Samuel, the English Jew who was the first British High Commissioner of Palestine, proclaimed that the Jews, having been victims of persecution for centuries, were not about to dispossess nor expropriate the Arabs. These Jews lied, obviously. But some Jews were more honest. Vladimir Jabotinsky wrote two famous essays in a Russian language Paris newspaper in the early 1920’s. These essays, entitled “The Iron Wall” and “The Iron Law” proclaimed that Zionism was “a colonizing adventure and that it stood or fell on the question of armed force”. It was important to “read Hebrew but it is more important to shoot”. He went on to say that the Arabs of Palestine were not savages but were deeply attached to their land. They would never voluntarily relinquish their land. They would only do so when all hope was lost to them. Thus, they must be confronted with an “iron wall of bayonets”. Agreement with the Arabs in the future was possible only if there was no agreement with them now.
Here we have the entire ugly truth about Zionism in Palestine. Hiding behind the myth of “a land without a people for a people without a land” Zionism was never anything but a naked power grab aimed at taking Palestine from the Arabs. Rather than admit this undeniable truth, the Zionists manipulate statistics, turn the truth upside down and reinvent history to pretend that pure thievery constitutes a bogus national right “to exist”.

Meticulous German Record Keeping

Meticulous German Record Keeping

One of the great myths of the Nazi extermination of the Jews hoax is that the Germans destroyed all the records of the supposed extermination, particularly as those records related to the various alleged extermination camps. This is completely incorrect. In fact, the Germans meticulously documented virtually everything they did in these camps. Thus, the German documents show that in the western camps such as Dachau, the prisoners were adequately fed and housed until the break down in late 1944. That is when the camps originally intended for ten to twenty thousand prisoners were overfilled with two to three hundred thousand prisoners, refugees from the east. The extensive camp records also show that food was adequate until massive allied aerial bombardments cut off rations and supplies. With Auschwitz, the main so-called extermination camp, the records show that all the prisoners who were not to be deported further east were separated into those who could work and those who could not work. The latter were assigned to huge hospital facilities to rehabilitate them.
The camp records meticulously document the approximately 150,000 deaths from typhus, heart attacks, disease and occasional shootings. But they say nothing about “gassings”. The records of radio traffic between Berlin and Auschwitz in top secret codes thought by the Germans to be secure make no mention of exterminations. The records do reflect a desire by the Germans to reduce the death rate by typhus at the camp to increase the labor supply. Very extensive records exist of Zyklon B being used for delousing operations to control the typhus epidemics. They show the building of crematoria to burn diseased bodies, literature warning of the dangers of lice, extensive delousing of clothing, buildings and barracks, etc. The records even show extensive recreation facilities for the prisoners such as libraries, theaters and swimming pools. But no records exist of plans for killing Jews.
One must ask the question: Is it really conceivable that a people so meticulous in their record keeping could possibly have failed to document on every level the supposed mass murder of the Jews? We have Hitler’s order for the execution of every Russian male following the fall of Stalingrad. We have his order for the execution of the British commandos he believed were violating the laws of war. Hitler made no attempt to camouflage or hide these orders. Yet when it comes to the massive undertaking of exterminating every Jew in Europe, an undertaking that would have required huge diversion of railroad and transport services from a losing war effort, we have no records at all. We have no budget, no clearly established lines of authority for the killing, no troops diverted from battlefield operations for the purpose of rounding up and killing Jews, no guidelines for when bullets were to be used versus Zyklon B, no central agency for accumulating kill totals, nothing. All we have is nonsense about code language and veiled intent.
The records of the Soviet NKVD are extensive indeed. They tell of the exact numbers of gulag victims and prisoners detained and released. They are specific as to the numbers of anti-Communist elements to be liquidated. The number of Polish prisoners executed at Katyn and other locations is known. The percentage of Jews and other nationalities in the KKVD administration is likewise spelled out clearly. But with the ever so meticulous Germans, no surviving record speaks of exterminating Jews. The records only speak of deportation eastward.
The absence of records by a people who meticulously documented everything they did is a gigantic tip off that something smells. The odor is that of fake “gas chambers” and missing ashes.

Psychological Support Systems of Two Chosen People - WWI

Psychological Support Systems of Two Chosen People

As anyone who travels in historical circles can testify, the English are once again dragging their historical fables of the World War One era out of the closet. Once again, they are promoting the fable of German aggression and brutality while ignoring the record of the British Empire. A researcher recently concluded that there were only twenty nations on earth that had not been the victims of English invasions over the centuries. That was English invasions, not German invasions. Yet these are the English who accuse the Germans of being uniquely horrible.
A Professor Sheffield is arguing nonsense such as the absurd contention that the Somme was a harbinger of victory and a paradigm of successful warfare. No one at the time so regarded it. Sheffield also claims that Douglas Haig, far from being a butcher, was a commander who gained great insights from the war. These “insights” were remarkably illustrated in Haig’s post-war comment that “the horse shall remain the queen of the battlefield”. If Haig learned anything, it certainly was not how to pull his head out of his horse’s ass. Professor Sheffield further amuses by claiming the English had won the war before the American Expeditionary Force arrived. He bases this on a few English victories at the end of the war and the fact that the German offensive had stalled. But Professor Sheffield ignores that had it not been for the possibility of getting America in, the English would have had to sue for peace in 1916 – after those devastatingly costly so-called “victories” at Paaschendale and the Somme.
Professor Sheffield knows perfectly that the English lied through their teeth about handless Belgian babies, human soap factories, crucified Canadian soldiers and the like. Yet he would have the reader believe that the same English told the truth about the origins of the war. As to brutality, Professor Sheffield is no doubt aware that it was the inhumane English who imposed a merciless starvation blockade on Europe, starving hundreds of thousands of civilians to death. It was precisely what one would expect from the criminal empire that murdered 25,000 Dutch children and 4000 women of disease and starvation in the Boer war. That was the innovation of the English Heinrich Himmler, Lord Herbert Kitchener, who was the role model for the German Nazis envious of his methods.
As to the origins of the war, Professor Sheffield knows, Fritz Fischer to the contrary that the Germans, and Kaiser Wilhelm in particular, had virtually nothing to do with it. The war was caused by Russian Pan-Slavic ambitions in the Balkans and the joint Franco-Russian mobilization. That left the Germans little choice but to strike in self-defense. No argument that England was acting to protect “poor, innocent” Belgium can be tolerated. Belgium was anything but innocent. The Belgian government had been secretly collaborating with the English in preparation for an upcoming war with Germany. Internal English documents show that England was prepared to invade Belgium herself without any provocation from Germany.
Professor Sheffield also knows that it was Kaiser Wilhelm who pleaded desperately with his cousin, Nicholas of Russia, to stop the onrush of war that would devastate western civilization beyond repair. The cold-blooded English imperialists, motivated solely by a desire to destroy a political and commercial rival, entertained no such humanitarian motivations. Professor Sheffield is no doubt aware of the highly inconvenient revisionists of the 1920’s who punctured the official lies of the Entente governments, particularly the British government. He would rather forget the works of Barnes, Fay, Montgelas and others and pretend that such works have been superseded by more “authoritative” (read: updated English lies) works.
Professor Sheffield is a contemptible charlatan. In this he is no different from any other English historian, past or present. The English will no more let go of their World War One holy lies than the Jews will let go of their “gas chamber” hoax. Both are a central part of their national identity. Both are psychological support systems of two “chosen peoples” the world can do without.

Anglophile History (of WWII)

Anglophile History

Created on 07 January 2014 Written by Braveheart


Twentieth century history has been written largely through an Anglophile lens. This is largely because of the history of two world wars. The German position has never received a minimal, much less fair, presentation. The process began even before the First World War when the German Kaiser forthrightly denounced the British war against the Dutch in South Africa. The Kaiser quite correctly analyzed the conflict as a blatant attempt by the English to dispossess the Dutch so that Jewish financiers like Barney Barnato and Ernst Oppenheimer could grab the gold and diamonds of South Africa. It was precisely the truth of Wilhelm’s charges that caused the English newspapers to sputter in rage. The Germans further offended the English by building a fleet. This utter presumptuousness caused the world plundering English to accuse the Germans of “aggression” (e.g., challenging unchallengeable English supremacy).
By 1914 the stage had already been set. The English cut the transatlantic cable ensuring that only English propaganda would henceforth be heard in America. American newspapers would be flooded with propaganda lies of handless Belgian babies, mass-raped French women, crucified Canadians, human soap factories and innocent English nurses like Edith Cavell executed by the beastly Huns for no conceivable reason. English propaganda and war lies had a field day. The Germans, who had minimal overseas colonies and no control of the oceans were about to “conquer the earth”. So said the British Empire which had already done that very thing. Nonsensical movies like “The Kaiser: Beast of Berlin” appeared in American theaters exposing the demonic German menace. German beer was denounced by Americans and “Kaiser Kultur” was seen as threatening American sobriety. Dachshund and sauerkraut became subversive German words, henceforth to be banned from American use. The hysteria and insanity far exceeded anything Joseph McCarthy ever came up with.
After the war and the subsequent “Red Scare” engendered by the Jewish Bolshevik revolution in Russia, Americans called down somewhat. They realized that they had been badly suckered by English propaganda. There was a huge revulsion against the British Empire and a recalcitrant U.S. Congress both refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles or to join the League of Nations. In the late 1920’s Herbert Hoover and General Douglas MacArthur developed a comprehensive war plan to both invade Canada and defeat the British in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. America was still smarting from the British deceptions – and was in no mood to forgive or forget.
Then came the Great Depression, the presidencies of Franklin Roosevelt and the rise of Adolf Hitler. America once again made the mistake of entering a European war. The propaganda of the First World War was repeated. It was reinforced at the end by a kangaroo court at Nuremberg and a legend of “six million” exterminated Jews. The myth of the brutal German was sold a second time and reinforced as “fact” by an endless series of Hollywood movies and newsreels. The American army re-won the war dozens of times over thanks to Audie Murphy, John Wayne, Rock Hudson, Lee Marvin and other Hollywood actors. Handless Belgian babies became “gassed” Jews and piles of typhus infected corpses at Bergen-Belsen became incontrovertible proof of a hoax. Joseph Stalin’s impending invasion of Germany in 1941 went down the memory hole and WW2 would henceforth consist of “The Longest Day” at Normandy Beach. “Combat” would confine the struggle to France as Jewish actors Rick Jason and Vic Morrow defeat the Germans time and again. And, of course, the British, who won only an occasional battle the second time around, would endlessly celebrate “The Guns of Navarrone” with celebrated actors David Niven and Anthony Quayle, who surely performed their craft more competently than British soldiers ever performed theirs.
This has been the history of the Second World War ever since 1945. It is a story of derring-do and heroism without parallel – which is all the more remarkable for having nothing whatever to do with the facts. A movie has yet to be made showing Adolf Hitler as the defender of Europe against Jewish Bolshevik tyranny. An English actor would be necessary to portray Hitler as Tom Hanks would never do. A script by David Irving directed by Steven Spielberg would make Der Fuehrer the Thomas Edward Lawrence of the eastern front.

USSR - Ragozin's 'Cheka'

Ragozin's 'Cheka'


Nicolai Ragozin’s “Cheka” is an amazing film not just because of what it shows but because of what it does not show. It was produced in 1992 just after the fall of the Soviet Union. The film shows, in the most graphic detail, just what the glorious Communist seizure of power really involved. It also shows just exactly what the Germans were up against when they invaded the Soviet Union twenty years later. The movie is unremitting in its horror. It is also shockingly repetitious. With only brief interludes to show the Bolshevik butchers discussing their motivations, it is one scene after another of prisoners of the Russian upper and middle classes being stripped of their clothing, lined up against the wall of a cellar, and then shot by pistol in the back of the neck. The bodies are then hoisted by rope and pulley into a waiting cart and taken for burial. This episode repeats, over and over, in nauseating horror.
As graphic as these scenes are, they by no means describe how bad the horror actually was. In actual fact, many of the Bolshevik executions involved indescribable mutilation of body parts. Many documented photographs were taken by English and other Europeans in Russia documenting the hideous atrocities of the commissars. Corpses are shown with their eyes gouged out, with tongues ripped out, with ears, nose, penis and testicles cut off. There are even photographs of women with burning coal inserted into their vagina and breasts hacked off. A favorite torture tactic was to bury victims alive, then pull them out and bury them again. The tactic was fabulously effective, with many of the victims going insane.
None of these things, mercifully, are shown in the film. The repeated shootings are bad enough. “Chekist” provides an interesting comparison with David Lean’s famous film “Doctor Zhivago”. In Lean’s epic, all this is shown obliquely but not in the graphic detail of “Chekist”. “Chekist” contains several scenes that unmistakably illustrate the sadism and savagery of Bolshevism. In one scene an officer refuses to strip prior to execution. When he is finally forced to strip, he spits in the face of the commissar who promptly puts the pistol in his mouth and blows his brains out. In another episode,  a berserk guard gratuitously shoves his bayonet into the stomach of a terrified woman, who dies on her knees in terrible pain. A particularly poignant scene shows a beautiful blonde “of excellent breeding stock” as one of the guards sneeringly remarks, pleading for her life. As she stands at the wall, breasts and buttocks fully exposed, she turns and begs for her life, proclaiming repeatedly that “she wants to live”. The guards momentarily lower their weapons before their leader settles the problem by shooting her.
Like the Polish director who made his film on the Katyn massacre, “Chekist” skirts the central, damning fact of all the executions. It was carried out, as every one of the times knew, by Communist Jews Never are the executioners shown to be primarily Jewish, although they surely were. Even after the fall of Communism and the ushering in of the era of so-called “openness” the ethnic taboo behind Communism is still enforced by vast Jewish media, commercial and political power. This is the key point that every viewer of Ragosin’s otherwise excellent film should understand. The horror of the so-called noble Communist experiment before Joseph Stalin supposedly perverted it is shown in unmistakable terms. But the ethnic reality behind Communist power is still deliberately deleted – in obeisance to a power that has not disappeared.

Innocent by definition - Jews behind Stalin

Innocent by definition -Jews behind Stalin

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“The Germans killed them just because they were Jews.” How often have we heard that tired refrain? Jewish behavior just had nothing to do with why the Germans or Europeans generally turned against the Chosen. The refrain is endless. The facts, however, appear to indicate otherwise. Jewish behavior was deeply implicated in the anti-Semitic German reaction.
When Germany lay prostrate after World War One, cash rich Jews moved in and bought up the country wholesale while the ordinary German on the street starved. Over half the real estate in Berlin was in Jewish hands in the 1920’s. The Weimar culture of free love and prostitution was controlled by Jews who ran the press and theater. The 1969 film “Cabaret” is an eloquent commentary on all this. At the Paris Peace Conference following the war Jewish intrigue lay behind virtually everything that was done. Particularly instructive in this regard were the minorities treaties in Central and Eastern Europe. These guarantees of the Jewish “state-within-the-state” convinced many European statesmen that Jews were indeed a power to be reckoned with. The Jewish success in getting the mighty British Empire to sponsor a Jewish “national home” in Palestine, translated into a British Mandate guaranteed by the League of Nations further reinforced the impression.
But by far the most important factor in turning Europe against the Jews was the overwhelming Jewish involvement in the terrible threat of Communism. Foreign offices in all countries recognized the Jewish control behind the Bolshevik terror. The commissars were anywhere between 30%-50% Jewish; in some countries, like Germany and Hungary, the revolutionaries were 75% to 90% Jewish. The anti-Semitic reaction was both predictable and inevitable. The equation “Jews equal Communism” spread everywhere in Europe.
While it would be an exaggeration to say that all Jews were Communists, it would certainly be correct to say that Jews world-wide were broadly sympathetic to a Communist movement they knew was being run by their brethren. A vast Yiddish Communist publishing industry grew up with major newspapers all over the world spreading the message of Jewish Bolshevism. This terrible, murderous plague convinced millions that no good existed in any Jew. That was certainly not true but as Jews refused to formally dissociate themselves from Communism, the equation stuck. It is also worth mentioning that all these things appeared to confirm the mysterious Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion, then circulating.
Such, in simple terms, are the factors that led to the European, and particularly, Nazi reaction against the Jews. While the reaction was overstated it can hardly be said that Jewish behavior had nothing to do with provoking it. Such an interpretation is tendentious, self-serving and designed to black out from public understanding well documented facts.

Was Shooting Jews A Crime?

Most Americans think the Germans were commiting a crime by shooting Jews in Russia. They were not. It was “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” vengeance for the crimes of the Jewish commissars. Whenever Communism rolled into between the wars Europe, Jews flowed in with it. The Red Army always had its Jewish commissars at every level. When the Communists arrived, Jewish populations everywhere greeted them with wildly cheering crowds. They flourished banners, frequently in Hebrew letters, with Communist slogans. Tears flowed as Jewish locals and Jewish commissars embraced.
And then the blood flowed. Jewish bankers, lawyers, doctors and kosher butchers abandoned their professions and became leading Bolshevik functionaries. They lavished unrestrained terror upon the shocked natives. Piles of corpses mounted with eyes, noses, tongues, ears and genitals hacked off. “Patriotic, loyal Jews”, mild and meek as could be, showed their true nature. The face of Communism and the face of the Jew were identical.
This happened not just in one country in Eastern Europe but in all. Whether it was Finland, Poland, East Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania or anywhere else, always the terror, the murder and the mayhem wore a Jewish face. This is why all Jews, including the non-Communist ones, paid such a terrible price when the German invasion rolled in. The people who had suffered so terribly were in no mood to make fine distinctions. They had seen the Jewish tribal unity in action. The Germans had merely to stand aside as “frontier justice” took its terrible, ruthless revenge.
Let no one deny that innocent Jews were indeed put to death in the anti-Communist reaction. But even more importantly, let everyone clearly understand what the Jews did to provoke the reaction. The original sin was theirs.

The Problems of Bali

The Problems of Bali

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I wrote this article several years ago, and over time I realised that there were aspects that were not quite correct. MI6’s Head of Station Perth, in Western Australia, Joe Vialls had written articles claiming that the Bali bomb was in fact a ‘mini-nuke’, a similar claim he made in regard to the cause of the Aceh tsunami, but it was not until Glen Clancy wrote an article on the Bali bombing that I realised that the main bomb blast outside the Sari Club had to have been an ‘electro-magnetic’ Scalar weapon as explained by Harry Mason’s article, ‘Bright Skies’ and that Joe Vialls use of the term ‘mini-nuke’ was in actual fact an euphemism for an ‘electro-magnetic’ weapons system .
This does create a problem in that the Indonesian Police have always stated C4 as the explosives used and this would have been determined by the residue left by the actual explosives device, but there is the possibility that C4 was used with the Toyota truck to camouflage the use of an ‘electro- magnetic’ scalar weapons system.
It was also Joe Vialls who first mentioned Captain Rodney Cocks as a survivor of the Kuta bombing, and once that lead was properly followed the evidence mounted up. But just exactly what was Joe Vialls, MI6’s Head of Station Perth doing in Perth, when his city of choice was Sydney?
Well, Joe Vialls moved to Perth in 1989, and Harry Mason tells us that the ‘electro-magnetic’ scalar weapons testing started in 1989, and were supposedly finalised in 1995. In January 1995 there was the great Hanshin earthquake in Kobe, Japan. The French continued these tests on Mururoa Atoll in Dec/Jan 1995/6. Then in 1998 and 2002 there were the two tsunamis that struck northern Papua New Guinea and the epicentres of these two tsunamis were only 150 kls apart. In 2003 there was the earthquake at Bam in Iran, in 2004 the earthquake/tsunami that hit Aceh, and in 2007 there was the tsunami that struck the Solomon Islands that removed most of the opposition to the Aust. Federal Police, Protection Security Units stationed in the Solomon Islands.
Apparently Joe Vialls must have been MI6’s Liaison Officer with these events as he was certainly very well informed on these matters, besides the other little chores Joe also completed during these times before his death in 2005.
Andrew S. MacGregor
22nd April 2012

The problems of Bali

On the 12th October 2002 there were three bombs detonated in Bali; one at Paddy’s Bar, one 30 metres down the road at the Sari Club and one outside the American Embassy. As a ‘terrorist’ attack, none of this makes any sense. Later after the apprehension of two of the ‘terrorists’, the Western Media and governments changed the initial blast in Paddy’s Bar from a car bomb to an unknown ‘Suicide Bomber’. This makes no sense at all.
National police chief General Da'i Bachtiar said Sunday the explosion came from a Toyota Kijang, a jeep-like vehicle, and called it "the worst act of terror in Indonesia's history."
Seconds before the main blast, a smaller explosion, which police characterized as a homemade bomb, erupted outside another nightclub about 30 meters away, witnesses and police said.
A third bomb exploded near the island's U.S. consular office, authorities said. There were no casualties. The U.S. Embassy's recreation club in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, was evacuated Sunday after a bomb threat.
There was no claim of responsibility, but Saturday night's blast and two earlier explosions nearby came three days after Washington issued a worldwide terror alert. The attack heightened fears that Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, is a haven for terrorists including al-Qaida operatives.
With the arrests of Amrozibin Nurhasyim for the bombing and Imam Samudra for making the bomb, we are supposed to believe that the perpetrators have been apprehended, but things are far from resolved. So let’s look at this puzzle initially from Amrozi’s perspective.
Amrozi we are told is a fundamentalist Muslim with a hatred of Christians and Zionists. He was also named as a suspect for the bombing of several Christian Churches. How much damage did Amrozi and Samudra inflict upon the hated ‘Christians’? Why was it that Amrozi was only apprehended after the 12th October ‘Terrorist’ attack? Why wasn’t he apprehended prior for his part in the attacks against the ‘Christian’ Churches?
Amrozi, and his bomb-maker Samudra, had a modus operandi of making and delivering bombs to be used against the hated Christians. Why then go and make another two bombs to be used on the 12th October, one for the Sari Club, and one filled with excrement for outside the American Consular Office and then for good measure send in a ‘Suicide bomber’ for Paddy’s Bar, which is what our AFP, the government and the media would have us believe.
This is sheer nonsense. Why would a ‘terrorist organisation’ target the American Consular in Bali with its concrete bunker walls protecting the building from all and any such attack? Why would Moslems make a bomb with excreta, a most sinful thing for them to touch? Why make an attack on a fortified building when none of their targeted, 'hated Christians' were in or near the building at 11.00 pm? It defeats the whole purpose of the attack. Were there any CCTV cameras operating at that time on the Embassy as required by ‘Security Regulations’ on all American Embassies?
Rightio, let’s look at the bomb in Amrozi’s Mitsubishi van. Our media, Federal Police and government tell us that the bomb weighed 1000 kgs. Now where did that figure of 1000 kgs originate from, as once the bomb went off there was no evidence of the actual amount of the compounds used to make the bomb?
Again, according to the APF, Australian government and media, once Amrozi had loaded the explosive into the back of his van, he drives it to Kuta and parks it outside the Sari Club. At 11.05 pm it explodes and creates a crater in the road 1 metre deep and about 3 metres across. Now that’s one hell of a bang!
Get this right. The bomb blast was strong enough to create a crater 1 metre deep and 3 metres across and there was nothing sitting in the middle of this crater. Buildings are totally destroyed, even concrete buildings. The vehicle must have been tossed aside like a toy. But it was the Australian Federal Police that produced the goods. They stated that the blast was set off via a mobile telephone being used as the detonator. How did they arrive at that conclusion? They found some parts of the detonation device. And pigs can fly.
This bomb left a cloud over 100 metres in the air, and a crater 1 metre deep in a bitumen road, and completely destroyed the surrounding buildings, and yet the AFP found parts of a mobile phone supposedly used as the detonating device. Again it was the AFP who stated that the bomb was a Diesel/Fertiliser bomb, you know as per the 'cover' bomb, in the Ryder hire truck which produced a result far in excess of what the military manuals tells us "4,800 pounds of ANFO [fertilizer] explosive would create" to wreak havoc in the Fred Murrah Building in Oklahoma City!
The Indonesian Police stated the explosive was C4, a military explosive that was in a Toyota Kijang outside the Sari Club. The bomb in Amrozi’s van was homemade, and the van was parked 30 metres away outside Paddy’s Bar. For the second bomb to be made of C4 then there had to have been military involvement. So what did the Indonesian Police state? Something extremely different from the AFP.
Let’s look at the last part of this AFP concoction, the ‘Suicide Bomber’. The initial reports all stated a car bomb parked outside Paddy’s Bar. Once it became obvious that Amrozi only parked one vehicle, his Mitsubishi van outside Paddy’s Bar, and yet the main explosion took place outside the Sari Club, then that means that there were two (car) bombs. Reports on the events state emphatically that after the initial blast, all the lights went out. In other words the electrical source was damaged.
The time delay between the electrical power failure, as caused by the first bomb and the second bomb being detonated has been recorded from between two to ten seconds. A suicide bomber blowing himself up inside Paddy’s Bar does not cause the power in the street to be disrupted.
Amrozi’s modus operandi does not include ‘Suicide Bombers’. They simply made bombs and left them at Churches and other places where those horrible Christians congregated. Amrozi’s bombs at the Christian Churches, and the bomb at Paddy’s Bar were of a similar type and size.
We now have three events occurring that Amrozi has been linked to with his one bomb. We are now supposed to believe that 1+1+1=1.
The ‘Suicide Bomber’ story matches with the American “al-Qaeda” myths, but nothing else.
Why was the bomb that was detonated outside the American Embassy not used at the ‘American Bar’ just up the road from Paddy’s Bar which was the Australian tourist scene?
And lastly the two car bombs, Amrozi’s outside Paddy’s Bar, and the Toyota Kijang, 30 metres down the road, outside the Sari Club. That is how the Indonesian police identified Amrozi? They found a number plate belonging to his van outside Paddy’s Bar. Amrozibin Nurhasyim makes an excellent comparison with Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma Bombing.
I hope I have convinced you that there were two car bombs in Kuta on the 12th October 2002. We know that Amrozi was the person responsible for the car bomb outside Paddy’s Bar, the little bomb that preceded the biggest bomb that Indonesia had ever seen. There are several clues that come out from the media, no matter how hard they try to avoid them.
The first clue comes from an Indonesian Police Officer who stated that the bomb was C4. From the damage caused by the bomb, and the burns afflicted upon the victims, we can assume that the bomb was C4. Now C4 is a military explosive, so that is one clue.
The next clue is the actual size of the bomb. Whoever made this C4 car bomb had no problems of supply of C4. Now to me, this lets the Indonesians off the hook a bit, because the Indonesian Military have only a limited supply of C4 and it would be fairly well regulated, much the same as the Australian Army. For anybody to walk up to and hand over a requisition form for say roughly 500 kgs (for example purposes only) of C4 would certainly raise a few eyebrows.
The next clue comes with the identification of the victims. Australians were the main victims, followed by the Balinese, followed by tourists from all over. Once it became apparent that the Australians were the target, and the Australian population were to be terrorised by the event, the Australian Government then had a ‘legitimate’ reason to target the ‘Muslin’ terrorists in Australia, and at the same time the whole population of Australia, when the various Ministries legislated and imposed 'laws of control' that without such a traumatic event would certainly not have been acceptable by the people and possibly even the Parliament.
In other words, the Australian ‘anti-terrorist’ government received the most benefit from the Bali Bombings. In fact the Australian Government paid the Indonesian Government $10,000,000 to fund their ‘Anti-Terrorist’ program.
Now look at the responses. The Australian Government is quick to respond. The Australian Defence Forces are utilised to the max, and medical crews with Hercules transport Planes from Darwin are used to fly the victims to Darwin for treatment. A logistical nightmare, that actually functioned well. Did Malaysia assist? Did Singapore assist? Both these countries had better medical facilities than those of Australia at Darwin.
The last clue here is which government is ‘assisting’ the Indonesians in hunting down and convicting the terrorists Amrozi and company? Australia with its corrupt AFP. No Yanks, no FBI, no British and their Scotland Yard, just the Australian Federal Police with Mick Keelty. Well I guess it’s our back yard after all.
What we had in Kuta was a military bomb used against Australian tourists, with the Australian government reacting with speed and determination.
With this bomb though, there had to be a bomber, somebody who parked the car outside the Sari Club. We know that it was not Amrozi, because he’s just parked his Mitsubishi van outside Paddy’s Bar and is totally unaware of the second bomb just up the road. What we should now consider is just how the second bomb was detonated.
If the second bomb was detonated before Amrozi’s bomb, it would lose most of its effect. As in the Oklahoma City bombing, Amrozi’s bomb is the cover. Please understand this point; the timing of the second bomb is critical. To ensure that the timing was correct, the detonation had to be made by somebody at the scene by a person with skills related to bombs, and he had to be able to fit in with the scene, that is he had to appear to be a tourist or a vendor.

Part two: The suspect

In any police investigation where people are interviewed the main objective is to find the truth. If a witness tells you one story and then later tells you another, you have a discrepancy. At that stage, there is a push to find out why the discrepancy occurred and the size and value of the discrepancy. There are other things that may influence the outcome, but once it is recognised that a witness is not telling the truth, then the investigation goes full on. With this in mind let us consider Captain Rodney Damon Cocks.
Rodney Damon Cocks is a Melbourne lad, educated at Melbourne High School and at the age of 18 years, joined the Australian Army and continued his education at the Royal Military College, Duntroon Canberra. Besides the required Military subjects, Rodney also studied Law and Commerce.
Captain Rodney Cocksheaded the Australian Defence Force support of the Sydney Olympics in 2000. In 2001 Cocks is working with the UN as a UNMO (UN monitoring officer) under Sergio Vieira de Mello in Timor. He also gets to meet the East Timorese President, Xanana Gusmao. In October, Rodney Cocks is in Bali on leave.
As an article from the Army magazine states; Capt Rodney Cocks, a UNMO in East Timor, was enjoying his last night of leave before flying out of Indonesia the next morning.He had just left his companions, a New Zealand, a Portuguese and a British national, also uniformed personnel serving in East Timor, inside nearby Paddy’s to walk to the Internet café a short distance away
From another Army magazine article we learn from an article written by Cocks that:
For UNMOs living in Aileu, East Timor, Hamburger Hill has been home to many Australian UNMOs since the UNAMET times in 1999. From left: Capt Rodney Cocks, Capt Francisco Sousa, UNMISET PKF from the Portugese Battalion and Insp Nick Cowell, UN Police from the Merseyside Police Force, Liverpool U.K.
I believe we can now identify Captain Rodney Cocks’ companions who he has stated he had left in Paddy’s Bar when he left to do 'some internet banking'. Banking at 11.00pm at night?
So, after realizing he had just survived a major bomb blast, what did Captain Rodney Cocks do?
Prompted by his military training, his first reaction was to find the friends he had left in the bar and evacuate them and as many others as possible.
“By the time I picked myself up there were already people moving out away from the scene.
“I picked one girl up there - she had burns all over her body, so I grabbed her.
“I later heard she’d been assessed as having burns to 95 per cent of her body and that she hadn’t survived her injuries.
“We regrouped, got our people, helped the people we could, which, you know, was just bloody impossible, there were just so many people injured.” Source ‘Army’ the Soldier’s newspaper
Based on mypolice experience and a short spell of Army Reserve experience, it is my belief Cocks would have immediately returned to where he had left his companions toensure that they had survived, and once he had organised his men, they would have started to assist the wounded. There is no apparent differentiation at this point.
What happened next?
The group took some of the injured back to their hotel and organised the hotel truck to take them to hospital, before going back to the scene of the explosion.
“I grabbed my phone, my head torch, my passport and my Army ID. The other guys did as well.
“From there... we started treating other people. At that stage I came across an Australian Army sergeant from 1RAR, he was on leave from Butterworth.
“He was pretty badly injured and we got him off to hospital and later evacced back to Townsville.” Source ‘Army’ the Soldier’s newspaper
No problems here or are there? “I grabbed my phone. My head torch my passport and my army I.D.” No, no, no. For a start the passport and I.D. are always required to be carried on the person, not left in the hotel room. There may be some reason for not carrying your communication with you, but not the required passport and I.D., but look at the other item; ‘my head torch’. Why did Captain Rodney Cocks take his ‘head torch’ with him to his holiday destination in Bali? What Army personnel would be issued with a head torch?   What a marvelous way to get a head shot, wearing a head torch when ambushed by Indonesian Militants.
But why bring a head torch with you when you are going on ‘leave’ in Kuta? This just doesn’t seem right!
So then what happened?
Capt Cocks made contact with his family, telling them there had been an incident and that he was uninjured, before calling his headquarters.
They woke the force commander, who gave orders that Capt Cocks was to remain in Bali to render assistance where possible and to account for UN personnel.
“I was told to cancel my flight out the next morning and that I was the man on the ground.
“I had ambassadors calling my phone, all the UN crew, the Portuguese commanders, and I was just dealing things out from there.”
Capt Cocks said there were about 12 hospitals treating blast victims and he visited all of them several times searching for personnel.
“Initially no-one really knew how many people were here, so I had to go to all the hospitals trying to find out did we have any people there, how many injured we had - ADF, PKF, UN police, the whole lot.
“That was just an absolute nightmare. There’s just bodies everywhere, blood everywhere, just death and destruction everywhere and just so many Australians ...”
He was taken to the morgue at Denpasar General Hospital, where he searched the dead to locate missing soldiers.
“The bodies were just... the floor was littered with burnt corpses. It was just awful... some of these bodies you couldn’t tell, you know, whether they were male or female, young, old, Indonesian, Australian...”
Again, there is nothing apparently wrong here. According to Cocks, he has been placed in command of the Australian Army’s resources at Kuta, and he is fulfilling that role. If this is an accurate account of Captain Rodney Cock’s actions and duties at Kuta, then please explain these points:
The Australian Bravery Awards for the Bali Bombing.
The highest award that of ‘The Cross of Valour’ went to Senior Constable Timothy Ian BRITTEN, WA., and Richard John JOYES, Scarborough. It should be noted that S/Const. Britten was seconded to the UN peacekeeping force in East Timor at the time. (It is interesting to note that S/Const Britten’s actions mirrored the reported actions of Capt. Cocks)
The second highest award, that of ‘The Star of Courage’ went to Ben Michael CLOHESSY, Madeley WA; to Natalie Joy GOOLD, Croydon South VIC; to Robert Alan MEREDITH, Engadine NSW, and to Lauren John MUNRO, Forbes NSW.
Then we get the Bravery Medal, The Commendation for Brave Conduct, the Order of Australia (AO), the Member (AM) in the General Division, the OAM, the Honorary Officer (AO) in the General Division, the Honorary member (AO) in the General Division, the medal (OAM) in the General Division, the Public Service Medal (PSM), the Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC), the Nursing Service Cross (NSC), the Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM).
Captain Rodney Damon Cocks was awarded the CSM, the lowest of all awards to come out of the Bali Bombing. Why???
What now becomes really interesting is that S/Const Britten was assisted only by Richard Joyes, but S/Const. Britten was part of Cocks’ UN team. If Captain Rodney Cocks had been where he has always stated, then Cocks would have immediately moved to assist his subordinates. What the citations of S/Const Britten and Richard Joyes tells us is that Rodney Cocks was not at that scene at that time. Rodney Cocks’ story appears to be a fabrication. If Captain Rodney Cocks’ story is a fabrication based on the heroics of S/Const. Britten, then just what exactly is the true story of Capt Cocks? We now have some strong suspicions about Capt Rodney Cocks!
Six months later after the fall of Baghdad, the head of the UN Delegation in East Timor, Sergio Vieira de Mello, is transferred to Iraq. De Mello is accompanied by Team Leader Bill Van Ree and Captain Rodney Cocks who is now de Mello’s ‘Deputy of the UN Mine Action Coordination Team’. Capt Cocks office was in the same area as that of his boss, de Mello, when on the 17th August 2003 Cocks left his office at approximately 4.30 pm when a truck laden with explosives burst through the guard barrier, struck the building and exploded killing twenty-five people including Sergio Vieira de Mello. Shortly afterwards the UN Delegation to Iraq is closed down and Capt Cocks returns to Melbourne.
Back in Australia, Captain Rodney Cocks headed-up the Australian Defence Force deployment of resources to the 2003 Victorian Alpine bushfires. Captain Cocks then retires from the ADF and joined Melbourne law firm Herbert Gear and Rundle working as an articled clerk for six brief weeks in their Bourke Street Office before being recuited in about March 2004, to work with the UN in Afghanistan as a UN Senior Security Advisor in the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar, Southern Afghanistan, where he provides security advice to the UN's humanitarian agencies.
In 2005 the Victorian Government selected Captain Rodney Damon Cocks as their ‘Australian of the year’ for his ‘Humanitarian work’ in Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. At 29 years of age, my thoughts were that he was much too young to be considered for such an honorary position, unless of course he was being groomed for something in the future.
There was though one little snippet that came over Melbourne’s ABC radio as I was driving home one March afternoon in 2004. They were talking about Rodney Cocks and his coming departure for duties with the UN in Afghanistan. I had come in on the end of the discussion, but what I heard opened my eyes and startled the brain into overdrive. There was a one and only telephone call from a ‘listener’ who stated, “God Bless Rodney Cocks. He saved my daughter in the Bali Bombing.”
All of the articles on Captain Rodney Cocks that mentions the girl he pulled out of Paddy’s Bar, state that she had received burns to 95% of her body and died the next day. The girl was never named, and she was never in any position to inform her friends or relatives who had pulled her from the inferno. Furthermore, once it is realised that Cocks’ heroics were actually a fabrication based on the actions of S/Const. Britten, then the praise of Cocks was also a fabrication. That telephone call was a deliberate misinformation trick. Why???
There is one thing that Rodney Cocks would have to do in Afghanistan, and that is to learn the local language; it comes with the job. In 2005 there was a brief article on the news in relation to an Afghani ‘terrorist’ all dressed up in the local attire appearing on the Al Jezzera network, and sprouting the normal ‘terrorist’ rhetoric, but with an Australian accent. Funny thing was, he had a build similar to that of Rodney Cocks.
Andrew S. MacGregor

The Problems With The Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre (SHEM)

The Problems With The Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre (SHEM)

Created on 05 April 2013 Written by Andrew MacGregor

In 2009 The Obama Administration initiated moves against The American Constitution. The target was the 2nd Amendment.
The Dep’t of Homeland Security, FEMA, the FBI and the BATFE were all involved in the planning of the moves to bring about the required changes once the State Dep’t had initiated moves with the United Nations.
The Modus Operandi was to follow the successful moves orchestrated by the National Coalition for Gun Control led by Rebecca Peters in Australia and Philip Alpers in New Zealand in the late 1980′s up to 1996.
In July 2012, the Preliminary moves were made. The American ‘State Dep’t’ under Hillary Clinton was in discussions with the United Nations in regard to an ‘Arms Trade Treaty’. On the 20th of July 2012, midway through those discussions with the United Nations, there was a ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre at the Aurora Theatre in Colorado. This was only the preliminary stage, and although there were some mistakes and the ‘Lone-nut’ patsy survived, the original plan continued.
The plan required a ‘double whammy’ a second and more heart-wrenching massacre so as the Obama Administration could say that had the required ‘Changes to the Constitution’ been permitted in July 2012, then this massacre would never have taken place.
There were two ‘teams’ selected. Team ‘A’ was to escort the ‘patsy’ to the site of the massacre, conduct the massacre, kill the patsy at the site of the massacre, making his death appear to be a suicide and then retreat and wait for the Team ‘B’. Team ‘B’ was the ERT, and as the protocols require would only have been told enough to complete their task properly, thus they would be unaware of the purpose behind their actual positioning.
On the 14th of December 2012, the second planned massacre occurred. The selected patsy, Adam Lanza was escorted to the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, after his mother had been murdered. Lanza’s escort consisted of two police officers. A third police officer began to leave a cache of rifles and shotguns within the proximity of the school. The fourth member of the team, armed with an AR-15 rifle that could fire on fully automatic, and fitted with a 100 round capacity magazine then entered the school and after entering one classroom, murdered the entire class by herding the students into a huddle and then spraying them with bullets. This resulted in the students being shot between 3 to 11 times as reported by the Coroner.
The gunman then shot the school principal and two there staff in the hallway as they approached the classroom. The gunman then moved to the second classroom and began to murder those occupants, but stopped halfway.
This abrupt ending of the massacre is extremely telling. It tells us that the gunman was able to listen in on the police communications, and learnt that the report to 911 had occurred as expected. However the report was of ‘shots being fired’, not children being murdered, and so, the ‘Emergency Dispatcher’ instead of calling for the Emergency Response Team at Carmel, simply gave the call to the local police who were able to respond so quickly that they almost caught the fleeing gunman.
As it was, the gunman had 45 seconds to finish the shooting, leave the school building and get into the waiting ‘escape’ vehicle, a ‘red/maroon van’ registration number 872 YEO, which the first police responders saw leaving the school and requested details.
However, the gunman in his haste had failed to leave the murder weapon behind; he took it with him, along with the 100 round capacity magazines.
The other members of the Team ‘A’ are now caught in a serious situation. The members escorting the patsy, ‘Adam Lanza’ then execute the patsy with a Glock pistol, making it look like a suicide. They though now have to leave this area without being seen, so, to ensure that no school staff or students risk peeking out of their classrooms, they fire their pistols as they move away from the killing zone. The entire shooting incident took just over three minutes to complete, but the local police were able to ‘arrest’ the three remaining members of the Team ‘A’.
Team ‘B’ has offered their services in assisting at the massacre, but are informed they are not required. Now here it where it becomes really interesting. The first police to arrive at Sandy Hook Elementary find the body of Adam Lanza. He has two pistols with him and is quite dead. He is the presumed gunman. However, once the police check out the classrooms with the dead bodies in them, all they can see are the empty .223 cartridges. There is no .223 firearm, and there are no magazines. A very diligent search takes place, and the three weapons are located outside the school buildings. However, still no .223 firearm.
At some time in the morning, Lt. J. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police takes command of the crime scene. He is aware that the local police have made a very thorough search of the area, but have been unable to find the murder weapon.

The only place the local police have been unable to search is the ‘locked’ trunk of the black Honda sedan that the ‘patsy’ Adam Lanza had supposedly driven to the school. Thus Vance would tell the media that the ‘murder weapon’ has been located in the trunk of the black Honda sedan, and names the weapon as a ‘Bushmaster’.
This lie resolves the problem of the missing murder weapon, but creates the problem of just how the murder weapon got there in the first place. This problem is resolved that night when Lt. J. Paul Vance have police search the trunk of the Honda in the middle of the night when all but his trusted crew are present, and films the finding of the ‘shotgun’ that had originally been found by the first police outside the school buildings.
This act then changes the ‘story’ and now the ‘Bushmaster’ can be moved from the trunk of the Honda to within the area where Adam Lanza’s body was found. There is still though the problem of the missing magazines, and so Lt. J. Paul Vance now tells of the finding of the 30 round capacity magazines that fit the ‘Bushmaster’. The problem with the 30 round capacity magazines is that they do not explain the style of shooting that took place, and the lack of sufficient magazines. There is also the very short period of time that the shooting took place so again Lt. J. Paul Vance simply expands the time frame of the shooting ignoring the actual evidence of surviving staff and the police dispatch calls..
And so the criminal acts have been hidden. The Sandy Hook Elementary School will be closed down and demolished. Another vacant school building which has been refurbished will replace the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the Obama Administration will continue with their efforts to remove the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitution.
What the United States of America is experiencing at this present moment in the endeavours by the Federal government, to infringe upon the American Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment to that Constitution, is exactly the same attack that Australians suffered under the attacks led by the American Rebecca Peters of the National Coalition for Gun Control, leading up to the Port Arthur Massacre on the 28th April 1996.
“On the 14th of October 2009, the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and the State Department, announced that it was instigating with the United Nations, an ‘Arms Trade Treaty’.   The Obama Administration in 2009 was prepared to have the 2nd Amendment ‘regulated’ by a body outside of the ‘American Constitution’.
This was a “Political Agenda”! To infringe upon the Constitutional rights of every American citizen, the Obama Administration needed a catalyst, an event that would create the required mindset amongst the minions. Once the Obama Administration had created that catalyst, then the ‘Treaty’ with the United Nations could go ahead.
The United Nations conference on the Arms Trade Treaty started on the 2nd of July 2012 and was due to be completed on the 25th of July 2012. It is during this time that the catalyst would be required.
On Friday the 20th of July, just a week before the UN conference was due to end there was a “lone-nut” gun massacre at the Aurora theatre where patrons were watching the ‘Premiere’ of the film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Twelve people were killed and 58 wounded. Police arrest a ‘suspect’, James Holmes.
This was the first part of the catalyst, but things had gone badly wrong. The main weapon used in this massacre was an AR-15 with a 100 round magazine, but the magazine jammed. This reduced the number of victims and reduced the overall required effect of the massacre. Furthermore, the supposed ‘lone-nut’ gunman who was supposed to have been ‘suicided’ remained alive.
When police arrested James Holmes he was seated in his car totally out of it in a drugged state and completely harmless. There is absolutely no way that James Holmes could have been considered in a condition to have committed the crimes he was later charged with.
There were also trails of blood and other evidence which instead of leading to Holmes’ motor car actually went past it and in another direction. And finally there were the witnesses who stated that the ‘fire exit’ door to the theatre was opened by a person inside the theatre whose mobile phone rang, and this door was left open for the gunman to enter. Ergo, we have at least two people other than the supposed ‘lone-nut’ gunman, James Holmes involved in this massacre.
The United Nations conference on the ‘Arms Trade Treaty’ was unable to be finalised and the conference was adjourned to March 2013.
The Trial of James Holmes was instigated so that it would also take place in March 2013, but the Obama Administration still required the second part of the ‘catalyst’ to create the ‘proper’ atmosphere for their infringement on the American Constitution. That ‘catalyst’ took place on the 14th of December 2012 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.
The cryptic clue
What beheld those people who had viewed the film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, was the fact that the name ‘Sandy Hook’, was used within the storyline for a ‘Halloween’ massacre. Is there a precedent for such ‘cryptic’ messages? Yes!
Both on his website: http://terroronthetube.co.uk/ , and in his book, “Terror on the Tube”, Nick Kollerstrom mentions the cryptic message on the advertising placard on Bus 30 that was bombed outside Tavistock Place in London during the London bombing on the 7th July, 2005.
The required legislation on Child Homicides
  • On the 23rd of February 2012, Connecticut State Senators Steven T. Mikutel, Leonard A. Fasano, Michael A. McLachlan, and Len Suzio introduce SB 1054, a bill “to allow the parents of a child who was a homicide victim to request that the autopsy report not be publicly disclosed.” SB 1054: An Act Concerning the Disclosure of Autopsy Reports, Sunlight Foundation/Open States, retrieved March 1, 2013.
  • On the 25th of February 2012In a memorandum to the state legislature’s judiciary committee Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II questions the necessity of SB 1054. “The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner as an institution and I are very concerned about the privacy rights of individuals who are examined through our office and particularly with respect to homicide victims whose family find their privacy and grieving invaded by a curious public. I believe that the proposed legislation is redundant of current statute, regulations, and practices. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner does not now and has never released autopsy reports to the general public, let alone autopsy reports of a paediatric homicide victim.” Dr. H. Wayne Carver II to Chairman Coleman, Fox and Members of the Connecticut State Judiciary Committee, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, February 25.
Existing law preventing disclosure of autopsies to the press or public is bolstered through passage and enactment of recommendations encompassed in SB 1054 by Connecticut State Senate and General Assembly.
  • Section 1. Subdivision (3) of subsection (b) of section 1-210 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof Effective October 1, 2011
  • (3) Records of law enforcement agencies not otherwise available to the public which records were compiled in connection with the detection or investigation of crime, if the disclosure of said records would not be in the public interest because it would result in the disclosure of …  “the records of an investigation and examination by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of the death of a person under eighteen years of age caused by an apparent homicide, including the autopsy report and other scientific findings.”
  • SB 1054 An Act Concerning the Disclosure of Autopsy Reports, Sunlight Foundation/Open States, retrieved March 1, 2013.
  • (from memoryholeblog.com)
Has there ever been a precedent for legislation to be amended prior to a massacre? ‘Yes!’ The Tasmanian government introduced a new Coroner’s Act in February 1996. In November 1995 the Tasmanian ‘Workers Compensation Act’ was amended to remove PTSD as a claimable injury.
The new changes to the ‘Coroner’s Act removed the ability of a Coroner’s Inquest to find a decision that was in conflict with a higher court. The removal of the right to claim for PTSD for the workers at the Port Arthur Historic Site allowed the Tasmanian government to refuse payment to most of their staff involved in the Port Arthur Massacre (PAM) on the 28th and 29th of April 1996.
The Carmel Elementary School Exercise
On the morning of the 14th of December 2012, The Department of Homeland Security was running an ‘Exercise’ (FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters) at the Carmel Elementary School in Connecticut. At this school were assembled all the various players needed for such an exercise. There were the various ‘first responders’ including the actors to play the roles of children, and ‘their parents’, as well as ‘The Putnam County’ Emergency Response Team.
To quote the Putnam County Courier: Ironically, members of the Putnam County Emergency Response Team-a highly trained group of officers used when crises of this type occur- were training Friday in Carmel.
Please think about this for one moment! Police officers training for ‘when crises of this type occur’. So just how often do these type of ‘crises’ occur, especially in Putnam County? Once a year, once a decade or perhaps once in a century? What do these police officers do whilst hanging around waiting for such a catastrophe to occur? Grow a beard!
Is there a precedent to ‘specialist’ police squads ‘coincidentally’ training in an area when a ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre occurred? Yes!
On the 13th of November 1990 at Aramoana in New Zealand, the New Zealand Police ‘Armed Offenders Squad’ was coincidentally training in the area. It only took this squad 34 hours (over three days) to locate and shoot the gunman, David Gray, at his home. Seconded to this New Zealand police squad was Sgt. Michael Charles Dyson of the Tasmania Police SOG (Special Operations Group), who featured in the Port Arthur Massacre at Port Arthur on the 28th of April 1996.
The Putnam County Courier then tells us: ‘Sheriff Don Smith said the team members contacted officials in Connecticut and offered their assistance”. “Our ERT was thanked but since the scene in Connecticut was secured in a matter of minutes, there was no need for the local police to respond.”
Ummhhh! I thought it was the ‘local police’ that attended at the Sandy Hook Elementary School within minutes and secured the crime scene, thus robbing the Putnam ERT of the glory that they had trained for so diligently for the past years. But what happened to the ‘Protocols’?
The Protocols
When ‘Federal Governments’ put money into the training of such quasi-military police, they also put into place certain protocols so as to ensure that these highly trained quasi-military police are not wasted. Thus when ‘Terrorist’ activities, such as massacres, school massacres, or other massacres occur the local police are required to ‘Stand down’ or step aside and wait for these specifically trained quasi-military police to assemble, travel to the scene of the massacre and then follow through with their highly trained procedures to arrest or negate the ‘terrorists’.
In other words, the police dispatchers at both Aurora, Colorado and Newtown in Connecticut, failed to follow the proper protocols when they initially received 911 calls in regard to these massacres. Perhaps that was due to the fact that the first reports were simply of ‘shots fired’.
Is there a precedent of uniformed police ignoring these ‘Protocols’ and arresting a ‘lone-nut’ gunman? Yes!
In the Hoddle Street Massacre in Melbourne, Australia on the 9th of August 1987, a uniform Divisional Van crew from the Fitzroy Police Station, either failed to hear, or ignored the dispatchers call (VKC) for uniform members to seal the area, and await the arrival of the SOG (Special Operations Group or Sons of God) and were able to arrest the shooter, Julian Knight.
What is extremely interesting about Julian Knight is that at the time of his arrest he was under a psychosis, in that he believed he was shooting ‘Invading Martians’. But not only that, Knight had placed a bullet in his top shirt pocket with which to commit ‘suicide’ if he was about to be arrested by the ‘Martian Police’. The SOG’s in their black quasi-military attire certainly would have appeared to have been Martians to Julian Knight, but instead, Knight recognised the uniforms of the two policemen from Fitzroy and quietly surrendered to them.
Then at Melbourne’s second ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre on the 8th of December 1987 at the ‘secure’ Federal building of the Australia Post Philatelic Section, Frank Vitkovic was trying to use a sawn-off M1 that kept jamming on him, and he was screaming, “How do they expect me to kill people with this gun”. Uniformed members of Melbourne’s ‘City Traffic’ police had been alerted and informed the dispatchers (VKC) of the shootings only to be ordered to secure the traffic in the area and await for the SOG’s.
In this ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre, it was the intended victims that managed to confront Vitkovic and take the M1 from him before he committed suicide by jumping out of a 12th floor window.
The “Lone-nut” gun massacre Capital of the world
By the way, have I told you that Melbourne, Australia, is the ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre capital of the world! Once Premier John Cain brought in gun registration in 1984, we started having gun massacres. (Premier = Governor) Melbourne has had two full ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacres, being Hoddle Street and Queen Street in 1987 and then two ‘should have been’ ‘lone-nut’ gun massacres at the Melbourne Abortion Clinic (2001) and the Monash University (2002), but the gunmen at these were both nabbed by the would be victims.
I guess that is why the NCGC (National Coalition for Gun Control) member, Philip Alpers will be instructing Joe Biden at the John Hopkins Bloomberg University meeting in February on how to successfully confiscate firearms. Mind you, Philip Alpers claimed 1,000,000 guns were destroyed but the actual figure was 670,000 out of an estimated 8,000,000.
As in America today, the ‘gun’ issue is to be considered a ‘Health’ issue, just the same as it was in Australia back in the 1990’s.
Putnam County Courier
But I have digressed. Back to the Putnam County Courier, where we are told: “Danbury Hospital was placed on lockdown since several of the shooting victims were brought to the medical center necessitating Putnam EMS headed to Danbury with trauma patients to divert their ambulances and rescue rigs to either Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla or Hudson Valley Hospital Center in Cortlandt. Putnam Hospital Center was not affected.”
Are you confused? What we have here is the Putnam County Courier describing various actions taken by various medical centres to take into account two different scenarios. The first scenario being the ‘Dept of Homeland Security’ exercise held at the Carmel Elementary School, and the second scenario being the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre (SHEM).
So what we have here are the various ambulance and hospital services being involved in ‘exercises’ prior to a ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre. Is there a precedent for this type of preparation prior to a ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre? Yes!
With the Port Arthur Massacre on the 28th April 1996, The Royal Hobart Hospital was required to update and finalise their ‘Emergency Procedures’ called Code brown. This was accomplished on the 26th April 1996, two days prior to the massacre. Then The Royal Hobart Hospital held a seminar for 30 Trauma Specialist Doctors from all over Australia that was finalised at 12.30pm on the Sunday, just one hour prior to the massacre occurring.
The Tasmania Ambulance Service was holding a special training exercise in Hobart, and it was the attendees of this training exercise that were utilised at the Port Arthur Massacre in ferrying the wounded to the Royal Hobart Hospital. There had also been several ‘training’ exercises for the ambulance services prior to this event.
Even the ‘undertakers’ had been prepared and had embalming kits ready for use on the victims, much the same as what occurred at Sandy Hook! (EMA Port Arthur Seminar papers March 1997)
The Port Arthur Management also held a seminar which moved the hierarchy of that government authority out of harm’s way to Swansea on the day of the massacre and finally John Raedler of CNN was in Hobart to manage the ‘over 700’ journalists and editors from the South Pacific Print Media who had gathered for a seminar due to start on the 30th April 1996.
Carmel Elementary School conclusion
The Connecticut government’s ‘Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection’, under the auspices of ‘Emergency Management and Homeland Security had prepared a full exercise taking in each of the various government bodies that are involved in the ‘protection of the community’.
We look at the various Divisions of this bureaucracy under Commissioner Reuben F. Bradford such as Emergency Management, Homeland Security, State Response Framework, CEO/EMD Disaster Preparedness, and even Strategic Planning and Grants, and each of these various bureaucratic bodies had some input into the preparations for the Carmel Elementary School exercise. Actors to play the roles of children, parents and school staff, the local police ERT members, first responders such as ambulance staff and even the hospital centres were all prepared and on standby. When the acting suddenly switched to the real thing, all these personnel were ready and available to properly play out their roles. Is there a precedent for such an exercise? Yes!
Again it was the London bombing on the 7th of July 2005 involving Bus 30. When the bomb on this omnibus exploded, there was a very similar exercise taking place within view of the bombing. Actors playing the role of the injured immediately vacated the area and the ambulance services administrating, to the exercise immediately switched to the ‘real thing’.
Senator Diane Feinstein’s attack on firearms
Senator Diane Feinstein’s moves to ban all Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines and Pistol Grips as reported in the Market Daily News on the 7th of November 2012 is the exact same agenda used by Rebecca Peters of the ‘National Coalition for Gun Control in Australia in 1995/6.
At the 10th of November 1995 meeting of the Australasian Police Minister’s Council, its secretary Daryl Smeaton presented to the various State Police Ministers, the newly drawn up National Firearms Act, banning these very same firearms, with the Victorian Police Minister, Tim McGrath, to study the recommendations and report back to the Council at its next meeting in May, 1996.
Again in November 1995, Roland Browne, the Tasmanian representative for ‘The Coalition for Gun Control’ warned of the possibilities of a ‘gun massacre’ in Tasmania by these very weapons, unless new ‘National’ gun laws were introduced.
Then in March 1996, after the ‘Dunblane Massacre’ in which a handgun was the main weapon, Roland Browne reiterated his prediction of a gun massacre in Tasmania involving what he termed ‘Assault rifles’.
It is extremely difficult to consider that these moves made 17 years apart are not linked in some manner. For Rebecca Peters to obtain the desired legislation to remove the rights of Australians to own certain firearms could only come about after the worst ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre at that time, and then for Senator Diane Feinstein to present the same criteria to the legislature in the American Federal government, that was followed with most wicked speed by the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre (SHEM).
Then on the 27th of November 2012, it is announced that the Federal Attorney General Eric Holder has met with the Governor of Connecticut in regards to ‘Project Longevity’, in which State agents, academics and social workers will work with or for the FBI and the BATFE. Again, ‘Project Longevity’ was to target ‘Gun Violence’.
Now this may be a ‘silly question’ but what ‘Gun Violence’ was there in the State of Connecticut? As in Tasmania, Australia’s smallest State, the deaths by firearms including Police shootings and suicide, averaged about 7 deaths per annum, and that was the State where the Port Arthur Massacre (PAM) occurred.
The Real Thing; The Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre (SHEM)
Most schools are planned so that the school reception office and the Principal’s Office are within very close proximity to the main school entrance so as to minimise any disruption to the classes. I would imagine that Principal Dawn Hochsprung’s office at the Sandy Hook Elementary would have been in such a situation, especially considering the new ‘security’ system that was put in place in September 2012, which included the school exterior doors to be locked at approximately 9.30 each morning.
At approximately 9.34am the Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal, Dawn Hochsprung, along with Mary Sherlach and Natalie Hammond were at a meeting when they heard unidentified noises and then left the meeting-room and entered the hall to check out the noise when they were shot.
Police Radio Dispatch call times
Now the times of the police radio dispatches.
9:35:52AM           “6-7 Sandy Hook School. Caller indicates she thinks there’s someone shooting in the building”.
9:36:38AM          Radio dispatch suggests arrival of law enforcement at scene “front glass has been broken (unintelligible). They’re unsure why
9:37:15AM          “All Units; the individual I have on the phone is continuing to hear what she believes to be gunfire’
9:37:40AM          radio dispatch indicates law enforcement units and back-up continued to arrive.
9:38:15AM          “the shooting appears to have stopped”
So what we have is from the time the dispatcher put out the call for a possible gunman at the Sandy Hook Elementary to the first police unit arriving at the school is approximately 46 seconds. There is a lot of activity that will occur in those 46 seconds. Later authorities estimate the time the gunman was shooting inside the school at between 5 to 10 minutes, with 154 shots fired from the .223 rifle.
Period of shooting inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School
The Coroner, Dr Wayne Carver tells us that most of the children shot had 3 to 11 bullet wounds, and authorities claim that 154 shots were fired to create those wounds, with three magazines left at the scene.
Please read those words very carefully! 154 shots fired to create those wounds! What about the other shots fired? The shots to shatter the security door/window, and the shots that riddled Lauren Rousseau’s car that she had parked outside her classroom window where she could keep an eye on it? (5b)
Exactly how long does it take for the staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary to realise that the school is under attack? We are told that the School Principal heard the noise and with two other staff members left a meeting and went to investigate but were shot dead in the hallway which alerted the other staff at that meeting. Exactly just how long did those events take? They should have occurred in less than one minute, so take that time as being one minute.
These remaining staff members in the meeting room would then have reached for their mobile phones and called 911. They would then be connected to the Newtown dispatcher. The dispatcher now makes the first call which is recorded at 9:35:52. Exactly how long would this have taken? Again these actions should have taken less than one minute to complete, so let’s say one minute, which gives us a total time frame of two minutes. Now can you fire off 154 aimed shots from an AR-15 in a total time period of a whopping two minutes? More importantly, could Adam Lanza have completed this task?
The actual time for the massacre to take place within the Sandy Hook Elementary School would have to be under three minutes. There are though extremely specific reasons why the authorities have to expand the time frame for the shooting.
Are there any similar events where the time of the shooting has been altered to adapt to the ‘correct’ time lines? ‘Yes’!
At the Port Arthur Massacre (PAM) on the 28th of April 1996, the shooting inside the Broad Arrow Cafe was reported by several witnesses to have taken in excess of 5 minutes, with the gunman using three weapons, an AR-15, an AR-10 and a Daewoo automatic shotgun. However, once it was discovered that six people within the Broad Arrow Cafe had died due to the fire-exit-door being nailed shut prior to the massacre, then the authorities reduced the time to 90 seconds, reduced the firearms used to only the AR-15, and then reduced the number of shots fired to 29, which had actually killed 20 and wounded 13, with five of those being shot twice.
The shooting of the glass ‘Security’ door/window
Had the shooting started with the gunman shooting out the glass ‘security’ door, then teachers and staff would have become aware prior to the actual massacre and would also have had the time to make more positive moves, including the 911 calls!
However, we are told that the School Principal, Dawn Hochsprung originally failed to recognise the ‘excessive’ noise that she and her two companions went off to investigate, and once this action was taken, and the staff from that meeting were warned that it was indeed shots fired, that the 911 call was made.
Now had the gunman been outside the ‘security door’ and then simply fired off several rounds to ‘shatter’ the plate glass window/door then there would have been a time space for the gunman to travel from the door to the first classroom, which could have been anything from 10 to 30 seconds. This should have been enough to warn the school staff and instigate their phoning 911.
There was a ‘security’ system, and I would think with such a system, there would also have been a prescribed action to alert police or other services that ‘security’ was required. However, could this ‘security’ system have been an impediment for the gunman to leave the building? Is it possible for the gunman rather than to wait and fiddle with the glass ‘security’ door simply have shot at it as he approached the door so as to continue on his way unimpeded?
The glass “Security Door/Window” may have been shot as the gunman exited the building!
46 seconds to vacate the scene of the massacre
At 9:35:52 am when the Police Dispatcher sends police units to the Sandy Hook Elementary School, there is a window of action that has to be completed by the time the first ‘Police Responders’ arrive at the School car-park at 9:36:38.
At 9:35:52, there is a gunman murdering teachers and students in the second classroom at Sandy Hook. The gunman stops this massacre and quickly leaves the classroom.
If the gunman was ‘Adam Lanza’ then he had to exit the building, deposit the murder weapon in the trunk of his mother’s black Honda sedan, and then return to the school building and then with a Glock handgun he does not have with him, commit suicide. This is highly unlikely, because there was no police radio communications device found on Adam Lanza’s body by the first police responders.
However, if the “lone-nut” gunman was a professional gunman, then he has to stop the shooting, exit the building, supposedly dump the ‘Bushmaster’ .223 into the locked trunk of the black Honda sedan, enter the red/maroon van and leave the school car-park just as the first police arrive, and see the van leaving the car-park, and ‘Request details’.
The ‘Bushmaster’ .223 cannot be the murder weapon
We have the time window of less than three minutes to murder 20 students and six teachers and staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. We have 154 shots to be fired to create those murders. We also have the 2004 Honda Civic sedan belonging to Lauren Rousseau riddled with bullets, as well as two other cars and it is these shots that tell us that the shooting of this particular car was a specific act, and not the shots that struck the students and then carried on through the classroom wall to strike the vehicle.
Again, we are told that there were only three .223 thirty round magazines found within these classrooms/hallway, but then Lt. J. Paul Vance does tell us that Lanza was wearing an olive green utility vest packed with 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster .223 rifle. (6c) Police evidence is normally specific. Why is Lt. J. Paul Vance vague in regard to the number of magazines?
Lt. J. Paul Vance is leading us up the wrong path.
Listen instead to Dr D. Wayne Carver. Carver tells us that most of the victims were shot more than once, most were shot between 3 to 11 times. Thus we must realise that these shots were not aimed shots, but rather sprayed. Again we are told that the students in the first classroom were huddled together when they were shot.
Exactly just how did the gunman get the students from their desks to run to the far wall and then huddle together so that they could then be shot in a ‘sprayed’ manner. How about by shooting at a target through the classroom windows, such as a parked Honda Civic sedan?
To create this type of carnage with a .223 cartridge, a shooter requires a 100 round magazine similar to that used at the Aurora Theatre massacre in Colorado.
The problem is that no such weapon is found within Sandy Hook School. There are the three weapons found outside by the first responders, being the ‘Henty repeating rifle, the Enfield and the shotgun, but no .223. The only firearms found within the crime scene are the two pistols, which is why the first reports stated that they were the murder weapons.
What happened to the missing .223 with its magazines? Remember the decamping red/maroon van registration number 872 YEO! Whoever left in that vehicle took the murder weapon with him!
It is not until 3:54pm that the media report a ‘third’ weapon found at scene, the “Bushmaster” .223. How does Lt. J. Paul Vance explain the previous absence of the ‘murder’ weapon? It was hidden in the locked boot of the Lanza Honda sedan, of course. That is why the uniformed police without a search warrant were not able to find this weapon. 
The first evidence that Adam Lanza was not the gunman
Once it is realised that there was no .223 calibre weapon on or near the body of Adam Lanza, then there is no possible way he could have been the gunman. Once you realise that Adam Lanza was not the gunman, due to the lack of the actual murder weapon, then the question must be asked; “Who murdered Adam Lanza?”
It is impossible for the murder weapon to be in the trunk of the black Honda sedan. There is nobody to place that weapon in the trunk of the Honda! The ‘Bushmaster’ .223 cannot be the real murder weapon!
When we consider that the actual number of shots that were fired in committing the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre, we have the ‘authorised’ figure of 154 rounds, which only created the ‘wounds sustained by the killed and injured, then the number of magazines for a ‘Bushmaster’ .223 to hold that number of rounds is a minimum of 6 magazines. But Lt. J. Paul Vance tells us that there were only three magazines found within the classrooms.
We then consider that the massacre stopped in the second classroom with less than half the students therein being murdered, and so realise that the potential for a great deal more victims could have been murdered had there not been the sudden ending to this massacre. Again that means that an even greater number of ammunition magazines would have been required.
Dr D. Wayne Carver’s description of the wounds in that each victim had between 3 to 11 gunshot wounds tells us that the shots were sprayed and that the weapon had to have held a 100 round capacity magazine.
Two different murder weapons
The first thing we notice that is wrong is that the ‘named’ murder weapon, the Bushmaster .223 was initially reported as being located in the locked trunk of the black Honda sedan parked in the school’s car park. It has to be considered impossible for Adam Lanza to have place this weapon inside the trunk of the Honda sedan after the police arrived at the scene. The only possibility has to be that a police member placed the bushmaster in the trunk well after the event.
However, there are still reports of gunfire being heard after the first police arrived, so that means simply that other firearms had been discharged, but who had fired those weapons and why? The Coroner, Dr Carver tells us that all the victims had been shot with a .223, and the wounds tell us that it was a fully automatic weapon fitted with a 100 round capacity magazine, not the “Bushmaster” as suggested by police.
The suspect for the shooting, Adam Lanza was reported by the Coroner to have been shot with a pistol. Unfortunately, Dr Carver failed to state which pistol was used to end the life of Adam Lanza. However, Lt. J. Paul Vance tells us it was the Glock.
Thus we know that a pistol has been fired at least once. Is there a precedent for a ‘lone-nut’ gunman to murder his victims with one firearm and then use another firearm to ‘commit suicide’? “Yes!”
The Dunblane Massacre
In the Dunblane (Scotland) Massacre on the 13th of March 1996, the gunman used a Browning automatic pistol to shoot all of his victims. Then Thomas Hamilton, supposedly lay down on the floor of the gym where the shooting had taken place and shot himself twice in the mouth, the bullets exiting his skull and embedding themselves in a wall a short distance from his head. The firearm used in this act was a Smith and Wesson.
However, the first policeman to enter the gym was an off-duty policeman dropping his son off at the school, and when he entered the gym, he saw the still twitching body of Thomas Hamilton, with the school Janitor, John Currie, over Hamilton’s body holding one of two pistols that were near the body. Constable Craig McCutcheon’s statement was quite specific. He stated he saw two pistols, they were not revolvers. So what happened to the Smith & Wesson revolver that was used to kill Thomas Hamilton? For some unknown reason Constable McCutcheon was not called to give evidence at the Lord Cullen Inquiry!
But why did Thomas Hamilton lay himself down on the floor of the gym prior to shooting himself in the mouth twice? Go back to the shooting of the Brazilian electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes on the London subway on the 22nd of July 2005. One assassin jumped him in a ‘rugby’ tackle, pinning his arms and holding him to the floor, whilst the second assassin then shot him in the head about 7 times, with a couple of other shots hitting the body or missing completely.
The question now is; was Adam Lanza shot whilst standing upright, or was he shot whilst lying on the ground? Will Dr Carver give us that information?
The suspect vehicle 872 YEO
From the SOTT.net by Niall Bradley, we have this: “The police also told the press they were “looking for a red or maroon van with its back window blown out”. The registration number for this ‘suspect’ vehicle was 872 YEO.
The first thing we must consider is that the first police unit to arrive in the car park area of the school was that its crew noticed a maroon coloured vehicle decamping from the car park and requested the ‘usuals’ on that vehicle, the registration number being 872 YEO. Again from SOTT.net:
The notorious car photographed leaving the scene of the Sandy Hook school shooting does NOT belong to Adam Lanza or his mother. The audio from the police radio contains the vehicle registration request and reply. The car is registered to Christopher A. Rodia, on charge for larceny and narcotics. Christopher A. Rodia: Rodia, 42, is from Norwalk CT. He has quite a list of previous drug and burglary charges, seems to be big on stealing leaf blowers and is currently awaiting trial for at least his 5th count of stealing a leaf blower.
The arrested ‘suspects’ – ‘witnesses’ – off-duty policemen
From the ‘memoryholeblog.com we have this:
9:39:05AM“Reports that a teacher saw two shadows running past the building – past the gym, which would be rear (inaudible) the shooting
9:39:20AM“Yeah, we got ‘em. He’s coming at me down Crestwood Way! Coming (inaudible) up the left side.”
Then from SOTT.net we have this interpretation of the events, which I believe is a lot closer to the real event.
At 3.23′, the police relay a teacher’s report that she saw “two shadows running past the gym” [not "two shooters", as we previously reported on SOTT.net]. This is followed by another officer on the scene who says, “Yeh, we got ‘em, they’re coming at me! … [inaudible] … Coming up the driveway real slowly!” That same officer at 5.40′ says he has them “proned out”, which presumably means he has apprehended them and they are laid out on the ground, before another officer comes on to say, “be aware that we do have a second [inaudible] …”
“Later on, at 19.10′, an officer who sounds out of breath, like he’s just given chase, reports what I think sounds like “these guys” followed certainly by “multiple weapons, including long rifles and shotgun”. If these were found so early on, why were they not included in the initial press reports which stated that three firearms had been found – the above mentioned Glock, Sig Sauer and Bushmaster AR-15 rifle?”
Besides the above suspect “proned out” in front of the school, two other suspected gunmen were apprehended after they fled from the school into the adjacent woods.
So the Newtown Police have arrested either two or three suspects, the first at approximately 9:39 am at the Sandy Hook school, the other suspects after they were chased by police out of the schoolground and into a wooded area.
Again, after the arrest of the last ‘suspect’ police mention ‘multiple weapons, including long rifles and a shotgun. These weapons were a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun. Lt. J Paul Vance later identifies the shotgun as an ‘Izhmash Canta-12’ 12 gauge Shotgun. (1) Later, the Henry repeating rifle and the Enfield bolt action rifle are supposedly discovered at the home of Nancy Lanza.
What we must not do is confuse these weapons with the report of the ‘Bushmaster .223 rifle located in the trunk of Nancy Lanza’s black Honda sedan, parked in the school carpark at the front of the school.
You see, had there been ‘multiple weapons, including long rifles and a shotgun’ in the trunk of the black Honda sedan, then it would have been impossible to originally cite the ‘Bushmaster’ as the murder weapon as there would have been several suspect weapons. Again, who placed those ‘multiple weapons’ within the scene of the Sandy Hook Massacre (SHEM)?
So the local police have ‘arrested’ either two or three ‘suspects’ at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in connection with the massacre therein.
In a later interview, Lt. J Paul Vance of the Connecticut Police when questioned in regard to the ‘arrests’ made by the Newtown Police, stated that those men were ‘witnesses’ and that police do not divulge the names of witnesses’.
Then the Newtown Bee published an article by Andrew Gorosko, headed; ‘Police Union Seeks Funding for Trauma Treatment’ which ended with “A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.”
It is a strange thing, but policemen who work in a district get to know all of the other policemen within and adjacent to their district. It would be a certainty that the police from Newtown would know the police from Carmel and vice versa. It would also be a certainty that the Newtown police would know the members of the Putnam ERT or any similar squad. Thus, if 3 to 5 Newtown Police were requiring ‘sick leave’ after attending at the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre, could it be possible that their illness, being ‘PTSD’ was brought about by their discovery that other police and colleagues were involved in the murder of children?
Consider this statement by Police Chief Douglas Fuchs in testifying at the Newtown High School before state legislators serving on the Bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety. Redding CT Police Chief Douglas Fuchs states: “By 9:45 that morning I found myself with two other Redding police officers and Redding EMF standing in the parking lot of Sandy Hook School.” (4)
When it is remembered that the Putnam ERT Squad leader volunteered to assist his offer was declined as the local police had already gained control of the matter and thus Putnam ERT was not required. Thus, there is no possibility that the Redding Police would have been requested to ‘back-up’ the Newtown police. Thus the only logical explanation for Douglas Fuchs and his two police officers to be at the Sandy Hook Elementary School at 9.45am, was if they were the three off-duty policemen arrested as per the Newtown Bee article.
Is there a precedent for ‘Specialist police’ to arrive at the scene of a massacre prior to expectations? ‘Yes!’ In the Port Arthur Massacre, in regard to the ‘Siege at Seascape Cottage’, Sgt Andrew Mark Fogarty, an SOG ‘Team Leader’ was reported to arrive at Seascape by Constable Barry Hyland, who stated that Sgt Fogarty arrived following two ambulances that had passed his roadblock.
Fast & Furious Federal Attorney General, Eric Holder to Sandy Hook
“U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was visiting Newtown on Thursday (20th December 2012) to meet with first responders and law enforcement officials, a Justice Department official said Thursday. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the trip hadn’t been publicly announced.” (7)
Is there a precedent in regard to a visit by such a high office bearer speaking to the first responders? ‘Yes!’ Remember the USS Liberty in 1967, with Admiral Kidd speaking to the crew and personnel of that ship and then forbidding them to ever mention what actually occurred.
Rewriting of ‘The Truth’
From PAKALERT PRESS.COM: “Newtown – New information has now been brought forth by Connecticut State Attorney Stephan Sedensky suggesting that records pertaining to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have been sealed to possibly hide the identity of witnesses from multiple shooter suspects and that they should not be unsealed anytime soon.”
This article also contains: An article in the Digital Journal reports: (Neither) “Vance nor the CT Attorney General’s office have ever ruled out the possible presence of other suspects. The New Haven Register reports Vance having said: “Whenever you conduct an investigation you don’t speculate as to where it’s going to take you, as I said, we’re going to look at every single thing, every piece of material and we’ll take it from there.”
The CT State Attorney General’s Office is handling the investigation of the mass shooting in which 20 children and 8 adults died last December 14th.. The motion to extend the seal on the records for 90 days was granted by Superior Court Judge John Blawie, who wrote in his decision that: “The court finds that due to the nature and circumstances of this case and the ongoing investigation, the state’s interest in continuing nondisclosure substantially outweighs any right to public disclosure at this time.”
The warrants were for searches, on different dates, of the Lanza home, and of Adam Lanza’s mother’s two cars. One of the cars, a 2010 black Honda Civic, was the vehicle which Lanza allegedly drove to the crime scene.”
So what we see here is that all information in regard to the black Honda Civic sedan that was parked in the carpark of the Sandy Hook Elementary School has become sealed and to be kept out of the ‘Public’s interest’ until late March. WHY!!!
For a start, who placed the ‘Bushmaster” .223 in the trunk of the Honda sedan. (2) Again, remember the initial reports stated that the shootings had been done with pistols, the obvious reason being that the first police found the body of ‘Adam Lanza’ and concluded that he was a ‘Lone-nut’ gunman and had committed suicide. At this time the .223 murder weapon could not be located.
Then with the chase and the apprehension of the off-duty ERT policemen, we have the discovery of long rifles and a shotgun. I can imagine the actual policeman who found this weapons cache asking the question; “How the **** did these get here?” Again though, no .223 murder weapon.
One of the apprehended off-duty ERT policemen at the time of his arrest was wearing camouflage pants, a bullet-proof vest, and was equipped with four hand-guns.
Then at 8.00am on the 15th of December the media reports changed the number of handguns with the body of Adam Lanza from two to four.(2)
And of course there were all the other little anomalies, such as the gunman was Ryan Lanza, the mother was a teacher at the school, Adam Lanza was a student at the school, and of course the ‘actors’ who had gathered at Carmel Elementary School just up the road. But most importantly was the ‘getaway’ vehicle, the red/maroon van 872 YEO that was registered in the name of Christopher A RODIA of CT, but then supposedly residing in Florida.
Tell me, did the ‘first policemen’ at the scene of this massacre have a ‘Search Warrant’ to open the trunk of the black Honda sedan to find the ‘Bushmaster’ .223 inside the trunk of that Honda sedan? Of course not! Would such a policeman have a ‘probable cause’ to open the locked trunk of the Honda sedan? Of course, but let us not dwell on that.
Firstly to conduct a proper and legitimate search the police will need to apply for a search warrant. So what do the police find in the trunk of the Honda sedan?

Police recover long gun from automobile in Sandy Hook parking lot. “Police Find Long Gun in Trunk of Car in Sandy Hook Parking Lot, Newtown Connecticut,” NBC News, December 14, 2012.
This though is a slow motion view of the same video. I believe it gives a clearer view of this event.
There is no trick here, please watch this film and consider what you are seeing.
There are approximately 6 men gathered around the rear of the black Honda sedan. Some of them are wearing white ‘protective suits’ which indicate they are ‘Crime Scene Investigators’.
One of the men is holding a powerful searchlight and directing that light into the trunk of the Honda sedan. One man wearing white gloves is holding onto a long barrelled firearm. This man works the ‘clearing’ mechanism and a shotgun cartridge is ejected from the shotgun into the trunk of the Honda sedan. There are more clearing actions, but no more cartridges are ejected. There appears to be no other objects within the trunk of this vehicle. You have seen all of that; good!
Now consider who took this video, and exactly where was the cameraman, or was this video taken by the school CCTV security camera. I would believe, due to the movement and panning within this video, that it was taken by a police cameraman on top of the school building adjacent to where the Honda was parked.
The shotgun in the trunk had no magazine fitted to it, but when the police ‘Firearms expert’ clears the breech, a shotgun cartridge is ejected. This shotgun is identified by Lt. J. Paul Vance as an ‘Izhmash Canta-12 12 gauge Shotgun’. Now what idiot would place a shotgun in the trunk of their car with one cartridge up the spout? Who removed the magazine from this weapon prior to placing this shotgun in the trunk, prior to the filming of this ‘staged event’? As this shotgun was initially found by the ‘first responder’ police after chasing the ‘Off-duty’ ERT policemen, it would have been fitted with one magazine, but there are later reports of two magazines, so exactly where did the second magazine come from?
With the expiry of the Court Order in regard to public disclosure, news items report on the Shotgun found in the Honda Civic sedan, one reporting that the two magazines were found in the car’s glove-box, and another report stating that the shotgun was located within the passenger area of the car.
Lt. J Paul Vance had this video made specifically to negate the previous statements that it was the ‘Bushmaster’ .223 that had been in the trunk of the black Honda sedan. There is another picture of the black Honda sedan showing exactly where it was parked, and the yellow lines on the bitumen correspond to what was in the police released video.
There is one other piece of information that this police video tells us. There was no CCTV security within the Sandy Hook Elementary School.
More ‘airbrushing’ to remove ‘suspects’
The very first police responders did a ‘check on a suspect vehicle seen leaving the Sandy Hook School carpark. The suspect vehicle’s registration number is 872 YEO. The usuals came back in the name of Christopher A. Rodia. Of course there is no known link between the ‘red/maroon/ van seen leaving the school carpark, but on the morning of the 15th of December 2012 this photograph was taken of Nancy Lanza’s black Honda sedan as it was being transported from the Sandy Hook school carpark.
The registration number plate/s (872 YEO) from the previous suspect vehicle, the red/maroon van, supposedly owned by Christopher A. Rodia has now been attached to the vehicle belonging to Nancy Lanza. The red/maroon van no longer evidentially exists, nor does the person decamping from the scene of the massacre with the AR-15 and the 100 round capacity magazines he was carrying.
The problem of the ‘Bushmaster magazines’
When the ‘police first responders’ found the body of ‘Ryan/Adam Lanza’ they stated that there were two handguns with him, the Glock 10mm, and a Sig Sauer 9mm. Lt. J. Paul Vance will later state that Lanza shot himself with the Glock handgun. For some unknown reason the first reports of the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre (SHEM) stated that the killings had all been done by pistols.
Now this indicates two things; (1) that the first police to arrive at the scene of Lanza’s body only saw the two handguns and (2) that there was no sign of any high powered weapons, which would include .223 magazines. Now most police are not stupid. Had these police seen multiple .223 magazines, they would have looked closer at the murder scenes including looking at the expended cartridges, and once they identified those cartridges, they would have started to hunt for what they would have then known as the murder weapon.
Thus, the first reports of the murder weapons being ‘handguns’ tells you that the body of Adam Lanza had only two handguns on or near it. Had there been any .223 magazines with the body, then that story would never have emerged.
As it was, when the first police entered the murder scenes, they would have seen and recognised the .223 fired cartridge cases, and then started looking for the real murder weapon, without success. It was only much later that police reported that a ‘Bushmaster’ .223 was found in the trunk of the black Honda sedan, and again the obvious questions are; “How did that get here? Who put it there? Was it ever actually there?”
Again, both police and witnesses within the school report that shooting was still continuing after the first police arrived, but that shooting could not have come from the ‘Bushmaster’ .223 as it was not present at the crime scene. Thus other weapons must have been fired, and of course Adam Lanza was killed from a shot fired from the Glock handgun. So, exactly how many shots were fired from the Glock? Who actually fired those shots?
With Adam Lanza being the ‘sacrificial lamb’ in the required political agenda’s ‘Lone-nut’ gunman, the question must be considered who were Lanza’s escorts to his death? Police Chief, Douglas Fuchs of Redding CT, tells us when he states that he and two of his police officers were at Sandy Hook at 9.45 am that it would have been himself and his two compatriots that escorted Adam Lanza to the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre. It also raises grave suspicions as to exactly who murdered Nancy Lanza at her residence earlier that morning.
Thus, we must conclude that what happened to the children at the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre will never be released to the public.
The Similarities between Sandy Hook and the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania on the 28th of April 1996.
Sandy Hook Elementary school joins the unique list of only four “Lone-nut” gun massacres where a ‘Professional’ shooter was used. They are Dunblane Scotland, in March 1996, Port Arthur, Australia in 1996 and Erfurt, Germany in 2002.
Just as the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre is being used to infringe upon the American 2nd Amendment, The Port Arthur Massacre was used to introduce new gun laws by the Australian Federal government that had previously been unable to impinge upon those laws as they were specifically State laws, and the Federal government had no constitutional power to interfere, and so the Federal government simply forced to States to adopt procedures set out by the Federal government.
The supposed gunman at the Port Arthur Massacre was Martin Bryant who owned three firearms, an AR10, an AR-15, and a Daewoo semi-automatic shotgun. All of these firearms were on the ‘National Coalition for Gun Control’s hit list, which is exactly the same hit list of Senator Diane Feinstein.
Just as there were major stuff-ups in the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre (SHEM) there were also major stuff-ups within the Port Arthur Massacre (PAM)
For a start, the patsy, Martin Bryant had placed his AR-10 rifle in at a firearm dealers shop to be ‘repaired’ and had been unable to retrieve it for the day of the massacre. Martin Bryant did survive the massacre and in an interview with police stated that he had only ever fired the AR-15 about 20 times, with sighted shots from the shoulder and that he shot left-handed, even though he was right-handed normally. Martin Bryant had never fired the Daewoo as it frightened him.
Once we listened to the conversations between Martin Bryant and the Police negotiator, Sgt. Terry McCarthy, it became rather obvious that Martin Bryant had been invited to take part in a Police “anti-terrorist’ Exercise by Sgt Michael Charles Dyson of the Tasmania Police SOG (Special Operations Group) at the Seascape Cottage.
The actual Port Arthur Massacre started at Seascape Cottage, moved to the Port Arthur Historic Site, and then returned to Seascape Cottage for a siege and the arrest of Martin Bryant.
The actual gunman for the Port Arthur Historic Site was a Benjamin Overbeeke. The intended target of this massacre was two coach loads of American tourists who arrived at the Site at approximately 12.30 pm in time to catch the ferry, The Bundeena, for a tour to the Isle of the Dead at 1.30 pm, but unknown to the planners the timetable for the ferry had changed from summer-time, to winter-time a fortnight prior to the massacre, and the ferry was not due for another tour until 2.30pm. This meant another ‘target’ had to be found for the gunman, and the supposed ‘safe-house’, the Broad Arrow Cafe became the target. This resulted in the deaths of 7 Australian Intelligence operatives. There have been named another 30 Intelligence operatives including 4 Americans, but not counting the American ‘Anti-gunners’ Mary and Dennis Olsen who were supposedly on their ‘honeymoon’.
Joe Vialls and Ari Ben Menashe
The person who was ‘In Charge’ of the Port Arthur Massacre was a MI6 assassin based in Perth by the name of Joe Vialls. Americans may know Joe Vialls by the name ‘Ari ben Menashe’ who was used to cover certain aspects of the Iran Contra Affair in the late 1980’s and wrote a book about his experiences called “Profits of War”.
It is highly likely that Joe Vialls was the gunman in the Dunblane Massacre, and interested people should read Sandra Uttley’s book on that event called “Dunblane Unburied”. In 2001-3 Joe Vialls resumed the character of Ari Ben Menashe to relieve the political situation in Zimbabwe due to the CHOGM Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings) meeting in Brisbane in 2001.
In 2005 when Joe Vialls had been named as one of the ‘famous three’ men meeting on the balcony of the Broad Arrow Cafe at the Port Arthur Massacre (PAM) Joe suddenly died of kidney failure in July. However, Ari Ben Menashe returned to reside in Montreal in Canada.
On the 4th of December 2012, Ari Ben Menashe featured in the news at Montreal when his residence burnt down, which was simply a sign to say that Joe had been pulled out of retirement. That is why there are so many similarities between the Port Arthur Massacre and the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre.
When Americans check to see which countries feature strongly in the moves to infringe upon gun ownership, two countries will stand out, Australia and Canada.
Andrew S. MacGregor
Senior Constable 15891 (ret.)
Victoria Police 1968-85.
(1) [9:15PM
“An official with knowledge of the investigation” informs the Associated Press that three weapons were found inside Sandy Hook Elementary on or near Adam Lanza’s body—a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle, a Glock 10mm pistol, and a Sig Sauer 9mm pistol. “Three other guns have also been recovered, but it was not clear where they were found, the official told AP. They were a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun.” Matt Appuzo and Pete Yost, “Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza’s Guns Were Registered to Mother Nancy Lanza: Official,” Associated Press/Huffington Post, December 15, 2012. ]
(2) [8:00AM
Federal and state officials confirm to NBC News that there were four handguns recovered in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Previous reports indicated that two handguns were recovered. Officials also confirm that Adam Lanza left the AR15 military style rifle in his automobile. “They say now that there were actually four handguns inside the school,” Pete Williams reports from Newtown, “not just two as we were initially told. Four handguns and apparently only handguns that were taken into the school. We knew that Adam Lanza, the man said to be the gunman here, also had an ‘assault-style’ AR-15 -style rifle that he had had taken to the school, it was in the car he drove there, his mother’s car, but we have been told by several officials that he had left that in the car.” Pete Williams, Today Show, NBC News, December 15, 2012. Kyle Becker, “NBC Admitted: No ‘Assault Rifle’ Used in Newtown Shooting,” Independent Journal Review, January 15, 2013.]
(2a) “To eliminate any confusion or misinformation” Connecticut State Police reiterate the weapons found at the Sandy Hook Elementary School crime scene. “#1. Bushmaster .223 caliber– model XM15-E2S rifle with high capacity 30 round magazine; #2. Glock 10 mm handgun; #3. Sig-Sauer P226   9mm handgun; #4. Izhmash Canta-12   12 gauge Shotgun  (seized from car in parking lot).” Lt. J. Paul Vance, “Update: State Police Identify Weapons Used in Sandy Hook Investigation [sic]; Investigation Continues,”  State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, January 18, 2013.
  • January 30
  1. Witnesses of the December 14 massacre, including parents, educators and first responders, testify at Newtown High School before state legislators serving on the Bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety. Redding CT Police Chief Douglas Fuchs states: “By 9:45 that morning I found myself with two other Redding police officers and Redding EMF standing in the parking lot of Sandy Hook School.” First reports of shots being fired at Sandy Hook was at 9:35AM. The distance from the Redding Police Department to Sandy Hook Elementary is 11.9 miles and takes 26 minutes to travel at legal speed. Assuming Fuchs and his cohorts were traveling at twice the legal speed (120MPH) to the school it would take them 13 minutes to arrive at 9:45AM. This is assuming there were in fact calls for backup to surrounding communities. Mark Follman and Brett Brownell, “WATCH: Newtown Parents Speak Out,” Mother Jones, February 8, 2013.
  • December 18
(5a) 3:51PM
The parents of Sandy Hook Elementary substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau are informed they cannot view their daughter’s body. “They told me, ‘You can’t see (the body),’” Rousseau’s Canadian father Gilles Rousseau informed listeners of Radio-Canada, the French-language CBC. “Because most people he shot, it was two or three shots in the face, point-blank.” Mr. Rousseau further said the bullets used were powerful enough to tear through the school’s walls and leave numerous holes in his daughter’s car parked outside. Lise Millette, “Lauren Rousseau, Teacher killed in Newtown Shooting, Mourned by Canadian Family,” Canadian Press via Huffington Post, December 18, 2012.
(5b) 7:59PM
Teresa Rousseau, mother of slain Sandy Hook teacher Lauren Rousseau, states that her daughter’s 2004 Honda Civic was “riddled with bullet holes” when law enforcement authorities removed it from the school’s parking lot. Henrick Karolizyn and Larry McShane, “Mother of Substitute Teacher, Lauren Rousseau, Killed in Newtown Massacre Stunned: ‘We Survive War, She Dies Teaching,’” New York Daily News. Also, excerpt of newscast, “Lauren Rousseau’s Car is Riddled with Bullet Holes in Sandy Hook Parking Lot,” n.t. or date.
  • (5c) December 29
    As part of their investigation Connecticut State Police will not recreate what took place in Sand Hook Elementary on December 14 or interview any of the surviving students. Instead, police consider recreating the Sandy Hook School massacre parking lot scene to determine if the bullets fired into the  lot were strays the gunman fired in teacher Victoria Soto’s first grade classroom, or if he was firing directly at arriving officers. Investigators have completed trajectory work in the classroom but wish to line up the police cars and see if some of the bullets were potentially aimed at them. No police cruisers were hit and no officers. The partial re-creation will in all probability be the last analysis state police conduct on school grounds before concluding that portion of the investigation. Dave Altimari, Jon Lender, and Edmund H. Mahoney, “Police to Re-Create Scene Outside Sandy Hook School,” Hartford Courant, December 29, 2013.
(6a) 12:12PM
Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance states Adam Lanza possessed “an extraordinary amount of weaponry … In addition to an assault-style rifle and at least two handguns, he also had a shotgun in reserve in the car he drove to the school.” Lance claims that when Lanza’s body was found he “still had ‘hundreds of rounds’ of ammunition in multiple magazines, after having already fired hundreds of rounds inside the school.” M. Alex Johnson, “Very Heavily Armed Gunman Shot Mother Multiple Times Before Killing 26 at Connecticut School, Police Say,” NBC News, December 16, 2012.
(6b) 8:06PM
Connecticut State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance tells the Huffington Post that Adam Lanza specifically used the Bushmaster .223 rifle to carry out all of the Sandy Hook murders. “Adam Lanza used a semiautomatic Bushmaster .223 rifle during his rampage through Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday,” the Huffington Post reports, “firing dozens of high-velocity rounds as he killed 20 children and six adults … Lanza, 20, carried ‘many high-capacity clips’ for the lightweight military-style rifle, Lt. Paul Vance, a spokesman for the Connecticut State Police, told The Huffington Post in an email. Two handguns and a shotgun were also recovered at the scene. John Rudolf and Janet Ross, “School Shooter Adam Lanza Used Military-Style Bushmaster Rifle,” Huffington Post, December 16, 2012.
  • January 6
(6c) 6:27PM
Police say Adam Lanza used a pair of earplugs during his alleged December 14 shooting spree. Investigators surmise Lanza may have developed the habit while frequenting gun ranges “or to muffle children’s screams during his shooting rampage.” “‘It’s just weird [that he popped in earplugs] given what he was about to go do,’ a source said. ‘It’s not like he had to worry about long-term protection of his hearing because he had to know he wasn’t coming back out of the building.’ Police say Lanza was wearing an olive green utility vest packed with 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster .223 rifle. Lanza left a 20 round capacity shotgun in the trunk of the car he drove to the school. Authorities say each gun was “registered to his mother, Nancy Lanza, and appear to have been bought legally between 2010 and 2012 … Police also found bullets outside the school in the parking lot, including some in at least three cars belonging to school personnel, including Rousseau’s car.” David Altimarti and Jon Lender, “Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Wore Earplugs,” Hartford Courant, January 6, 2013.
  • December 20
US Attorney General Eric Holder makes unannounced visit to Newtown to meet with Sandy Hook first responders following a meeting in Washington with Vice President Joe Biden, presumably to discuss forthcoming gun control legislation. “Holder to Meet with First Responders in Newtown,” Frederic J. Frommer, Associated Press/Hartford Courant, December 20, 2012.
Federal authorities confirm there is no record of Adam Lanza using local Newtown shooting range. Michael Isikoff and Hannah Rappleye, “Mom of Suspected Shooter-First to Die—Was Avid Gun Enthusiast, Friend Says,” NBC News, December 15, 2012.
Federal officials claim Lanza took three weapons to Sandy Hook Elementary, a Glock and Sig Sauer, and a Bushmaster .223-caliber semiautomatic assault-style rifle. Authorities remain unclear on whether all guns were used in the attack. Michael Isikoff and Hannah Rappleye, “Mom of Suspected Shooter-First to Die—Was Avid Gun Enthusiast, Friend Says,” NBC News, December 15, 2012.
Federal authorities confirm there is no record of Adam Lanza using local Newtown shooting range. Michael Isikoff and Hannah Rappleye, “Mom of Suspected Shooter-First to Die—Was Avid Gun Enthusiast, Friend Says,” NBC News, December 15, 2012.
Law enforcement authorities provide press with detailed information on event which becomes bedrock “official” storyline that Adam Lanza murdered 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. After shooting his mother twice in the head while she lie in bed Lanza proceeded to Sandy Hook Elementary where he “fired a half-dozen thunderous rounds from a semiautomatic rifle to open a hole big enough to step through in one of the school’s glass doors.” He entered the school and shot Principal Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Scherlach who after hearing the “sounds of gunfire and shattering glass, bolted into a corridor from a conference room across the hall from the classrooms … The first classroom Lanza reached was teacher Kaitlin Roig’s. Alarmed by the gunfire, Roig hid her students in a bathroom and closed her classroom door. Lanza passed by Roig’s classroom in lieu of substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau’s, shooting all 14 children who investigators believe were huddled and clutching one another in fear, in addition to Rousseau and a special education teacher who happened to be in the room. Lanza next arrived at teacher Victoria Soto’s classroom, who is believed to have hidden her 6- and 7-year old students in a closet. When Lanza demanded to know where the children were, Soto tried to divert him to the other end of the school by saying that her students were in the auditorium. As six of Soto’s students attempted to flee Lanza shot them, Soto and another teacher in the room. Searching for survivors police found the remaining seven of Soto’s students still hiding in the closet. They told the police what had happened. The two teacher’s aides who were killed were Mary Anne Murphy and Rachel Davino. It was unclear which aide was in which room when they were killed. The first officer arriving at the school found Lanza’s body near the door of Soto’s classroom. The intense violence lasted about 10 minutes. Lanza fired at least three, 30-round magazines with deadly accuracy. Two of the people he shot survived. All of the victims were shot multiple times. ‘I did seven (autopsies) myself with three to 11 wounds apiece,’ Chief State Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver III said Saturday. ‘Only two were shot at close range. I believe everybody was hit (by bullets) more than once.’” Edward H. Mahoney and Dave Altimari, “A Methodical Massacre, Horror and Heroics,” Hartford Courant, December 15, 2012.
On CBS’s Face the Nation Bob Orr remarked that at least two computers at the Lanza residence were “smashed to smithereens.” CBS correspondent and former FBI agent John Miller noted “that subpoenas have been issued for all of the shooter’s email accounts and his mother’s accounts, including all of the ‘sent’ mail and ‘received’ mail over a long period of time. Miller said that Lanza’s mother, Nancy, had battled with the school system and eventually took her son out of the schools and home-schooled him.” Christopher Keating, “Newtown Update: CBS Says Two Computers ‘Smashed to Smithereens’ In Lanza Home in Newtown; Subpoenas for All Emails of Mother and Shooter,” Capitol Watch, Courantblogs, December 16, 2012, n.t. [Such programs are typically taped the preceding Friday afternoon.-JT]
Senator Dianne Feinstein announces that she intends to introduce legislation reauthorizing a federal assault weapons ban originally passed in the early 1990s during the Clinton administration that was allowed to lapse in 2004. John Rudolf and Janet Ross, “School Shooter Adam Lanza Used Military-Style Bushmaster Rifle,” Huffington Post, December 16, 2012.
Health science and investigative writer Mike Adams observes that much like the Tucson Arizona, Aurora Colorado, and Wisconsin Sikh temple shootings, mass media are scrubbing their coverage and doctoring the storyline to obscure the fact that there were additional suspects and probable shooters at the crime scene. Mike Adams, “Newtown School Shttps://memorygapdotorg.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1504&action=edithooting Already Being Changed by the Media to Eliminate Eyewitness Reports of a Second Shooter,” Natural News, December 16, 2012, n.t.
  • September 22
US Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency and State of Connecticut Division of Emergency Services and Public Protection conduct  Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Training Course at Sandy Hook Fire Department. The training consists of “instructor-led course presentations” in addition to “small group activities, videos, and group discussions.” According to the description, “the course also provides overviews of HSEEP-related initiatives such as technology (e.g., the HSEEP Toolkit) and capabilities-based planning (e.g., Target Capabilities List [TCL]). This blended approach will give participants hands-on experience that readily translates to real-world exercise skills. Activities include creating exercise documentation, conducting exercise planning conferences and briefings, and practicing exercise evaluation.” “September 22: The HSEEP Training Course,” Connecticut Division of Emergency Services and Public Protection, n.d.
Newtown and Connecticut emergency fire and law enforcement radio dispatch indicates officers’ discovery of “bodies here” and requests for ambulatory/first responders’ backup. RadioMan911TV, “Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Newtown Police/Fire and CT State Police,” Youtube, December 14, 2012.
Two witnesses in Sandy Hook school shooting are unidentified adults. “There are two adults that were injured in the facility—in the school—and suffered gunshot wounds and are recovering,” Connecticut State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance stated. “Our investigators will in fact speak with them when it’s medically appropriate, and certainly they will shed a great deal of light on the facts and circumstances of this tragic investigation that we’re undertaking.” [Vance’s emphasis] “Key Witnesses in Connecticut School Shooting are Survivors,” Hartford Courant, December 17, 2012.
On CBS’s Face the Nation Bob Orr remarked that at least two computers at the Lanza residence were “smashed to smithereens.” CBS correspondent and former FBI agent John Miller noted “that subpoenas have been issued for all of the shooter’s email accounts and his mother’s accounts, including all of the ‘sent’ mail and ‘received’ mail over a long period of time. Miller said that Lanza’s mother, Nancy, had battled with the school system and eventually took her son out of the schools and home-schooled him.” Christopher Keating, “Newtown Update: CBS Says Two Computers ‘Smashed to Smithereens’ In Lanza Home in Newtown; Subpoenas for All Emails of Mother and Shooter,” Capitol Watch, Courantblogs, December 16, 2012, n.t. [Such programs are typically taped the preceding Friday afternoon.-JT]
A spokeswoman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is uncertain whether Nancy Lanza brought her son to the range or whether he ever fired a weapon there. Allaine Griffith, “After Divorce, Lanzas Had Joint Custody of Adam,” Hartford Courant, December 17, 2012.
Infowars reporter Rob Dew utilizes overlooked excerpts from CBS and Associated Press coverage of the massacre to explain how there were additional shooter suspects apprehended by law enforcement on the morning of December 14 that have been left unaccounted for and since dropped from public view. Rob Dew, “Sandy Hook 2nd Shooter Coverup,” Infowars Nightly News, December 18, 2012.
Philip Alper5s from the Australian ‘National Coalition for Gun Control to speak to American Vice President on gun Control. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-14/australians-own-as-many-guns-as-in-1996/4463150
Fox News Radio reports  that investigators speaking with the Hartford Courant say 20-year-old Adam Lanza’s electronics may not offer much in terms of evidence or motive. They say his cellphone “had little-to-no phone calls or text messaging communications history on it. He also destroyed his computer in such a way as to prevent a forensic investigation of it.” “Investigation Continues Into Newtown Shooting,” Fox New Radio, December 20, 2012.
Further analysis by alternative news media points to additional Sandy Hook shooting suspects overlooked by corporate media. Niall Bradley, “Sandy Hook Massacre: Official Story Spins Out of Control,” Veterans Today, December 20, 2012; James F. Tracy, “The Newtown School Tragedy: More Than One Gunman?” Global Research, December 20, 2012.
  • December 26
    Connecticut State Attorney General Stephen Sedensky files court plea to postpone release of contents yielded through five search warrants. Sedensky argues that unsealing such findings might “seriously jeopardize” the investigation by divulging evidence heretofore known only to other “potential suspects.” Pointing to “information in the search warrant affidavits that is not known to the general public,”  Sedensky also contends that opening the warrants would “identify persons cooperating with the investigation, thus possibly jeopardizing their personal safety and well-being.” Ralph Lopez, “Sandy Hook DA Cites ‘Potential Suspects,’ Fears Witness Safety,” Digital Journal, February 5, 2013.
  • January 3
Sandy Hook students return to classes 7 miles south of Newtown at Chalk Hill School in Monroe Connecticut. The school was closed about two years ago and recently cleaned and painted to accommodate students. Amanda Falcone, “Sandy Hook Students Back in Class,” Hartford Courant, 5:18PM EST, January 3, 2013.
Connecticut State Attorney’s Office and State Police refuse to give timeline for Sandy Hook shooting investigation. “It cannot be stated too often how invaluable and necessary the work of the United States Attorney’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Marshals Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and other federal agencies was and is to this investigation,” State Attorney General Stephen J. Sedensky III said. Christine Dempsey, “No Timeline for Newtown Shooting Probe,” Hartford Courant, January 3, 2013.
Governor Dannel P. Malloy announces intensified gun control measures and mental health protocols and intervention through establishment of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission. The “expert panel that will review current policy and make specific recommendations in the areas of public safety, with particular attention paid to school safety, mental health, and gun violence prevention.” “We don’t yet know the underlying cause behind this tragedy, and we probably never will,” Malloy said. “But that can’t be an excuse for inaction.  I want the commission to have the ability to study every detail, so they can help craft meaningful legislative and policy changes.” The committee’s initial report is due to the Governor by March 15. Governor Daniel P. Malloy, “Gov. Malloy Creates Sandy Hook Advisory Commission to Address Key Areas in Violence Prevention” (press release), State of Connecticut Governor’s Office, January 3, 2013, n.t.
  • January 13
Newtown city officials convene community to float proposal of demolishing Sandy Hook Elementary School. “Newtown First Selectwoman E. Patricia Llodra said that in addition to the community meetings, the town is planning private gatherings with the victims’ families to talk about the school’s future. She said the aim is to finalize a plan by March.” “Newtown Weighs Fate of Sandy Hook Elementary School Building,” Associated Press/New York Post, January 13, 2013.

Marshall K. Robinson, forensic scientist for the Bridgeport, Conn. Police Department condemned proposed assault weapon and high-capacity magazine bans and pointed out the small number of crimes committed by high-capacity weapons. Robinson makes his remarks at the Connecticut State Capitol before the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group convened at the Connecticut State Capitol in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Robinson also spoke in opposition to statements from many of the other 1,300 speakers in attendance advocating for banning high-capacity AR-15 and AK-47 firearms. The forensics expert pointed out that less than two percent of the firearms he has examined since 1996 that have been linked to violent crime in Bridgeport have been the caliber of AR-15 or AK-47 weapons. Patrick Howley, “Forensic Scientist at Newtown Hearing Slams Assault Weapons Ban,” Daily Caller, February 4, 2013.