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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Robert T. Bigelow about UFO's and Space technology

June 7, 2010
In New Space Race, Enter the Entrepreneurs

Isaac Brekken for The New York Times
IN THE FUTURE Prototypes of Bigelow Aerospace’s Sundancer habitat, which has an inflated volume of 180 cubic meters, at a hangar in North Las Vegas
NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. — At the Bigelow Aerospace factory here, the full-size space station mockups sitting on the warehouse floor look somewhat like puffy white watermelons. The interiors offer a hint of what spacious living in space might look like.
“Every astronaut we have come in here just says, ‘Wow,’ ” said Robert T. Bigelow, the company founder. “They can’t believe the size of this thing.”
Four years from now, the company plans for real modules to be launched and assembled into the solar system’s first private space station. Paying customers — primarily nations that do not have the money or expertise to build a space program from scratch — would arrive a year later.
In 2016, a second, larger station would follow. The two Bigelow stations would then be home to 36 people at a time — six times as many as currently live on the International Space Station.
If this business plan unfolds as it is written — the company has two fully inflated test modules in orbit already — Bigelow will be buying 15 to 20 rocket launchings in 2017 and in each year after, providing ample business for the private companies that the Obama administration would like to finance for the transportation of astronauts into orbit — the so-called commercial crew initiative.
President Obama’s budget proposal for 2011 calls for investing $6 billion over five years for probably two or more companies to develop spacecraft capable of carrying people into space. Then, instead of operating its own systems, like the space shuttles, NASA would buy rides for its astronauts on these commercial space taxis.
“This represents the entrance of the entrepreneurial mind-set into a field that is poised for rapid growth and new jobs,” Maj. Gen. Charles F. Bolden Jr., the administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said in February. “And NASA will be driving competition, opening new markets and access to space and catalyzing the potential of American industry.”
Officials have been careful not to say their commercial crew plan relies on a market beyond NASA, but for now, Bigelow appears to be the only non-NASA buyer for commercial crew services.
“Nobody,” Mr. Bigelow said of competition he sees on the horizon.
Thus, the rosier promises of the president’s plan rest on this enigmatic, 100-employee company located on 50 acres of desert not far from the casinos and strip clubs and the ability of Mr. Bigelow, an iconoclast who made his fortune in real estate including the Budget Suites of America hotel chain, to get his dreams off the ground.
He has spent about $180 million of his own money so far and has said he is willing to spend up to $320 million more. An expansion of the factory will double the amount of floor space as the company begins the transition from research and development to production.
Mr. Bigelow only occasionally gives interviews, and except for Michael N. Gold, the director of Bigelow’s Washington office, the employees almost never speak publicly. A company document titled “Some Important Bigelow Aerospace Cultural Values” implores employees, “Keep your work and the work of your co-workers very private from people outside the company.” (Mr. Gold said that the confidentiality stems from federal regulations designed to protect technological information and that the engineers are busy working.)
The Las Vegas site is hemmed by barbed wire and patrolled by armed guards.
The soundness of the business case is unknown to outsiders. Mr. Bigelow declines to say if he has firm commitments from any countries or companies to rent space on his space stations. In recent years, he has played down the notion that he is building a space hotel for rich tourists, although he says space tourism could provide a part of his business.
Over the past year, Mr. Gold visited countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Netherlands, England and Sweden to gauge interest. A stay on a Bigelow station, including transportation, is currently priced at just under $25 million a person for 30 days. That is less than half the more than $50 million a seat that NASA is paying for rides alone on Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station. Doubling the stay to 60 days adds just $3.75 million more.
For a country or company willing to sign up for a four-year commitment, the lease for an entire six-person module would cost just under $395 million a year, and that would include transportation for a dozen people each year. “You see why this is attractive for the sovereign client market,” Mr. Gold said.
The Bigelow prices are good through 2018, and Mr. Bigelow said the prices would drop by then if, as he expects, rocket prices drop.
“We’re very comfortable with our numbers,” he said, although he declined to discuss the details. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX, which is the most optimistic in reducing launching costs, estimates that rides to space on its Falcon 9 rockets would be $20 million a seat.
“You have to trust a little bit that we’re making these investments because we think it’s going to make sense economically at the end of the day,” Mr. Bigelow said. “We won’t execute our business plan if those numbers aren’t there.”
His space stations are not his only interest in space. 
“I’ve been a researcher and student of U.F.O.’s for many, many years,” Mr. Bigelow said. “Anybody that does research, if people bother to do quality research, come away absolutely convinced. You don’t have to have personal encounters.”
He added: “People have been killed. People have been hurt. It’s more than observational kind of data.”
Other views that run counter to mainstream science include a belief in the power of prayer and a disbelief in the Big Bang theory.
The idea of inflatable spacecraft dates back almost to the beginning of the space age, solving a stubborn conundrum with putting stuff in space. Rockets are tall, but not particularly wide. With inflatable spacecraft, the structure can be packed tightly into the payload and then filled with air once in orbit.
NASA’s Echo I and Echo II satellites, launched in 1960 and 1964, were large Mylar balloons. NASA commissioned Goodyear to build prototypes of an inflatable space station, which looked like a big rubber inner tube.
The rubber space stations never flew, in part because of an obvious design weakness — they could pop if hit by meteoroids.
The idea remained dormant until the 1990s, when NASA started exploring how to build living quarters for a human mission to Mars. William C. Schneider, then the senior engineer at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, returned to the inflatable design.
Instead of rubber like the 1960s Goodyear design, Dr. Schneider used an airtight bladder surrounded by Kevlar straps. “It dumps its pressure load into the straps,” Dr. Schneider said. “Those two together make a very efficient design.”
Outside the straps, alternating layers of aluminized fabric and foam absorb and disperse the impacts of micrometeoroids, providing better protection than metal structures, Dr. Schneider said.
Even though he was sure the design was sound, he built two prototypes of the TransHab module and demonstrated their resilience in a swimming pool and a vacuum chamber. “People would think of it as a balloon,” said Dr. Schneider, who now is a visiting professor at Texas A&M University. “In cases, it was six times as good as needed. It’s absolutely verified.”
In the meantime, the Mars plans were shelved as too expensive, and TransHab was reimagined as a crew quarters module for the International Space Station. Then the space station costs grew, and in 2000, Congress prohibited NASA from spending any more money on TransHab.
Mr. Bigelow, 66, said that he was inspired by NASA’s successes of the 1960s, culminating with the Moon landings, and that he always hoped to invest in space someday. He read about TransHab in 1998, and learning of the project’s imminent demise, he established Bigelow Aerospace in 1999 and bought an exclusive license to the NASA patents.
Dr. Schneider joined Bigelow as a consultant. The Bigelow designs are essentially very close to his NASA work, Dr. Schneider said, with some changes like replacing the Kevlar with Vectran, another bullet-resistant fabric. There are also some notable improvements like the addition of small windows, already tested on the Genesis I and II test modules that were successfully launched from Russia using converted ballistic missiles.
“He had great manufacturing capability,” Dr. Schneider said. “They have some real good engineers as well. I’m sure they will be very successful.”
The biggest hole in his plans, Mr. Bigelow said, is the one not entirely in his control: getting to and from the space stations.
For a while, Bigelow and Lockheed Martin were collaborating on a small capsule that would launch on an Atlas V rocket, which currently launches Air Force satellites and other payloads. Lockheed Martin won the NASA contract for building the Orion crew capsule for NASA’s Constellation program and dropped out of the work with Bigelow.
Mimicking the $10 million X Prize that spurred the development of the suborbital spaceplane SpaceShipOne, Mr. Bigelow offered $50 million to anyone who could build an orbital spacecraft. No one tried to claim the prize before it expired in January.
Bigelow is collaborating with Boeing using $18 million that NASA has provided for preliminary design of a commercial crew capsule.
Keith Reiley, the program manager at Boeing for the capsule, said he was not very familiar with Bigelow’s space station plans, but was impressed with what Bigelow has contributed to Boeing’s capsule. “They’re a lot more entrepreneurial than we are,” Mr. Reiley said, “and it’s refreshing for us.”
If the Boeing spacecraft is ready by 2014, that is when the dance of Bigelow space station modules will begin.
A habitat called Sundancer, with an inflated volume of about 6,400 cubic feet, would launch first. A separate rocket would then carry two Bigelow astronauts to take up residence in Sundancer as additional pieces — a second Sundancer, a larger habitat of about 11,700 cubic feet, and a central connecting node — are launched. The modules are to dock by themselves with the astronauts present to fix any glitches.
Once the stations are up, Bigelow still needs to demonstrate that it can juggle the logistics of supplying food, water and air, as well as fix the inevitable glitches that will arise. Mr. Bigelow said that he would hire people with the needed experience and skills, and that space stations were not all that different from hotels.
“I’ve had four decades of serving people, tens and tens and tens of thousands of people, all over the southwest part of the United States,” he said. “I have four decades of building all kinds of things. The principles are the same.”
As a private company, Bigelow can operate space stations much more efficiently than NASA and its governmental partners can operate the International Space Station, Mr. Bigelow said. (Another of the company values declares: “Make up your mind quickly. Don’t take forever, people are waiting, the company is waiting, the future is waiting and time costs money.”)
NASA’s interest in inflatables has also been revived once again. Among several large technology demonstration projects proposed in the president’s 2011 budget is an inflatable module for the International Space Station. Bigelow is currently talking to NASA about that.
Mr. Bigelow envisions variations of the inflatable modules being used for a Moon base or a mission to Mars.
“Our hope is that we can serve NASA,” he said. “Because we can do it so much more economically.”


For Mission to Mars, a New Road Map

JEFF WELLS-The Monolith Monsters


The Monolith Monsters

That's the word, don't you know?
From the guys that's running the show.
Let's be perfectly clear boys and girls:
C*nts are still running the world. - Jarvis Cocker

It's always fascinating, and important as well, when conspirators become "conspiracy theorists." Just not always for the same reason.

There are the career insiders who, in timely fashion, step up as "whistleblowers" to entrain the American Mind by mischief. Philip Corso, for instance. In 1997, only one year before his death from a heart attack at 83, the retired Lieutenant Colonel released 
The Day After Roswell. Corso claimed to have both viewed the remains of Roswell aliens and to have shepherded the reverse engineering of UFO crash artifacts by the private sector, which became products such as fibre optics and integrated circuit chips.

Corso had no evidence for this, and the names he named were all dead. All he had was his word, which he underscored a month before he died with a sworn oath, as well as his reputation and distinguished service. In his 
review of The Day After Roswell, Michael Lindemann drew attention to this:
What to make of Colonel Philip Corso and his book? If he were not a highly decorated, highly credible military officer, he would likely be passed off by most people as a blatant hoaxer. But why would this particular man tell such very tall tales at the end of his life, if the tales are simply untrue? That question will likely vex more than a few readers of "The Day After Roswell," a book that will probably push the Roswell controversy to new heights in this Roswell-happy year of 1997.

I should note that Roswell, as I regard it, is the paramount disinformation story of American UFOlogy. It has sent generations down the wrong path, chasing the presumption of "nuts and bolts" spacecraft and their ET occupants, and served to both suppress the true phenomenon's psi and occult components and to mask the US military's deep black tech. Roswell is also responsible for the focus on passive "disclosure" - 
tell us the truth! - rather than on a citizens' investigation to learn the truth for themselves.

So he's not, as Lindemann noted, a 
blatant hoaxer, and I can't imagine a persuasive personal reason to fabricate such a fabulist narrative so close to his death. Still I think it should be evident, even to those who deny the existence of a genuine UFO phenomenon, that it means something that a man of Corso's stature signed off on The Day After Roswell. I suspect that the reason was service in furtherance of disinformation.

It's astonishing the rubbish we can swallow when we credulously open our mouths and say 
Feed me. Paul Hellyer became a brief blip on the media's radar a while back, when the former - as in 40-year former - Canadian Defense Minister went public with his late-life advocacy for UFO "disclosure." He was hailed as an "insider" and instantly graduated to keynote speaker at "Exopolitics" conferences. Unfortunately, Hellyer's insider knowledge didn't amount to much: "I finally concluded, especially after reading a book called The Day After Roswell written by Colonel Philip Corso, that unidentified flying objects are, in fact real," he told MSNBC. (Hellyer supports his case for the Corso book by adding that he heard, second hand, that an unnamed US Air Force General said "Every word of it is true, and more." An unnamed General would say that.)

Now let's consider the conspirator cum conspiracy theorist Zbigniew Brzezinski. Last week, while excoriating Bush's Iraq policy before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he 
warned of "a plausible scenario for a military collision with Iran." He sees the scenario unfolding with
Iraqi failure to meet the benchmarks, followed by accusations of Iranian responsibility for the failure, then by some provocation in Iraq or a terrorist act in the US blamed on Iran, culminating in a "defensive" [his own quotation marks] US military action against Iran that plunges a lonely America into a spreading and deepening quagmire eventually ranging across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

On leaving the hearing, Brzezinski 
was pointedly asked by reporter Barry Grey whether he was "suggesting that the source of a possible provocation might be the US government itself." He responded that he had "no idea. As I said, these things can never be predicted. It can be spontaneous." Grey followed up, "Are you suggesting there is a possibility it could originate within the US government itself?" To which Brzezinski replied, "I’m saying the whole situation can get out of hand and all sorts of calculations can produce a circumstance that would be very difficult to trace."

This is the same Brzezinski, of course, 
who rhetorically asked, of his early sponsorship of Islamic radicals as US proxies, "What was more important in the world view of history? The possible creation of an armed, radical Islamic movement, or the fall of the Soviet Empire? A few fired-up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?" (And note, Brzezinski's policy of instigation was launched in Afghanistan against it's pro-Soviet government in order to goad the USSR into its bloody quagmire.) His book The Grand Chessboard(published, I realize with a slight frisson of synchronicity, the same year as Corso's), was cited early in the days following 9/11 as America's road-map of geopolitical ambition in the 21st Century. He knows better than most the reach of the hidden hand. Now, he's dropping broad hints that the US may manufacture a provocation in Iraq, blame it upon Iran and catastrophically broaden the war. So what do we do when theybegin to sound like us?

On the one hand we should always be cautious about blithely accepting the word of deep-power embeds, but I also think it helps our understanding along if we admit that their world is neither static nor monolithic. It may appear from a distance that 
they're all in it together - and at our distance the differences between factions of the global elite may be too nuanced and rarefied to hold much meaning for us - but I believe there's a dynamism among conspirators that often seems lost on their theorists, some of whom like to project a virtual hive-mind upon the powerful. Rather than an undifferentiated block of them, I imagine an inter-penetrating Venn diagram of rival interests, means and analyses, and while Brzezinski is certainly in the thick of it that doesn't mean his opposition to the White House's adventurism is a sham intended only for public consumption. Though his reasons are certainly not the same as mine. (Brzezinski, interested in the efficient projection of American power, can foresee its ruin by the Cheney/Bush model, but he seems to regard it as the accident of bad policy rather than an intentional controlled collapse.)

One further example of insider "tinfoil."

On the evening of November 23, 1963, a man named Garrett Underhill showed up, anxious and unexpected, at the New York City residence of his friends Robert and Charlene Fitzsimmons. Underhill had driven up from Washington DC, where he worked as a military and intelligence expert for 
Fortune magazine. He was also a longtime CIA asset with particular expertise and interest in both the covert arms trade and Cuba.

When he arrived at the Fitzsimmons' home it was late, and Robert was already asleep. Charlene was preparing for their trip to Europe, and Underhill unburdened himself while she packed.

Larry Hancock, in 
Someone Would Have Talked:
Underhill's concern was that he had become aware of a "clique" within the CIA - a clique dealing with weapons and gun running and making money. These individuals had Far Eastern connections, narcotics was mentioned, supposedly the clique was manipulating political intrigues to serve their own ends. Underhill believed that these individuals had been involved with JFK's murder; he felt that JFK had become aware of their dealings and was about to move against them in some fashion. He also believed that members of the clique knew that Underhill was aware of their dealings and that his own life could well be in jeopardy. Underhill had fled Washington in fear of his life, avoiding his normal haunts at the Harvard Club in DC to seek refuge with his friends.

Robert Fitzsimmons later told Jim Garrison that they couldn't take Underhill seriously because "we couldn't believe that the CIA could contain a corrupt element every bit as ruthless, and much more efficient, than the Mafia." Their friend couldn't tell Garrison anything. In May, 1964 the body of the right-handed Underhill was found in his unlocked apartment, shot behind his left ear. Death was ruled a suicide.

It must have sounded strange to early-Sixties ears to hear such things said of the CIA. Particularly those odd and seemingly incongruous mentions of narcotics and "Far Eastern Connections" (like Yale's old
"China hands"?) Yet today, more than 40 years after his murder, and 15 since Casolaro's, it makes such awful sense that we can say that despitehis intelligence pedigree, at least Garrett Underhill was speaking the truth.

J.Kaminski-Deal with the devil

Deal with the devil

By John Kaminski – skylax@comcast.net February 15, 2007

(pay attention to the phrase “unseen mechanism”)

"If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it .... Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country .... It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind."

— Edward Bernays, legendary mind control pioneer and nephew of the father of psychiatry, Sigmund Freud); from “The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays & the Birth of PR,” PR Watch, 2nd Quarter, 1999 

So ... the secret's out. Everyone with a brain knows the American government's 9/11 story is a fraud. Yet the human society we all pretend to acknowledge as reality continues to roll along on the basis of the slimy spin incessantly blared from the sinister cheerleader networks which constantly warn us about dark skinned boogeyman terrorists who hate our freedoms. As young boys we used to know die or are deformed daily by this spin, the unresolved shadow in the chasm of our mind deepens.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for. Hillary Clinton is tied to the Israeli manipulative apparatus even more tightly than the Bushes. The corporate fascism may have a more polite face, but behind the smile lies something equally pernicious. In any case, the spurious bombing of defenseless Third World countries will continue no matter which designated misfit occupies the White House.

Most people remain afraid to talk about 9/11. It's still a live dagger in their hearts. They fear they'll lose everything they have if they speak out about their doubts, about their total contempt (and total fear) for the killers who are running the U.S. government straight over the cliff into ruin. Isn’t it now obvious that this is deliberate?

To talk about 9/11 is to challenge every historical fact ever published about the United States. 
How Americans can remain so indifferent to the killing done in their name is probably a tribute to that somatic combination of psychotronic mind control through television, the movies, and other more exotic means; and pharmaceutical tinkering with the food and drug supply. Fluoride et al.

Politicians are being exposed daily for their complicity in the criminal conspiracy involving the coverup of thousands of facts about the treason and mass murder perpetrated against the American people and the world on 9/11 by this malevolent entity many people think is based in Washington, which kills for money, and then keeps all the money for itself. Is this the way the system works? You bet.

Should it work that way? You tell me.

Sssshhh. Don't say a word. Play along. Tell yourself Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton are not complicit in the mass murder of their own fellow citizens, just like virtually every elected official in the U.S.. A farfetched notion? Examine it in your own heart.

There are no Arab terrorists except for the many designated enemies created by the CIA adhering to the Israeli false flag model. And these are responsible for all the bombings.

Perhaps you think by keeping your mouth shut, you'll be safe. If you live in Kentucky, they'll put you in jail for even talking about it. Just like the Holocaust, eh? Think about all those people put in jail for disputing technical facts of history 62 years ago. Defaming the memory of the dead is the usual charge. It is a euphemism for the death of free speech.

The facts used by the people doing the putting in jail, however, are only about 35 years old, as the complete takeover of the U.S. government by Jewish interests accelerated after the JFK assassination. Detail of any specific Holocaust chatter remains specifically unmentioned in the autobiographies of Eisenhower, deGaulle and Churchill, World War Two's principal leaders against Hitler and the Germans. The Holocaust concept, once its mind-control and fund-raising capabilities were realized, did not emerge until the late 1960s whereas opposition to what the Jews had always attempted to allege was thoroughly debunked in the early '50s.

What people fail to really understand is that both World Wars were the invention of Jewish bankers who already ruled all the nations of Europe, but when they took over the U.S. in 1913 with the Federal Reserve boondoggle, war was the instantaneous, perpetual, and profitable result. 

And this is what we Americans have come to understand as freedom. Damned few of us ever learned that International Jewry publicly declared war on Germany in 1933 in a story on the front page of the New York Times. Unconsciousness of this level of control has doomed America and the world to a succession of wars ever since, because the story the warmakers tell the people — cemented by nearly total Jewish control of public media — is believed, and millions of less fortunate people die needlessly.

Now the world looks at America and says, "Enough of your corrupt criminality."

(Yes, it's me, speaking for the world again.)

America, in its sordid relationship with Britain, Israel and many other corporate pseudo-governments, has committed crimes against humanity throughout the course of its existence. The entire corpus of American history is now in question. The way this gallant account has been framed in our minds, culminating in the anti-Arab legend that was created by 9/11, now seems false. And a masterpiece of public relations manipulation.

What we encounter in the face of our current president on TV every days is a person who is not quite human. Bereft of human compassion, unable to muster even the semblance of sincerity about anything not related to the totalitarian profit scheme he was born into, like so many who control us, he suffers from a serious birth defect in the heart of his own soul.

We've sold our own souls, you know, for a few more years of America's hollow hypocrisy. America's so-called prosperity has always been based on the backs of corpses wrongly exterminated for profit. I love it when the white racists rail against people of color, because they conveniently forget (or perhaps never knew) that the American industrial giant that came to be was created on the backs of black people picking cotton for nothing, a travesty of morality that far excels anything that happened during World War II as an object of study for human enlightenment.

Just like the Jewish philosophy it emulates, America’s predator society now begins to consume itself in an immoral frenzy of cannibalization. Tied into this insane ritual is the concept of Christ on the cross, who taught us to give up our lives for something we don’t completely understand, the ultimate regimentation that prevents us from ever even hoping of seeing the real deal.

So it doesn’t matter how many petitions we sign, or how many 9/11 accountability rallies we attend. As long as we’re not asking the right question, we won’t get the right answer.

And the dance of the beast will continue until it consumes us all.


In other news ...

• The defense summations have now concluded. They are described as "stunning" by participants. It is not Ernst Zundel who is on trial but the system - a judicial system corrupt to the core, laid bare in all of its venality for all the world to see! Apparently some moments were so searing that Dr. Meinerzhagen got the screaming meemies and threatened he would charge the attorneys with Holocaust Denial! It's a pity that we don't have written summaries of what was actually said - because the German system does not allow transcripts and also no recordings.
— Ingrid Rimland

• The U.S. has begun bombing Somalia in secret.

• The Guardian in England reports on a brainscan that can read people's intentions.

• Russian Intelligence reports reportedly report “multicolored snow” over Siberia.
Note to Curtis: Can you say “fentanyl”?

And in conclusion ....

Look your president in the face. He is the composite American, always has been. This is what we want our children to be like? God help us all.

My girlfriend Barbra-renee has been telling me for years that things won’t change until each of us changes inside. You can’t make any clean pronouncements about the world until you have a clear, objective vision of yourself, she insists.

The things we refuse to acknowledge in the world, about our government and the lies we are told, are potentially fatal to our future. These lies begin to be built in the lies we tell ourselves about who we are and what we’re supposed to be doing.

And these things we have agreed not to mention — such as the treason and complicity in mass murder and crimes against humanity by most elected officials in the United States — are the very things that very soon will destroy everything we thought we had.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida and whose Internet essays have been seen on hundreds of websites around the world. http://www.johnkaminski.com/ 

J.Kaminski-Where the river runs free

Where the river runs free

By John Kaminski – 

And once upon a time, in a land called America, the people would come in from their mountain cabins, farms, and mill towns with their young ones to joy in the closeness of community on warm sultry summer nights. The American dream was never about grand mansions, designer wear, exotic vacations, health clubs, silicone implants, Viagra love affairs, fortress malls, boutiques, forever war, the prison industry, or slave labor junk stores. It was about a man being able to make a living for his family. It was about a simple life of small town living, where people congregated on Main Street for the Fourth of July parade. It was about swimming holes, country lanes, fields of corn, teachers who challenged the young to greater heights (not social engineering! ), doctors (not technocrats), marshland songs, a whippoorwill, splashing streams, and woodlands with secret paths. It was about rain washed streets; where barefoot children splashed in puddles, blew magic bubbles, caught fireflies, and played hide-and-seek long into a muggy summer's night. It was about concerts in the park, the clink of milk bottles, and visits to Grandma's house; with her blue hair, flowered dress, and flour dusted apron. It was about the certainty of love with the slamming of a screen door, a child running in flowered meadows, and at day’s end, neighbors gathered on darkened porches, holding tight the wonderment of the day. It was about Hometown. — Judith Moriarty

Shamash, Babylonian sun god c. 1700 BC, told Hammurabi:
“Bring forth the victory of righteousness, prevent the strong from unjustly prevailing over the weak, and advance the well-being of all people.” A lot nicer than this Yahweh chap, eh?

This is a message from that time and place in the future where the few of us remaining will gather and survey the wreckage of what we have wrought.

Whether true freedom will be won or lost largely depends on what we do in this generation. Freedom. It’s at our fingertips, but due to technological advances in subtle mind control propaganda, never further from our grasp.

All of us came here as a matter of fate and luck, somehow escaping the great silence that engulfed the planet in the early 21st century.

Ironically, the great silence made almost everyone deaf by the overwhelming clatter of its distractions and the nonsense of its messages. What made so many unable to hear the voice of our consciences was the cognitive dissonance produced by having to believe in things we knew were wrong, but we believed in them anyway, because we thought we profited from them. In a way, all that is happening now is that we are paying the price for some major items in which we previously believed (e.g., America offering “liberty and justice for all.”)

Most of all, we didn’t pay attention. We let ourselves be led astray by those who did not have our best interests at heart, both our leaders and our preachers.

If history has taught us anything it is that corruption may not be defeated in this life, and that only a personal code of honor can prevent us from the harm we cause by whoring after riches.

Much of what passes for civilization is a lie, a perpetual pyramid scheme by which are powered the great engines of the modern world.

The foundation of all society throughout history has been deception and cunning accompanied by brute force, accompanied by cute stories for the people who ultimately pay for these misadventures. Simply PR to justify the constant slaughters. What we are seeing now is only the result of all that.

To reach that point where the river runs free requires rowing against the current, to escape the great silence that now approaches from all sides. If we choose to float along where the current takes us, a sewer with our name on it awaits us. Whatever apocalypse we are about to encounter in our near future, this checklist will apply on the other side.

There are no middlemen here, no brokers. Only principals. A community of humans that values honor and honesty as the foundation stones of the good life, secure with those who love us and willing to listen to all new ideas.

Maybe this is the psychic recolonization of colonial America. We have a chance to do it without killing the natives now, though that prospect appears dim. As a result of that earlier choice, however, we now appear to be killing each other. You can trace this mental progression in the pages of your holy books, especially the ones that say one type of person is better than another. All murderers are really out to destroy themselves.

This is the lesson the world needs to learn. We don’t need to be killing our lesser brethren, we need to be helping them, because what we do to them ultimately determines who we are.

Why don’t you get it? Killing someone else is killing yourself. But back in the old world, soon you’ll have a barcode tattooed on your ass, so it won’t matter much then.

Predation upon anyone or thing without the approval of our peers (with input from all colors) is strictly prohibited. There will be no banker class. It has choked the life out of us. Currency must be randomly entangled, and entrusted to constantly rotating authorities. Money is a poison that needs to be strictly and impartially controlled.

The mystic power of currency must not obscure our labors nor our investments, but simply be as water, immutable as a collectible representation of labor and worth.

It is an ancient law that if a society allows making money off of money, that society will be destroyed.

Let us learn once and for all what the ancients knew: that those who make money off money become a cancer on everyone else that eventually proves fatal to all.

This is the shadow we refused to face, and it destroyed us.

The land beyond the rainbow bridge is laid out much as it was before, except for the obvious incinerations, razings and poisonings that have even jeopardized the planet’s oxygen supply.

Common sense seems to be the only rule here. And a strong distaste for violence, which, when necessary, is controlled by a ritual equitable to all and not manipulated by any.

Reminds me of a line from a 6th century Welsh poem: “this white town with green graves and blood under the feet of its men.” The human epitaph — if we stayed on the old path.

This is the way it is here. This is the real universe. The real planet we have trashed, or what’s left of it. If you’re in the system, you’re going to hell. Get out, before it’s too late for all of us.

Detox of media myths is the most important thing. See the curriculum that you have been fed, and how it has robbed you.

No preprogrammed poseurs, yearning to sabotage and exploit.

Everyone is in charge of their own space. There is no higher authority.

This game is for everything.

If you're not honest, then you're wrong.

Trust who you love, love who you trust.

You only have one shot at this. That’s what makes it so important. If you believe you go somewhere else, that makes it less important. This is how human religions hurt the planet and all the people in it.

What becomes obvious after partaking of the joys of a life lived well is that none of us can make it without the ones we love, and that eternal principle must become the first rule of the elevation of the human society into a truly just, compassionate and functional community. We can’t do this alone.

Else this web of family that nurtures us will be lost forever.

It is now being erased by the perpetual scams of bankers that fashion chains for the worker bees. Maybe our family reunions will be replaced by annual meetings of those from a certain serial number of RFID chips implanted in all newborns. Brave New World is here and then some.

But then, you must know by now. The apocalypse is upon us.

It’s in the air you breathe. Those manufactured clouds contain barium and bloodborne products, which, as they say, are guaranteed to bring you down. Some say they are a co-factor in a plague to come.

It’s in the food you eat. The masses are being predisposed to new designer diseases that increase profits for the health care industry. And supposedly the mad cow syndrome is now percolating in the Alzheimer-bound brains of most of the population.

It’s in the songs you sing, and all the memories you have for at least the last five generations, all twisted this way and that to make money for those who knew how to do it.

Chances are good your baby gets a Hepatitis B shot 45 minutes after she’s born and her health declines from there.

We have no natural human enemies, only those who wish to create them for profit.

You didn’t catch up to very many of the scams, did you?

World War II was a money thing, engineered by the same folks who passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and skimmed half the money of the American people right off the top. Those freaks are still in charge, you know. Those are the folks who need to be put in the stocks, permanently.

We are transitioning to a new way of life, and the people in the 9/11 skeptics movement, the Iraq antiwar movement, and those fighting to point out that the last few elections in America have been surreptitiously stolen are at the forefront of this transition.

Because we are the ones who see through this malignant media mindlock, and possess the courage to say so. We are principled and resolute in our statements. And we only wish to be told the truth by the leaders who pretend to represent us about the world in which we live. We only wish that people would live in peace, and would consider absolutely any idea to bring this about. We are thoughtful and polite, but with no tolerance for spin machines or alluring fictions that cater cravenly to our greed or lusts.

But we are resolute because we want an honest world in which our children can grow and prosper, and not be mutilated from cradle to grave with mercury-laced vaccinations, sedatives and poisons in our water and food, and a policeman outside our door waiting to deliver five shots to the face from close range, and never mention an excuse to our families and friends later, just like those British cops did to that poor Brazilian boy on the subway in London last year.

We are sufficiently sentient to realize that profit in one sense is always loss in another. The price we pay for certain things is way out of kilter, not only because of the stress such artificially exorbitant prices may place on us, but with our knowledge of how these perfumed prices damage the world, we know our demented financial system needlessly consigns uncountable people — most of whom are well meaning, just like us — to unnecessarily handicapped existences.

We see them clearly in the collateral damage cannon fodder blown to bits, in the sickening shards of bleeding babies in Iraq, a small percentage of whom are our own sons and daughters, the physical manifestation of the perverted life orientation that permeates American culture twisting tighter in our own guts as we speak.

We see the world bleeding because of the clandestine actions of a vicious, sociopathic few, yet realize we might be one of them if presented with the properly phrased pitch. What is the price of your soul? Ask yourself as you indirectly profit from weapons and poisons, or making money with our silence in this Ponzi-scheme economy kept afloat by a nuclear nightmare.

There is no Muslim terror threat. There are a few Cigar Store Indians from Pakistan and other places who say they're Muslim just before they go into strip clubs to watch lap dances and flash their federal paychecks.

But enough negative observations. What do we do about it?

I will speak to our Maker about this.

Once something has name, nothing is the same. That's why the ancients tried to keep the name of God a secret, because he cannot be named. That force is simply too far beyond our comprehension to be named accurately. And, more ominously, the mere naming of said entity guarantees war, simply because the small minds that have named him cannot possibly have done it accurately, and the different neighborhood versions of said entity are guaranteed to collide in the bloodiest of ways.

However, that said, let's examine the actual differences. The poet William Blake first expounded the notion (and he wasn't discovered until a hundred years after his death) that all the gods are one, no matter what you name them, and that all the wars perpetrated in his name have always been sectarian foolishness, merely a holy cover for typical human crime.

Yet this god propounded in all the world's holy books is little more than a reflection of the human personality, a projection, if you will, of human hope tainted by fear. At the center of this pathology is the notion that if you sacrifice your children, as God supposedly did with his son Jesus on the cross, that you will somehow survive death.

While this is an evolutional improvement over the notion that Zeus should kill his father Uranus and eat his balls in the process, it is still insanity. And the condition is clearly reflected in the actions of humanity upon the planet.

Downstream just a little were these rapids that the first few passers-through liked to call Ma’at’s Mattress, because as you bounced in there, your heart had to weigh less than the feather of truth, or, the consequence was your soul was fed to Thoth’s dog.

Most of all, at the bend in the river, and all we heard was a great silence. A deafening absence of consciousness that ravaged the countryside with lunatic schemes had deformed many of our relatives and most of the world’s population into barking mannikins.

The beauty of Buddhism is that it teaches us to live this life with the same penetrating exactitude with which we will transit the bardo, that state between one life and the next. In the bardo, we see all the things wrong we did in our life and resolve to correct them next time around.

Well, the world has reached the bardo stage of evolution, in which we must identify the true causes of our misery and correct them.

Care to know the alternative?

Message from a silent future ...

Nobody ever got to the bottom of it, and everybody missed the point. Therefore, the coverup continued. Perhaps it's because we didn't really want to see it, or were simply afraid to ....

To see the truth would mean the collapse of everything we had built. So in order to keep what we had, we had to overlook and ignore some really terrible things. And I mean terrible beyond the normal comprehension of most people. Things you can't imagine anybody you know actually doing ....

And yet these things have been done, and in our name ....

We bear the responsibility for them, because we let it happen.

The world, this Garden of Eden, was destroyed on our watch.

This is the karma everyone will keep. This is the karma of our species. This is the epitaph echo that will wisp throughout the stars when we are gone, which will be soon.

And everyone else, from other star systems, will shake their heads and say regretfully: "They had everything to live for, but they chose not to ... they chose to consume themselves with their own fear."

This is your preview epitaph for that cheery little orb known as planet Earth.

Get in your boat and row as far upstream as you can, and when you finally reach that space where you can relax and take a deep breath, review your whole life and decide what you want to do, I bet you decide to come back and help us make this world a real place, and not one that is constantly being trashed by those who don’t really care about it.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays have been seen on thousands of websites around the world. PayPal recently closed down his account because of objectionable material about the tribe that afflicts us all. Visit his website and support his work if you can. 

J.Kaminski-Why War is Inevitable

Why War is Inevitable 

John Kaminski – via dprogram.net November 19, 2009

It always struck me as odd that just before all wars start, the people who have been asked to wage these wars say they don’t want to fight, and insist they want peace. And as a result, all the politicians say they’re for peace, and would never get us into war, especially one in which we had no obvious stake. Then the wars start.

Just before World War I, Woodrow Wilson was the peace candidate, but later lit the fuse that killed 25 million people. Franklin Roosevelt said he’d keep us out of war just before he was elected to a third term, and history has long ago revealed how he engineered Pearl Harbor to get us into WW II, which killed 57 million.

Just before World War I, the sentiment in America was decidedly pro-German, and more the half of all the immigrants coming to this developing land WERE German. Nobody wanted to get involved in a European war. But the media, owned by the same people who were making the weapons, convinced us, apparently, by suddenly and savagely telling hair-raising false stories about the Germans.

This is the great fact Americans continue to ignore. Instead of understanding that bankers create the wars, we prefer to believe the prejudicial hate speak that emanates from American media that our enemies are “krauts,” “gooks,” and “ragheads,” without remembering, as the great suppressed writers have told us, that the folks who control the money also control everything else.

Slowly, we are learning that our real enemies are really the misanthropes making those statements, the bigwigs who control the flow of real wealth with imaginary rules that are nothing but blatant crime schemes. We are learning that these anti-human billionaires — whose income is derived entirely from legalized crime — are the true enemies of all civilized people.

And worse, we are learning that our leaders are owned by these people, these billionaires, who run the world anonymously from behind the scenes, and use puppets like Obama, Putin, Castro and Chavez to convince the gullible goyim that there are actually competing political philosophies in the world, when in fact there are not.

There are only apparent opponents, like Republicans and Democrats. Ultimately they work for the same owners.

This is something you did not learn in school, grotesquely infected as they are by Jewish influence.

The key to virtually all our present problems in societies throughout the world can be traced to this single paragraph, because it explains the scam that precious few people have realized is the root cause of every war in the last 200 years. It’s about the conditions that created World War I, and it reads like this:

“The European nations were already bankrupt, because they had maintained large standing armies for almost fifty years, a situation created by their own central banks, and therefore could not finance a war. A central bank always imposes a tremendous burden on the nation for “rearmament” and “defense”, in order to create inextinguishable debt, simultaneously creating a military dictatorship and enslaving the people to pay the “interest” on the debt which the bankers have artificially created.”
— Eustace Mullins, Secrets of the Federal Reserve, 1951, p. 21

Please understand what Mullins is saying. It is the first step toward achieving an actual, stable, perpetual peace in the world.

The European nations were bankrupt BECAUSE they maintained large standing armies, which was mandated by the central banks as a condition for their graciously coordinating that nation’s finances. Of course, the basic premise was a scam, because it removed people’s power to coin their own money, and imprisoned it in the hands of a few bankers. A very few. The Rothschild family. And later to include a handful of now “prestigious” Jewish names: Schiff, Warburg, Untermyer, Bronfman, etc.

The central banks, since the time of the American Revolution, were all coordinated by the Rothschilds, who captured England. The rest of the white nations of the world fell like so many dominos in the famous Communist theory.

The combination of money and media is irresistible. An entire history has been fabricated, and the majority of the world has believed it.

Sure, nations have always fought each other, and most of the time for the same reasons. But since then the Rothschilds, starting with the capture of the Bank of England in 1815 and accelerating with the worldwide Jewish revolution of 1848, have actually funded BOTH sides in every war ever since.

It’s the fastest way to make money, big money.

Mullins’ paragraph from Secrets of the Federal Reserve reveals that the very existence of a standing army guarantees that any nation will go bankrupt simply trying to maintain that army, and the only way that army will ever make a profit (and make that nation “prosperous”) is to go to war and steal something big from somebody else (plus, get the benefits of their treasonous perfidy from the bankers who wanted them to go to war in the first place).

There we have a perfect picture of world history over the last 200 years. And we are still completely ensnared in the mindless madness we have come to know as ‘the way the world works.’

The thing to realize is the world only works that way because shrewd and wealthy bankers have finetuned a system that guarantees the fantastic profits that come with war by pulling the wool over the minds of the sheeple, who simply can’t understand that they are slaves working for criminal genius masterminds who control virtually every aspect of everyone’s lives.

But from Eustace Mullins we now know that the maintenance of a standing army GUARANTEES war, because NOT to go to war means that nation will go bankrupt.

This formula would never work without the complicity of the media, and our educators. Fortunately for them (but not us), after more than a century of Jewish subversion of our educational and media systems, it should come as no surprise to anyone that they can make you believe anything they want you to believe. Just look at the history of the 20th century.

Whom have we been taught was the most heinous villain of the 20th century? And who is the only leader in world history who has gone after the Jews openly and by name? In this gap of thought lies your as-yet undiscovered political education.

As a friend tells it …

Hitler came to power in Germany with two main aims, the rectification of the unjust provisions of the Versailles Treaty, and the destruction of the Soviet/Communist threat to Germany. Strangely enough, contrary to the mythology created by those who had an opposing ethnic agenda, he had no plans or desire for a larger war of conquest.

Professor AJP Taylor showed this in his book The Origins of the Second World War, to the disappointment of the professional western political establishment. Taylor says, “The state of German armament in 1939 gives the decisive proof that Hitler was not contemplating general war, and probably not intending war at all” (p.267), and “Even in 1939 the German army was not equipped for a prolonged war; and in 1940 the German land forces were inferior to the French in everything except leadership” (p104-5).

Britain and France declared war on Germany, not the other way around. Hitler wanted peace with Britain, as the German generals admitted (Basil Liddell Hart, The Other Side of the Hill 1948, Pan Books 1983) with regard to the so-called Halt Order at Dunkirk, where Hitler had the opportunity to capture the entire British Army, but chose not to. Liddell Hart, one of Britain’s most respected military historians, quotes the German General von Blumentritt with regard to this Halt Order:

“He (Hitler) then astonished us by speaking with admiration of the British Empire, of the necessity for its existence, and of the civilisation that Britain had brought into the world. He remarked, with a shrug of the shoulders, that the creation of its Empire had been achieved by means that were often harsh, but ‘where there is planing, there are shavings flying’.

He compared the British Empire with the Catholic Church – saying they were both essential elements of stability in the world. He said that all he wanted from Britain was that she should acknowledge Germany’s position on the Continent. The return of Germany’s colonies would be desirable but not essential, and he would even offer to support Britain with troops if she should be involved in difficulties anywhere..” (p 200).

According to Liddell Hart, “At the time we believed that the repulse of the Luftwaffe in the ‘Battle over Britain’ had saved her. That is only part of the explanation, the last part of it. The original cause, which goes much deeper, is that Hitler did not want to conquer England. He took little interest in the invasion preparations, and for weeks did nothing to spur them on; then, after a brief impulse to invade, he veered around again and suspended the preparations. He was preparing, instead, to invade Russia” (p140).

David Irving in the foreword to his book The Warpath (1978) refers to “the discovery.. that at no time did this man (Hitler) pose or intend a real threat to Britain or the Empire.”

This gives a completely different complexion, not only to the war, but to the successful suppression of this information during the war and afterwards.

Historians today know only too well where the boundaries lie within which they can paint their pictures of the war and its aftermath, and the consequences of venturing beyond those boundaries, irrespective of the evidence. Unfortunately, only too few of them have been prepared to have the courage to break out of this dreadful straitjacket of official and unofficial censorship.

(end of citation)

Fortunately for us, Eustace Mullins was one of the few and possibly the greatest to ever escape this straitjacket, thanks to the initial guidance of the persecuted poetic genius Ezra Pound. If America is ever going to be anything like some of us had hoped it would be, this is the tangent of history that needs to be pursued and understood, instead of the constantly changing lies of never-truthful Jewish media.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida and is the author of “The Nature of the Next Chapter,” “Tales of the Tribe,” and “The Mindlock,” all readily available at http://johnkaminski.info/ Your support in these times is most welcome at the address on the website.
Last updated 23/11/2009

Burning the cradle of civilization

Part 44: Burning the cradle of civilization
By B. J. SabriOnline Journal Contributing Writer

May 4, 2006, 01:42

"I have evidence that the Americans were on a par with Nazi Germany with its actions in the Persian Gulf. I have documents in my possession, which support my assertions. . . . This is on the basis that on-going acts of aggression in Iraq and systematically applied war crimes provide a moral equivalent between the US and Nazi Germany."—Royal Air Force, Dr. Malcolm Kendall-Smith (sentenced to eight months in jail for refusal to go to Iraq.) [Source]
Depending on the scope of use, mythmaking in imperialism can be a powerful instrument to rewrite history and influence issues of war and peace. Take for example the U.S. (and other imperialist states including Israel) mythmaking on the extent of Nazi violence. Immediately after the demise of the Third Reich, the ideologically motivated elevation of Nazism to a “universal” symbol of atrocities has acquired an ever-inflating mythological dimension.
But as colonialist Western countries kept building up the myth of Nazism as a cosmic embodiment of evil and violence, they downgraded to irrelevance their own embodiment of violence as highlighted by a multi-century history of mass extermination of colonized peoples and ongoing imperialist wars against Arab and Muslim states.
Pointedly, as it is an immutable historical fact that Nazi Germany and Japan committed massive atrocities before and during WWII, it is also an immutable historical fact that Germany’s adversaries: Britain, USSR, and the United States committed equal, if not more heinous atrocities, before, during, and after that same war.
During the war for instance, the nuclear holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the incineration of Dresden, Berlin, and Tokyo made part of premeditated atrocity patterns that went beyond military imperatives required for prevailing. After the war ended, Dwight D. Eisenhower committed atrocities similar to that of Nazism when thousands of German prisoners of war perished when he gave his tacit consent to starve them to death by reducing daily caloric intake to a dangerous level or by allowing them to perish by other means. [1]
Yet, for over 60 years since the end of WWII, U.S. imperialism and its entertainment branch (Hollywood) kept feeding and flooding the public with fictional stories about unmatchable German perfidy and innate violence, all while equally vile atrocities against countless non-white nations and peoples went unmentioned and rarely penetrated popular conscious.
To illustrate this, consider the following: how many times have we seen films depicting a convoy of German military trucks carrying prisoners of war? The following is a typical scene: the convoy stops and prisoners are ordered to get down and walk away; suddenly a stern German soldier appears on the back of a truck standing behind a machine gun and begins to mow them down. Now, compare that depiction to the American massacre of Vietnamese villagers at My Lai; how many of us have seen this or other episodes of American violence in Vietnam depicted in films, foreign or American?
In the current analysis of the American bombardment of Iraq in 1991, I am not going to debate, refute, or uphold that Nazi violence has inherent qualities that makes it less abhorrent than the one employed by the United States in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and elsewhere. What I intend to demonstrate, instead, is that American violence in Iraq has qualities that belies and contradicts American claims of civilized conduct and the possession of superior moral standards over other civilizations, and irrevocably puts the American brand of violence in a category by itself.
Once this demonstration is in place, the resulting picture would be uncompromising: by all standards of impartial comparison and considering the time we live in, the American model of supremacist violence supersedes by its magnitude, cruelty, fascism, cynicism, motives, myths, rationales, execution, details, and ideology, any other form of violence throughout history.
Moreover, just because the United States did not build crematories to burn its victims in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere, it does not mean that it did not burn them by using alternative methods such as massive bombardments of defenseless cities and the burning of their inhabitants with white phosphorous, Napalm, and carpet-bombing with bunker-buster bombs.
For example, when the American Hitler of turn burned the Cradle of Civilization in 1991, he did it by dropping over 80,000 tons or 250,000 heavy weight bombs. If that did not constitute a holocaust (from the Greek:holokaustos: burned wholewhat else would? Describing that bombardment, the Antiwar Committee, writes:The war on Iraq was portrayed in the U.S. as a war without casualties. Yet, on the first day of air strikes against Iraq (Jan. 17, 1991), the U.S. dropped explosives equivalent to the explosive power of the Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Throughout the duration of the bombing, explosives equivalent to seven nuclear bombs were dropped, in addition to internationally ban ed biological and chemical weapons. (1) Also, the 1991 war on Iraq marked the first time the U.S. used ammunition tipped with Depleted Uranium (DU). These bullets and anti-tank shells pierce armor with the side effect of disintegrating into thousands of tiny radioactive particles on impact. Although the Iraq Health Ministry noted an increase in cancer cases of over 60% since 1991, a World Health Organization study was derailed on November 29 due to a lobbying campaign by Washington. [Source] [Italics added]
There were countless myths in the history of the U.S. colonialist imperialism, each of which left thousands or hundreds of thousands of people dead. Sampling: Indian (Original Peoples) savages, black inferiority to implement slavery; Spanish treachery, civilizing the Filipinos, Japan attacked the U.S. for no reason, the atomic attack against Japan to save American life, the communist domino theory in South East Asia, Palestinian “terrorism,” Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, “democratizing” the Arabs, and so on. In its aggression against Iraq in 1991, the United States of George H. W. Bush added one more item to its long list of myths: “smart” bombing.
American military planners invented that phrase to insinuate that the American bombing of Iraq was discriminate to minimize civilian deaths. The insinuation is preposterous: minimizing civilian deaths does not alter the fact that mass murder in any magnitude is still criminal. To argue this, would an Iraqi individual who lost his or her family as a “collateral damage” accept that loss because determined criminals sitting in Washington, D.C., decided it was an acceptable damage?
Nonetheless, what is “smart” bombing, and does that mean traditional bombing is “stupid”?
Briefly, the imperialist idiom, “smart” bombing, revolves around an applied concept in military technology: 1) computer-guided missiles that recognize previously downloaded profiles of targeted buildings, as in Tomahawk missiles, and 2) laser-guided bombs as dropped from jetfighters.
But was the bombing of Iraq, “smart”? No. In fact, out of the 250,000 bombs dropped on Iraq, only 244 were “smart” and if you add to that the 88 tele-guided Tomahawked missiles, the total would be 332. This means less than one percent of all bombs were “smart.” As you can see, the bombing was not “smart” at all, and the incremental, massive destruction of Iraq in 42 days of bombing proved it.
To downplay the news of Iraqi deaths, U.S. war planners, in an infantile public relations stunt, discarded the term “smart bombing” and adopted “surgical strike,” as if a name change indicting precision would transform the essence of a bombardment whereby the United States dropped bombs that exceeded all bombs dropped in WWII. This is how an imperialist CNN dealt with the notion of “smart bombing”: But "smart weapons" -- the military calls them precision-guided munitions (PGMs) -- weren't widely used in 1991. Only 244 laser-guided bombs and 88 cruise missiles hit Iraq, out of a total of some 250,000 bombs dropped during the war. But while the venerable B-52 dropped tons of old-fashioned explosives on troop concentrations in northern and southern Iraq, the strikes on Baghdad were relatively few and tightly targeted. The rise of smart weapons led to a new military theory -- "surgical strikes." Two raids of 300 B-17 bombers could not achieve with 3,000 bombs what two F-117s can do with only four," Gen. Buster C. Glosson, the planner of the Gulf War air strikes, wrote in 1992. "Of the 85,000 tons of bombs used in the Gulf War, only 8,000 tons (less than 10 percent) were PGMs, yet they accounted for 75 percent of the damage." More precisely targeted weapons, the argument goes, harm fewer civilians. [Italics added] Source
Notice how CNN praised the B-52s that wreaked havoc on Iraq with the flattering adjective “venerable,” thus alluding to their exterminating use against hapless Vietnamese. Also, notice how the writers of news tried to alter the perception on the scale of damage inflicted on the Iraqi capital by inserting the phrase, “the strikes on Baghdad were relatively few and tightly targeted,” implying that “surgical” bombing was working.
As I explained, the theatrical posturing to change the name of means of killing from “smart” to “surgical” is as futile as is imperialism itself: death is still the same. In addition, purporting that targeted weapons “harm few civilians,” reveals in the most startling way that the American ideology of extermination has deep roots in the American military psyche, in that, death (in any proportion) of the attacked population, has no relevance in the calculation of the American political and military establishments.
Having thus far established the American determination to 1) attack Iraq, 2) go beyond the mere “liberation” of Kuwait to destroy it as a nation, and 3) having delineated the mythmaking that surrounded the bombing, it is now mandatory to ask some questions.
Was the destruction of Iraq’s water and sewage systems a strategic American aim to create a cataclysmic health crisis among the surviving population? Did the U.S. anticipate the outcome of its deliberate bombardment? And if so, did U.S. planners intend to use the economic sanctions as a means to amplify the effects of that mayhem? The answer to all these questions is a loud, resonating yes.
Because of the critical importance of my assertion, I am introducing Thomas J. Nagy (Associate Professor of Expert Systems, George Washington University) to support it. Citing U.S. official documents, Nagy wrote an indispensable article, The Secret Behind the Sanctions: How the US Intentionally Destroyed Iraq's Water Supply. In it, he reported on a file declassified by the Department of Defense, IRAQ Water Treatment Vulnerabilities. Nagy writes:Over the last two years, I've discovered documents of the Defense Intelligence Agency proving beyond a doubt that, contrary to the Geneva Convention, the U.S. government intentionally used sanctions against Iraq to degrade the country's water supply after the Gulf War. The United States knew the cost that civilian Iraqis, mostly children, would pay, and it went ahead anyway. [Italics added]The primary document, "Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities," is dated January 22, 1991. It spells out how sanctions will prevent Iraq from supplying clean water to its citizens.Iraq depends on importing specialized equipment and some chemicals to purify its water supply, most of which is heavily mineralized and frequently brackish to saline," the document states. "With no domestic sources of both water treatment replacement parts and some essential chemicals, Iraq will continue attempts to circumvent United Nations Sanctions to import these vital commodities. Failing to secure supplies will result in a shortage of pure drinking water for much of the population. This could lead to increased incidences, if not epidemics, of disease." [Italics added] The document notes that the importation of chlorine "has been embargoed" by sanctions. "Recent reports indicate the chlorine supply is critically low." Food and medicine will also be affected, the document states. "Food processing, electronic, and, particularly, pharmaceutical plants require extremely pure water that is free from biological contaminants," it says. The document addresses possible Iraqi countermeasures to obtain drinkable water despite sanctions. [Italics added] Iraq conceivably could truck water from the mountain reservoirs to urban areas. But the capability to gain significant quantities is extremely limited," the document states. "The amount of pipe on hand and the lack of pumping stations would limit laying pipelines to these reservoirs. Moreover, without chlorine purification, the water still would contain biological pollutants. Some affluent Iraqis could obtain their own minimally adequate supply of good quality water from Northern Iraqi sources. If boiled, the water could be safely consumed. Poorer Iraqis and industries requiring large quantities of pure water would not be able to meet their needs." [Italics added] As an alternative, "Iraq could try convincing the United Nations or individual countries to exempt water treatment supplies from sanctions for humanitarian reasons," the document says. "It probably also is attempting to purchase supplies by using some sympathetic countries as fronts. If such attempts fail, Iraqi alternatives are not adequate for their national requirements." [Italics added] Recently, I have come across other DIA documents that confirm the Pentagon's monitoring of the degradation of Iraq's water supply. These documents have not been publicized until now. The first one in this batch is called "Disease Information," and is also dated January 22, 1991. At the top, it says, "Subject: Effects of Bombing on Disease Occurrence in Baghdad." The analysis is blunt: "Increased incidence of diseases will be attributable to degradation of normal preventive medicine, waste disposal, water purification/distribution, electricity, and decreased ability to control disease outbreaks. Any urban area in Iraq that has received infrastructure damage will have similar problems." The second DIA document, "Disease Outbreaks in Iraq," is dated February 21, 1990, but the year is clearly a typo and should be 1991. It states: "Conditions are favorable for communicable disease outbreaks, particularly in major urban areas affected by coalition bombing." It adds: "Infectious disease prevalence in major Iraqi urban areas targeted by coalition bombing (Baghdad, Basrah) undoubtedly has increased since the beginning of Desert Storm. . . . Current public health problems are attributable to the reduction of normal preventive medicine, waste disposal, water purification and distribution, electricity, and the decreased ability to control disease outbreaks." [Italics added] This document lists the "most likely diseases during next sixty-ninety days (descending order): diarrheal diseases (particularly children); acute respiratory illnesses (colds and influenza); typhoid; hepatitis A (particularly children); measles, diphtheria, and pertussis (particularly children); meningitis, including meningococcal (particularly children); cholera (possible, but less likely)." The third document in this series, "Medical Problems in Iraq," is dated March 15, 1991. It says: "Communicable diseases in Baghdad are more widespread than usually observed during this time of the year and are linked to the poor sanitary conditions (contaminated water supplies and improper sewage disposal) resulting from the war. According to a United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)/World Health Organization report, the quantity of potable water is less than 5 percent of the original supply, there are no operational water and sewage treatment plants, and the reported incidence of diarrhea is four times above normal levels. Additionally, respiratory infections are on the rise. Children particularly have been affected by these diseases." Perhaps to put a gloss on things, the document states, "There are indications that the situation is improving and that the population is coping with the degraded conditions." But it adds: "Conditions in Baghdad remain favorable for communicable disease outbreaks."
The fourth document, "Status of Disease at Refugee Camps," is dated May 1991. The summary says, "Cholera and measles have emerged at refugee camps. Further infectious diseases will spread due to inadequate water treatment and poor sanitation."
The reason for this outbreak is clearly stated again. "The main causes of infectious diseases, particularly diarrhea, dysentery, and upper respiratory problems, are poor sanitation and unclean water. These diseases primarily afflict the old and young children."
The fifth document, "Health Conditions in Iraq, June 1991," is still heavily censored. All I can make out is that the DIA sent a source "to assess health conditions and determine the most critical medical needs of Iraq. Source observed that Iraqi medical system was in considerable disarray, medical facilities had been extensively looted, and almost all medicines were in critically short supply."
The protein deficiency disease kwashiorkor was observed in Iraq "for the first time," the document adds. "Gastroenteritis was killing children. . . . In the south, 80 percent of the deaths were children (with the exception of Al Amarah, where 60 percent of deaths were children)."
The final document is "Iraq: Assessment of Current Health Threats and Capabilities," and it is dated November 15, 1991. This one has a distinct damage-control feel to it. Here is how it begins: "Restoration of Iraq's public health services and shortages of major medical materiel remain dominant international concerns. Both issues apparently are being exploited by Saddam Hussein in an effort to keep public opinion firmly against the U.S. and its Coalition allies and to direct blame away from the Iraqi government." [Italics added]
Having explored how the United States premeditatedly destroyed Iraq’s vital infrastructures (civilian, industrial, agricultural, and military) and killed hundred of thousands of its people, the question remains: Was the United States following any blueprint?
Next: Part 45: How the U.S. engineered the Iraqi holocaust
[1] James Bacque, Other losses: The shocking truth behind the mass death of disarmed German soldiers under General Eisenhower’s command, Prima Publishing, 1991

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