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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

D.M. Turner-Salvinorin

Salvinorin - The Psychedelic Essence of Salvia Divinorum
by D.M. Turner

Notice: The information contained herein is a report on the latest experimental research with a recently discovered compound, and is presented for informational purposes only. The author, publisher, and website curator do not advocate the use of salvinorin A  or any other substance.

  Editor's Note:

Due to the untimely death of its pioneering author, this important work is no longer available in print form, and the length of its stay on the WWW is open to question at best. Therefore I urge you to download this html edition to your hard drives and mirror it if you are able. For extra Karma Points, print out & xerox a few copies for the digitally disenfranchised among us. I can personally think of no thanks more meaningful for my efforts in bringing this material to the web community, and somehow I gnow that D.M.T. agrees with me on this.

Happy Trails,
L'Angelo Misterioso, HTML edition editor

Table of Contents


Salvia Divinorum: The Plant and its History

The Discovery of Salvinorin A

Dosage and Methods of Administration


Effects and Experiences

Salvinorin A Journeys




Copyright (c)1996 by Panther Press
ISBN 0-9642636-2-9
Library of Congress Catalog registration in progress
First Printing - August 1996
Printed in the United States of America
D.M. Turner is a trademark of Panther Press
All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the publisher.


Salvinorin A is the primary psychoactive component of Salvia divinorum. a member of the sage family found in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Salvinorin A is the most potent naturally occurring psychedelic known, and in many ways the most enigmatic. Those using salvinorin A find it frequently induces experiences of an intensity level which is an order of magnitude beyond those experienced with any other psychedelic, even DMT. The dimensions visited under the influence of salvinorin A are described as extremely bizarre and varied, with several aspects not common to other psychedelic experiences.

Many who have used salvinorin A find the experience extremely unnerving, frightening and overly intense. Most have no desire to repeat the experience. although there are a few who have taken a liking to this entheogen and are working to develop a relationship with it. Early experiments by pioneering psychonauts suggest that access to benignly expansive realms, as well as new and very real dangers. are possible with this material. Salvinorin A also presents us with an entirely novel chemical structure for a psychedelic drug. It's the first psychedelic diterpene to be discovered, while nearly all other known psychedelics are alkaloids.

The following pages discuss the history and botany of the rare and little-known plant. Salvia divinorum, and the recent isolation of its immensely powerful active principal, salvinorin A. Since the first human experiment with this substance three years ago. salvinorin A has generated significant interest within the psychedelic community, and promises to challenge our basic understanding of consciousness and the functioning of the mind. Presented here are results of the early human experiments with salvinorin A, many in the form of first-hand reports which give lucid descriptions of the bizarre and multifaceted worlds of Salvia divinorum.
Salvia Divinorum: The Plant and its History

Salvia divinorum is used by the Mazatec Indians living in remote regions of Oaxaca, where it first came to the awareness of western researchers in the first half of this century. Little is known regarding the plant's use before this period, although there is some indication that it may have been used by the Aztecs in earlier times. The first description of this plant in western literature was made by Swedish anthropologist Jean Basset Johnson in 19391. Johnson. who was investigating psilocybe mushroom use amongst the Mazatecs, also noted their use of Salvia divinorum in healing ceremonies.

Salvia divinorum is a very rare plant, being found in only a few ravine locations in the Sierra Mazateca mountains. The plant is easily propagated by cuttings, and during the past few decades it has made its way into numerous botanical gardens and private collections around the world. Virtually all of the Salvia divinorum in circulation has been vegetatively propagated from two parent clones of this species. The first specimen was collected by R. Gordon Wasson in 1962. A second, so called "palatable" strain was collected by Bret Blosser in 1991. The "palatable" variety is actually still quite bitter, although less so than the Wasson clone. There are a few other strains being maintained, some of which were grown from seed, but these are not in general circulation.

Cuttings of Salvia divinorum placed in a jar of water will begin rooting within two to three weeks. When the roots have reached about 1", the cuttings may he transferred to pots. Salvia divinorum likes humidity and moisture, moderate but indirect sunlight and warm temperatures. In most parts of the United States it will grow best in a greenhouse and appreciates frequent misting. Too much sunlight will turn the leaves a pale green. If the leaves curl up and dry at the edges, it is a sign that the temperature is too warm for the amount of humidity they are receiving. The plants should be kept from freezing at all times, although they may grow back after a light frost that does not freeze the roots.

Salvia divinorum grows into a vine-like bush with branches frequently reaching 7 to 10 feet in height before bending over under their own weight, often rooting where they fall. The plant has jagged- edged leaves that reach 4" to 6" in length. The amount of leaf is typically sparse in proportion to the stems, and often the plants have a slightly straggle appearance. The stems are square-shaped and hollow with winged edges. Under proper growing conditions the leaves have a beautifully deep, rich, almost velvet-like sheen, and appear quite sensuous. In the fall Salvia divinorum produces delicate flowers with white corollas and purple calyxes. Salvia divinorum sets seed rather infrequently, and only on rare occasions have these seeds proven to be viable.

It is thought by many botanists that Salvia divinorum is a cultigen. It is not known to exist in the wild, and the few patches that are known in the Sierra Mazateca appear to be the result of deliberate planting. A Mazatec shaman informed Wasson that the Indians believe the plant is foreign to their region and do not know from where it came. And if Salvia divinorum is a hybrid, there are no commonly held theories on what its prospective parents may be.

Amongst the Mazatecs, Salvia divinorum (Diviner's sage) is known under such names as ska Maria Pastora and Hierba Maria, which translate as "the herb of Mary" or "leaves of Mary the Shepherdess". In a recent paper, Jonathan 0tt has noted that the Mazatecs lack an indigenous name for Salvia divinorum, both the Christian theme of Mary, as well as sheep, having been introduced to the region during the Spanish conquest. The Mazatecs also list a method of consuming this plant that does not efficiently utilize its psychoactive content, and seem to be generally unaware of its tremendous potency. Based on this information, and the likelihood of its being a cultigen, Ott has suggested that Salvia divinorum may be a post-conquest introduction to the Sierra Mazateca. However, it has also been suggested, initially by R. Gordon Wasson, that Salvia divinorum may be the Aztec plant Pipiltzintzintli, an entheogen that was briefly described by a 17th century Spanish friar. Ott has found that the little information available regarding Pipiltzintzintli supports this hypothesis, while ruling out several other plants that have been suggested as candidates for this Aztec sacrament.

R. Gordon Wasson, the famed ethnobotanist who introduced psilocybe mushrooms to western society, was also the first to personally describe an experience with Salvia divinorum. In July of 1961 he participated in a healing ceremony performed by a Mazatecan curandera. Wasson ingested the squeezed juice of 34 pairs of leaves, and described the results as "coming on sooner (than the mushrooms), being less sweeping, and lasting a shorter time. It did not go beyond the initial effects of the mushrooms - dancing colors in elaborate, three- dimensional designs." In 1962 Wasson was joined in Oaxaca by Swiss pharmacologist Albert Hofmann, inventor of LSD, who also first isolated psilocybin from mushrooms gathered in this same region. Hofmann brought an alcohol extract of Salvia divinorum back to Switzerland where he attempted to isolate the active component. He was unsuccessful, finding the extract to no longer be active, and suggested that the plant's active principal was unstable.
 The Discovery of Salvinorin A

There was little research performed on Salvia divinorum during the following two decades. Salvinorin A was first isolated in 1982 by Alfredo Ortega, while performing a systematic chemical search for novel terpenoid compounds within the genus salvia. Ortega's search was not related to, and did not investigate, this plant's psychoactive properties. A group led by Leander Valdes, who was attempting to discover the psychoactive component of Salvia divinorum, separately isolated the same compound in 39g. The
Valdes group, however, only tested salvinorin A by administering injections to mice. Although these experiments suggested that salvinorin A was the main psychoactive component of the plant. the Valdes group remained unaware of its extraordinarily potent effects in humans.
In June of 1993 Daniel Siebert discovered the strikingly powerful effects of salvinorin A, following the smoking of an extract which he had produced. Prior to producing the extract Siebert had been experimenting with ingestion of Salvia divinorum and smoking the dried leaves. Although these experiments allowed him to enter a psychedelic world, he felt that a much vaster dimension was waiting beyond the state produced by these methods of consumption. He began a series of experiments producing
concentrated extracts and trying various methods of administration, During his experiments, Siebert felt the plant's spirit was issuing a kind of intuitional guidance, encouraging him to continue with the extraction process and discover a means of achieving a full Salvia experience.

Pure salvinorin A is desirable because it permits one to experience intense psychedelic effects which are often elusive when using the whole plant material. In particular, when smoking dried Salvia divinorum leaf, many people fail to achieve more than a mild effect, although a few find this method quite satisfactory.

Upon his discovery of two terpenoid compounds, Valdes named them divinorin A and divinorin B. However, since Ortega had previously discovered and named the first of these compounds. the name salvinorin A is currently used for the plants primary terpenoid component. Salvinorin B, which represents about 4% of the plant's terpenoids, did not  turn out to be psychoactive in Valdes' animal studies, however, it has yet to be tested in humans. Valdes has also isolated other terpenoids from Salvia divinorum.

In his book, Pharmako/Poeia, Dale Pendell indicates that one may need to work with the plant for some time before feeling its effects.

"The Ally - She can be shy. Sometimes she has to get to know you for a while before she will come out and say hello. But once she appears, are there any who are more direct?"

When smoking dried Salvia divinorum leaf it is important that
the entire quantity be consumed in one or two large inhalations if one hopes to obtain significant effects. Smoking it in the manner one normally smokes a joint usually produces no more than a mild buzz.
Siebert found that leaves harvested during the warmer months of the year were at least twice as potent as those harvested during the winter. John Gruber of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science recently performed HPLC tests which yielded between 1.5 and 2.2 mg. salvinorin A per gram of dried Salvia divinorum leaf with lower amounts appearing in the stems and traces in the roots. Earlier experiments by Siebert have yielded up to 4.4 mg. salvinorin A per gram of dried leaf. The dried leaf equals approximately 13% of the fresh weight.

Siebert also discovered that when ingesting Salvia divinorum, its active components are absorbed primarily through contact with the oral mucosa. His  experiments  showed  that  significant  entheogenic experiences were produced by chewing 8 to 10 large fresh leaves (3 grams each, fresh weight) and holding them in the mouth for 10 minutes, while quickly swallowing the same amount of material produced no noticeable effects. In sessions where
Salvia divinorum was administered by Mazatecan shamans, most westerners who reported definite psychoactive effects were given 50 to 100 leaves. Reports on the plant's psychoactivity were inconsistent, and much of what was absorbed by those who felt its effects may have been through the oral mucosa during the process of chewing and consuming the leaves.

Shortly after discovering salvinorin A's effects, Siebert sent a sample to David Nichols who initiated a NovaScreenTM receptor site screening. The screening results were in contrast to those of all previously tested psychedelics. Salvinorin A did not affect any of the receptor sites tested, which included all of the likely known receptor sites for other psychedelics.
Dosage and Method of Administration

Salvinorin A can be efficiently consumed by inhaling the vaporized crystalline powder, or by smoking, providing the crystalline powder has been placed on a substrate such as dried Salvia divinorum leaf. Used in this manner, the effects of salvinorin A can be distinctly felt from as little as 200 to 500 mcg. Most who have tried salvinorin A have reported 'full" effects at a range between 800 and 1200 mcg. The distinction of "full" effects is arbitrary, as the intensity and diversity of the experience increases with the dosage. It should also be noted that as with any substance, there are a few people who will be unusually sensitive to salvinorin A, and will require a smaller amount to produce the same level of effects.
Ott has indicated that salvinorin A can also be taken sublingually, and is active in even smaller doses, with as little as 100 to 250 mcg. producing noticeable effects. Ott used a solution of salvinorin A in acetone in his sublingual tests, and also reported that DMSO can be used as a solvent for this purpose. By comparison, the most potent previously known natural psychedelics, 5-MeO-DMT and psilocin. are typically used in doses of 5 to 10 mg. Salvinorin A is approximately 10 times the potency of these compounds, and nearly as potent as the semi-synthetic psychedelic, LSD.

The effects of salvinorin A intensify sharply as the dose is increased, as has been noted by several people who have used over 1 mg. A few have tried doses around 2 mg., and had experiences of ferocious intensity which they had no desire to repeat. The largest single dose reported is Siebert's initial smoking of approximately 2 mg. of salvinorin A.

Most of the early experiments with salvinorin A were performed by inhaling the vaporized crystal using the following technique. The salvinorin A was placed on the center of a piece of thick aluminum foil, which was heated from below with a butane micro-torch or "jet flame" lighten As the salvinorin A turned to a white vapor, the vapors were inhaled through a 15mm diameter glass tube. This technique requires careful performance. If one inhales before the crystal has been melted, the solid material wilt be taken into the mouth and will not produce the desired effects. However, if one waits more than a moment after the vapor begins to appear, it will disperse and be lost to the atmosphere. There were several reported misfires from people who were not successful in this procedure. Some of these people suspected the substance was not very potent, increased the dose, and were quite shocked by the intensity of what they were subsequently propelled into.

I came across a simpler procedure for this process, which is to use a conventional hash oil pipe. A hash oil pipe is made by creating a bubble or bowl at one end of a glass tube, with an opening at the top. Although hash oil is no longer commonly available4 these pipes can occasionally be found in stores. A hash oil pipe allows better visibility of the melting and vaporization, and better confinement of the vaporized material against escaping without being inhaled. Even with a hash oil pipe the technique requires precision. The use of a micro-torch or "jet flame" lighter is essential, not only due to salvinorin A's high boiling point, but also because a conventional lighter will coat the outside of the pipe in carbon, obscuring visibility of the melting/vaporization process. I found that the flame must be continually moved over the bottom of the bowl until the material has melted. These torches are hot enough to cause the bowl to quickly expand and buckle if the flame is kept at one point on the bowl. This causes the solid salvinorin A crystals to disperse over a large area inside the bowl, which does not allow for efficient vaporization. It is important that only self-extinguishing torches or lighters are used in this process, as salvinorin A takes effect very rapidly. One does not want to be traveling through hyperspace while a lit torch is burning at their side.

Recently salvinorin A has been distributed in another form which is much easier to use. The material I've used contains 1 mg. of salvinorin A, dissolved onto 25 mg. of dried and powdered Salvia divinorum leaf. This concentrate formulation is much easier to handle than the pure crystalline form. The concentrate formulation may be smoked in a regular pipe using a regular lighter. However, a dedicated pipe should be used for smoking salvinorin A, as subsequent smoking of other herbs in the same pipe may induce an unwanted journey. Individual doses can now be reasonably measured on a scale with 10 mg. (1/100 of a gram) resolution, such as the Ohaus Centogram quad- beam balance. I've prepared 1 mg. doses of salvinorin A by first weighing 50 mg. of the salvinorin A on Salvia divinorum leaf concentrate, and then visually dividing this amount into two equal piles. Anyone working with this material should be acutely aware that even small variations in the dose size can produce dramatic increases in the intensity of the experience. Pure crystalline salvinorin A requires a sophisticated analytical balance for the measurement of individual doses. I have used the salvinorin A on Salvia divinorum leaf formulation several times now, and have noticed no difference between this and vaporizing the same amount of material in pure crystalline form.

Siebert also performed tests using other methods of administering pure salvinorin A. This included placing salvinorin A in the mouth, and dissolving salvinorin A in a solvent and spraying into the nose. The effectiveness of these methods varied widely with repeated applications of the same method. In some cases a large percentage of the material taken seemed to make its way into the bloodstream, at other times only minimal effects were produced. This presented a significant risk. If the dose was increased to the point where one would normally achieve "full" effects, (equivalent to smoking 1 mg.) there was a risk of absorbing a larger percentage of the material which could produce an experience of shocking intensity. This possibility led Siebert to suspend his research in this area.

There are currently a number of people in the psychedelic community experimenting with different methods of ingesting Salvia divinorum, including the oral administration of a crude extract. It is likely that a reliable method will soon be developed which allows one to experience fuller effects than can be easily obtained through chewing the whole leaves, but without the intensity and sudden onset of smoked salvinorin A.

As mentioned earlier, most who have tried salvinorin A find its effects extremely unsettling, and have no desire to repeat the experience. This response comes from people who are highly experienced in the use of entheogens, including many who are writers or leaders in the psychedelic community. from the 1960's to present. It is unlikely that salvinorin A will ever become a popular substance, and many will find using the non-extracted plant material more to their liking. In contrast to using pure salvinorin A, use of the whole plant material, particularly by ingestion, produces a gentler, longer-lasting experience, that many have found easier to absorb and have derived greater benefit from. Used in this manner, Salvia divinorum is also much less overwhelming, and is not likely to present many of the dangers described below. Currently salvinorin A has been used by a relatively small group of people. Information regarding its possible effects on humans is still quite limited, and there is little known regarding the possible toxicity of this substance, particularly at higher doses. Information on the experience of about 50 users has been informally gathered and summarized here. Also presented are some insights I've obtained during approximately 30 sessions using salvinorin A.
The use of salvinorin A presents some extreme dangers which are not encountered on other psychedelics. After smoking salvinorin A, some users will stand up and begin walking or moving around, running into objects that are in their path. People in this state typically move in an agitated manner and seem to be struggling with the experience. Apparently they have no recognition of their surroundings when this is taking place. This response has been noted in only a few people, about 5% of the first 50 subjects.

A more common occurrence is for one who has just smoked salvinorin A to not recognize that they are heavily inebriated, and begin to walk around In these instances the user is able to perceive his or her surroundings, and moves around without bumping into objects. Several people in this situation have wanted to leave the premises where they were conducting their journey, desiring to either drive or walk to another location, and needed to be dissuaded from doing so. Often people who walk around during the journey do not recall doing so once the effects wear off. The presence of a sober person to act as sitter during the sessions has proven very important in dealing with situations such as those described above. Siebert has witnessed reactions of this type and stated:

"When the dose goes above 500 to 1000 mcg the effects can be very alarming. I have seen people get up and lunge around the room, falling over furniture, babbling incomprehensible nonsense and knocking their heads into walls. Several people have tried to wander out of the house. When the experience is over, they have no memory of any of this. In fact, they usually remember very different events. To an outside observer, people in this condition have a blank look in their eyes as if no one is present. It is also common for people to have a facial expression which is probably best described as being like that of a frightened animal."

There is also potential psychological danger with salvinorin A. I can confirm from my own experience that it can instantly obliterate any reference to sanity, logic, or even the idea of existing, and make one feel that either one's self or the entire universe has gone entirely and permanently crazy. Occasionally people who have been given salvinorin A, even highly experienced psychedelic users, feel that a bad0 joke has been played on them by whoever gave them the substance. One person who tried salvinorin A, who is quite experienced with DMT and most other psychedelics, remarked "It made DMT look like a water pistol, at a dose 50-100 times less."
The intensity of a salvinorin A journey is often experienced as being an order of magnitude more potent than smoked DMT, in much the same way that DMT seems an order of magnitude more potent than a typical LSD journey. A large percentage of salvinorin A users also report that the fear factor is much greater than with DMT, which is saying a lot. I feel that no person, no matter how experienced with other psychedelics or altered states of mind, can be prepared for the intensity of a full-strength salvinorin A journey. It is common for users to be shocked, amazed and frightened, at finding themselves in a state they could not possibly conceive of being induced by any psychedelic substance. Certainly the most cautious way for one to approach this substance is to work with the whole plant material before attempting to use its active principal.
Effects and Experiences

Many who use salvinorin A spend the peak of their journey lying down or reclining, apparently engrossed in an internal world. At the onset of the experience there is often a complete separation of consciousness from the body and personality. similar to what occurs with Ketamine. What is experienced after this is quite variable, possibly more so than with other psychedelics. The visions seen with salvinorin A seem particularly real and convincing. Quite often people accept these visions as reality and forget they are under the influence of a psychedelic substance. Siebert has reported on a number of themes which are frequently experienced with salvinorin A.

1. Becoming objects (yellow plaid French fries, fresh paint on a drawer, a pant leg,
    a Ferris wheel, etc.)
2. Visions of various two-dimensional surfaces, films and membranes.
3. Revisiting places from the past, especially childhood
4. Loss of the body and/or identity.
5. Various sensations of motion, or being pulled or twisted by forces of some kind.
6. Uncontrollable hysterical laughter.
7. Overlapping realities. The perception that one is in several locations at once.

There has been little written regarding first-hand experiences with Salvia divinorum or salvinorin A. Although recently reports from individuals have appeared in publications such as The Entheogen Review and on internet BBS such as alt.drugs.

Dale Pendell is one or the few to have taken a liking to Salvia divinorum. His book, Pharmako/Poeia, devotes an entire chapter to it and offers many poetic insights into the nature of this mysterious ally.

"Some say it is a sensual and tactile thing. Some say it's about temporality and dimensionality, that it's about time travel Somesay it's about the Root Energy Network, or that it's about becoming a plant...it's like a mirror with no frame: some don't see it at all; some do, but don't like what they see... Consciousness has to do with energy and light. It is really very simple, neither animals nor people have consciousness. It is plants that have consciousness. Animals get consciousness by eating plants."

These poems may seem arcane to those not familiar with the Salvia divinorum experience, but are likely to be easily grasped by those who are. An experimenter who chewed Salvia divinorum leaf reports in The Entheogen Review; five minutes of uncontrollable laughter, followed by visions "similar to those in fantasy paintings or ancient oriental palaces: the Alhambra of Grenada. A large, almost endless empty hall with beautiful arches and hundreds of columns: all in a strange, gloomy, blue-gray light with colors of deep magic and majesty." This person later went on to feel as if he'd become a tree, similar to an Oak. He experienced his bark as a sense organ, and remarked "while it was happening I had no doubt that a tree feels that way." Subsequent to this his experience changed from entheogen to aphrodisiac.
An excellent description of encounters with Salvia divinorum can be found in a tape by Bret Blosser. While on a cave hunting expedition in the Sierra Mazateca in the late 70's, Blosser quite accidentally came upon Mazatecs who use this plant, and was able to participate in several sessions with native shamans. He had the opportunity to receive instruction and learn about the plant's use over a span of several years, during which he periodically revisited the area. In his tape, Blosser discusses the uses for Salvia divinorum within the Mazatec culture, which includes; medicinally - to treat both physical and "psychic" illnesses, and in divining - the future, the cause or cure for an illness, and information about friends, family, and enemies. He provides insightful descriptions of his journeys, and of the preparation and guidance of his sessions. The curandero who administered Blosser's journeys works with psilocybe mushrooms more frequently than Salvia divinorum, and indicated that Salvia divinorum is "too fast" for most people.

Prior to his extraction research with Salvia divinorum, Leander Valdes. together with Jose Diaz, had taken part in ceremonies conducted by a Mazatecan shaman during which they ingested leaves from the plant. Valdes reported the following visions in an article appearing in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology :

"I see something between a cross and a sword which is covered with gold and has many jewels... It has everything inside, lights, animals, people, plants. Everything, of many colors. like a picture. Very very vivid colors." Valdes characterized his experiences with Salvia divinorum as involving sensations of "flying, floating, traveling rapidly through space, twisting and spinning. as well as a heaviness or lightness of the body." Later that evening Valdes' visions continued. He saw a purplish light that changed into a bee or moth like shape which became a pulsating sea anemone. The imagery expanded into a desert landscape full of moving prickly pear cactus shapes. Suddenly he found himself standing in a bizarre landscape with brightly colored flowers, talking to a man wearing a shining white robe who was either shaking or holding his hand. Next to them was something that resembled the skeleton of a giant stick-model airplane made from rainbow colored inner-tubing. The "reality" of what he was seeing amazed him.

The following experience was reported on the internet from a person who had smoked two deep bong hits of dried Salvia divinorum leaf.

"There was an edge, made of something between plastic and flesh, set about a foot in front of my face, running diagonally, upward to the right. I could touch this edge. and it had resistance when I did so. It's visual qualities were a bit less intense initially, pastel colors, some glistening. I started to pull at it, peeling it back, and it seemed then that the 'stuff' was simply "reality". I collapsed into a couch, closed my eyes, and unfolded the folds of this "stuff' (or rather it unfolded me; you know how it goes, very reflexive,) a very sensual, sexual experience, moist, son and hard all at once. Or, a distinct sense of losing my "mental faculties one by one, in very specific levels, until I could not form a thought. Space had become very peculiar, rich with crevices, stretching far down past what I could see. At this point I felt uneasy. A voice called up from one of the crevices "Do you want to stay like this forever?" I called out "No!", and the voice replied, "Then stop doing that!" "That" I took to mean the Salvia. Then I fused with a piece of furniture. A very odd experience, like I was simply the hidden other leg of the furniture, completing the gestalt, but in a very immediate bodily way."

A recent issue of The EntheogenReviewreports on one person's journey following the smoking of two dried Salvia divinorum leaves, consumed in two large hits from a water pipe:

"I felt like and saw myself as a tree. Branches began growing out of my body, filling up the room, and I felt, and saw, my roots growing all over the floor and out beneath the door. At thispoint I could no longer remember if I had smoked anything, or if my mind had just flipped on me. My room had turned into artwork from Where the Wild Things Are, a kid's book. The room was a garden of geometric twines and leaves from my own body." This trip was much more intense than any previous Salvia divinorum journeys of this person, who also reported seeing entities, including, "one who was pushing a wheelbarrow along one of my  vines while smiling at me."
Salvinorin A Journeys

My own experiments with salvinorin A began in December 1994, following a
highly coincidental meeting with Daniel Siebert. I first learned of
salvinorin A when a copy of The Entheogen Review arrived in the mail
containing Siebert's article. The following day I went to Los Angeles on
business matters and to visit friends, and quite out of the blue was
introduced to Siebert by someone I'd just met that day. The occasion of
this unlikely meeting gave me assurance that I was meant to work with this
powerful entheogen, despite Siebert's numerous reports of those who found
the journey harrowingly unpleasant.

My journeys with salvinorin A (hereafter called salvinorin) are more varied
than those of any other psychedelic I've used, and include both my best and
worst psychedelic journeys. My understanding and the content of these
journeys has evolved with repeated use. Certain ideas and perceptions have
become clearer as I've become familiar with the territory, although the
entire experience still remains largely incomprehensible, and there exists
a feeling of having just stepped over the threshold into an immensely vast
dimension. A description of the general framework of most of my salvinorin
journeys is given below. followed by excerpts of notes from my journeys.
Also presented are reports from other experimenter's journeys, which will
assist in offering a more comprehensive view of the realms available
through Salvia divinorum.

My experiences with salvinorin can be divided into three phases or periods,
the onset, trance, and return. These periods closely match the unfolding of
a smoked DMT experience. Initial effects are felt within 10-20 seconds,
with the peak being reached in another 30 seconds or so. I usually stay at
this peak, in trance, for 3 to 10 minutes, after which there is a 10 to 20
minute decline to baseline. When used with another psychedelic the duration
of a salvinorin experience can be increased several fold.
Salvinorin comes on with an irresistibly powerful, spiraling force which is
much stronger than that felt on any other psychedelic. During the onset I
quickly fall into a trance, while my body feels permeated by "needle-like"
anesthetic sensations. Both of these sensations are quite similar to what I
feel during the onset of smoked N.N. DMT. Within seconds of this first
phase, the salvinorin separates my awareness from my body, similarly to
what occurs with 5-MeO- DMT or Ketamine. Salvinorin is quite distinct from
Ketamine. however, in that like DMT, salvinorin exudes a strongly
life-positive energy, where Ketamine does not necessarily have this

Following this, I go on an internal journey while my body is lying down in
trance. My experience. or recollection, of this second phase varies
greatly. Sometimes I perceive the most cosmic, wondrous, and detailed of
universes. while at other times I recallabsolutely nothing- In these moments of recalling nothing, I've often felt as though I only smoked the salvinorin a few moments ago and have retained consciousness the entire time. I then look at a clock and realize five or ten minutes have passed that I can not account for. I've developed a theory for this vast difference in the experiences which I'll discuss later.
The amount of time I spend in the trance, and how high I am upon returning
to bodily awareness, varies with each journey. It seems that I am normally
pulled out of the trance by some type of sound. At home this may be a car
passing by, while out in nature it seems that a bird will chirp or a bug
will fly around my head. In most instances, the sound which pulls me out of
the trance seems like a distraction which is interfering with the
experience. It is not surprising that the Mazatecs recommend that it be
done in quiet. There is a tendency for awareness to lock onto individual
perceptions during the return phase, and for these perceptions to appear to
fill the entire universe. This has been particularly noted by Siebert and
myself when music was being played during the trip. The portion of the
journey immediately following the trance is often the most intense and
leaves the strongest impressions.

While coming out of the trance the bodily anesthetic sensations often
persist, and are stronger when I come out of the trance prematurely. These
feelings can be compared to the "needles and pins" sensation of trying to
move an arm or leg which has fallen asleep. Following one journey I wrote
"I must have willed myself to move, and felt the anesthesia sensations
gripping me firmly, with an almost cutting sensation. It was not exactly
painful. It felt as though I was tightly gripped by millions of sharp
fingernails applying minimal pressure, but if I moved I would be cut to
shreds." This can also be experienced as a "tearing" sensation over the
entire surface of the body. Siebert has described intensified feelings of
this type as "various sensations of motion, or being pulled or twisted by
forces of some kind." On occasion these sensations have been very pleasant,
closer to Pendell's "like soft cat paws pressing, or like a bunch of bird
tongues lapping the mind. Or like tiny fingers, the way ivy fingers reach out to climb a wall..."

The most constant internal experience in my salvinorin journeys is a
drastic shift in my sense of identity and conscious perception. At the
onset of the experience my identity is completely dislodged from
my body and familiar self. Following this I experience myself as existing,
but not as a body, human, or personality. I usually find myself in some
alternate dimension, which can either closely resemble earth, or be
entirely alien. Quite often the worlds visited under the influence of
salvinorin do not obey the laws of physics which we are typically
accustomed to. The action of the forces of gravity and momentum, the
dimension of time, and the geometric construction of these worlds, can be
rather bizarre.

There is also an apparent reduction in boundaries, and the sensation that
my "being" can literally enter and inhabit various objects, including
inanimate ones. There have been numerous reports from people who have had
quite vivid and convincing experiences of becoming objects such as a
dresser drawer. As I begin traversing these unusual dimensions I feel
driven by forces which I don't fully understand, but which I believe to be
influenced by my set and setting. At the point I come out of tile trance,
external reality begins making an imprint on my experience and accelerates
the return to normal awareness. Some of my more interesting journeys are
described below.
#1  D.M. Turner- 1.3 mg. salvinorin
For my first journey I smoked approximately 1.3 mg. of salvinorin.
Immediately after smoking I felt the effects coming on, and seemed to lose
consciousness after a few seconds. My next recollections are of moving
about in what could have been a suburban American town in the 50's or 60's.
However, I was not a person, nor did I remember ever having been a person,
or taken any drug. At some point in my travels it seemed that I had stopped
moving. I was perceiving everything as though I was an exterior wall of a
house. I could see a yard, a street, and a village with many trees around.
It could have been from my childhood. but does not bring to mind any
specific memories.

I soon realized that I was "glued" to this particular existence as the side
of a house. I had become something inanimate and material, yet I was aware
of life around me, and knew that I had recently been a particular human
being prior to taking some powerful psychedelic. I tried to return to my
previous human identity and found I was unable to do so. I felt that I was stuck for eternity as the side of this house, and an acute sense of fear and terror began to develop.

In my struggle I tried to move and distinctly felt the force which was
anesthetizing my body, inducing the trance, and holding me as
though I was possessed. These sensations felt extremely similar to how N.N.
DMT feels in these respects, only stronger. I realized my body was lying on
my bed, frozen, with my jaw hanging open in a state of astonishment. I knew
that whatever I'd taken was not DMT, but as I identified these effects as
DMT-like, I felt that I'd taken a step towards escaping from the spell
which I found myself under. As I continued to struggle back to consensus
reality there were moments when it seemed the spell would never end, and
there was even temptation to just rest in it.  I did not feel particularly uncomfortable, only somewhat when I attempted to return to my human identity and found myself unable to do so. I felt perturbed at whoever had given me this bizarre psychedelic. Why would someone give me a substance which would leave me eternally existing as the side of a house ? This reminded me of some of the
weird tales I'd heard of others who had tried this substance. I could
relate to their experiences, and remembering that they had somehow returned
from this realm gave me confidence in my own returning, It then seemed very
important that I remember the name of the person who had given me the
substance, that this would somehow lead me back to sanity. After passing
through various names I associate with psychedelics I came up with the
correct name, and upon remembering this was able to pull myself out of bed.
I immediately began walking towards the door of my room. Before the journey
I had placed a note on the door as a reminder not to wander outside, and
upon seeing this note, sat down to await the conclusion of the journey.
Looking at the clock I saw that I'd spent 11 minutes in the trance.
This experience was quite different from any of my later salvinorin
journeys. It is the only time I recall becoming a two dimensional object,
although similar experiences have been reported by a large percentage of
users. The sensation of getting stuck or glued to a spot while traveling
through hyperspace is also common, and has occurred on some of my other
journeys. During this journey I also had the idea that salvinorin can only
be passed on from one person to the next. I have had this idea repeatedly in my salvinorin journeys, but still do not comprehend its meaning.
#2 D.M. Turner - 400 to 800 mcg. salvinorin
My next three journeys were done with smaller amounts, ranging from 400 to
800 mcg. There were three related themes which repeated and developed
throughout these journeys. The first is a seeming interchange that would
take place between myself and whatever I was perceiving. It was as though
the perceiver and the perceived switched places. I would become that which
I was normally aware of The second theme is an apparent identity shift that
would occur almost immediately upon smoking the salvinorin. It seemed that
I was "knocked" out of my identity-with-the-body by an instantaneous
"percussive" force. Perceptions of this event include the sensation of
switching places between my own awareness/identity, and the
awareness/identity belonging to the speck of salvinorin which I had smoked.
The third theme relates to salvinorin being the substance of pure
consciousness, an idea that may have sprung from my amazement at the
experience produced by a tiny speck of white crystalline powder, no larger
than a couple grains of salt. If there is a physical counterpart to
consciousness, memory or identity in humans, and if it could be extracted
from our brains, I think we would find something similar to salvinorin. In
one of my journeys I began repealing the words "becomes the substance that
memory is made out of" The internal sensation was that after salvinorin is
smoked and reaches the brain, it becomes the physical matter or substance
that constitutes memory, and there is a vast increase in the amount of
information which is available to me. I also realized that memory is linked
nearly synonymously with identity, and also very closely with
consciousness. As salvinorin is coming on I gain consciousness and memory.
I never actually lose consciousness, although this was my interpretation of earlier experiences. Ifs simply that consciousness becomes so vast that I lose the perspective of my individual self As the effects of the salvinorin wear off, some protective aspect of the mind censors much of my memory of the experience, as it similarly does to memories of Ketamine and DMT journeys.
#3  Anonymous - approximately 1.7 mg salvinorin
The following report of a highly alarming experience is excerpted from any
early experiment utilizing approximately 1.7 mg. of salvinorin. The subject
was highly experienced in the use of other psychedelics and gave the
following preface to his report.

"I have smoked DMT several times, it was the ultimate disembodied, colorful and blissful realm I had known. I have taken full doses of ayahuasca where the DMT is allowed to become orally active after mixing with another plant, with its own array of psychoactive properties. I was healed by ayahuasca, and saw her face. I have used a large dose of ibogaine and was propelled through multiple universes, breaking through barrier after barrier, out of body for 4 hours, and had seen the spirit of ibogaine. I also had climbed over the shoulder of a Kuan-Yin several hundred feet tall. I have been injected with Ketamine, and was flung into a pin-ball universe of feelings having colors, and thought I had been taken to a hospital, and had been cared for a long time, tube-fed, helpless, and realized that was fine. I was looking forward to a disembodied journey into heretofore undescribedblissful realms, perhaps occupied by entities with whom I might relate or simply marvel at, all the while. I knew my drugs, and was a relative "hard-head," needing more than most to break through. It was a minute amount of material, and flew into the pipe immediately upon vaporizing. There was no taste, nor any throat irritation. I remember thinking 'This is just a little bit of material, but I got it all.' I had plenty of time to lay back, and during so, laid my glasses to my left. I exhaled. and the vapor looked like my breath condensing in the cold dry air outside. I closed my eyes as I felt the onset of effects. I began to say,
as I have so many times before, 'Welcome. I'm back. It's nice to be here
again.' My face began spreading in a wide grin. It felt like my face could
not contain the grin. I must have lost consciousness briefly. Or, there was no transition. The next thing I experienced was the feeling of my stretching grin extending outside of my face, or, beyond the borders of what I have learned to experience as my face. Was there a ripping sound? Was there a painful feeling of pins and needles, a feeling of the skin being stretched beyond what is normal? I was laying on my back, on the bed, and the right half of my body was being stretched out and somehow below me. The left half of my body was being pulled up and out. The vaulted arch ofour ceiling opened up, and a Caucasian man, with a hat like a bowler, leaned down to his fight, down to the brown leg of his slacks. He looked at me, from what seemed nearly a hundred feet, and said, 'It's time to GO NOW,' and began moving his right leg forward in a step. As his right leg
swung forward, my body was merging into his pant leg, below his knee, this part of his body being as tall as I am. Rather, most of my body was being pulled into his leg. My neck, arms, and head were being dragged forward as the bed was being stretched.
The visual experience was as if the world, including my body and all that I
saw, had become flat, two-dimensional, and was a sheet, or a thin rubber
skin, a layer. As the pulling forward and out was taking place, the colored
forms of what I saw were smeared, as if a running palette of colors,
pulled, stretched, thinned. I pulled back, wondering if I could pull away
from this tearing of the world. 'It's time to go now.' My body and the world as I knew it, was being pulled into the black universe, stars studding the space, while the outline of this man was covered with the "being pulled", "smeared" reality, of which I was an integral part.

I was stunned, frightened, disbelieving. I think it hurt, but even more
painful was the idea that 'this was it.' My mind began trying to sort out
what had happened. I saw my wife, (who had not smoked any salvinorin) I was in our room, on the bed. I was looking at my arms, my legs, and they were being pulled like rubber cement into the surface of the world as it was disappearing, moving forward into the brown material of his pant leg. 'Is this all the world is? Part of some big man's pant leg? Its just too
bizarre.' But it was happening. 'It's time to go now.' Almost with some
impatience, as if I were so muddled as to not know that this was the end,
the end of this reality, gone. going, being rent, stretched, pulled into
another very small and insignificant part of something so big it was incomprehensible. It did not seem right. I tried saying 'I can't believe this is happening to me. This is too weird. Is this how it ends? A pant leg, being ripped out and forward. I had no warning, this is not what I expected.' I was completely convinced that this was taking place. But the right half of my mouth was not there to properly form the words. My wife later said that I was speaking gibberish, but there was a sense of wondered revelation to my tone. She said I looked relatively normal when I opened my eyes, no enlarged dilated pupils. But she knew, when she heard me, that I was far gone.

"I looked at my wife. She, too, was being pulled up and out, the right half
of her body streaming into the movement forward. I thought it was happening to her, but she was more concerned about how I was reacting than for her own demise. I thought of the person who had given me the substance, that this was something he knew, and that my taking this substance was the trigger for the end of the universe, space, time, all history, all people and things, and feelings and thoughts, all flattened and streaming forward, into a smeared palette of colors. My wife later told me I was staring in disbelief around me and at my body and saying 'It's smeared, it's smearing. It's the universe. We are moving into the universe, it's ending.' I looked carefully at my left forearm and hand. I saw the transition between my flesh, and tiny bubbles of color, streaming upward and outward into the pulling canvas of matter. My legs were doing the same thing, as was the entire room. 'It's time to go now!'

The sense continued, hammering. I felt, but did not think, 'No, I'm not
ready. There is so much undone, unfelt, unsaid.' I felt I should have been
better warned or prepared. I thought of the Buddha, my patron saint, and
the teachings he promulgated. There was nothing in them that was even close to the enormity of what I was experiencing. Did he know about this? Was he and all his teaching, the life of thousands of years of followers of his and other religions ending as a thin two-dimensional sheet? It seemed so trivial compared to how it was ending. I wondered about the plant from which this material was derived. Is this the reason for the plant's
existence To mediate the ending of the universe?

"To one of my requests for reassurance my wife said it's happening. relax,
lay back in bed.' I'd been twisting and turning, trying to move away from
the dissolving edge. I said to my wife 'If this is how it ends, I ought to
just relax. I will miss you, I'm glad we met. Please lay by my side so we
can go out together.' She lay down next to me and I kissed her forehead.
She then lay across my chest. enveloping me with her body. I felt her love, and felt we were ending together. I felt us both merging with the edges of
the end, and felt my body merging more fully with the sheet of reality that
we were becoming.

"Some moments later I opened my eyes again. and felt the ripping and
pulling diminishing. I looked up and saw that the ceiling was beginning to congeal around a well-demarcated line. I looked at my left hand and saw
there was an irregular line, curving in the same pattern as that of the
ceiling. My hand was slowly filling in with substance again. I used all my
strength to roll onto my left side. away from the force that had been
sucking and stretching everything forward. I sat up next to it, and could
see the outline of the force in the air. I said to my wife 'It's less, its
over. I need to get out of here.' I was afraid it would start up again and
felt if I was not in the room 1 could escape it. I said 'I'm down, I'm not
tripping anymore, I'm fine. I just need to get out of here fast.' I went to
the door leading outside. My truck was outside. a vehicle I'd had for 12
years. I wanted to look at it to verify its solidity and see how it was
faring. My wife later said I was crouched and moving extremely rapidly. and appeared psychotic. The deadbolt was locked, and for a second I thought, its because there's no way to escape the ending. I then remembered my wife had locked the deadbolt and went to the dresser where the keys are usually kept. but was unable to find them. On my way to the other door my wife managed to get me back in the bed.

"The experience continued to subside. The colors were no longer coming off my body. I sat on the bed staring at my extremities, shaken, disturbed,
completely baffled, upset, alarmed. exhausted, sad, frightened, stunned.
The room now looked fine, I was no longer "tripping," but still altered. I
kept saying to my wife. 'I'm fine, now, but I just had an unbelievable
experience. I do not know what to say."

This report provides an excellent description of how frighteningly shocking
and unpredictable a salvinorin journey can be. It also shows another variation of the bizarre physical dimensions encountered on this substance, and hints at some of the possible dangers that can arise through its use. The next report describes
a quite different journey with highly positive results.
#4  D.M. Turner - 350 mcg. Salvinorin with 360 mcg. LSD
My fifth journey, which took place five days after my first, was also the
first time I combined Salvinorin with LSD. I started with 360 mcg. of
quad-sep (very pure) LSD. About 4 hours later I smoked 350 mcg. of
Salvinorin which was greatly potentiated. Prior to smoking the Salvinorin,
I noticed that the entire LSD trip felt different than the many other
trips I'd had using this same batch. It seemed that everything had a
"Salvinorin edge" to it, which was probably a result of my experiments in
the preceding days. I also noticed an unusually heavy adrenaline flow
which increased as I was approaching the time to smoke the Salvinorin.
Conversely, my mind seemed quite calm, as I looked forward to trying this
combination primarily with curiosity, secondly with enthusiasm, and felt
only a slight amount of apprehension. I took a shower and meditated for a
while to calm down prior to smoking the Salvinorin.

The initial effects felt similar to my other Salvinorin experiments in
that I found myself relaxing in a state of immensely expanded awareness.
On this occasion, however, my awareness was filled with millions of
universes, bordering on the brink of infinity as I frequently experience
with  Ketamine. While enjoying this  immersion  in consciousness, I
realized I was not existing in the time-bound physical universe which I
normally call reality. My "Being" was separating from physical space-time,
as though they were two separate wheels rotating in opposite directions.
It was as though I'd died and become disembodied consciousness, and was no
longer subject to the gravitational laws of the earth spinning about its
axis, and revolving around the sun, etc I also was no longer anchored to
the gravity of the ego, and there was nothing to prevent my drifting off
in whatever directions the cosmic forces propelled me. A minute later I
became aware of sensations in my body, and felt myself being pulled out of this expanded universe into my previous existence. The sensation felt as though I had stepped outside of time for just a second, was enjoying a tranquil moment of eternity, and then felt myself being yanked back by a strange force that prevents things from moving between multiple universes. I had the thought that what I'd experienced was similar to someone who'd had a near-death experience. It seemed that I had died for a short period; that consciousness or identity began to "disperse," and then I was
suddenly yanked back from the "gates of heaven" by some attachment to my
body. Is Salvinorin related to a substance produced in the brain of people
who undergo near-death experiences?

It felt that when I smoked the Salvinorin I had remembered who I was. I
remembered I was consciousness not a body, and as consciousness I had
access to unlimited realms. Another perception of what took place is that
the "I" that smoked the Salvinorin dissolved into infinity, and a
different but similar entity jumped out of infinity into the body that was
lying on the bed. This seemed to be an explanation for my body's fear. My
body new it was going to be losing the "spirit" which had been inhabiting
it, and was going to have a new spirit come inside.

After returning to bodily awareness, I jotted down some notes and lay back
to enjoy the remainder of the Salvinorin journey. Soon I saw a rounded,
wave-like shape moving in front of me, located horizontally across the
room. It was very soft in contrast to the rest of the environment. It was
clear and appeared to be made only of air, hut had a blurring,
refocusing, lens-like effect on whatever was seen through it. I closed
my eyes and began to see the bright white light which often accompanies a
near death experience during psychedelic journeys. This light never
reached the intensity of which I know it is capable, and remained shrouded
in a veil of softly glowing green light. Soon this manifested into a
beautiful, sensuous, flowing image. It appeared to be a luxuriant green
vine, serpent, plant, Goddess, incorporating all of these forms into a
whole that was alive and constantly moving. I distinctly recall seeing
long. grouped, twisting vines. a moderate amount of leaves that!
 resembled maple leaves in shape, the twisting body of a serpent, and the
face and top half of a female body. All of these images appeared several
times in different branches of this "entity," and were intricately
interwoven and flowing in and out of each other. All the images were green
in color with the exception of the female bodies, which were a lighter.
green-tinted white. I felt this entity to be the spirit of the Salvia
divinorum plant who was inviting me into her world. I also had the impression that I could best communicate with her by ingesting her leaves, rather than using the
ultra-potent extracted active principal, and if I were to seek her in a
natural plant-filled environment.

This was my first encounter with what I'll call the "Salvia entity." I
have now encountered this entity on about twenty occasions, several of
them occurring when I had not consumed any form of Salvia divinorum;
Certain visions and feelings have been common in these encounters. The
Salvia entity is almost always accompanied by a luxuriant green radiance,
frequently seen as a large twisting matrix of fleshy green vines, which on
occasion appear to spread throughout the entire universe. The feeling and
energy that accompanies this entity is loving, benevolent, healing, and
comforting comforting. One person described it as "being rocked in the arms of Mother Nature." Salvia divinorum has the most distinctly feminine energy of any Entheogen I have used. It also has a quality of pristine clarity and pureness, which may have something to do with the Mazatecs associating it with the Virgin. Experiences of this nature have been reported by several users of Salvia divinorum.
#5  D.M. Turner - 650 mcg. Salvinorin with 500 mcg. LSD
Several days later I repeated this experience, using 500 mcg. of LSD, and smoking 650 mcg. of Salvinorin about 1 1/2 hours into the trip. Immediately after smoking the Salvinorin, familiar sensations began coming over me, however, these seemed gentler than usual. Within seconds the visuals turned into a continuation of the green plant/serpent/goddess I had seen during my recent journey. This first appeared as a large, twisted green vine that was growing, branching,twirling and intertwining itself in every which direction. The energy of this "plant" seemed very pleasant. I paid closer attention to it and saw that the vine strands were actually made of a continuous line of serpents that were biting each other's tails. Then, upon further examination, I saw the vine composed of fish biting each other's tails. As I noticed this it seemed that I was let into a secret, and into a new dimension of experience. These fish were seen doing loops, circles, and cascading all about in electric-psychedelic patterns. Many of the fish looked dolphin or porpoise-like. The feeling this vision evoked was both magical and funny. Thousands of these tiny fish were lightly biting on the entire surface of my body, producing the "needle-like anesthetic sensation" I've come to expect with Salvinorin. The sensation here was much gentler than usual and rather pleasant. Since I found the experience both cosmically meaningful and funny I said out loud "Green Electric Fish," and soon afterwards started laughing. I had a tape recorder running during this session, and later discovered I had spoken these words 20 seconds after smoking the Salvinorin.

One thing I noticed was that green, electric, and fish are three things
which a human will immediately reject as being not-self or repulsive. When
I saw the plants turn to fish I realized there was a close synergy between
them. Both plants and fish have lived on this planet many times longer
than humans. In living in balance with and very connected to the earth,
they have developed an elaborate consciousness network, which I felt I had
been let in on. These green-electric-fish, which represent what humans
are not, were inviting me into their world, into their consciousness, and
seemingly wanted to play. Soon I found myself in an underwater world. It
was as though I had shape-shifted and was now perceiving through the eyes
of some creature that lived in the sea. I saw a continual view looking
through water. upward toward the light. The scenes that I was watching
seemed extremely realistic. and changed at about the rate that a fish
swims. At almost all times there was a curving, lens-like effect that looking through water creates. And I now think back on the "lens-like wave" I saw in my recent experience. There were visions looking up through seaweed as it gently moved in the ocean swells while light filtered down, intricate patterns created in the water by other fish swimming above me, and the magical intricacies of light
filtering through water. The light always came from above.

With this journey I began noticing that the content of the Salvinorin
experience is significantly altered if taken following the ingestion of
another psychedelic. This theory has been repeatedly confirmed by my
subsequent Salvinorin journeys, taken both with and without other
substances. Normally when I smoke Salvinorin there is a tendency to almost
immediately begin looking for a reference point, to start coming back. In
my baseline state of mind I tend to have a firm definition of "reality."
While Salvinorin temporarily breaks my grasp on reality, some mechanism in
me begins attempting to reestablish a stable vantage point shortly after.
I feel this is an impediment to having useful or enjoyable journeys on
Salvinorin, and lately I have conducted most of my Salvinorin journeys while tripping. In the instances when I smoke Salvinorin while already high on LSD, I have been able to effortlessly float into the journey, and into the "Salvinorin realm" for a long period of time. This has provided much more meaningful and eventful experiences. I think this difference is due to LSD's property of
diminishing the tendency to continually define one's ego boundaries. In
later experiences I discovered that this combination is only useful if
Salvinorin is used in the early stages of an LSD journey, while the ego is
in a state of releasing its grasp. When I've smoked Salvinorin during the
return stage of LSD journeys, when the ego is being reformulated, I've had
some of the most negative experiences of my life, one of which is
discussed below. The journey described above was also the first in which I
shape-shifted and traveled underwater, a theme which has now repeated
several times with different variations.
#6  D.M. Turner - Salvinorin with LSD
On one occasion when I smoked Salvinorin during an LSD journey, while
coming out of the trance I found my awareness fixating on the sound of a
loud vehicle that was driving by. As I found this rather unpleasant I put
on some music, which soon took on immense proportions in relation to all
other perceptions. The piece being played was Hendrix's "1983", a song
I've listened to numerous times while tripping. On this occasion, however,
I found myself even more captivated by the music than usual, and very
tuned into what was occurring each moment. The most unique and surprising
aspect of this experience happened when the music was leading me from the
land to the sea. As this occurred, I experienced very distinct olfactory
hallucinations that were completely fitting with the musical scenario.
This is the only time I can remember having this sensation.
#7  D.M. Turner - 850 mcg. Salvinorin with 40 mg. 2C-B
The next psychedelic I tried Salvinorin with was 2C-B. While on 2C-B. but
prior to commencing this experiment, I asked the Salvia entity whether it
was appropriate to use her at this time. Almost immediately after I'd
begun meditating on this question she appeared in all her radiant
splendor, took me for a ride through the Salvinorin realms, and left me
with a very definite "yes" as her answer. Earlier I had consulted her while high on ecstasy and was advised that it was not an appropriate time to smoke Salvinorin.

I smoked 850 mcg. of Salvinorin and was immediately transported into a
dimension where I shared the consciousness of the Salvia entity. My
awareness was spread throughout the labyrinthine maze of her roots, stems,
and leaves, in connection with many other plant forms. I found myself on
the brink of infinity, a sensation I have felt several times now on
Salvinorin but had previously only felt on Ketamine at this level of
intensity. I had the perception that when I smoke Salvinorin, the Salvia
entity and myself actually trade/share consciousness for a period of time.
While I'm being taken for a fantastic ride by the Salvinorin. the Salvia
entity is simultaneously taking a ride while experiencing through a human
reference. I had the feeling that Salvia enjoys being smoked when the
smoker's mind is open to take her on pleasant psychedelic journeys and to
experience the unique philosophical perspectives which are often attained
while tripping.

Soon I found myself in a realm that was filled with fairie and elfin
creatures. I enjoyed playing with these critters which had a highly
distinctive visual appearance. These elves were quite different from those
I've frequently encountered while on DMT. They were composed of numerous
different elements, were quite abstract, and each was uniquely intricate.
The DMT elves tend to form intricate patterns if viewed as a group, being
composed of a smaller amount of body-part shapes which are usually
replicated in each elf The Salvinorin elves were dressed differently than
the DMT elves and acted more goofy and playful They were composed of many
soft hues of color, where the DMT elves tend towards contrasty radiant
elements. There was one critter that looked like a dressed hamster. I
could see that his body was sewn from rough burlap cloth. He was bursting
at the warns in a few spots, and I could see the loose thread and a bit of
stuffing starting to come out. This seemed not to bother him however, as he 'was quite happy and animated. The Salvinorin elves' energy was also different. They seemed just as playful and friendly as in a child's dream, without the enchanting/mischievous trickery of the DMT elves.

As I was watching the elves they began to mutate, and I went through an
experience which in the practice of Celtic magick is known as dark faerie.
Initially the elves turned into bat/rodent-like creatures. I recall looking at the unsightly detail of their faces and "ears," and soon was seeing nothing but bat mouths, teeth and throats, as though I was being eaten by bats. This experience was not frightening in any way, as I was identifying as witnessing consciousness, but it certainly wasn't what
I'd call a beatific psychedelic experience either. Next I saw myself
looking into the talons, beak and throat of an owl, and then the talons,
beak and throat of a hawk. It soon dawned on me that I had just ascended
from the center of the earth. The flying animals that I saw were
successively habituated first in caves below the ground, then moving
higher into the sky. During this transition I also went from night to day.
Whatever I was must have been quite tasty to all] of these flying
creatures. Something I've now noticed on many Salvinorin journeys is that
the transition from plant to human consciousness, which inevitably occurs
as I return from each journey, is seen as a descent from a higher to a
lower level of awareness and being.

Upon returning from this Salvinorin journey I felt a very strong
connection with the Salvia plant. I desired to have a similarly strong
connection with N.N. DMT and decided to smoke some at that time. I had one
of the most cosmic DMT experiences of my life. In this vividly recalled
journey I passed through several clearly defined dimensional boundaries
into what was, for me, previously unexplored territory.
#8  D.M. Turner - 30 mg. N.N. DMT
(subsequent to smoking Salvinorin)
I loaded my pipe and smoked 30 mg. in three tokes. I entered DMT space and
was greeted with the usual pantheon of critters and objects. Recollection
of my recent Salvinorin journey and desire to connect in the same way with
DMT was basically forgotten as I watched the elves moving about. These
elves and other creatures didn't seem to be doing anything of particular
interest or meaning, and looking past them I saw some doors from behind
which came occasional flashes of bright, colored light. A friend of mine
had recently remarked that he thought the DMT elves were primarily there
to distract one from entering the deeper aspects of DMT experiences, and
that he'd been successful in moving beyond them by willing the elves to
let him pass. This was in my mind as I said to the elves "Let Me Through. Let Me Through...." I had to repeat this several times with lots of force, even saying it out loud.

Eventually the elves reluctantly let me through, and as I passed though a
doorway I was admitted to a vast dimensional space. At this point I seemed
to be flying. I was disembodied consciousness, and I scanned this new
space to hone in on any beings that might be present. Soon I came across
some angel/guardian type beings. I recall there were about seven of them.
They looked like blobs of light. somewhat gray in color and sort of
egg-shaped. They appeared solid from a distance, but on closer examination
I saw that their bodies were made of closely packed fibers. These were
connected at the center but apparently could open at any point on the
outside of their bodies. They seemed to be part computer. part robot, part
flesh/brain matter. But all of these elements were blended into one living
whole. When I came into their territory these beings briefly glanced over
at me, as if saying "what's all this commotion," then went back to their
tasks, seemingly ignoring me. It seemed that they were busy watching over everything that happens in our space-time dimension, and occasionally making minor adjustments to keep everything in line.

Anyway, my thrust of will which had propelled me past the elves and
through the door into the guardian's space, continued propelling me out
through the back of the guardian's realm and into another time space
dimension. When I first entered this new time-space dimension I
encountered its guardian beings. These beings looked similar to, but
slightly different than, the guardians from our dimension. There were
about 50 to 60 of them, and they reacted very differently to my
appearance. These beings were quite surprised to see me, primarily because
I had not come from the dimension that they were guarding, but had come in
from the back side of hyperspace. They all huddled together as if in
conference, trying to determine if it was OK to let me pass. Eventually
they decided, with hesitation, that I could continue on, and I swooped
down into a foreign planetary system.

I came to a planet that was highly evolved, both scientifically and
technically. The place I entered into was some type of research center,
and my attention was focused on some large metallic pods that were being
moved in and out of racks by elaborate robotic arms. Bach of these pods
was something like an isolation chamber. They were shaped like large
coffins about eight feet long, although with rounded edges. The oval cross sections were about three feet wide. The beings who used these pods looked exactly like humans. The pods were filled with a foam-type material which was connected to the sides of the pod. and also contacted the entire skin surface area of the person inside the pod. The foam was serrated, and I understood that it served as a conductor of food, water, heat, medicines, etc. between the pods' technical systems and the person resting in it. These pods were also cold chambers. They were not
for cryogenically freezing a person, but put them into some type of
suspended animation. It was soon impressed on me that the whole purpose of
these pods and this research center, was that this was the method the
people here used to increase the level of DMT in the brains of the pod
sleepers. One fortunate enough to be a research subject would go into a
pod for weeks or months at a time. The DMT levels in their brain would be
significantly increased, and they would spend their time having the most fascinating dreams! This research that was taking place was considered the most serious aspect of this society's evolution.

I entered into the mind of a person inside a pod. It was a woman who
appeared to be about 25 years old. As I went into her mind and became
aware of all I've described above, she simultaneously became aware of much
of my world. This was the first time her society had ever had contact with
an earthling. And it was quite a shock and discovery for her to find out
that there were other people who didn't need to go through the elaborate
technological process of increasing DMT levels through suspended
animation, but simply smoked the stuff and could collect it from any of
several plants. It must have been a bit embarrassing for her. Initially I
thought that she must have asked her guardians to let her pass into
another dimension as I had done. Although on further thought, it seemed
that I had come to her dimension on my own power, and was quite possibly
invading her space. She may have been a bit taken back by this, as well.
Almost instantly she wanted to leave her pod to announce her discovery to the rest of the research team.
#9   D.M. Turner - 650 mcg. Salvinorin with 30 mg. N.N. DMT
After returning from this DMT journey I got the idea of smoking Salvinorin
and DMT simultaneously. At the time I did not think to consult with either
the Salvia entity or the DMT entity, and proceeded with my planned experiment. I smoked 30 mg. of DMT in three tokes, followed immediately by 650 mcg. of Salvinorin that I had preloaded in a separate pipe.

The effects were felt almost immediately. The first thing I noticed was a
grid of crosshatch patterns. I had perceived something similar when using
2C-B with mushrooms, which I believed to be the result of using two
psychedelics that were not compatible with each other. However, in this
case the patterns were defined to a much sharper degree, and it seemed
apparent that these two substances affect consciousness in differing ways
that are not synchronistic when used together. Both the Salvia and DMT
entities seemed to have been taken entirely off guard and had not been
expecting this confrontation. These entities seemingly paid no attention
to me as their attention was entirely fixed on each other. It soon became
apparent that the two were going to battle, vying to determine who would
have control of my consciousness.

It was like a scene of two Gods battling in a mythological tale. At first
it seemed that DMT, with its ability to manifest in spectacular forms
displaying its might, power, and ferociousness, would tower up above the
Salvia entity and overpower it. But the Salvia entity moves very fast, is
extremely maneuverable, and has a silent, stealthy force that will not be
denied. Soon the Salvia entity was running circles around, and had
interpenetrated the DMT. It was not a pretty scene to watch, but Salvia
took the upper hand.

The visions I was seeing while watching this battle were severely
distorted. smushed, reversed, and turned sideways. All the favorite
creatures of DMT Elf land were put together with the wrong body pans, or
body parts in the wrong places. Their normally gaudy outfits had been
turned into white and brown plaid shins, and they were wearing brown
leather shoes and carrying brown briefcases, Millions of these miserable
little creatures were frantically running around as door-to- door
salesmen. They were moving perpendicular to everything else on she surface
of their planet, as though they were obeying a gravitational force that
was at a 90 degree angle from everything in their surroundings.

By the end it seemed that DMT was unhappy and had lost face by being
unseated, possibly for the first time. The Salvia entity seemed reasonably comfortable in her ability to deal with DMT. Although she seemed glad that the battle was over, and still very surprised that I had introduced to her something that actually wanted to overpower her, and had made a significant attempt.

Fortunately, neither of these entities seemed extremely upset with me the
next time I confronted them. I've recently had some experiences where
these two seemed to be working together to make changes in my psyche
(although I had used them on separate occasions.) However, I will probably
never combine these entheogens again, unless I get a clear message from
both of them that this is desired. I also have not used Salvinorin with
mushrooms since psilocybin is very closely related to DMT.
#10 D.M. Turner - 750 mcg. Salvinorin with 600 mcg. LSD
My next significant journey involved smoking 750 mcg. of Salvinorin about
6 hours after taking 600 mcg. of LSD. The LSD was from a new batch which
was a bit different than what I'd been using, and some unusual feelings
developed during the trip. The most pronounced of these was a highly
surreal feeling which occurred on numerous occasions. Just prior to
smoking the Salvinorin I walked out to my back yard, as I had wanted to
establish some type of contact with nature and plant life before the
experience. Immediately upon stepping outside the atmosphere was filled
with a magical energy. The wind chimes, which had been silent until then,
began chiming, even though there was no wind. The plants around the yard
were radiating an electrical glow and the air had a sparkling, shimmering
quality. I walked amongst the plants and perceived an aura in each one,
which was quite distinct from that of any other plant. Prior to this I'd
only had vague sensations of plant's auras when using psychedelics. Now the auras seemed to be reaching out towards me, as though desiring to have contact of this type after several years of my not perceiving them on this level. The plants whose auras seemed the most intense or empathic often were plants that I do not normally pay much attention to.
Eventually I went inside and smoked the Salvinorin. It came on very strong and I felt as though the universe I inhabited was being severely tweaked. All of a sudden there was a sensation that the universe began rotating on an axis that was perpendicular to its normal planes of rotation. Normally the earth spins around its own axis, while also moving around the axis of the sun, while our whole solar system spins around some other point in the galaxy, etc. The motion of all these
rotations tends to be along a relatively flat disc. as can be seen inphotographs of galaxies. The motion which I felt appeared to be a shift where everything began rotating at a perpendicular angle to the galactic disc. I was aware that I was high on Salvinorin at the time this occurred. However, I felt that this event was something which had nothing to do with my inebriated state, but was a massive change being felt all across our planet at the time. There was also the sensation that time had stopped, that everything had stopped revolving around its axis and had slowly begun to revolve in the opposite direction.

I then had a sensation where I could see around the edge of "existence,"
and saw an opposite. or negative image, of everything in this sphere of
existence. As this occurred I began repeating some words. I'm not positive
of exactly what I said, but it was something on the order of "We are the
reverse side of your existence." As this happened the whole concept of my
existence as a particular person seemed quite ludicrous and artificial.
With this perception it seemed as though the universe had collapsed and
turned inside out. And the concept that I had an identity as a particular
human being, or even that at' "I" existed, was entirely pulled out from
beneath my feet. The thought that came to mind immediately after this
occurred was that this was psychedelia in its truest form, where the sense
of identity dissolves and "mind-manifesting" occurs at every level.

Next I found myself in what I can only describe as a black hole of
identity. According to scientific literature, a black hole is created when
a giant star collapses to become an object smaller than a single atom. The
black hole is of such incredible mass, density and gravity that even light
cannot escape from it, What I experienced was like a type of gravity which
held my being so strongly that it could not escape to form an identity. I
felt as though I were within a dimensionless. spherical, enclosed
universe, perhaps something similar to Einstein's perception of curved
space-time. Within this closed universe ii seemed that all forces, such as
gravity and centrifugal force, were somehow reversed and opposed to how
they normally function. A million impossibilities seemed to exist. It felt
as though events in my life during the last few hours, days, weeks, and
months had been building up to this experience. In the state in which I found myself it seemed that everything was real, all possibilities, opposites, absurdities and
fictions existed quite comfortably here. And it seemed that time was on a
revolving or repeating trajectory. Within the closed sphere, millions of
concentric gears were spinning around and through each other in every
which direction. If the ego began to establish an identity for even a
fraction of a second it would seem to get chopped in half, being severed
as though placed between two opposingly spinning gears. Each time this
occurred there was a moment of anguish and pain. And just moments later,
as the wheel of time revolved around again, there would follow a sense of
relief that I was not stuck with the identity I had just tried to form.

One of the most profound perceptions that I had was of seeing my life from
millions of different angles. It seemed that the life I had led was like a
drawing etched into the multi-dimensional fabric of space-time, every
action I've taken and thought I have had forming a turn or a branch in
this complex carving. What I experienced while in this state was millions
of other possible lives of my person. For every decision I've made in
life, a duplicate of myself is formed in nonexistence that chose the
opposite of the decision I made. While in this bizarre state of mind, or
non-existence, I was simultaneously experiencing these millions of
alternate persona, and with vivid recollection of all that had transpired
in their oppositely directed lives. And through these million persona I
was staring into the face of the single line of existence I had chosen to
pursue in life. While on other psychedelics I've perceived what has felt
like everything that has happened in my current life, but I had never before experienced all the alternate lives I could have chosen to lead. It occurred to me sometime around this point that I must  be dead. It seemed an impossibility that I could undergo what I was now experiencing and still have a connection to a mortal body. Upon perceiving this there was a slight bit of disappointment, a feeling that I'd left the plane of living before I was planning to, and regret that I'd left many
things uncompleted in life. I remember saying to myself "Oh shit, I really
did it this time. I thought I could get away with skirting the edge of
immortality and keep coming back to my body, but this time I went a little
too far." As time continued, however, I noticed the force within the black
hole starting to subside. I would occasionally have longer periods of
identity, including moments that seemed within my previous perceptual
framework. As this was occurring I still did not know whether I would ever
exist in my familiar body, but I began developing hope that I would. There was also a feeling that I had to "ride out" the experience I was going through, and
should not attempt to grasp a familiar identity right away.

By the time I knew I would be returning to my body again, and was able to
open my eyes and look at the clock, approximately two hours had passed
since I'd smoked the Salvinorin. At this point I was about 80% back to
normal. It took another hour until I was completely back and ready to get
up off the bed. Both the intensity and duration of this experience were
quite different than any of my previous Salvinorin journeys, which have
all been between 20 and 40 minutes.

Subsequent experiments smoking Salvinorin when well into an LSD journey
have produced similarly discomforting results.
#11 B. Schuldes - 2 "bong hits" Salvia leaf with 350-450 mcg. LSD
The Entheogen Review contains a report of a Salvia-LSD trip which has
some parallels to my own experience with this combination. This journey
was induced by smoking a small amount of dried Salvia divinorum leaf,
which typically would yield only minimal effects when not potentiated by

"Upon reading that a large initial intake is critical to the level of the
experience, I smoked Salvia divinorum in a bong. One inhalation led to
minimal effects when used alone. Desirous of the full spectrum, I tried
smoking it while in the midst of my usual 35~450 mcg. of LSD. I inhaled
deeply and then again. Sometime after the second inhalation I completely
lost awareness of anything. After several seconds (or minutes, I really
don't know) awareness returned, though only remotely. There was pain in my lungs and I began deep breathing. I started to panic and thought I'd
burned my lungs somehow. While still desperately puffing in and out, my
perception imploded. Our vision resolves images from each eye into one
image: in this case,  my  perception  became  impossibly skewed:  my
consciousness was imploding! Totally confused, I felt that I was being
electrocuted and I began spinning and moving around to tree myself from
the "current." My face felt like it was also imploding and at one point it
seemed like I could see its other side; my eyes were now facing each other! I was convinced that death was imminent. My girlfriend assured me that I appeared normal, which comforted me greatly. At this point I had no memory of having smoked the Salvia -- it took ten minutes before I remembered. I satin total confusion, still convinced that death was certain. Slowly, the familiar LSD awareness returned, though for a long time my central vision bulged as in Escher's "Balcony" and I felt that my mind had malfunctioned terribly. In retrospect, the phenomenon was much like a profound and relentless dizziness. I've smoked just Salvia twice since this experience and found that I need inhale only a minimal quantity (two small puffs) to stimulate a mild, short-acting recurrence of the phenomenon."

# 12  Daniel Siebert - June 6, 1993
2.6 mg. unidentified impure crystalline fraction of Salvia divinorum
(Later the material was analyzed and shown to be 70-80% Salvinorin A.)
The experience described below is the first human use of Salvinorin A. At
the time of this experiment, Siebert had been trying various extracts and
preparations of Salvia divinorum, attempting to find a means of obtaining
a fuller psychedelic experience than he had reached through chewing or
smoking the leaves.

Salvinorin A - The Breakthrough

"I had set out to prepare a fairly crude but significantly concentrated
extract of Salvia divinorum. During the extraction procedure I managed to
isolate a fairly pure crystalline fraction. At the time, I thought this
fraction was probably some inactive component of the plant. I was getting
ready to throw it in the trash, when it suddenly occurred to me that
perhaps I should test a little; just on the remote chance that the
material might actually be active. "Hope springs eternal" I thought.
Fortunately I decided to play it safe, and so I tested what I thought
would be a fairly small dose. What follows is a record of the scattered
bits and pieces of my memory of that event.

"I placed 2.6 mg. of the material to be tested on a small piece of
aluminum foil. I held a small torch under it, and as soon as the substance
vaporized, I inhaled the fumes through a piece of glass tubing. I waited
for awhile and decided that nothing was going to happen. The last words to
pass through my head went something like "Just as I thought. This stuff is inactive. I'll go toss it in the trash." Then quite suddenly I found myself in a confused, fast moving state of consciousness with absolutely no idea where my body or for that matter my universe had gone. I have little memory of this initial period of the experience, but r do know that a lot was happening and that it
seemed quite literally like an eternity, when in fact it must only have
lasted a few minutes.”

"I knew something had gone wrong and I wanted desperately to get back to
the ‘real’ world. I searched my memory trying to remember the living room
I was sitting in just moments before. I tried to remember what my body
felt like. Anything, just something to reconnect me with the ‘normal’
world. But the more I looked for some little thread or ‘normality’ to get
a hold of, the more it showed me something else. At some point I realized
that what I was trying to get back to did not exist. It was just an
ephemeral dream. I suddenly realized that I had no actual memory of ever
having lived in any other state of consciousness but the disembodied
condition I was now in. So I decided to stop panicking arid just relax.
After all there was no place to get back to. I was totally convinced that
this state of existence was all there ever was.”

"Then, I suddenly found myself standing in the living room. The effects of
the substance were wearing off. All of the confusion dissolved, and I
returned to the physical world. I looked around me and the room came into
sharp focus. I was glad to be back. But then I saw that something was
wrong! This was not my living room. It was the living room of my deceased
maternal grandparents. And it was furnished as it was when I was a child,
not as it was later in their life. The most extraordinary thing about this
was that this was the real world, not a memory or a vision, I was really
there, and it was all just as solid as the room I'm sitting in now. I had
the sudden realization that although I had managed to pull my self back
into my body - I had somehow ended up back in the wrong spot in the
time line of my physical existence. I was convinced that I might be stuck in this
situation and would have to continue my life from this point in my past.
As I panicked and desperately tried to remember where it was that I was
supposed to be, I lost awareness of the physical world again, and found
myself without a body; lost. Then it happened again. I found myself
regaining consciousness in the real world. And again as I saw everything
clearly, I realized that this was not my home, It was a friend of mine's.
Then again I panicked and lost consciousness. This cycle repeated at least
7 or 8 times. Always I would find myself in a familiar room. Some of these
places were from my childhood and some were from my more recent past. In
this state all the points of time in my personal history coexisted. One
did not precede the next. Apparently, had I so willed it, I could return
to any point in my life and really be there, because it was actually
happening right now.”

"Then at some point I did indeed find myself back in my home, I was
standing in the dining room. I wanted to reassure myself that everything
was as it should be, so I turned around to see the rest of the room behind
me. I kept turning around but there was no ‘behind’ me. There was only ‘in
front’ of me. I reached around for the back pockets of my jeans and
couldn't seem to find them.

"A little later the physical world all started to work properly again. As
the effects began to subside, I managed to piece together what had
happened. When I remembered that I had tested the extract and that it must
have been responsible for what I had just been through, I felt ecstatic. I
was literally jumping for joy. I wanted to say "EUREKA !!!" I had stumbled
upon the psychedelic essence of Salvia divinorum.”

"I grabbed a pen and tried to write down a few notes while the experience
was still fresh. The first thing I wrote down in BIG letters was: "IT IS TOTAL MADNESS”


then: 'This is tooooooooo strong. It is tearing apart the fabric of existence. It is madness. Thank god it only lasted 10 - 15 minutes!"

"For the next two hours I felt light headed and restless. I couldn't
sit still. As soon as I sat down I felt compelled to get up. I tried to
eat something and drink a little wine in order to get grounded and
relaxed, but I couldn't seem to swallow anything. I had been shaken to the
#13 Mantid -  one water-pipe hit of Salvia divinorum leaf
The following experience was reported on the internet. This person smoked a single hit of dried Salvia divinorum leaf through a water pipe.  He estimates the amount of material at under 1.2 gram, and it was not potentiated by any other substance.

Upon inhaling and holding a large hit:

"After about 15 seconds I realized I could hold my breath as long as I wanted. My cells seemed to still be respirating somehow, and I thought that breathing is really a luxury, something we do more out of habit than anything else. This alarmed me, and I exhaled. While I exhaled, I received a flood of colorful visions, swirling patterns of light against a dark, outer space-like background. This swirl formed into a tunnel, which led from somewhere in front of me (maybe 20 yards in front of my center of vision) to "behind" my eyes. By thinking about it, I could move my perspective a little bit. My peripheral vision and imagination was filled with what seemed like two beings. One was old and male, one was young and female. They were encouraging me to look straight through the tube, aligning my center of vision with it. Well. this tube thing was very soft and flexible. and any attempt to look through the end caused it to wrinkle somewhere in the middle, ruining my straight view through it. After some practice, I was able to get a brief glimpse into a fractal dimension of untold complexity. Around the "mouth" of this tube were several other tubes, each with the same view inside. I was presented with the fact that these tubes were the building blocks of cellular matter, and the word "nucleotide" was loud in my head. I don't even know what it really means, but the voice was telling me it was what I was looking at. They were saying "a little to the right, come on, don't wait until you're dead to see this, it's great !" The whole thing, while fascinating, had a bit of a nausea-like flavor due to a physical/mental "turbulence", like my mind was doing somersaults."
"After giving up my effort to hold the tube straight enough to see through, I remembered that I existed, and realized I was coming down, The mouth of the tube drew away from me, or I fell away from it was like coming out of a black hole, and then being able to observe the mouth suddenly...This tube can be visualized somewhat by imagining a funnel. It felt like a diagram I've seen of a black hole. An index card is covered with a grid. The center of the grid is pulled into another plane, and the result is a funnel shape. This funnel connects the black area behind the eyes to a distant coordinate in time/space... The tube was formed by reality itself (meaning what I usually take for ‘reality’) curving in upon itself."

#14 D.M. Turner - Salvia divinorum leaf, smoked outdoors
While I was experimenting with Salvinorin I occasionally tried smoking
Salvia divinorum leaf. On my first few attempts I felt little more than a
buzz from the dried leaf. The first time I obtained a significant
experience with the leaf occurred when I smoked some in the desert at
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Two sequential pipe hits produced a
gentle but definite "Salvinorin journey," during which I felt a connection
with the Salvia entity: Since this time I've found that I can almost
always obtain a gentle Salvinorin journey by smoking the leaf. However,
when I've smoked the dried leaf in the early stages of LSD journeys I've
had very powerful experiences, some that have lasted up to three hours.

When I was at Organ Pipe Cactus N.M. I had been planning to smoke
Salvinorin the following day while I was tripping on mescaline. However,
the following day's journey entailed much extreme physical discomfort, as
the temperature reached 120 and was over 100 throughout the day.
Something I've now noticed on a few mescaline trips is that I seem to
become a sensitive receptor for solar energy. It's as though I absorb and
concentrate the sun's energy just as a cactus  does, turning it into a higher level of energy within my body. This has felt exhilaratingly welcome when the sun peaked through the clouds on a snowy day in the high mountains of New Mexico. However, on a hot summer day in the middle of the desert it is simply too much. This sensitivity to heat and sunlight may be the cause for the saying that "one will go mad if they consume Peyote during the daytime." Because of the intense heat I did not smoke any Salvinorin during this trip. However, the Salvia entity
visited me while I was tripping on mescaline, taking me on a brief journey
and offering a cool, peaceful retreat from the brutal temperature.

I have now smoked Salvinorin outdoors several times. on some of these
occasions there is little difference from my journeys done indoors, but at
other times there is a deeper perception and feeling into the plant life
around me. On one occasion I was very tempted to hug a large cactus,
although I fortunately resisted this urge. A more startling revelation
occurred when I smoked Salvinorin in a meadow. At the edge of this meadow
were some redwood trees a couple hundred feet tall. Upon coming out of the
Salvinorin trance I found myself looking at these trees, and had a
powerful realization that I was staring at beings who were several hundred
years old, and had been here long before the first white man had been in
the area or any modem technology had been developed. With this I realized
that plant life in general must be going through quite a culture shock by
the changes that have taken place on this planet during the past two
hundred years.
#16 D.M. Turner - 10 chewed Salvia divinorum leaves
I recently had my first opportunity to chew fresh Salvia divinorum leaves and obtain an experience through this method of use.
I took 10 large freshly-picked leaves from a Wasson clone which I rolled
into "cigars" of S leaves each. The experience was done indoors, in
complete darkness, at 3.00 AM when there would be almost no traffic noise. As I began to chew the leaves I realized it would not he possible to chew and hold all 10 leaves in my mouth for 10 minutes. By the time I had chewed just one-third to one-half of a cigar, my mouth was So full of chewed leaf and saliva that I could not open it to take in any more. I ended up holding each mouthful for 4 minutes, before spitting it out and immediately chewing some more. The whole process of consuming the leaves took about 20 minutes. The taste of the leaves was quite bitter, and as they were chewed to a vibrant green froth I was also overwhelmed with intense green/chlorophyll energy. This is comparable to the energy I feel from drinking wheat-grass juice, only much stronger. It stains the tongue green. After 20 minutes of chewing I felt thoroughly permeated by the Salvia.

I entered into an experience of what is probably moderate intensity for
chewing the leaves. As the sensations came on there was nothing that
really surprised me, as the feelings were of the same essence as those
from my smoked Salvia journeys. The first thing I noticed was the flowing, green, vine-like matrix that I often see in my journeys. In this case, however, the motion of the visual image, and feelings that accompanied it, were much slower, smoother, and softer than usual. This slower movement actually allowed me to see more of the intricacies and detail of the matrix. Green was the only color that appeared in my visuals this evening, and having just chewed the vibrantly green leaves I was more appreciative of this aspect of the Salvia entity's manifestation. There was a feeling that I was completely supported by and wrapped in the Salvia matrix, which
was very relaxing and comfortable. As I watched and was engulfed in this matrix, there was a short time during which I lost awareness of myself as something separate from it, and I actually felt I'd become part of the matrix. When this occurred I received a very clear impression, along with the words, that "I was no longer under the influence of time." At one point there was also a sensation of being amphibious.

Compared with smoked Salvia, this experience was more pleasant and easy. Throughout the experience I felt an energy running through me that was very healing and seemed to be realigning things. This seemed to work primarily on a subtle energy level which also affected me physically and mentally. And I've continued to feel the benefits from this experience for several days now. Siebert has remarked that this healing quality is frequently present when the leaves are chewed but seems to be lacking when they're smoked.

During the experience I found I was easily distracted by noises, and would have to refocus to stay with the journey. I've been told that when one is tripping on chewed Salvia divinorum simply opening the eyes will take one out of the experience, and upon shutting the eyes one will resume the journey where they left off. As the effects were wearing off I also noticed that 1 would get distracted by thoughts, and would have to put them aside to continue with the journey. The entire experience lasted about one hour. I emerged from it feeling centered and refreshed on many levels, and there were no aftereffects of any kind.

The experiences described above are a representative sampling of both my
own and other's encounters with Salvia divinorum. I consider these to be
the most diverse and inexplicable of any of my psychedelic adventures.
Although I've now used Salvinorin over 30 times it still has the ability
to feel completely novel, fresh, and unpredictable with each use. The
results reported by the small group who have tried this mysterious
substance show a wide and diverse range of effects and experiences, and
suggest a greater potential for both dangers and revelatory insights than
exists with other entheogens. Many have found the experience of pure
Salvinorin A to be alarmingly intense, and feel working with the whole
plant material to be safer and more assimilable. Salvia divinorum appears
to be a plant in possession of a vast treasury of knowledge and
experience. which is just beginning to make acquaintance with and be
noticed by humans. Those who have connected with her sublime and fantastic realm feel Salvia divinorum has something very precious to offer us.