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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Christopher Bollyn - Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway?

Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway?

Christopher Bollyn

April 1, 2012
Anthony Lawson’s latest video “Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway?” is excellent.  It is certainly very timely and important viewing.  One of the subjects of the video is Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister who is desperately striving to start a war between Iran and the United States.  Such a war would be a great disaster for the United States, Iran, and the whole world. 
Netanyahu is the Israeli politician who told the New York Times that the terror attacks, in which tens of thousands were thought to have been killed, were “very good” for U.S.-Israeli relations -- on September 11, 2001.

Netanyahu is the leader of the Likud, the party of Zionist extremists created by the former terrorist leader Menachem Begin.
Netanyahu, it should be noted, is considered one of the senior architects of the false-flag terrorism of 9-11, according to the thesis I explain in Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World. Netanyahu is a Zionist fanatic of the most dangerous kind and should be arrested and prosecuted for serious crimes, including his role in the planning of 9-11. 
That Benjamin Netanyahu is a liar and a cheat is certainly not news to anyone who follows the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Joe Lockhart, spokesman for the Clinton administration, said exactly that - in plain English:
"Netanyahu was one of the single most obnoxious individuals you're likely to come into – just a liar and a cheat. He would open his mouth and you would have no confidence that anything that came out of it was the truth."
- Former Clinton White House Spokesman Joe Lockhart in The Truth about Camp David: The untold story about the collapse of the Middle East peace process by Clayton E. Swisher, Nation Books, 2004 (p. 8)
French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the same:
"I can't stand him, he's a liar," said Sarkozy.
"You're fed up with him - I have to deal with him everyday!" replied Obama.
- French President Nicolas Sarkozy venting his frustration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in what was supposed to be a private conversation with Barack Obama. “Sarkozy overheard telling Obama: Netanyahu's a liar,” by Jessica Phelan, November 8, 2011
Lawson’s video points out that the corrupt politicians in the U.S. Congress, bribed and bought with Zionist funds, gave "Netanyahu the Liar" 29 standing ovations when he addressed a joint session of Congress in May 2011. History will show that these craven and venal politicians were applauding a dangerous sociopath and terrorist.  They were giving standing ovations to one of the most deceptive mass murderers of our time.
One of the characteristics of a sociopath is that he is a pathological liar. One of the central lies of Netanyahu’s dangerous worldview is that he has a biblical claim to Palestine, as he told the United Nations on September 23, 2011:
We believe that the Palestinians should be neither the citizens of Israel nor its subjects. They should live in a free state of their own. But they should be ready, like us, for compromise. And we will know that they're ready for compromise and for peace when they start taking Israel's security requirements seriously and when they stop denying our historical connection to our ancient homeland.
I often hear them accuse Israel of Judaizing Jerusalem. That's like accusing America of Americanizing Washington, or the British of Anglicizing London. You know why we're called "Jews"? Because we come from Judea.
In my office in Jerusalem, there's a -- there's an ancient seal. It's a signet ring of a Jewish official from the time of the Bible. The seal was found right next to the Western Wall, and it dates back 2,700 years, to the time of King Hezekiah. Now, there's a name of the Jewish official inscribed on the ring in Hebrew. His name was Netanyahu. That's my last name. My first name, Benjamin, dates back a thousand years earlier to Benjamin -- Binyamin -- the son of Jacob, who was also known as Israel. Jacob and his 12 sons roamed these same hills of Judea and Samaria 4,000 years ago, and there's been a continuous Jewish presence in the land ever since.
- Benjamin Netanyahu speech at the United Nations, September 23, 2011
Netanyahu told the United Nations that his vision is that Palestinians should be neither citizens nor subjects of Israel, which is to say that he wants Israel to be a Jewish-only state in Palestine -- without Palestinians.  Who could support such a falsely-constructed tribal/racist state in the 21st Century?  Although Netanyahu's vision violates the basic priciples of American democracy, the assembled members of Congress seem to think he is wonderful. 
The most revealing lie is what he says about the name Netanyahu and his relationship to that name. The point is that although Netanyahu may be his last name, it was certainly not the name of his father from Poland, who was born Ben-Zion Mileikowsky in Warsaw to the Zionist writer and activist Nathan Mileikowsky. The Mileikowsky family migrated to Palestine, where it was a common practice for the Zionist immigrants to adopt a Hebrew name. Like most of the ruling families of Israel, the Mileikowsky family is from Poland, not from Palestine.  The fundamental Zionist lie is that the Jews of Poland and Russia have a legitimate claim to Palestine.  They do not.  Like Jacob in the Bible, they are using deceit to claim something to which they have no right.  
As an article from 2009 says about the family name:
In the beginning, the prime minister's father, Ben-Zion Netanyahu, emigrated from Lithuania to Palestine before the birth of the Jewish state in 1948. His family name was Milikovsky, but like many Israelis, the family chose a Hebrew name. They chose Netanyahu, which in Hebrew means "God's gift."
Some cynics quip that the name says much about how members of the family see themselves.
Benjamin Netanyahu: A Man Shaped By His Family, May 2, 2009http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/04/01/benjamin-netanyahu-a-man_n_181918.html


911 - Christopher Bollyn - 9-11 and Alvin Krongard - Israel's Agent at the CIA

9-11 and Alvin Krongard - Israel's Agent at the CIA

Christopher Bollyn

March 27, 2012
To the embarrassment of investigators, it has also emerged that the firm used to buy many of the "put" options [related to 9-11] - where a trader, in effect, bets on a share price fall - on United Airlines stock was headed until 1998 by "Buzzy" Krongard, now executive director of the CIA. Until 1997, Mr Krongard was chairman of Alex Brown Inc, America's oldest investment banking firm. Alex Brown was acquired by Bankers Trust, which in turn was bought by Deutsche Bank. His last post before resigning to take his senior role in the CIA was to head Bankers Trust - Alex Brown's private client business, dealing with the accounts and investments of wealthy customers around the world.
- Chris Blackhurst, “Mystery of Terror 'Insider Dealers'”, The Independent (UK), October 14, 2001

A single U.S.-based institutional investor with no conceivable ties to al Qaeda purchased 95 percent of the UAL puts on September 6 [2001] as part of a strategy that also included buying 115,000 shares of American on September 10. Similarly, much of the seemingly suspicious trading on September 10 was traced to a specific U.S.-based options trading newsletter…which recommended these trades.
- 9/11 Commission Report, W.W. Norton, 2004, footnote on p. 499

Alvin Bernard "Buzzy" Krongard was Executive Director of the C.I.A. from March 2001 until November 2004.  Previously he had served as a consultant to C.I.A. Directors George J. Tenet (1997-2004) and Robert James Woolsey, Jr. (1993-1995).  
The informed insider trading of stock options carried out by people with prior knowledge of the terror attacks of 9-11 is once again in the news.  Max Keiser of the Keiser Report recently interviewed Lars Schall, a German journalist who has written extensively on the "terror traders" of 9-11.  In the center of the discussion of the informed trading done by people who evidently knew the attacks were coming stands one very conspicuous individual, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard, then Executive Director of the C.I.A..  Krongard would be considered a "person of interest" in any proper criminal investigation of 9-11 or the insider trading that preceded it.
Krongard has been suspected of being connected to the suspicious trading since October 2001.  In one of my first articles about 9-11, "The Profiteers of 9-11", I wrote the following:
Investigations into the unusually high number of "put" options, betting that the price of United Airlines (UAL) and American Airlines shares would fall, have revealed that Alex Brown Inc., an investment banking firm, purchased many of these option contracts. Alex Brown Inc. was, until 1998, managed by the man who is now the executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. Krongard, 64, former head of Baltimore-based Alex Brown, America's oldest investment bank, joined the CIA three years ago as a counselor to Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet. Krongard switched careers shortly after helping engineer the $2.5 billion merger of Alex Brown and Bankers Trust New York Corp., gaining $71 million in Bankers Trust stock in the process.

President Bush appointed Krongard executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency on March 26. From February 1998 until March 2001, Krongard served as counselor to the director of central intelligence. Until 1997 Krongard was chairman of the investment bank A.B. Brown, having previously worked in various capacities at Alex Brown. Krongard was quoted on the relationship between Wall Street and the CIA in a Washington Post article. If you go back to the CIA's origins during World War II in the Office of Strategic Services, Krongard told the Post, "the whole OSS was really nothing but Wall Street bankers and lawyers."
The hypothesis of my book Solving 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World is that the terror attacks were a false-flag operation planned and carried out by Israeli military intelligence with the assistance and support of Zionist agents in high positions in the U.S. government.  These Zionist agents would include people like Dov Zakheim at the Pentagon and Michael Chertoff, then Assistant Attorney General, who was responsible for the federal investigation and prosecution of the crimes of 9-11.  In this position Chertoff managed the federal "non-investigation" of 9-11 in which the crucial evidence was confiscated and destroyed without being properly examined.
My hypothesis is not that 9-11 was an "inside" job, but that it was an Israeli-planned false-flag operation.  The Israeli operation was facilitated by highly-placed Zionist agents within the U.S. government, military, and intelligence spheres.  If Buzzy Krongard is a suspect in the crimes of 9-11, the question that needs to be answered is:  Was Krongard acting as an agent for Israeli military intelligence at Alex Brown and the C.I.A.?  The evidence indicates that he served as an agent for Israel in both positions. 
Alvin Bernard Krongard, born 1936, is the son of Raphael Harris Krongard and Rita Keyser Krongard.  Both his mother and father were born in Baltimore to Jewish immigrant families from Poland/Russia.  His first wife, Patricia Lion, was also Jewish.  While Krongard's Jewish roots are never mentioned in the various articles about him, his Jewish ethnicity clearly plays the key role in his efforts to support Israeli enterprises in the United States.  When a high-level person like Krongard conceals his Jewish roots while actively serving the state of Israel it indicates that he is seeking to hide his true identity and loyalty to a foreign state.  For such a person to be the administrative chief of the Central Intelligence Agency says a great deal about the degree of Israeli penetration of the U.S. intelligence community.  
Alvin Bernard Krongard at Princeton, 1957
Krongard's paternal grandparents immigrated from Lowicz, Poland, to the United States in 1904.  The family name and first names were changed.  Krongaard is a Scandinavian name that his grandfather took after they arrived in the United States.  Krongaard means land or property of the "crown".  The immigration records indicate that his grandfather Morris Krongard did not enter the U.S. under that name. 
Krongard's mother, Rita (Rebecca) Keyser, was born in Baltimore to Abraham and Ethel Keyser, Russian Jewish immigrants who had also arrived in the U.S. in 1904.  She was raised in Washington, where she attended high school and graduated from Strayer Business College.  She worked as a legal secretary for a Washington maritime lawyer before her marriage to Raphael Harris Krongard in 1931.  The Krongard's lived in Ashburton, Maryland, and had three children:  Alvin, Howard Joel, and a daughter, Marilyn, who died in 1946.

Alvin Krongard graduated from Princeton and went on to serve on "active duty" in the U.S. Marine Corps in the Mediterranean from 1958-1961.  Although the details are not given it seems likely that he served in Lebanon where the U.S. Marines were sent in 1958.  He returned to the United States and married Patricia Lion.  He worked at her family business, Lion Brothers, from 1961-1969.  After a two year stint at Bache/Stern Brothers Boyce he joined the Baltimore investment bank of Alex Brown in 1971.  After twenty years, Buzzy Krongard became C.E.O. of Alex Brown in July 1991. 

As C.E.O. of America's oldest investment bank, Krongard was well placed to assist companies spawned by Israeli military intelligence.  Under Krongard, Alex Brown became a leading U.S. partner for these Israeli companies.  In May 1996 Krongard and Mayo A. Shattuck went to Israel on a three-day trip during which they met with then prime minister Shimon Peres.  As the Baltimore Sun reported shortly before their trip to Israel:
A. B. Krongard, Alex. Brown's chairman and chief executive, and Mayo A. Shattuck III, president and chief operating officer, are to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Dov Lautman, the prime minister's special emissary for economic development...
"Obviously, this is a trip of some significance," Mr. Shattuck said.  "We want to be perceived as the premiere underwriter and adviser for high-tech and health care companies in Israel. The time has come to build stronger affiliations at the senior management level."

The meeting with Mr. Peres was arranged through Giza Group, one of Israel's leading private investment banking firms, Mr. Shattuck said.

When Alex. Brown officials meet with Mr. Peres, they expect to talk about how the company can link Israeli firms to U.S. capital markets, Mr. Shattuck said.

Alex. Brown, which had $809 million in revenues in 1995, is known worldwide for its expertise in taking high-tech and health care companies public. Last year, it managed 64 initial public offerings, tops in the United States.

R. William Burgess Jr., head of Alex. Brown's technology investment banking group, compared Israel to Silicon Valley in California and Route 128 in Boston, which have spawned some of the world's largest high-tech companies.

"My hope would be to do several initial public offerings a year for Israeli companies and several mergers and acquisitions," said Mr. Burgess, who will also make the trip.

Alex. Brown has been doing business with companies in Israel for at least five years.
In 1996, Alex Brown was serving as the financial advisor for Scitex, an Israeli company connected to military intelligence.  Yair Shamir, the son of Yitzhak Shamir, the Zionist terrorist who killed Folke Bernadotte before becoming prime minister, was general manager of Scitex.  Krongard's three-day visit to Israel and meeting with the prime minister was arranged by the Giza Group, a Tel Aviv-based investment banking firm. 

At the time of Krongard's visit, Aviv Boim was a vice president of Giza Ltd.  Boim remained at Giza for two more months, until August 1996, and then joined Krongard's company as an associate of Alex Brown from August 1996 to February 1998.  Aviv Boim worked with Alex Brown's technology group in London, where he managed initial public offerings, mergers, and acquisitions concerning Israeli companies.    
On October 2, 1996, the Baltimore Sun reported that Krongard was "still bullish on Israel."  Krongard had addressed the Maryland/Israel Development Center the previous day.  "There is great market demand for Israel's products," Krongard said. "Israel has the brain power. Its human capital is exceptional."

The Maryland/Israel Development Center was started in 1992 as a nonprofit group to form business partnerships between Maryland and Israeli companies.  The article noted that just the week prior to his speech at the Maryland/Israel Development Center, Krongard and Alex Brown had taken the Israeli company Orckit Communications Ltd. public.  "Tel Aviv-based Orckit makes systems that enable telephone companies to provide high-speed voice and digital transmission," the Sun reported.  Yair Shamir was a director of Orckit.
Orckit is a company that was created by the former commander of Unit 8200, the signal intelligence branch of the Israeli military, as Efi Landau reported in Globes (Israel).
Even Orckit’s win in the large tender of the US telephone company GTE, one of the eight largest telephone companies in the world, did not persuade company president Yitzhak Tamir to grant an open, on the record, press interview. However, cracks can be seen in the shrouds hiding the company from the media, contributing perhaps to the recognition that the company’s most precious asset is its workers, and it cannot hurt if more is known about them.

Orckit was established in 1990 by Military Intelligence electronic unit 8200 graduates Eric Paneth and Yitzhak Tamir. The unit has provided Israeli high-tech a significant proportion of its engineers and managers. Paneth was commander of the unit, replacing Zohar Zisappel, chairman of the RAD-Bynet group.
Orckit (and Tikcro) are not your usual companies.  These are typical Israeli military "dual-use" companies.  They have hidden military and intelligence functions but are presented as normal commercial enterprises.  With companies like Orckit, Buzzy Krongard and his team at Alex Beam certainly must have been aware that they were investing in companies closely tied to the Israeli military.

In February 1998 Buzzy Krongard joined the C.I.A. as a consultant to director George Tenet.  In a bizarre move, Krongard left his $4 million a year job as head of Bankers Trust (BT).  He had just completed the BT merger with Alex Brown in the fall of 1997 and suddenly he was leaving.  Aviv Boim also left BT Alex Brown in February and joined Orckit as Chief Financial Officer.  The merger between Bankers Trust and Alex Brown, the first between a bank and a securities brokerage since the Depression, however, went sour shortly after Krongard left the company.  The newly merged company reported a record loss in 1998 and was soon taken over by Deutsche Bank.  Mayo Shattuck stayed on at Alex Brown but resigned suddenly the day after 9-11.
While it is clear that Krongard jumped ship because he knew that the BT Alex Brown merger would soon fail, why did he go to work for the C.I.A.?  What we do know is that Krongard had worked closely with computer companies spawned by Israeli military intelligence.  After he joined the C.I.A. as counselor to the director, Krongard soon became engaged in setting up the C.I.A. venture capital firm called In-Q-It (In-Q-Tel) that was supposed to keep the agency abreast of computer technology.  How much Israeli software do you think found its way onto the C.I.A. computer network under Buzzy Krongard's reign? 
In October 1999, the Washington Post reported on the genesis of In-Q-Tel:
A lot of people wondered what CIA Director George J. Tenet had in mind a year and a half ago when he brought in Wall Street heavyweight A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard to serve as his "counselor." Now they know-- part of the story.

The man who helped underwrite Microsoft and AOL as head of Alex Brown & Co. has done it again, helping Tenet & Co. start up a CIA venture capital firm called In-Q-It that's supposed to keep the agency abreast of computer technology.

But Krongard's influence at Langley extends well beyond this foray into Silicon Valley. "George will say, 'Make this happen,' " said Krongard, 61, explaining in a telephone interview exactly what it is he does for the director of central intelligence.

"The idea is for In-Q-It to fund promising technologies..."

"The idea for the venture-capital fund was hatched in conversations between the new CIA director, George Tenet, and a former investment banker named A. B. "Buzzy" Krongard, who joined the agency in February 1998 as counselor to the director.
The director of the C.I.A. is often little more than a mannequin who gives a name and a face to the agency while the day-to-day operations are managed by the executive director like Krongard.  George Tenet is similar to Leon Panetta.  Both are sons of immigrants who owned diners, one in Little Neck, New York, the other in Monterey, California.  What is it about Tenet and Panetta that made them suitable to be directors of the C.I.A.?  They are clearly not leaders of men or strong thinkers.  Could it be that they were men who were known to be weak and amenable, and who could easily be controlled by people like Krongard? 
Krongard became the Executive Director of the C.I.A. in March 2001 and remained at that position for more than three years, until November 2004.  He was responsible for getting C.I.A. security contracts for Blackwater in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Later, his brother Howard (a.k.a. "Cookie"), as Inspector General of the State Department, denied knowing that Buzzy sat on the board of Blackwater during Congressional hearings into his obstruction of the investigation of contract fraud and crimes carried out by Blackwater.  The Congressional investigation did not result in any criminal charges being laid against either of the Krongard brothers.
"Krongard exhibited the requisite secretiveness when asked to explain his interest in intelligence and how he came to land a job in [George J. Tenet]'s inner circle," the Washington Post reported on March 17, 2001, the day after he was named Executive Director of the C.I.A. "If you go back to the CIA's origins during World War II in the Office of Strategic Services, he explained, "the whole OSS was really nothing but Wall Street bankers and lawyers."
Krongard was the chief operating officer, the day-to-day administrative leader of the C.I.A. from March 2001 until November 2004.  In this position he was certainly aware of the plane-into-building drill planned for September 11, 2001 at the National Reconnaissance Office, a sub-agency of the C.I.A.  Although Krongard is probably not an architectural level planner of the terrorism of 9-11, the evidence indicates that he served as a highly-placed manager who served as an important conduit linking Israeli military intelligence with the C.I.A.

Alvin Krongard, his second wife Cheryl, and Jim Kimsey.  Cheryl Gruetzmacher was raised in Iowa and married Edward S. Gordon in May 1992.

The Krongard house sits on a 80 acre wooded estate off 1400 W Seminary Avenue in Lutherville, just north of Baltimore, Maryland.

Howard Joel Krongard, Alvin's brother, as Inspector General at the State Department, blocked investigations of massive fraud by military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.  At Congressional hearings, Howard feigned ignorance that his brother was a director of Blackwater, one of the key contracts being examined.  Buzzy had awarded the C.I.A. contract to Blackwater. 
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Revilo Oliver - The Three American Eras

The Three American Eras

by Revilo P. Oliver
THE JEWS ARE a unique race, parasitic and predatory, evidently formed from hybrid stock (including, according to Mourant’s haematological analysis, c. 10% of Congoid blood) in the way described in Sir Arthur Keith’s theory of human evolution.
The parasites find, seemingly by instinct, and attack every inherent weakness in our racial stock and exploit our vices, so that it is often difficult to fix a boundary between our innate deficiencies and the parasites’ exacerbation of them. Our current religion is one of their many weapons: The superstition infects our race through its appeal to our racial proclivity toward romantic sentimentality, transcendental mysteries, and even a certain heroism: the willingness of men to sacrifice themselves for their people, which is perverted into asceticism and an itch to serve “all mankind.” That has been a deadly infection, encouraging both the survival of the unfit of our own race by preventing the natural process by which viable species eliminate their degenerates, and by encouraging a fatuous toleration of racial enemies.
Whittaker Chambers seems to have been right when he decided (for some of the wrong reasons) that our people are driven by a subconscious, but irresistible, death-wish. At least, the racial mind of most of our contemporaries, rotted by fifteen centuries of a superstition designed by the Jews to paralyse goyim, seems no longer capable of perceiving reality, let alone of coping with it.
For those Americans who do wish to perceive reality, it is useful to divide our country’s history into three eras, viz.:
I. The First Republic, established as result of the Civil War (the only one in our history) in the British colonies, 1775-1783, which made the several colonies independent states. This republic, based on the Constitution, lasted from 1789 until 1860, when it was forever destroyed by the war of aggression launched by a league of Northern states and their invasion of the South.
II. The Second Republic, established by the Northern conquest, 1865 to 1932. Some parts of the original Constitution were salvaged and adapted to a regime of “democracy” and political corruption that was fundamentally incompatible with that Constitution, although the boobs were made to believe that that document had been preserved by being destroyed.
III. The Ochlocracy, sometimes called the Dictatorship of (the thugs who own) the Proletariat, 1932-present. Established by the Jews’ capture of the government of the Second Republic in 1932 and the gradual assimilation of the United States to the governmental system used in the Soviet Union, including the establishment of the Revolutionary Tribunal in Washington (still called the Supreme Court), which has repeatedly made it clear that ‘Constitution’ has become merely a word that is used in bad jokes. No one should be misled by the fact that the management still stages elections to amuse the boobs, some of whom find them almost as exciting as football games.
The future of our stultified and brutalized race depends on so many imponderables that it would be rash to venture any forecast. The only hope, as I see it, is that the present owners will make the blunder of precipitating or permitting a total collapse so drastic and sudden that its physical effects will penetrate to the consciousness of the boobs and induce something like thought, and that if and when that happens, there will be a nucleus of men who understand the situation and have the courage and intelligence to organize and lead the boobs to regain independence from the world-conquerors.
I continue to write, at constant sacrifice of my own convenience and peace; to write, in the hope that I may possibly contribute a little to the formation of such a nucleus that will be able to act intelligently when the time comes — if it ever does.
– January, 1983




Numerous books have been written about the Second World War; and the many and varied claims and counter-claims concerning Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess, are legendary. However, it is fair to say that no-one has successfully penetrated the inner sanctum of official secrecy that surrounds the Hess affair - until now, that is.

According to the authors of Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up, for sixty years an unprecedented conspiracy has existed at the highest levels of the British Establishment to prevent the truth about Rudolf Hess and his fateful flight to Scotland in May 1941 from surfacing into the public domain.

Long dismissed as the misguided attempt of a madman to make contact with a non-existent British peace party, Hess’s mission - as Double Standards asserts convincingly - was one of the pivotal events of the twentieth century. And the Establishment had very good reasons for covering up the truth: for the Establishment was the peace party that Hess had come to meet!

Even more controversial, Double Standards reveals that members of the Royal Family itself - whose involvement in the Hess affair has been conveniently airbrushed out of history - were at the heart of this group.a
Exposing the wartime propaganda that still masquerades as fact, and based on entirely new material from eyewitnesses, hitherto inaccessible archives and intelligence sources, Double Standards reveals that:

(1) Despite official denials Hess flew to Britain with Hitler’s full knowledge;

(2) There was a substantial peace party in Britain in 1941, which included most of the aristocracy - and the Royal Family;

(3) The King’s brother, the Duke of Kent, was actively involved in Hess’s peace mission;

(4) There is substantial evidence that the prisoner who died in Spandau prison was not the real Rudolf Hess;

(5) The fate of the real Deputy Fuhrer was inextricably linked with that of the Duke of Kent - Double Standards finally presents a solution to the long-acknowledged mystery of the Duke’s death in 1942;

(6) Winston Churchill guilefully used Hess to influence Hitler and change Britain’s fortunes in the War.

But that is not all - as co-authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince make abundantly clear.

LP: The official story behind Rudlof Hess’s flight to Britain in 1941 is that he was a lone madman who had stolen a plane and flown to Scotland with the wild idea of contacting a non-existent peace party spearheaded by the Duke of Hamilton - who was totally innocent of course and knew nothing about it - in an attempt to broker a peace deal and end the War. But from there, Hess was arrested and following the end of the War was tried at Nuremberg and spent the rest of his life in Spandau Prison. The story was that Hitler knew nothing of it either and he said so and also said that Hess was suffering from a mental illness and had been for some time. And Churchill basically stated that the only time that he ever agreed with Hitler was on that story! Now, there are some very interesting things about this story that we uncovered for our book that show the official line wasn’t anywhere near the truth and that Hitler had knowledge of what was going on, that Hess had links with the Duke of Kent, that both of them may have been killed, that the Hess put on trial at Nuremberg wasn’t the real Hess and the impostor or double was the man who died at Spandau. Hess’s wife said that Hess had left a letter to be given to the Fuhrer and it said effectively, “If the mission fails you can always say I was mad.” Also, after the mission effectively failed, the Gestapo interrogated Hess’s staff; and the reports - which we’ve seen - make it clear that Hitler knew. Hess’s son, Wolf Hess, tells how almost immediately before the flight Hitler and Hess had this enormous row for about three hours - Hess was one of the few people who could argue with Hitler and get away with it. But then it went quiet in the room and when they came out, Hitler had his arm around Hess and he said: “You know Hess, you always were and are one of the most stubborn men,” and as Wolf Hess says: “I don’t think they were talking about the weather.”

EYE SPY!: So what does your research suggest the truth behind the flight was?

LP: It wasn’t altruism, obviously. But there was a very practical reason: the Nazis wanted to be assured that they could open the Eastern Front and attack Russia without having to watch their backs with Britain. But actually it would have suited us to because not only would we have got a respite from the War - which was going badly for us at the time - but Russia and the Nazis would have battled it out between them and that was fine with us as they would have weakened each other. And after the War they would both have been so weak that there would have been no Cold War and that would almost certainly have worked to our benefit.

EYE SPY!: What evidence exists to support the notion that the man who died in Spandau Prison wasn’t Rudolf Hess?

LP: Alan Dulles, who became the head of the CIA, was of the opinion that the man who was condemned to life imprisonment at Nuremberg, was not the real Rudolf Hess - as was President Roosevelt himself. And in the 1970s, a British surgeon and ballistics expert, Dr. Hugh Thomas, actually had chance to physically examine the old man in Spandau. He knew that the real Hess had been wounded by a bullet in the First World War; so he looked on the old man’s body for signs of the wound but couldn’t find it. Now we’re not talking about someone who simply cast an eye over the man without knowing what he was looking for. Dr. Hugh Thomas, I must stress, is a surgeon and a ballistics expert who has been used in trials such as Bloody Sunday, so he really knows what he’s talking about. Also, there are circumstantial things, if you like. The man at Nuremberg refused to see his family and in fact he also refused to see anyone other than his lawyer for over twenty years - which is astonishing considering that he’d been locked up as you would think he would want to see them. Also, at Nuremberg the man had very, very convenient amnesia. He behaved very oddly at Nuremberg, he failed to recognise people that had worked very close with the real Hess. And at times he also failed to recognise colleagues in the Nazi hierarchy. And they seemed to think there was something strange about him especially Hermann Goring, a co-defendant at the trial. He was quite amused when someone was talking to him about Hess. This isn’t an exact quote, but Goring said: “Hess? Which Hess? The Hess you have here? Our Hess? Your Hess?” It was that kind of exchange. The man had also agreed to give evidence on behalf of one of the co-defendants but on the day claimed not to remember anything. In the book too we reproduce dental records of Rudolf Hess and of the old man who died at Spandau and they are not of the same man. We took them to a consultant dentist in this country and asked if they were from the same person and his reply was “Absolutely not”. The other thing I must point out, which is the clincher, when Dr Hugh Thomas came up with the revelation that the old man was a double, the British Government tied itself in knots trying to prove that this was Rudolf Hess - and they couldn’t do it.

EYE SPY!: And do you have any idea who the double may have been?

LP: All we know is that he was German and presumably a Nazi. He might have been interned in Britain - or he might have been sent over after the event. We don’t know who the double was but we did learn that when Hess arrived, he asked for by name two prisoners - two German internees, Dr Eduard Semelbauer and Kurt Maass. He knew where they were held and, interestingly, these two had already been moved from their respective internment camps - which suggests someone here knew about the flight and the plans - to a place near Glasgow. Now we don’t really know why he wanted them - he said it was to interpret for him but he spoke very good English! But we did discover that they were later sent to a camp on the Isle of Man for, quote, “Non-returnable Nazis”, which is a rather sinister phrase, I think! But it’s possible that one of them became the double as part of Churchill’s plot to deflect attention away from the real Rudolf Hess. For example, when Hess was first imprisoned in England it was at Aldershot and the place was a fortress; but then all of a sudden after a few months “Hess” was moved amid virtual fanfare to Abergavenny and the staff lined up to meet him and it was in the newspapers. So it seems that this was really a case of drawing attention to the double. Also there is evidence that the double was seen to meet Churchill in a place opposite Windsor Castle. The importance was to imply to the peace party and thereby to the Germans that Churchill was talking to Hess, even though in fact he wasn’t and was against the peace plan. So Churchill was playing a very, very cunning game.

EYE SPY!: And why was the ruse continued after the War?

LP: Well, Hess, or whoever the old man in Spandau was, became the focus for the Cold War; and as far as the Russians were concerned, the focus for their hatred of the Nazi regime. There was no way that the British were going to announce that “By the way, he’s not really Hess”! He was very useful. And one reason why he was looked after during the Cold War was because as long as he was alive Spandau would be there. And as long as Spandau was there, it gave the four victorious powers a reason to continue to occupy Berlin. It literally came down to this one man in the end.

EYE SPY!: You mention in the book the links between Hess and the Duke of Kent. What is the story there?

LP: The Duke of Kent was the father of the present Duke of Kent and the youngest brother of King George VI. It’s interesting that although he was such an amazing character (he was the first member of the Royal Family to die in active service in over five hundred years) very few people today are aware of who he was. He was very glamorous; a slightly camp, James Bond-like character in a way and he’d acted as political advisor for three kings. So at the time of his death in 1942 Kent was acting as political advisor for George VI. He had been involved in peace moves before the War and he was married to Princess Marina of Greece who was very anti-Bolshevik. It wasn’t so much that he was pro-Nazi or sucking up to Hitler - he was simply pro-peace. He thought that anything was better than going to war again - as did George V. Had there been a deal with Germany the peace party would have insisted that Hitler be removed. And as we understand it from the German side, they would have wanted Churchill removed before they started to negotiate.

EYE SPY!: And how does the Duke of Kent’s death tie in with Hess?

LP: The story is that Hess came over on a peace mission in May 1941 with peace proposals which Churchill does not show the War Cabinet and Hess is locked up - despite the fact that he’s a peace envoy. Now in 1942, we know that there were definitely two Hess’s held in Abergavenny, Wales. One was a decoy and one was the real one - to try and prevent rescue attempts or assassinations. In fact, most notable figures have doubles - like, for example, Montgomery. But later in the summer of 1942, one of the Hess’s had disappeared. Now, what had happened, we discovered, was that the real Hess had been secretly taken up to Scotland where he was kept on the shores of Loch More. Now we had been researching this, as had Stephen Prior; but at the same time our historical researcher, Robert Brydon, had been researching the death of the Duke of Kent and had masses of material and he and Stephen discovered an explosive connection between the two. The Duke of Kent had set off in August 1942 on, allegedly, a morale-boosting trip to Iceland and his Sunderland flying boat had crashed in the Scottish hills and everyone except one member of the crew had died, including the Duke of Kent. The plane crashed approximately two miles from where Hess was kept but there’s something else too: the flying time of the plane had an extra half hour unaccounted for. Then from our investigations, we were able to determine that there was an extra person on board the plane! Had they used the extra half an hour to put down on Loch More to pick somebody up who then died in the crash? We believe - and it does look like - the real Rudolf Hess died with the Duke of Kent in 1942.

EYE SPY!: And why was Hess on the plane?

LP: Our research suggests that they were not heading for Iceland but were in fact en-route to Sweden to broker a peace deal. Things were going badly wrong at the time and it looked like we would lose the War and Kent was fanatically pro-peace and so, in his own way, was Rudolf Hess. There are other reasons to link them too. One thing that is often over-looked is that before the War both Kent and Hess were aviation aces. In those days there was a kind of loose-Freemasonry, if you like, among flyers and a kind of chivalry between them. And there is evidence that George VI had given safe passage to Hess but that Churchill got to him first and locked him up. So under the circumstances, one of these knights of the air perhaps thought it incumbent on him to help another knight of the air to escape to safety - a chivalric element to it perhaps.

EYE SPY!: If this was an attempt at a peace deal and there were those within the British Government who didn’t want this to come about such as Churchill, is there anything sinister to the air-crash that killed Kent and possibly Hess?

LP: That’s one of the biggest questions! It does look very, very coincidental. The plane just exploded and the wreckage was quickly taken away by teams of people who suddenly appeared. Now often in similar circumstances in the Highlands the bodies were removed but the wreckage was left there because it was seen as too difficult a job. But in this crash every last piece was removed. And we do point out that about a year later, Kent’s great friend and ally, General Wladyslaw Sikorski, the leader of the Free Polish forces and who was based in Scotland died in a similar crash. And there is evidence that General de Gaulle was almost the subject of a similar assassination while preparing for a flight to Glasgow from Hendon. At the time it was thought that this might have been the work of Nazi infiltrators but the evidence now points towards the Special Operations Executive working on the orders of Churchill and of course it failed. And this was all to prevent the brokering of a peace deal.

EYE SPY!: You talk in the book about how Churchill used Hess to influence Hitler and change Britain’s fortunes in the War. Can you expand on that?

CP: First of all, Churchill was in a very, very insecure position politically in May 1941. In fact, three days before Hess arrived, there had been a vote of no-confidence in Churchill. He didn’t have the support of the aristocracy or the support of MI6 and the King. But the Hess affair basically gave Churchill the opportunity to blackmail his opponents who were involved with the Hess flight into supporting him. It made his position secure and he made veiled hints and threats in the House of Commons where he would drop Hess’s name in. It was like “Back me or I’ll tell the full story.” He also used the Hess flight to ensure that Hitler went ahead with his attack on Russia six weeks after Hess arrived. He also used it to worry the Americans that a deal was about to be done and to get Roosevelt to increase his support and ensure that the great Triple Alliance happened.
Churchill also fooled Hitler into thinking that the British Government was negotiating with Hess. It’s very clear that when he was held at Aldershot, Hess was under the impression that he was negotiating with representatives of the Government. Churchill had his own network in the intelligence services and he was well aware of what was going on with bringing Hess over.

EYE SPY!: You talk in the book about new files surfacing on this whole controversy. Where did these come from?

CP: The two main new files that we found and used in the book and that haven’t been seen before were, firstly, the archives of the Duke of Hamilton who was involved in the Hess affair and that are kept at the Scottish Office. And although some had been available to other researchers, we were able to get almost unrestricted access that most previous researchers hadn’t really had before. The other thing that hadn’t really seen the light of day before - and this relates more to the death of Hess or whoever the prisoner in Spandau was in 1987 - were the administration records from prison. Now, the British authorities said that all the records for the prison should be destroyed - and they were. But before that the Russians insisted that they make a microfilm record of everything and the Russians then gave microfilm copies to the other three powers. And we managed to get hold of one of the copies that contains a lot of interesting material relating to Hess’s death and what was going on. The files at the Public Record Office that were held by MI5 and released in 1999 fill in some of the holes - one MI5 file in particular which blows the lid on the accepted story of the flight refers to Hess’s request for access to the two German internees Semelbauer and Maass. Maass was the more interesting one because he was a member of the Nazi party. In the PRO files we found a lot of background on him and contacted the Red Cross in Geneva and found that it was three days before Hess’s arrival that they were transferred out to the camp near Glasgow. Yet no-one is supposed to know he’s arriving! In a margin note in one of the PRO files written by the head civil servant in the Foreign Office, he had been told that Maass had been released! So whoever transferred these people out of the internment camps, there was a lot of skull-duggery going on. In fact, it was almost like whoever got them out of the camps did it without the official knowledge of the Government. We’re certain that MI6 was totally involved in the Hess affair - they weren’t luring him over: they were inviting him over. This was because MI6 were supportive of the idea of ending the War with Germany. MI6 saw the real enemy as being Russia. Sir Stuart Menzies - the head of MI6 - advised Churchill to stay out of things and let the Nazis and the Russians get on with it and which ever one wins to pick a fight with them afterwards! So up until the middle of 1941 MI6’s primary thing was to get Britain out of the War. Now the fact that the Foreign Office didn’t know what was going on with Maass and Semelbauer suggests to us it was the peace group that got them out. Presumably, if everything had gone to plan and Hess hadn’t been captured, these two guys would have acted as secretaries for Hess at the peace talks, Hess would then have flown back to Germany and Maass and Semelbauer would have been returned to their camps. As it was, the whole thing went very messy but MI6 wanted this plan to succeed.

EYE SPY!: Do you think that there are factions of the Intelligence community and the Establishment that want this story to come out?

CP: Well, Sir Maurice Oldfield, a former head of MI6, is known to have essentially stolen one of the files on Hess to stop it being destroyed and gave it to certain historians and it’s now in safe-keeping in Holland. So it shows that he was unhappy with the fact that a lot of these files were being destroyed to stop them being released.

EYE SPY!: Bearing in mind the sensitive nature of the story, did you find yourselves thwarted in anyway?

LP: Let’s put it this way: it would have been very surprising if we weren’t being watched: authors who had written only a fraction of what we uncovered had found their paths strewn with obstacles. But having said that, of course, we now have a Labour Government and it was always the Conservatives who were very anti documents leaking out; and now there appears to be a greater openness. But, in saying that, on a couple of occasions manuscripts went astray in the post for suspiciously long periods of time and turned up having obviously been opened. This was the whole typescript that vanished for 10 days and it only had to travel across London! But the book came out! And Rhodri Morgan, the First Minister for Wales, who had always been intrigued by the Hess mystery, was prompted by the launch of the book to say on television that he believed that the British had Hess bumped off in Spandau and I don’t think that would have happened under the old regime. So there is a new openness up to a point!

EYE SPY!: How do you feel now having completed the book and looking back on things?

LP: Writing, researching and being involved in this story has really opened my eyes - not so much about skull-duggery in high places because we’ve learned to expect that - but because of the way in which Churchill got away with this and was feted for it. And yes, okay, Hess was a Nazi - the Deputy Fuhrer - but he came over that night on his own, unarmed, under virtually a white flag and was then locked up for the rest of his life - however long or short that was. My father was a straight-down-the-line regimental sergeant major and I was brought up to start off with a kind of simple patriotism. Obviously as I got older things changed and they have certainly changed with this. They really have!

Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-up by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince & Stephen Prior (with additional research by Robert Brydon) is available from the Eye Spy! shop. £20.00 plus £3.50 p & p. Ref: ES/512. eyespymag.com shop
A Quality Hardback from Little, Brown and Company.

J. Bellinger - Death Sentence:The Case of Willy Frey

Death Sentence:The Case of Willy Frey

By Joseph P. Bellinger

Willy Frey was 22 years old when he was placed on trial by the allies for his alleged participation in a 'common design' to murder or abuse inmates at Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. The Presiding Judge at the trial was A. H. Rosenfeld, whose rulings in nearly every instance favored the prosecution. The prosecuting attorney on behalf of the United States was the insufferable egotist William Denson, who, like George Bush, believed he was on a divine mission from God to personally rid the world of real or imaginary 'Nazis.' His assistant, a Jew named Paul Guth, served as Denson's chief interrogator and was commissioned to extract self-incriminating 'confessions' from the accused by any means necessary. Torture, deceit and beatings were all part of the process. Witnesses for the prosecution were offered inducements to testify by means of financial rewards and there was no end to those who were ready, willing and able to testify merely for the sake of extracting revenge against their erstwhile guards and overseers.

More often than not, the accusers bore distinctive Jewish surnames. All witnesses for the prosecution consulted at great length with the prosecution team before taking the stand. The accused were compelled to wear large placards around their necks bearing numbers in bold black print so that they could more easily be 'identified' by their accusers. Although the counsel for the defense persistently complained about this unsubtle, highly irregular and prejudicial procedure, the panel of judges comprising the 'tribunal,' always ruled against them.

It would seem that Willy was born under a bad sign. Both of his parents died while he was still young and, having no other relatives to provide for him, he was subsequently forced to try and support himself by working as a common laborer. Unable to continue with his scholastic studies, Willy had to drop out of school after having just completed the eighth grade.

At the age of seventeen, Willy was imprisoned by the Nazis and the SS and charged with 'sabotage to the State,' and was shifted from one concentration camp to another. Willy explained the circumstances of his arrest as follows:

"I had friends in the Socialist Democratic movement. A month before I was to be drafted into the SS, I tried to get away because my friends said that National Socialism was planning for war and that would throw Germany into the abyss. I cut open the vein in my left hand."

At his trial Willy explained that the mayor of the town in which he lived, tried to force him to join the SS because "the community had no money and could not support me."

Former Kapo [Hans] Schmeling testified against Willy and declared that the youngster had beaten prisoners to death in April 1945. Willy was asked to respond to these accusations by his defence attorney:

"Willy, do you remember the testimony of the witness Schmeling?"

"Schmeling said that in April 1945, I beat up prisoners to death in the tent camp."

"What do you have to say to that?"

"I wasn't in Mauthausen then. I don't know where that tent camp was."

Do you remember the testimony of the witness Marsalek?"

"Marsalek said that I was room eldest in block twenty-four and that I quieted people down in the evening by beating them."

"What do you have to say about that?"

"It's true that I was in block twenty-four-but he wants to make me responsible for the things he did."

"What was your position in the camp?"

"A regular prisoner."

"Were you ever made a kapo or block leader?"

"No. Those were older people who had been in that camp longer."

"Did you ever beat any prisoner?"

"Well, if somebody stole my bread I beat him. And he beat me. I couldn't let them steal my bread. We beat each other. That was in every camp."

"How many camps have you been in, Willy?"

"Sachsenhausen, Auschwitz, and Mauthausen."

"Did the prisoners fight among themselves in those camps?"

"Yes. They stole food and clothing and shoes, anything they could get hold of."

"Do you remember the testimony of the witness Lefkowitz?"

"I remember. He said I made a head count in the forest camp and put people in groups of five, and a young girl wasn't standing properly so I beat her until the blood was running down her head and she fell down."

"What do you have to say to that?"

"Prisoners had nothing to do with the head count. That was a matter for the block leaders. And I'll tell you now that if I didn't have this number hanging around my neck, these witnesses wouldn't identify me because they have never seen me before. They were told my number before they came into court. They didn't look at my face. They only looked at my number. It's a funny thing, too, that when we first got our charge sheets, not a single one of the prosecution witnesses knew me. No one ever stopped me or called me over. But after Lieutenant GUTH put us together in the bunker, all of a sudden everyone calls me "The Kapo."

"Willy, I hand you prosecution's exhibit 133. Why did you put these things down if they were not true?"

"I was afraid that if I said no, I would be beaten again."

"Had you been beaten before?"

"Yes, in Mossburg. Severely. An American officer put a pistol on my chest and said he would shoot me."

At this point the chief prosecutor, Denson, jumps to his feet and protests: "I object to any further testimony along this line unless it has some connection to this case."

The president of the tribunal, Rosenfeld, sustained the objection.

Denson rose to cross examine the witness:

"What is the name of the officer who interrogated you here in Dachau?"

"Lieutenant Conn," replied Frey, pointing to an officer seated in the courtroom.

"You received no mistreatment here at the hands of Lieutenant Conn, did you?"

"No, but the court really cannot have any impression of what spiritual condition I was in at that time."

Denson snapped back, "We are not asking you at this time about your 'spiritual condition,' Willy. At the time you signed the statement, you knew the difference between true and not true, did you not?"

"I didn't know anything," replied Willy lethargically.

When asked about his subscription into the SS, Willy turned and asked the presiding judge to speak freely.

"I was imprisoned by the Nazis and the SS when I was seventeen for sabotage to the state. I don't understand how I can be accused of being one of them, [pointing to the other defendants] in any 'common design.' I wouldn't kill any prisoners. Witness Schmeling was a worse beater. He was the worst kapo in camp. And he wants to make prisoners who were in the camp only a few days responsible for the evil things he did. As soon as the Americans came in, Schmeling hid at once so the prisoners wouldn't catch him because they would have killed him, too. And the witness Marsalek? I hold him responsible for German prisoners who were killed after the liberation. He went through the barracks with the first camp clerk and picked out prisoners and kapos and block eldests who behaved badly toward the prisoners-and he had them killed either through shooting or beating to death. But he knew I wasn't bad and he told the Russians who wanted to pick me up, 'Leave Frey alone. He came from Auschwitz. He hasn't got anything to do with Mauthausen.' Those two Jews, Ziegelmann and Lefkowitz? I never saw them in my life, and they were probably in the same position as I was. And they probably had very little school too, because they couldn't even spell their names when the defense counsel asked them to. It's a funny thing when bums like that can say, 'Yes, this guy beat this other guy to death,' and they don't even know me. I will say again, if the court would have left out the numbers, I wouldn't have been recognized and I wouldn't have been identified. To make me out as if I was worse than the Gauleiter - it's not true. I never beat a prisoner, and I never beat a prisoner to death. I ran away from a dead body when I saw one. That is all."

Willy Frey never got an even break in his life. Orphaned at a young age, with little more than an elementary school education, driven to attempt suicide, arrested by the SS and incarcerated in some of the worst of the concentrations camps until he finally ended up in Mauthausen, where he is subsequently denounced by other inmates. Held in allied custody for four years, tortured and beaten into signing a false confession, he is placed on trial in a kangaroo court which charges him as 'participating in a common design' to commit murder against unspecified, unidentified persons. Accused of beating other prisoners, Willy's only option was to tell the truth as he experienced it, admitting that he only beat others when they tried to steal his food. In camps like Auschwitz and Mauthausen, to steal another inmate's food was considered by all inmates alike to be a crime akin to murder, and those who were caught stealing food were invariably killed by their fellow prisoners.

For the court that sat in judgment of Willy Frey, his sentence was a foregone conclusion: He was sentenced to death. Sentence was carried out on 28 May, 1947.

Witness Credibility Meter

Hans Marsalek, a former inmate and professional 'witness, who assisted the allies in obtaining the 'death bed confession' of former Mauthausen commander Franz Ziereis, who was shot in the back while 'attempting to escape." Prior to 1938 Marsalek undertook work on behalf of 'communist victims' of Nazi 'persecution,' whilst ignoring the victims who suffered as a result of communist terror. When ordered to report for duty in the Wehrmacht, Marsalek fled to Prague in 1938. Marsalek claims he was a pacifist opposed to all war, but rushed to join the Czechoslovakian army to fight against his countrymen. Whilst in Czechoslovakia, he expanded his contacts with the communist underground and served as a courier for a Soviet agent named Slanzl, "who was in Prague on a certain assignment."

Slanzl sent him to Vienna to recruit agents willing to carry out acts of subversion and sabotage on behalf of the Soviet Union.

He and Slanzl worked together and carried out 'various missions' which he declines to enumerate. Marsalek's job was to deliver various instructions to communist cells in Austria. He soon entered into Vienna illegally and set to work recruiting two men in the German Wehrmacht whom he knew to be communists.

Unable to establish contact, Marsalek was arrested by the Gestapo on 28 October 1941 and taken to the local prison where he was interrogated. On 9 September, 1942, he was transferred to Mauthausen in Southern Austria where he was given an easy desk job as camp secretary.

Marsalek's account of his activities during those years is remarkably polished, having been obviously well-rehearsed and memorized by rote.

Prior to liberation, when the SS staff fled, the entire camp was plunged into chaos, and all the inmates refused to life a finger to help the disabled, sick or dying. According to Marsalek, "from this point on no inmate was ready to do anything more for the others....the sick weren't getting any more care. Of course they were still being treated by the physicians, but the orderlies weren't doing anything to help...Everything was filthy, infested with lice and bedbugs, soiled with excrement...and nobody wanted to cook anymore."

No longer under the supervision of the SS, the camp dissolved into anarchy.

Marsalek and the other camp secretaries, cognizant of the danger of epidemics such as typhus and cholera, went about "organizing the living conditions in Barracks 1-24" until the Americans arrived on 7 May, 1945.

On the 27 May a courier arrived at the doors of Mauthausen, dressed in full communist regalia, and approached Marsalek and ordered him to report to Vienna and work on behalf of the Communists. Marsalek enthusiastically accepted the commission. On his final day at Mauthausen, Marsalek reclaimed all his personal property which had been held in SS trust since his arrival at the camp in 1942!

On the very same day, the Communist Marsalek was promoted from former prisoner to police officer in Vienna. His unwavering commitment to Communism never faltered.

After some period of time, he was reassigned to the Ministry of the Interior to 'set up the Mauthausen Memorial' in 1964. Marsalek freely concedes that he falsified the numbers of prisoners on the plague which adorns the entrance to the camp.

He participated in the preparation of a Mauthausen 'guidebook' and organized public rallies for political purposes. He declines to comment in respect to his participation in the Mauthausen trial, where his sworn testimony led to numerous death sentences for the accused.

Marsalek has since been beatified and canonized by exterminationists. In a recent interview he continues to parrot the old communist themes, focusing on the alleged persecution of homosexuals and the heroism of feminists in resisting the Nazis. A sample of his testimony may be heard at:


-Hans Marsalek

Notable quote: "For a long time I didn't notice that I had become a part of this death machinery."

Chronology of Hans Marsalek

1914 born in Vienna (Austria) by parents of Czech descent; grows up in a modest social democratic milieu, attends the Czech school in Vienna, afterwards apprenticeship as type setter, member of the "Socialist Workers Youth"

1936-1938 joins the resistance movement of the "Rote Hilfe" against the authoritarian corporative "Ständestaat"

1938 after his conscription to the "Wehrmacht" escape to Prague, where he is actively working for the social democratic organisation of emigrants

from 1940 joins the communist-Czech resistance movement in Prague and Vienna

October 1941 arrested in Prague, imprisonment in several prisons in Vienna

September 1942 transferred to KZ Mauthausen; after a few weeks in several working commandos he becomes "Schreiber" (office clerk) in the "Lagerschreibstube"

from May 1944 "Lagerschreiber II" of the main camp Mauthausen

May 1945 after the liberation return to Vienna where he joins the police force (until 1963), entrusted primarily with the investigation concerning neo-Nazi activities

from 1946 takes an essential part in the founding and preservation of the Mauthausen Memorial; marries Anni Vavak (died 1959), a survivor of KZ Ravensbrück

from 1952 founding member of the International Mauthausen Committee

1964-1976 head of the memorial and museum Mauthausen within the ministry of the Interior married with Hilda Zinsler, as of 2000 he was still living in Vienna (Austria)

Carlos Porter - Creative Justice: Conviction Without Accusation - The Case of Schoepp and Gretsch

Creative Justice: Conviction Without Accusation - The Case of Schoepp and Gretsch

By Carlos Porter

In war crimes trials, "conspiracy", "design", and "plan", are used sometimes synonymously, and sometimes not. The doctrine of conspiracy was borrowed from American state and lower Federal Court decisions, particularly Marino vs. US, 91 Fed. 2d. 691, Circuit Court of Appeals. The rest of the world, of course, was not placed on notice to obey these decisions. In 1945, conspiracy was a concept unknown to international law. An example of the unfairness of this doctrine in practice is provided by the case of Schoepp and Gretsch, in the Trial of Martin Gottfried Weiss, Dachau, Nov. 15 Dec. 13, 1945, M1175 National Archives, beginning on microfilm page 000691.

DEFENSE: I would like to make a statement to the court relative to the defendants of Schoepp and Gretsch. There has been no evidence against either of these men, either by the prosecution or by any witness for the defense. Therefore, they have nothing that they have to defend. But they ask me to say to the court that they throw themselves on the court, if there are any questions that any member of the court would like to ask them. They have nothing to hide, and it would be up to the court to ask them any questions they might have.

PROSECUTION: May it please the court... whether or not there is any evidence before the court as to the criminality and culpability with respect to Schoepp and Gretsch, it is a matter which this court has already decided, in their rulings on the motion for a directed verdict of not guilty. It may be the position of the defense counsel that there is no evidence, but I think it is grossly improper to put the court into the position of asking the accused to be put on the stand. I think it is highly improper for the defense counsel to ask the court to reveal their attitude by putting them in the position of asking the accused Schoepp and Gretsch to take the stand. I think that that is an election which should be made by the accused themselves, after they have conferred with counsel, and it is certainly improper to ask this court whether or not they have any questions that they want to ask the accused at this time.

DEFENSE: May it please the court, that isn't the point at all. These men have nothing to say on the stand, but they don't want the court to get the impression that they are refusing to take the stand, or refusing to answer any questions. They are merely throwing themselves on the court, with these words: "I have nothing to hide". There is no point in their taking the stand. I wouldn't know what to ask them. The prosecution has not brought one thing out against them. There is nothing for them to defend. But they don't want the court to get the idea they are hiding anything, and for that reason they open themselves to the request of the court. There is nothing improper about that. The burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove that these men are guilty of what they are charged with. There has been no evidence brought out against them. The prosecution takes the position that the burden is on them to prove that they are innocent.

PROSECUTION: The answer to that is that these men are charged with acting in pursuance of a common design to subject these prisoners to killings, beatings, tortures, starvation, abuses, and indignities. We have shown by our case that these men were guards, and as such they acted in pursuance of a common design to subject these people to the beatings, killings, starvation, and so forth, as charged in the particulars. I again say that it is entirely up to the accused, with the advice of their counsel, to either take the stand or remain silent, as they see fit, but to try to put this court into the position of making an election, or even attempting to disclose their opinion as to their guilt or innocence at this time, is grossly improper.

PRESIDENT: The defense will proceed with their case.

DEFENSE: Do I understand, Sir, that the court desires them to take the stand?

PRESIDENT: The court is not going to express itself one way or the other. We have already passed on your motion for a directed verdict of not guilty, at the conclusion of the prosecution's case. You can proceed with your case in any way you think best.

ALBIN GRETSCH, one of the accused, was then called to the stand by the defense as a witness in his own behalf, and testified through the interpreter as follows:

DIRECT EXAMINATION:Questions by the defense:

Q: What is your name?

A. Albin Gretsch.

Q: How old are you?

A: Forty six years.

Q: Where were you born?

A: Augsburg.

Q: Did you ever participate in a common design to murder or to mistreat any prisoners, or any persons?

A: No.

DEFENSE: No further questions (!)

On cross,the prosecution showed that he was a guard, that he had a gun, and that there were bullets in that gun. On redirect, the defense showed that he never fired a shot. Gretsch was convicted of "aiding and abetting in a common design".

JOHANN SCHOEPP, one of the accused, was called to the stand by the defense as a witness in his own behalf, and testified through the interpreter as follows:

DIRECT EXAMINATION:Questions by the defense:

Q: What is your name?

A: Johann Schoepp.

Q: How old are you?

A. Thirty four and half years.

Q: Where were you born?

A: In Alcen, Rumania.

Q: Are you a Rumanian citizen?

A: Yes.

DEFENSE: No further questions (!)

On cross, the prosecution showed that he was a reserve guard on a transport. On redirect, the defense showed he had no gun, no orders, nothing to do, and was a conscript assigned to the German Army from the Rumanian Army. He was convicted of "aiding and abetting in a common design".

EXCERPTS FROM PROSECUTION SUMMATION, beginning on microfilm page 000857)

PROSECUTION (Lt. Col. Denson)...The case has been long. This court has heard the oral testimony of over 170 witnesses...I would like to call the court's attention and wish to emphasize the fact that the offense with which these 40 men stand charged is not killing, beating, and torturing these prisoners but the offense is aiding, abetting, encouraging and participating in a common design to kill, to beat, to torture, and to subject these persons to starvation.

Note that there is no mention of a gas chamber. That accusation was dropped before trial, but reintroduced into evidence at Nuremberg, even though it was known to be false.

It may be, because of the testimony submitted here, that this court may be inclined to determine the guilt or innocence of these forty men by the number of men they killed, or by the number of men they beat, or the number they tortured. That is not the test that is to be applied in this case... We are not trying these men for specific acts of misconduct. We are trying these men for participation in this common design... as a matter of fact, this case could have been established without showing that a single man over in that dock at any time killed a man. It would be sufficient, may it please the court, to show that there was in fact a common design, and that these individuals participated in it, and that the purpose of this common design was the killings, the beatings, and the tortures and the subjection to starvation... The evidence before this court demonstrates beyond all peradventure of a doubt the existence of this common design. It is not contended, nor is it necessary to sustain, the charges that this common design had its origin in Dachau, nor was it first conceived in January 1942...

Note that the word "conspiracy" is avoided at all times, apparently to give the prosecution more leeway than allowed in conspiracy cases. It was never revealed where the "design" originated, who made it, when and where, whether it was in writing or oral, or who was present.


PRESIDENT: The evidence presented to this court convinced it beyond any doubt that the Dachau Concentration Camp subjected its inmates to killings, beatings, tortures, indignities, and starvation to an extent and to a degree that necessitates the indictment of everyone, high and low, who had anything to do with the conduct and the operation of the camp. This court reiterates that, although appointed by a conquering nation as a military government court in a conquered land, it sits in judgment under international law and under such laws of humanity and customs of human behavior that is recognized by civilized people. Many of the acts committed at Camp Dachau had clearly the sanction of the high officials of the then customs of the German government itself. It is the view of this court that when a sovereign state sets itself up above reasonably recognized and constituted law or is willing to transcend readily recognizeable constituted customs of human and decent treatment of persons, the individuals effecting such policies of their state must be held responsible for their part in the violation of international law and the customs and laws of humanity.

Note that no references are given to any provisions of any laws constituting the legality of the court, the trial, or the crimes of the defendants.

The accused and counsel will stand. The accused will present themselves individually in the order in which they are numbered before the bench.

Thirty six of the forty defendants were sentenced to be hanged, two to life imprisonment, and Schoepp and Gretsch to ten years. Appeal was permitted as to sentence, but not as to the merits of the case. Twenty eight of the defendants were actually hanged. Most of the rest were released in the 1950s.

Andrew Allen - The Office of Special Investigations and the Holocaust Myth

The Office of Special Investigations and the Holocaust Myth

By Andrew Allen

    A major support of the Holocaust myth is the popular belief that National Socialist crimes were proven in various trials after World War II. Even 50 years after the War various governments seek to support the myth through prosecution of alleged war criminals. The case of John Demjanjuk in Israel and Imre Finta in Canada are two examples. In the United States the process of "Nazi hunting" has been put on a permanent basis with the creation of a bureaucracy within the United States Department of Justice, the Office of Special Investigations. It was formed on September 4, 1979 to enforce a law passed by Congress the previous October 30th. The law was Public Law 95-549 and its purpose was, and is, to track down and revoke the citizenship of so-called "Nazi war criminals." In the first ten years of its operation the OSI has stripped approximately 35 citizens of their citizenship and deported them to various countries. It has an annual operating budget in excess of $4,000,000. Its director as of 1993 was Neal Sher.

    The actions of the OSI are increasingly being called into question by members of the Bar, the courts, and members of Congress. This article is a study of a single case prosecuted by the Office of Special Investigations, the case of Martin Bartesch. In 1987, the OSI filed a lawsuit against Martin Bartesch of Chicago, Illinois, seeking to strip him of his American citizenship and to deport him. In the legal papers and press announcements the OSI accused Martin Bartesch of having been a Nazi war-criminal who "personally" murdered tens of thousands of people at Mauthausen concentration camp. He was accused of obtaining entry into the United States by fraud in that he failed to disclose he service in the SS.

    It is important to remember that, although the victims of the OSI are called "war criminals" by the OSI and some of the media, they are only charged with the technical violation of omitting to put certain information on their entry papers when they came to America. They are not charged with any crime. The OSI is only charging people with a civil immigration offense and the result of losing the suit is only considered by the Courts as a "civil" result and not a "criminal punishment." It may seem illogical that being stripped of your citizenship, being seperated from your family, having your Social Security payments taken away, and being deported is not considered "punishment" while having to pay a $100 fine for speeding is. However, this is the position of the OSI and, unfortunately, it has been supported by the Courts.

    This distinction between civil trials and criminal trials is very important. It means that the defendants in an OSI action have none of the rights that every murderer or rapist has. For example the defendant does not have a right to an attorney, does not have a right to a jury trial, does not have a right against self-incrimination, and can be found guilty on a far lower level of evidence than in a normal criminal proceeding. With these serious disadvantages and facing ruinous legal costs, Martin Bartesch accepted a deal offered by the OSI. He would go to Austria, be allowed to keep his Social Security benefits, and most importantly, the OSI would not prosecute his wife. That would have been the end of the matter except for the determined and courageous struggle of Martin Bartesch's children who were determined to clear their father's name. In 1988 I was retained by Martin's son, Heinz, to file a Freedom of Information Act1 request regarding his father. The request was for the information which the OSI had about Martin Bartesch. When the OSI ignored the FOIA request, I filed a lawsuit.

    The Freedom of Information Act 5 U.S.C. was passed by Congress in 1966 and substantially modified in 1974. It was considered a major liberal triumph in establishing, for the first time, a statutory right of access by any person to federal agency records. FOIA requires that the agency either release the records that it has on an individual or or compile a complete list of the documents and cite one of various exemptions to release (such as national security). The list is called the "Vaughn" Index.

    Several weeks after I filed the legal action a large packet was mailed to my office. It was full of documents from the OSI files on Bartesch. This is what makes the Bartesch case particularly interesting. With someone in the Office of Special Investigations leaking documents to me, I was in a interesting position: I would be able to observe how my legal colleagues in the Office of Special Investigations complied with the Freedom of Information Act. I also was able to detail the entire course of the original Bartesch case.


    Martin Bartesch was a Volkdeutscher living on a farm in Romania. When he was 16 years old, in 1943, he entered the S.S. under great pressure to avoid service in Russia. He was never a member of the Hitler Youth or any Nazi organization. In September and October 1943 he received training outside of Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria and was then moved about 60 miles away to Linz III. This camp was a work camp (Arbeitslager) run by civilians under SS control and was not the site of beatings or atrocities. Testimony also showed that Bartesch had shared his cigarettes with his charges while on road building assignments and obtained extra food for them. While Mauthausen had been the site of atrocities, Linz III had not. In 1945 Bartesch was transferred to the eastern front. He served against the Soviets and was captured by them at the war's end. When the Soviets overran Romania he lost his home and country. In 1958 Martin Bartesch came to America as a refugee, raised a family here and was a model citizen. While Bartesch was stationed outside of the Mauthausen he did serve as a perimeter guard for three weeks and did shoot an escaping prisoner, named Max Ochsbron. The matter was recorded in the camp records and clearly showed that the prisoner had been trying to escape. Ochsbron appears to have been arrested for forgery.


    Sometime in 1985 this single entry on camp records was discovered by OSI investigators looking for leads. A computer match was made with the name of Martin Bartesch on immigration files. It was on this weak evidence that the OSI filed its lawsuit against Martin Bartesch. It also issued press releases which, as mentioned above, accused Bartesch of being a mass murderer. The attorneys at OSI did this despite their having a list of those S.S. who had been stationed at Mauthausen (Bartesch is not on them) and the list which shows he was at Linz III. A second OSI list also reveals that Bartesch was never stationed in Mauthausen. The OSI attorney directly in charge of the case was Michael Bernstein, who acted with the consent and approval of OSI director Neal Sher. It was only after the filing of the lawsuit that the OSI started to look for evidence against Bartesch. Advertisements were run in various newspapers stating "OSI urgently seeking Mauthausen witnesses." Investigators combed record files in Prague, Vienna, and Berlin. Bernstein and his aide (named Betty Shave) took several expensive trips to Israel and Paris to interview possible "witnesses." Despite an exhaustive search, the OSI did not discover any evidence of any kind which implicated Martin Bartesch in any crime. As one Department of State telegram put it, "All that could be established from documentation is that the French Jew (No. 14582) Max Ochsbron, born August 20, 1916 in Vienna died on October 28, 1943 at 9:55 A.M. while trying to escape (Auf der Flucht erschossen)."

    Indeed, the OSI search only uncovered evidence which exonerated Bartesch. Various interviews with ex-prisoners state time and time again that the interviewees never saw any beatings or killings of prisoners by SS guards at Linz III or even heard of other prisoners complaining of beatings or killings. Linz is mentioned as being "relatively nice." The reports of many interviews are ended with OSI comment, "Interview not useful. He [interviewee] paints a rather easy picture of life at Linz III." Despite this clear evidence of Bartesch's innocence, Neal Sher did not drop the case, or even retract the more extreme and heinous accusations against Bartesch. The discovery requests of the immigration attorney for Bartesch were avoided and Michael Bernstein, with the approval of OSI director Neal Sher, concealed exonerating evidence from the Bartesch family. The declarations regarding mild conditions at Linz III were "forgotten". Even worse, documents were translated in a manner which increased the father's appearance of guilt (omitting the fact that Bartesch had disclosed that he had been in the S.S. in his entry documents and by adding "Concentration Camp Mauthausen" to the list of names of the Linz III guards implying that Linz guards served at Mauthausen. The OSI never admitted that the original charge of killing ten of thousands of persons was incorrect. During the Bartesch deportation suit various citizens wrote protest letters to the White House and Congress supporting Martin Bartesch. The leaked documents reveal that the OSI collected these protest letters and proposed taking administrative and legal action against the letter-writers. Michael Bernstein requested the immigration files of the letter writers in order to investigate them and a memo was circulated at OSI saying that the letters were "irritating" and discussing subpoenaing the protesters for depositions.

    The OSI files were filled with collected newspaper articles and letters to the editors of various publications. Director Sher was careful to monitor the publicity OSI cases generated and the OSI evidently worked with private organizations to influence public opinion. A single tragedy put Martin Bartesch's name on a list which the Office of Special Investigation used to find possible Nazi war-criminals. Without any investigation, the OSI leveled the most serious charges against him and ruined him. That was irresponsible conduct for our government. The case was continued after the truth was known because the OSI couldn't admit that a mistake had been made. OSI hasn't had the decency to retract the original charges or to apologize to the Bartesch family.


    The Freedom of Information Act was meant to be an important law for controlling secret government activity and opening up governmental practices. The OSI clearly failed to comply with the Freedom of Information Act regarding Heinz Bartesch's requests for information. Many documents which were in the Bartesch file were not included on the Vaughn Index. I believe that it is more than a coincidence that all of the documents which provided exonerating evidence for Bartesch or which indicated OSI wrong-doing were simply not listed at all. In other FOIA cases brought by Rad Artukovic or Edward Nisnic, regarding the John Demjanjuk case, the OSI failed to produce or even list many important documents. Thus, the attorneys of the OSI seem to be engaging in a pattern of ignoring or evading the Freedom of Information Act. During the FOIA suit the OSI acted in a hostile and unprofessional manner. Threats were made by the OSI to revive the lawsuit against Martin Bartesch if his son continued to pursue his FOIA suit. Threats of criminal action were made against me for possessing OSI documents. Reasonable discovery requests were opposed.     In summary, the documents show that the OSI:

1. filed the de-naturalization suit on very weak evidence while alleging extremely serious crimes;
2. failed to release evidence which exonorated Bartesch;
3. used distorted or incorrect translations;
4. failed to retract the most serious charges against Bartesch when they found to be untrue;
5. collected the names of citizens who wrote to their elected officials;
6. and considered taking administrative action against them.
    Regarding the FOIA suit, the OSI failed to list important documents on the Vaughn Index and described those documents that it did include in a misleading manner.

    The existence of the Office of Special Investigations shows the power of and is an example of the continuing importance of the Holocaust Myth. The fact that the OSI must prosecute cases such as Martin Bartesch shows that they have no real Nazi criminals to pursue.