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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Davidson-Free Energy, Gravity and the Aether

Free Energy, Gravity and the Aether

by Dan A. Davidson
PO Box 1090
Sierra Vista, AZ 85636

Over the years the existence and understanding of the aether has evolved as the basis for gravity and free energy effects at a micro and macro level.
Laboratory experiments have shown that superluminal energy and information transfer has been effectively accomplished via aetheric engineering, which effectively eliminates the theory of relativity and its absurd views of physics and cosmology.
The structure of the aether is summarized, as a superfluidic medium, including interrelationships of many of the basic universal constants describing physical phenomena with magnetic, electrical, and gravitic formulas.
The author summarizes experiments that he has carried out, as well as others. Also summarized will be the author's current view of where the maverick ("behind the scenes") science network has moved in engineering the aether.
The essence is that a worldwide, loosely associating group of engineers, physicists, chemists, and assorted garage shop experimenters have moved well beyond the stifling shrouds of the orthodox "science" community.
Experiments have proven that the aether exists, and that it is engineerable, even to the extent that gravity is controllable, free energy is possible, superluminal energy/information transfer is readily accomplished, and a plethora of new inventions in energy generation, transportation, and communication are now being engineered for the marketplace.
It is a pleasure to speak and write to such a distinguished group of scientists and engineers. I salute your courageous and forthright stand for truth in science and your valiant efforts to bring a measure of sanity back into physics.
As an confirmed aetheric scientist who has attempted to approach orthodox physicists, I appreciate your heroic efforts and pray God's blessing for us all. I am grateful to be able to give you some views on what I have discovered and where the real scientists are moving in development of THE new paradigm of physics.
In the following I use the term "aether" to distinguish it from the anesthetic, ether.
The Aether:
From my research over 35 years the existence of the aether is a reality. The experiments of Trouton and Noble, Sagnac, Michelson and Gale, Thirring and Lenze, and Fizeau all imply that the aether exists.
John Keely performed extensive experiments in engineering the aether including producing various gravity phenomena, controlled breakdown of matter into aether and then using the aether in experiments, etc.
My research and discoveries have led me to characterize the aether as follows:
  • 1. A superfluidic particulate medium which pervades all space.
  • 2. A medium, which in its various modes, is the building block of the physical universe.
  • 3. A medium, which, in one of its modes, is responsible for gravity and inertia.
  • 4. A medium which is controllable by our mind and can be manipulated my our thoughts.
  • 5. A medium which can be controlled by geometric shapes.
This paper will cover aspects of 2 and 3, topic 4 I leave for a more suitable time and space and topic one I assert as a basic premise as I have not visited all space; however, inference leads one to this conclusion. Topic 5 will be touched briefly in this paper.
The charge of matter is due to its interchange with aether. The electron as well as the other subatomic particles are basically self-sustaining vortices in a fluidic particulate aether.
Charge represents a difference in concentration of the aether between two points. Mass (i.e., atomic particles) is made of aether, aether continually flows into and out of the particles as vortices, and the charge is due to its being at a different concentration of aether at a point in time and space than the local aether concentration.
The electron is a vortex of aether caught in a rotating standing wave due to the vibrating flow of aether which flows into and out of the atom's nucleus.
The charge of an electron, the Rydberg constant, and gravitational constant are also derivable from simple fluid mechanics1,2 treatment of the aether. See Table 1 for a summary of the simple relationships of the basic atomic and electrical constants as derived using fluid mechanics and treating aether as a superfluidic particulate medium.
Atomic Structure:
Atomic structure builds according to the rules of geometry and the basic polarity of atomic particles. Polarities are the result of aetheric flows into and out of matter.
John Ernst Worrel Keely was the first sub-atomic physicist. His basic elucidation of atomic structure was derived from his development of the science of vibratory physics. One of his basic discoveries was that of the substructure of the proton3. He discovered it was a vortex made of three sub- nuclear particles, also vortexes.
Further research led him to the idea that this three particle substructure continued down to smaller and smaller level of particles within each particle. Keely claimed to have learned to control the substructure 27 levels down from the basic proton. The Keely atom is depicted in a stylized format in Figure 1.
The first level of substructure was finally theorized in the orthodox community by Feynman in 1958. Keely's discovery antedated Feynman by over 60 years! Feynman called the three particles making up the proton quarks.
As summarized in Table 1, the gravitation constant as grad E correlates with the seminal work by T. Townsend Brown. Brown discovered that a capacitor will tend to move in the direction of the positive plate.
Apparent weight loss is the result when the plates are perpendicular to the local gravity gradient. This effect can be enhanced by making one plate much smaller than the other plate. This essentially forces the grad E to maximize.
It should be noted that grad E is independent of whether the field is AC or DC. Experiments have shown that even with this enhancement the capacitor does not have all its apparent weight nullified and levitate.
The reason for this can be found again in the nuclear particle's relationship with the aether. Even though each atom is in constant resonance with the aether this resonance is not synchronized across the mass4. Each atom is doing its own thing, so to speak, and there is a random interchange with the aether with respect to all the nuclei.
Thus, when a grad E acts as an aether pump across the capacitor plates only a small portion of the atoms become synchronized to this aetheric flow so the entire mass does not respond at the same time; therefore, all the atoms don't try and move at the same time. An interesting experiment suggested by Paul Stowe to test the grad E effect is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1. The Keely "Atom" Showing the Substructure of the Neutron.
Analysis of various apparently disconnected events where levitation was witnessed provides some important clues to a means of effecting synchronization of the nuclei. This was explained, in detail, in a paper by Davidson and Decker4.
Synchronization of the nuclei with the aether has been achieved by two main methods; namely, rotation or movement and sonically. Townsend Brown was quite open in publicizing his experimental results even though they were being funded in part by the Office of Naval Research out of San Diego.
However, when he started rotating his gravitors on their axis the results suddenly became classified and all information on his experiments ceased. It is suspected that major levitation resulted and this breakthrough was classified to protect the discovery so it could be exploited for national defense.
Analysis of the phenomenon of inertia provides the major clue to how rotation could act to synchronize the flow of aether into the nuclear sub- structure of the gravitors.
A seminal paper in Physical Review by Haisch, Rueda, and Puthoff theorizes that inertia is a result of mass's resistance of movement through the zero point energy (ZPE) field (i.e., the aether) because the mass, at the nuclear level, is linked directly into the aether.
Puthoff and his friends basically did a nice proof of what Keely stated, in 1896, that inertia was a result of the resistance of mass to the local aetheric field. Hence, it is easy to see that movement/rotation could cause the aetheric flows of the mass to reorient with respect to the direction of movement.
Sonic stimulation performs the same thing by getting all the atoms of the mass to resonate together which synchronizes aetheric flows into the nucleus. Several interesting levitation effects have been observed where sonic stimulation assisted in the levitation.

Put Table 1 here on Paul Stowe's equations.{Graphic stripped}

Figure 2 Variation Of Townsend Brown Experiment To Test Grad E Effect
Levitation in Ancient Tibet:
Research into ancient religions reveals many startling levitation effects. One of the most detailed and interesting of these have been recorded by a competent witness5.
A Swede, Dr. Jarl, who studied at Oxford became friends with a fellow student from Tibet. Several years later, in 1939, he was asked by his friend to go to Tibet to treat a high Lama. His Tibetan friend had risen to high rank at his Lamasery and Dr. Jarl was privileged to learn many things which most foreigners would never hear about.
On one occasion, his friend took him to a meadow which was surrounded by high cliffs to the northwest. About 250 meters up the face of the cliff there was a hole which looked like the entrance to a cave. A rock wall was being built in front of the cave by Tibetan monks. Access to the cave could only be achieved from the top of the mountain. 250 meters from the face of the cliff, facing the cave, was a polished rock slab with a bowl shaped depression in it. A block of stone, 1.5 meters long by 1 meter wide and 1 meter high was lowered into the depression by a team of Yaks and monks.
Monks with19 musical instruments, consisting of 13 drums and 5 trumpets, were arranged in an arc of 90 degrees (see Figure 3) in front of the stone block. The instruments had the following measurements:
  • (1). 8 drums were 1 meter diameter X 1.5 meters deep X 3mm sheet iron and weighed 150 kg.
  • (2). 4 drums were 0.7 meter diameter X 1 meters deep
  • (3). 1 drum was 0.2 meter diameter X 0.3 meters deep
  • (4). All trumpets were 3.12 meters X 0.3 meters

All the drums were open on one end, mounted on poles, and aimed at the block of stone. The drums were beat by monks using a big leather club.
Behind each instrument was a row of monks. The monks started chanting and playing the musical instruments which lasted four minutes.
When the sound reached a certain level the large block of stone placed in front of them, occupying the focal point of the monks formation, majestically floated into the air and arched up to the construction site on the mountain above them where receiving monks guided the large block into place. The flight path of the huge stone took about 3 minutes.
This was not an isolated incident. The monks continued to perform this feat at the rate of 5 or 6 stones per hour. On occasion a stone was broken by the process which indicates that the sonic resonance forces are capable of destructive effects.
Calculations reveal that the volume of the large drums are similar to the stone block volume. The medium drums are one third the volume of the large drum and the small drum is a 41th of the medium drum and 125th of the large drum.
The exact volume of the large stone is not available; however, the harmonic relations of the drums implies it is about 1.5 cubic meters.
As to the trumpets, their length, 3.12 meters, is not a good indicator of its sound. Most trumpets are flared at the end so part of the trumpet is more for sound amplification than its frequency component. So, if the wave length of the trumpet is some harmonic of about 3 meters, then the trumpet produces a sound which is the second harmonic of the large drums (i.e., 3 divided by 1.5 equals 2). Thus we see that the drums and trumpets are all harmonically tuned to the size of the stone being levitated.
Another interesting aspect of this levitation demonstration is the small amount of power necessary to perform the levitation. The loudest tolerable sound pressure that a person can stand is approximately 280 dynes/cm2. From physics analysis9 this translates to about 0.000094 watts/cm2.
If we assume that each monk with his instrument produced one half this much sound energy (which is highly unlikely) and we make the further gross assumption that this is the amount of power that reaches the stone (actually sound dissipates rapidly over distance), we would have about 0.01 watts (i.e., (19 instruments + 19 X 4 monks) X 0.000094) hitting the huge stone block. This is an astoundingly small amount of energy actually hitting the 1.5 cubic meter stone to produce the effect.
To lift the stone 250 meters takes a prodigious amount of energy. Rocks such as granite and limestone have weights in the neighborhood of 150 - 175 pounds per cubic foot.
If we assume a nominal value of 160 pounds per cubic foot then the 1.5 cubic meter stones weighed around 8475 pounds (i.e., over 4 tons!!!). To lift the 8475 pounds 250 meters would require about 7 million ft-pounds of work (i.e., 8475 pounds X 250 meters / 0.30408 meters/foot = 6,968,035).
Since this was done over a 3 minute period then about 70 horsepower was produced (i.e., 7 X 106 foot-pounds / 180 seconds / 550 horsepower/foot- pound/second = 70.384).
This is equivalent to 52 kilowatts (i.e., 70.384 X 0.74570 kilowatts/horsepower = 52.5). The over unity power factor we obtain is 5,250,000 over unity (i.e., 52,500 watts/0.01 watts).
The monks were obviously tapping into a huge amount of free energy to levitate the huge stone blocks or gravity requires little power to effects its operation once the principles are understood.
Movies taken by Dr. Jarl of the levitation were confiscated by the society he worked for and classified. Analysis of the geometric measurements, taken by Dr. Jarl, of the levitation situation reveals that the distances are related to the speed of light and other earth resonance phenomena.
Levitation of 4 Ton Iron Sphere:
After Keely's untimely death in 1898, several investigators from the "Scientific American" magazine staff went to Keely's laboratory looking for evidence to support the idea that Keely was a fraud3.
They thought they found what they were looking for when they lifted the floorboards of a section of the laboratory and found a large cast iron sphere from which protruded pieces of iron pipe but the pipes were not connected to anything.
The sphere was estimated to weight 6,625 pounds and have a bursting strength of 28,000 pounds.
This event revived the charge that Keely had used compressed air to perform his miraculous feats; which, if true, would have earned Keely a fortune from compressed air inventions.
Research, by a friend of mine, uncovered a newspaper article, written while Keely was still living, which tells the story of how the iron sphere got under the floorboards.
It seems the newsman who wrote the article had gone to see Keely for possible newsworthy information. He found the inventor in his laboratory tearing a large hole in the floor. Keely greeted the reporter but did not seem to be in a talkative mood as he appeared quite busy.
After enlarging the hole, Keely attached a strange belt with several mechanisms built into it to his waist. He then attached a thin wire leading from the belt to a large sphere resting in the corner of the laboratory.
After a few minutes of intense concentration by Keely the ponderous globe slowly lifted a few inches from the floor.
Keely then "floated" the iron sphere over the hole in the floorboards and allowed the huge mass to settle to the ground below the floor level.
After a few adjustments to the belt mechanism Keely again seemed lost in rapt concentration. This time the globe slowly but inexorably settled itself into the earth, buried by the opposite of levitation; namely, supergravity.
Keely had evidently caused the apparent mass of the sphere to increase to such an extent that it sank into the firm earth much as a heavy rock sinks into mud. The inventor told the reporter that he was making room in his lab by clearing away outmoded equipment.
It is theorized that the belt mechanism Keely wore during the levitation feat tuned the atomic structure of the iron sphere so all the atoms were synchronized and aetheric force directed through the sphere caused it to levitate or gravitate.
The Detection of Aetheric Gravity Flow Using Dielectrics:
By now it should be obvious that the larger the mass the more aether which flows into the atomic structure of the mass. Mass is both radiating and absorbing aetheric energy.
Other mass in the vicinity will cause perturbations in this aetheric flow. Because of this fact, aetheric flow detectors can be constructed by taking advantage of this principle.
My first working gravity or local aetheric stress/flow detector was demonstrated at the 1990 Extraordinary Science Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado6.
The basic principle of the gravity detector is the fact that the electronic charge structure of a given mass is a function of the amount of aether flowing into the mass. The charge around the atom is governed by the amount of aether flowing into and out of the mass.
My reasoning was that dielectrics would make the best aetheric flow detector. Early success had been accomplished by Jerry Gallimore7 (circa 1975) and Townsend Brown8 (circa 1959) in using dielectric materials to detect local gravity effects.
In dielectrics the electronic charge is isolated and trapped within the dielectric material since the charge cannot flow and dissipate.
By using a high dielectric such as titanate zirconate or barium titanate the amount of charge change is directly readable by putting electrodes on each pole of a polarized dielectric.
My first detector circuit used a picoamplifier attached to the electrodes to amplify the signal. Then the voltage/current changes across the dielectric are easily measured directly by a voltmeter.
Figure 4 depicts the output of the gravity detector circuit as a graph of local gravitational stress (i.e., aetheric stress). The graph readily shows the daily swing of aetheric flow on the dielectric material as the sun and moon affects the earth's gravity field and gravity flows into the earth.
The data was taken during a solar eclipse and shows the effect of local aetheric field stress dropping during the period of the eclipse.
Experiments with the dielectric detectors showed they tend to be noisy and susceptible to temperature, light, and sound pressure. If you are going to experiment with this type of gravity detector be sure to isolate the dielectric from temperature swings, light and sound.
Greg Hodowanec did some experiments9 in 1986 and claimed success in detecting aetheric energies. He used an ordinary capacitor as a detector and an operational amplifier to boost the change in capacitance occuring in the capacitor.
Analysis of his data shows it does not correlate with any known phenomena. Hodowanec's detector should at least have tracked daily aetheric changes due to the effects producted by the sun and moon. My experiments with his detector showed it is highly susceptible to temperature changes and it is quite possible the data he published were temperature effects.
The Detection of Aetheric Gravity Flow Using DNC Coil:
In discussing my results of gravitational energies (i.e., aether stress flows) with a fellow gravity researcher, Joe Parr, he mentioned he had similar results with dielectrics and had accidentally discovered a better detector.
It was a strange coil to which he attached the moniker "Do Nothing Coil" (DNC). The DNC would detect the aetheric gravity flow without the bothersome temperature, photonic, and sonic noise effects.
Joe called the coil "do nothing" because it did not respond in any significant manner to magnetic or electrical signals from DC to about 300 Ghz. By accident he discovered that the coil's resistance changed during a 24 hour period.

Figure 4. Gravity Sensor Data Example
The DNC coil consists of about 8000 turns of number 34 copper wire wound on a plastic hoop. In my duplication of the DNC coil I got a Hula Hoop and cut it open, removed the plastic noise maker beads, and shortened the tubing length to make a plastic loop 19 inches in diameter (i.e., center of toroid on one side to center of toroid in other side).
To wind the coil I set the coil form and wire and electrician tape on the coffee table in front of the TV set and whenever I was watching TV I would wind a couple of hundred turns on the loop and cover the turns with black electrician tape to keep the coil in place. After a couple of months I finally had wound the DNC coil. A BNC connector on the two ends of the coil completed the job.
Figure 5 shows the results of a few days of data taken with the DNC coil. The graph clearly shows the daily resistance changes. The change in resistance is a direct readout of the local aetheric stress flow changes.
Resistance changes in the coil because the atomic lattice electronic charge of the metal in the wire changes as more or less aether is flowing in the nuclei of the coils atoms.
During the course of a 24 hour period the sun, moon, planets as well as the stars put differing stress levels on the earth's aetheric field which directly affects the flow rate into the nucleus.

Figure 5. The DNC as a Gravity Sensor Example
The Parr Pyramid Gravity Experiments:
Another gravity sensor which Joe Parr has discovered involves the Great Pyramid and pyramid shapes in general. A static (i.e., non-moving) pyramid was aligned north-south/east-west and flat coils wound on audio tape reels were placed on the north and south side of the pyramid.
A spark gap made from a blown 1 microfarad capacitor was place at the apex of the pyramid in series with a battery, resistor and chart recorder (see figure 6). The chart recorder registered daily changes in the energies around the pyramid.

Figure 6. Gravitational Sensor Using Pyramid Shape
The chart recorder records the state of a bubble of energy which surrounded the pyramid. The energy bubble over time had various levels of opacity to all types of radiation.
Experiments putting radio frequency emitters, radioactive sources - specifically beta emitters, magnetic sources, and ion sources all showed attenuation when in the energy bubble which surrounds the pyramid.
Intensive research over 13 years showed that the bubble could be fed negative ions and this would intensify the opacity of the bubble. At certain times of the year the energy bubble would totally block the force of gravity, nuclear radiation, and electromagnetic radiation. Another effect noted that the pyramid seemed to be resonant at 500 and 1000 Hz.
At one time during the 11 year sun spot cycle the static pyramid sensor went dead and quit providing data. In order to find another method of continuing the research the reasoning was that a moving sensor could possibly continue providing data. Joe Parr built an elaborate experimental setup he named the "centrifuge". The centrifuge is illustrated in figure 7.
Extensive experiments with the centrifuge provided additional data on the pyramid energy bubble.
Positive ions in the centrifuge would cause the pyramid to be drawn to the moon. Negative ions in the centrifuge would cause the pyramid to be repelled away from the moon.
At certain times of the year (around December 8th-15th and May 8th-15th) the energy bubble around the pyramids in the centrifuge would become totally opaque to local gravitation and inertial forces and rip off the end of the centrifuge arm causing extensive damage to the interior of the centrifuge.
Detailed analysis of the amount of energy of the pyramid, when they ripped free, showed that an 8 gram pyramid had approximately 2000 pounds of force (i.e., 113,000 times increase in kinetic energy). It is hypothesized that the pyramid moves into a different time/space condition called h-space.
The centrifuge experiments also correlated with the static pyramid in that putting radio frequency emitters, radioactive sources, magnetic sources, and ion sources all were attenuated when in the pyramid energy bubble.

Figure 7. Parr Pyramid Centrifuge
The Parr Gravity Wheel Experiment:
Other research led Joe Parr to hypothesize that perhaps a three dimensional pyramid was not totally necessary. A new experiment was devised which replaced the large centrifuge with a small wheel mounted on a shaft and spun by a small high speed motor.
Around the periphery of the wheel are copper triangular shapes. When the motor spins the wheel the copper triangles move between permanent magnets mounted statically on either side of the wheel. This new experimental set up is depicted in figure 8.
The author had been following Joe Parr's experiments over a several year period and after Joe had some initial success with the new experiment the author, with Joe Parr's assistance, built a duplicate experiment.

Figure 8. Parr Gravity Wheel Experiment Design
It took several months to get my version of the experiment to operate successfully. Tuning involved getting the experimental setup oriented properly and proper grounding. The shaft must be oriented east-west. A negative ion source is set within a few feet of the spinning wheel to feed the force fields which form around the copper triangles on gravity wheel.
The experiment is set on a delicate scale which measures accurate to 0.5 grams. The static weight of my experimental setup is about 1200 grams. Joe Parr's version is about 1800 grams. My experiment used machined maplewood to hold the motor and shaft, and the stanchions which hold the magnets and Parr's experiment was made of machined aluminum.
During experimental operations the weight of the experiment can drop from 0 to 6.5 grams. When one considers that the gravity wheel with the copper triangles weighs about 24 grams the total normal operational levitation effect is on the order of 25% weight loss. This by itself in a remarkable experimental effect and deserves acute attention.
The scale which is used in the experiment is an Ohaus Precision Plus purchased from Cole Parmer. The scale can measure accurately within 0.1 grams over a range of 0-4000 grams. The scale has an RS-232 serial interface which allows the scale to be interfaced to a printer or computer.
The scale outputs the weight continuously except when there is a scale upset. The upset weight can be varied and it was set at the maximum of 5 grams. This means that if the scale weight is changed more than 5 grams within a couple of milliseconds then the RS-232 interface stops outputting the weight.
My preliminary hookup of the scale was to a computer; however, the intense forcefield which builds up around the experiment destroyed two computer interface cards. Since the RS-232 interface stops outputting data on a scale upset, the serial output of the scale was converted to a voltage level and used as an indicator.
When the voltage drops, a scale upset has occurred. The voltage level was/is interfaced into a pulse counter. This provides a count of scale upsets greater than 5 grams. Figure 9 is a graph over time of scale upsets. This shows the count of when the gravity wheel changed weight over 5 grams. If the 6.5 gram weight loss is added to the 5 gram upset, we are looking at about a 50% weight loss of the gravity wheel. Joe Parr's data showed a correlated hit with my experiment's data on April 11th.

Figure 9. Data from Dan Davidson's Gravity Wheel Experiment
There are two basic types of force fields built up in and around the experiment. There is an ovoid shaped forcefield around each of the copper triangles.
When these small force fields build up in intensity they cause a drag on the motor which can be plainly heard in the lab. There is a larger forcefield which builds up around the entire experiment setup.
Independent tests with a clairvoyant, a clairsentient, and a dowser all verify the large force field around the experimental setup. Figure 10 depicts the approximate shape of the large force field.
What seems to be happening is the earth moves through energy conduits which go from our sun to other planets and star systems. When the gravity wheel experiment crosses one of these energy conduits, the forcefield around the copper triangles intensifies to the extent that the bubble starts moving either toward the conduit or away from the conduit very rapidly and a scale upset occurs.
Attempts at simulating the energy conduit thus far have failed. We are in the process of evaluating the data and we have found some correlation with planetary and stellar conjunctions where the earth gets lined up with other planets or stars and our sun.
The data analysis is currently in its infancy so we can make no statements of solid fact other than that we are getting some very impressive gravitational effects.

Figure 10. Ovoid Forcefield Around Gravity Wheel Experiment and Small Energy Bubbles Surrounding each of the Triangles of the Gravity Wheel
The Current State of the Unorthodox Science Community:
What is happening in the science community is a number of scientists from all branches of science and engineering have become disillusioned with the suppression of scientific information within the orthodox science community.
Many disillusioned scientists, engineers, and technicians, have taken to doing experiments on their own to prove or disprove ideas and theories not acceptable to the orthodox community. These experimenters are proving concepts which are, in some cases, far beyond where currently accepted science is at the present time.
The following summarizes a few of the breakthroughs of what I believe the "underground" science community has achieved and its current status.
  • 1. Superluminal energy transmission - demonstrated at the 1988 International Tesla Symposium10. This effectively negates Special and General Relativity. There are many other examples of superluminal effects; however, its nice to see someone has got it down to being able to demonstrate it. Tesla proved superluminal effects during his experiments at Colorado Springs also.
  • 2. Working free energy devices - examples are the Floyd Sweet VTA, the Hyde electrostatic OUO motor (claimed but not demonstrated), the Patterson Cold Fusion cell, and the Takahashi magnetic motor. There are also well documented cases of historical free energy devices. In a myoptic view these devices negate the basic tenents of thermodynamics;however, with the view of a universal energy rich aether as part of the equation there are no truly closed systems and themo's second law still applies. We merely have energy exchange with the aether.
  • 3. Demonstrated anti-gravity effects - Joe Parr Gravity Wheel and the Floyd Sweet VTA in special mode goes anti-gravitic.
  • 4. Low energy transmutation of atomic elements - Dr. Backrus (Texas State University) cold fusion and transmutation experiments, Joe Champion's precious metal synthesis, Kervan's "Biological Transmutation of the Elements" 12.
  • 5. Ball lightning production - demonstrated at the 1992 International Tesla Symposium by Dr. Corum (Professor of Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University) 13.
  • 6. Conversion of EM to a pure aetheric stress wave and transmitted energy in this mode efficiently and effectively - John Bedini 14, 15.
  • 7. Developed detectors which detect non-hertzian energies - Dan Davidson and his dielectric gravity wave detector, Joe Parr and his DNC, Parr and Davidson and the gravity wheel experiments, Gallimore and his dielectric gravity and aetheric stress detectors.
  • 8. The current status is that there are now estimated to be 2000 -3000 active, science experimenters world wide doing unorthodox research and experiments on technologies beyond the currently accepted paradigms of science. We now have our own symposiums and conferences (about 10 of these per year). We collaborate, trade information, and communicate over the computer networks (i.e., the internet and BBSes) and normal mail systems. Many of us have pretty much given up on the orthodox "science" community and we are cutting our own path into new vistas of science and technology. We echo the refrain - "to boldly go where none have gone before".
  • 9. Where we are going - It is my firm opinion that we are on the verge of a major revolution in science and technology. In almost every area of scientific endeavor we have major breakthroughs happening regularly. If you thought that science and technology took some major leaps in the last 50 years you haven't seen anything yet. When any one of the above discoveries becomes well known the positive effects on our civilization will defy description.

The beauty of these discoveries is that they are all interrelated so a synergistic effect will be produced whereby a breakthrough in one area will vastly improve our understanding in other areas.
For example, a breakthrough in gravitational physics will provide a deeper understanding in nuclear physics, free energy production, superluminal energy production, aetheric engineering, etc.
Again, I salute you for your stand for truth and openness in science.
Thank you for listening and "may the aether be with you"!
Dan A. Davidson
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Otis T. Carr & his Flying Machine

Otis T. Carr & his Flying Machine
KeelyNet 12/23/01


Over the years, the name of Otis T. Carr comes up with regard to a flying machine he was said to have built and tested as well as a power source which he dubbed the U-tron. Scant details are available as seems to always be the case with such reports.
However, in Carrs' case, he did receive a US Patent 2,912,244 for an 'Amusement Device.'
On reading the patent and examining the diagrams it seems to be a Trojan Horse method of recording his discovery, much like the means afforded to Keely to record some of his discoveries in the form of an 'occult novel' back in the late 19th century.
A search of the net for Otis Carr and the Utron finds several sources selling information about his work and this online document from France;
French page on Otis Carr
CARR Otis T.
Otis became acquainted with the reclusive Nikola Tesla at the hotel where he resided. Tesla loved to feed the pigeons in New Yorks' Central Park and one day instructed Otis, then studying art and working in the hotel, to buy two kilos of unsalted peanuts as pigeon food for him.
Over a period of three years, after each delivery of peanuts, Otis had the opportunity to converse with Tesla on his various discoveries. From that knowledge and his own insights, it is claimed he went on to invent a free energy generator (U-tron) and a flying device.
In 1947, Carr had finished his research on a flying vehicle (resembling the levitation disc of John Searl) and tried to interest various governmental and University agencies, all in vain because they were more interested in atomic fission.
Carr decided to direct his invention towards the educational and entertainment aspects of his work. Carr was granted a US Patent 2.912.244, for a toy apparatus which very accurately reflects the proportions and the design of his antigravitational flying vehicle.
The principle of operation stated by Carr was that "any vehicle accelerated towards an axis compared to its inertial mass of attraction becomes immediately activated by the energy of space and acts like an independent force."

A diagram of the patent of Otis T Carr
Carr would have taken as a starting point the the end of the English patent n° 300.311 of T.T. Brown by transforming the cylindrical engine into a biconic engine designed to create a nonuniform field around the ship, thanks to its design combined with its rotation.
He placed in the center another larger nipple which could be used to produce local energy and also to create another nonuniform field in the center. Although confirmed, the assertions of Carr do not explain the exchange and the extreme polarization which occurs between the iron disc with segments and the electromagnets of the circumference which give a cancellation of the gravitational field and allow a antigravitational flight.

Flying disc of Otis T Carr
Note: 12 Utron electromagnets in periphery
In the disc of Carr is a key component, the Utron, which consisted of metal condensers in rotation whose form is unusual, square in a plan and round in another plan with 90°. This Utron has the same function - rotary inductive component at high speed - with the steel plate segments of Searl.
This use of a condensing component (capacitor) in planetary rotation provided a measurable storage capacity of load at high circumferential speeds.
In the disc of Searl as in that of Carr, the accumulated load coming from the element in rotation is discharged into electromagnets on the circumference of the disc. On the disc of Carr, the spin zone contains uniform reserves of condensers which produce oscillations (pulses) for the loads as received by the magnets at the edges.
With the addition of the Utron, Carr appears to have improved the basic antigravitational technology of Searl, giving them both a reinforced credibility.

The following was posted on the KeelyNet BBS as CARR1.ASC on January 31, 1991. The article is from FATE magazine - May 1958 - page 17, in the regular column, I See by the Papers, the following article was found.
Gravity Machine?

The following summary was sent from a Ship's Paper of October 30, 1957, after being copied from a CW News broadcast while at sea. It is unusual because no other report of this announcement reached us. It certainly is sensational - if true.
Baltimore, Md., October 29 - A group of inventors claimed Monday they have been able to utilize gravity in circular motion machines capable of powering everything from hearing aids to space cruisers.
Otis T. Carr, president of OTC Enterprises, Inc., detailed his claims in an interview and demonstration of a crude model of a circular motion machine which he said is the principle of a "free energy circular foil" space craft he can build, if someone puts up the money.
He said the machine can be adapted to devices of any size to produce continuous power absolutely free of dissipation.
Its immediate application, Carr said, would be in a space craft - which would be able to fly among the planets in controlled flight. It could land or take off as desired on the earth, the moon or any planet in the earth's solar system, he said.
Carr and his associates said their claims are based on the most simple practical applications of natural laws and discoveries in science and mathematics. They have no formal education in science or engineering.
He said the same "free energy" which causes the earth to rotate on its axis and orbit around the sun will turn a machine he described as two cones joined at their circular bases.
When the rotation of such a machine reaches a certain velocity relative to the earth's orbital velocity, Carr said, it will take off.
Carr said the core of his space ship would be a huge battery which would spin at the velocity of the external craft and which would be recharged, he said, by its motion. Carr declared such a battery, built to any size, could be designed to power the largest electric generating plant, operate an automobile, heat a house or power any conceivable machine or device.
The principle on which Carr said such circular motion machines would operate is that "any vehicle" accelerated to an axis rotation relative to its attractive inertial mass (the earth) immediately becomes activated by free space energy and acts as an independent force.

This article was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS as CARR2.ASC on January 31, 1991. It originates from FATE magazine - August 1959 - page 32.
The Saucer that didn't Fly
by W. E. Du Soir
The serious field of UFO's and flying saucer research received a setback at Oklahoma City in late April when a highly publicized launching attempt by O.T.C. Enterprises of Baltimore, Md., resulted in failure.
Hundreds of persons had been invited to Oklahoma City by Otis T. Carr to watch him "launch a six-foot prototype model of the O.T.C. X-1, a space craft which works on 'utron' energy." Those who were there came away disappointed. The flying saucer did not fly.
The six-foot model, well-hidden in a warehouse, never even got to the launching site, or to the amusment park called Frontier City, where it was to have been displayed beside a 45-foot version of the same X-1 which will be an amusement "ride" in the near future. The launching site was to have been a gravel pit eight miles north of Oklahoma City where Carr claimed the saucer would rise "400 to 600 feet."
Launching time was set for 3:00 PM Sunday, April 19. Two and a half hours past this time Major Wayne Aho finally announced that the launching had to be postponed because of "technical difficulties." Later it was stated by O.T.C. officials that one bearing housing was "off one-sixteenth of an inch."
Most of the major flying saucer clubs had ignored the "launching". Except for a story in early April there was no advance news on Carr's experiment in Oklahoma City newspapers. One Oklahoma City television reporter expressed the general feeling of the townspeople, "This thing will never leave the ground. And I feel that a great deal of the ballyhoo they're giving out is tied in with the ride at Frontier City. I have tried constantly to get in to see the saucer model, but they've kept it hidden."
Equally well hidden was Carr himself. He was finally located in Mercy Hospital, Room 302, by John Nebel, the famed "Long John" of WOR, New York City.
Carr did not show up at a meeting at a local church the day before the scheduled launching but a taped speech was delivered to the 70 people who attended.
"Barring any flat tires," Carr said, "I feel that history will be made Sunday afternoon when the model of the O.T.C. X-1 is launched here."
Carr did not leave his hospital room until Monday, when he was taken to the home of Major Aho, the man in charge of publicity for the company. A scheduled "victory" dinner was pretty dismal Sunday night, where again a taped message from Carr was presented.
Monday morning at 5 AM a rumor spread that the model launching would again be attempted. At that early hour a group of a half-dozen people, including Norman Colton, Carr's chief aide, went to the warehouse. But it was three hours later before anyone else showed up and most of those who had come to see the model had given up in disgust and left.
Many believers in UFO's, although skeptical, had traveled to Oklahoma City to see what developed. All of them had left town by Monday afternoon.
One member of a Pennsylvania saucer club commented, "I don't know what's going on but I feel they never had any intention of trying to launch the model. I could not see any plans in sight for the model and, in fact, I understand, that a Mr. Maywood Jones presented only what he called "three-dimensional illustrations" of Carr's ideas."
Monday afternoon there was more activity in the warehouse and finally, around 4 PM, the model was "turned on" and revolved, althought it showed no signs of taking off from the table on which it sat.
"We hoped to try to launch it again but unfortunately one of the seams burst during the test," an O.T.C. official said.
"We still hope to have a launching shortly," another member of Carr's group added.
Left unanswered were such questions as:
  • 1) Why was there no publicity about the launching in Oklahoma City for two weeks before the model was supposed to fly?

  • 2) Why did Carr ready a taped message for delivery at the "victory dinner" a day before the scheduled launching?

  • 3) How could any engineer make a mistake of one-16th of an inch in a precision part? This would be similar to a navigator landing an airplane 300 miles off course. A mistake of one-10,000th of an inch can be a major engineering calamity.
Carr was apprently undaunted by the weekend's developments. He again commented, "This indeed is an historic occasion."
Questioned about the failures of his model, he added, "The theory itself has been proven. The model will go up, if not this week, then next week or next month."
Mr. Carr also has stated that he and Major Wayne Aho will "fly to the moon in a flying saucer on December 7, 1959."

Notes about the ship
A closeup of the left and right sides of the U-shaped electromagnet;

Part 82 - conically-shaped member (gyro) may be easily formed out of a suitable sheet material, such as laminated aluminum or plastic - Positioned to move through the simulated electromagnets 86
Each simulated electromagnet 86 may be formed in horse shoe shape...with tubing or like 88 to simulate the winding of an electromagnet.
And the capacitor plates from the patent;

I further prefer to secure a plurality of plates 90 (6 plates, 6 gyros) in spaced relation around the upper face of the rotating assembly 14 to simulate capacitor plates in a space craft. The plates 90 may be formed out of any suitable material such as aluminum laminated Masonite, to provide a striking appearance.
This shows how gyroscopic motion can produce a thrust as represented by the following diagram;

As you can see with Carrs gyros being at 45 degrees the 'beams of force' would be directed to collide at the center above the space craft. Directional control would be by reducing or increasing the speed of one or more gyros on the side you wished to travel, causing the craft to 'dip' into that direction.
There seems to be something else going on here, with the spinning gyros and capactive plates being rotated through the electromagnet arms.
Now, if you look along the axis of rotation of the conical shaped members which are gyroscopes, you will see they intersect at a 90 degree angle as shown below;

Which corresponds interestingly enough to two methods to alter gravity, one involves creating what Keely called an 'artificial neutral center', the other involved using a band or ring around the object, when stimulated the ring produced weight loss;
Decker's correlations
though there are several which relate, the one I have in mind being from the claims of Dr. Daniel Fry at White Sands;
"...description of two rings. When dual magnetic fields are produced in these rings, the interaction will focus between the rings. This focal point will produce an artificial neutral center towards which the mass will be attracted by virtue of resonant attraction of the natural neutral center."

Meaning the natural neutral center of the ship will be attracted toward the artificial neutral center. It works much like a goat harnessed to a wagon....if you hold out a stick with a carrot hanging from it, the goat will follow the stick in whatever direction you so choose.
and from an anecdote from Wil Wilson;
anecdote about a newspaper article with a picture describing a levitation device that was suppressed. A cylindrical container with a series of solenoids mounted on the top of the cylinder. Each solenoid is pointed towards a central focal point. When the solenoids are pulsed at the same frequency, the combined force creates an artificial neutral center which, depending on the amplitude of energy flowing into this artificial neutral center will cause the natural mass neutral center to be attracted to the artificial neutral center. The mass will thus be pulled in which ever direction the artificial neutral center is pointed, regardless of direction.
Another file is The Ship of Heaven & the Aten band;
"...This indicates the establishment of a bubble of force that protected anyone within its confines. Rather, it produced a center of gravity that absorbed aether at its own rate, rather than being chained to the planet, thus inertia and gravity were SOLELY governed by itself. Keely said you could produce this effect to such a degree that the object would float away like a bubble, independent of the mass (referring to the earth)."

And yet another file showing an 'artificial neutral center' to deflect the aether/zpe influx that produces the illusion of gravity is about Edward Farrow;
"Book lost 1/6th of its weight due to action of his 'electrical condenser'...In Farrow's explanation, he said that the dynamo acted to "intensify the vertical component" of the Hertzian waves which it generated. This intensifaction produced buoyancy in any object to which the unit was attached. The unusual pattern of Hertzian waves fanned out in a thin horizontal plane of electromagnetic stress over a broad area.
...The condensing dynamo employed either a horizontal row or a ring consisting of a series of interrupters or breaks (gaps) for producing this field. The ring of electrical breaks extended in a horizontal line around the perimeter of the device. Power and frequency of the oscillators were not given.
The buoyant effect is similar to that produced by floating a sewing needle on water. Although the steel has a much higher density than the water below it, the surface tension permits the linkup of many surrounding water molecules in a thin film or sheet. Similarly, the dynamo lifts against the strong gravitational field by REACTION against the weak geomagnetic field. The interaction over a very wide area between this field and the Hertzian waves produces electrical buoyancy. No U.S. patent was received on the invention. "
Taking into account Carrs use of conical gryos, which would be spinning on their axis to create a force beamed at the top of the ship, they are also on rotating assembly 14 which carries them through the horse shoe shaped electromagnets. This is HIGHLY similar to Joe Parr and Dan Davidsons experiments with rotating pyramids.

Otis T. Carr and the Tesla Saucers

Otis T. Carr and the Tesla Saucers
by Doug Yurchey, June 22, 2007
You must always work with Mother Nature. Force is never necessary. The laws of the physical universe are really very simple.’’ Ralph Ring, interviewed by Kerry Cassidy, August 2006

‘My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety.’ Nikola Tesla, interviewed in The New York Herald Tribune, October 15, 1911

‘The vehicle was simply an extension of their own bodies because it was tied into their neurological systems…’ Col. Philip J. Corso, The Day After Roswell

Otis T. Carr (1904-1980?) was a protégé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. Carr and his team constructed a number of fully functional, flying saucers in the late 1950s. The flying disks worked and were demonstrated. Carr was serious about ‘taking his craft to the Moon.’ However, two weeks after a dramatic test flight, their laboratory was forcibly closed. Federal agents confiscated equipment as well as all documentation. Authorities told them Carr’s project would ‘destroy the monetary system of the United States.’

Ralph Ring, now aged 72, was aboard that incredible and successful test flight. He and Carr, with their 45-foot saucer, transported themselves 10 miles at the speed of light! IMPORTANT: Click on the Project Camelot link and download Ralph Ring speak of Otis T. Carr, the events leading to the OTC crafts and the project’s eventual shutdown by the feds: http://www.projectcamelot.net/ralph_ring.html.

‘Fly is not the right word. It traversed distance. It seemed to take no time. I was with two other engineers when we piloted the 45-foot craft about ten miles. I thought it hadn’t moved – I thought it had failed. I was completely astonished when we realized that we had returned with samples of rocks and plants from our destination. It was a dramatic success. It was more like a kind of teleportation.’

‘I’ve lost count of the number of people who have refused to believe what happened. I no longer talk about it. It’s no fun being laughed at and ridiculed. But I’ve described it exactly as it occurred. One day someone will build the disk just as we did and they’ll have the same experience. All his blueprints still exist. Nowadays, it would all be done with digital and solid state circuitry - no moving parts would be necessary.’

‘You have to work with nature, not against her.’ (When the disks were powered up and reached a particular rotational speed) ‘...the metal turned to Jell-O. You could push your finger right into it. It ceased to be solid. It turned into another form of matter, which was as if it was not entirely here in this reality. That's the only way I can attempt to describe it. It was uncanny, one of the weirdest sensations I've ever felt.’ (The Philadelphia-Effect?)

‘(Carr)…was an unquestioned genius. Tesla had recognized his quality immediately and had taught him everything he knew. He was inspired, and – like Tesla – seemed to know exactly what to do to get something to work.
- Ralph Ring

The following is from Margaret Storm’s book ‘The Return of the Dove.’

Otis T. Carr (Center)‘It was in November, 1957…when Otis T. Carr of Baltimore, Maryland, announced that free energy and spaceflight had been once again made available to the inhabitants of this planet. Carr, a disciple of Tesla, has come up with two new inventions. One is an electrical ‘accumulator’ and the other a gravity motor; both utilizing the power of the sun and other forces in nature found in free abundance in the atmosphere.’

‘Carr…has organized a solid business corporation under the normal conventions of the American free enterprise system.’

‘While governments still deny the existence of flying saucers and daily newspapers refuse to give outstanding news to their readers…the uninformed public remains uninformed. They do not even know the problem of spaceflight has been solved on this planet by an American citizen.’

‘Carr’s free energy motors will power automobiles, for one thing; a development which would do away with the need for gasoline…’

‘Large space vehicles will be brought down to size of about ten feet in diameter. They can be built to sell for less than the cost of a modern automobile and are designed to take a family across town, across the nation or around the world in absolute comfort and safety and in a fraction of the time ever before possible.’

The above statements are from 1957. They knew THEN not to rely on petroleum. Little could they imagine the hell wrought by the Oil Companies 50 years later!
‘This is news of world importance, yet so strict is the gangster censorship imposed by the Silence Group, that newspapers founded for the purpose of giving news to the public DARE not carry out their function. For to do so, would mean running the risk of ruinous economic sanctions.’

‘Carr had offered to build and deliver spaceships to governments wishing to send expeditions to the Moon or elsewhere, but these offers were declined in favor of much more expensive rocket and missile programs.’

Consider the International Geophysical Year of 1957. A reported 67 countries were involved in a scientific effort that lasted from 7/1/57 to 12/31/58. The team studied aurora and airglow, cosmic rays, geomagnetism, gravity, ionospheric physics, longitude and latitude determinations, mapping, meteorology, oceanography, seismology and solar activity.

The year 1957 was also the year of Sputnik. Read this writer’s article called ‘The Day Venus Stood Still’ and discover another very weird event to take place in that fateful year: Possibly, the landing of (human-like) Venusians that became guests of the U.S. Pentagon. Read Frank Stranges’ book ‘Stranger at the Pentagon.’ These world-changing occurrences happened in the same year that Otis T. Carr announced that space travel and saucers are possible; a new age for humankind will soon be made available to the public.

(edited) INTERVIEW:
‘Long John’ Nebel (WOR Radio, NY) with Otis Carr and Norman Colton (October 29, 1957):

Do you believe in the possibility of flying saucers coming to this planet, the planet Earth, from other planets?

OTC: We believe that there are unidentified, electrified objects in the air. We have seen three on three separate occasions, they were going at great velocity and they were definitely electrified because we have been working on the same principle for many years and we recognize what we saw.

In what way is your invention different from the UFOs, which you have seen?

OTC: We do not know, naturally not having been able to examine the objects we saw due to the great velocity, we can't say with certainty that they are similar to ours, but the principle we feel is the same. Our design utilizes gravity, electromagnetism, and electromotive force and a relative field to get its functional operation…It's a central power core. Now this is what we call an 'accumulator.' In a vernacular sense, it is a factory. It is a storage cell, an accumulation of storage cells, which provide an electromotive force in the same manner that any known battery produces an electromotive force.

This is Tuesday morning October 29th, 1957....Here is a paragraph that you sent copies of your brochure outlining your system of propulsion that you have developed to President Eisenhower and the Cabinet and the Atomic Energy Commission. Have you received an answer from them?

OTC: There was recognition of receiving the material.

Beyond that, did they give any value judgment on what you had to contribute?

OTC: No, we have not received any value judgment.

Don't you think that is a little odd?

OTC: Yes, I do.

Is there any way that you can explain it?

OTC: I have my own ideas about this…of course, no way to substantiate such ideas. To give my own personal opinion, we have a truly safe vehicle which is not expendable, it does not burn up its energy in a few seconds, it carries the energy with it, it can leave the Earth's atmosphere and return man, it also can be used within the atmosphere. It can make a trip as easily as other aerial transportation systems from here to Baltimore or from here to the Moon. Now it is inexpensive, it certainly doesn't cost as much as the systems of the expanding rocket. The fueling is much less expensive and whether or not our offer is entering into an economic picture that is not feasible at this time, we don't know…

Were you interested in this before 1955?

OTC: Our investigations began in 1937. We were actively making models in 1938. In 1942, we had come up with the basic principles.

In other words, 18 years prior to this year, you had in your mind that possibly some type of craft could be developed that you could go into space with? Is that right?

OTC: This is true.

Do you hope with this craft, if you are able to manufacture it, that you can go to other planets with it?

OTC: Escaping from the immediate gravity pull of the Earth plus the heavy atmosphere of the Earth enables us, just as our satellites are doing now, to join a universal free energy system. They have a velocity now of 18,000 miles per hour, more or less, without any expenditure of energy whatsoever. Now any energy attached to this would immediately throw them into a higher velocity orbit which would expand them further into space...This is extremely easy to do. We feel that our craft will gradually escape and possibly escape the atmosphere of the Earth and then we can handle velocities almost unimaginable in reaching other gravity systems…

How many people can you have in this craft?

OTC: The one we have on the design board which is 45 feet in diameter, the cabin would accommodate three to be comfortable.

And what type of equipment will you have on board of this craft?

OTC: On this craft, insofar as the individuals are concerned, can travel the same as in a pressurized airliner. We don't have the problem of a heat shield.

What about high velocity?

OTC: We don't have a problem of thermal barriers because the electro-magnetic system sets up a protective shield in our craft which enables us to overcome this barrier without any discomfort to the occupants inside the craft. And we can very slowly rise, and once we are outside the atmosphere, we can accelerate to tremendous velocities up to the speed of light itself.

How would it land?

OTC: Very simply, we can fly at a very slow velocity of 100 feet per minute or less and we can sit down as gently as a feather because part of the operation of our craft has joined universal systems. This is a relative velocity of the attractive inertial mass; it becomes weightless as regards this inertial attraction. Individually, it is not weightless, it has the same weight as before, but when it reaches the relative location, it becomes an independent system just as a planet is an independent system.

I believe what you are saying is that you'd be creating an artificial gravitational field within the body of the spacecraft and yet there would not be any gravity on the outside?

OTC: Exactly correct. And this is done by the battery which I attempted to describe, spinning around and producing its own gravitational influence?

OTC: Yes, this is the beginning of an answer to your question. We have capacitor plates and electro-magnets as a part of this system. Now this is counter-rotating, the electro-magnets rotate in one direction and the accumulator, the batteries rotate in another. The capacitor plates rotate in conjunction with the battery so that we have a clockwise and counter clockwise rotation. Now the third system is the cabin that maintains the crew. This does not rotate, it is fixed due to the fact the two bodies are rotating clockwise and counter clockwise. Therefore, the system causes the craft to escape from the gravity pull. The craft itself due to this system still has internal gravity because it still has the same weight that it had in the beginning.

Would the time factor be involved with this craft?

OTC: In our solar system, the time factor would be involved, yes. We evaluate time on the velocity of light and in certain systems, if we exceed the velocity of light, unquestionably the time would slow up.

Your craft can exceed the velocity of light?

OTC: We don't say this, I say in other systems.

I thought nothing could do this, I thought it was a constant factor, one of Einstein's factors.

OTC: Possibly in our system, but not necessarily true in other systems.

Anything approaching the speed of light becomes pure energy.

OTC: Pure energy, but in other systems it could change.

What other systems?

OTC: Other solar systems, we are completely controlled by our system and here the velocity of light is our yardstick and our pattern and our craft is designed around this...We have invented an electrified system which makes it possible for a propulsion system which put into operation can carry human beings, with a fuel system which is not expendable and take them into space and bring them back and return in this craft. If I had the tools now, and those tools are available in large plants…we could have this craft on the Moon in six months from this date.

You were incorporated in 1955 and I imagine you have made an effort to get some money to promote your product.

Colton: An offer we made was that the OTC-X1 craft will be parked in any specified area in the Continental U.S. and go one or more times outside the Earth's atmosphere and land within a distance of the Pentagon building in Washington or any other location best suited for public observation.

Could a small craft be made to take off?

OTC: We plan to build a prototype model as a demonstration device. Now I would like to state certain models have been built by me and tested. Each one has been airborne. One was lost entirely in space. We had a control system and this one didn't function. This has already been done.

What do you think about the principle of rockets under certain conditions?

OTC: We don't need it. We have a tremendous spin here. An electric motor operates the same way. You set up an electromotive force inside a magnetic field and you get rotation. So what we actually have here is an improved electrical motor which in itself is a circular device. And we say we make energy out of the air, from another dimension…this Earth itself is literally a spacecraft demonstrating what we're talking about. It's rotating and orbiting at a certain constant speed with a magnetic field and it is in itself a spacecraft…We feel outside the Earth's atmosphere new systems of propulsion even beyond our own of electromagnetism will make themselves apparent.
The text of this interview was kindly shared by Mike Hughes of Anaheim, California, as reprinted in ENERGY UNLIMITED around 1983, and though very faded in many spots, was typed up by Jerry Decker from KeelyNet. Decker's intention was for it to be copied at other sites on the net for the widest possible audience of interested parties. Project Camelot supports and echoes that intention here.

FURTHER INFORMATION: http://www.keelynet.com/gravity/carr3.htm

Look at gas prices today; look at the horrible state of a War for Oil. We need a new transportation. We need a new type of CARR. Governments could obsolete the airline industry. The Powers That Be could make oil virtually worthless. With the development of electric disks, you could transport all items and merchandise instantly. Nothing would have to be shipped across country in expensive, large semi trucks. Prices on everything would drastically drop.

Anti-gravity, flying saucers, transporters, teleporters, replicators and so much more are scientific realities. We could colonize the planets and go to the stars!

What great feats of engineering would be constructed if we had the availability of anti-gravity platforms? We could build the pyramids! Imagine new architecture and towering structures that would be ultimately accomplished. We could build on the scale of our ancient ancestors…if only we utilized super lasers and anti-gravity. Futuristic dwellings that defy gravity are possible. Entire cities could be made to hover in sync with nature. Tesla spoke of the ‘Wonder World’ ELECTRICITY, used fully, would produce.

Governments of the 21st Century KNOW how to build flying saucers. Some of the UFOs are ours. What we need most of all is a government that does not suppress a quantum leap, but one that will allow a giant step to benefit its citizens and all of the Earth. But, does the creation of a worldwide, saucer-transportation system terminate the concept of countries?

At the same time Tesla was teaching the likes of Carr, Arthur Matthews and Einstein, we should consider what was happening in Nazi Germany. Hitler and his fascist regime of the late 1930s may have also developed the electrified disk known as the ‘saucer.’ The flying ‘electric motor’ is a scientific possibility. Why wouldn’t German scientists be close to discovering the answer? Study Victor Schauberger’s involvement with developing flying disks for the Third Reich. Numerous Internet sites and books deal with the subject of round, Nazi crafts. WHEN WILL WE USE KNOWLEDGE AND TECHNOLOGY TO SAVE THE EARTH?


Under ‘Suppressed Inventions’

5/5/60 J3-A, 54 FLYING SAUCER, OTC-X1, CARR Pat. #US02912244 Victorville, CA: First time ever in any newspaper: Otis Carr tells how his Flying Saucer, the OTC-X1, works. Carr developed his power plant for the saucer at the Osbrink Plant in Apple Valley. The OTC- X1 is described ‘as being two tops that spin in opposite directions around a single axis...The entire circular-foil craft that is Mr. Carr's most profound development, is an assembly of only two major moving mechanical parts.’

‘Governments KNOW how to build saucers. They HAVE secretly…and this is how they have gone into space and established bases. We are left with pathetic, primitive NASA and gas-combustion, motor vehicles!’

The Ring of Truth [Interview with a man who flew a real saucer]

The Ring of Truth [Interview with a man who flew a real saucer]
by Doug Yurchey
 July 11, 2007
Ralph Ring is a brilliant innovative technician who as a young man in the late 1950s worked closely with Otis T. Carr. Carr was a disciple of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. He and his team built a number of successful flying disks. OTC Enterprises was incorporated in 1955. They were on the verge of saucer technology fifty years ago until government agents forcibly shutdown their project.

In a dramatic experiment, Ralph Ring co-piloted a 45-foot disk a distance of ten miles, arriving at their destination instantaneously! And, made a return trip.
In 1947, Carr had finished his research on flying vehicles (resembling the levitation disk of John Searl) and tried to interest various governmental and University agencies. These attempts at sponsorship and marketing were in vain. The feds were primarily interested in nuclear energy.

In California, in the late 50s, the Carr group launched a number of test saucer-models. They were federally forced to disband and the prototype disks, equipment and all documentation were confiscated. Reasons given were ‘national security’ and the attempt to ‘overthrow the monetary system of the United States.’ With his life’s work (inspired by Tesla) terminated, Carr’s health failed.

Before meeting Carr, Ralph Ring had worked with the famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. He then worked for a government-funded research laboratory called ‘Advanced Kinetics.’ Ralph soon learned that he was paid to look for answers, but the federal authorities were not interested in innovations that helped humankind. They were only interested in wasteful research and NOT finding the answers.

Later, Ralph bought land in Arizona where he built a futuristic disk-shaped home. Like Buckminster Fuller, his round home was astonishingly energy-efficient and many decades ahead of its time.

Ralph Ring and Otis T. Carr‘I've heard that the aliens use the same principle to operate their craft. Their physics seems to work in harmony with their consciousness. The craft amplifies the power of their minds. Their craft won't operate without the pilots. I've heard that's why we can't operate their crafts, or, at any rate, we can't operate them the way they do. We're just not adept enough mentally and spiritually. So there are two secrets to making the saucers work. One is the advanced engineering and the other is the mental and spiritual ability. We may have duplicated some of the first, but we may be a long way from the second…’

‘What's more, Time was distorted somehow. We felt we were in the craft about fifteen or twenty minutes. We were told afterwards that we'd been carefully timed as having been in the craft no longer than three or four minutes. I still have no complete idea how it worked. We just built it exactly according to Carr's instructions. Everything had to be perfect...it all had to be just so or he said it would not work, a kind of symbiotic state between man and machine.’

- RR

Otis Carr stated that the core of his spaceship would be a huge battery that would spin at the velocity of the external craft. It would be recharged by its own motion. He believed that such a battery could be built to any size and power the largest electrical generating plant, operate cars, heat a house or power any conceivable machine.

On April 15, 1959, a ‘launch event’ was held in Oklahoma City with hundreds of people in attendance. They were told that a prototype disk would rise 400 to 600 feet off the ground. After several hours delay, an announcement was made that the saucer launch was being postponed due to ‘badly engineered bearings.’ Actually, Otis Carr had been admitted to a hospital with a lung hemorrhage.

Major Wayne Aho, a former Army Combat Intelligence Officer during World War II, announced that he would pilot the craft to the Moon on December 7, 1959. The trip would take 5 hours and that the craft would remain in orbit for 7 days before returning. On June 2, 1960, Carr told an audience of 300 people that it was a ‘treacherous misstatement of fact to say or infer that we [OTC Enterprises] are coming to California to raise money in stock sales.’ The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had placed an injunction against Carr, barring him from selling stock. Soon, negative publicity appeared in various publications stating he was a ‘conman.’ True Magazine called him a ‘hoaxer.’

Notes (Bill Ryan, Project Camelot):

‘There is no doubt in our minds that Ralph Ring is 100% genuine. Everyone who has met him and heard his story in person is in full agreement. However, the events he recounts took place nearly 50 years ago and there are some engineering details, which he has some understandable difficulty in recalling…’

I almost feel a small part of the Tesla family because for a few years in the 80s I was pen pals with Arthur Matthews. Arthur died in 1986. He may have been the son of Nikola Tesla. They co-wrote the book ‘The Wall of Light’ (available through Health Research).

After reading Margaret Storm’s book ‘Return of the Dove,’ I became somewhat familiar with Otis T. Carr. I knew very little outside of the fact that his OTC flying disks were not marketed and unavailable to the public. I remember asking Arthur, ‘Why doesn’t someone just take a joyride so people can witness flying saucers?’ Now, I understand why this did not happen.

Recently, how wonderful it was to be referred to Project Camelot and find Ralph Ring! Readers, take 15 minutes out of your life, click on the link and view Ralph’s clip where it says ‘download.’ Save this file and spread the word to others.


Discovering the details of Carr’s saucer project and what happened has been an incredible experience. I was motivated to write the article ‘Otis T. Carr and the Tesla Saucers.’ The Camelot website enjoyed the article and put me in touch with Ralph.
* * *

Here is an exclusive interview conducted through emails on 7/7/07 with Ralph Ring:

DY: How fast do you think your OTC flying disk went on its test flight? Or, shouldn’t we even think of it in terms of miles per second?

RR: You could say we traveled at the ‘speed of thought.’

DY: I understand you initially did not remember your test flight. When memory returned, do you remember stepping out of the craft? What I am asking is...was the craft hovering? Were there steps extended to the ground or did you have to jump a few feet down to the ground? Was the ship on the ground or do you have no memory of this?

RR: As yet, I still don't seem to have total recall but do recall leaving the craft via a magnetic ramp of sorts. It was very thick, like a spider’s web. Then, we retrieved some objects like sticks, stones and earth.

DY: Your OTC saucer was not too different from 'beaming' as we have seen portrayed in Star Trek's transporter. It seems the apparent NON-MOVEMENT of the ship was an effect of the warp speed...and I understand the boggle that was for the brain to comprehend. My question is why would it take 5 hours to reach the Moon? It seems that the trip would be instantaneous. (This was mentioned in a Carr interview, not that the test flight went to the Moon).

RR: In the realms in which we operated concerning the craft, Time was relative only to suggestion and was used only in frames of reference to communicate in linear terms to explain to the Brain vs. the Mind, the outer limits of time (in measurements). All of our moments in and out of Time were what we made of them, as we knew we were already there.

DY: Did you ever conceive that possibly our ancestors that built the pyramids and moved titanic weights we cannot move today, utilized and even mastered the very same principles you experimented with in the 1950s? Maybe our ancestors worked in harmony with nature and those Jetson floating cities you mentioned were once a reality, a part of ancient (lost) technology?

RR: Yes, it has always been the Power of One (Pure Magnetism) working with and understanding Natural Laws that have temporally been set aside in order to realize the human experience. We seem to be allowing the consciousness of the ‘impossible dream’ to filter back to us once again.

DY: What do you think of the idea that if we ADVANCED and IMPROVED the Wardenclyffe Tesla Tower hundreds of years into the future, we would have a large, stone, aligned pyramid? Or, that the ancient pyramids were essentially Tesla Power Towers?

RR: Everything without exception, composing the physical experience is a live consciousness, a beacon of Light (if you will), crystalline compositions constantly sending and receiving enormous amounts of power; some larger than others.

DY: Since you guys 'did it' and demonstrated that saucer travel is not fantasy, but a scientific reality...you probably believe countless life forms in the universe have developed flying disks and this accounts for much of the UFO phenomena. Is our crazy, war-like ways the reason ETs do not make contact? Do you think there is, in a sense, a Prime Directive that prohibits contact with Earthlings?

RR: I feel that Earth is trailing in many ways, two of which are Habitation & Transportation. We have always had the Intelligence of a deeper technology like the Jetsons, but have chosen the lighter side like the Flintstones. We tend to relate to the latter and what that represents. Perhaps if we but realized that there was and is a Galactic Pact concerning intervention in any excessive behavior…and if we modified our behavior, contact would be realized.

DY: Do you think that the government or military establishment has covertly succeeded in exactly what your gang tried to accomplish 50 years ago? I believe some, if not most, of the UFO crafts seen out of Area 51 are ours. What are your thoughts on the government doing this (keeping the technology) and not sharing these natural principles for the benefit of the human race?

RR: It is becoming more apparent that the controlling Powers That Be are using some advanced technologies. However, concerning the power we used (Pure Magnetism) was quite different, as it required a Higher Consciousness of the Aethers. Navigation and the mounting of weapons were never achieved because the ‘keys to success’ lie only in the Consciousness of the Aethers.

DY: We have seen photos of Nazi saucers. Do you know of the work of Schauberger? Do you think they were trying to do the same as what Carr attempted to do?

RR: Attempting, yes! Viktor Schauberger was under constant watch by Hitler's SS people concerning Anti-Gravity. Although working with Natural Law ‘Vortex Dynamics’ eventually produced a form of Anti-Gravity. This was not the same as Tesla, Carr Technology, differing in the understanding of Magnetic Resonance.

DY: There is evidence in NASA photos of possibly our military already on the Moon and Mars. If the government has developed OTC vehicles starting 50 years ago...doesn't it make sense that these off-world, secret bases truly exist?

RR: Of course, MORE than you know…but NOT with OTC vehicles.

DY: What do you think happened to the OTC saucer crafts that the government confiscated?

RR: I believe they were buried nine stories down in underground facilities in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

DY: Do you have any insights as far as the Philadelphia Experiment is concerned? Did our military, using Tesla’s principles, really teleport the USS Eldridge?

RR: My feelings on the Philadelphia Experiment are that this was an experiment in electro-magnetics that was executed without full knowledge or concern of the consequences. Problems occurred because they ignored Natural Laws. A crude form of teleportation was achieved.

DY: You said you recently met an old friend, Frank Stranges ('Stranger at the Pentagon'). What do you think of Valiant Thor and Venus? This was about the same time as your work with Carr (1957-1960). Are there Venusians living INSIDE of their planet as Stranges and Arthur Matthews claimed?

RR: Frank Stranges and I have been (although distant) friends for a long time. I have much trust and faith in him. I have never doubted his word on anything. I believe Life is everywhere, inside and outside of everything!

DY: Can you recall any information concerning Arthur Matthews and his connection with Tesla? Arthur told me in a letter that 'Tesla married in 1890, had a son and died a rich man.' This goes against 95% of all the reports on Tesla. Could Matthews be telling the truth?

RR: I do not remember any of this. He could…belief is relative, knowledge is not.

DY: You talked about a big UFO sighting you had with HUNDREDS of crafts in the sky.

Did you have other UFO experiences and were you ever in contact with what you felt was a higher intelligence?

RR: I have had many wonderful sightings and I AM in touch with higher Intelligences.

DY: Can you elaborate on those higher intelligences?

RR: I am in constant contact with the Creator, Great Spirit, One that is All, Mother Nature, Divine Essence, RA, Ascended Masters, Collective Consciousness, beings from other worlds, angels, aliens, my core group, even with you, my brother. Be still and know just who you are, who WE are and enjoy the love of it ALL.

DY: Good answer. Arthur Mathews told me on the phone, back in the 80s, that we will not have wireless Tesla Tech anytime soon. We will have to wait until the far future. I imagine you agree...that there is hope for the future of the human race.

RR: Things like a Vortex have accelerated since Arthur's time. We are now realizing the hopes of the past upon us and they are rapidly materializing. The Human Race is being invited NOW to partake of these many blessings.

DY: Thank you so much, Ralph. This has been great fun and I am sure there are plenty of readers out there who also appreciate your words.


It boggles the mind that there are people who, to this day, still, ridicule a belief in flying saucers! UNSUPPRESS what has been suppressed; learn about what has been denied to every living human being. The principle of the saucer was even PATENTED. This is provable science. Carr was granted a US patent #2912244 for a toy apparatus, which very accurately reflects the proportions and the design of his anti-gravitational flying vehicle.

William Lyne-Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated

Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated
a book by William Lyne

[pdf Whale[pdf Scribd] Lyne - Occult Science Dictatorship - The Official State Science Religion and How To Get Excommunicat
Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated by William Lyne
This book is about how powerful economic interests, which also control the government, the mass media and academic institutions, have used scientific thought-control to suppress freeenergy technology. The UFO is only the most glaring and remarkable example. If you are intelligent enough to realize that man-made UFOs exist, then you know that "free energy inventions work", because a UFO is a free energy invention.
A believer in man-made UFOs, who doesn't happen to share a belief in space aliens as the responsible—or even the partially responsible—parties, is made to feel uncomfortable when among those of a UFOlogy gathering, sort of like an Atheist at a fundamentalist Christian revival meeting, or a microbiologist at a witch-doctor convention.
INTRODUCTION ....................................................................................1
CHAPTER I - UFO Counterintelligence: Plugging Leaks in "Official" UFO History ...................................17
CHAPTER II - Disappearing Tesla:{BELOW}
    The Burial of Tesla and His discoveries...................................... 24
    Tesla's Extraction of Cosmic Energy.... ....................................... 31
CHAPTER III - Concealed Energy:
The Second Lie of Thermodynamics ............................................38
The Universe is Winding Down ...................................................42
Advent of "SMS" .......................................................................... 48
Isolated Systems and Irreversible Processes Forever?.. ....... ......50
Disappearing Mass?....................................................................... 53
Lyne's Hypothesis... ...................................................................... 58
CHAPTER IV - Secret Science:
Thought-Control on the Professional Level .................................64
Epistemology ................................................................................ .64
Thought-Control of Scientists and Professionals .........................70
CHAPTER V - "Alien Visitors":
Thought-Control on The Grass Roots Level......... ,.................... 76
CHAPTER VI - The Roswell Hoax:
A Truth Seeker Goes to Roswell {BELOW} ..............................................91
CHAPTER VII - Fuzzy UFOlogy:
Keeping the Dupes Stupid ..........................................................107
The CIA's Omnipresence in UFOlogy ...................................... 108
My Mind and Thought-Control Ordeals................................... 1l l
The CIA's UFOlogy Double-Whammy..................................... 131
Vascillating Vallee ..................................................................... 137
Vallee and the Fraud Business................................................. ..142
Vallee and the Secrecy Business..........., .................................... 146
CHAPTER VIII - La Revolution Technologist:
Turning Things Around
Through Technology ................................................................. 155
Index .......................................................................................................167
Vita .........................................................................................................174
QuotesThe Pogue carburetor was tested in 1935. A V-8 Ford coupe, driven from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Vancouver, B.C. Canada, got 130 miles per gallon. The government grabbed the carburetor and put it on the Sherman Tank, as WW II began. The tanks got 70 miles per gallon.
Government Thought-Control of Scientists and Professionals:  This is a two-pronged, "divide-and-conquer" strategy carried out through two teams of covert propaganda agents, which I call the "Pseudo-Skeptics" and the "Pseudo-Paranormalists". The Pseudo-Skeptics pose as members and leaders of the intelligentsia, while the Pseudo-Paranormalists pose as members and leaders of the public's grass-roots "alternative" community. The message of the Pseudo-Skeptics also coincides with the government's "official, public" position on science, while the message of the Pseudo-Paranormalists is intended to represent irrationality, mixed with things like the worst kind of religious superstition and paranoia—to make the government's position seem more rational by comparison—and things the government wishes to discourage though ridicule heaped upon them by the Dupe-Intelligentsia (unwitting or useful educated idiots).
What we presently have appears to be a "covert" totalitarian state...one in which the dictat is so deceptive that the average citizen is completely unaware of it, and those of us who are aware of it are called "paranoid". The degree of this thought-control is greater than that exercised in terms of the prohibition of freedom of expression in the former Soviet Union.
This was similar to Project
Bluebook, which was to ostensibly pose as the official depository of
the public's UFO sightings and photos, in order to "study" and
"understand" the UFO "phenomenon", but having as its ulterior
purpose the collection and concealment of objective reports by
rational witnesses, and photographs which revealed the
government's classified UFOs.
Posing as the "scientific investigators", the government
hucksters of Project Bluebook were red herrings actually set up to
intercept data from the uncontrolled publics' observations regarding
secret UFO technology. In other words, to catch the inevitable leaks.

The Burial of Tesla and Rebirth of His Discoveries
Nikola Tesla was buried, both literally and intellectually, in January, 1943. In 1993, I disinterred his most important work, the discovery of electrodynamic space propulsion, which he discovered in the 19th century, and documented it more fully in 1998. Does the name Nikola Tesla even ring a bell with you? If not, let me first say that Tesla was a pioneering inventor and technological philosopher whose science and ideas we use today more than ever before, yet only recently has his name resurfaced in alternative literature. His name was once a household word, sixty or seventy years ago. Thirty years ago, only a tiny few faithful and persistent admirers and experimenters knew of Tesla's work, yet there are those within the inner sanctums of the 'national insecurity' establishment who have never forgotten it. You've most likely heard the name being used in current alternative literature by the many johnny-come-latelys who have recently jumped on the bandwagon of nouveau "Tesla experts". That's O.K., but what took them solong? You can't really blame them for being so suddenly astounded, considering the long and thorough eradication of Tesla's name from encyclopedias and books on science, invention and technology,becoming the "invisible man" of science history.
The conspicuous vacuum created where the mention of Tesla should have been, as one who made such important contributions to science, technology, and the quality of our lives, raises ominous questions as to why his memory became virtually stricken from history almost the day after his death. What did Tesla discover which threatened the powers that be? Since we already know about the many patented inventions, my assumption has always been that the unknown, still classified works were far in advance of the published ones, and were in realization of projects which Tesla had previously announced or had already tested and developed, but had not yet "...given to the world".
The discoveries in question—the very existence of which is categorically denied by establishment and corporate scientists—were such things as........
- electrodynamic flying saucers
- "free" or "environmental" energy discoveries
- transmutation of elements
- alternative "ether" physics and science
- Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity
We know from available documentation and reliable sources that these discoveries and developments were actualized by Tesla before his death, yet are still classified. Within his many patented inventions, numerous startling discoveries and surprises have been recently found by careful researchers and experimenters, which show in retrospect that his claims were modest.
Tesla was born in Smiljan, Lika, Austro-Hungary (now Serbia), in 1856, and died Jan. 3, 1943 in New York City, An early biography, Prodigal Genius, the Life of Nikola Tesla, by John J. O'Neill, was initially published three times in November, 1944. In case you are wondering, the three publishings in the same month were not due to landslide sales at the bookstores, but rather to O'Neill's having been threatened and censored by the FBI, and forced to republish several times because of their deletion and censoring of material which to this day is still classified. It was odd, given Tesla's repeatedly unsuccessful efforts to get the attention of the War Department, met with ignorance and shoddy treatment. It was not until after it came to their attention in 1942, that the Nazis were building flying saucers and other 'fantasy' weapons based on Tesla's inventions, that the U. S. Government became so concerned. So why hide something from the American public today which the Nazis stole before 1934? In the case of (flying saucer) electropropulsion, this invention is not only classified, but the very existence of it is categorically denied by the government, while its covert agents in the UFOlogy. community attribute it to extraterrestrial, "alien" origins. What better way to deter civilian scientific investigation into the obvious?
I first heard of Tesla in 1943, as a child of four, when his death was lamented by Elmer Schlosser, a neighborhood adult friend who first told me about him. I also once had in my collection of old books a well-preserved, beautiful old commemorative volume issued by the 1893 Chicago World's Fair---the Columbian Exposition— which featured Tesla as its honored guest. There were numerous photos of Tesla's inventions and some articles. Today, over 54 years after Tesla's death, experimenters are still conducting exciting and trail-blazing experiments with Tesla's discoveries of over 100 years ago, and continuing to find 'hidden' meanings in some of his early writings and patents.
There have been countless speculations as to what Tesla's most secret discoveries were. At the time of his death, there was the approximate equivalent of a railroad boxcar load of Tesla materials confiscated by the FBI, from around four different storage locations and Tesla's hotel storage and hotel room and safe. Of this, a total of only about 150,000 documents were released to Tesla's Yugoslavian relatives, now held by the Tesla Institute in Belgrade. These documents and old models, primarily of a historical nature and already in the public domain, comprise most of the published Tesla materials of the institute, and of the world.
The rest of the huge volume of Tesla documents and models was retained from early 1943 to late 1945 by the Custodian of Alien Properties, unclassified, in a warehouse in New York City, because the government's "experts" had declared in 1943 that none of it was worth classifying. The government "expert"—the equivalent of today's director of the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence—was a professor at M.I.T. In 1938, Tesla had written a critique of the huge Van de Graaff generator, and pointed out that one of his small Tesla coils would outperform the huge Van de Graaff, which was so large that it was housed in an aircraft hanger. That critique and Tesla's opposition to Relativism provoked the ire of the M.I.T. professor, a proponent of the "new" Relativism. For that infraction of the "rules", Tesla's lifelong work was treated to the posthumous revenge of the MIT Relativist professor, by having his work stored in a dark warehouse until the end of WW II.
Following the arrival in America of the scientists and the secret war files of Nazi Germany, acquired in 1945 under Operation Paperclip, the spooks from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base hurried up to thewarehouses of the Custodian of Alien Properties, and took possession of all the Tesla materials. They removed them to Wright-Patterson, and every bit of them have been classified at the highest level ever since; the government having since declassified NONE of them. Thus, the Tesla materials, which the government's Relativist "science expert" had declared in 1943 contained "nothing worth classifying", is still classified today, 58 years later.
The government distributed false rumors that "Tesla never kept notes", which was known to be a blatant lie, since the government had the tons of notes, papers, models and related things, and knew Tesla "kept massive notes". The notes on his Colorado Springs experiments alone (1899-1900) were enough for a large-format book of 433 pages.
Considering the fact that Tesla continued to do research at his Colorado Springs laboratory for at least six more years—for which we have no notes—there is ample cause for believing that those subsequent experiments involved discoveries that are even more astounding than any nuclear weapons research. It is known from Tesla's own words that these additional experiments at Colorado Springs were 'much more far-reaching' than his disclosed experiments.
The remainder of Tesla's papers and possessions which were still classified—literally tons of notes, documents, drawings, models, and plans—have been the subject of a lot of speculation. In 1979, when I requested access to Tesla papers held at the J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center, at LANL ("Los Alamos National Laboratory"), the government admitted possession, but denied access for lack of the appropriate "badge" (security clearance). So I know that Tesla's papers are now held at least in part, in Los Alamos, New Mexico. On that same day, I found the hydrogen bomb plans on the public access shelves, yet was denied access to Tesla's papers. What could be more sensitive than the hydrogen bomb, which was invented by Tesla prior to 1943?
After the war, in 1946, at age 8, when our family returned to the little west Texas town of Kermit, I visited the radio shop of my old friend, Elmer Schlosser, and lugged home a pile of salvaged electronic components that he gave me, after a savvy little Tesla talk. That was the same year that I began to research the German flying discs seen over the region. Elmer, who had grown up in the Cimarron Territory, near Tesla's Colorado Springs laboratory, during the time that Tesla was experimenting there, said the discs were "Tesla discoveries".
I assembled the components that Elmer gave me, ran a ground line up a tree, placed my newly assembled device in my tree house, erected an antenna constructed of screen wire, and attempted to 'radio in' some power. Unsuccessful, I nonetheless continued my experiments with electromagnetism for eight more years, until I set them aside for twenty years. In 1975 I resumed my "Tesla project", eventually built a number of Tesla coils, and even began giving some lectures and demonstrations in the Santa Fe area to small gatherings. In late 1974, the CIA had commenced a pattern of harassment originally intended to "motivate" me to accept an executive position later offered to me by George Bush in early 1975. I rejected the offer and immersed myself deeply in intense research, and the harassment continued and intensified so much that it finally brought my research to a temporary standstill between 1986 and 1992. As soon as I had time to catch my breath, this provoked the first publication of my book, Space Aliens From the Pentagon, in 1993, Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It (revised second edition, 1998), concentrated on the 19th century "aether" science leading up to Tesla's discovery of electrodynamic space propulsion, and I also included a couple of astounding, Relativity-destroying "free-energy" discoveries or rediscoveries.
Tesla's holy grail was to build his "electric flying machine", and to draw some of the "environmental energy" out of the cosmos- This plan involved a theory of radioactivity under development by Tesla in the 1890s, which entirely presaged and conflicted with currently accepted Relativism, quantum mechanics, and nuclear energy theories.
To Tesla, so-called "atomic energy" was in fact the result of "environmental energy" emanating from the cosmos, and made known to us via "radioactive" matter, which he said had the peculiar property of resonating and reacting with ubiquitous "cosmic radiation"—a term used by Tesla before 1900—which he called "Primary Solar Rays."
The "cosmic radiation" of which Tesla spoke was of much higher frequency than what we call "radioactive emanations", which to Tesla were the result of a 'step-down' process, in which certain peculiar matter reacts to and converts the ubiquitous, omnidirectional cosmic radiation—which today we call "zero point radiation" ("ZPR") —from higher frequencies, to lower, more useful and appropriate frequencies, such as gamma, x-ray, ultraviolet, visible, infrared radiation, as well as magnetism and even electrical current. These step-down frequencies are much easier to detect and measure than the ZPR. Relativists deny the Primary Solar Rays exist.
The existence of the ZPR was well known to Tesla in the 1890s, but it was not until recently that it became scientifically permissible to even suggest a wave theory, since Relativists cling to their corpuscular theory. This radiation is of such high frequency that it normally passes through space, the earth, and our bodies without harm or incident, in constant equilibrium, because its short wavelengths do not normally react or resonate with the atoms of most matter. It is so-called "radioactive matter"—according to Tesla—-which has a peculiar atomic structure which reacts with this radiation to produce radioactivity. Atomic energy, to Tesla, comes from the ZPR, not atoms. If a lump of radium, for example, could be shielded from the effects of the ZPR, said Tesla, it would no longer show radioactivity.
Most naturally radioactive elements are dense and "unstable"—that is, they are said by the Relativists to "decay" as radiation is emitted, to elements of lower atomic numbers. The Relativists—with whom Tesla vehemently disagreed—believe that naturally radioactive elements spontaneously lose mass in the process of such "decay", so that the energy released as radioactivity is equivalent to the lost mass according to Einstein's equation, E =MC2.
This always seemed untenable to me, since such elements would have to have been, by the related cosmological myth of the "Big Bang", older than the earth, yet geological examination shows that they are found to have evolved through physical processes which have occurred within natural structures here on earth. If such elements had been part of the alleged Big Bang, they would have fully decayed before now. On the other hand, if such elements are in the process of being continually evolved by natural conditions within earth, as well as in outer space, through electrical, magnetic and other physical forces, the reasons for their presence is more reasonable. I don't think this is any surprise to the national security elite. Something else is going on, and someone else knows it.
If non-radioactive elements are converted into radioactive ones by the forces of nature, what are these processes? In 1937, in one of Tesla's famous birthday announcements1, Tesla stated that he had developed a process for the "manufacture" of radium (transmutation from other elements), which was so efficient that it could be sold for $1.00 per pound. He also announced that he had "absolutely developed" a system for the interstellar transmission of energy. He said he had been working in "several laboratories", but refused to disclose their locations. His working model, he said, "...employs more than three dozen of my inventions. It is a complex apparatus,
1 New York Times, July 11, 1937 (pg. 13, col. 2)
an agglomeration of parts." It could convey "...several thousand units of horsepower to other planets, regardless of the distance", traveling "...through a channel of less than one-half of one-millionth of a centimeter." Further, he said, "...it is not an experiment. I have built, demonstrated and used it. Only a little time will pass before I can give it to the world."
That time never came. In less than six years, his death occurred in the presence of two FBI agents and a German nurse2, and the Nazis had his plans under active development as early as 1934.
2 John J. O'Neill, Prodigal Genius. The Life of Nikola Tesla, John J. McKay Company, Inc. NY (Nov. 1944)
These facts demonstrate that even in his 80s, in 1937, Tesla was involved in secret research at several undisclosed laboratories, on technology which today remains highly classified, yet neither the general public nor anyone at the International Tesla Society seemed to have any idea as to the details, since they had been concealed from us by the "powers that be". In fact, the CIA itself had a hand in the founding of the International Tesla Society in Colorado Springs in 1986, to avoid the contingency of Tesla's electrodynamic discoveries coming to light. When this began to happen, the society was folded up.
Through some ingenious investigating, it is possible to reconstruct some of the facts. In focusing on just Tesla's publicly available technology, it is obvious that, even in it, there is the air of the fantastic, the almost incredible. Taking this a step further, it is possible to reconstruct much of the unknown Tesla discoveries from available sources, in order to see what has been carefully hidden from us by our own government and the corporate fascists who control it.
Tesla's Extraction of Cosmic Energy
According to Tesla, the ether is not an "energy source", since it is composed of tiny independent "carriers immersed in an insulating fluid"3. The ether, therefore, is a "medium" through which energetic transferences and transmutations can be effected, and electric and magnetic "tubes of force" can be created and carried into a body from space, giving it momentum to propel it. "Cosmic radiation" is not the ether, but "starlight"—what Tesla called the "Primary Solar Rays".4 This extremely highfrequency light—of much tinier wavelength than visible light, U.V., X-rays, and gamma rays (also emitted by our sun and other stars)—is the ZPR. Tesla stated that the Zero Point Radiation gives rise to secondary radiations through impact with the cosmic dust of space, which are commonly called "cosmic rays" today.
In 19355 Tesla objected to the observations of the German radiologist, Dr. Werner Kolhoester, saying his observations were another confirmation of his own theory of cosmic rays originally advanced in l896,but asserted that Kolhoester's 1935 theory was erroneous, because light is a wave motion of definite velocity (C), determined by the elastic force and density of the "medium", while cosmic rays are "...particles with velocities determined by the propelling force...", which therefore could be much slower or faster than that of light. Since the velocities of the two radiations would not (and could not) coincide, Kolhoester's observations which coincided with the light observed, would not be accurate. Here, Tesla distinguished between the "cosmic radiation" he proposed in 1896, which was particles, which were propelled by ultra-highfrequency "primary solar radiation", which I equate to the ZPR, which are light rays traveling at C. Because of their extremely high voltages levels and frequencies, they can propel "cosmic dust"articles faster than C, when of sufficiently high voltage levels and frequency.
3T.C. Martin, The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla, The Electrical Engineer, New York (1894)
4 Nikola Tesla (as told to Alfred Albelli) Radio Power Will Revolutionize the World, Modern Mechanics and Invention (July, 1934)
5Nikola Tesla, German Cosmic Ray Theory Questioned, New York Herald Tribune (March 3, 1935)

In his "objection" letter of 1935, at a time when he was involved with the German "p2" project which I wrote about in Pentagon Aliens, Tesla gave a clue to his electrodynamic space propulsion system, which if one is to take Tesla's statements seriously, means that a "particle"—or a ship—in space can be propelled very fast by electromagnetic wave radiation—light waves—which in this case are the "Primary Solar Rays", the ZPR.
The Primary Solar Rays (the ZPR) are ubiquitous in the universe and in direction of approach at a given point, with frequencies so high that there is normally no reaction with atomic matter, being able to pass through "...thousands of miles of solid matter..."6, and therefore can approach an object on earth even from the direction of the ground. This makes this invisible "solar energy source" available around the clock, though it is said to slightly vary cyclically. This radiation should not be confused with so-called "photon energy", which is a Relativist fantasy involving "corpuscles" or "particles" of light. What a laugh.
In the on-going Relativist theory, Wolfgang Pauli, in 1933, invented the neutrino theory, in response to Niels Bohr's radical finding that, if experiments say so, the Law of Conservation of Energy does not hold for ("beta" or electron) emission and absorption processes.7 Pauli's theory sought to explain a loss of heat energy in beta decay, which the Relativist theory was unable to account for or measure in such processes as K-capture, in which a neutrino is emitted when a proton is converted into a neutron. The reverse process is the conversion of a neutron into a proton, thus emitting a beta particle (electron) and sucking a neutrino back into the atom from surrounding space. Other particles are involved, but these are the ones of interest. It should be of interest to you that Bohr was not a Relativist, and held a sort of "free-energy" view. It is also interesting to note that Bohr attended the opening of the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. Without Bohr's work, the A-bomb would have been impossible at that time.
6 Nikola Tesla, Radio Power, etc. (Supra) 7 Gamow, George, Thirty Years that Shook Physics, Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York (1956)
The acquisition of energy from the ZPR was regarded by Tesla as a "step-down" process, in which the super-high-frequency light waves were stepped down to a more familiar and usable form, such as 'normal' radioactivity, heat or electrical energy. In the K-capture process, an element is transmuted into another element, for example, iron to manganese—and in the reverse process—manganese to iron. Monoenergetic neutrinos are ejected in the first process, and sucked back into the iron in the reverse process, but what happens to the damned X-radiation emitted in the first half of the reversible process, Einstein? And how is it mysteriously "replaced" in the reversed half?
The neutrino explanation has always appeared as a loophole in the Relativist theory, since the missing momentum and heat, and misconceived "photon energy" (actually electromagnetic light wave radiation), were impossible to explain without the invented neutrino theory. Furthermore, since the neutrino is a neutral particle, it is composed of tiny positive and negative charges which do not exist according to Relativism, since Relativism holds that the electron is "indivisible", as the main foundation of quantum mechanics. With this argument, I now have some of my Relativist friends denying the existence of neutrinos.
In contradicting their own theory, admitting that the tinier positive and negative charges composing the neutrinos exist, the Relativists inadvertently acknowledged the "building blocks" of electrons and protons. As such, neutrinos appear to be the aether.
Since neutrinos are so tiny, they must have the capacity to react with the ZPR, in bringing about so-called "nuclear radioactivity". In so doing, what are the nuclear characteristics of an element which produces radioactivity naturally? How can a non-radioactive element be made to mimic these qualities, in artificially-induced radioactivity"? If neutrinos are prevalent in K-capture (transmutation), and its reversal, it seems that an element which is made to oscillate between two elements (to transmute and detransmute), would have to react with the ZPR. Since there is excess energy involved, as the neutrinos (ether carriers) move in and out, energy is being transferred to and from the element, the ZPR, and the ether.
We know that synthetic radioactivity can be induced by exposing an element to appropriate radiation, which is only a reversal of the process which initially created the radiation, as a verification of Tesla's theory.
In K-capture in iron, when the K-shell electron passes into the nucleus, converting a proton into a neutron, not only is a monoenergetic neutrino emitted, but also an X-ray, when the vacant K-shell takes on another electron. Though the iron atom is now a manganese atom, and has emitted energy, it has the same mass number. Shouldn't the mass number reflect the loss of energy?
Where is your damned "E = MC2?" There is also the question, "Where did the incident particle beam energy which induced the Kcapture go? If the neutrinos taketh away, they also giveth back, as "carriers". Of course, one can say that the electrons involved do not weigh enough to be reflected in the mass number. The Relativists admit (or assert) that the neutrinos carry energy, just as the aether carriers do. Recent Japanese experiments showed that neutrinos are plentiful in space. The greatest source of free-energy appears to be the ZPR.
If the number of neutrons in a disintegration product (the atom transmuted to) is too small compared to its number of protons, the nucleus will tend to reduce its charge by one unit by positron emission, and will always have 1 Mev less kinetic energy than if beta decay had occurred.8 Since a light element (below atomic number 19) will transmute in U.V. light, radioactivity in light elements can be induced very easily. When Joliot and Curie bombarded aluminum with alpha particles, they observed that neutrons and positrons were emitted. When they removed their alpha source, the positron emission did not cease, but decreased exponentially with time, as if the aluminum were a naturally radioactive element, for a period of three minutes.9
8 R. E. Lapp and H. L. Andrews, Nuclear Radiation Physics, Prentiss-Hall, Inc., New York (1950).
9 Lapp and Andrews (Supra)

The positron will always carry 1 Mev kinetic energy, and may be used for energy production. Since this process can be effected by use of an U.V. incident particle beam on the light elements, and will produce positrons at 1 Mev of kinetic energy, it may be used in what I call "leapfrog technology", which can be used for transmutation processes which will manufacture elements in much greater quantities than could be effected by the huge accelerators at such places as U.C. Berkeley.
Based on the Tesla Primary Solar Ray theory, using the Kcapture process, this is my explanation for a device I call Free Energy Surprise (© 1997, Wm. R. Lyne, ISBN 0-9637467-6-6, $10.00, Creatopia Productions, General Delivery, Lamy, New Mexico 87540, Tel/Fax 505-466-3022), a technical report which includes a set of plans and documentary photos.
I got the idea for this device from a statement by Nikola Tesla, concerning "special" uses for iron, to capture the ZPR/Primary Solar Rays. Whether or not this is exactly what Tesla meant, I believe it verifies his statement concerning special properties of iron. The device, composed of steel pipe and bar stock (about 10 lbs.), is stimulated with a 15 kv, center-tapped transformer. It operates in several modes, but in what I call the "hum" mode shows an input of 35 watts and a secondary activity of 42.6 kw, operating at or beyond the approximate K-capture voltage on each leg, ca. 7,110 volts (the K-capture voltage for iron), at the standard 60 cps. The low frequency current goes into the mass of the iron (not a 'skin effect'). The iron seems to be going to manganese and back to iron, 60 times per second. This idea is based on what appeared to be the appearance of a purple area near the top of the pipe which I recognized to be the color of manganese dioxide. The extra electrical
energy might be the product of interaction with the ZPR, the ether (neutrinos?), and the iron. Since manganese is the next element down on the periodic chart, with the same mass number as iron, it sounded like a reasonable hypothesis. The voltage is not really critical, as the effect could occur so long as the voltage passed through the K-capture voltage on its way up and down, and is only supposed to cause a somewhat more definite effect when it is right on the "absorption edge".
It appears that the electrical energy in the secondary output circuit can be converted into usable electrical energy, especially by using a resonant transformer, tuned to the same, 60 cps frequency.
Corporate-government disinformationists have already tried to debunk this device. One "debunker" inadvertently revealed the fact that he didn't actually do the experiment, when he described the device when assembled as weighing "two pounds". No reputable "scientist" could confuse "ten pounds" with "two pounds", so I knew he was lying. Naturally, his assessment was negative. He was either a lightweight, who didn't do the experiment as described, or a liar with a concealed agenda. This discovery may prove to be a new way to produce K-capture, and to transmute elements in a reversible process, by stimulation with simple, standard 60cps electric current, at or near the K-capture voltage, or at some other appropriate voltage, without the necessity to use an incident particle beam accelerator, vacuum chamber, etc.
A good free-energy process, therefore, can use an element—conveniently a light element—as a "medium" to induce another "medium"—the ether, or another element—to interact with and acquire energy from the ZPR, which is then stepped down to either a synthetic radioactive output—which can be further stepped down to manageable electrical energy or heat—or perhaps converted more directly to electrical energy by some ingenious means.
The attempted destruction and concealment of Tesla's work has now been exposed, and will soon be reversed. The factions which were responsible for this still exist through perpetuity, but will not be able to control the technology when it finally emerges.
by William Lyne

In late June, 1997, I was pleased to receive an invitation from Bonnie Lange of Truth Seeker to be their guest at the 50th anniversary festival of the "Roswell Incident"....which I call "The Roswell Hoax". It was an intriguing proposition...me with my "interolerable view"...provided with an opportunity to stand toe-to-toe (yet on unequal footing) with the UFOlogy-alien theory "biggies"...whom I call OSI/CIA BIG LIARS...right in the womb of their initial hoax. What could I do, what could I say? I accepted, of course.
My host had given me a hotel room at the Roswell Inn, with the provision that my room was also to serve as a video interview room by the Truth Seeker videographer, Ron Garner. I was anxious to meet Garner and the other people of the Truth Seeker contingency, especially Bonnie Lange, and was disappointed that she decided not to come. I was glad to be involved, since Truth Seeker literature stated a set of premises which were consistent with my own thinking.
I knew that, since no intellectual match is ever perfect, there might be someone in the contingency who might not exactly see eye-to-eye with me or the Truth Seeker philosophy, but didn't expect total contradiction. There are always parasitical opportunists who will attach themselves to a group to hitch a free ride for their undisclosed agenda at a hosts expense. That has certainly never been my approach, as I enjoy nothing so little is being with people who don't desire my company, but I knew of one group which does that as a matter of twisted principle, if you can call it that.
I had my reservations about the probability for success of this involvement for Truth Seeker, in terms of what they hoped to accomplish, since the whole scenario, in order to be of value to them, would have to be investigative. I had the distinct experience of four years of attempting to penetrate the OSI/CIA barriers with what my Santa Fe friend, Fred, calls my "attempt to spread sanity". I could see that, as an apparently non-Secret-Government-backed group, Truth Seeker might meet strong opposition...even sabotage...by "them".
As the day approached for me to head out to Roswell, I contemplated the situation in relation to my position: While I have usually been able to step into a strange environment and spot the immediate inconsistencies, as a Disbeliever in the alien theory, I am perceived by the hard core UFOlogy leaders as "the enemy". While the presence of "Alienists" among free thinkers is tolerated, Alienists do not usually extend the same degree of fairness and brevity to those with whom they disagree, much less to an arch enemy like myself. From my viewpoint, a CIA-employed "sceptic" like Philip Klass is not in "my camp", because the conditions of his employment forbid him from admitting the existence of man-made electro-propulsive flying saucers. I knew that, in fact, Klass is the primary protagonist of one side of a two-pronged strategy designed specifically to conceal this exclusively man-made technology. Klass never denied his CIA employment, and neither did the "fathers" of the "alien flying saucers" movement of the 1950's. Many fail to understand how this two-pronged strategy---employing the (pseudo-) "Sceptics" and (pseudo-) "Believers"--- is used to lead the two packs of dupes and suckers, or that it was created by, and is controlled by the CIA, or to understand why I encounter equal opposition from both these government-orchestrated groups.
        The dupes of Klass have attempted to misrepresent me to be a member of the "Believer" class, while those of the Believer class have attempted to misrepresent me as a member of the "Klass Class". I am the only major figure who does not, and will not, work for the government, so the leaders of both groups make sure I am excluded from debates, because they will only mention, cite, or address the fantasies and people they create. Klass is just as much a kook for denying the existence of flying saucers as the Believers are in their insistence on the presence of aliens. The house of Klass is made of glass.
        The so-called "sceptics" of CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, headed by Klass) are not true sceptics, but rather a clandestinely controlled false propaganda operation of the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence, a branch of the CIA's Science Directorate, under its Clandestine Services, Operations Division). Their operations within the continental U.S. are illegal under the U.S. constitution, but if you read the so-called "national security" laws, you'll see that Congress has betrayed 'We the People' by agreeing to the passage of legislation which permits this betrayal, by allowing pretty much anything the "spooks" want to do. These laws are completely VOID, because Congress has absolutely NO JURISDICTION to pass any law which contravenes constitutional prohibitions against the violation of our INVIOLABLE (human, natural) BILL OF RIGHTS, so they are all liable for prosecution by the PEOPLE for their TREASON.
        This treason is misrepresented as a "service" to us. Their alleged "job" is the protection of our "national security", but under the cover of this, their covert "job" is to protract the clandestine domination of us, by the international coercive monopolists. Their procedure is as follows: evaluation of conditions; collection of intelligence; analysis of information; formulation of subversive policy; and, dissemination of disinformation, in a program which, in respect to electro-propulsive flying machines, is designed primarily to conceal the reality of and technology behind man-made flying saucers. The UFOlogists are a branch of their operations, which mainly disseminates false propaganda.
        A true "sceptic"---in the original sense, as elucidated by the parallel writings of Valmiki, of ancient India, and Socrates, of ancient Greece---should question everything. CSICOP supports the official government denial of the existence of man-made electro-propulsive flying saucers, and is a covert creation of the government---involving the CIA, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Science Foundation, etc. The only thing they are "skeptical" of are the assertions of the Alien Believers---spawned by the government's own 1947 Roswell press releases---and the assertions of the other paranormalists, also "designed" by covert government operatives. This at best is pseudo-scepticism, at worst, a massive criminal fraud perpetrated by the government upon the people.
        True sceptics have never been the conscious catspaws of clandestine government controllers. "...In this corner we have the officially designated "divergent thinkers" ---Kevin Randall, Don Schmitt, Linda Moulton Howe, etc.---and in this corner, we have the "sceptics"---led by the King's own Philip Klass". So what's wrong with this picture? Could we identify Valmiki or his creation, Prince Rama, of his novel, The Ramayana, with Klass, who is employed by the CIA? Never. The Chamberlain's similar secret machinations were exposed by Valmiki's heroes. In the thousands of years since, nothing seems to have changed, except today, the Chamberlain's agents masquerade as self-styled "sceptics", "truth-seekers", or "paranormalists" who believe in "aliens", ghosts, and psychic phenomena. These things were in my mind when I was invited to Roswell, and I naively thought Truth Seeker magazine intended to expose them.
        On the sweltering afternoon of July 2, 1997, I loaded up my 28-year-old Chevy pickup and headed out for Roswell. I pulled into the Roswell Inn some time after 5:00 P.M., parked, and entered the lobby to check in.
        The hotel was as busy as a beehive. Amidst a small crowd near the desk, I spotted Jim, a man I mention in my book as "the M.I.B.", who intensively trained "The Two" ---Marshall Herff Applewhite and Bonnie Sue Nettles---in late 1972 to early 1973---in a house in Santa Fe the threesome shared for about three months. A tall man with dark hair, whom I didn't recognize, stood by Jim, who was wearing a freaky western hat which had what appeared to be a greenish, flowery-patterned chiffon scarf draped around the crown. My presence shocked Jim, while his attire shocked me. I am one of a very few people who could establish Jim's earliest involvement with the Heaven's Gate "suicide cult", discussed to some degree on pages 115-120 in my book, Space Aliens From the Pentagon. I also knew that Jim had a law degree from the University of Denver, was a "retired" colonel, who had been in Air Force Intelligence, like myself. Since Jim immediately attempted to hide his face, we didn't speak. The tall, dark-headed man left the area, and I passed Jim and approached the desk, signed in, and went to my room.
        Though several of my friends and I had known Jim for some time, none of us were permitted into the house during the mysterious training, or were told the nature of the training Jim was giving "The Two". We initially thought it was some sort of kinky sex thing. I had briefly encountered the threesome while they were out for coffee, and had momentarily entered the house with a friend only once during the training period, when only Jim was present. Ever since the CIA-designed 1997 Heaven's Gate Mass Suicide Incident, which Jim knew I knew he had designed, he has pretended to "disappear", as reported by the Santa Fe and Albuquerque papers.
        Having known Jim for over 25 years, I was well-versed on his various beliefs, including the Gurdjieff/Synergist teachings. That group had targeted me on several occasions, especially since I had exposed their undisclosed agenda, twisted philosophy, and unethical tactics. Add to this their CIA/OSI connections and misinformation agenda.
        It was not until 1975 or so that I became aware primarily through news articles that Jim had trained The Two as tools of the OSI/CIA's phony "alien" scenario. That conclusion was borne out by the fact that Jim had written a couple of news articles in 1975 about how a friend of his had joined the cult, while he was careful to conceal the fact that he had intensively trained the leaders of the cult for three months in Santa Fe in 1972, after which they had immediately commenced the cult activity he had designed on  contract with the CIA, and trained them to lead. When the nature of the false propaganda activities of the "cult" became obvious to me from articles in the papers, the nature of the training given to them by Jim in 1972 became clear, and was 100% consistent with what I already knew about him, as well as the government's secret programs confirmed by these facts.
        When I first met Jim, I was living to the south of Santa Fe, where I had struggled to make a living, construct my geodesic dome house, and lived until 1974 without running water, electricity, or phone. There were not many social alternatives in Santa Fe at the time, and Jim and my paths crossed constantly. Many of the women I dated were dated by Jim, which, as it was later confirmed,  was his way of using some of them as unwitting spies to gather information on me. Since my 1975 rejection of George Bush's offer to become a high-paid whore for the CIA, Jim must have been entrusted to continue the recruitment of me through some other means.
        In 1977, on learning that I had been studying petroglyphs with the intention of writing a book, Jim came to my house, and to my utter astonishment, actually attempted to hire me to write books on behalf of the government, saying the petroglyphs were the writings of ancient extraterrestrials. He said the publishing arrangements were already set up in Sedona, and that I would enjoy instant success through promotions and distribution, if I accepted. Even though I greatly needed the money, I  not only rejected the (OSI) offer, but asserted my intent and determination to publish my flying saucer book---a project which Jim was already aware of.
        Jim then threatened to cause harm to me should I publish my saucer book. I was a little shocked that Jim had the gall to come to my house as a supposed "friend", and suggest that I could be hired to write fraudulent books for the CIA, then to threaten me with harm if I exercised my freedom of the press and of speech by publishing my book. Though dismayed by such threats by such a puny guy, little did I realize that I would subsequently be subjected to the covert power he and his associates wielded. Ever since that time, and the numerous events which followed, our "friendship"---which apparently never existed---'deteriorated'. That was the background between Jim and I, which extended back to 1972, preceding the 1997 Roswell gathering. Over the previous twenty five years, I had seen Jim often, but following the 1977 failed attempt by him to recruit me as a false propaganda writer, any discussion or attempt at politeness was overshadowed by the secret knowledge that we both had. It was apparent that Jim was especially uncomfortable due to my presence at the Roswell gathering.
        After checking into my room, I called Ron Garner, and we both headed for the lobby to meet. On seeing Garner, I recognized him as the man I'd just seen with Jim, which probably explained Jim's extreme discomfort. I said nothing to Garner about it, and took him to my room so he could examine it as a potential video interview room. When we returned to the lobby, I told Ron that the man I identified as an M.I.B. in my book was present in the lobby. He asked me to point him out so he could get some video footage of him, but when I pointed out Jim, Ron became disturbed. He soon took his leave, and avoided me for the rest of the conference, never contacting me again, or seeking to use my room for interviews. Toward the end of the conference, I spoke briefly with him, and asked him if he got the video footage of the "M.I.B.". He pretended that he didn't know who Jim was. That was implausible, since I had seen Ron conversing closely with Jim only a few minutes before, and because you couldn't miss Jim when I pointed him out, with such a weird hat, which was apparently a covert means of instant identification of Jim, by his intelligence operative peers and other CIA-employed phonies, from within the crowd.
        On meeting some others of the Truth Seeker contingency a day or so later, I was surprised to learn that Ron had engaged them in behind-the-scenes discussions about me, the morning after my arrival, regarding my views on Gurdjieff, his teachings, and the Synergy cult. Since I hadn't discussed any of this with anyone at the conference except Jim, years before, I assumed that Ron's objections were based on Jim's objections, since the two were obviously connected. This shouldn't have surprised me, since Jim had interfered in my life on many occasions in the past. In fact, he had been connected with the naturopath I mention in my book, who had attempted to murder me with arsenic, and almost succeeded. The naturopath was a strong Gurdjieff/Synergy cultist. The Synergy cult is featured very strongly in my unpublished manuscript entitled The Mystical Roots of Totalitarianism.
       At the time of the Roswell gathering, I was aware that Jim had become especially paranoid because I had already identified him in my 1993 first edition of Space Aliens, as the CIA/OSI connection, over three years prior to the cult's committing mass suicide in 1997, a fact which was particularly disturbing to him given the cult's sensational mass suicide, which appeared to be a way for the CIA to "close out" the cult, perhaps because it had become a "liability" because of my exposure of them under the OSI's direction through Jim. Jim was apparently in fear that I would go public, and because of his continued tampering, I did go public. In my Synergy manuscript, I go into detail as to how the cultists believe that they are especially entitled to appropriate and use the resources of others in pursuit of a "higher purpose", defined only by them, pursuant to the "collective consciousness" teachings of Gurdjieff. I became a target of the cult when I blew the cover on their infiltration of an arts group I headed in 1977-78, called Free Art Forum.
        The Synergy cult is especially attracted to the destruction of individualistic groups, which they see as their primary enemies and competitors, so they infiltrate them, render them ineffective through the introduction of immiscible contradictions, and take over and use their resources in pursuit of their synergistic totalitarian goals. The cult typically uses a "divide-and-conquer" strategy based on the Spartan "flying wedge". I had attempted to block their infiltration and appropriation of my group, but they succeeded in getting control, just as the grant which funded it was about to expire. After their take-over, the group degenerated and was destroyed from within by the Synergists' own vicious in-fighting. The State of New Mexico then offered me a grant for twice the amount of the original one---$250,000---but I turned it down because the state and federal government had refused to protect me from the Gurdjieff group, as I eventually burned out from the social turmoil they created. Besides, I had initially been conned into becoming a partner in the grant under the false promise that I wouldn't be dealing with the government. I am philosophically opposed to the government's involvement in the arts, per se, or in any other private cultural activities of the people.
        True to form, Jim had made his book offer to me just as he learned of my involvement in the grant, and was to draw me out of it, so the Synergy group---some of whom had already been hired by my partner---could take it over immediately. I battled along, continuing to control the group until the grant period expired, with tremendous wear and tear on my nerves, with the Synergists rightfully blaming me for their failure to make what was left of the group work for their "purposes".
        Soon after the end of Free Art Forum, Jim had learned through covert contact with my current girlfriend, that I had discovered his covert contact with my father in Arizona, after which my father had come to New Mexico and tried to convince me never to discuss flying saucers again, which was astounding to me at the time, until I discovered Jim's involvement. Thinking my father had disobeyed him, by telling me of his threats, Jim arranged through the CIA/OSI, for my parents to lose their business. The fact was, I had discovered Jim's contact with my father through an independent witness. I also subsequently learned from a clothing dealer who knew my parents, and who was angered and dismayed by the unjust loss of their hard-earned business, that one of their clients in Tucson---Joseph ("Papa Joe") Bonnano, the Mafia chieftain, who coincidentally owned a Tucson dress shop---retaliated against the clothing manufacturers who had been induced by the CIA to terminate my parents' business, because he liked my parents, and "smelled a rat". The buyers dropped the clothing lines in protest, and the manufacturers lost millions for following the CIA's orders. Justice can come in strange form sometime, but the CIA hasn't gotten what is coming to them yet.
        As the conference progressed, I observed the effects of disappointment growing among the Truth Seeker contingency. The major portion of the crowd which showed up was not of the big spender variety. As I saw it, the stated goals of Truth Seeker was in conflict with some of the material in their catalogue, especially where it played into the CIA-orchestrated "alien" scenario. For example, I immediately recognized the material of Zechiariah Sitchin as a continuation of some of Gurdjieff's stories, the same as those taught to an 8-year-old Adolph Hitler by the Cisternian monk, Joseph Lantz, at Lambach Abbey in 1907, which were reflected in the script of the movie Stargate. It also followed the OSI strategy in the offer made to me by Jim in 1977.
        Several questions arose in my mind: If Garner's objections to my involvement with Truth Seeker was based on his adherence to Gurdjieff's teachings, was Truth Seeker being targeted for takeover by the Synergy cult? Was I being "separated out" by the "flying wedge" of Garner, because I was threatening to undo the cult's efforts? That would certainly upset Jim, as I had observed. Did Jim know I was being hosted by Truth Seekers before my arrival, or did he learn about it from Ron? Since my appearance seemed to come as a complete and devastating surprise to Jim, was it because he knew that I, of all people, could figure the latest scam-in-progress out?
        Ron's objections based on the Gurdjieff stuff indicated either that Jim had manipulated Ron through those beliefs, or that they were of common interest between Jim and Ron, and that Jim feared I would blow their cover. After all, hadn't Sitchin written the same kind of books that the CIA had attempted to recruit me to write in 1977, and weren't they often published in Santa Fe or Sedona? Did they really think they could convert the Truth Seeker idea to a Gurdjieff one? If so, they would have to change the name to "Big Lie Seeker". Such a conversion would make the Truth Seeker goals only a fake shell eaten out by the Synergy roaches, to be used as a facade to entrap more prey. The Truth Seeker movement was barely getting off the ground in the current era, so a takeover by the Synergists would nip it in the bud. It became my intent to avert this, and to warn them.
        By my second day at the gathering, I was already effectively ostracized from the major portion of the group, except for the two writers, David Sielaff and Paul Tice, whom I had met at the UFO Enigma Museum. John Price, head of the museum, wouldn't sell my books, so I joined the two writers at a table in the back room. They seemed congenial and I detected no conflict with them. I made the best of the moment. Ahh...there I was at the dusty little museum, standing not more than three feet from Linda Moulton Howe, a UFOlogy "biggie", as she discussed "the aliens" with a Mr. Heik, with the same kind of familiarity as one might expect a believer in the Tooth Fairy to describe the kind of shoes he wears. Though in plain sight, the total invisibility with which Howe regarded me, indicated that she not only knew who I was, but also that I knew what she was, and that her pretence was transparent to me. Unless she knew she was lying, she would never have graduated from Stanford.
        At the Truth Seeker booth at the Roswell Convention Center, the available chairs were occupied by the secretary, the shipping clerk, and astrologer Louis Turi, who used the only other chair and a table for his clients, so I milled about and made contact with some interesting people.
        Ron Garner had avoided me like the plague since the first evening. After learning of his character assassination of me behind my back the next morning, the negative behavior of several others associated with the group seemed explainable. After being snubbed by three of the contingency---Garner, the secretary, and the shipping clerk---and several associates, it seemed that my ostracism had become final by my second day there, over something I hadn't discussed, and which should have been anathema to Truth Seeker. Did they not know?
        Had it been up to me, the secretary and shipping clerk would have remained in San Diego to hold down business. Louis Turi would have had his own booth, since there seemed to be no obvious connection between "truth" and "astrology", though Turi was more polite at least. If I had been provided with a good camera, I could have done a better job than Ron, because I would have "sought the truth", rather than to satisfy the false "synergy" premise. I would have been willing to assist with loading/unloading the van. With a good industrial camera, I would have gotten some valuable footage. It didn't seem appropriate that the behavior of a secretary and shipping clerk, provoked by an "outside" videographer, were controlling the fate of the operation. True to their philosophy, the Synergists, like the Hitler they spawned, always strike for weakness, as true sociopaths. Meanwhile, I wondered if the only strong members of the group remaining---Sielaff and Tice---would eventually succumb to the Synergy garbage.
        In my unsuccessful efforts to reach Bonnie after the event, all my calls were unreturned, and all I received was silence, except for a short note attached to an invoice, telling me the venture was a downer for them. The questions loomed in my mind: Had I blustered into a Synergy takeover of Truth Seeker, and had Jim and Ron succeeded in driving another "flying wedge" through the group, in attempt to cut off another possible outlet for valuable information? The Synergists are opposed to individuality, and will use "latitudinal" arguments and strategy to motivate their prey. That is where the CIA got the tactic. In fact, Gurdjieff had privately tutored Mao Zedong, Stalin, Alfred Rosenberg, Karl Haushoffer, Dietrich Eckhardt, and many others of the totalitarian mind. These teaching had been the basis of the Communist movements of Mao and Stalin, as well as that of the Nazis. The Nazi troop management manual, authored by Ernst Roehm---also a student of Gurdjieff---had found its way into U.S. armed forces policy, when the official Nazi manual was adopted by the U.S. Congress in the 1950's, as the official U.S. troop management manual. The general policy is recognized today as the "principal of group identity", which is a direct translation of the "collective consciousness" doctrine of Gurdjieff, as espoused by Captain Ernst Roehm, "Father of the Brownshirts", the bully-boys responsible for Krystallnacht in the Nazi rise to power.
        Since scapegoating is a typical tactic of the Synergists, I could expect an attempt back in San Diego to create and heighten a sense of failure of the venture, and to misplace blame for the lack of success somehow on me. This would mean that a heavy trip would be laid on me to Bonnie Lange. Whether this was another divide-and-conquer/takeover maneuver, only time would tell.
        A short time after the Roswell debacle, I tried to warn Bonnie Lange about the Synergists, and she assured me everything was "under control". Soon afterward, she offered me an opportunity to write a series of articles about Tesla's technology in today's world. Truth Seeker was also supposed to sell my book and advertise it in their catalogue.
        I finished and submitted the first installation of my series of articles, and Bonnie accepted and praised it, with some editorial cutting by her staff. She said it would be published in the magazine, and would also be published on their internet website. I waited patiently for news that the article had been published. In January, 1998, I got on the internet and opened a website of my own. In browsing the Truth Seeker site, I not only failed to find my article, or the cataloguing of my book, but also noticed that the Synergy people had become a prominent "partner" in their organization. That, to me, suggested that the Synergists had taken over Truth Seeker. This of course appeared to explain the reversal of policy, and the exclusion of my book and article without notice to me. It also raises the possibility for exercise of racketeering laws. I hoped that my attempts to warn them would eventually start to make sense to them, in time for them to save their operation and to separate themselves from the Synergists.
        It is sad to see an old American institution, formerly associated with such powerful individualists as Mark Twain, Robert G. Ingersoll, and Ayn Rand, being taken over by the enemy. With a stated purpose which was, among other things, intended "...to elevate and emancipate the human race", and was opposed to "...everything that degrades or burdens mankind mentally or physically", the organization was selling out its birthright to synergistic totalitarianism, which is diametrically opposed to everything they (previously) stood for. When they entered that door, they became the ultimate hypocrisy, selling the CIA-backed lies about "aliens", while pretending to be "seekers of truth". I knew that there was no way they could close that door behind them for good, without losing their identity as "seekers of truth", since that is in conflict with being suckers for government propaganda in the long run.
        Under the internet "freethought" links of the Truth Seekers, I was saddened and appalled by the creepy Synergy groups' featuring of sleazy "Japanimation" porn cartoons, clearly appealing to sick pedophiles, with illustrations of things like child sex -snuff, torture, bondage, and sadism. This misrepresents and effectively smears the idea of freethought, falsely equating it with pedophilia, sadism, child sexual abuse, torture, and murder. This clearly wasn't opposed to "everything that degrades or burdens mankind mentally or physically". Since when have the secret cravings of sex criminals been elevated to the level of "...brave new thoughts". Why not feature some saucy sex scenes from the torture chambers of Treblinka or Dachau while they're at it? Oh yes...some starkly graphic recreations of the spicy escapades of that well-known "free thinker", Jeffrey Dahmer, shouldn't be left out either! I considered the inclusion of these associations by the Synergists an attempt to give the "kiss of death" to the Truth Seeker group, by creating the false association, which did not belong to "free thought", since it was a kind of fraud.
        It's a good thing this group doesn't hold an exclusive franchise on that thing called "free thought", since, in the event of their demise, someone would have to pick up the torch of truth and carry it forward from where they fell. I must be a little old fashioned for continuing to believe that someone should say what they mean, and mean what they say. When someone starts out as a Truth Seeker, and ends up repeating the same OLD TIRED BIG LIES as the rest of the gang, they have lost their way, and are nothing but a hypocrite. What this Truth Seeker found was a disappointment of lies and hypocrisy.
        Only the "biggie" alien liars of UFOlogy were invited to speak at the Roswell conference. Naturally, I was not considered, even in a debate, because they must control both sides of it. The speakers charged the usual exorbitant fees---which bore a direct proportionality to the amount of false propaganda Big Brother had expended on their operations, for their presentations. In retrospect, I should have taken up a position on the sidewalk, with a stack of my books and a sign which said: "FREE SPEECH HERE: WHY PAY TO HEAR A ONE-SIDED STORY? YOU CAN GET THE OTHER SIDE HERE FOR FREE. MEANWHILE, MY BOOK IS FOR SALE."
Rhesus monkies in G-suits, used in the "Roswell Alien Crash Hoax"