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Monday, April 10, 2017

Jo Cox Murder : The Thomas Mair trial- first days

At the Old Bailey today, the trial began of Thomas Mair. I was present together with L.N. and here is our report.

He is accused of four crimes:

       1. Murdering the MP Jo Cox on 16.6.16

       2 Carrying a gun.

       3 Causing grevious bodily harm to Mr Kenny Bernard.

       4. Carrying a dagger.

 He is pleading ‘Not guilty.’ The trial is expected to last two to three weeks.

The jury were sworn in, and warned not to chat with any outsiders about the case or to visit any websites on the matter. It would be a crime for them to do so.

The Cox family were present: the husband Brendan, two sisters, mother and father.

The Prosecution had a lot of CCTV. The Court was shown some which the public (in the balcony) could hardly see, of a man running across a market square, presumed to be Mr Mair.

Two hats – for a Murder

They claimed to have film of Mair wearing two hats, a black one under a white one. The CCTV showed him ‘walking up to W.H. Smith’ wearing a dark cap, covered by a white one. After the event, as he ran away, through some woods, he threw away his bloodstained jacket. Then later he threw away his white hat, around the back of a wine-bar.

The images at the killing-site by the library had shown a man with a white baseball cap. Then when Mr Mair was caught by the police a mile away, he had a black cap on.

The white hat thrown away was found to have his DNA on, also the DNA of Jo Cox.

        As a story, I’d say this is not very good. It may strain readers’ credulity.

Thus the Court explained why Mair had two different colored hats in the photos.

His jacket was also found to have Jo Cox’s DNA on, it was her blood. The jacket was first described as grey, then brown. As Mair came out of his house, he was not wearing it, but had  it draped over his arm, to conceal his gun.Thomas-Mair

He emerged from his house that morning at 10.am. A neighbor saw him walk past. He returned, then left again at 11.30 am., with his jacket, two hats, dagger and home-made gun.

              Figure: Mair wearing white hat

Some people on a bus saw him, in the market. CCTV shows him waiting around the library for Jo Cox to arrive.

          While hearing all this, the guy ‘Thomas Mair’ seemed quite calm and detached. 

A silver Astra drew up, by the town library where Ms Cox’s surgery was going to be, and three people emerged. A video shows a man running towards the car, which is presumed to be Mr Mair. She emerged from the car at 12.50 and he attacked her at 12.52.

From a nearby café Bernard Kenny emerged to help, but got stabbed in the liver.Then Ms cox got stabbed 15 times and shot four times: twice in the head at short-range, but NB the attacker missed, and the shots just grazed her skull. Her heart, lung, liver, stomach, back and side were all stabbed.

An assistant in the library (where Ms Cox was due to give her surgery that day) phoned 999 to tell them that she is watching a man stabbing Ms Cox, and then he fired two shots at her. That assistant then went outside and hit Mr Mair with her handbag. While attacking Ms Cox he was shouting ‘Britain first!’ ‘This is for Britain!’ ‘Britain will always come first!’ then as he shot Ms Cox he shouted ‘We British are independent!’

A taxi driver stopped and called out ‘Leave her alone!’ Mr Mair as he was swinging his knife warned this taxi driver that the same thing might happen  to him unless he went away.

         Let’s count the number of people around this scene: two from her car, two from the nearby cafe (only one here mentioned), a Librarian and a taxi-driver. That’s six people – they could not stop Mr Mair – a rather small, thin chap – and they just let him walk away!

When arrested Mair had his shopping bag with the bloody dagger and gun and was wearing a bloodstained black cap: but not his jacket or white cap. When arrested in White Horse Close, he allegedly cried out ‘It’s me!’ and ‘I’m a political activist!’ The police then searched his house (NB police are not supposed to enter the house of a suspect, with no witnesses) and found white supremacist pamphlets and literature, and Jo Cox material on his computer.

It is alleged that for years Mr Mair belonged to white supremacist organizations. (NB, ‘Britain First’ has denied he was ever associated with them)

A ‘consultant’ emerged and pronounced Ms Cox to be dead. Her body was taken to Leeds Infirmary and there was a post-mortem performed that day. (The ‘Metro’ published a different account the next day 15th, that ”emergency service workers operated on Mrs cox’s damaged heart and lungs on the street but could not save her”)

The Prosecution explained that only computer-generated images of the Ms Cox body would be shown to the jury, to avoid upsetting them unduly with pictures of the real thing. This could suggest that, there is no body.

The Court claimed to have CCTV from the day before, of Mair entering the library – the same one to which Ms Cox had her surgery (Witness: Beverley Fletcher), and to have a record of his library card used for logging in. On the library computer he then looked at Jo Cox info, at how many shots it takes to kill someone, and the murder of British MP Ian Gow some years ago. This shows, the Court was told, that the murder was premeditated.

After the murder, Mair walked or ran through Union Street, John Jamieson’s Close, John Nelson Place (by the wood / park), Rysedale Avenue, then White Horse Close where he was arrested.


Comments on First Day:

   There is testimony that no-one shouted ‘Britain first!’ or whatever -


‘The message in the landerette’s window says: “Please note, I did not tackle the gunman. And no one shouted Britain First at any time.” LBC’s reporter in Birstall Bethan Davies spoke to Ahmed Tahir, the owner, who insisted he has not spoken to anyone who heard that phrase. And Mr Tahir admitted he was worried for his safety after reports named him for making to original claim.’ But NB another witness avers he did hear those words.

Second Day 15th: A strike at Belmarsh Prison meant that the prisoner was not present at the trial, so it was cancelled.

Second day of Trial, 16th November PC Nichols testified as to his arrest of ‘Thomas Mair’ (I put the name in inverted commas as I’m not sure who it was) at 1.35 pm on 16 July. Two unarmed police were driving their car by Leeds Road – White Horse Close, where they had been told the suspect might be. They saw him wearing a black baseball cap, a dark jacket and carrying a black holdall bag. They shouted out out to him, from about 20 yards away, to drop his bag and put his hands up. He did not run, but turned to them and did as he was told. They say he called out ‘It’s me!’ but the defence lawyer did not accept this. They ran towards him, grabbed him and threw him to the ground, cutting his forehead open so he started bleeding profusely, and handcuffed him.
One officer put his hand in T.M.’s trouser pocket and found a plastic bag with bullets (about 8 or so, still ‘live’). He said to them, ‘I have a knife in my pocket.’ The PC looked in his pocket but did not find one (the Defence lawyer denied his client had said any such thing). His shoes had ‘steel toecaps.’ He had no coat, jacket or plastic bag. Emptying his pockets, coins fell onto the pavement.  His mobile phone also somehow fell onto the ground, so did keys. He told them a gun was in the bag (His defence lawyer denies he said that). The PC Nichols went over to his bag and found it. (The defence lawyer might have been intimating that PC Nichols had put it there, it was hard to tell). He shouted out ‘I’m a political activist’ (his defence lawyer denied this, saying there was ‘not a word said by the defendent.’)
No witness was asked whether the guy sitting in the dock was the T.M. whom they remembered. The guy in the dock kept his eyes down, showed no interest in anything, just wrote notes & looked very bored. No-one asked any witness whether a tattoo on T.M.’s arm was present or not – his most distinctive feature. ‘T.M.’ was helped into an ambulance, which he needed thanks to their smashing his forehead on the ground, and taken to Leeds General Infirmary.
PC Wright who assisted in this arrest insisted he did not touch the firearm in the bag, but just felt it was there. He tried to claim he had put on a pair of gloves before doing this, but his testimony here became very confused when the defence lawyer grilled him over when exactly he had put them on. No knife was found in TM’s pocket or anywhere else.
A ‘Senior Crime Scene investigator’ arrived on the scene at 14.50. As he could not be present at the trial, his testimony was read out, together with videos shown. He saw the black baseball cap on the ground, plus a knife-sheath and a dagger. In addition, there was a long, gold-type object, which when unscrewed contained a knife (we were shown pictures). He found a black wallet on the ground with cards & cash, we were shown the name of Thomas Mair on his library card. A Tesco’s carrier bag was there, containing (surprise) a pro-Brexit leaflet. We were shown two sets of keys also on the pavement, next to the coins.   The Investigator took 118 photographs. The gun was partially visible peeping out of the bag.    
 PC Marsden  a firearms officer arrived after the arrest at 16.40, wearing a total forensic suit which was uncomfortable. He removed the contents of the bag. This included a carrier bag with wet, fresh blood, a bag of ‘live bullets’ in one pocket, and some sort of rifle with front sawn off, and butt sawn off, so it was quite short and truncated. Some days later, the white cap and dark jacket belonging to T.M. were found in or near the woods at John Nelson close.
At a quarter to ten on the morning of the 16th, neighbor of T.M. Julia Nelson who knew him well was on the 229 bus. She saw him walking along, with an orange-coloured carrier bag ‘not completely empty’ and his little goatee beard, grey in color.  He always wore a baseball cap, the usual light-color. She was not present so her testimony was read out. So, this guy has a beard. He then went home and came out again for his last time. We were shown CCTV of him pottering around WH Smith’s for ten minutes. Lots of other CCTV was shown, in none of which I could recognize him, but someone with a white cap was bobbing around.  Other visitors I spoke to (tho you’re not supposed to) did not see anything much in these videos.
Fuzilla  Aswat worked for Jo Cox. Cox was due for a surgery 1-2 pm at the local library. F.A. drove the silver Vauxhall Astra, and parked ‘just down the hill’ from the library on that side of the road. Jo Cox sat in the back and Sandra in front, three of them. F.A. got out on the road side, the other two on the pavement side. J.C. was suddenly attacked and F.A. (strangely) shouted out ‘Jo you need to go!’ – to get away from the attacker. The fellow was 5’ 10” high, in his late 50s, with white silvery hair over his head and ears, wore a dark baseball cap and had a blue rucksack.
J.C. fell onto the pavement and F.A. stood over her. T.M. brandished a knife to make F.A. get back and then continued his attack . J.C. rolled over into the road in between two cars.  A man (Bernard Kenny) crossed the road to be able to help. Right at end of his attack T.M. shouted ‘Britain first!’ then went off down the hill. F.A. held J.C. in her arms, while it took 3-4 minutes for the police/ambulances to arrive. They gave her oxygen. 
Sandra Major who had been in the car described how the attacker first raised his arm and shot JC in the head, causing her to fall backwards onto the ground, blood pouring out. He held a shopping bag in his left hand, gun in his right. He then got a black knife out of his bag and started stabbing her, as she rolled over into the road. J.C. cried out, ‘Get away you two’ as the fellow came back and continued the assault. He had a black or blue baseball cap, and was wearing a shirt and tie.

We have been told that Mair fired dum-dum bullets, is this still a part of the story? These are especially lethal and explode upon impact. But, the very antique-looking gun we are shown allegedly used just took round bullets.

Bernard Carter Kenny was born 22.6.38, same birthday as J.C.. While at a sandwich shop across the road, his wife Doreen had crossed over to the library. He saw J.C. emerge from back door of her car. The attacker kicked her and attacked her with a dagger having a 9-inch blade. He attempted to grab the fellow from the back but he turned and stabbed him, he staggered back across the road and collapsed.
The assailant had a grey beard. We don’t often hear of grey-bearded murderers. Two witnesses have described this on the one day. NO PICTURES OF THOMAS MAIR AT THAT TIME SHOWED A BEARD (THO HE DOES HAVE ONE NOW, AT HIS TRIAL).

I did not read the BBC account of the day before writing this – it’s quite anodyne and fatuous. Regrettably, readers can hardly verify the present account, as transcript of such trials is prohibitively expensive.

3rd day of trial (morning) 17th November

We get a whole string of witnesses testifying to Jo Cox getting out of a car, being shot & stabbed in between two cars, so she falls onto the pavement then rolls into gutter of road, by  guy who then shouted ‘Britain First!’

Let us recall the BBC news report hours after the event which announced, ‘ ’She only managed to walk a few yards from the library where (1 min) she was holding surgery meeting, speaking to her constituents before she as shot…. Minutes before the attack she was in her local library’. Still-from-CCTV-footage-supposedly-of-Thoams-Mair

The story now at this trial is totally incompatible with the initial BBC report. Had she fallen in the road, with killer standing over her, everyone would have seen it and no-one could forget it.

Reports are of a bearded fellow wearing a dark cap: ‘He had a beard, grey and black,’ with ‘grey or black coloured baseball cap’ – Raschid Hussein, a taxi driver.

David Honeybell was in the library, saw stabbing with dagger 8″ long.

Stephen Connolly in library saw ‘He shot her in the head.’ Being shot in the head at point-blank range with a sawn-off rifle gun did not stop Jo Cox on the ground from coming out with some moving last messages.

I don’t reckon the guy in this new picture unduly resembles the original Thomas Mair photo that all the world was shown earlier this year. At last we understand why we were only allowed to see one single pic of Mair, clean-shaven and with white hat. We get why the guy in the courtroom has a beard, because most of the witnesses describe a guy with a bear

So there are basically three different versions of the killer (unless you wish to accept what we were told on the first day, that the killer wore two baseball caps, a white one on top of a black one, and the white one fell off as he ran away…) Firstly, the guy shown in the original picture. Then the guy in this picture. here – the guy on the CCTV, with a white hat. Thirdly, the guy most witnesses are describing, with black or dark blue hat and a beard.


Here is the dagger which seems consistently described by various witnesses, 9″ long.  Then, here is the ‘gold dagger’ found on the pavement (!! – see day 2) after Mair was arrested, and not apparently used. So this is a ‘two-dagger’ story.

Philosophical comment: often, with state-fabricated terror stories, those who plant the ‘theatre props’ are not too bothered as to what the story is going to be, because it will not be their business to tell it.


Daft dialogue:

The scene as we’re given it on Day 3 had five people gathered around Mair and Jo Cox, as he was killing her: two people who came out of the library, two who came out from the car with her, and the guy from over the road, Bernard Kenny, a 77-year old who got stabbed in the chest. While dying, after having been shot in the head twice, Ms Cox says, “Get away, get away you two! Let him hurt me – don’t let him hurt you”. I confirm that these words more or less were reported to the trial. Before that, her assistant Fuzilla Aswat shouted at Mair, ‘Get away from her, she’s got two little children.’ None of this sounds very credible.

After all that, Mair just strolled off down the hill.

No blood

All initial reports after 16.6.16 showed no blood on the pavement, or gutter (side of road) by the library. There would have to be pints of her blood there if this trial’s story is correct.

Hearsay Evidence

we heard testimony read out from Bernard Kenny read out. As his identity is very confusing and duplicitous – that is a key word for this Trial, everything seems to go double, black hat / white hat etc. There were two Bernard Kenny’s with wife Doreen living nearby. So we have to be suspicious of his testimony being read out – I don’t recall him being sworn in as a court should demand.

Likewise for the police who claimed to collect all Mair’s belongings keys etc after he was arrested, how come their testimony (on Day 1) could be just read out to the court in absentia?

Headless man enters library, shock

CCTV TM trial Library entrance CAR

This is meant to be TM visiting the library the day before. A headless spook –  what an excellent metaphor for his rather flexible identity. Otherwise its a nice, clear CCTV camera, wonder what happened to it the next day? The silver car is probably not the Astra – compare this image the next day, after the event:


day 4: Today 18th Forensic reports told of DNA analysed from blood samples. They did of course take samples from Mair’s flat and ascertain whether or not it matched up with the suspect. That would at least show that Thomas Mair had been arrested.

The gun had various bloodstains, which all matched T.M. from DNA analysis. A spot of blood on the barrel had Jo Cox’s DNA. This topic went on at great length, but the trouble was, there were far too many blood samples matching Mair’s DNA. Remember he only starts to bleed when the two police arresting him hurl him onto the pavement. Inside his holdall bag, were too many blood samples – eg a Tesco’s carrier bag, with blood of both of them on its outside. Why did his mobile phone have bloodstains on its back and side? Also there was a  brown glove in the bag, with Jo Cox’s blood on the outside. Far too many samples of blood were ‘found’ inside his carrier bag – which he had no time or need to open and close, and which was on his back when he assaulted Ms Cox, if he did.

No Blood on Gun

   Here are two pictures of the weird-looking gun, rather 18th-century. One has got a load of tape wrapped around its handle the other has not. Neither shows any trace of Thomas Mair’s blood, which we heard was all over it.  The Jury should demand to have the alleged murder-weapons put on a table in the courtroom, as they should be, not just be given video images. They should ask, who removed the tape and why?Gun1.Gun2

No Trace of blood

Specks of blood were said to have been fond on the bottom of the slope leading up to the library, then later on between the two cars. She was said to have crawled along on the ground that distance leaving a ‘trail of heavy spots of blood.’ Looking at the above picture, that is quite a distance. Also finger marks in blood were shown on the side of the red Ford vehicle, in front of the Astra. T.M.’s jacket, (which was rescued from the garden of 9, John Nelson Close) had a hand-print of Ms Cox’s blood on its back. Here are some pictures of the pavement just outside the Birstall library. Even next to the black, brand-new high-heeled shoes on the pavement we see no spots of blood.

NoBlood1 NoBlood2 NoBlood2

On the wall of the library are the words, ‘Library Advice Services’ Click this picture to see its full detail.


The No-Body Murder Trial, continued

       There were no photos of a dead body after the event, no blood visible on ground (or anywhere else), no photos of the body to be shown to the jury … No wonder no-one is sure where the incident is supposed t0 have happened. Let’s go back to the local newspaper reporting on the day after the event:

Yorkshire Evening Post, Friday June 17th

*  She was attacked ‘As she walked away from her fortnightly constituency surgery in Birdsall … walking down the steps shortly after midday.’ (see above photos for steps in front of library)

*  ’overhead, two helicopters circled, preparing to airlift Mrs Cox to Leeds General Infirmary where an  armed guard was waiting.’

*  She was declared ‘dead at 1.48 pm … by a doctor working with paramedics on the ground.’

But on the other hand, the Huddersfield Examiner of that same day, Jun 17, says JC ‘died in hospital less than an hour after being shot and stabbed’ and ‘At 1.48pm she was pronounced dead by a doctor working with a paramedical crew that was attending to her serious injuries.’

        I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong) that all three of these have vanished from the Crown’s story at this court. The airlift has gone totally, and instead we have BBC black helicopters hovering above the library!


         Hmm, I don’t remember BBC black helicopters before ….

Her body was lying on the ground for 56 minutes, from 12.52 to 1.48 – not a single photograph, no blood appears anywhere….

Day 5: Yes, here it comes, it was inevitable: loads of ‘neo-Nazi’ gear found in his home.  This is why police officers should not be allowed to search a suspect’s home (with no-one else living there) by themselves – they can plant any evidence they want. “Officers found an SS officer’s book on race theory and mate selection, along with other white supremacist texts, when they raided the home of Thomas Mair after his arrest, the jury heard.” Funny how none of that came out in the original story – which was just that Mair subscribed to a South African white advocacy magazine for one year, and he missed some copies because he didn’t give them his new address when he moved. He had a brother of mixed race whom he loved.

Last day of trial – NO DEFENCE!

       Tuesday 22nd: This whole trial has revolved around the Prosecution lawyer Richard Whittam. The Defence lawyer has been quiet as a mouse, indeed I’m not clear why he bothered to turn up, except to echo the sentiments of Whittam in his ultra-brief summing-up speech. The dead-bored fellow siting in the glass cage every day, supposedly Thomas Mair, said precisely one word thoughout the case: when asked on day one of he was Thomas Mair he said (not on oath) ‘Yes.’

I was reminded of the Adibelajo trial I briefly attended at the Old Bailey some years ago, the Drummer Lee Rigby case: once the media have utterly demonized the fiendish wicked killer, a defence lawyer cannot really function, or has no function. In this case, the apparatus of state power had agreed how virtuous and saintly Jo Cox was, and how unimaginably wicked Thomas Mair was.

It would have been easy to take apart the case for the prosecution, however that would involve accusing elements of the British state – in a failed attempt to block the Brexit vote.

Again it reminded me of the witch-trials of a few centuries ago, where any judge defending the accused too well would themselves be likely to be accused, of being in league with the devil. Thus it might have ended the career of the Defence lawyer, if he were to have actually defended his client. Had not his client already been judged and sentenced, by the media? Was he not a ‘Nazi’??? Surely his guilt was obvious? (I’m writing this before the Jury’s verdict has emerged)

Coffee Shop right next to the library, which seems to be newly-built – would you really plot a murder in broad daylight in-between a public library and a coffee shop?

coffee shop

Gun (home made gun, or sawn off shotgun?) in one hand, shopping bag in the other..that’s pretty cool behaviour for a frenzied killer
Did the attacker, running across towards the car (as shown by CCTV footage) have a carrier bags and a black holdall?
Where did the shirt and tie go? I wonder….
How come he was wearing a dark jacket as well as leaving his brown jacket in the woods?
Black or blue (in other words, dark) baseball cap on during the attack, so where was the white one at that point and how did the white one then end up in the woods? Or was the witness confused and trying to help the police out with the arrest story?
How come somebody had oxygen handy? How was it ‘given’?
There has been some talk of the ‘consultant’ performing heart and lung interventions on the pavement, no pix of that either? Blood everywhere and much commotion as these things carried out on a live person without anaesthetic.
They say blood poured from the head wound, where did that all go?
Nearly every person in the land had a brexit leaflet thrust into their hand that day, so that’s not damning at all.
The odd remarks said to have been shouted out at various times (and that witnesses denied hearing, and the defence deny having been said) seem right out of character for a timid man.
TM seems an intelligent and kindly man, I read all he said about mental health and not wanting medication, (maybe that’s how he got selected as patsy, not supporting Big Pharma) He would, I believe be able to see that such a murder would not help achieve brexit.
Crucial to have Mr Bernard Kenny give testimony, but his testimony is read out.
The prosecution story is so obviously, scandalously false.
I am wondering what the JC family are making of this unravelling.
It was sabotage. This nation needs to understand who truly had a motive for such a crime.
I really hope that someone can attend and record every day of this very important trial.

The alleged “Britain Stronger in Europe” Brexit leaflet, allegedly found in the possession of Thomas Mair at the time of his arrest, imo is included as a classic script construction reference point, an allegory to one of the real reasons why Jo Cox was sacrificed for the “greater good” …
Jo Cox murder trial: Thomas Mair’s alleged EU Remain leaflet as an allegory to Jo Cox’s “impassioned” HoC speech on Syria
Whilst not forgetting the “Nazi ideology” supporting “shipping documents” from William Luther Pierce III’s National Alliance, coveniently provided by the SPLC – the day after the events in Birstall …
Manufactured out of whole Kabbalistic cloth, as per …
The alleged “SPLC Shipping Documents” are fake
Another classic example of William Luther Pierce III’s utility in right-wing memed terrorism scripts was provided in the “Dylann Storm Roof” / Race War meme / Charleston Black Emmanuel Church shootings :
Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church massacre, Charleston, S. Carolina on 17 June 2015

OK let me be crystal clear.
First of all one should ask why do we need to know that a “Britain Stronger in Europe” pro-remain (not Brexit ) leaflet, was allegedly found in the possession of Thomas Mair at the time of his arrest ?
Remember that at no time has it been reported that the perp, whoever he was, said anything about Europe the EU or the UK’s EU Referendum.
All of that has been inferred simply because of the timing of the Jo Cox event a week before the referendum.
So, we now have a pro-remain “Britain Stronger in Europe” leaflet allegedly found on Thomas Mair.
The unspoken “EU meme” is unconciously reinforced with this alleged leaflet, without any overt evidence that this “Jo Cox event” was related to the EU.
I aver that another reason why this alleged leaflet was included was for reasons to do with the usual construction method used for these flase flag scripts, which invariably include “items” which provide allegorical references to real world events.
In this case, the “Britain Stronger in Europe” pro-remain campaign was launched on the same day as Jo Cox’s “impassioned House of Commons speech” on Syria, as illustrated here :
The Charleston Black Emmanuel Dylann Storm Roof “race war” event was provided as a classic example of this script construction method.
Nick, recall Operation Crevice, the UK “fertiliser bomb plot” where it was alleged that one of the targets was the Bluewater Shopping Centre. Why was that particular location chosen for the script ? Because it opened 911 days before 9/11.
This is how the scripts are constructed, using kabalistic relationships between events.
I mentioned the alleged “SPLC Shipping Documents” because the dates on those alleged Thomas Mair book delivery notes have been fabricated using the same method :
Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus …
Having revised some news reports around the time of this crime, I have come across some pictures, said to be of Mr Mair, one shows him apparently at a Britain First demo (but appears to be a photo manipulated image. Another showed a person with tattooed arms doing a Nazi salute and this is clealry not TM. They were widely publicised at that time and served to convince the public that he was mad enough to carry out the killing of a Remain MP, with the motive of helping the Brexit vote. Every sane person knew the effect of the killing would be quite the opposite, as was demonstrated by the way the news clipped 6 points off the Brexit polls and sent the financial markets into joyful mode.
There are now many images of faces said to be TM, but only one of him before 16/6/16 and that shows a very peaceful looking chap at his work. The drawings coming from the court room also vary considerably, some show him as very pointy and vulpine, some haggard and old. I can assure everyone that the person sitting in the dock doesn’t look anything like most of the drawings that I’ve seen.
Today there was published in the Huddersfield Examiner a clip showing the person who ran across the Market Square towards the Library at the time of the attack. I don’t believe that picture was of Thomas Mair. The face was quite different again
So,the attacker is seen on CCTV wearing a definitely black jacket, and yet it is a brown jacket, first described as grey, that is amongst the exhibits, blood stained, that will be shown to the jury, having been discarded in the woods. Where is this black jacket?
Maybe it’s with the shirt and tie?

I just read that “Jo Cox’s mother was comforted because she didn’t suffer and wasn’t alone when she died”…..anyone else find that bizarro? It was in the Daily Mail I think, and coupled with the barely suppresed hilarity at the nexday ceremony thing, one has a glimpse of some Munster Family humour.
The defence, (or maybe the Jury, if the defence team won’t do it), should demand evidence that the crime took place before the trial continues, and a family member or good neighbour of TM should be asked to confirm that the man in the dock is TM. These two assumptions must be proven as true before any trial can be deemed valid, and before the Jury be asked to consider delivering a verdict.
In the footage of the arrest they blur TM’s face, did he have a big grey beard at that time? I have footage that shows his head and cannot see any thick beard as the CCTV still of the attacker shows. I suggest that that may be the reason that the CCTV still of TM entering the library has no recognisable head.
If TM had made some weapons in his shed, it could be that he was a ‘prepper’, a person who suspects that authorities may be out to eliminate a large number of us, and prepares to defend himself. As we have given up our guns in UK, reading internet news from USA, and seeing the underhand tactics of certain entities world-wide creating scary news and giving evidence that proclaims the investigation to be part of the crime, he might well be afraid.
The examination of his house may also be part of the crime, it was unchaperoned as far as I can make out, and evidence of guilt could have been planted, as well as evidence of innocence destroyed. The policemen questioned so far do not appear reliable at all. (Oh! Leeds again)
The defence should be demanding that such an illegal search not be presented/used as evidence at all.
Having attended the trial, I never picked up any reason why the bored-looking police agent in the trial should be taken for Thomas Mair.
“If TM had made some weapons in his shed, it could be that he was a ‘prepper’,” – don’t confirm, a neighbor said he was a person who wouldn’t hurt a flea.

I agree the search of his home sounds illegal to me, outright burglary in fact. I don’t recall the Court telling us the police had obtained any warrant to do that. In the old days – ah! – police used to search for clues, not plant them.
 Aerial view – notice the position of the silver car behind the red car; gap approx. 3m also check the positioning of both cars relative to the items on the pavement.
Then look at the second to last photo (NoBlood3a.jpg)
Both cars have been moved.
The only shooting going on there was a photo-shoot.
Just heard that TM is offering no defense at trial…it’s a farce.

 The weapon in the picture is a cal .22 sporting rifle, 5 shot magazine, with the barrel cut so short that it is almost more lethal as a hammer.
The cal .22 round is 25 mm in length which equates to 15mm effective barrel-length in this gun.
The muzzle-velocity of this setup is so low you would be safe on the other side of the street.
Murder weapon, hardly.

So much to pick apart in this story, but let’s look at the Cox/Kenny connection.
There is a photo of her with her old geography teacher, Philip Kenny, Bernard’s son.
There is a photo of Bernard at his grandson’s wedding last May. George Kenny married Amber Sagar.
George and Amber both have Facebook and Twitter accounts.
None of the accounts make any mention whatsoever of Bernard.
Both Twitter accounts follow one MP, Jo Cox.
I checked out all the family accounts linked to theirs, and again, no mention of Bernard.
Did Bernard Kenny know Jo Cox ?
I wasn’t surprised in the least that he was a no-show in court.
The day after the ‘murder’ of his wife, Brendan Cox received a phone call from Obama, who was on Airforce 1 at the time.
On the 23rd of September, Brendan tweeted that he and the kids had met Obama at the Whitehouse. No photos of the meeting.
Perusal of the Whitehouse visitor log reveals that a ‘Brendan Cox’ paid three visits this year. The first was on 23rd May, 2nd on 27th May, and the final one on 13th June, ie three days before the ‘killing’.
As it stands at the moment, the visitor log for September has not been released.
The Sept. WH records were released at the end of Dec. Brendan Cox tweeted that he and the KIDS met with Obama, who was impressed by their drawings.
The records for the 23rd Sept. show that Brendan was accompanied by his daughter Lajla, but there is no entry for the son Cuillin.
They were met by Theresa Udall, assistant to deputy Chief of Staff Anita Brackenridge.
Me too. I wonder how the jury was selected?
Now that some footage, https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1172315259483601 supposedly of TM being interviewed on 17 6 16 has been publicised I have renewed doubts about the identity of this prisoner, the man we have seen all week in court.
The mute person, allegedly TM has no injury to his head, it seems as smooth and shiny as can be, although when ‘he’ was arrested he was quite severely clobbered and left a trail of blood in the road.
I have always maintained that the arrest video is key, because of the shopping he has with him. When is he supposed to have done any shopping? Before or after murdering JC? If it was before, he would have surely been hampered in the act, by those extra bags, and if after, well, cool as a cucumber, beyond belief to go shopping after such stabbings and shootings.
Maybe JC didn’t have any blood – that would answer many points.
Also, if he was such a massive nazi why did he leave her muslim assistant who was by her side for the whole thing untouched? Surely she’d be a prime target? But I suppose that wouldn’t make sense either as his nurse neighbour said he used to teach muslim/asians english as a second language! None of the official stories make sense when viewed alongside the actual facts.
 I think the whole run was a spy-opps even the jury, are the jury immune to suit or identification.
f no evidence was given of a dead body then its not a real court hearing period. Anyone who is called for jury service has to be expected to view any and all evidence, the excuse of not wanting to show real photos in case it might upset them is pure bunkum.
I also noticed the distances between the cars and my initial though was how on earth did anyone crawl in between those. I actually looked at all the pictures before reading the story so was not influenced by the spoken word.
I also think this was a further attempt to try and demonize weapons in general, the sawn off weapon chosen would not be as effective as the Sykes Fairburn shown which is designed specifically for this job and obtaining such a weapon would be far harder to obtain that say a shotgun which is a far more effective tool for such an assassin.
The .22 would not deform the victims face or head at all, it would only leave a tiny hole due to the lack of cordite within such a tiny car as, ask any hunter who has killed game and they will tell you its hard to find the entry or exit route.
We are living in a fairy tale land these days and being led by the nose it seems, JohnTaylor Gatto is correct I’m afraid.

James mentioned above that the cars are in different places in different photos. It’s more than that – the photos have been manipulated. In both NoBlood2.jpg and NoBlood3a.jpg you can see that another background has been merged into the photos behind the shoes, taken from much further down the road.
In NB3a.jpg just below the top police crime scene tape you will see the line across the pavement and a dip in the kerb where the two merge. You can see the same but more in NB2.jpg, where there is a stepped wall and foliage along the right hand side of the photo that is not next to the library. You would also have to assume in NB2.jpg that where the police officers are standing at the bottom of the library ramp is very close to the shoes, when in fact the shoes are a greater distance away than that. So that photo is distorted in more ways.
This photo is very interesting.
See the very large tree on the right, that isn’t next to the library in real life.
I see now why they’ve altered all the photos is to completely erase the building next to the library which is the community centre.
I wonder if there was some activity there that needed to be erased, or perhaps a cctv camera.
In the same way that NK said the same about the cafe next door that was erased. The community centre has just been in the local papers http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/15114125.Public_meeting_over_future_of_community_centre_and_library/

Agree about big tree – that should be discussed in the local paper! Fictional tree should outrage local residents.

Jo Cox Murder : MP told assistants to flee to safety after she was shot!

Jo Cox murder trial: MP told assistants to flee to safety after she was shot!


Introduction — Nov 17, 2016

The second day of the trial of Thomas Mair opened with testimony that could have been scripted by a Hollywood scriptwriter.

In what could be seen as a ploy to extract maximum sympathy and admiration for the victim, Jo Cox, the court heard how she shouted to her assistant and a companion during the attack:
“Get away, get away you two! Let him hurt me – don’t let him hurt you”.

Bernard Kenny, the retired miner who was stabbed as he tried to save Jo Cox didn’t appear in court. Although the following Guardian report leaves the impression that he appeared in person a statement was read out to the court on his behalf. That much is confirmed in a BBC report on the proceedings.

However, his inability to attend should come as no surprise as little has been heard from the pensioner since he was stabbed trying to save Jo Cox.

Normally a heroic pensioner who intervenes in an attack would be much sought after by the media. Indeed, you would think they would be falling over themselves for his account, with photos and interviews, but beyond a brief written statement we’ve heard little from him since the attack.
Leaving one to wonder if he’s not the same Bernard Kenny who lived nearby until 2013, when he died?

Meaning that Jo Cox’s murder may have been staged for political gain. After all the murder of the Remain campaigner took place days before the Brexit referendum  and should have convinced voters to remain. It didn’t.

Meanwhile Fazila Aswat, the MP’s assistant and office manager, described how Thomas Mair shouted: ‘Britain first, Britain will always be first.’”

Strangely her testimony is at odds with another witness account, Ahmed Tahir, an Asian shopkeeper at the scene of the attack who claims no one shouted those words.

The court was also shown stills from CCTV cameras, which police claim showed Thomas Mair near the scene of the attack on the day in question. Although given the quality of the photo and the fact that his face is partially obscured it could be anyone.

The case against Thomas Mair is so flawed, so riddled with inconsistencies, that it’s no wonder the judge has banned jurors from accessing the Internet as they deliberate. After all they might come across articles that call into account the official version of events and if the court is to imprison an innocent man in prison for the rest of his life that cannot be allowed to happen. Ed.


Jo Cox murder trial: MP told assistants to flee to safety after she was shot 


Trial of Thomas Mair, accused of MP’s murder, hears that Cox shouted, ‘Let him hurt me – don’t let him hurt you’

The Labour MP Jo Cox told her two assistants to flee to safety and leave her to her fate after she was shot and stabbed, the trial of the man accused of her murder has heard.
Sandra Major, the Batley and Spen MP’s constituency caseworker, told the Old Bailey on Wednesday: “She was shouting, ‘Get away, get away you two! Let him hurt me – don’t let him hurt you’.”
She said the attacker had retreated after shooting and stabbing Cox but turned around and resumed his attack after hearing her shout.
Thomas Mair, one of Cox’s constituents, is accused of killing her in Birstall, West Yorkshire. The court heard he had been captured on CCTV carrying out the attack, and that he had been arrested moments later while in possession of the knife and gun used to carry out the murder.
As Cox’s family watched from the back of the court, Major and Fazila Aswat, the MP’s assistant and office manager, described how she was repeatedly shot and stabbed in an attack that lasted seconds.
The three women had driven to a meeting with constituents in the library at Birstall during the EU referendum campaign in June.
Major told the court that as they climbed from the car she could see a man approaching. She said: “He had a gun in his hand. He raised his arm and shot Jo in the head. Then he got a knife out of his bag. It was black.
“Jo was lying on the floor, and she sort of tried to sit up. He just started stabbing her while she was lying on the floor. Jo tried to get away. Fazila was shouting: ‘Get away from her, she’s got two little children.’ I was just screaming. I thought that if some people came, he might go away.”
Cox tried to get to her feet but rolled off the pavement into the road, the court heard. At this point, Major said, the attacker threatened her and Aswat with the knife, and Cox shouted that they should save themselves.
Major said: “He had started to walk away a little bit, but when Jo shouted out, he came back. He started stabbing her again. She was on the floor. She didn’t get up again.”
Occasionally fighting back tears, Aswat said she first realised Cox had come under attack when she saw her lying on the ground.
She said: “A man stood over her with a knife. I knew something was completely wrong. Then there was a gunshot. I said: ‘Jo, you need to run.’ She said: ‘I can’t run, I’m hurt.’ Then he came back.”
Aswat, who told the jury that she retreated behind the Vauxhall Astra in which they had driven to the library, added: “I heard two further gunshots, and you could see his arm going to her. He actually shot her from close range, because he was standing over her.
“It was at the end he stood up and said: ‘Britain first, Britain will always be first.’”
In a statement read to the court, Bernard Carter-Kenny, a retired miner then aged 77, described how he was stabbed when he tried to help Cox.
His statement said that he heard a bang he thought sounded like a gun but must have been a car backfiring. He added: “When I saw Jo roll into the road, I could see blood. I jumped out of the car. My first feeling was he was kicking her and brandishing a knife. She was on the floor and he had a knife in his hand. People were shouting: ‘Get help, get help.’”
Carter-Kenny said he ran across and wanted to jump on the attacker’s shoulder. He said he saw a 9in “dagger” in his hands and that the attacker shoved it into his stomach.
He said: “The blood started pouring out between my fingers. I saw the blood and I thought: ‘Oh my God’.”
“I didn’t turn my back on him in case he came after me. I just flopped on to the steps of the sandwich shop. I was lying on the floor.”
Aswat, who held Cox as she lay dying, said: “Jo was in my arms. It was probably only two or three minutes before the police and ambulance arrived but it felt like a lifetime.”
Earlier, the Old Bailey heard that Mair had thrown his hands in the air and declared himself to be a “political activist” when approached by police moments after the attack.
When he began to lower his hands, two unarmed officers tackled him to the ground.
Craig Nicholls, a constable with West Yorkshire police, told the court that he and his colleague, PC Jonathan Wright, had been instructed to search for a man involved in the shooting. They saw Mair walking nearby, got out of their car and ordered him to drop the black holdall he was carrying, said Nicholls.
“He put his arms up and just said: ‘It’s me,’” said Nicholls. “We ran towards him. He came to put his hands towards his shirt. We rugby-tackled him to the ground.”
When Wright found a firearm in the holdall, Mair said: “I am a political activist,” according to Nicholls.
Mair was handcuffed and arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. He was taken for treatment at Leeds General Infirmary for a head injury before being taken to a police station for questioning.
Simon Russell Flint QC, defending, put it to Nicholls and Wright that Mair had not said anything to police at any time during his arrest. Both officers said he had.
The jury heard that police recovered a sawn-off .22 rifle from the bag. It contained two rounds in its magazine and a third in the chamber, and the safety catch was off. Two knives were also recovered and a plastic bag containing a number of .22 bullets was found in Mair’s pocket.
Mair, 53, an unemployed gardener from Birstall, is charged with the murder of Cox, possession of a firearm with intent to commit an offence, possession of a dagger and grievous bodily harm to Carter Kenny.
He declined to enter a plea when he appeared at the Old Bailey last month. As a result, not guilty pleas to all four charges were entered on his behalf.
As the court viewed CCTV footage showing Mair’s movements on the day of the attack, the defendant sat in the dock, apparently ignoring the screens arranged around the room.
The court heard Cox was shot three times and suffered 15 stab injuries. She was 41, and had two children, then aged five and three. She had been elected in 2015, and had supported the campaign to remain in the EU.
In the days before the attack, Mair allegedly spent time in Birstall library, accessing a string of websites about Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, the Waffen-SS, Israel, matricide and serial killers.
The jury heard Mair had also viewed Cox’s Twitter feed and looked at the Wikipedia entry for Ian Gow, the Conservative MP murdered by the IRA in 1990.
The prosecution says Mair viewed pages about .22 ammunition, including one that offered an answer to the question: “Is a .22 round deadly enough to kill with one shot to a human’s head?”
Items later recovered from his home showed he had strong political and ideological interests, said Richard Whittam QC, prosecuting.
The trial continues.