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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Diana: Can You See The Real Me?

Diana: Can You See The Real Me? 
The Greatest Spiritual Energy Extraction Scam of the 20th Century
5 February, 2009
By Matthew Delooze
Well let me tell you 'bout the way she looked
The way she'd act and the colour of her hair
Her voice was soft and cool
Her eyes were clear and bright
But she's not there
From the song She’s Not There by the Zombies
For those people are unaware of my work. I suggest you read some of my earlier articles before reading this one. I dedicate this article to the gullible masses of this world. I dedicate it to the innocent families, the Fathers, the Mothers, the Son’s and the Daughters who were roped in to an agenda, which caused them so much pain, through manipulation of their minds within the collective consciousness of the human race. One day the deception that controls our lives will be unveiled but there will be no victorious Knights of Light and there will be no defeated Knights of Dark either, there will only be the truth. The truth is not one colour. The truth is all colours. On the day that all colours can be seen all tears will stop and we will remember who we really are…………..

Hello fellow truth seekers (Nice to see you again-to see you nice again)

I now find myself able to start adding to the list of articles written by Matthew Delooze. This is one I have been waiting to write for several months simply because, as I believe it will help open more paths for some of us in the future and it is a form of baggage removal for your minds. To those people that see and feel something in the information I supply I will say please don’t lose faith no matter how things appear sometimes. Awakening from the hypnosis of the Serpent Cult is on a par with breaking an addiction to powerful drugs. You will be very up one minute and you will be very down the next minute. You will suffer. You are literally a food source and your farmers want you to continue to feed them. To the Serpent Cut we are simply on a par with cattle and to break free from the milk farm we have to get past locked doors, electric fences, stonewalls and numerous cattle grids. Our hoofs will hurt with every step. It can be far easier to turn back to the cowshed and surrender your milk. Indeed I see so called awakened people run back in to a comfort zone cattle shed everyday especially when their bank account or their cowardice tells them to.

I did mention some of the information I’m going to supply today to the nearly world famous ‘Brighton 59ers’ in Rottingdean back in October 2008, back when the clocks had gone back. I should mention that I have been booked to do a small talk in Blackpool (St Annes) on March 28th at the UK Probe International conference. So if any of you want to come please visit this website for details. I will be doing a short talk on birth to death and death to birth. Please feel free to come and chuck tomatoes at me if you are that way inclined and as long as they are not still in the can it’s fine with me.

I have mentioned in previous articles that I believe we need to open our minds further and see things from a different perspective. This is not to add more clutter to the hypocritical conspiracy communities either. It is easy to talk of corrupt governments and hypocritical religions. It is easy to demonstrate and rant outside Government buildings. I know I have done it. What I thought was my intuition, in the 1980’s, was telling me the only way to seek justice for the working classes was through demonstrations and trade union movements etc.

I now realise my intuition was ‘wrong’ but it was only ‘wrong’ as I saw it from a five sense level. I now say to myself now how can this be so? I ‘preach’ to everyone, if preach is the right word, that they should always follow their intuition. Am I changing my opinion about the number one fundamental rule to Spiritualism, ‘follow your intuition’, I think to myself? No I’m not. What I’m saying is that our intuition will take us to a place we can comfortably accept as being a learning place for us at that time but it is not necessary a place of truth the truth, it is only a stepping-stone to the truth. Your intuition will allow you to believe you have found some truth but your intuition, your spiritual direction if you like, is only making you comfortable enough to take the information in that you need to take in. In other words your intuition will lead you to things that are not necessarily true but they are things that will make the truth far easier to swallow on a later date.

That is where I want to start in this article, at a later date if you like because it is now eleven and half years since the ‘death’ of Princess Diana. Is that long enough to leave before you are smacked with the truth? It is also seven and half years since the 9/11 attacks. I have never written anything about either event before now either.

Would it seem daft of me to tell you I was given information about both these events in 1995/6? I suppose it is easy for me to claim that in 2009 and I realise I will seem a liar to the vast majority of folks for doing so anyway. That said I couldn’t see me gaining any possible benefit for claiming these things but please believe I’m lying about it if you want but I knew of a 9/11 event and a Diana type ‘death of a princess’ event in 1996, years before they happened, it was part of my awakening process.

Let’s start with Princess Diana shall we? I have to say that David Icke did a very good job, as he always does, of explaining the Princess Diana death situation. I have to agree with most of what I have ‘heard’ of David’s interpretation. I have not read The Biggest Secret though. I’m sure most of you will be aware of David’s stuff on Diana from years ago.

Anyway let’s get started eh?

I think you would have to go to some very far out places to find a human being that did not know of Princess Diana in this world. She was the shy and beautiful young lady that was going to marry her very own Prince charming wasn’t she? This prince charming was, as you know, Serpent Cult member Charles Windsor.

Probably the most famous photo of Charles and Diana

The Serpent Cult did a massive publicity job on Diana and Charles throughout the world. I remember in the early 1980’s when you couldn’t buy anything without ‘Diana & Charles are getting married’ written on it. You literally couldn’t wipe your arse on a toilet roll without Charles & Diana’s picture on the wrapper. The markets and shops had a field day selling cheap crappy pens, pencils, books, cups, mugs, plates, watches etc, etc, etc. Indeed all the little schoolgirls even had Princess Di plastic lunchboxes and bags. I’m sure Colin Fry had a Lady Di handbag too!

The reason for this massive publicity job, ladies and gentlemen, was simply because the Serpent Cult needed the masses to connect on an emotional and spiritual level with Diana. Charles was already connected to the collective consciousness but the Serpent Cult needed the masses to be totally connected to Diana because they knew she would be sacrificed years later.

The Serpent Cult needed the collective consciousness to bind with Diana to make the ritual successful from their point of view. Let me make it perfectly clear to all of you now. ‘The Serpent Cult did the PR job on Diana it was not Diana herself’

The Serpent Cult used all the tricks in the book to attract people from all walks of life in to respecting and loving Diana. Indeed even the anti-royals used to say they ‘hated the royal family apart from Diana’. Diana really was turned in to a Mrs Wonderful wasn’t she? I’m likely to get a punch on the nose for saying different eh?

There are millions of good folks who feel deeply spiritually connected to Diana, and I understand why, but I have the job of telling you that this was simply part of the scam. I get all the dirty jobs. So folks let me start as I mean to go on. Diana was simply another member of the Serpent Cult and she was here to help enslave us just as much as my mate Popey is and the rest of the secret rulers of this word are. Diana was a pied piper just like Popey and the rest of the puppets are.

We were all made to feel emotional about Diana, but I’m afraid that was the plot from day one. Oh I’m sure there are researchers out there that will claim, as is their right, that Diana was here to awaken us up and simply enable us to see that murderers and liars really do exist inside the Establishment and in the Royal family? Obviously it will help their fan base and their incomes if they appease Diana’s fans and claim she came to awaken the masses by showing the world the royals did her in and not claim that she came to help enslave them.

But come on folks didn’t we already know that that the royals are murderers? For fuck sake Henry the Eight used to chop the bloody heads off his wives in full public view, so if you didn’t realise the royal bloodline is already full of sadistic murderers then what can I say? What? You think the serpent bloodline has changed their personality traits do you? Listen… I’m not here to appease a fan base nor take your money so I tell you the truth when I say that ‘the Royals have always been incestuous murderers and liars and Diana was and still is a member of the same club’.

Diana was 100% Serpent bloodline and as far as I know her body wasn’t carrying any goodie two shoes cuckoo type soul either. I’m not going to tell fans of Diana that Diana was innocent just so you think I’m a nice chap I’m here to tell you she was up to the neck in it. She was 100% Serpent Cult.

Diana was 100% Serpent Cult: Bloodline and Soul.

The Royals/Illuminati are privy to higher levels of spiritual understanding than we are and they base their behaviour on that understanding.

I need to get something across to you before we go any further. I have mentioned this briefly before. Our deceptive ‘rulers ‘ continuously reincarnate in to this world in to positions of privilege and/or power. They are ‘destined’ if you like to carry out certain actions that will assist a multi-dimensional force to have control over the human race. They will be equipped with the guile and/or personality they need to carry out their duties and for this multi-dimensional force (Lower fourth reptilians or whatever else you wish to think of them as being) to be able to continue to rule over us they need our spiritual permission to do so. They need our emotional free will, they need our acceptance and they need a show of respect from us to enable them to rule us. These reincarnating members of the Serpent Cult' like Diana, will sometimes not have a clue, on a 5-sense conscious level, about what they are here to do. Living the luxurious high life on a five sense level can easily camouflage any hint of spiritual destiny and they, just like you, haven’t any clues that they are a dumbed down prisoner in this world on a five-sense level either. After all you think you and your mind are free don't you?

Sometimes the agents for the Serpent Cult will also be subjected to the same dumbing down process that you have. But under the surface a force will be operating within them that will make sure the wishes of the Serpent Cult are carried out.

I don’t know if Diana knew who she was or whom she represented but I do know she was given the guile and of course the means to be able ‘ to win hearts and minds’. The Serpent Cult writes the scripts in the lower fourth world for their agents to carry out in this world and their cast list is made up of very deceptive entities and they are very good at what they do. The Serpent Cult will make things happen in this world that will allow the said scripts to come to pass. Diana was a willing agent sent to take part in a sacrificial ritual, she was no angel of light nor was she a cuckoo soul sent undercover to awaken anyone.  The said ritual involved is continuously repeated in a time loop situation and usually involves using the same participants to carry it out. It is simply part of the agenda to totally enslave mankind.

Diana carried out many rituals, as the rest of the Serpent Cult do, right under our noses.

I have said many, many times that the Serpent Cult created mythical deities (Gods and Goddesses) to act as their mediums to extract spiritual energy from this world in to another dimension.

‘Diana’ Spencer was not only a medium she was a fully signed up member of the Serpent Cult. She would gladly spend many short lifetimes on earth, in the lap of luxury of course, for the benefits to her and her masters existence in another dimension and the Serpent Cult created all the circumstances throughout her life just so she ‘fitted in’ with the symbolism needed for the ritual carried out in the Alma tunnel and for the spiritual energy it would provide for her master and herself in another dimension.

Just step back from the pathetic hype that surrounded her for a moment and you will see that she was simply ‘groomed’ to become a massive pied piper. As soon as she started appearing in the media she was never out of it. The entire media cartel hyped Diana constantly, so please ask yourself why this was so as I’m sure most of you reading this article are aware that the illuminati control all mainstream media? Do you honestly thing the illuminati controlled media couldn’t have made Diana in to whatever they wanted? A scrubber? A lunatic? A paranoid drama queen? You name it they could have done it to her but they didn’t. Why was this so? Don’t tell me it was the will of the masses please.

Diana: A natural pied piperon her wedding day

The entire illuminati controlled media actually made sure that even if Diana wasn’t seen in the best light morally they certainly made sure she always came out of events with mass sympathy and an emotional attachment with the public? Does that sound right if Diana was here simply to awaken the masses to the wrong doings of the murderous Royalty and the illuminati? Or does it sound more likely that the illuminati controlled media was really strongly behind Diana when required to increase the level her ‘worship’ value amongst the masses. Come on folks wake up here the fact is that the Serpent Cult with the means they have could have ordered mainstream media to slaughter Diana in the public eye but this never really happened over any long period of time. Ask yourself why. Why would the illuminati allow Diana to be the peoples Goddess especially for as long as they did?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because Diana’s murder was planned many years before it happened, before she was born even, and the script insisted that the whole world mourned Diana after she had been ritually sacrificed. Don’t forget folks Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy. The only way the whole world would mourn her is to make her a people’s champion around the world.

Even the Royal Family played their part in this scam by openly playing to the script as ‘the official bad guys’, especially during the last couple of years of Diana’s life, but the public just went along with it too being suckered in like lemons. Big bad Queenie and dirt bag, Camilla shagging Charlie, versus squeaky-clean Diana wasn’t it? The public lapped it up and Diana’s worship value was increasing all the time. Diana was such a Goodie - Goodie compared to the bad guys in the Palace in the public eye eh?

Please consider the fact that the Royals would have and could have silenced Diana years before the actual sacrificial murder if they REALLY wanted to keep in the public’s good books. Oh no my friends the rest of the Royal family played the role of super bad guys to make Diana even more popular with the public and for good reason.

I haven’t time to go in to all the symbolic events in Diana’s life in this article. I believe David Icke has pointed out some of the links with Diana‘s bloodline and mentioned the symbolism behind the Alma tunnel and the 13th pillar being hit in the tunnel etc. Again I agree with most of what I have heard or seen about David’s opinion and it is worth a look back at his information on this matter. There is no need for me to drone on about the 'details of the crash' because you will already know them.

Diana was killed on symbolic ground in the Alma tunnel

I will though point out a couple of symbolic coincidences I have spotted myself later on. But it is for sure that Diana was murdered in a tunnel linked to the Goddess Diana and her sacrifice has too many other occult coincidences to be anything less than a ‘well executed sacrificial murder/ritual’.

So hang on a minute here. Why would the murderers go to so much trouble to carry out such act in full public scrutiny if it was simply a murder to shut Diana up and stop her being impregnated with a coloured Muslim? Come on folks get your thinking caps on. If the Royal family were simply pissed off that Diana was opening her mouth too much or because she was shagging a Muslim and they didn’t want a half African - half English baby appearing, to upset the Royal Family photo albums, then why not simply bump 'Diana' off quietly? Surely an excuse of ‘slipping on a corgi dog turd and breaking her neck’ sort of thing would suffice and save a lot of time with the conspiracy theories to boot wouldn’t it? Laugh at that pathetic excuse if you want but I think having an official excuse consisting of a driver, Henry Paul, that was 3-4 times over the drink drive limit and veins full of carbon dioxide with an official bodyguard sat next to him is even more pathetic don’t you? I realise the Royal Family wanted to put a few hundred miles between them and the murder scene but bloody hell…. Henry Paul was pissed up… case solved? Give over don’t make me laugh! But Even this fairy tale added to the emotion directed at Diana.

Anyway the point I am making is that the royals could have simply faked her suicide and claimed she something like she was wallowing in shame over her many flings with men. They could have faked her suicide over her eating disorder and her so called depression over Charles’s affair. Well couldn’t they?

I’ll tell you why it was because Diana was murdered in a ritual that will allow for the extraction of Spiritual energy made in and intended for use in this world to be transported to another and not because of her taste for sex with Muslims. Diana herself was exposed as a very promiscuous lady, let’s be blunt here truth seekers, even an ugly old sod like me was in with a chance of getting my leg over with Diana. She was opening hers legs to anyone that smiled at her.

Hewitt: He was just one of Diana’s many lovers.

Sex scandals amongst the royal family are nothing new anyway. Even the staff at the Palace were constantly up each other and that was just the blokes! Indeed even the dodgy butler, Paul Burrell was balls deep with the other male staff. Let’s be blunt, they are all up each other in high society circles and anyone else can join in as long as they are from a certain bloodline. Indeed Princess Anne and Prince Charles were both shagging at least one member of the Parker Bowles family at the same time and this was long before Diana was killed. It’s the norm for Royals and their staff to have sex parties and let’s also be blunt again and admit that Diana’s answer to not liking Charles’s adultery was to go out and shag as many folk as she could and commit adultery several times herself. She obviously got a taste for Asian or African men too. Admittedly this sort of behaviour would embarrass the phoney royal family on a 5-sense level but surely not enough to commit a symbolic murder on the scale of the Alma tunnel saga. Yet these are just some of the reasons given to the idiotic masses as being a good enough reason to create such a murder.

Burrel: He's as dodgy as a bag of monkeys... just like his paymasters

All the indications point to the fact that Diana was murdered at the very moment the whole world had been primed to consciously focus on her. I’m sure if you think about it properly with an open mind that you will at least partly agree with that statement. Just what circumstances led to the mass attention Diana was receiving at the time of her death?

Well she was portrayed, as the ‘victim’ for several years wasn’t she? She also beat Bulimia etc didn’t she? She had the guts to touch a man with aids didn’t she? She had been allowed to go on BBC TV and slag off the royal family wasn’t she? Hey and don’t tell me the fucking illuminati and the royal family didn’t 'allow' that to happen because the BBC dare not fart without asking the Queen and illuminati stooges if it is OK first! Take it from me the Royals/Illuminati arranged for Diana to spill the beans on TV because it was all part of the scam of attracting respect to Diana and turn her in to a goddess. Indeed she predicted her death and actually said she wanted the masses to call her the Queen of Hearts of that very show.

Don’t tell me the Royal family didn’t know this was going to happen. Diana became the self proclaimed Queen of Hearts and she also announced she would be killed. It was all part of the attack on the collective consiousness.

Diana was also the heroine for many charities. Well wasn’t she? (See my book, is it me for a moment, for information about charities) Her campaign against land mines also got her worldwide respect. She was literally being promoted, as a better-looking Mother Teresa wasn’t she? Again please tell me how this was allowed to happen in mainstream Serpent Cult controlled media if it would severely damage Serpent Cult members like the Royal family? I’ll tell you again Diana was 100% Serpent Cult. The Royal family didn’t give a monkeys about public opinion and time tells us that is true. I’m not saying that to hurt the luvvy dovey Diana fans I’m saying that to attempt to make you think and actually challenge the thoughts the hypnosis the Serpent Cult has placed in you through carrying out this ritual.

There is also the involvement of the Al Fayed family to consider because they are also members of the Serpent Cult. Oh I realise Daddy Al Fayed has played his part well. He has said a few things and chucked a few stones in the direction of Prince Philip and demanded an inquest, he has spent a few bob too. Indeed on a five-sense level Daddy Al Fayed was in his element telling the world that his own cult bloodline was mating with Royalty cult bloodline, in other words he was boasting about the fact that Dodi was giving Princess Diana one.

So when you think about it, as far as the Royal family and their public relations are concerned it was absolutely the worse time to actually have Diana bumped off. At the time of her death she was the most popular female on the planet. As I said an excuse liked ‘Diana slipped on a corgi dog turd’ or ‘it was an act of suicide because she was shamed over her many men friends’ would have been a far, far ,safer option than a very dodgy drunken car accident in the centre of Paris.

Anyway, I have visted Paris as most of you know and I have researched the area where Diana was sacrificed and I have researched all the monuments. I haven’t just been sat on a chair playing fairies gossiping on a forum you know! Most people believe the stature of liberty flame monument that is located above the Alma tunnel (pictured below) is an official monument that was built especially in memory of Diana.

Matthew Delooze in Paris on the Pont De L’Alma (Alma Bridge) looking at the 'Diana was victim to sacrificial murder monument'. ‘Candle in the Wind’. A flame on a black pentagram

It is not officially a monument dedicated to Diana. It was actually placed over the tunnel in 1987 and it is known as the liberty flame. Diana didn’t die until 1997, ten years later. So if you thought this monument was placed there after Diana was murdered forget it. That said it is now considered an official monument to the Diana ritual. Indeed I tell you now it was placed there as a monument for Diana 10 years ‘before she died’ although the powers that be claim it was there to recognise relations between France and the USA.

1987 was long before Diana even started her relationship with Dodi Fayed or before her marriage was in such a state too. The murder was not about Diana’s relationship or opening her mouth. So I tell you again that Diana’s murder was planned many years before it actually happened and on a spiritual level at least Diana played a very willing part in it. High rankers inside the Royal family would have known Diana had incarnated in to this world to carry out this ritual from detail before and at her birth, again the royal family are privy to information you are not. Diana would then have been groomed and she would have taken part in many other occult rituals including her wedding and the birth/ Christenings of her children and of course playing the role of the black virgin for Rome. Indeed, as some researchers have already pointed out she was married in St Paul’s (Temple of Apollo /Diana) and her funeral was in Westminster Abbey (Temple of Apollo/Diana) Please note now that she also gave birth to her first born at the summer solstice. Again Diana was 100% Serpent Cult.

Diana shows the world her son on the 21st June 1982

So let me get to the point eh? How many millions of people were very emotionally affected by the death of Diana? You can’t say for sure can you? It was literally the entire planet wasn’t it? Diana was loved by the entire world wasn’t she? Her death created one of the highest levels of mourning the world has ever seen? The entire planets energy was focussed not only on Diana but also on all the occult symbolism she carried.

I tell you the truth when I say that all the ‘hype’ over Diana had reached a climax just prior to her death. So what really happened on the night of her sacrificial murder? Well she literally collected the entire worlds spiritual energy and had it focused on the symbolism surrounding her death, that is, she was playing the role of the mythical goddess (Artemis). She was also, has previously pointed out by Mr Icke and by Ru Mills, a pseudonym for Rayelan Allan, sacrificed in the tunnel De L’ Alma that is supposed to be the location of an ancient sacrificial site, an ancient pagan temple placed on an energy line and dedicated to Artemis/ Diana Goddess of the Moon.

So what Diana actually did after being hyped as the most famous and most loved woman on the planet was gain the free willed adoration from the collective consciousness of the entire human race and then because of her ‘death’ and literally through her magnetism she got the energy created by her adoring fans ‘delivered’ to a temple and the temple is a pathway to the 4th dimension (L’ Alma passage). I have explained about the Paris energy lines before so please, if you are new to this information take time to read about it because it is vital you read at least this essay.

As it has been pointed out, the area around Pont De L'Alma is linked to an ancient pagan temple and linked to goddess worship and indeed linked to a symbolic passage to ‘Heaven’. So all the emotional respect directed at Diana’s death was also directed to the 4th dimension through its symbolic underworld figures such as Diana etc.

In my opinion, based on my own research, Diana was not a being of light that had come to expose things about a phony royal family she was simply another means to steal the spiritual energy that is created by genuine human emotional beings. Indeed Diana got the tag Queen of Hearts because (a) she had previously announced her preference for that title as part of the ritual and ( this was because her heart was to be removed in the Pont De L ‘Alma tunnel as part of the ritual. This should explain to you why there was a delay in moving her to hospital. It was not just a case of waiting for her to die in the tunnel it was because her heart was used in a ritual inside the tunnel because the tunnel was on symbolic ground. Hey you don’t have to believe me but I believe I am telling you the truth. If you want to believe Diana was the innocent party whilst everybody else in her family and indeed the Al Fayeds family were the bad guys then be my guests but i'm convinced every one of them is Serpent Cult.

The fact is though, ladies and gentlemen, that the Serpent Cult wanted Diana’s sacrifice to take place whilst the collective consciousness was indeed concentrating on her as some kind of symbolic Goddess and its obvious to me anyway that the hype worked. The Serpent Cult wanted the entire world’s emotions to focus on her life and death and of course also focus on ALL of the symbolism surrounding it. The Serpent Cult wanted the world to mourn Diana and feel very emotional about Diana. Why?

It’s simple; the massive outcry of emotional respect for Diana created a massive amount of Spiritual Energy. Don’t forget folks... Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy.

So just what did the death of Diana definitely create? It created a massive amount of Spiritual Energy didn’t it? Well didn’t it? Just because the vast majority of the public fell for the scam does not mean it was not a scam. It was a very good scam indeed.

Diana was hyped all through her life and even more through her death. In my opinion this was to create energy but where did this energy go then? Did it go to feed the starving folks that Diana championed? Did it go to help the victims of landmines that Diana championed? Did it go to the aids victims that Diana championed? Did it bloody hell as like! It went to feed the lower fourth dimension simply because Diana came from the lower fourth and she was an agent for the lower fourth. She only used these charities to gain the emotional respect need to create spiritual energy.

Is it starting to make sense even to the ‘Diana was innocent positive energy’ merchants?

She was a positive energy of light icon was she? So worshipping the symbolic daughter of Zeus will free us all from illuminati control will it? That is utter bollocks in my opinion. And believe me a true icon of positivity wouldn’t get past the gates of Buckingham Palace and indeed a true positive energy entity couldn’t ever live with the hypocrisy Diana lived with.

Again Diana was 100% Serpent Cult and she helped carry out one of the biggest deceptions ever. It’s the same scam being carried out time and time again and the same suckers fall for it time and time again and the same suckers that fall for it lifetime after lifetime. I have been saying it for years, the Serpent Cult attract the masses to occult temples or symbolic locations, get them to feel emotional so the said emotions make energy and then the Serpent Cult harness the energy.

Diana’s death was just one massive ritual and millions of human beings were victim to one of the biggest deceptions ever. I’m sorry to say that but I believe there is no other explanation. Indeed I am 100% sure there is no other explanation.

I laugh and giggle when I see some so-called awakened people think Diana was a ‘people’s princess’. There is no such thing in my opinion. The immeasurable amounts of spiritual energy created in this deceptive scam went to the Serpent Cult not the people. That is why the ritual murder took place in a Serpent Cult symbolic temple; it was to feed the Serpent Cult. This was simply because Diana was actually a member of the Serpent Cult and not the person the illuminati made you think she was. Diana actually represented the entities of the Lower fourth dimension not the people who were made to love her. When we mourned Diana we actually fed the lower fourth.

Obviously Diana had to have the spiritual guile to pull it off and because she was indeed backed by the mass media it was a piece of cake for her to do so, especially when the world is full of dumbed down buffoons. Let's face it folks we have all been suckered by a pretty face and a cute smile at sometime in our lives.

Diana and her symbolism, (the ‘goddess’ etc) was literally an energy conductor for your spiritual energy. The Serpent Cult only need to use their well practised slick PR tricks and most of you us are putty in their hands. Diana was part of the deceptive force that enslaves us. I believe she would and did willingly deceive millions of people on a spiritual level. On a five-sense level she may not have seen the bigger picture but she willingly followed the script.

I realise some of you were/are so hypnotised by the Diana hype that you will not ever believe what I say. But I tell you for good reason that the Diana saga was just another deception carried out by the Serpent Cult. I’m afraid they are very good at deceiving us and I take no pleasure in saying the things I am saying in this article.

Can you start to see just how big this deception was?

Indeed even after her sacrificial murder the blind masses are still conned into giving spiritual energy to the lower fourth dimension. Diana received a very symbolic send off in Westminster Abbey didn’t she? The whole world wept and gave energy again through her symbolism and the Temple her funeral took place in.

Can you remember the song sung at her funeral? Elton John’s, Candle in the Wind? I don’t pretend to know the full scale of the occult meaning contained in the song but it is very, very connected to sacrificial murder of symbolic goddesses. Marilyn Monroe, like Diana Spencer was also a symbolic sex toy/ consort for Serpent Cult members too. She too was a pied piper and conductor of spiritual energy energy.

Marilyn was another Serpent Cult symbolic Goddess. Same Scam, different time and different location

Obviously that information might be easier to swallow now that I have explained the true reasons of Diana’s killing. Marilyn was just an earlier example of the same scam. I am not going in to great detail about Marilyn Monroe in this article as I wish to concentrate on Diana but details of Marilyn will be thoroughly provided by myself in the future, I really do believe her murder was linked through symbolism to Diana.

Oh sod it… Shall we regulars go deeper now for a few minutes?

.....OK. It’s about the ‘mythological’ figures that I say act as representatives for the Serpent Cult to attract and steal our spiritual energy. Indeed do you really want to know some real symbolism connected to the deaths of not only Diana but also Marilyn Monroe? Will you take it seriously? Do you even want to know the truth because I’m sure many people prefer to live lives under hypnosis and believe Diana was a ‘positive entity’? If your mind is closed there is no point listening to me ever again? I realise it is not nice to think you have been conned and it is not nice to ralise there isn’t any real goddess icon that will help you escape this world no matter how much you want to rely on one. Things are easier for you to cope with if you delude yourself aren’t they? Indeed most people need a guru these days to tell them when they need to go for a shite. Take this crystal with you to the bog (Sticking them up your arse is optional), light this scented candle in the bog, stick a picture of Colin Fry in the bog and then go around telling everyone you are you and you are free. We should all be born with these gadgets shouldn't we? We could save the pains of the awakening process from birth eh?

OK…. I’ll not only give my opinion about the death of Diana but I’ll briefly mention Marilyn too eh? We will solve two major mysteries in one go. After all it’s about flipping time we did solve the Diana scam isn’t it?

Diana and Marilyn were not just symbolic goddesses implanted into the mass consciousness by the Serpent Cult for just one reason (extraction of your energy through deception). They were literally representing the daughters of the sun gods. Do you want to know how? OK then. I believe Marilyn represented a Helen of Troy sex goddess type persona and of course Diana represented an ‘Artemis’ huntress goddess type persona. Diana (Artemis) was also actually given credit for creating the birth of Apollo the Sun god. Don’t forget that Diana (Artemis) created the birth of her own Son William at summer solstice in 1982. So please note now, experienced conspiracy buffs, and it is very important you take this in. Because of his mother’s symbolism and his date of birth William is indeed symbolically ‘Apollo’ . Don’t forget the Royals along with mythical deities operate on a different level of understanding and as sick as t sounds to your conditioned mind 'mothers are also sisters' and 'brothere are husband's and also son's' and visa versa, they are simply facets of the same diamond they are simply a deceptive force posing as siblings and therefore representing the creator gods. They are many faces but only one force.

Please note that William is now the spitting ‘image’ of his 'mother' and so please take extra special note that he is being hyped and will be promoted just like his mother was. His 'worship value' is being increased every year. A wedding or coronation in a symbolic temple on symbolic ground will set him on the path and destiny previously scripted by the Serpent Cult so please take note now that William is no King of Hearts he is 100% Serpent Cult, just like his mother was. Don’t be fooled again….

…. For now… please take it in that symbolically Helene (Marilyn) and Artemis (Diana) are both ‘daughters of Zeus’. OK? (Different name and face but exactly the same force)

The only thing that Marilyn has in common with Diana on a five-sense level, because of the years between them, is the fact they were both subjected to suspicious deaths and of course the Elton John song ‘Candle in the Wind’. Well isn’t it?

Elton John first performed the song 11 years after Marylyn died. He then did a similar version at the funeral of Diana. Most people know that I have pointed out the symbolism carried by Serpent Cult puppet Elton John on a few occasions. Elton John’s middle name is Hercules. Hercules in Greek Mythology is actually the brother of Artemis (Diana) and Helene (Marilyn.) So Hercules is obviously also the son of Zeus.

Elton and Diana? Hercules and Artemis?
On a five-sense level they are 'celebrities'… on a spiritual level they are Serpent Cult pied pipers and will steal and pass your energy to the 4th dimension.

So when you think about it anyone showing respect to Diana or Marilyn through the song ‘Candle in the Wind’, and millions upon million did, will also be showing respect to the celebrity faces literally the symbolic offspring of the sun creator god Zeus. This is how the Serpent Cult constantly deceive us. They know the rules of creation in this world.

When Diana’s funeral took place in Westminster Abbey (the location that was once a temple of Apollo/Artemis) the massive amount of overpowering emotional respect was indeed directed at both Diana and Elton John, whom I have now informed you are symbolically Hercules and Artemis, children of Zeus. Just a coincidence is it?

If it is just a coincidence it’s a very bloody good symbolic one. What are the odds of getting a Hercules and an Artemis in a Temple and millions of people show deep emotion towards them? Come on wake up for fuck’s sake, this Cult is taking the piss. I have said in many of my articles and in my books that we are conned into worshipping the Sun, as a means to worshipping inter-dimensional/ 4th dimensional entities by proxy if you like, it’s an inter-dimensional race of entities that claim to have created the sun, hence if they con you to worship the sun you also worship them. Zeus created the Sun and by us being conned in to worshipping the children of Zeus (Hercules and Armetis) we are actually worshipping the creators of the Sun Gods. It’s a 'food chain' and our love for Diana was the starting point in this ritual and in the deceptive food chain involved. Please let me explain in simple terms for those who are relatively new to my work.

The Food Chain created by Diana Sacrifice Ritual

Worship Diana Spencer the pied piper = Worship ancient deities like Artemis/Diana.

Worship Artemis/Diana the deities = Worship the creators of Artemis/Diana (Zeus)

Worship phony gods like Zeus/ Jupiter /Amen Ra = Worship their creators from the Lower 4th

The whole ‘spiritual energy food chain’ system is created by the deceptive Serpent Cult. Can you see by that simple list why the Serpent Cult needs symbolic pied pipers? Emotional respect is free will worship and free will worship will give those you worship the divine right to rule.

I tell you the truth again the Serpent Cult use their symbolic agents on Earth to play middlemen and pied pipers to extract your spiritual energy. This applies whether the actual pied piper is aware of events or not. Elton ‘Hercules’ John and Diana ‘Artemis’ Spencer are two such symbolic pied pipers and as daft as it sounds their masters are 4th dimensional entities that are alien to this world.

When we worship such pied pipers we also worship the symbolism behind them. Obviously these two very popular pied pipers are given their means, talent and guile, to enable them to become very good pied pipers. They simply allowed access to the true abilities that all human beings have. Sadly most of us have forgotten our true powers. (Apart from folks like that nice boy Colin Fry of course)

I wasn’t going to point out the deeper level of symbolism (Artemis, Apollo, Helene, Hercules) simply because the blind sheep that are hypnotised in to thinking Diana was here for good wouldn’t and couldn’t be able to take it in. They couldn’t accept Diana took part in a ritual that would deceive the masses let alone follow the path that leads from respect for Diana to the worship of the pagan creator gods like Zeus and then on to surrendering our spirits to inter-dimensional entities. The latter having created not only the myth of Zeus and also the physical body used by Diana to represent Zeus. But I know some of you can take it in so i did go deeper! Please breath the air that I send you now and will try to send you in the future. You can always blow it away if you do not like it or think it stinks.

Anyway let’s get back on track eh? We are having a busy day eh? Let’s not carry on as deep as this at least for a bit…

...So indeed as far as Diana is concerned the masses continue to fall for the same spiritual extraction scam in 2009 as they did in 1997. ‘The Temple of Diana’ at Althorp (Pictured below) is simply another conductor for the spiritual energy created through the emotional respect the human race ‘still’ has for Diana.

The Temple of Diana at Althorp

There is a lot of symbolism surrounding Althorp and Diana’s grave. I’m sure you will have read many things about it. I could add to that but I’m not going to because like the circumstances surrounding the actual murder of Diana it does not really matter. The blatant fact that you should be aware of is that a symbolic temple has been placed in Althorp (The Serpent Cult use this scam a lot at stately homes) and it is this that is now used as a replacement to the Alma tunnel as a focus of respect, and it is the official means to harness energy and transport it to the lower 4th. Its geometry will be in line with occult geometry and its location will be on some connecting energy line. The close up picture below shows the world (The halo or egg shape) that the temple is dedicated to deities and not the human body of Diana.

Diana was 100% Serpent Cult: The halo indicates Sun/ Moon deity but it also indicates rebirth from the egg

This Temple, on one level anyway, is on a par with the Flame that stands over the Paris version of the same temple she was murdered in (Godeess temple of Aremis/Diana). That is the Pont De L’ Alma area. I have indeed visited them but there are other reasons for creating this temple that I will try and explain on a simple level. The 'face' is black to represent the Black Virgin goddess role Diana took up for the Serpent Cult on many ocassions (Rituals dressed in black) but that’s not all my friends, not by a long chalk. I tell you the truth. The image is symbolic for Diana returning to this world ‘with the same looks’ so to speak. The collective spiritual energy directed at Diana from the human race will allow her to return to earth with the very same looks when she chooses to. It appears our Queen of Hearts was very, very, vain. The Spencers have built a 'museum' oin the grounds of Althorp. Those that read my article The Virgin Festival will now realise that the scam of putting 'temples to Diana' in the grounds of stately homes is not as daft as they thought when i first wrote it because Althorp is now on a par with Weston Park and it has added a museum too. Look at the picture below.

A combination of a museum and an occult monument (Temple) at Althorp.(See spitting out the feathers of the benu bird)

Inside the museum ( Respect temple for Artemis))

Sorry to go straight in and to the point. The Serpent Cult have placed the items you see inside this Temple to receive our free will permission to allow Diana to return to this world as many times as she chooses in the exact same physical image and equipped with the same guile. The 'figures' represent 'reincarnation' in the same body and the hanging profile picture is to symbolism that reincarnation will be with the same face. Does this make sense to you? Can you see that the Serpent Cult are aware of things in this world that they have blinded you too?

Diana wasn’t really doing the ‘good things’ for the world she was simply feeding her ego and getting energy from the masses which will give her the right incarnate as she pleases. It's the will of the masses. It's the will of the collective consciousness.

Hey… I may have jumped a couple of articles, or even a 60-dollar book, ahead of myself by telling you that part of the antidote for the serpents spell, but hey that’s the kinda dozy bugger I am. I’m not saying all the world has to visit this temple/museum to bring Diana back (to carry out the same con trick on you) because that permission was already given when she died, so believe me, it is just that she is so vain she wants to come back in future generations with the same ‘look’.

Anyway let’s settle down again, ladies and gentlemen,… back to brass tacks... Where were we?... Oh yes… All the emotional respect created for Diana even today in 2009, including that created by conspiracy theorists that still believe she was here for good, will be harnessed as spiritual energy through the official temple/museum at Althorp, just as the louvre pyramid and museum did in previous articles, and it will feed Serpent Cult entities in another dimension on a long term basis. That is why agents in the Serpent Cult encourage the emotions of the masses to be continually raised over the Diana issue, it is because they want to add more attention to the occult symbolism and goddess worship that is linked to the case and therefore harness more spiritual energy from the ritual.

A good example of this is Daddy Al Fayed. He kept the case going for years didn’t he? This man is ‘establishment’ to the core please be fooled no more by his guile. He has even placed his masters symbolism in his own palace (Harrods) to carry out the same scam (placing an altar in a building to turn it into a temple) and to appease his masters too and also ensure his bloodline can reincarnate as agents in the Serpent Cult.

The Altar in Harrods: !00% Serpent Cult.

The Al Fayeds are also100% Serpent Cult just like the Spencer family and the only reason Diana was led to have relationships with Muslims on a five sense level was to increase the ‘attention’ from the different cultures when she was actually sacrificed. If Diana had been having a relationship with a Christian at the time of her death the emotional attention from the Muslim world would not have been half as strong as it was for having a relationship with a Muslim and therefore the spiritual energy involved would have been far less powerful. OK?

Again Diana had the greatest PR job done for and this was entirely because she was a lamb to the slaughter and the slaughterers needed a very big audience. Let me point out that it does not matter on a 5-sense level who or what physically murdered Diana. It does not matter if it was Charles, Queenie, Henry Paul, MI6, CIA, Martians, Kermit the Frog or that nice mummies boy Colin Fry (What a jolly nice boy he is). Whoever it was will never ever be caught. Never.
I know that is wrong but it’s a fact.

If the system wanted a scapegoat they would have found one straightaway like it has done with many other assassinations. The ‘mystery’ of Diana’s death, as that of Marylyn Monroe, will always remain unsolved or classed as an accident/suicide simply because the Serpent Cult will continually use the rituals to create energy for themselves by manipulating the emotions of human beings. The reason no scapegoat will be found for the Diana murder is because the world has to see this ritual as an ‘official and natural event’ (An accident) and that is why the courts have announced it as an accident and not an open verdict. I hope those last few sentences bring comfort to those souls that have been angry over the official version of events. If the official version is of a natural event (An accident) the collective consciousness actually endorses the ritual because of the leaders it elected through free will. In other words you joined in the ritual and you obey the Serpent Cult on a spiritual level.

Again Diana was an agent for the Serpent Cult and she played pied piper to channel spiritual energy from this world to the 4th dimension. Can you see it? If so we are getting somewhere eh? If you can see how the scam works and you can accept, in principle at least, that spiritual energy can be transported through symbolic icons, symbolic monuments and symbolic events then it is time to leave the Diana story... so let’s move swiftly on to 9/11.

Four years further on from Diana’s death the WTC came down. You don’t need me to tell about that event do you? That’s because the Serpent Cult have embedded it on your soul and you have seen and heard a thousand different stories about it haven’t you. I’m certainly totally sick of hearing about it, don’t forget I was told about it in 95/96 and the reasons behind it so you can guess why I laugh at some of the theories.

Anyway, even if you are a hard faced anti-royal and didn’t give a flying fart about Diana you will know in your heart that 9/11 affected your emotions in one way or another. It didn’t matter if you had a member of you family in the WTC or you were a brainwashed Islamic soldier hoping for Jihad, those towers coming down caused a massive increase in emotion in this world.

Well didn’t they? Don't worry you were meant to feel emotional about it. So let’s get it sorted once and for all eh? Well at least it will be my one and only work on it.

Again, in my opinion, just like the Diana case it does not matter who is responsible for 9/11 on a 5-sense physical level. An inside job was it? Dubya Bush and his evil Masonic cronies was it? Bin Laden from a cave was it? The official mind controlled patsy Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was it? Maybe some slick and crafty holograms fooled the shit out of us? Perhaps it was just a slick movie set? Thunderbird two did it eh? Superman farting pessaries out his arse is another good theory of why the towers came down. The list has been endless and maybe the Superman theory is not the daftest that’s been mentioned.

9/11: Who was responsible on a 5-sense level? You will never know!

I’ll be blunt. Wake the hell up or you will be trapped in this world left pondering on many, many, different theories for many lifetimes. I mean that sincerely. Let’s not let the innocent victims of this event suffer for longer than they have too.

On a spiritual level it really does not matter what caused 9/11 on a five-sense level indeed it does not matter that it was used to start a cruel invasion of weaker countries in the five-sense world either. Let’s face it folks the wankers that rule this world can come up with any excuse to invade any country at any time. Who’s going to stop them? All those people that think Diana were the Queen of Hearts eh?

The ‘culprits‘, on a five sense level, that carried out the ‘physical’ side of 9/11 will never be brought to justice because the event was not carried out just for 5- sense reasons, it is the exact same scenario as the Diana event and it was simply carried out to create ‘mass emotion’ simply because emotion creates spiritual energy. Our spirituality creates our 5 sense reality so our spirituality brought the towers down.

It was indeed also the emotions of the people that were used as a feeble excuse to invade countries not the actual event itself. You can give your spiritual energy to anything you genuinely feel emotional about, or should I say give energy to anything you are made to feel emotional about, and this was a ‘world trade centre’ of energy on a symbolic level. Do you understand that?

The Serpent Cult were again attracting the free will spiritual energy of the entire human race and connecting it to their ‘symbolism’. The Serpent Cult needed worldwide spiritual ‘permission’ to carry on with their agenda and they certainly got it through 9/11. The majority of minds and souls fed the esoteric symbolism involved in the 9/11 incident and the aftermath of this event was one of a planned massive ‘sun worship’ ritual carried out worldwide in Churches, Temples, Synagogues and Mosques. Not only did the event attract global spiritual energy to the occult symbolism involved in the actual collapse of the twin towers but stright after the event the same spiritual energy was quickly transferred through the glodbal energy line network and through the global sun temples posing as different religious buildings and fed entities in the 4th dimension. In other words the 9/11 event crated a world wide ritual inside all the places of worship and indeed in civic buildings too. The human race actually, albetit unkowingly, endorsed 9/11 through those actions.

The masses were deceived from all sides but their false egos and conditioned minds would never allow them to see through the 9/11 scam because the only sanctuary their false egos and conditioned minds could run to, such as the churches and Mosques etc, were indeed only further ‘deceptions’ that were put in place by the Serpent Cult. The Serpent Cult hold no boundaries for their deceptions. The blind masses that went running to temples or took part in public gatherings about the event were literally running to praise the actual 4th dimensional perpetrators of 9/11, through the oitpouring of their emotions and therefore endorsed the event.

Symbolism and occult geometry/numerology is hidden in all the things that we create but sadly they don’t tell you that on Sesame Street

The same false egos and conditioned minds of the masses couldn’t see the Diana scam either and I realise most folk wouldn’t want to for this event. They even have a special Temple of Diana to worship her in forever now don’t they? (Nice One Mr Serpent!)

It is time to realise that the Serpent Cult created, in your minds at least, all the things you ‘hold dear’ as well as all the things you don’t hold dear. Events like the Diana sacrificial murder are being used to enslave you simple because they made you ‘hold her dear’ whilst loading her with their symbolism and you failing to see she was in the Serpent Cult all along. The Serpent Cult made Diana a goddess on Earth as an official representative from ‘Heaven’ (Heaven is our self created dimension that rules over this one if you want it to, (we decide who rules us through collective worship). By getting the masses to worship their agents on earth they get the masses to worship the entities in the fourth dimension that provided the said agents, this in turn therefore gives the entities in Heaven the right to rule us.

We have placed the forces behind Diana in ‘Heaven’ through our free will and therefore the said force can and does rule us.

In my opinion it is time for you to rule yourself if you want to be free. The choice is yours and only yours but only if you want to make it. It will be far easier to keep hold of the things you hold dear like icons similar to celebrities and bloodlines like the people’s princess and goddess ‘Diana’, but it is all a deception. You can empower yourself and the world by seeing through the Veil of the secret societies. You can heal this world and yourself simply by giving collective spiritual energy to it instead of giving it to the deceivers who steal it.

Give your heart to Dianaand the rest of the Serpent Cult if you feel it is right but I believe nothing will change in this world by doing so in my opinion. It costs nothing to think for yourself if you are provided with alternative information as another option does it?

If I went along with the ‘Diana was here to awaken us by exposing the Royals as murderers’ theme then I’m sure I could make more friends and of course money, if I was actually selling this information. That theme is laughable to me and I’m sure it is to some others when they really think about it, but I’m afraid not many do. I’m not here to make more friends anyway nor am I here to take your money. So please think what you like about the information I have provided because, as me mam used to say,... you can either like it or lump it!

I have told you this information, as I believe it should be told, without any fear and without any favour. I have told this information without seeking payment and the way my spiritual journey has directed me to see this information and to pass it on. I have done it the best way I can. It has taken many hours just to produce this article and that is without counting the time it took to research and understand. That took years.

I hope the information provided in this article arrives to the people that I want it to arrive to and I say to those folks that know me, that the words in this article are true and trustworthy and they will never let you down.

My life is up and down and changes daily, nay it changes by the hour , as I’m sure some of you empathise with that sort of thing. I humbly thank you for taking the time to read this article and on a lighter note I will say that it is not often you get two of the biggest conspiracies in the history of the world solved in one article, but that is what I believe you have had, if it is indeed the case then you are welcome to it. If you think it is just bag o' shite then that is fine to

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved

Helen Gurley Brown: Mentoring Whores

Helen Gurley Brown: Mentoring Whores

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
August 14, 2012 http://www.henrymakow.com

(Cosmo Editor in her office in 1965) 

She was to women what Hugh Hefner was to men:

Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown, who died Monday, is called "champion of the single girl" by the heterophobic Illuminati media.  Thanks partly to her, 50% of American women are childless today. She taught them to sell their bodies rather than wait for love and marriage. She was an Illuminati social engineer, a satanist whore who made prostitution seem chic.  

 In her autobiography, "I'm Wild Again" (2000) she tells us right away that in 1941, at age 19 she joined an "escort service" and had sex with a 50-year-old man for $5 (worth $80 today.) Page 4

In 1965, Helen Gurley Brown, the editor of Cosmopolitan, said that a housewife was "a parasite, a dependent, a scrounger, a sponger or a bum." She didn't call them whores because she wanted them to be whores. 

Her sister-in-arms, Betty Friedan, compared homemakers to "concentration camp inmates" because of the lack of stimulation and opportunity for advancement in concentration camps. (The Feminine Mystique, p. 306)
These crude attacks typify the vicious psychological campaign waged against women and society by Illuminati Satanists.Their program to degrade women, destroy families, arrest heterosexual development, create dysfunction and reduce population was devastatingly successful.
"The scale of marital breakdown in the West since 1960 has no historical precedent," says historian Lawrence Stone. In 40 short years, the marriage rate is down by one third, the divorce rate has doubled, the birth rate is one half, and single parent families per capita have tripled. Forty per cent of all children born in the US in 2007 were out of wedlock compared to 4% in 1957. (Bennett, The Broken Hearth, p.10)
In 1952, the Rockefellers controlled $250 million dollars of media advertising annually. They hyped Helen Gurley Brown's 1962 book, "Sex and the Single Girl" and the movie. Single women were told they should have career and sex instead of family. At the same time, the Rockefellers were also funding and lobbying for population control and eugenics.
As editor of Cosmopolitan (1965-97), Brown was role model for career women the world over (36 foreign editions.) She married her manager at age 37 and remained childless. Along with Communist activist Betty Frieden, and CIA agentGloria Steinem, Brown belongs to the triumvirate of modern feminist social engineers.

(every issue is a HO issue)
Brown respects whores because prostitution is her model for women. In her autobiography, "I'm Wild Again" (2000) she tells us right away that in 1941, at age 19 she joined an "escort service" and made out with a 50-year-old man for $5 ($80 today.)
"Why wasn't I revolted? I was a little but not utterly. I think even then I was a practicing realist.... I tried to do whatever you needed to do to survive." (4)
She got a secretarial job on the understanding that she would sleep with her married boss and he would "take care" of her in return. This arrangement lasted for a few years. She describes the routine:
"After cocktail hour we did go to my flat to make love. The lovemaking? ...This was two people copulating -- he seemed to have a good time...Moi learned to fake often and well." (15)
Brown's excuse is that she was a helping a mother and invalid sister back in Arkansas. (Prostitutes generally don't come from wealth.)
She laments she never really got the promised financial payoff: "I needed somebody to tell me how to treat a man in this situation, how to flatter and cuddle and coo. I should have done it better." (19)
Helen Gurley Brown became that person. She taught women how to parlay sex appeal into profit and control. She helped to transform feminine nature from love and devotion to  calculated predation.
Here is how she got her husband to marry her.
"You get the hook in. Darling, charming, delicious, sexy you has to have sunk into him so seriously, the hook [is] buried so deep he can't get it out without severe pain, i.e. can't live without you. You then close in and deliver your ultimatum. I had to deliver mine twice."(27)
While Brown claims she was loyal, she thinks adultery is just fine. The man's wife is to blame if he strays. Sex, Brown says, "is a physical feeling" "it feels good... one of the best things we have...." not to be subjected to "a moral imperative."
Suffocating a sexual urge can lead to "twitches, tension or depression" and driving "off a cliff some night." (52) But, like a practiced madam, she cautions "never sleep with someone who has less money or more troubles than you." (225)
Office romances and even sleeping with the boss is just fine as long as you're discreet. (107) She tells her readers to make the boss "look good," let him take credit for their work, and don't complain about putting in extra hours.
Feminism, it seems, has removed wives and mothers from their families, and put them to work for corporations. Instead of serving husbands and children who love them, women now obey bosses who pay for their services and fire them in a downturn.
In Brown's view, if a loving husband provides for a devoted wife, she is a "parasite." But if she is a corporate slave or whore, then she is "independent" and "liberated."
This quote from the review of a new biography reiterates her contempt for marriage and family: "When "Sex and the Single Girl" came out in the early 1960s, the most shocking thing ... was Brown's matter-of-fact attitude toward affairs with married men."
Feminism is an excuse to sell yourself:
"...she recommended that her readers take advantage of the situation, milking a guilty and grateful married lover for gifts, money and workplace advancement, which Brown regarded as fair recompense for the fact that men got paid more than women and kept the best jobs for themselves."
The message that sexual urges were not to be denied, that promiscuity was "cool" and "modern," was instilled in women to degrade them and undermine marriage. The state is to intended to replace the family.

In reality, women achieve fulfillment through self-sacrifice. It is a vicious slander to portray devoted hardworking wives and mothers as "bums" and "parasites."
The assumption that only work performed for cash (state/economy) is of value is sick. They want to denigrate the personal and spiritual realm, the private life of the family and the effort that this entails.
Brown says, "Whenever you live through someone else, they want someone else." This is simply not true. We love mom because she put us ahead of becoming the top producer at Century 21. Love is self-sacrifice.
Beyond a certain point, worldly ambition in a woman is masculine and impersonal. America is full of bitter neutered women and befuddled emasculated men.
Feminism pretends to be about equal opportunity for women. In fact, feminism is a sophisticated elite program to destabilize and depopulate the world by undermining heterosexuality.
It began the process whereby most young women today gauge their self-worth by their sex appeal and are willing to have sex just to be popular.
They are plagued with eating disorders and neuroses because they have lost touch with their feminine instincts. They are unfit to become wives and mothers and take on adult responsibilities; they mistakenly believe having a career makes them grown up. Their children are raised by rent-a-parents who don't have their best interests at heart. Their relationship with their own children is equivalent to an auntie or other once-removed relative.
A wag once said, "Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention."  Helen Gurley Brown and Illuminati social engineers prove that the opposite is also true.
(UPDATED FROM 2009) --
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Comments for "Helen Gurley Brown: Mentoring Whores"

Dan said (August 15, 2012):Helen Gurley Brown sold millions of girls the standard pimp's rap.
I read a book in the 1970's, "Gentleman of Leisure: A Year in the Life of a Pimp." The book was the project of two urban sociologists in New York City.
The Pimp - 'Silky' - introduced himself with, "The term is pimp, but I don't use it. I'm a professional gentleman of leisure. I have a Ph.D. in pimping. I have absolutely nothing to do. I'm just a connoisseur of resting and a television freak. I do make more money than the President of the United States."
In that world pimps and hoes didn't used the word 'prostitution', they called it "The Life". As with all Luciferian delusions, everything is backwards.
"Straights" see hoes as being used - the pimps teach the girls that hoes are using the trick.
Brown saw herself as predator, even in her marriage which Huntington Post and the rest are holding up as a banner of 'yes! you CAN have it all'.
Listen to how she spoke of reeling in her wealthy husband in her autobiography,
"You get the hook in. Darling, charming, delicious, sexy you has to have sunk into him so seriously, the hook [is] buried so deep he can't get it out without severe pain, i.e. can't live without you. You then close in and deliver your ultimatum. I had to deliver mine twice."
That's so messed up on so many levels I don't know where to begin. Like a pimp or madame, Brown saw men as prey, and marriage as emotional blackmail. Sex was an opiate to her. The mind set she taught was for the girl to learn to get her fix sated by anybody with an erection, and to make the "man of her dreams" associate his sex addiction ONLY with her. She thus viewed relationships as an exercise in position of power vs position of weakness.

Regretsy said (August 14, 2012):It’s hard to believe we ever thought this kind of crap was empowering, but apparently we did. It all comes down to dreamy dresses and cotton balls in your cleavage. And if you aren’t doing that, “then maybe you don’t really want a man.”

Al Thompson said (August 14, 2012):The promotion of fornication and easy sex ruined men and women. There is no possible way for promiscuous sex to be of any benefit to anyone. It has destroyed the family, ruined the lives of children who were missing their mothers or fathers, and fornication has lead the way to all of the other sexual perversions such as homosexuality. With the growing acceptance of fornication from Brown, all of the other sexual trash followed.
Now we can see why divorce and the theater were not allowed in the Roman Empire for over 500 years. Add to that the fornication promoted by Helen Gurley Brown, it is no surprise to me that western civilization isn't so civilized any longer.

David's reply said (April 15, 2009):Robert,[below] I think your suspicions are well warranted, as I've been feeling the same way for about 18 months. Hasn't it become clear that the elite are engineering a violent backlash from the masses? Reasonable individuals know that violence solves absolutely nothing, and plays directly into the hands of the global totalitarian armaggedonites. The real changes we all dream of can only occur through understanding. Yet many people in this massive, heavily tainted "patriot/freedom/truth" movement have been duped into thinking: "They're trying to get rid of the 2nd amendment (which is true) and we need to be heavily armed. If the government doesn't change on their own (never going to happen) we will have to defend/take back what is ours" etc. This line of thinking is mere play, because it fails to follow such a scenerio to its logical conclusion.

What makes us think our rulers won't dump the U.S. as their primary vehicle? It seems to be the right move on their behalf. Yuri Bezmenov, a brilliant soviet defector, detailed the end result of the ideological subversion process in lectures and interviews in 1983-84. Followed by demoralization (1960-2001) and destabalization (2001-present) comes a crisis (when the country crashes and ceases to function) at which point either a civil war breaks out (making the gun push completely valid) or an invasion.

What better way for the whole world to get the picture that things are really about to CHANGE? The U.S. in violent chaos, being patroled by necessary "peace-keeping" troops of the U.N. or whoever.

Knowing the way they operate, I'm sure they are funding the major resistance movements that consider violence at all. As for the possibility of government agents/mind-controlled dupes starting it on "the people's behalf" and therefore discrediting all of us who are legitamately opposed to the international totalitarian agenda, it's anyone's guess. But that's the way I'd do it, and I have a deep suspicion that's what's going on.

In addition, if I wanted to get rid of my greatest ideological enemies (people with great understanding of this system and some form of power ), and chaotic "civil unrest" scenario would be the perfect opportunity. I would have teams of agents pretending to be looters/anarchists that went around killing all the right people. No one would ever know.

Just a terrifying thought.

Robert said (April 15, 2009):Why are Americans seeing Conceal Carry laws coming up all over the place, letting every one get armed? Most states are now "shall issue" states, meaning that basically if you haven't comitted any felonies then they have to let you carry. I'm all about being armed to the teeth, but it doesn't make any sense. Why arm the sheep all the sudden? It's not like it's a big popular movement or anything (or like it would matter if it was: they really listened to us on the banker bail-out stuff right?). It certainly makes it less easy for "serial killers" and other satanic groupies to terrorize us. Not to mention that it arms people who might resist going to those camps, etc. So why? Just recently in my state of Missouri they've almost passed a law allowing college students to pack heat on campus (it'll probably pass too). It just doesn't make any sense, this has gotta be some sort of one-step-back-two-forward kind of thing but I just can't make it out. If you or any one you know could give some suggestions as to what might be going on, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks Henry!
Robert-Perhaps they don't control things on the state level. Any readers have an explanation? -H

Mahmood said (April 15, 2009):I am a reader of your articles in henrymakow.com and savethemales.ca and I agree with your points of view. What is fascinating to me is that your site, along with many other sites exposing the illuminati and the NWO, are filtered in Iran, the country I live in. I think that while the illuminati is trying to lead the western woman to total submission and prostitution by advocating sex and nudism, the same illuminati is also trying to lead the eastern woman to the same things but this time by imposing very strict laws that are usually over the tolerance of a normal human being.
The famous Ayatollah Khamenei is a KGB agent and part of the illuminati, as was revealed a while ago in East Germany documents.
What is unfortunate is that many people buy the illuminati crap about how sex, nudism, and feminism can lead the world to a better state.

Brian said (April 14, 2009):Your article is right on the money, as usual. For anyone who still doubts the fact that a social engineering program is being conducted, using Hollywood movies as change agents, they should check out this trailer for a new movie called "Obsessed", all about how an attractive blonde white woman becomes infatuated with her black boss. Not only is the film sure to cause even more racial tension between black and white men/black and white women, but it also showcases the image of young woman as whore that you are talking about in your article.
Here is the link to the trailer - http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi180683545

Bert said (April 14, 2009):re: Cosmopolitan Magazine --
After shopping in a grocery store in the U.S., a shopper often has to wait in line, (in a "check-out" line of all things) to purchase their groceries, and other household goods and medical supplies. The magazine racks, often on both sides of the "check-out" line, are stacked with magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Redbook, People [with real lives], etc. Thousands of times a day, in each town and city, mothers have to take their children grocery shopping with them, and they must navigate their young children past this gauntlet of PysOps pornography.
As an eye catcher, most magazines depict an underfed white female, in a provocative pose wearing no more than a teenie-weenie bikini. The advertised "Feature Articles" generally run along the lines of -- "101 New Tricks to Sexually Satisfy Your Husband," "What Your Husband Really Wants in Sex," "How to Get Divorced, and Keep the House and Car, and Pension and Medical benefits," "How You Can Know That Your Husband Has Been Cheating on You." etc. In this gauntlet of porn, the magazines are often placed at eye level of the children, along with the candy bars.
What are the long term effects on the developing and curious mind of a young girl, say 9 years old, when she is forced to quietly study images of leering bikini waifs, and the adjoining PsyOps headlines, on Cosmopolitan, et al., each time her mother waits to hand over her cash at the "check-out" counter. I personally think that long-term PsyOps effects, of this exposure of young boys and girls, to this gauntlet of Cosmopolitan-like pornography are devastating.

John said (April 14, 2009):While I agree on certain points, I have to disagree with the pretence that women are the downfall of many a great man and instead call for a long hard look in the mirror. Men have always looked toward the “ideal of feminine beauty,” that has always been the case and always will. What I find amusing as a college student, is that men today, who have been burned by these women, really were asking for it in most cases. In my experience, men whose wives or girlfriends stray have taken their “partners” for granted are physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychology abusive and beat these women into the ground.
Occasionally I have seen the sociopathic woman who simply is in a relationship as a stepping stone to something better, but in the whole most of the men I have met are like that until they “fall in love” as well. When men treat women like garbage, which is how they start to see themselves. America has bred itself two generations of this and is starting on another. It is not the woman’s fault, no more then it is women’s fault that the “ideal” man is a 175 pound pure muscle singer whose sexuality would be in constant speculation if he hadn't left a spattering of used women in his wake. While I know that this is not a universal, it is becoming alarmingly more common.
WE have allowed this and promote it ourselves. Were you a woman, what would you prefer; Larry the Cable Guy, or Daniel Craig/ Justin Timberlake? To put it in perspective Naomi Wolf or Megan Fox guys, honestly? We are just as shallow and greedy as they are. If we want to “save the males,” we need to save the females and beating them into the ground by putting the blame on them is not the answer. So guys, brush the “cheesy poof” crumbs off your gut and go Git-R’-Done.

TS said (April 14, 2009):I see these issues from your perspective primarily after researching my recent thesis on the failures of education, vis-a-vie; "Dumbing Them Down,"- etc. The sad thing is that this 'Rockefeller' programming is that it so thoroughly complete. And, of course there is my emotionless girlfriend, the one who left me to date a guy with a bigger (you-know-what,) and finally, (now that her child is 15,) she appears --almost-- ready to publicly admit the foolishness of her relative disregard for sincere intimacy and affection. As Jeff R. points out, 'lying through omission' seems to be more or less the order of the day.

Deb said (April 14, 2009):Another early middle-aged woman checking in to say thank you for this piece about the abysmally misguided Gurley Brown and her ilk.
Don't get me wrong - I'm not a subservient 'little woman'! I'm in the top 2% in terms of IQ, have enjoyed 7 figure salaries and am a published author.
It's just that now I too see the callous social engineering and the evil, family-hating support behind the scenes for these 'icons' of feminism.
I would have loved to have four children and been a full-time mom, instead of two and working 3 or 4 jobs to support them and an emasculated husband who was - like many men - edged out of the workforce because of his normal maleness. (Just as boys are crushed and 'feminised' at school by a largely female/faux male/emasculated male staff).
One of my sons was shocked the other day when I said that I've never been a feminist but, rather, expected equal respect for both genders so that each could fulfil their own talents and characters. He'd thought I was always a card-carrying feminist because of all my work etc. He'd mistaken the enormous politically correkt social and economic forces I and so many others were inescapably subject to (thanks to those like Gurley Brown) for my own beliefs.
If I could do it all again, I'd insist on 4 children and a husband who is man enough to withstand the crushing feminist (that is, social/economic machinations) agenda. But, there's quite some compensation: at least I raised two sons who are indeed, shaping up to be very male in the best possible, 'old fashioned' ways...they're not afraid to protect and care for loved ones, or to be the big strong guys that people look to for solutions, the tell-it-how-it-is straight-shooters who see through all the BS our generation was fed - whilst, wonderfully, being able to show their tenderness and tears without shame when appropriate.
Let's hope there are many more similar young men out there who can take up the cause - not for the purpose of crushing the other gender, but of reclaiming their masculinity and creating a place for women to be women...and honouring and respecting the beautiful difference.

Anne said (April 14, 2009):Not all women are shallow manipulators of men that use there looks and sex appeal. If men are surrounded by women like that then there is something about the man that attracts that kind of women and vice versa.They need to look at themselves and ponder as to why they always end up with these cold calculating women in their lives.They need to take some responsibility for it...Like attracts Like.
I find none of my female friends fit the description he put forward..Why? Because I am a decent honest woman and I attract friends who are like me.I cannot tolerate a shallow money grabbing manipulator either male or female.
So the question is...Why do you guys attract such nasty specimens of the female variety?

Len said (April 14, 2009):The social engineers and 'the powers that be' are interested in undermining and destroying the GOD-given roles of men and women in family and society. Their agenda is evil to the core: totally and utterly evil. Love and committment is replaced with sex and selfishness and carnal ambitions. - all this is to make dupes of "animal men & women" and then enslave them to the corporate (often occult-led) oligarchs. - What could be more evil or sinister than that?

The only antidote is to know and love and serve and trust and obey THE TRUE GOD revealed in the Bible: He is a GOD of Love, Mercy, Grace, Truth, and Justice. - He has promised to rule this world [IN RIGHTEOUSNESS] upon the return of His Son. In my honest and very considered opinion: that Day is not long in coming. ... but first: the powers of antichrist must rule "for a little season." Then: they shall be exposed and destroyed forever. THAT is the promise of Biblical prophecy and Biblical Truth.

Tony B said (April 13, 2009):
 I have to disagree a little again.
You write:
"Feminism pretends to be about equal opportunity for women because no one can quarrel with that."
I quarrel with it. Men and women are basically different critters. Women should NOT be given equal opportunity in the workplace or other worldly matters. They are NOT as valuable to the business, political and economic world as men are in many respects.
The following are all workplace generalities, of course, but they are accurate generalities.
First and most reasonable is that women take off time from work "a million times more" than men for every conceivable reason, many of them trivial. Men sacrifice socialization for the job. Women sacrifice the job for socialization. Baby showers, kid activities; that sort of female thing. Not to mention having babies and losing efficiency as due time approaches and being away from the job for a long period.
Women also spend more WORK TIME socializing than do men.
Another obvious reason, of course, is their inferior physical characteristics for functioning in the world. Look what has been done to basic military training to make it possible for women to "compete." It is not true that the workplace no longer requires strength. It is amazing how many times a woman worker asks a man to lift, move or do whatever with some heavy item for them.
Women have more health issues than men, making them more costly in several ways to the business.
Women are many times more devious than men. They will cheat in business in ways men would consider beneath their sense of dignity and honor, even if they would never think to word it that way. This often causes a business much bad publicity when they are caught. Women in bureaucratic positions involving fee or tax money are constantly being arrested for theft.
Of course, it is always true that many women will use their sex in all the ways they know how in order to get what they want in the workplace, just as they do in marriage, where it's acceptable. Not the least of the ways they use sex to further themselves is by screaming "sexual harassment" to eliminate a rival or just someone they don't like. No business needs this extra added subtraction from getting the work done.
Women will often bring outside activities into the workplace such as selling cosmetics, food products or home use items. This is not only a distraction, it too often laps over into work time.
Women in politics are lovers of the nanny state - preemptive "safety" at any price against liberty or even good sense. They don't know or care what the law allows or demands, they care only for what they consider immediate needs. Since women in the U.S. were handed the vote this country has become a quagmire of laws on top of laws on top of laws. Everything is "for the children" someone's, usually flawed, concept of safety first, last, and forever, no matter how foolish or inconvenient to society at large and people individually. Mandatory insurance comes immediately to mind. Have you checked the statistics and the law of averages lately concerning home insurance, fire insurance, auto insurance? The odds are against insurance in any of that lucrative racket's coverages. Otherwise they would all go broke. Women in politics are a world wide disaster and the worst is yet to come.
These mentioned disadvantages are off the top of my head, in no way a complete list. Point is that women are not men, even when they try to be. They are not designed to function as effectively in the outside world and they don't. They should be banned from many important activities and are not worth the same pay as men, screaming the opposite to the heavens notwithstanding.
Tony B.

Megan said (April 13, 2009):Yet another great anti-feminism article! I love these. I realize I probably shouldn't find any humor in this subject but I have to say it always makes me giggle when I read the feminist opinion of housewives. Parasite? Freeloader? Bum? I love it! How long do you think these hard working feminists would last in my shoes? Let me think.....
I get up every morning at 6 am to start cooking breakfast for my husband and 6 children. (note I said "cooking", not "pouring a bowl of cereal") This takes me in the neighborhood of an hour and a half to cook,serve it to everyone, and clean up afterward. Next I get everyone dressed for the day, which is no small task with 4 children under the age of 5, two teenagers and a husband who can never find what he wants when he wants it. While everyone is brushing teeth, etc I am making lunches for the school kids and for my husband to take to work. (it's not even 8am yet! And I haven't had time to eat .......)
My husband leaves for work and the big kids get to the school bus stop and now I am ready to get dressed, take the two preschoolers to school and go grocery shopping with the babies. I usually get home from this in time to start the first of 3 loads of laundry for the day , wash snack dishes, take the smallest ones outside to play while I garden or shovel snow or whatever outdoor chores need done and then it's time to start picking up the middle 2 from preschool. When we get home I make lunch, read them stories, tuck them into nap and then what?
Do I rest? Noooo...... my parasitic self starts the housework for the day. Bathrooms, mopping floors, vacuuming, dusting...... more laundry. They wake up about the time the two oldest ones get home from school and then everyone wants a hot snack, so I am cooking again. When they are all full and doing homework or watching a video or something I start to cook dinner and wash more dishes. My husband walks in the door and we eat. Then I need to wash his work clothes and iron before it gets too late. He plays with the children while I clean up the dinner dishes and we all have some family time before we start the bedtime routine. Which takes an hour or so.
Getting 6 children into bed requires baths, stories, checking for monsters over and over and laying out the next days clothes. It is 8:30 before we are finished with the 4 smaller ones. The bigger ones are out by 9:00pm. If anyone is keeping track, that is a 15 and a half hour work day for me. And after that I do not sleep, my husband and I have not seen each other all day and need our time together too....... so I am in bed usually by 11pm. Ahhhhhhh the life of a freeloader. I think I would be significantly less busy if I had a "real job". Anytime Ms. Brown or her ilk want to take my place they are welcome to try, I bet anyone they wouldn't last past lunchtime!

Not all women are lost Mr. Makow, there are more of us than you think who truly enjoy our families, and are truly appreciative of the men lead our families and provide for us!

Lesley said (April 13, 2009):Another right on article on Helen Gurley Brown. I grew up in the 70's along with Helen's book, "Sex and the Single Girl". I felt sex was pushed on me by the culture when I was not ready. I had fairly liberal parents who I could talk to about sex and therefore was not promiscuous. But the message clearly, to the young women of my time was, "have sex or you are really square or a prude". I know I had the outside pressure to have sex before I was mentally ready.
I used to read Cosmopolitan throughout high school and college and always wondered why I bought it afterwards because the whole rag was always about sex And it seemed to be put forth in a devious way. I wasn't THAT interested in it. I felt it was shoved down our throats. Consequently, many young women of my time had a lot of sex and now really regret it.
I just bought your book, "Cruel Hoax" and know before reading it that I was a part of that cruel hoax. I am now twice divorced with a 10 year old and no husband helping me to raise him. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have never bought into the Social Engineering that was oh so prevalent in the 70's and 80's, while I was in high school and college. I did not really know what it meant to have a happy marriage and family as my own parents divorced when I was 21. (I was always searching for that wonderful career that I thought was out there for me, so I wouldn't have to depend on a man. My mother's words). My parents divorce crushed me and ruined my college career trying to take care of my suicidal mother.
Now, at age 51, unmarried with a small child. I regret it all. (Except for my son). It was all lies and a hoax.. I would give anything now to have a loving husband and family. No career goals can compare. That turned out to be a crock as well. I know my fulfillment comes from family but it was a hard and long and painful lesson to learn.
I personally have no respect for Ms. Brown and her agenda. I can't stand Cosmopolitan magazine and the trash they put out for young women. I do believe that for most heterosexual women fulfillment comes from having a family. I only wish I had realized it when I was young. I was trying so hard NOT to be like my European mother who felt dependent on my father. Education was stressed in my family but the big piece missing was the family....
Thank you Henry for always pointing out the folly of our ways especially falling for the Social Engineering and conseqently, the descruction of the family and family values. God bless you.

Bobbi said (April 13, 2009):
 Regarding "Helen Gurley Brown Taught Women to be Whores," people are going to live the way they want no matter what your opinion is and that is the way it should be. The same shoe size doesn't fit everyone at the same time nor should it. The only way things will change is if we have a tyrant dictator, and that is not American. The flag stands for freedom. For now, at least we still have some remnants of that. Anyway, most women aren't whores, thank you very much. I must say, though, that you are missing the fact that more men than women are "whores" and always have been. Heaven forbid you say anything to criticize them, though.