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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anthon Lawson - Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid?

Gilad Atzmon - Azizi bin Habeebi: The Division Game

Azizi bin Habeebi: The Division Game 
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 7:20PM
Gilad Atzmon 

Lyrics below:
The Division Game!?
Eh, I'm ok, thank you

No, no, seriously, I'm looking for a nicer game for me
But sank you, sank you

OH, you want to divide Islam into Sunni & Shiite and more, and you want me
To choose one and not the other?! No, I'm ok, sank you, I'd rather not divide
The book in half, I want to learn from everybody how to love better..
And by the way, when you split one brother against another..
Well, lets just say your own divide and conquer has never been so easy...

So you want to say to yourself, in a loud voice, you're chosen and the rest not?!
And God promised you a land and homelessness is ok for me?!
I bet you all the way from here that there's a more compassionate
Version of God in your hands,
And I bet you my eyes & ears this God would love to be Your chosen one.
And by the way, your God is sayig out loud you're the chosen one?!
Tell me, who's going to play with you and love you as you are as an equal
When that happens?!

You know, I can't find anywhere in any one of your bibles where it says it is your
Oil that happens to live under my feet,
That it is yours for the taking with the most brutal force.
You send armies of mostly innocent children who will come back
Broken men -- my wound is your shame brother, yes brother.
Oh, and by the way, you want to call any resistance to your brutness
Terrorism? My calculations say the one who carries the bigger weapon is the
Bigger terrorist --
But hey, I really don't want to play this division game.
No, no, not for me

It seems to me all the scores in this game are always in the negative...
The winner is the one who loses less..
No no, not for me
You know, some games you lose an eye, but with this one I'm losing
My humanity

Hey, how about a game of compassion, where every player is delighted to lose.
Yeah, one where I can show you my cards and you help me beat you.
Since the beginning of time there's always been people playing it.
It's just a matter of how many will it take to turn the division game
Into the multiplication game.

Give me love give me love
Beat me I beat me
And I raise you
I raise you and I'll love you more
Out love me out love you...
(Lots of kisses)
Article originally appeared on Gilad Atzmon (http://www.gilad.co.uk/).

Gilad Atzmon - Is it really the ‘Only Democracy in the Middle East’?

Is it really the ‘Only Democracy in the Middle East’?

The 'Jews Only Democracy' more likely...

The following is a form to be filled out upon arrival in Israel

Gilad Atzmon - Where the ‘Self’ Ends and the ‘West’ Begins

Where the ‘Self’ Ends and the ‘West’ Begins 
Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 11:55AM
Gilad Atzmon
By Gilad Atzmon

When we were young there was hope in the air. There was good reason to look ahead. Some of us enrolled at university, but we also knew that if life did not shine on us, there were plenty of factories that offered enough jobs to those who were willing to toil. Yet it seems our children are not so lucky. Not much is awaiting them. The Western economy is on the brink of collapse.
When we were young, there were two ideologies around. In a cold manner, they bitterly chewing away at each other. One ideology maintained that equality and justice were the means towards liberation, whilst the other contended that celebrating one’s symptoms was actually the true meaning of human liberty. But it seems that these two ideologies have had very little impact on our life. In practice, we were all celebrating our symptoms - we were buying, selling, eating and drinking, but we somehow also enjoyed believing that ‘equality was a good thing’. Eventually these grand ideologies faded away and, not only do we not have ideologies anymore, we are not even capable of thinking ideologically. In the post ideological era, which we now inhabit, we kill millions in the name of ‘liberation’, we rain down depleted uranium shells on crowded cities whilst promising to export ‘liberal democracy,’ and we export Western ‘justice’ in Coca Cola cans.
When we were young, we reserved some respect for our political system. We somehow accepted that liberal democracy reflected our true values and beliefs. Fundamentally, we believed that it was a well-meaning idea and the best of all options. Hence we believed that at least theoretically, our democratically elected representatives were largely a true reflection of our desires.
We were not stupid but we were somewhat naïve. Being the sons and daughters of the Enlightenment, we were submerged in self-love. We were rich and spoiled. Yet, clearly, we failed to notice that our most elementary freedoms were being gradually diminished until the ‘freedom to consume’ was the only freedom left. We were basically free to buy and spend, to borrow and then to spend again and, without realising it, we were being reduced to a nation of shoppers with the political system existing solely to facilitate consumption, on a constantly growing grand scale.
When we were young, we read about liberation, and political struggles. We learned about heroic people who stood up against evil by fighting tyrants, Tsars, capitalists, communists, fascists and racists.  Yet why is it so difficult now for us to identify precisely who is to be blame for the current global crisis, to identify who is to take responsibility for the collapse of our free markets and our own sense of values, ethics and justice? Is it a single person that we should blame? Is it Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, Tony Blair or Milton Friedman? Is it a party or rather is it an ideology? Is it the banks, Alan Greenspan or Goldman Sachs? Is it Wall Street or the City of London? Is it America? Or is it ‘just us,' humanity as a whole, that we should blame?
It is reasonable to argue that the gigantic hole in global finance commonly known as the credit crunch is actually a gigantic amplification of the hole in each of our pockets. The greedy capitalist system known as 'banking' and 'global expansionist markets' can be understood as a vast manifestation of our own personal greed, as explored through relentless consumption. Hard capitalism is a ‘continuum state’ of greed between the personal and the entire system.
Liberal democracy is commonly realised as a natural political extension of individual liberties. It is only natural then, that some of the worse aspects of our society and political system are actually deeply rooted in each and every one of us. The relentless appetite that we find at the heart of the capitalist system is a multiplied mirror image of our own bottomless inclination towards consumption.
Any profound criticism of the liberal system at this stage then, should entail some harsh self-criticism. Each and every one of us is an autonomous and ‘self-sufficient credit crunch.’ Just like the banks, we have also been spending money we did not have. And it seems our societies and ourselves are now clearly subjected to a similar malaise. We have been celebrating our symptoms collectively and blindly for too long.
We sometime envy the Arabs and their Spring. They have grasped who their enemy is (Western puppets rulers) and what their salvation is (Islam). Tragically, we understand that we are spiraling down into an inevitable long and dark winter. We know that politics and ideologies have failed us. We accept that we are dwelling in a post-political and post-ideological era, and yet we fail to understand what this may entail. The world, as we know it, is changing rapidly. Our so-called ‘liberties’ have turned against us and we dread the meaning of it all.
And yet we do not posses a means of understanding the condition we are subject to, simply because such conditions are merely an amplification of ourselves and our most precious beliefs. We fail to admit or decide where the ‘self’ ends and the ‘West’ begins. We do not know where London’s AL Tahrir square is. We cannot decide whether we really want to be liberated and we do not seem capable of even identifying who the enemy is.
The Western subject, as well as Western society, is submerged in self-love. Somehow we cannot understand how it is that a system that was created to explore our human liberties, can fail.
I suggest that a partial remedy for our malaise might be acceptance of a certain level of uncanniness, an acceptance that reason has its limits, and that ‘being in the world’ may be slightly mysterious after all. However, it seems as if it may take a while before we are brave enough to admit to ourselves that this is indeed the case. 
 The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics
  The book can be  ordered  on Amazon.com 
Article originally appeared on Gilad Atzmon (http://www.gilad.co.uk/).

Gilad Atzmon - Rabbis For Violence, Brutality and Abuse

Rabbis For Violence, Brutality and Abuse
Monday, April 16, 2012 at 6:43PM
Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon


In recent years we have  learned about a few sporadic Rabbis who promote peace, justice and humanism. But more often it seems,  Israel’s prominent Rabbis are more openly enthusiastic about violence, brutality and abuse.
Ynet reports today that Israel leading rabbis rally to the aid of Lieutenant-Colonel Eisner, an IDF hooligan officer who attacked Danish peace activist yesterday.
Watch Israeli Lieutenant-Colonel Eisner assault: http://youtu.be/uL-GmYBNDqY
Several prominent rabbis expressed their support for the religious Lieutenant-Colonel who was caught on camera brutally attacking a peace activist with his rifle. The Rabbis insist that the military’s decision to suspend the Lieutenant-Colonel was impetuous.
Lieutenant-Colonel Eisner expressed remorse over his action, saying that while he should not have flung his weapon at the activist, the video footage released depicted only “60 seconds out of a two-hour event.”  This is indeed a winning Talmudic spin. Rather than dealing with factuality and truth of the matter, we are asked to engage with the  ‘unknown’, the ‘missing footage’ so to say.
Rabbi Haim Drukman, who was Eisner’s mentor, described his former pupil as “a fine man, an idealist. He didn’t choose a military career because he needed a job – he is there to give his life for the security of the IDF “. Rabbi Druknam may be correct here, looking again at the footage, we must admit that the silent Danish peace activist seems indeed to threaten the IDF, the State of Israel, and the Jewish people in general.
Former Chief IDF Rabbi Avihai Ronski slammed the decision to suspend Eisner, who he described as “a highly ethical individual.”  I guess that by now it is clear to most people that ‘ethics’ is a very relative notion in the Jews Only State.
I guess that the Israeli Rabbis are clever enough to discern a problem within the IDF’s attitude towards its hooligan officer. If Israel wants to maintain itself as the Jews only State, if Israel insists in maintaining its symptoms at the expense of the Palestinian indigenous population, then,  its officers must be brutal and vile towards any from of resistance.
Sooner or later, Israel and its Rabbis will have to make a very painful decision. They will have to face the horrific moral and ethical consequences of maintaining a racist, nationalist and expansionist Jewish State.
Article originally appeared on Gilad Atzmon (http://www.gilad.co.uk/).

Book claims JFK's mistress was assassinated by the CIA 'because she knew too much about his assassination'

Book claims JFK's mistress was assassinated by the CIA 'because she knew too much about his assassination'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Lovers: President John F. Kennedy had an widely-known affair with socialite divorcee Mary Pinchot Meyer (right)
Lovers: President John F. Kennedy had an widely-known affair with socialite divorcee Mary Pinchot Meyer (right)

The suspicious death of one of President John F. Kennedy's mistresses just months after his death has sparked numerous conspiracy theories.
The latest version posits that socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer, a beautiful divorcee who was close friends with the Kennedys and is widely known for having a lengthy affair with the playboy President, was shot in a cover-up operation by the CIA.
A new book alleges that, in her preoccupation with her lover's assassination and ensuing personal investigation, she may have gotten so close to the 'truth' that the CIA found her to be a threat.
As a result, agency operatives staged a shooting to make it look like she died due to a sexual assault that turned violent.
Whether or not the theory is true, there are a number of questionable components to the story of the months leading up to her death on October 12, 1964.
Her ex-husband, Cord Meyer, was a CIA agent himself and the couple were card-carrying members of Georgetown's starry social set, which included then-Senator John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline.
The couples became close friends, along with Mary's sister Antoinette (who went by Tony) and her husband Ben Bradlee, who was a bureau chief for Newsweek but later went on to be the managing editor of The Washington Post.
Friends: Mr Kennedy (center left) first became friendly with Ms Pinchot Meyer (center right) when they were neighbors in Georgetown as he was a Senator
Friends: Mr Kennedy (center left) first became friendly with Ms Pinchot Meyer (center right) when they were neighbors in Georgetown as he was a Senator

Another couple that they spent time with was Mary's Vassar classmate Cicely d'Autremont and her husband James Angleton, who was the chief of the counter surveillance for the CIA.
A book by Peter Janney, called Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision of World Peace, the author claims that the the socialite would often bring marijuana and LSD to her trysts with the President.
During their conversations while on these hallucinogens, Ms Pinchot Meyer reportedly tried to appeal to Mr Kennedy's pacifist nature and urged him to seek peaceful solutions to such worldwide crises like the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis.
Murder: Ms Meyer, center, was shot dead by a Georgetown canal in October 1964, and while police said it was a would-be sexual assault that turned fatal, a new book claims
Murder: Ms Meyer, center, was shot dead by a Georgetown canal in October 1964, and while police said it was a would-be sexual assault that turned fatal, a new book- and her ex- claims she was assassinated by the CIA

At the time, LSD was not illegal, and many, including Harvard professor Timothy Leary, advocated its use because they believed it helped people expand their knowledge base.
Mr Janney's book is not the first to draw conclusions between Ms Pinchot Meyer's friendship with Mr Leary and her intentions with her relationship with Mr Kennedy.

He goes on to say that she was later murdered by the CIA, who he believes organized the assassination of the President in an effort to stop him from preventing violent escalation that they wanted in the Cold War.
Though The Huffington Post thought that the book rested largely on substantial assumptions, these theories have been in existence for some time.
Angleton (right), the CIA chief spymasterThe search: Ben Bradlee (left), Ms Pinchot Meyer's brother-in-law, went searching for her diary the day after he death, but when he arrived at her locked home he found
The search: Ben Bradlee (left), Ms Pinchot Meyer's brother-in-law, went searching for her diary the day after he death, but when he arrived at her locked home he found James Angleton (right), the CIA chief spymaster

One question lies in the existence- and retrieval- of her diary that included writings about her affair with President Kennedy.
Within a day of her murder, Mr Bradlee went over to her home to find the diary and, though the door was locked, he found Mr Angleton.
The CIA spymaster said that he also was looking for the diary but claimed that it was because his wife- Ms Meyer's friend- had asked him to.
Storied: Mary Pinchot Meyer, left, seen with her first husband Cord Meyer, left, and the new book about her 1964 death, rightStoried: Mary Pinchot Meyer, left, seen with her first husband Cord Meyer, left, and the new book about her 1964 death, right
Storied: Mary Pinchot Meyer, left, seen with her first husband Cord Meyer, left, and the new book about her 1964 death, right

The whereabouts of the diary today are uncertain.
Another clue erring on the side of the conspiracy is that while her ex-husband included a statement of support for the police investigation of her murder, his assistant supposedly said that it was a lie and he did truly believe it to be a standard 'in house rub out'.
In an interview shortly before his death in 2001, Mr Meyer said that 'the same sons of bitches that killed John F. Kennedy' killed his ex-wife.
Police arrested Robert Crump, a man who was found near the scene of the crime, but had no connection to the murder weapon, which was never found, or any prior history with Ms Meyer.

Greytowers Mpm2smaller
President John F. Kennedy and Mary Pinchot Meyer in Pennsylvania in September 1963.

WASHINGTON -- Conspiracy theorists who question President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963 have, over the years, become obsessed with another murder. On Oct. 12, 1964, socialite and artist Mary Pinchot Meyer, a longtime Kennedy mistress, was shot execution-style in broad daylight while walking along the Georgetown canal tow path.
Within hours, police charged day laborer Ray Crump Jr. with murder. They never found the gun, however, and a jury acquitted Crump after an eyewitness described the killer as much bigger than the diminutive defendant. 
In the ensuing years, the case has become one of Washington's most infamous unresolved murder cases.
In his new book, "Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision of World Peace," author Peter Janney lays out a complex web of high society and high crimes that implicates some of the nation's most respected intelligence agents, journalists and government officials in what Janney contends was a massive cover-up spanning three decades. At the center is a shadowy, all-too-familiar villain, the Central Intelligence Agency of the early-1960s.
Meyer was born into a wealthy Pennsylvania family in 1920, and first met Kennedy at a prep school dance in 1938. She attended Vassar College and married CIA agent Cord Meyer in 1944. By the mid-1950s, the couple was firmly established as part of Georgetown's glittering young social set, whose members included then-Sen. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie; Washington Post publisher Phil Graham and his wife, Katherine; and journalist Joseph Alsop. The Meyers divorced in 1958, when Mary was 38.
After Kennedy's election as president, Meyer became a frequent visitor to the White House, and her sexual relationship with the president was well known at the time, according to Janney and previous accounts, notably a 1998 biography of Meyer by journalist Nina Burleigh titled "A Very Private Woman: The Life and Unsolved Murder of Presidential Mistress Mary Meyer."
Less well known was Meyer's friendship with then-Harvard professor and LSD guru Timothy Leary, whom she visited several times at his office in Cambridge, Mass. Janney's book contains the most exhaustive account to date of Meyer's communication with Leary, who died in 1996. Much of Janney's account is based on interviews Leary gave to another Kennedy conspiracy enthusiast, the investigative journalist and author Leo Damore. Damore had been doing research for a book about Meyer before he committed suicide in 1995. In 2004, Janney purchased Damore's notes and audio recordings on the Meyer case from his estate.
Janney's principal thesis is that Meyer and Kennedy were deeply in love and experimented with drugs together. Partly as a result of his relationship with Meyer, an avowed pacifist, Kennedy began to question the American military buildup that characterized the Cold War, according to Janney.
Like others before him, Janney posits that Kennedy's assassination was the result of a CIA plot to eliminate the only man in the way of the agency's total control over U.S. foreign policy. Those same forces, Janney argues, viewed Meyer, an intimate confidante of the late president, as a similar threat.
"Understandably preoccupied with Jack’s assassination, she maintained a collection of 'clippings of the JFK assassination' in the bookcase in her bedroom, next to the place where she kept her diary," Janney writes. "The lingering question was how far Mary had gone in her investigation, and what impact it might have had."
Janney's theory is that an Army lieutenant and suspected CIA hit man named William Mitchell shot Meyer. The author says this hypothesis is strengthened by the fact that neither the U.S. military nor Georgetown University, where Mitchell said he was a professor, have any record of him. Damore claimed to have spoken on the phone with Mitchell in 1993, and told his lawyer that Mitchell confessed to him that Meyer's murder was "standard CIA procedure."
It's unclear why Damore didn't come forward with this revelation before taking his own life. Perhaps he was saving it to use in his never-published book. Mitchell has never been located.
Also missing from the history books is a diary that Meyer is said to have kept, which her brother-in-law at the time, Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, sought to retrieve sometime in the 24 hours after her death. Bradlee said the diary contained mostly sketches, but Janney said he believes it held a detailed account of her affair with Kennedy, and may have revealed who might have wanted her killed.
There are conflicting accounts of what happened to the diary. Meyer's sister, Tony Bradlee, said she burned it. Damore claimed to have located a copy. There are questionable secondhand accounts claiming it was turned over to CIA spymaster James Angleton.
Janney suggests that Bradlee helped cover up his sister-in-law's murder in order to advance his career, writing that Bradlee "played fast and loose with the facts" surrounding Meyer's death.
Like all great conspiracy theories, Janney's account requires readers to make a certain leap of faith. There is no direct evidence of illegal drug use by Kennedy, yet Janney spends a significant portion of the book exploring possible scenarios and it's clear he thinks hallucinogens had an effect upon Kennedy's outlook. There is equally little evidence that Ben Bradlee did anything wrong, other than perhaps misremembering the exact sequence of events that happened almost 40 years ago. Moreover, key characters have never been located, including Janney's suspected triggerman, Mitchell.
Therein lies the problem. Janney's account leaves ample suspicion, even doubt, about the events surrounding the deaths of both Kennedy and Meyer. But all too often, Janney fills in blanks with conclusions that forward his preconceived narrative.
"Mary's Mosaic" is an entertaining trip through the dark possibilities of Washington's covert history. Janney's research gives enthusiasts of Kennedy lore, along with fans of Cold War spy tales, much to consider. But despite his unified theory of how it all went down, Janney's book is unlikely to put lingering questions about Meyer's death to rest.