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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Large Families that rule the world


The Large Families that rule the world

18.10.2011 00:50
The Large Families that rule the world. 45641.jpegSome people have started realizing that there are large financial groups that dominate the world. Forget the political intrigues, conflicts, revolutions and wars. It is not pure chance. Everything has been planned for a long time.
Some call it "conspiracy theories" or New World Order. Anyway, the key to understanding the current political and economic events is a restricted core of families who have accumulated more wealth and power.
We are speaking of 6, 8 or maybe 12 families who truly dominate the world. Know that it is a mystery difficult to unravel.
We will not be far from the truth by citing Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Loebs Kuh and Lehmans in New York, the Rothschilds of Paris and London, the Warburgs of Hamburg, Paris and Lazards Israel Moses Seifs Rome.

Many people have heard of the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati or the Trilateral Commission. But what are the names of the families who run the world and have control of states and international organizations like the UN, NATO or the IMF?


To try to answer this question, we can start with the easiest: inventory, the world's largest banks, and see who the shareholders are and who make the decisions.
The world's largest companies are now these six: Bank of America, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Let us now review who their shareholders are.

Bank of America:
State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, FMR (Fidelity), Paulson, JP Morgan, T. Rowe, Capital World Investors, AXA, Bank of NY, Mellon.

JP Morgan:
State Street Corp., Vanguard Group, FMR, BlackRock, T. Rowe, AXA, Capital World Investor, Capital Research Global Investor, Northern Trust Corp. and Bank of Mellon.

State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, Paulson, FMR, Capital World Investor, JP Morgan, Northern Trust Corporation, Fairhome Capital Mgmt and Bank of NY Mellon.

Wells Fargo:
Berkshire Hathaway, FMR, State Street, Vanguard Group, Capital World Investors, BlackRock, Wellington Mgmt, AXA, T. Rowe and Davis Selected Advisers.

We can see that now there appears to be a nucleus present in all banks: State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock and FMR (Fidelity). To avoid repeating them, we will now call them the "big four"
Goldman Sachs:
"The big four," Wellington, Capital World Investors, AXA, Massachusetts Financial Service and T. Rowe.

Morgan Stanley:
"The big four," Mitsubishi UFJ, Franklin Resources, AXA, T. Rowe, Bank of NY Mellon e Jennison Associates. Rowe, Bank of NY Mellon and Jennison Associates.

We can just about always verify the names of major shareholders. To go further, we can now try to find out the shareholders of these companies and shareholders of major banks worldwide.

Bank of NY Mellon:
Davis Selected, Massachusetts Financial Services, Capital Research Global Investor, Dodge, Cox, Southeatern Asset Mgmt. and ... "The big four."

State Street Corporation (one of the "big four"):
Massachusetts Financial Services, Capital Research Global Investor, Barrow Hanley, GE, Putnam Investment and ... The "big four" (shareholders themselves!).

BlackRock (another of the "big four"):
PNC, Barclays e CIC.

Who is behind the PNC? FMR (Fidelity), BlackRock, State Street, etc.
And behind Barclays? BlackRock

And we could go on for hours, passing by tax havens in the Cayman Islands, Monaco or the legal domicile of Shell companies in Liechtenstein. A network where companies are always the same, but never a name of a family.

In short: the eight largest U.S. financial companies (JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, U.S. Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon and Morgan Stanley) are 100% controlled by ten shareholders and we have four companies always present in all decisions: BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity.

In addition, the Federal Reserve is comprised of 12 banks, represented by a board of seven people, which comprises representatives of the "big four," which in turn are present in all other entities.
In short, the Federal Reserve is controlled by four large private companies: BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity. These companies control U.S. monetary policy (and world) without any control or "democratic" choice. These companies launched and participated in the current worldwide economic crisis and managed to become even more enriched.

To finish, a look at some of the companies controlled by this "big four" group

Alcoa Inc.
Altria Group Inc.
American International Group Inc.
AT&T Inc.
Boeing Co.
Caterpillar Inc.
Coca-Cola Co.
DuPont & Co.
Exxon Mobil Corp.
General Electric Co.
General Motors Corporation
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Home Depot Inc.
Honeywell International Inc.
Intel Corp.
International Business Machines Corp
Johnson & Johnson
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
McDonald's Corp.
Merck & Co. Inc.
Microsoft Corp.
3M Co.
Pfizer Inc.
Procter & Gamble Co.
United Technologies Corp.
Verizon Communications Inc.
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Time Warner
Walt Disney
Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.,
CBS Corporation
NBC Universal

The same "big four" control the vast majority of European companies counted on the stock exchange.

In addition, all these people run the large financial institutions, such as the IMF, the European Central Bank or the World Bank,[ΝΑΙ, ΤΟ Δ.Ν.Τ. (IMF) και η Ευρωπαϊκή Κεντρική τραπεζα κλπ ειναι ΙΔΙΩΤΙΚΕΣ ΤΡΑΠΕΖΕΣ - οπως η Federal Reserve (η κεντρικη τραπεζα των ΗΠΑ) και η ελληνικη Τραπεζα της Ελλαδος] and were "trained" and remain "employees" of the "big four" that formed them.
The names of the families that control the "big four", never appear.

Lisa Karpova

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gagarin's death in 1968 - Perestroika and correction
of the truth since 1986

Gagarin's alleged plane crash and the rumour mill - with Gorbachev new truths about the "Soviet" atmosphere flight are published

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2010)

beginning of 1968
"SU": Gagarin is said to be in preparations for his first upper atmosphere flight
Officially the flight is presented as the second one of course.

Yuri Gagarin: The last foto with the bloated face, as parachute jumper.
Yuri Gagarin: The last foto with the bloated face. According to Wisnewski Gagarin is flightless. Gagarin is shown here again not in an astronaut suit but in a parachute suit. Who shall he be capable to fly to the moon in a parachute suit?

February 1968
Official "SU" historiography: Gagarin finished his studies at the military aviation academy
at the Zhakovsky military aviation academy. For his studies Gagarin needed 7 years.

[Officially Gagarin had many parastatal jobs so the long study is understandable. The "fatherland" needed him for other things than for earth orbits].

27 March 1968
"SU": The alleged lethal Gagarin-Seryogin plane crash
Gagarin is said having lost his life in an air fighter crash (Wisnewski, p.61).

Under the teacher (Wisnewski, p.63) squadron commander Seryogin Gagarin is said having had the order to fly with a MiG from the military airport Tshakalovski a "flat 8", a relatively easy exercise (Wisnewski, p.62).

At 10:30 Gagarin is said having reported that he fulfilled the task of the "flat 8". Then Gagarin shall have been mute. At 14:50 helicopters with cosmonaut Alexej Leonov shall have reported that they found an airplane wreckage:

-- there would be the wreckage of Gagarin with remnants of Seryogin (Wisnewski, p.62)

-- the airplane is said having drilled meters into the forest soil and the crater is said having filled quickly with water (Wisnewski, p.62)

-- officially the authorities maintain that they found Gagarin's map and Gagarin's wallet with Gagarin's passport, driving license, and with a foto of Koroljov (Wisnewski, p.62)

-- add to this the authorities maintain officially that Gagarin's flight jacket was hanging on a birch (Wisnewski, p.62), and recovery cosmonaut Leonov confirmed this also in ZDF in 2001 (Wisnewski, p.63).

Contradictions about the last Gagarin flight

There is no precise investigation about the alleged crash (Wisnewski, p.61-62) and the contradictions are absolutely serious that any manipulation seems to be possible:

-- the question why Gagarin had been allowed to steer an airplane after his alleged "accident" from 1961 with a craniocerebral injury (CCI) and with a strong change of personality is never put officially. Already this seems to be an impossibility (Wisnewski, p.62) because Gagarin was officially unfit to fly and never had been allowed to enter a cockpit (Wisnewski, p.63)

-- neither Gagarin nor the teacher Seryogin seem to have used the ejection seat to save themselves which is an impossibility for professional pilots (Wisnewski, p.63)

-- the body of Gagarin is never found (Wisnewski, p.62)

-- the foto of the alleged scene of the accident does not show anything but a pool, and there cannot be seen one single trace of a plane crash. It's a plane crash without wreckage, and the truth is hidden (Wisnewski, p.63)

-- only later alleged parts of Gagarin's body are presented, but without indication of the location where they were found and without description of the condition (Wisnewski, p.63)

-- according to statements of ZDF in 2001 remnants of Gagarin's airplane are stored in steel barrels in a "sealed safe" on a "military base outside of Moscow" and shall stay there so the truth about Gagarin's plane crash will never come out (Wisnewski, p.63).

There is also the claim that the airplane had no flight recorder and that's why the cause of the crash will never be clear. This is absolutely unbelievable:

"The cause for the catastrophe [of Gagarin's crash] will never be cleared completely because the military jet with Gagarin and instructor Vladimir Seryogin had no flight recorder."

(orig.: "Die Ursache der Katastrophe [des Absturzes von Gagarin] wird sich nie vollständig aufklären lassen, weil der Militärjet, mit dem Gagarin und der Instrukteur Wladimir Seryogin abstürzten, keinen Flugschreiber besass.")


30 March 1968: "SU": State funeral ceremony for Gagarin
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall: Wreaths.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall: Wreaths.
Gagarin's states funeral in Moscow: The grave.
Gagarin's states funeral in Moscow: The grave.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall: The crowd with Gagarin fotos.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall: The crowd with Gagarin fotos.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall: Last salute for Gagarin.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall: Last salute for Gagarin.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall:  Crowds on Gagarin's grave.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall:  Crowds on Gagarin's grave.

Wisnewski doubts the crash and means the coffin was empty an Gagarin perhaps in a psychiatry (Wisnewski, p.64).

[Considering that Gagarin was in a miserable condition and should fly a moon mission it could have been the calculus of the "SU" regime to get rid of Gagarin with an imaginary state funeral in a "smooth" way].

since April 1968 approx.
The Western media presume Gagarin is in a psychiatry
The Western media presume that Gagarin would be alive yet and would be hidden in a psychiatry to hide Gagarin as a craniocerebral patient because it would be a shame for the "Soviet Union" to have a "Hero of the Soviet Union" in a psychiatry (Wisnewski, p.64).

The widow with the Lenin decoration without Lenin decoration
Gagarin's widow gets the Lenin decoration but never wears it (Wisnewski, p.64).

Some more rumours about Gagarin's death - Brezhnev keeps secret the investigation report

The rumours:
-- one part of the population believe that Gagarin has not died in 1968 and the accident and the funeral was a staging

-- another part means that a KGB conspiracy murdered Gagarin
-- another part means that aliens had kidnapped Gagarin
-- another part means Gagarin had committed suicide by drinking too much Vodka and had flown drunk.

State's president Brezhnev keeps secret the detailed report of the investigation commission with the argument that the report could rock the whole nation. The report in 30 volumes about registering balloons as a cause for the crash is stored in the archives and there is no publication except a short summary.

September 1980:
Fidel Castro visits the "room of the martyrs" of the "SU" atmosphere flight

In September 1980 a Cuban "guest cosmonaut", Amaldo Tamayo-Mendez, is taken on board of the capsule "Soyuz 38" on an upper atmosphere earth orbit flight. After the perfect return he is celebrated at Havanna like a hero.

On the ceremony Fidel Castro gives a moving speech and describes the cosmonaut education center at Zvezdny Gorodok (Star City). He was really impressed from the copy of the office of Yuri Gagarin, where any cosmonaut had to go for a meditation before the flight. As a tradition all cosmonauts leave a letter on Gagarin's desk with the promise that they will beware and honour the tradition of bravery of the "Soviet" cosmonauts which had been before.

The office had been kept in the condition as it was at the time of Gagarin's death on 27 March 1968. His things are still on the desk, his agenda is lying open on the table yet, his uniform is hanging on the hallstand yet, all watches are stopped on the time of the [alleged] accident.

Castro continues his speech and describes another room, the so called "room of the martyrs". The access to this room is strictly controlled. On the walls are the fotos of all cosmonauts which died during the "Soviet" space program [atmosphere program]. Castro is deeply moved by the presentation of this heroism in this special room. He is adding:

"There are many heroes which sacrificed their lives on the beginning of space age." [atmosphere age]

[So the victims are presented but cannot be seen by anybody].

"US"-"Chimponaut" "Ham" from 1961 dies1983 in the North Carolina Zoological Park
(Smithsonian: http://www.smithsonianmagazine.com/issues/2006/january/history.php)

Perestroika times

Now new truths are coming out about atmosphere flights of "SU":

"SU" propaganda presents the story about Bondarenko's death without skin: The story of the cooker

The "SU" leadership publishes a story about the case of the cosmonaut Bondarenko without skin:

-- Bondarenko had been in a long time test in a chamber with pure oxygen atmosphere (Wisnewski, p.29)

-- Bondarenko had wared a woolen suit there (Wisnewski, p.30)

-- Bondarenko had used a rag or a piece of cotton wool and threw it on the hot cooker and by this the cotton wool caught fire: With a rag / piece of cotton wool which was dipped in alcohol Bondarenko is said having wanted to remove remnants of a medical sensor. By mistake he threw the rag / piece of cotton on a hot cooker so there was immediately a fire. And the pure oxygen atmosphere had favoured the fire yet (Wisnewski, p.29-30)

-- then people tried to open the door and could not open the door for half an hour to rescue Bondarenko

-- the soles of foot are said not having burnt because Bondarenko wared flight boots (Wisnewski, p.30).

The contradictions:

-- the "SU" atmosphere ships fly with a mixture of oxygen and azote because pure oxygen would be a high fire danger
-- fire extinguisher were not installed, absolutely unbelievable.

According to Wisnewski this scenario is not plausible but an upper atmosphere capsule burning during the re-entry into the lower dense atmosphere seems to be probable (Wisnewski, p.30).

[But the same fault with a fire in a pure oxygen atmosphere happened in Apollo 1. And Bondarenko was brought to hospital in Moscow shortly after the accident. So the cooker version in the cosmonaut training center near Moscow is plausible. A landing from an earth orbit flight near Moscow and a successful parachute landing with an ejection seat despite a fire in the cabin is not realistic because the parachute also had burnt and disappeared before the landing. Speculations can go on...].

since 1986
After Gorbachev: The "SU" space engineers admit the disappeared cosmonauts - the programmatic experts of the West refuse recognizing the truth

Shortly before 1986 Dr. Sergej Khrushchev, the son of the former "Soviet" leader Nikita Khrushchev, becomes an "US" citizen. In 1986 Sergej Khrushchev is research assistant at the Brown university. During the "race in the atmosphere" he worked for Vladimir Chelomei, leader for rocket engineering, with the task to develop booster rockets and atmosphere ships.

Sergej Khrushchev states things that underline the existence of the "unofficial" missions since the 1960s. Other former Soviet representatives give information about the former missions, also the mission of Col. Yuri Lyzlov and captain Anatoli Grushenko, in former times from the SSRF (Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces). Both were directly involved in the "Soviet" upper atmosphere program of the 1960s and 1970ies.

They were directly part of the preparations of the atmosphere flight of Vladimir Ilyushin and were witnesses of the launch of the capsule "Rossyia". They describe the events in several TV broadcasts in interviews how they really were [with dead astronauts and crashes etc.].

Some Western "experts" of the "Soviet" atmosphere flight don't want to know this truth about the "SU" high atmosphere flights an reject the invitations to discussions. They want to keep their belief on an "inerrant" development of the worldwide high atmosphere flight.
(from: http://www.lostcosmonauts.com/curtain.htm)

[If the Gagarin swindle was officially admitted remains unclear].

Vladimir Ilyushin, first living returned atmospheronaut, lives as retired air force general in a Moscow suburb

April 2001
40 year jubilee of the Gagarin "space flight": Gagarin officially is not the first any more

Tass reports resp. senior research engineer Michail Rudenko reports that Gagarin was not the first human in the atmosphere ("in space"). The pilots Ledowski, Shaborin and Mitkow were lost between 1957 and 1959. Rudenko states that these flights were suborbital parabola flights (Wisnewski, p.28).

The question remains with which atmosphere ship the pilots had flown because Vostok atmosphere ships did not exist [officially] at this time.
(In: English Pravda 12.4.2001; http://english.pravda.ru/main/2001/04/12/3502.html; Wisnewski, p.28).

8 April 2001
The investigation report about Gagarin's and Seryogin's death: Crash because of weather balloons?

The investigation says:
-- all in all more than 200 people were questioned
-- the MiG airplane was in a perfect condition
-- sabotage should not be determined
-- the fact-finding commission cannot understand why Gagarin and his teacher  have not used the ejection seat to save themselves
-- Gagarin took part on a birthday ceremony two days before the crash but on the day of his last flight he had to pass two medical tests and he did not fail
-- on Gagarin's body no alcohol was determined.

The fact-finding commission concludes that some registering balloons caused the crash which could not be seen because of clouds until it was too late. The pilots probably had tried a quick evasion maneuver and by this the airplane began to trundle which was not possible to compensate. The steering lock angle of the airplane on the ground indicates that they were not far from saving themselves.

According to the officer Ivan Rubtsov, an elder member of the fact-finding commission, the version of the commission with the registering balloons as cause for the crash is the most probable version.

(Russia still starstruck over Gagarin; The Guardian, 8 April 2001; http://www.guardian.co.uk/spacedocumentary/story/0,2763,470371,00.html)

Russian government erected a Gagarin Seryogin monument in a birch forest with an obelisk with the reliefs of Gagarin and Seryogin at the alleged place of their crash.
Gagarin-Seryogin-monument in a birch forest in Russia at the alleged location of the crash of 1968
Gagarin-Seryogin-monument in a birch forest in Russia at the alleged location of the crash of 1968

[Well have you ever heard that any other airplane has come down by weather balloons? Speculations can go on...]

From Voskhod over Gemini to Soyus

From Voskhod over Gemini to Soyus

The atmosphere ships Voskhod and Gemini - Reader's Digest about Torre Bert - the first atmosphere-walk with an atmosphere ship "Voskhod 2" - "lunar probes" and "moon satellites" with first "moon fotos" - the catastrophes Apollo 1 and Soyus 1 - the "moon fever" and the stupid media

"Lunar probe" Luna 9: The opened capsule.
vergrössern The first officially intact landed "lunar probe" Luna 9: The opened capsule.
But nobody can control if the probe really landed on the moon. And radio communication
over 380,000 km with earth rotation at the same time is totally impossible...

  byMichael Palomino (2006)

The end of the Vostok missions - Soyus is not ready yet - the "American" atmosphere ship "Gemini" - the three seater "Voskhod"
A further by Koroliov planned Vostok flight in 1964 is not performed any more, among others because there is no propaganda profit against the "USA" any more. Since 1962 there are projected new atmosphere ships: Soyus and "Vostok Tsch" which both can be steered. But they are not realized because of financial difficulties. So, variated Vostok atmosphere ships have to be enough for the next few years.
(Project Vostok, http://www.raumfahrer.net/raumfahrt/bemannt/projekt_wostok.shtml)

First steerable unmanned atmosphere capsules are realized (program Zenith). When "USA" announce their "Gemini" atmosphere ships Koroliov lets remove the ejection seat of the Vostok capsules into a special funnel to give place for more seats. By this there is a three seated Vostok atmosphere ship, named "Voskhod",
(Project Vostok, http://www.raumfahrer.net/raumfahrt/bemannt/Project_wostok.shtml)

English "Sunrise". Voskhod without ejection seat gets space for two or three seat shells. The capsule gets a parachute on the top. Since model "Voskhod 2" there is attached a blow-up airlock for atmosphere-walks which can be removed after use. The possibility for an emergency rescue with an emergency exit is cancelled. Certain crews are flying with this atmosphere ship even without astronaut suit.

Atmosphere ship "Voskhod 2" with parachute capsule and blow-up air lock for atmosphere-walks, model.
Atmosphere ship "Voskhod 2" with parachute capsule and blow-up air lock for atmosphere-walks, model.
"Gemini" atmosphere ship of the "USA"
"Gemini" atmosphere ship of the "USA"
The Gemini atmosphere ships officially are different from mission to mission with changing of volumes and partitions of the service module etc.

(http://www.geocities.com/titan_2_ missile/gemini.htm)

vergrössern Proportions of Vostok, Mercury and Gemini, drawing.
Proportions of Vostok, Mercury and Gemini, drawing

With the atmosphere ship "Voskhod" the "SU" regime wants to pretend to the Western block that there had been developed a new revolutionary system. But this is not the case. The Vostok era has ended with it.
(Project Vostok, http://www.raumfahrer.net/raumfahrt/bemannt/Project_wostok.shtml)

Up to this time the capacity of the "Soviet" atmosphere capsules was brought to a maximum. Compared to the "American" Gemini atmosphere ships the "Soviets" had no possibility to steer their atmosphere ships during the flight or any connecting possibilities.

Gemini atmosphere ships have a unique parachute landing in two phases: Suddenly the capsule is going in an oblique position.

Gemini parachute landing in two phases, drawing.
Gemini parachute landing in two phases, drawing.

8 April 1964
"USA": Unmanned mission "Gemini 1"
NASA description Gemini Titan mission 1 (GT-1). The aim of a perfect start with the Titan rocket and a sure earth orbit officially can be reached. The second stage of the rocket is officially not separated from Gemini 1. After 4 hours and 50 minutes the aim of three perfect earth orbits is officially fulfilled. All systems are functioning. The atmosphere ship officially dies down after 64 earth orbits over the South Atlantic on 12 April 1964.

"Gemini 2" as an unmanned flight with a landing on earth is officially projected for 24 August 1964.

Middle of August 1964
"USA": "Gemini 2" is postponed because of an alleged lightning strike
An investigation cannot find any failure.

End of August / beginning of September 1964
"USA": "Gemini 2" has to be postponed several times because of hurricanes

9 Dec 1964
"USA": "Gemini 2" is postponed one second before start
The automatic control unit determines a falling pressure in the steering system of the first stage.

19 Jan 1965
"USA": Unmanned mission "Gemini 2" officially successful
NASA description Gemini Titan mission 2 (GT-2). First aim is a perfect landing. For this only a short flight is necessary. After a height of 171 km and 18 minutes and 16 seconds flight "Gemini 2" performs it's splashdown. The heat protection shield is strong enough.

Now a hatch is added to "Gemini 2" and is re-used another time within the espionage program "MOL" in 1966. By this Gemini 2 is officially the first reusable atmosphere ship of the world. The espionage program itself officially is only partly executed.
(http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_2; http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manned_Orbiting_Laboratory)

March 1965
Corriere della Sera reports dead "SU" astronauts - Ludmilla / Ludmila Serakovna
Corriere della Sera reports that at the beginning of the "SU" atmosphere flight many "Soviet" astronauts died in space (Wisnewski, p.22).

Above all Corriere della Sera reports the radio communication of woman astronaut Ludmilla. She reported flames during the re-entry into the lower dense atmosphere, and [most likely] she was burnt. She is said to be burnt in November 1963.

Corriere della Sera also reports the deadly flight of cosmonaut Belokenev in November 1962, another deadly flight of a woman on 10th November 1963, and a deadly atmosphere flight in April 1964, according to the data of Torre Bert.

Later the accident with Ludmilla from November 1963 is reset on 16 to 19 May 1961 or 19 to 23 May 1961.

18 March 1965
"SU": The first official atmosphere-walk ("space-walk") of Alexei Leonov
With an atmosphere ship "Voskhod 2" "Soviet" cosmonaut Alexei Leonov is officially performing the first atmosphere-walk of the world. Officially he is in the high atmosphere for 12 minutes and has a maximum distance from the atmosphere ship of 17.5 feet.
The worldwide first official atmosphere-walk ("space-walk") of Alexei Leonov
Alexander Leonov on his official atmosphere-walk.
Alexander Leonov on his official atmosphere-walk.

Alexander Leonov, portrait
Alexander Leonov.
23 March 1965
Gemini 3, start with a Titan booster rocket.
Gemini 3, start with a Titan booster rocket.
"USA": First double manned "US" mission "Gemini 3" with safe return
NASA description "Gemini Titan 3" (GT-3). On board are John W. Young and Virgil Grissom. The flight contains officially some tests and scientific experiments which are only partly fulfilled. The flight officially becomes known by some breadcrumbs of a sandwich which allegedly fly through the capsule in the zero gravity.

[There may be speculations if it's possible to remove the helmet during the flight and to eat sandwiches on board of the narrow capsule. It seems not possible and the sandwich is a lie to be in the newspapers. And the stupid media believe all to rise their number of copies...].

The flight ends with a splashdown 84 km from the planned landing point in the Atlantic. The astronauts have to wait 30 minutes for the recovery helicopter. They become sea sick and only get out when the atmosphere capsule gets a "life belt".

Beginning of April 1965
Reader's Digest, logo
Reader's Digest publishes a report about the Judica-Cordiglia brothers and about lost astronauts
Reader's Digest indicates estimations that the "SU" had lost at the beginning of the high atmosphere flight a minimum of 10 astronauts (Wisnewski, p.22).

Reader's Digest reports that cosmonauts which were driven away from earth could fly in the space until now in an extreme cold perfectly conserved (Wisnewski, p.35):

"... that today a Russian astronaut is flying with some 1,000s miles per hour through space quietly - the victim of a Soviet space flight [...] with a perfectly conserved body [...] for centuries a lonely migrant in space." (Wisnewski, p.35)

(orig.: "... dass heute ein vor langer Zeit verstorbener russischer Astronaut mit mehreren 1000 Meilen pro Stunde still durch den Weltraum treibt - das Opfer eines missglückten sowjetischen Raumfluges [...] mit einem durch die extreme Kälte perfekt konservierten Körper [...] auf Jahrhunderte hinaus ein einsamer Wanderer im Weltraum." (Wisnewski, S.35)

Reader's Digest about reports of Torre Bert about lost "SU" astronauts
The data in short words
-- from 1949 on interest for radio technique, Achille is 16, Gian only 10, at Erba near Lake of Como
-- purchase of old US radio equipment of the occupation army
-- 1959 change to Turin
-- 1960-1961: Installations in an old war bunker
-- 1961: Change to San Mauricio Canavese, Villa Bertalazzona, name "Torre Bert"
-- official monitoring stations: England at Jordrell Bank, "USA" at Tyngsboro (Massachusetts)
-- the sister Maria Theresia has to learn Russian
-- Gian's fiancée Laura Furbatto coordinates "Zeus" network
-- forecast for tube Lunik IV which misses the moon
-- 28 Nov 1960: radiogram "SOS to the whole World", also received by amateur stations in Texas and Germany
-- beginning of February 1961: Heart beats and respiration of an astronaut in panic
-- 17 May 1961: Voices of a hopeless conversation between two men and one woman
-- space quiz, America trip, presentation of conversation between Glenn and "US" control station


By J. D. Ratcliff
April 1965 With homemade electronic equipment, two young Italians are keeping tabs on Russian satellites and making some startling discoveries...

There is an eerie possibility that a long-dead Russian astronaut is today hurtling silently through space at thousands of miles an hour - the victim of a Soviet space shot that went wrong. His body perfectly preserved by intense cold, he may be a lonely wanderer in space for centuries to come.

Evidence that such a macabre voyager may exist comes from an exciting new band of hobbyists: amateur space watchers. Like the early ham-radio operators, these talented enthusiasts build their own equipment, often creating for a few hundred dollars - out of such cast - off junk as chicken wire, used pipe, second hand radios - instruments that would cost a government hundreds of thousands. Their eavesdropping on astronauts and their satellite - tracking achievements are impressive even to professionals.

Of the many amateur tracking stations now scattered over the earth, one of the most striking and complete is located in the peaceful little village of San Maurizio Canavese, 12 miles outside Turin, Italy. Although much of the equipment is either homemade or dates back to World War II, it looks thoroughly efficient. Inexpensive kitchen clocks on the wall give Greenwich Mean Time, local time in Moscow, Cape Kennedy and Turin. Operators wear white lab coats. The tracking console faithfully copies the one at Cape Kennedy - ingeniously modeled after photographs and scaled down to one fifth size.

The builders of this remarkable station are two brothers, Achille and Gian Battista Judica-Cordiglia. They got interested in radio as a hobby in 1949 while living at Erba, near Lake Como. Achille was 16, Gian only 10. When they tried to wheedle funds from their physician father to build a shortwave station, he reacted as most fathers would - "Don't waste time when you should be studying." They had better luck with their mother. The U. S. military was then selling off surplus radio equipment at the knockdown price of five cents a pound. The boys bought 300 pounds. After rebuilding it to their own needs, they were soon conversing in code with newfound friends the world over.

In 1959 the family moved to Turin. Satellite launchings had begun, and the boys were fascinated. "There was a new world out there," says Gian, "and we wanted to be a part of it." They decided to concentrate on Soviet rather than U. S. space efforts, because Russia was closer, and because the Russians were secretive, never publicizing shots in full technical detail as the United States does. They installed crude listening equipment in an old World War II German bunker, and shivered through the winter of 1960-61 while they perfected their apparatus. Achille spared all the time he could from medical school; Gian signed up for a correspondence course in engineering, so he could study at the station with his headphones on.

Better quarters came the next year when their father took over a convalescent home in a rambling 16th - century villa at San Maurizio Canavese. Now the boys christened their station Torre Bert (Torre for tower, Bert for Villa Bertalazona, the original name of the convalescent home). They already had a number of striking achievements to their credit. They could listen to conversations between astronauts and ground stations for a few fleeting seconds as the space vehicles passed over Turin. But they wanted to listen longer and to be able to track satellites. This meant they must have a "movable dish" antenna, which could follow objects across the sky and scoop up even the faintest electronic signals from space.

Governments spend millions for such things installed in elaborate layouts - Britain spent $4,500,000 at Jodrell Bank, the U. S. Air Force 15 million at Tyngsboro, Mass. A Turin contractor offered to build a dish antenna for $3200. The boys checked their Torre Bert bank balance - $30. The only solution, of course, was one they had become accustomed to: build their own.

From junkyards they came back with pipe for the antenna framework, an auto steering wheel that could be used to turn it, and truck bearings to carry the ton - and - a - half contrivance. With extraordinary ingenuity they built other equipment: a 4 - by - 12 foot screen that would light up to show the position of a satellite at any given moment; a second screen to follow moon shots; a listening console with three secondhand recorders to tape messages from satellites. In sum, it was a remarkably faithful model of the tracking control room at Cape Kennedy, the far off wonderland of their dreams.

Lacking a library or funds to buy technical journals, the young space watchers had to invent much equipment already in existence, but about which they knew nothing. One example was a filtering device to screen out unwanted noises coming in from space. They also developed methods of determining whether a signal came from the ground or from a moving vehicle. But one of their biggest achievements, which required superb detective work, was determining the frequencies of Russian tracking stations. At present they know the frequencies of six of them and can tune in at will.

As their station grew in complexity, it became clear to Gian and Achille that help would be needed for its operation. Fifteen space enthusiasts, mostly in their early 20s, were recruited. The boys' sister, Maria Theresa, a pert and pretty teen - ager, got one of the most difficult assignments. She was to learn Russian so she could translate messages from manned Soviet flights. She is now fluent in the language.
Next, the boys wanted to organize electronic coverage of the entire earth. Gian's fiancée, Laura Furbatto, was given the job of enlisting other amateur space watchers scattered around the world - from Tahiti in the Pacific, to Angola in Africa, to Argentina in South America. Thus the 17 - station Zeus amateur network was born, hooked together by shortwave radio. Now, when the operators of the little Italian station discover that the Russians are going through a pre - launch rehearsal, they alert the other Zeus stations so that they can be ready to start tracking when the time comes.

Normally on a 12-hour schedule, Torre Bert goes on 24 - hour alert when Soviet ground stations become active. Every team member has his assigned post: two men monitor voices and signals and make tape recordings; two work the dish antenna; and one of the most talented members of the team, a math wizard, operates a hand - cranked calculating machine to figure speed and orbital path. (Professionals use electronic computers). The team's accuracy is such that they were able to predict, 12 hours in advance, that Russia's Lunik IV would miss the moon by 5,000 miles. The actual miss: 5,281 miles.

Most man-carrying satellites circle the earth in 90 to 120 minutes. By the time the second orbit begins, the busy little station has already calculated its basic tracking information, and the screen on the wall lights up, showing minute to minute location.

In its short span of life, Torre Bert has plucked some remarkable messages from space. On November 28, 1960, for example, there was the cryptic message: "SOS to the entire world." It came from a moving space vehicle and was repeated three times. Amateurs in Texas and Germany picked up the same message. Three days later Russia admitted a launch which had ended in failure - but did not mention a man aboard.
On 17 May 1961, the voices of two men and a woman were heard in desperate conversation - "Conditions growing worse why don't you answer? ... we are going slower... the world will never know about us . . ." Then silence. The same words were picked up in Alaska and Sweden. Their meaning? No one will know until the Russians choose to talk.

Perhaps the most moving message of all was a wordless one made early in February 1961. Tapes, which I myself heard at Torre Bert, recorded the racing beat of an over - exerted heart (the hearts of all astronauts are monitored automatically) and sounds of labored breathing. The Judica - Cordiglia brothers took the tapes to famed heart surgeon Dr. A. M. Dogliotti. His verdict: "This is the heart of a dying man." The brothers are firmly convinced that the Russians have spent freely of human life to achieve their space successes. Accumulated evidence indicates that there may have been at least ten deaths.

The young men of Turin spent a long time admiring the U.S. space program from a distance before they finally got an opportunity to see it last year. Italian TV put on a space-quiz program with a $3000 prize. The Judica - Cordiglia brothers won in a walk and promptly bought plane tickets for America. Visiting space centers in Alabama, Florida, Maryland and Texas, they deeply impressed American space scientists. "They have done a remarkable job," says Harry J. Goett, director of the Goddard Space Flight Center. At Cape Kennedy the brothers played tapes they had made of John Glenn's conversations with the ground. Professional spacemen were mystified. The United States never announces radio frequencies until after a flight for fear of causing traffic congestion on the particular wavelength. How had the boys determined this one? Easy, the Judica - Cordiglias said; they had seen a pre - flight picture of the Glenn capsule and had figured the frequency from the size of the capsule's antenna!

The future? The busy little tracking station will be only a hobby for Achille, who now has his medical degree and hopes to specialize in space medicine. But for Gian, a hobby has become a career. "The further you go with this, the stronger is the urge to continue," he says. He hopes for a job offer from the United States. Meanwhile, he and his fellow space watchers around the globe are keeping their eyes on the sky and providing the scientific world with its most striking example of amateur ingenuity.

7 April 1965
"SU" answer against Reader's Digest
"SU" propaganda (Radio Moscow) reacts disgusted on the Digest report. Radio Moscow mentions the Judica-Cordiglia brothers directly and means:

"Nobody can query the safety of our space ships."

(orig.: "Niemand kann die Sicherheit unserer Raumfahrzeuge in Zweifel ziehen." (Wisnewski, S.22).

3 June 1965
"USA": Gemini 4 with an official atmosphere-walk ("space-walk") by Astronaut Edward White II.

Gemini 4: Manned start capsule, according to NASA before start, foto no. 65-H-910.
Gemini 4: Manned start capsule, according to NASA before start, foto no. 65-H-910.

The manned flight of the two astronauts Edward H. White and James McDivitt lasts officially several days. With the planned atmosphere-walk also a new astronaut suit had to be developed.

The atmosphere-walk lasts officially 22 minutes

or 23 minutes. The splashdown is performed 65 km from the planned landing point officially because of problems with the steering computer. Officially an aircraft carrier takes the two astronauts.

The official atmosphere-walk of Astronaut Edward White

Edward White, portrait
Edward White, portrait
Edward White [officially] on his atmosphere-walk ("space walk"), with a pipe for oxygen supply and radio communication, with rebound pistol for the change of direction.
Edward White [officially] on his atmosphere-walk ("space walk"), with a pipe for oxygen supply and radio communication, with rebound pistol for the change of direction.
Gemini 4: Splashdown with a green  dye so helicopter pilots can better find the landing capsule, foto no. S65-34044.
vergrössern Gemini 4: Splashdown with a green  dye so helicopter pilots can better find the landing capsule, foto no. S65-34044.
Gemini 4 astronauts meet parachute jumper Gagarin, foto no.  65-H-1123
vergrössern Gemini 4 astronauts meet parachute jumper Gagarin, foto no.  65-H-1123
[There is no neutral control if Gemini 4 really was performed].

since 1965 approx.
The manipulated school books with the space lies of the "Soviet Union"

Any school book claims now:
-- Vladimir Ilyushin had had a car accident
after his landing in China and had been in Mao's China for rehabilitation because of this accident (Wisnewski, p.34)
-- Gagarin had been the "first man in space" though he was only a parachute jumper
-- the dead "SU" astronauts are never mentioned, as well the lies about the Ilyushin flight and the Gagarin "flight" are never mentioned (Wisnewski, p.23).

The "SU" lies as a model for the "USA"
The lies of the "Soviet" regime become a real lying culture and become a model for the "USA" to play "moon landings" which never had been performed. But the stupid media greedy for sensations are accepting all this as also the faked Gagarin flight was accepted without one single original foto of the flight. For the media truth does not count but above all the sensation. After the "moon landings" in TV the "Soviet" atmosphere flight consists only of Gagarin and all other things are forgotten for the Western media. And the truth is called "conspiracy theory"...
(Conclusion Palomino)

21 Aug 1965
"USA": "Gemini 5" with an 8 day flight - point manoevres
NASA description: "Gemini Titan 5" (GT-5). After an interrupted start on 19 August 1965 liftoff is performed on 21 August 1965, officially with the astronauts Charles Conrad and Gordon Cooper. Officially the flight is all in all one hour too short. It's officially the first time that fuel cells are used. A planned rendezvous manoevre with an aim satellite is officially not successful because of falling pressure in the fuel cells. By this only fictive points are approached officially. After some days some steering engines fail officially. Because of bad weather the splashdown is brought forward by one orbit. There is an aberration of the planned landing point of 145 km, officially by wrong computer data. With 8 days flight Gemini 5 establishes a new long time record and overtake the "Soviet Union".

29 Aug 1965
Splashdown of Gemini 5
The landing aberration from the planned landing point is according to Wisnewski 170.3 km, according to wikipedia 170 km. This precision corresponds with an earth orbit flight. The flight seems to be real.
(Wisnewski, p.238-242; http://en.wikipedia.com, Splashdown)
Splashdown of Gemini 5

Gemini 5: Recovery of the astronauts by helicopter, foto no. 65-HC-668.
vergrössern Gemini 5: Recovery of the astronauts by helicopter, foto no. 65-HC-668.
The Gemini 5 capsule brought on board, foto no. S65-46630.
vergrössern The Gemini 5 capsule brought on board, foto no. S65-46630.
[There is no neutral control if Gemini 5 really was performed].

4 Dec 1965
"USA": Start of "Gemini 7" - planned double liftoff with "Gemini 6 A"
On board of "Gemini 7" are officially the astronauts James A. Lovell and Frank Borman. The projected 14 days flight puts new requests concerning the concept of the atmosphere ship and further more changes. Officially there are among others medical experiments and a rendezvous with the remained second stage of the booster rocket. Officially it's the first time the astronauts are allowed to remove their astronaut suit during the flight because one astronaut in the astronaut suit and another in the long underwear brings climatic problems.

But the liftoff of Gemini 6-A has officially to be postponed by several reasons. By this "Gemini 7" officially is flying alone in the high atmosphere until the liftoff of "Gemini 6-A" is performed successfully. Then officially a rendezvous is performed.

15 Dec 1965
"USA": The official rendezvous of the Gemini atmosphere ships "Gemini 6-A" and "Gemini 7"
After the start of "Gemini 6-A" officially with the astronauts Tom Stafford and Walter Schirra Gemini 6-A and Gemini 7 are performing a "rendezvous". Officially it's the first rendezvous in the atmosphere flight performed by steering engines with a distance of only 30 cm. Officially all manoevres are successful. Gemini 6-A officially returns already one day after the rendezvous, with live broadcast  of the splashdown in TV.

18 Dec 1965
"USA": Officially successful landing of "Gemini 7" - alleged new long time record
330 hours, 35 minutes and 1 second flight Gemini 7 is officially said having performed a new long time record in the high atmosphere ("in space"). And this is also the text in the encyclopedias of that time...
(http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_7 (Juli 2006)

The facts: Both flights Gemini 6A and Gemini 7 are a big lie
Gemini 6-A behind Gemini 7, "Rendezvous" in the atmosphere, foto no. S65-63221. It's a photo composition.
Gemini 6-A behind Gemini 7, "Rendezvous" in the atmosphere, foto no. S65-63221. It's a photo composition.

The aberration from the landing point are:
-- Gemini 6A according to Wisnewski: 12,9 km, according to http://en.wikipedia.com: Splashdown (August 2006): 13 km
-- Gemini 7 according to Wisnewski: 11,8 km, according to http://en.wikipedia.com: Splashdown (August 2006): 12 km.

This precise landings coming from an earth orbit with a landing capsule on a parachute without steering possibility are impossible. So, Gemini 6A and Gemini 7 never flew. The claim of the rendezvous in the high atmosphere is a big lie. The rockets were empty during their liftoffs. Both crews only have performed an airdrop over the landing point as it was exercised 1,000s of times in training (Wisnewski, p.238-242).

So, the "long time record" is presented by a lied flight. The lying system of NASA functions very well. The only thing what is true of the two flights are the splashdowns... The stupid media believed the claims of the flights and spread these lies and are rising their numbers of copies with it, and "USA" can claim having established a new record and having overtaken the "Soviet Union". What's coming now is clear: One lie follows the other one...
(Conclusion Palomino)

Torre Bert: Shutdown of the monitoring center of the Cordiglia brothers
The Cordiglia brothers become highly respected experts in cancer research and in forensic medicine.

Since 1966 the race about moon data begins - the Van Allen radiation belts
The race about the moon begins with "lunar probes" which are said having sent data to the earth by radio communication which cannot be possible over a distance of 380,000km and considering earth rotation. The fantasy that men could fly to the moon is provoked by the media in a kind that the "USA" perform "moon landings" in their simulation studios at Langley and Houston at the end. But the "USA" and the "SU" both know that the Van Allen radiation belts cannot be passed. But they keep it secret. It's really like this: One lie follows the other lie...
(Observation Palomino)

31 Jan 1966
"SU": Official start of "lunar probe" Luna 9

3 Feb 1966
"SU": First official soft landing of a "lunar probe" on the moon: Luna
Official "lunar probe" Luna 9

"Lunar probe" Luna 9: The alleged landing mechanism, drawing.
"Lunar probe" Luna 9: The alleged landing mechanism, drawing.
"Lunar probe" Luna 9, flight position.
"Lunar probe" Luna 9, flight position.

"Lunar probe" Luna 9: The alleged opened capsule on the moon, drawing with inscriptions.
"Lunar probe" Luna 9: The alleged opened capsule on the moon, drawing with inscriptions.

"Lunar probe" Luna 9: The opened capsule.
"Lunar probe" Luna 9: The opened capsule.

"Moon foto" allegedly from Luna 9
"Moon foto" allegedly from Luna 9
[Officially] the "Soviet Union" claims being the first super power having perfect landing on the moon and having fotos from the moon.

The impossibility of lunar probes and moon fotos
There is no neutral control if a "lunar probe" has landed on the moon or not. "Moon landscapes" can be produced on earth easily. Add to this it's hardly possible that a radio communication with fotos over a distance of 380,000 km is possible, because of the long distance and because of the earth rotation. But the stupid media believe all to rise their number of copies, and when the "President" says it is like this the media say it also. And the truth is called "conspiracy theory". This system functions very well...
(Conclusion Palomino)

2 June 1966
"USA": First official soft landing of a "US" "lunar probe" on the moon: Surveyor 1
Official "US" "lunar probe" "Surveyor 1"
The starting booster rocket of "lunar probe" "Surveyor 1"
The starting booster rocket of "lunar probe" "Surveyor 1"
"Lunar probe" "Surveyor 1", drawing with inscriptions
"Lunar probe" "Surveyor 1", drawing with inscriptions.
"Lunar probe" Surveyor 1 standing on Earth.
"Lunar probe" Surveyor 1 standing on earth.
But there is no neutral control if ever a "lunar probe" has landed on the moon. Probably the rocket was empty. But the stupid media believe all to rise their number of copies...

3-6 June 1966
"USA": Big lie about a flight "Gemini 9A"

Officially there is the claim that the crew had been exchanged and the aim had been a docking manoevre with a satellite which could not be brought into the right orbit by the first trial, and during the second liftoff of the satellite a peace of the casing of the second satellite had not opened completely so the docking manoevre had not been possible.

But according to the landing data with an aberration of only 0.7 km from the planned landing point the whole flight is a lie because with a non steerable landing capsule on a parachute such a landing precision is impossible or a lucky chance. But the Gemini capsules before had also landed with a precision within a range of 10 km. So the flight Gemini 9 is again a big lie. The rocket started empty, and the crew performed an airdrop as it was trained 1,000s of times in training already (Wisnewski, p.238-242).

The stupid media believe all, they report about the "dramatic" events which officially are reported and by this they can rise their number of copies. According to the data situation the only thing which is true is the splashdown...
(Conclusion Palomino)
Gemini 9A in an Earth orbit, faked foto (foto no. S66-37989), probably a foto shortly after the airdrop taken from the cargo aircraft. The strong rope is visible yet. Or it can be a foto composition, too.
vergrössern Gemini 9A in an earth orbit, faked foto (foto no. S66-37989), probably a foto shortly after the airdrop taken from the cargo aircraft. The strong rope is visible yet. Or it can be a foto composition, too.
14 Aug 1966
"USA": The "moon satellite" "Lunar Orbiter 1" allegedly making "moon fotos" and fotos with an "earth rise"

not possible over a distance of 380,000 km considering a moon orbit of the "moon satellite" and considering the earth rotation.

Lunar Orbiter 1: Alleged first detailed "moon fotos" from a moon orbit - an alleged "earth rise"
Start of the booster rocket of "Lunar Orbiter 1", foto no. L-1966-06381, probably the rocket is empty.
Start of the booster rocket of "Lunar Orbiter 1", foto no. L-1966-06381, probably the rocket is empty.
"US" "Moon satellite" "Lunar Orbiter 1".
"US" "Moon satellite" "Lunar Orbiter 1".
"Moon foto " of "Luna Orbiter 1", crater landscape, alleged air foto, probably from LOLA planetarium.
vergrössern"Moon foto " of "Luna Orbiter 1", crater landscape, alleged air foto, probably from LOLA planetarium.
"Moon foto" from "Luna Orbiter 1", alleged Earth rise seen from a moon orbit, probably from LOLA planetarium.
vergrössern"Moon foto" from "Luna Orbiter 1", alleged earth rise seen from a moon orbit, probably from LOLA planetarium.

According to the technical possibilities it's impossible to transmit fotos over a distance of 380,000 km from a moon orbit on a rotating earth. And a neutral control is not possible...

LOLA moon model at Langley near Hampton (Virginia), foto of 1.8.1965, foto no. L-65-5579. With this model you can make many beautiful "moon fotos", even with a little railway with camera to simulate moon orbits...
LOLA moon model at Langley near Hampton (Virginia), foto of 1.8.1965, foto no. L-65-5579. With this model you can make many beautiful "moon fotos", even with a little railway with camera to simulate moon orbits...
The planetarium at Langley with a big moon model

According to Wisnewski all fotos of the Surveyor missions can be a fake. The numeration of the alleged earth rise foto with an "L" stands for the simulation center at Langley near Hampton (Virginia). According to this numeration the foto was made with the big moon model "LOLA" from the Langley Research Institute.

(In: James R. Hansen: Spaceflight Revolution: http://history.nasa.gov/SP-4308/ch11.htm; Wisnewski,S.286, 288-289)

It's easy to produce a foto with an "earth rise": You make a "moon foto" from the moon model, then you paint out the background with black colour, and you take an "earth" into the background, and this is the perfect "earth rise". It's this simple, and it's cheap. The cheapest solution mostly is the most likely one...
(Conclusion Palomino)

August 1966
"SU": Gagarin is nominated as back-up pilot for the planned mission Soyus 1
Pilot is Vladimir Komarov.

Official "SU" historiography: Gagarin serves in the Council of Nations of the Supreme Soviets

28 Nov 1966
"SU": First Soyus flight: The atmosphere ship officially is missing: "Cosmos 133"
Planned is an unmanned double mission with two Soyus atmosphere ships. The Soyus atmosphere ship has the possibility to steer with steering engines and the possibility to dock, developed since 1963.
Soyus atmosphere ship, drawing with inscriptions
vergrössern Soyus atmosphere ship, drawing with inscriptions
The first unmanned start of a Soyus atmosphere ship under the camouflage description "Cosmos 133" is a failure. The position of the Soyus atmosphere ship in the earth orbit is not stable. Because of this failure the second Soyus atmosphere ship stays on the ground an is not started. The first Soyus ship threatens to land in China because the landing engines could not be started several times. Officially the ship is never recovered. A self destruction is never reported. The "SU" regime plans a second Soyus start for 14 December 1966.

14 Dec 1966
"SU": The second unmanned Soyus atmosphere ship remains on the ground - explosion
The firing of some engines of the booster rocket fails. The rocket remains on the ground. During the defuel operation of the fuel [which is highly corrosive] the rescue tower catches fire. The rocket is under control put on fire. But then the rocket explodes. Minimum one death victim.

"SU": Gagarin's visit in Bulgaria with decoration
The Gagarin adoration for the parachute jumper keeps on and on. In 1967 Gagarin is honoured in Bulgaria as the first foreigner with the title "Hero of the Peoples Republic". At that time Gagarin's wife is working as a staff member of a big medical laboratory of the Yuri Gagarin cosmonaut training center.

Juri Gagarin, elder ca. 1967, with deformed left eyebrow.
Juri Gagarin, elder ca. 1967, with deformed left eyebrow.

January 1967
"USA": Apollo 1 catches fire because of a pure oxygen atmosphere and sparks and short-circuits
The three astronauts who were murdered on Apollo 1: Grissom, White and Chaffee. Until today "USA" rejects any neutral investigation and all facts which don't fit into the NASA version are determined as "conspiracy theory". But facts cannot conspire...
The three astronauts who were murdered on Apollo 1: Grissom, White and Chaffee. Until today "USA" rejects any neutral investigation and all facts which don't fit into the NASA version are determined as "conspiracy theory". But facts cannot conspire...

A manned NASA test with the disabled Apollo 1 capsule in a pure oxygen atmosphere with a plug out test to test the independent current supply ends in a disaster. For reasons of time there is no unmanned test before. But already before 1967 there have been heavy accidents in the "USA" with pure oxygen atmospheres with death and injured victims. By all this it's not at all understandable why NASA performs the test in this kind. The fire can be foreseen, the manned test in a pure oxygen atmosphere is a suicide squad and at least it's negligent homicide. Warning indications from NAA security inspector Thomas Ronald Baron are rejected by NASA and the engineer company North American Aviation (NAA). NAA dismisses him after his report.

The test is not successful, first two times because of acid milk smell in the capsule, then because of interrupted radio communication. At the fourth test trial the astronauts report smoke in the capsule, but the test is not stopped and the oxygen atmosphere with overpressure is started. The control center has the sign of warming batteries which is sign for a short-circuit, but the test is not stopped. After 10 minutes smoke suddenly a fire breaks out, allegedly because of a short-circuit. of the main switch. But a spark of a normal switch on the switch board without special short-circuit is more likely. During the fire the plastic chained binding develops toxic gases.

The capsule is not at all prepared for the case of a fire. The hatch can be opened only to the interior side, and with overpressure in the cabin it's not possible to open it. And the life keeping systems maintain the overpressure. After 5 minutes only the hatch is opened from outside. The astronauts have passed out but are living yet.

By incomprehensible reasons NASA boss Gilruth is blocking any connection to the launch pad, a gagging order. Doctors are coming. They are said the astronauts would have died and by this the doctors may not even see the bodies of the astronauts and are sent away. Any First Aid is missing. The astronauts have passed out but are living yet and develop a lethal pulmonary edema by the toxic gases. The development of pulmonary edemas needs some hours. After 6 hours only the dead astronauts are taken from the burnt capsule. The NASA procedure is threefold murder.

A neutral fact-finding commission is not admitted but the bosses of NASA and NAA are investigating together and covering themselves together. The ex safety commissioner of "North American Aviation" (NAA), Thomas Ronald Baron, presents at the hearing of the Congress commission a report with 500 pages with the aim to stop the dangerous Apollo project. Baron gets the answer: He is probably killed together with his wife and his stepdaughter. An autopsy is never performed. Officially the death of the Baron family is presented as "an accident at a level-crossing". In the following time also the widow of astronaut White is murdered. She officially commits suicide but never was depressive or in danger of committing suicide. Probably she "spoke" too much. So there are three murders and four suspicions of murder against NASA in connection with CIA and NAA. A neutral investigation never takes place, but the facts are called "conspiracy theory"...
(A detailed presentation of the fire of Apollo 1 and the NASA murders you can find here).

Wikipedia declares the short-circuit with insufficient cables: The cause for the short-circuit were the Teflon coating of the electric cables in combination with the aluminium structure of the cable forms. Defect cables can provoke electric arcs and fire in combination with aluminium. And the nylon of the astronaut suits was too easily flammable.

"SU": Planned double mission
The "SU" regime means to be able to overtake the "USA" with double Soyus flights with docking manoevres in the high atmosphere.

7 Feb 1967
"SU": The third unmanned Soyus atmosphere ship: Also "Cosmos 140" crashes
The start under the description "Cosmos 140" is well performed but the position in the earth orbit is not stable. The re-entry into the lower atmosphere is steeper than planned. A radio transmission failure provokes that air is put out of the return capsule. [By this the capsule looses weight]. The heat protection shield burns through [because the re-entry lasts too long]. At the end the capsule [officially] crashes in the Aral Sea. Divers [officially] can recover the capsule.
Vladimir Komarov, portrait.
Vladimir Komarov, portrait.
[Nobody can control what really happened. The version can be right or wrong].

23 April 1967
SU: Planned double mission: Start of  "Soyus 1"
Soyus 1 pilot is Vladimir Komarov. Gagarin is back-up pilot.

A second Soyus atmosphere ship (mission "Soyus 2") is planned to start a day later on 24 April 1967. But one of the solar panels of Soyus 1 is not opening. The atmosphere ship also cannot be steered right so the only opened solar panel gives too less current. Because of lack of current the landing is foreseen soon. The short wave radio is not functioning right. There is only a connection on USW when the "Soviet Union" is overflown.

24 April 1967
"SU": Crash of "Soyus 1" - death of Komarov because the parachute is not opening

Because of bad weather the second atmosphere ship "Soyus 2" [officially] stays on the ground. By this a hand repair of the solar panel of Soyus 1 is not possible [officially]. After 16 earth orbits Komarov's first trial to fire the landing engines of "Soyus 1" fails [officially]. After 18 earth orbits he succeeds to fire the landing engines by hand [officially]. In a height of 7 km the parachutes should open themselves but they don't [officially]. By this the landing capsule of "Soyus 1" is crashing with 40 m/s [144 km/h] on the ground and Komarov cannot survive this [officially].

The reason of the not opening parachutes is found afterwards [officially]: From the fixed heat protection shield some glue flew into the parachute case and had fixed the parachute on the casing [officially].


Komarov is reported as the first dead of an atmosphere flight ("death by world space travel").

Gagarin is nominated by the "SU" regime for pilot of the first manned mission to the moon (Soyus 3) to restore confidence into the "Soviet" atmosphere flight.
Soyus 1: The official wreckage of the landing capsule after the crash.
vergrössern Soyus 1: The official wreckage of the landing capsule after the crash.

Funeral of Vladimir Komarov on the Kremlin wall.
vergrössern Funeral of Vladimir Komarov on the Kremlin wall.

Conclusions by Michael Palomino:

The lying culture of the "SU" and the "USA" is established - the new "moon fantasy"

The lying culture about "space flight" which can be only an atmosphere flight because of the radioactive Van Allen radiation belts in a height of 200 to 1000 km is established in the propaganda machineries of the super powers. The "lunar probes" and "moon satellites" are pretending to mankind the fact that also humans could reach the moon. A global "moon fantasy" is spread, a "moon feever".

The lot of accidents in the year 1967 indicates that the atmosphere flight is very dangerous and that the technical devices are not available. But since 1968 suddenly "moon flights" without any accident shall have been possible.

For the "Soviet Union" Gagarin shall save the "Soviet Union" with a "moon flight"  and lead from the Soyus crash, and the "USA" after the Apollo 1 catastrophe are just in the same situation. So, both systems have to perform a "moon landing" to be able to present a "cleared" balance to the population.  The political pressure provokes many "moon fantasies" and any device is permitted for it.

But it's not possible to get to the moon because of the high radioactive Van Allen radiation belts and because of the cosmic radioactive radiation of the sun, otherwise humans get cancer at once. The moon has no protective atmosphere and is likely highly radioactively contaminated. And during the time of 1968 to 1972 the sun has an active phase with many sunspots and high radioactive cosmic radiation. Until today no astronaut had cancer directly after a "moon flight", and only one single astronaut got cancer at all. There is something wrong, but the stupid media believe all when the "President" is saying it, and the number of copies has to be risen...

This is no conspiracy theory, stupid journalist, but these are facts. You don't believe? The facts remain. Facts cannot conspire.