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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Jo Cox Murder : Accused Will Not Give Evidence

Jo Cox Murder : Accused Will Not Give Evidence

Introduction — Nov 23, 2016

The ‘murder’ of Remain Campaigner and MP Jo Cox just days before the Brexit vote should have swung the vote against leaving the European Union. Unfortunately, for Remain Campaigners like Jo Cox it was not to be.
CCTV image of Mair shortly after the murder. He is alleged to have changed his clothes after the killing. Click to enlarge
CCTV image of Mair shortly after the murder. He is alleged to have changed his clothes after the killing.
However that doesn’t alter the fact that there are too many discrepancies in Jo Cox’s murder for it to be deemed an open and shut case. From the conflicting accounts of various eyewitnesses to the CCTV images of the accused allegedly escaping the scene, which are so blurred as to make identication impossible (right), the case against Thomas Mair is far from being open and shut.
For example, prior to the prosecution presenting photos of Mair’s bookshelf packed with Nazi memorabilia and rightwing literature, his family and neighbours reported that Mair was not a violent man who had never expressed any extremist views.
Yet the jury at his trial were told that Mair researched racist ideologies and also sought treatment for “depression” the day before he allegedly attacked Jo Cox.
In other words Mair was psychologically unstable and vulnerable too. All of which suggests to this writer that he was the target for a mind-control operation, which set him up as the fall guy for Jo Cox’s alleged murder.
The fact that Mair has opted NOT to give any evidence in his defence only underlines this. Why would he not choose to testify: when he might mitigate his sentence or simply justify his crime?
If he was so politically motivated, as the prosecution claims, he might even have used it as an opportunity to make a defiant speech. 
He didn’t, which suggests to this writer that his controllers want Mair silenced, sentenced and locked away for the rest of his life, and the case forgotten.

Jo Cox Murder : Police Video Exposes Jo Cox Hoax

Police Video Exposes Jo Cox Hoax

The police have revealed their CCTV timing of the Jo cox murder.
      Had Thomas Mair been planning to kill Jo Cox, he would have arrived at the Birstall library at least five minutes before her – if he wanted to get her as she emerged from her car. He would have had to be there, waiting for her.
But, the police timeline, published by the local newspaper, puts him there for hardly one minute – and, has him arriving too late.

Impossible? Let’s check this out (thanks to Helen Turner for this detective work).

We here allude to the times in minutes given on that police video, for its CCTV sequence. We cite only images with date-and-times given on them.
Their video starts on the day before, the 15th, which we ignore. We start at four minutes and sixteen seconds of their video.

4.16 mins

      The time here is given as 11.52 am, on the 16th, in Birstall market: we see a figure loitering, with hunched shoulders, a black jacket with a brown jacket over his arm, and cream cap. He is supposed to be Thomas Mair.

2016-11-26 (5)

4.42 mins

At 12. 50. 58 am, the  silver Astra with Jo Cox drives up the hill to Birstall library: 

2016-11-26 (7)

 5.06 mins

‘Mair’ is opposite the market at 12  51 41. We see a sequence of him in the distance, strolling towards library. A blue arrow points to him:

2016-11-26 (8)

At 12.52.03 there began the assault on Jo Cox, as she emerged from her car (court testimony).


5.20 mins 

At 12. 53. 52 ‘Mair’ with his white hat calmly walks down the hill, Market Street. This is AFTER the event and he is now about 90m away,  walking away from the library. A blue arrow points to him:

2016-11-27 (4)

Here is a street map showing how far he has now gone, it is a good minute’s walk:

2016-11-27 (3)

 Summary: the official police CCTV record puts ‘Mair’ as not yet having reached the library at ten seconds before 12.52, when the assault is meant to have begun. So he would have arrived too late. Then, two minutes after that image, he is shown as walking away from the Birstall library, being some 90 metres from it. The police timeline has him arrive too late and leave too soon.

This suggests that Thomas Mair is innocent.

Let us recall, how the Court heard details of the assault: after firing one bullet, Mair walked away, we were shown him crossing the road then coming back again, to fire two more at the victim. The strange gun had to be reloaded each time. Then he reached into his bag and pulled out a dagger. Then a taxi driver turned up and Mair interacted with him. Then Bernard Kenny crossed over the road and got stabbed.  Then we heard Jo Cox how lying on the ground, dying, spoke. Then her assistant pleaded with Mair to stop. We heard how two women emerging from the car swung their handbags at him. He stood over the victim and stabbed her fifteen times. All his drama would have taken time, surely not less than five minutes.*

There was a lot more CCTV shown in the court, and if that could be released with the timestamps it might clarify things further.


The Next Day

Here is a police picture of ‘Mair’ the next day the 17th, showing no trace of bruising or cut on forehead. The Court was told how two police officers had arrested him by grabbing his arms and pulling him down onto his knees, at 1.34 pm., so his head hit the pavement and bled profusely. The police have badly muddled up their own story.


*  We could also add here,  In the minutes before, Mark Donlan had seen Mair lingering around outside the Vape Lounge [2-4 Market Street] “acting in a strange way”.  He described how he had casually eaten a Cadbury’s Flake before the attack, putting the wrapper in a bin. Investigators recovered it. Mr Donlan told police: “I can definitely say that the man who discharged the gun was the man I had seen outside my shop.” This was missed out in the trial.
CCTV shows allegedly Mair crossing road at 12.09 and waiting to cross the road at 12.32.
The gun in the bag has tape on handle but not in photo shown to jury.
The photo of knife ( dagger ) shown to jury does not match descriptions and has no blood on it.
So he wandered around for an hour near the scene but arrived late?
The coat that he was seen to drop at the scene. Then pushed under car by policeman and then not found for 9 days. is the most absurd piece of evidence.

Another point: we are told he was followed by a member of the public who informed the police of his location. The question thus emerges, why it wasn’t until almost an hour later and over a mile away in a culdesac of all places, he was challenged and arrested, when there was plenty of opportunity before? Not to mention the fact that – as reported by the BBC – the police themselves stated that they had arrested at the scene ‘in Market Street’ itself! “16 Jun 2016 – The man taken into custody was arrested in Market Street, not far from Birstall Library where Mrs Cox was holding a constituency surgery. He has been named locally as Tommy Mair.” (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-36550304) ““Then he ran off down a one-way street. Me and my mate drove round to try and find him.” No sign of him running on police video. (https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jun/16/labour-mp-jo-cox-shot-in-west-yorkshire)
 Its a travesty of injustice. If that was Thomas Mair in the court room why did he not defend himself, he pleaded not guilty but then he did not say why he was not guilty. Why didn’t his defence lawyer bring any witnesses for the defence. Funny isn’t it that these crimes are always committed by single men living alone. All the people who knew him for many years say how pleasant and helpful he was so I don’t believe he had all this nazi\white supremacist\holocaust stuff in his house, I believe it was planted there. This makes me think it was another Mossad led operation.



JO COX Murder : Notes on the Thomas Mair Case

 Notes on the Thomas Mair Case

1. Next to the library at Birstall is the Azzurro coffee bar – it was brand-new when the Cox-Mair story appeared, but now it’s closed down. It was cropped out of most pictures of the library, but it used to look like this:azzurro

2. There is another tiny coffee-shop a few doors up, ‘D’licious’ where the lady serving told me she had ‘seen it happen.’ She heard a gunshot. She didn’t actually see Jo Cox being stabbed she added, because it all happened behind a car [NB, We hear just the same remark from the owner of the Azzurro Cafe, see below].   She was thus accepting the later narrative, where it all happened ‘in the gutter’ between two cars.

3. The day before, on the early evening of 15th June, Thomas Mair visited Rebecca Walker at her Well-Being Clinic - just round the corner from the Library. He was concerned about being depressed, but did not want to keep taking the pills his doctor had prescribed. He looked through some of the treatments on offer at the clinic -Aromatherapy massage, Crystal healing, Past-life regression therapy, Hypnotherapy – but was not sure if he could afford them. She suggested he come to her meditation session at noon on the 16th, the next day. That was the only time she saw him.

Quiz question: Mair was seen walking into town around 11 o’clock that morning: was he heading for a meditation session at the Well-Being Clinic, or intending to murder his MP Jo Cox?

Helen (my colleague) had a massage there, and recalls Rebecca saying: “He seemed not keen on joining a group but the invitation stood. He was open, not shifty, not difficult to talk to though shy. He was clean though his clothes were poor looking, old.” (quoted with permission)

4. Birstall library is next to the Birstall town centre with its statue of Joseph Priestley, who ‘discovered oxygen.’ Let’s look at where Mair may have walked that morning, using the narrative we’ve been given. He starts off from his home in Lowood Lane – an eerie place now, totally boarded up with metallic plates over doors and windows – and walks down via Dark lane as shown. At 12.52 he allegedly kills the Labour MP Jo cox (we’ve discussed this, here, here , here and here) then strolls south down Market Street, where we’ve been shown CCTV film of him.


Note how this rather mad, aimless itinerary very much centres around the Well-Being Clinic, where the real Thomas Mair had an appointment. He goes south down Market Street than doubles back along the Huddersfield road, going past the Old Wine and Spirit Vaults.Crowded road

Here is the Market Street road ‘Mair’ walked down for his ‘getaway.’ It’s supposedly a few minutes afterwards, and you can see the library at the top of the road. It’s a wholly absurd image, of a street jam-packed with police and ambulance cars. Clearly the police here have no interest in following the guy who just walked down this same street with a knife dripping with blood, etc. – no they are just jamming up the road so the ambulances cannot move! The ambulance nearest to us has its back open, as if Jo Cox’s body would be carried all the way down the road to it! It’s pure theatre, maybe a staged a couple of weeks before the event. Only one ambulance would have been needed, for two injured persons.

5. He goes round the back of the Wine and Spirit Vaults pub and leaves his blood-stained leather jacket and his white cap. Also takes his tie off (!) and walks away wearing a grey short-sleeved shirt. The Trial gave the impression that there was some sort of woodland here or park, round the back of this pub or by it, but there is only some tarmac. It’s quite hard to have him going through any woodland area on this journey, as the Trial averred.  Then he carries on either up Brownhill Road or on the main Leeds Road, until he gets to Risedale Avenue and White horse close. There is no known reason why he’d want to go there, it’s not on the way to anywhere,  and the close is a complete dead-end, it goes nowhere.

N.B. The police map of his journey is more complicated, it has him coming out of his home and going North away from the Library to go shopping in Smiths, then  coming back down again to the Library. That quite long and even more pointless journey could suggest there were two ‘Thomas Mairs’ walking around that morning.

6. At around 1.33 he is arrested at Risedale Avenue.  The timing of the event comes from an overhead helicopter film.  The two local police arrest him when he is not resisting and dash his head on the pavement to make him bleed. (Maybe the story needs to have blood – there is none to be seen at the ‘murder’ scene but we do have some here). A whole fleet of police cars arrive minutes later (1.34-1.35) with armed police, while the two local police are wrapping a white bandage around T.M’s head, and the blood can be seen coming through.  So the arrest was on or around 333 (13.33) on 666 (16.6.16).

Some reckon that the perpetrators of these events believe in ‘magick’ – if so, one might suppose that the blood had to be shed at this time. Otherwise, why would the police want to cause him to bleed?

Looking closely at his arrest, he seems to have a bad foot. See here, around two minutes:

How could he have that wobbly foot, if he had just done such a long and complicated walk?

Here is the dead-end road seen from Google Earth - RoadDeadEnd

His arrest was by the pavement and fence to the right. A fleet of six or seven police cars come storming down into this cul-de-sac, why? Maybe they needed a traffic-free road for this bit of staged theatre. Clearly, Mair was not ‘going’ anywhere when arrested.

Does his foot here look broken or damaged? If so, could he really have done that long walk? He is clearly unable to stand up – after whatever the police have done to him.

Thomas Mair Case
Thomas Mair Case

Three Different Mairs

Let’s follow the different ‘Mairs’ which the police have compiled into this one day. First, emerging from his house (Lowood Lane) that morning, he wears a coat and carries a big, dark bag in one hand, and something white or light-colored in the other:MairPic1

He’s got a white shirt or t-shirt. Second, one hour prior to the Event at 11.52 (outside the ‘Vape Lounge’ opposite the Library in Market Place) the counterfeit-actor is seen, as if staking out the area beforehand. He wears a dark jacket, no coat, no large bag, and carries another brown jacket, plus a blue-green plastic shopping bag, which he looks into:


(See 3.52 in the police video.). In all these images he has a white cap. Then (after supposedly changing round the back of a local pub) the real Thomas Mair is seen, at Hillhead Drive, with dark-colored cap, no coat, grey shirt and big, dark bag, plus a plastic shopping bag.MairPic3

 Does that look like a crazed killer to you?

This is the maddest, most absurd murder case ever to be put before the British people.

For several excellent articles on this topic, see: From Behind Enemy Lines, eg here or here. I’m glad someone has explored the Aswat story, and its resonance with the 7/7 event a decade earlier.

Discussion on Local Website

Excerpts (with no comment!)

* Jo Cox was a self serving snake and got what she deserved. I’ll cry no tears over this woman’s death. You should find out about all you can about this woman. Jo Cox was a player and had a nasty tongue on her. And you’re right I have meet her at a labour party conference. She made my skin crawl.TheCoxs

* ’The witness to the murder were all employed in the past or present by the government 

* A local man was arrested by two unarmed police officers, [who] arrest him in a dead end road. I’ve watched the armed Police arrest people many times. They have a man on the loose with a gun and two local police arrest him? That never happens. They would have called for an armed response unit and waited before trying to arrest him.

* If he’s a “extreme nationalist and racist” why did he kill a white woman in an immigrant area? 

* The man’s clearly self harmed. We can see from the arrest pictures he’s cut his own head with a knife. So how can we say the victim’s blood was also on the same knife?

 * Thomas Mair may have done this, but local people are questing events and the trial was a joke.

 * A man kills a woman in broad daylight and no one stops him?

* The suspect gets a mile away before the Police find him? And he gets lost on his way home?

* At trial he pleads not guilty and then puts up no defence in court?

There is also a strange comment, ‘The local feeling is there was two attacks on two people by two attackers at the ruffly the same time.’ There certainly was a lot of fear in Birstall. There was assuredly more than one ‘Thomas Mair’ around, on that ‘High Noon at Birstall.’

Who did what?

Aamir Tahir, of the Dry Cleaning Centre, said  ’I wasn’t there, I was stuck in traffic at the time. I wish I was there because I would have tried to stop him. The whole street thinks it was me but it wasn’t.’NoBritain-First

This sign was in Mr Tahir’s Dry-cleaning window.  If he was not there, how could he know and why would he put such a notice up? NB his dry-cleaning shop is on the far side of the village square, on the other side of the Joseph Priestley statue, so he was too far away to hear even if he had been there. Not only had he not heard anyone claim to have heard that shout, but: ‘admitted he was worried for his safety after reports named him for making to original claim.’ Why would he have that fear if he was not present at the time?

The narrative has an old, white guy Bernard Kenny who tackled TM: how could anyone confuse him with a man of Pakistani descent from the dry cleaners  - who wasn’t there at the time?

Hichem Ben-Abdallah, 56, owner of the nearby Azzuro cafe, is more coherent: he came out after the first shot. In an interview the next day, he described how he was in his cafe as usual, when ‘All of a sudden I saw a river of people,… screaming and shouting. The scream was a shocking scream  …He saw a gut with a dirty white baseball cap and a grey jacket, somebody from the dry-clean shop tackling him, tried to stop him, he appears to be attacking somebody between two cars, an empty space between two cars. I came onto the pavement, so I cannot see the empty space between two cars.’ He sees mainly the two guys wrestling.He didn’t see Jo Cox: ‘I didn’t see her because she was hiding behind the car, between the two cars.’

Then somebody said, ‘He just walked calmly down the steps of Tesco and disappeared.’ I said ‘How come you let him go?’ After Mair had gone, he saw the victim, leaning on one arm, her knees drawn up, her face bleeding.’ Blood running down her legs…She was still alive…She could have been saved.’

The ‘steps  of Tesco’ are on the other side of the road, away from the Library, just past the sandwich shop where Bernard Kenny is meant to have been. His going that way agrees with the Court’s allusion to Union Road. (See here for position of Tesco) The police ‘forensic tent’ was put up in that Tesco Car-park, one can recognize the recycling bins.


Whose Kids?

 JC registered at her parents’ address in 2011 – not a good sign in any true marriage – the year her first child was supposedly born. 


Here are the two kids, Cuillin, left (born 2011) and Lejla, right (born 2013). Angela Lejla Cox was born November 2012 in Tower Hamlets (GRO Birth Index) but Cuillin is not registered. They should be aged 5 and 3 in this image. The ‘nurse’ holding Cuillin, looks like a proud Mom, does she not? And the 3-year old Lejla looks huge for little JC to be her Mother.

We have no pictures of JC with her 2 kids – the nearest is this one, which appeared on the front page of The Mirror:


Are you convinced? Why can’t we see Lejla, who JC seems to be holding up in the air rather lightly, as if it were just a dummy? They’ve all got their back to us and that is the only picture of the three of them? What on earth could JC be looking at with binoculars? Here for comparison is a dummy in use for the Boston Marathon psy-op event:Kids-3

A close-up of the ‘dummy’ may help here – has it got a head? Her right arm doesn’t look quite right.Kids-6 

To remind ourselves how small the real JC was:


But, there are lots of pictures of Brendan’s kids with their Nurse (or, their Mother?):


That isn’t at the funeral – we don’t see them then – it’s the Memorial Service in Westminster, when they travelled there by barge.  Lejla is looking huge at three years old – ”a four stone toddler for a seven stone woman’?

Brendan appeared on the 15th, the day before the ‘murder’, on the Thames, with the two kids and this same ‘nurse’:


(Click to enlarge) These look like a couple together, with kids. This was on the 15th, on an anti-Brexit demo. This is called the ‘battle of the Thames’ and one might think it was quite dangerous to take two little kids out, one only three years old? Without their mother’s permission – or was that their Mother on the boat?


Surely this is a proud Mom with her kids, who has however been told to keep a low profile – she never looks at the camera. There are no pictures at all of JC with her kids like this.

Parents of Brendan Cox

The marriage certificate of the wedding of Jo and Brendan on June, 2009 gives his parents as Gordon alistair Cox and Sheila Crook. Gordon had a distinguished career  which may help us to appreciate how Brendan was advisor to prime minister Gordon Brown in his twenties. But wait, what about these two -  the story of the : Man ‘could not cope with wife’  – is that just a 2008 fascinating, familial coincidence, with parents Jessie and Reginald Cox and son Brendan? Here is part of the (Scottish) Marriage Certificate:  Jo & Brendan Cox Marriage Certificate.


Is the Azzuro coffee bar in any way suspicious?
If it was new (newly built on the site of public toilets), next to the library, when there are other cafes right next door. Now it’s closed, despite high acclaim, superb reviews dating from April 2016 to September 2016. One of the main witnesses, Hichem Ben Abdallah, owns it, largely supporting the official line, and a Jo Cox admirer (“Talented, I repeat, talented” remember him?), if a little confused about whether the dry cleaning shop owner was involved. This is interesting in itself as the dry cleaning man is the one who had to put a sign up in his window saying that he didn’t hear anybody shout Britain First, having been quoted as a man who heard that.
Hichem Ben Abdallah was interviewed several times, his accent wavers between foreign of some sort and Yorkshire, which in itself may mean nothing of course, but might also mean he was putting on an accent. He is the man who drew a picture of the gun, describing it as the size of a cucumber. He said that he didn’t see Jo Cox at all as she was hidden by cars.


Have you seen the man dressed as a muslim woman at the Jo Cox tributes?
 If you haven’t here’s the link (he appears at 49 seconds) :

Yes it’s so clear, a minder, an organiser, or at least up to no good. One of the main reasons for not having the burka imo is to stop people from so easily masquerading as Muslims and doing bad stuff in their names.


Jo Cox Murder : A No-Body Murder Trial

A No-Body Murder Trial

  The Trial of ‘Thomas Mair’

The judgment on 23rd November, 7th day of the trial, sentenced Mair to life-imprisonment.

This trial would have made judges of old turn in their graves. What, no defence? Not a word from the accused, not even as to whether he was guilty or not? No sign of any dead body? Was it hacked to death and no drop of blood to be seen?
I heard the jury being told that they could not be shown photos of the actual corpse, because it might upset them, and instead would only be shown computer-generated images.

‘Habeus corpus,’ a most basic concept of British justice, translates as, ‘have you got the body?’ That is necessary for a murder trial to proceed.  In this case we have seen no pictures of Jo cox’s dead body, nor any credible-looking death certificate from a coroner or receipt from Leeds General Infirmary of receipt of the body, somewhere around 1.40 on 16.6.16. There is no body, there is no blood.
Trial and verdict via media had totally prejudged the case before the court even opened.

Who was the man sitting in the Old Bailey court 8 for six days, looking utterly bored and uninterested? Even when CCTV was shown of allegedly him hacking someone to death, I saw him not bother to look up. Nobody asked a witness to identify him, no-one asked him to swear on oath as to who he was. They could have easily given us evidence that his DNA matched that found in Thomas Mair’s home, had they wished: but did not. Was he some police agent? Maybe he was silent because, although a lookalike, his voice would not have sounded like Mair.

Here is the one and only picture the world was shown on T.M. after the event, compared with (a) an earlier student I.D. of his, (b) the picture of the man on trial, (c) a CCTV image shown at the trial, supposedly taken just before the murder.TM recent police picIf I may quote the view of H.T. (who collected these 4 images): “To me that [the student I.D.] does look like the gardener’s face, but not so much like the interviewed person, nor the police pic, nor the CCTV attacker. Can we demand CCTV moving footage somehow, that the still was taken from?” She noted that the ‘CCTVCCTV attacker TM JC TM gardenerattacker’ had a longer face, a knobbly nose, a beard and maybe dark moustache.
TM Student ID 2011I was told that the Defence was not contesting his identity and therefore the Court did not require evidence of who he was. The Defence contested virtually nothing in this trial – in fact there was no defence.

 the one and only picture the world was shown on T.M. after the event
  the picture of the man on trial

Hi-res images were soon posted up, showing the pavement all around the library and not a drop of blood anywhere. The story needed blood and so when ‘Thomas Mair’ was arrested – making no attempt to escape or resist – they dashed his head against the pavement so he was bleeding profusely. Soon they were claiming that his blood DNA-tested was inside his zip-up carrier bag, and over his mobile phone,  on his gun, etc. This was very thorough, but the story didn’t make sense – how was it supposed to have got inside his bag and onto these various objects?
The story didn’t need to make sense – the media give their fatuous, daily accounts of the trial, ensuring that citizens received their dose of horror, and heard how wicked was this ‘Britain first’ loner. No-one can afford to buy a transcript of the court proceedings, so as long as the jury vote him guilty, which they did of course, then we will soon forget about it, don’t we?
What was the motive? T.M.’s primary motive was presumably to get himself locked away for life, because he would clearly have known, as he strolled down the hill, having hacked the Labour Party M.P. to death, that the police would catch him very soon. He must also surely have known that his act would damage the Brexit campaign. But would a murderer really choose a spot in a bustling town center at noon in between a café and the local library? (here and here) Was Birstall MP Jo Cox set upon by this man, in no way strong-looking, while six of seven people stood around witnessing it (two in the car with her, two from the library,  a couple more from the café across the road, etc., etc) – then he strolls off down the hill! Here is the scene:

coffee shop (Thanks Chris Spivey)

Instead, her car the silver Astra Vauxhall had just parked by the library, and she emerged with two others, when she was set upon, at 12.52. Then death was certified at 1.48 pm. As Jo Cox was lying on the pavement, then – if you believe Richard Whittam lawyer for the prosecution – she dragged herself along and rolled into the road between two cars, in her death agony. On the next day the 17th two local newspapers reported their stories: that she had been pronounced dead on the ground i.e. pavement in front of the library (Yorkshire Evening Post); or, pronounced dead in the Leeds Infirmary at that same time (Huddersfield Examiner). It’s unclear what happened to her, but no-one photographed a stretcher with the body of the local MP being carried into an ambulance. Such a photographic image could not possibly have been missed. Despite all the people standing around, no-one photographed anything at all!

The picture shows the spot where the murder allegedly took place – or, one of the spots as witnesses did not all agree on this matter. It’s on the far-left of this picture, a downward-slope exit from the public library. All the media images cut out the adjacent coffee shop! I guess the idea of plotting a murder of local MP in broad daylight in-between a coffee shop and the local library would have seemed just too absurd. Next, here is a photo of various police immediately after whatever happened, showing the clean, clear surface of the pavement: NoBlood

We note the pair of shoes in the distance: she crawled in her death-agony along that stretch of pavement – or so the Court was told. The Court heard several different stories of where she was attacked. The day after the event, the Yorkshire Evening Post reported that she had been walking down that slope coming out of the library, when she was attacked. That was also the BBC news version, just hours after the event: ‘She only managed to walk a few yards from the library where (1 min) she was holding surgery meeting, speaking to her constituents before she was shot…. Minutes before the attack she was in her local library.’  Also on the day the Mirror reported only that she had been ‘critically injured.’ How could these first accounts be so wrong?

The Surgery at the library was to have been 1-2 pm, and Ms Cox was just emerging from her car when it happened, that soon became the standard account. The first witness told how the silver Vauxhall Astra car drove up to the library and three people got out: Jo Cox, Fuzilla Aswat her personal assistant (who drove the car) and Sandra Major. Ms Cox went around the back of the car when someone was ‘caught on CCTV’ rushing towards her. Later on the death-scene shifted to the front of that car, with accounts of how she fell onto the pavement then rolled over into the road, between two cars. Here is the BBC picture of what the scene was supposed to look like from the air, you can see the space in-between the two cars with some ‘décor,’ but no sign of any death-struggle anywhere. Can a person be stabbed fifteen times and shot three times, and then lie there for quite a while, with no drop of blood anywhere?


Accounts kept varying as to whether Ms Cox dies on the pavement or in Leeds General Infirmary. She was shot in the head at point-blank range with a rifle-gun and so fell backwards onto the ground (court testimony by Sandra Major) and then she started to speak! ‘Get away, get away you two! Let him hurt me – don’t let him hurt you.’ Yes it’s an absurd narrative – and would we expect it from one shot in the face at point-blank range? Are not some rather poor storytellers at work here? If it’s not physically possible, it didn’t happen.

‘Mair’ in his late fifties was described by Ms Aswat as wearing a dark baseball hat, having silvery hair over his eyes and ears and having a blue holdall bag. Throughout this case, accounts  of whether ‘Mair’ was wearing a black or white cap would keep changing, in an absurd manner. At a quarter to ten on that morning the 16th, his neighbor Julia Nelson who knew him well was on the 229 bus, when she saw him walking along, with his little goatee beard, grey in color.  He always wore a baseball cap, she said, the usual light-color. That sounded quite authentic. He had a beard, and so the fellow in the court had to have a beard – contrary to the picture we’d all been given of him earlier, clean-shaven.

The Court heard in great detail from a forensic DNA expert on where it was found, identifying it as that of Thomas Mair, but not saying who the Thomas Mair was from whom they had taken their source-sample for comparison. They could have easily taken some from his flat, and ascertained whether it was the same as that of the guy in the dock. The police arrested their suspect and at once caused him to bleed profusely – was that the source of the DNA matching?
The whole event is very much like a conjuring-trick, where you think you have seen a tragic death, but the whole core of the story is simply missing. The narrative keeps, changing, which sort of hints that the thing did not happen.


An utterly different character is imprinted upon the ‘victim’ – and it is here not impossible that Thomas Mair is the *only* victim in whatever happened on that day. Here is what locals said of him:
The picture that emerged of the man known as Tom or Tommy from those who knew him best was of a quiet and caring loner. His half-brother, who is mixed race, claimed he had been volunteering at a school for children with disabilities for several years and had never expressed any racist views. Duane St Louis, 41, described his brother as a devoted son who shopped for their mother twice a week and who had visited her on Wednesday night to help tune her TV. He would give locals gardening tips as he strolled down the road to use the library computer.
Duane insisted his brother had never expressed any racist views and seemed quite happy to have a mixed-race sibling. Asked whether his brother had any strong political views, he replied: “Not that I know of.” He said he had no idea how Mair had got hold of a gun and did not have any hobbies that would require a firearms licence. Duane said he couldn’t believe the news. “I was watching Sky News and I recognised him in handcuffs on the ground,” he said. “It felt like a dream. I just couldn’t believe he’d do something like that. Friends said Mair had never shown any interest in politics or the EU referendum.”
Here is a quote from this gentle, caring fellow – the only real one you will ever hear – concerning how well volunteer gardening works as a cure for depression:

    I can honestly say it has done me more good than all the psychotherapy and medication in the world. Many people who suffer from mental illness are socially isolated and disconnected from society, feelings of worthlessness are also common, mainly caused by long-term unemployment.
    All these problems are alleviated by doing voluntary work. Getting out of the house and meeting new people is a good thing, but more important in my view is doing physically demanding and useful labour. When you have finished there is a feeling of achievement which is emotionally rewarding and psychologically fulfilling. For people for whom full-time, paid employment is not possible for a variety of reasons, voluntary work offers a socially positive and therapeutic alternative.

Hear, hear! He had another brother Scott Mair, 49, who told reporters he had wept when he heard about the killing. He said: “I am struggling to believe what has happened. My brother is not violent and is not all that political. I don’t even know who he votes for. Nick Gannon, 33, who lived two doors away from Mair, has known him since he was 10 years old. “It’s shocking,” he said. “He were a quiet guy, you would not think it of him. He would cut elderly people’s grass voluntarily. There were no reason to think he would be capable of something like this.” ‘He never showed any political interest at all, never mentioned it, not even to his brother.’ (Stephen Lees)

Quite a few such testimonies appeared from locals, who obviously liked him and knew him well. He had lived on that estate for decades and was well-known to the locals. See eg here about the voluntary work he did to assist Muslims in learning English, and before that with ‘Pathfinders,’ a community care movement. Let’s have one more from Kathleen Cooke, about this gentle, a-political fellow:
“He is very helpful and he helps local people with their gardens. There is one neighbour who is a bit frail and he keeps her garden tidy. He has helped me cut my hedge a couple of times.

“He has lived here for 40 years and has never been in any trouble and has never caused any trouble. He sometimes used to shout at the local kids if they played too near his house but that is fairly normal. I don’t think he belonged to any political party and I never heard him express any views about Europe or anything like that. To us, he was just Tommy, a local bloke we all knew!

At half-past one on the day, 16.6.16, the police burgled his flat and emerged with the claim that they had found Nazi regalia and shelfloads of far-right literature. That, I suggest, is not credible. We only heard of the claim in the old Bailey trial, i.e. they had months to prepare it. The police ‘seized the computers’ at the local Birstall library, where Mair had been the previous evening to visit far-right websites – mentioning the Daily Stormer. No local library would permit visiting such an ‘far-right’ website. Try asking your local library.

This could be a new reason to avoid living alone, that police are liable to raid one’s flat and ‘find’ what? ‘Stuffed inside a draw was a copy of the book “Blood in the Face: The Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, Nazi Skinheads, and the Rise of a New White Culture” and a Nazi Waffen SS book on race theory and mate selection guidelines,’ etc., etc. Sure.

The Jury were misled, believing that both sides of a case were going to be put to them, as was traditionally the case. I heard them being literally threatened with imprisonment if they should visit websites (i.e. try to find out what happened) during this trial. Trapped into silence, they really only had one option. ‘The rest is silence’ – a haunting awful silence, after justice has not been done.

smiling weird faces family
Cox family at the Memorial Service, 17 June

We remember the Memorial Service to Jo Cox the very next day, where no trace of grief could be seen on the faces of her family. Her sister who had just ‘identified the body’ could hardly keep a straight face. Should that have been relevant to this trial?

Jo Cox “was reported by Haaretz in Jerusalem as being a campaign manager for Obama in 2008”, was that relevant? It’s hard to find a wedding certificate for her and Brendon Cox, as if she had changed her name from Leadbeater to Cox without a legal wedding*.


Richard Shepherd was the Home Office pathologist who did the autopsy on smiling family jo coxJo Cox – as he had earlier done for the alleged suicide of David Kelly. His testimony did then prevent any Inquest: “The expert opinion of Dr Richard Shepherd was central or even crucial in the grounds upon which the Attorney General based his decision to refuse the plea for an inquest.  It was relevant too in the hearing of my plea and the refusal of it in the Administrative Division of the High Court.  I believe that he has not approached his task in an even-handed manner and that is unprofessional to say the very least.”  - David Halpin MB BS FRCS

Bernard Kenny

The identity of Bernard Kenny is rather suspect and unclear, ostensibly having the same birthday as Jo Cox on 22nd , the day before the Brexit vote, and being 77 years old: it seemed as if there were two of him ,or if he had maybe died in 2013; having a deadly dagger shoved into his chest to seventeen centimetres (as the prosecution lawyer reaffirmed) and then seeming OK a few weeks later – if he could just have turned up in court it would have done a lot to resolve these questions. But, maybe that is why he couldn’t. His testimony was just read out – hearsay evidence, why was that allowed? One of the four charges against Mair was that he had caused GBH to Mr Bernard Kenny, so how could the jury endorse that charge with him not even turning up?

The Bernard Kenny Enigma, one more time

First report: “Bernard Kenny, now 65, of Birstall, was a member of the Gomersal Mines Rescue Brigade and was at the scene from beginning to end.” That is reported on 21.3.03, the mining disaster hero (30 yrs after the event).
Bernard and Doreen M. Kenny once lived in Leeds with their daughter Helen, he died 21.1.13 aged 75 and was buried in York, with orbituary in Yorkshire Evening Post (online but not printed version).
Bernard & Doreen E. Kenny live in Birstall, have sons Philip and Mark, Philip was Jo Cox’s geography teacher, was 77 yrs on Jo Cox attack, had birthday 22 June.

So, mining disaster hero would have been 75 by 21 03 2013. Clearly, this must be the guy who died ie B.M. Kenny.

But, they said  the mining hero BK was the one who was stabbed. if his birthday was really on 22 june he would have turned 79 in 2016. No wonder this guy could not turn up in court.

*   She did just that! The Observer ( Guardian on a Sunday ) Jo Cox remembered by Sarah Brown Sunday 11 December: ‘I think it says so much about Jo that she changed her name three months before she married Brendan as she started her new job working with me, because there would be no fiddly paperwork distractions that might interfere in her new marriage and her new job.’ (Thanks M.G.) Can anyone find a wedding record?


There are some anomalies regarding the response of the emergency services. If JC died at the scene why did they use an air ambulance to transport her to Leeds General Infirmary five miles away? I don’t think the air ambulance would be used for such a short journey anyway. And never for a patient who was already dead. What’s more why not use the A and E unit at the Dewsbury and Distract Hospital just ONE mile away? I was a hospital porter for 23 years and have dealt with these situations first hand.
they dropped the air ambulance story once the official scriptwriters got their act together! a tweet from the air ambulance service said she had been taken to hospital by land ambulance instead. I presume straight to the mortuary as the official story read in court is that she was declared dead at the scene by the attending doctor working for the ambulance service. Good point about her not going to the closer hospital though, surely they have a mortuary they could have put her in?

In the scene there seems to be an awful lot of cloths lying around which could not have been removed during a struggle, also in other photos on this link it shows a police photographer taking a picture of a shoe, but this lens could not take close ups at that distance.
Warm clothes, a fleece or fleecey coat/jacket, she may have had that in her arms (it being mid June but chilly), but as you say, lots of clothes there. The stabbed items of clothing should have been exhibits, but they are not mentioned.
It does look a chilly day for mid June. The attacker has sunglasses at one point, so why does he need them? It can only be as a disguise, because the attacker is posing as TM, who is being framed, and doesn’t look enough like him to be taken for him without props. TM had he been the attacker would not have worn sunglasses – it would not have disguised him in Birstall at all, and on a grey day could only be a nuisance.
Look at that close up of him, a line of black has been added around the (new) cream cap to make it look as if there’s a black one underneath, but…..they have gone too far and added black over the crown which completely gives away what is going on. That is the killer, if there was a killer at all. It is not the real Tommy Mair. There are at least 2 TMs, probably 3 seen on camera that day, they really are easy to tell apart, BUT the video that shows TM going towards the library (too late, the 999 call was said to have been made at 12.52) is not a clear one. That person wearing a light cap crossing the road, carefully, not rushing, is said to be TM, and it may be, but it proves nothing except that if it was him, he couldn’t have been there on time to be the attacker laying in wait for the JC car. His double may have been, though.
The Cox family, suppressing their mirth as they deliver the JC eulogy nexday and blatantly exhorting the public to vote as Jo would have done, (i e Remain) ought to want to see the real killer behind bars. If they do not care that an innocent man may have been framed and destroyed, and a guilty one allowed to go free, it must surely be because they are part of the plan.
There is a God – she was declared dead on the scene, conveniently meaning she would never had to pass through the doors of leeds general infirmary, she would have gone direct to the mortuary instead. Following up with Leeds regarding the authenticity of Bernard Kenny’s admission, surgery and 4 day stay would be the best route of investigation. During that time he would have been in contact with so many staff. Either findings anyone who works there and looked after him would be ideal, as would be a FOI request for if on the 16.6.16 they received any patients at all, (and if so how many) with a stab wound.
Number plate on the funeral car for Jo Cox,( see the first two of : Express photos http://www.express.co.uk/pictures/galleries/6584/Labour-MP-Jo-Cox-dies-pictures/MP-Jo-Cox-143234) is D4 BUT. I’ve tried to find any number plate at all similar, to buy…. cannot. What does D4 BUT mean???
D4 BUT doesn’t appear on the DVLA registered vehicles list!
That is very interesting. This whole story is so fake. The funeral cortege slowed down twice, but nobody knows where it went after that.
I found the company who did the funeral:


But I’m still not sure why they haven’t registered their personalised number plates? I wonder also if they’d respond to being asked if they were required to abide by a written or verbal non-disclosure agreement for their part in the stunt?

Douglas Murray : The New Anti-Racist Racists

  • There is a trait campaigning groups have that is well known. Once they have achieved their objective, they continue. Usually it is because there are people with salaries at stake, pensions, perks and more.
  • Suddenly the SPLC seemed to spy a new fascism. The SPLC saw this new fascism in people who objected to people flying planes into skyscrapers, decapitating journalists and aid workers and blowing up the finish line of marathons.
  • One got the impression that it had become immensely useful for some people to be able to smear those concerned about Islamic fundamentalism, and try to make them akin to Nazis. The only other movements who find this equally useful are, of course, Islamic extremists.
  • Here is this "anti-racist" organisation, largely made up of white men who present themselves as being anti-racists, and yet who spend their time attacking Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a black immigrant woman. At the top of any list of "hate-groups," the SPLC must in future be sure to place itself.
  • The SPLC's list of "anti-Muslim activists" also includes a practising Muslim, Maajid Nawaz, one of the most principled and courageous people around calling out the extremists in his faith for their bigotry and hatred. He does so, like Hirsi Ali, at no small risk to himself.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), based in Montgomery, Alabama, has struck again. The self-appointed boundary-markers and policemen of free discussion have issued what they call a "Field Guide" to help "guide" the media in "countering prominent anti-Muslim extremists." It is hard to know where to start with such idiocy, so let us start from the beginning.
The SPLC was founded in 1971, ostensibly to fight for civil rights among other good causes. By the end of its first decade it was targeting the KKK and other racist organisations. So far so good. But like many a campaigning organisation, they experienced the happy blow of basically winning their argument. By the 1990s, there were mercifully few racist groups in America going about unchallenged. When a member of the KKK cropped up everybody in civil society pretty much understood that here was a bad person who should not be given a free pass.
But there is an odd trait in campaigning groups that is well known. Once they have achieved their objective, they continue. Why is this so? Usually it is because there are people with salaries at stake, pensions, perks and more. Campaigning for a particular thing or against a particular thing has become their way of life and their means of earning. And so they find a way to continue. For some years, the SPLC staggered around in such a manner, as pointless and purposeless an organisation as could be imagined.
And then in the last decade something happened to this increasingly obscure institution. It is not for me to speculate why or how this happened, whether it had to do with new staff or new money, but the focus of the organisation changed. Suddenly the SPLC seemed to spy a new fascism. They did not spy it in people who flew planes into skyscrapers, decapitated American journalists and aid workers or blew up the finish line of marathons. No, the SPLC saw it somewhere else. The SPLC saw this new fascism in people who objected to people flying planes into skyscrapers, decapitating journalists and aid workers and blowing up the finish line of marathons. For the SPLC, the big threat on the horizon was not Islamists but those people who objected to Islamists -- that is, people they called "Islamophobes." In the same way, they did not seem to have any particular problem with jihad, but they developed a huge problem with people they called "counter-jihadists." To their existing lists of designated "hate-groups" they now added such people.
More honest groups might have balked at such a stance. More informed groups would have walked a thousand miles from such a stance. But the SPLC did no such thing. In fact, one got the impression that it had become immensely useful for some people to be able to smear those concerned about Islamic fundamentalism and try to make them akin to Nazis. The only other movements who find this equally useful are, of course, Islamic extremists.
The media today in America are increasingly wary of Islamic extremists. Most journalists do not want the parameters of what should be discussed dictated by Islamic fanatics. Whereas an organisation such as the SPLC, which did something good forty years ago, is the sort of institution that the media is for the time-being happy to hear from. Perhaps after this latest development that will no longer be the case.
The SPLC's latest production is disgraceful, discrediting and sloppy even by its own increasingly disgraceful, discredited and sloppy standards. For this publication, they have listed "Fifteen anti-Muslim activists," most likely in the hope that they will scare the media off inviting them on, or the wider public from being allowed to listen to them.
Among the list is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The SPLC lists a set of allegedly outrageous things that she has said, which have appeared in such obscure and extreme venues as The Wall Street Journal and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They mention in passing -- as though it were an incidental mishap -- that Hirsi Ali's film-making partner, Theo van Gogh, was slaughtered on an Amsterdam street by a jihadist, with a death-threat to Hirsi Ali pinned into van Gogh's dying body. But they still clearly cannot imagine why anybody would have a problem with such a thing. One wonders how the staff of the SPLC would feel if one of their colleagues was murdered in such a manner? Doubtless they would shrug it off. Yet it remains that case that here is this "anti-racist" organisation, largely made up of white men who present themselves as being anti-racists, and yet who spend their time attacking a black immigrant woman.
Hirsi Ali is of course well known for being an ex-Muslim. But the SPLC's list of "anti-Muslim activists" also includes a practising Muslim. Of course, if Maajid Nawaz were an Islamic extremist then SPLC would have nothing to say about him. But Maajid Nawaz is not an extremist -- he is one of the most principled and courageous people around calling out the extremists in his faith for their bigotry and hatred. He does so, like Hirsi Ali, at no small risk to himself. If the jihadists within Islam are ever going to be defeated, it will be because of Muslims like Nawaz, who are willing to argue for reform on liberal, progressive, pluralistic and democratic grounds.
Yet for the SPLC, this Muslim is not just not the right type of Muslim -- he is "anti-Muslim." The charges that SPLC levels against Nawaz are (this is not satire) that he has (a) co-operated with, rather than worked against, the British police (b) suggested that customers in banks should have to show their faces (c) once failed to abide by the most hardline interpretation of Islamic blasphemy law (d) once visited a strip club on his stag-night.

The Southern Poverty Law Center decided to turn itself into a racist organization, with its attacks on principled and courageous critics of radical Islamism such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali (left), a prominent ex-Muslim writer, and Maajid Nawaz (right), a moderate practising Muslim writer, radio host and politician. (Images source: Wikimedia Commons)

Who knows what lapses in personal decorum have occurred among the staff of the SPLC? Perhaps one of them once had extra-marital intercourse? Or perhaps one of them once consumed a glass of Merlot, in contravention of the hardest-line interpretations of Islamic scripture? Who knows, but who the hell would anybody else be to judge, and who the hell do the SPLC think they are? It seems that the SPLC has decided to turn itself from an anti-racist organisation into a racist one. An organisation that used to prosecute white racists has ended up attacking black and Muslim immigrants. At the top of any list of "hate-groups," the SPLC must in future be sure to place itself.
Douglas Murray, British author, commentator and public affairs analyst, is based in London, England.

Douglas Murray : Why Does the West Keep Colluding with Terrorists?

  • Like other criticisms of Hirsi Ali, the effort was to portray her as the problem itself rather than as the response to a problem.
  • That this type of campaign can succeed -- that speakers can be stopped from speaking in Western democracies because of the implicit or explicit threat of violence -- is a problem our societies need to face.
  • There is a whole pile of reasons why Islamists want to stop her explanations from being aired. But why -- when the attacks keep on happening -- do our own societies collude with such sinister people to keep ourselves the dark?
Only a fortnight after a vehicular terrorist attack in Westminster, London, another similar attack took place in Stockholm, Sweden. On one of the city's main shopping streets, a vehicle was once again used as a battering-ram against the bodies of members of the public. As in Nice, France. As in Berlin. As so many times in Israel.

Amid this regular news there is an air of defeatism -- a terrible lack of policy and lack of solutions. How can governments stop people driving trucks into pedestrians? Is it something we must simply get used to, as France's former Prime Minister Manuel Valls and London's Mayor Sadiq Khan have both suggested? Must we come to recognise acts of terror as something like the weather? Or is there anything we can do to limit, if not stop, them? If so, where would we start? One place would be to have a frank public discussion about these matters. Yet, even that is easier said than done.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

There is a terrible symmetry to this past week in the West. The week began with the news that the Somali-born author and human-rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali had been forced to cancel a speaking tour in Australia. "Security concerns" were among the given reasons. A notable aspect of this issue, which has been made public, is that one of the venues at which Hirsi Ali was due to speak was contacted last month by something calling itself "'The Council for the Prevention of Islamophobia Incorporated". Nobody appears to know where this "incorporated" organisation comes from, but its purported founder -- Syed Murtaza Hussain -- claimed that the group would bring 5000 protestors to the hall at which Hirsi Ali was scheduled to talk. This threat is reminiscent of the occasion in 2009 when the British peer, Lord Ahmed, threatened to mobilise 10,000 British Muslims to protest at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster if the Dutch politician Geert Wilders were allowed to speak. On that occasion -- as on this one -- the event was cancelled. Promises to mobilise thousands of angry Muslims can have such an effect. But the long-term implications often get lost in the short-term outrage.

Other attacks on Hirsi Ali began, in fact, weeks before her now-cancelled tour had been due to start. On the web, for instance, a widely-watched video was disseminated showing a group of headscarf-covered Australian Muslim women. All were attacking Hirsi Ali and protesting her appearance in the country. Addressing her directly, they complained that, "Your narrative doesn't support our struggles. It erases them."

Like other criticisms of Hirsi Ali, the effort was to portray her as the problem itself rather than the response to a problem. Once again, mixing up (deliberately or otherwise) the arsonist and the firefighter, such groups present a homogenous, agreed-upon opinion -- or "narrative" -- as the only necessary answer to any problems that may or may not exist. Hirsi Ali, according to them, thinks the "wrong" things and says the wrong things. Therefore she must be stopped.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author and human-rights activist. (Image source: The Aspen Institute)

That this type of campaign can succeed -- that speakers can be stopped from speaking in Western democracies because of the implicit or explicit threat of violence -- is a problem our societies need to face. But in the meantime, we also have to face the reality that a shut-down of opinion has on our public policy as well as our public discourse.

   What, after all, is the acceptable discourse -- or "narrative" -- on which we can agree to speak about the attacks in Stockholm, Berlin, Nice and elsewhere? 
   Can the discussion be allowed to include the Islamic portion? 
   Can anyone be allowed to say that the attackers act in the name of Islam, or must we continue to present all jihadist terrorists as people suffering from any affliction apart from that one?

In the middle of the week, at a memorial service in Westminster Abbey, the Very Reverend John Hall, Dean of Westminster, said that the UK was "bewildered" after the terrorist attacks of a fortnight earlier. He went on in his sermon to ask:
"What could possibly motivate a man to hire a car and take it from Birmingham to Brighton to London, and then drive it fast at people he had never met, couldn't possibly know, against whom he had no personal grudge, no reason to hate them and then run at the gates of the Palace of Westminster to cause another death? It seems likely that we shall never know."
If it is true that our societies are "bewildered", as the Dean says, might it be because we have not heard a wide-enough range of possible explanations for such outrages -- because we have deliberately cut ourselves off, by choice,- from the warnings of ex-Muslims such as Hirsi Ali? 

Amid the "narratives" that are acceptable and to be tolerated, perhaps we have failed to listen to the explanations that outline the sheer scale of the religious and societal problem now in front of us?

Of course, for many Muslims, such as those critics of Hirsi Ali in Australia, there is a clear reason why they want to stop her speaking. Were people to hear her, they would realise the vast enormity of the challenge ahead of us and the depth and breadth of its nature. Her audiences would discover the defensive play around the world in which many Muslim organisations are engaged: 
a campaign to limit speech precisely in order to protect their own interpretation of their religion and keep out any other.

It is, however, the dissenting, silenced voices such as Hirsi Ali's that are precisely the voices the world needs to hear at present. How tragic that a week that began with a silencing, should end with yet another all-too-predictable terrorist attack -- one which Sweden will do as much to fail at comprehending as Britain did two weeks before her.

Hearing from voices such as that of Hirsi Ali could lift the fog of our "bewilderment" and explain, for instance, what does motivate some people to drive a car or truck into crowds of people going about their lives. 

There is a whole pile of reasons why Islamists want to stop her explanations from being aired. 
But why -- when the attacks keep on happening -- do our own societies collude with such sinister people to keep ourselves in the dark?
Douglas Murray, British author, commentator and public affairs analyst, is based in London, England.