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Sunday, April 9, 2017

JO COX Murder : Notes on the Thomas Mair Case

 Notes on the Thomas Mair Case

1. Next to the library at Birstall is the Azzurro coffee bar – it was brand-new when the Cox-Mair story appeared, but now it’s closed down. It was cropped out of most pictures of the library, but it used to look like this:azzurro

2. There is another tiny coffee-shop a few doors up, ‘D’licious’ where the lady serving told me she had ‘seen it happen.’ She heard a gunshot. She didn’t actually see Jo Cox being stabbed she added, because it all happened behind a car [NB, We hear just the same remark from the owner of the Azzurro Cafe, see below].   She was thus accepting the later narrative, where it all happened ‘in the gutter’ between two cars.

3. The day before, on the early evening of 15th June, Thomas Mair visited Rebecca Walker at her Well-Being Clinic - just round the corner from the Library. He was concerned about being depressed, but did not want to keep taking the pills his doctor had prescribed. He looked through some of the treatments on offer at the clinic -Aromatherapy massage, Crystal healing, Past-life regression therapy, Hypnotherapy – but was not sure if he could afford them. She suggested he come to her meditation session at noon on the 16th, the next day. That was the only time she saw him.

Quiz question: Mair was seen walking into town around 11 o’clock that morning: was he heading for a meditation session at the Well-Being Clinic, or intending to murder his MP Jo Cox?

Helen (my colleague) had a massage there, and recalls Rebecca saying: “He seemed not keen on joining a group but the invitation stood. He was open, not shifty, not difficult to talk to though shy. He was clean though his clothes were poor looking, old.” (quoted with permission)

4. Birstall library is next to the Birstall town centre with its statue of Joseph Priestley, who ‘discovered oxygen.’ Let’s look at where Mair may have walked that morning, using the narrative we’ve been given. He starts off from his home in Lowood Lane – an eerie place now, totally boarded up with metallic plates over doors and windows – and walks down via Dark lane as shown. At 12.52 he allegedly kills the Labour MP Jo cox (we’ve discussed this, here, here , here and here) then strolls south down Market Street, where we’ve been shown CCTV film of him.


Note how this rather mad, aimless itinerary very much centres around the Well-Being Clinic, where the real Thomas Mair had an appointment. He goes south down Market Street than doubles back along the Huddersfield road, going past the Old Wine and Spirit Vaults.Crowded road

Here is the Market Street road ‘Mair’ walked down for his ‘getaway.’ It’s supposedly a few minutes afterwards, and you can see the library at the top of the road. It’s a wholly absurd image, of a street jam-packed with police and ambulance cars. Clearly the police here have no interest in following the guy who just walked down this same street with a knife dripping with blood, etc. – no they are just jamming up the road so the ambulances cannot move! The ambulance nearest to us has its back open, as if Jo Cox’s body would be carried all the way down the road to it! It’s pure theatre, maybe a staged a couple of weeks before the event. Only one ambulance would have been needed, for two injured persons.

5. He goes round the back of the Wine and Spirit Vaults pub and leaves his blood-stained leather jacket and his white cap. Also takes his tie off (!) and walks away wearing a grey short-sleeved shirt. The Trial gave the impression that there was some sort of woodland here or park, round the back of this pub or by it, but there is only some tarmac. It’s quite hard to have him going through any woodland area on this journey, as the Trial averred.  Then he carries on either up Brownhill Road or on the main Leeds Road, until he gets to Risedale Avenue and White horse close. There is no known reason why he’d want to go there, it’s not on the way to anywhere,  and the close is a complete dead-end, it goes nowhere.

N.B. The police map of his journey is more complicated, it has him coming out of his home and going North away from the Library to go shopping in Smiths, then  coming back down again to the Library. That quite long and even more pointless journey could suggest there were two ‘Thomas Mairs’ walking around that morning.

6. At around 1.33 he is arrested at Risedale Avenue.  The timing of the event comes from an overhead helicopter film.  The two local police arrest him when he is not resisting and dash his head on the pavement to make him bleed. (Maybe the story needs to have blood – there is none to be seen at the ‘murder’ scene but we do have some here). A whole fleet of police cars arrive minutes later (1.34-1.35) with armed police, while the two local police are wrapping a white bandage around T.M’s head, and the blood can be seen coming through.  So the arrest was on or around 333 (13.33) on 666 (16.6.16).

Some reckon that the perpetrators of these events believe in ‘magick’ – if so, one might suppose that the blood had to be shed at this time. Otherwise, why would the police want to cause him to bleed?

Looking closely at his arrest, he seems to have a bad foot. See here, around two minutes:

How could he have that wobbly foot, if he had just done such a long and complicated walk?

Here is the dead-end road seen from Google Earth - RoadDeadEnd

His arrest was by the pavement and fence to the right. A fleet of six or seven police cars come storming down into this cul-de-sac, why? Maybe they needed a traffic-free road for this bit of staged theatre. Clearly, Mair was not ‘going’ anywhere when arrested.

Does his foot here look broken or damaged? If so, could he really have done that long walk? He is clearly unable to stand up – after whatever the police have done to him.

Thomas Mair Case
Thomas Mair Case

Three Different Mairs

Let’s follow the different ‘Mairs’ which the police have compiled into this one day. First, emerging from his house (Lowood Lane) that morning, he wears a coat and carries a big, dark bag in one hand, and something white or light-colored in the other:MairPic1

He’s got a white shirt or t-shirt. Second, one hour prior to the Event at 11.52 (outside the ‘Vape Lounge’ opposite the Library in Market Place) the counterfeit-actor is seen, as if staking out the area beforehand. He wears a dark jacket, no coat, no large bag, and carries another brown jacket, plus a blue-green plastic shopping bag, which he looks into:


(See 3.52 in the police video.). In all these images he has a white cap. Then (after supposedly changing round the back of a local pub) the real Thomas Mair is seen, at Hillhead Drive, with dark-colored cap, no coat, grey shirt and big, dark bag, plus a plastic shopping bag.MairPic3

 Does that look like a crazed killer to you?

This is the maddest, most absurd murder case ever to be put before the British people.

For several excellent articles on this topic, see: From Behind Enemy Lines, eg here or here. I’m glad someone has explored the Aswat story, and its resonance with the 7/7 event a decade earlier.

Discussion on Local Website

Excerpts (with no comment!)

* Jo Cox was a self serving snake and got what she deserved. I’ll cry no tears over this woman’s death. You should find out about all you can about this woman. Jo Cox was a player and had a nasty tongue on her. And you’re right I have meet her at a labour party conference. She made my skin crawl.TheCoxs

* ’The witness to the murder were all employed in the past or present by the government 

* A local man was arrested by two unarmed police officers, [who] arrest him in a dead end road. I’ve watched the armed Police arrest people many times. They have a man on the loose with a gun and two local police arrest him? That never happens. They would have called for an armed response unit and waited before trying to arrest him.

* If he’s a “extreme nationalist and racist” why did he kill a white woman in an immigrant area? 

* The man’s clearly self harmed. We can see from the arrest pictures he’s cut his own head with a knife. So how can we say the victim’s blood was also on the same knife?

 * Thomas Mair may have done this, but local people are questing events and the trial was a joke.

 * A man kills a woman in broad daylight and no one stops him?

* The suspect gets a mile away before the Police find him? And he gets lost on his way home?

* At trial he pleads not guilty and then puts up no defence in court?

There is also a strange comment, ‘The local feeling is there was two attacks on two people by two attackers at the ruffly the same time.’ There certainly was a lot of fear in Birstall. There was assuredly more than one ‘Thomas Mair’ around, on that ‘High Noon at Birstall.’

Who did what?

Aamir Tahir, of the Dry Cleaning Centre, said  ’I wasn’t there, I was stuck in traffic at the time. I wish I was there because I would have tried to stop him. The whole street thinks it was me but it wasn’t.’NoBritain-First

This sign was in Mr Tahir’s Dry-cleaning window.  If he was not there, how could he know and why would he put such a notice up? NB his dry-cleaning shop is on the far side of the village square, on the other side of the Joseph Priestley statue, so he was too far away to hear even if he had been there. Not only had he not heard anyone claim to have heard that shout, but: ‘admitted he was worried for his safety after reports named him for making to original claim.’ Why would he have that fear if he was not present at the time?

The narrative has an old, white guy Bernard Kenny who tackled TM: how could anyone confuse him with a man of Pakistani descent from the dry cleaners  - who wasn’t there at the time?

Hichem Ben-Abdallah, 56, owner of the nearby Azzuro cafe, is more coherent: he came out after the first shot. In an interview the next day, he described how he was in his cafe as usual, when ‘All of a sudden I saw a river of people,… screaming and shouting. The scream was a shocking scream  …He saw a gut with a dirty white baseball cap and a grey jacket, somebody from the dry-clean shop tackling him, tried to stop him, he appears to be attacking somebody between two cars, an empty space between two cars. I came onto the pavement, so I cannot see the empty space between two cars.’ He sees mainly the two guys wrestling.He didn’t see Jo Cox: ‘I didn’t see her because she was hiding behind the car, between the two cars.’

Then somebody said, ‘He just walked calmly down the steps of Tesco and disappeared.’ I said ‘How come you let him go?’ After Mair had gone, he saw the victim, leaning on one arm, her knees drawn up, her face bleeding.’ Blood running down her legs…She was still alive…She could have been saved.’

The ‘steps  of Tesco’ are on the other side of the road, away from the Library, just past the sandwich shop where Bernard Kenny is meant to have been. His going that way agrees with the Court’s allusion to Union Road. (See here for position of Tesco) The police ‘forensic tent’ was put up in that Tesco Car-park, one can recognize the recycling bins.


Whose Kids?

 JC registered at her parents’ address in 2011 – not a good sign in any true marriage – the year her first child was supposedly born. 


Here are the two kids, Cuillin, left (born 2011) and Lejla, right (born 2013). Angela Lejla Cox was born November 2012 in Tower Hamlets (GRO Birth Index) but Cuillin is not registered. They should be aged 5 and 3 in this image. The ‘nurse’ holding Cuillin, looks like a proud Mom, does she not? And the 3-year old Lejla looks huge for little JC to be her Mother.

We have no pictures of JC with her 2 kids – the nearest is this one, which appeared on the front page of The Mirror:


Are you convinced? Why can’t we see Lejla, who JC seems to be holding up in the air rather lightly, as if it were just a dummy? They’ve all got their back to us and that is the only picture of the three of them? What on earth could JC be looking at with binoculars? Here for comparison is a dummy in use for the Boston Marathon psy-op event:Kids-3

A close-up of the ‘dummy’ may help here – has it got a head? Her right arm doesn’t look quite right.Kids-6 

To remind ourselves how small the real JC was:


But, there are lots of pictures of Brendan’s kids with their Nurse (or, their Mother?):


That isn’t at the funeral – we don’t see them then – it’s the Memorial Service in Westminster, when they travelled there by barge.  Lejla is looking huge at three years old – ”a four stone toddler for a seven stone woman’?

Brendan appeared on the 15th, the day before the ‘murder’, on the Thames, with the two kids and this same ‘nurse’:


(Click to enlarge) These look like a couple together, with kids. This was on the 15th, on an anti-Brexit demo. This is called the ‘battle of the Thames’ and one might think it was quite dangerous to take two little kids out, one only three years old? Without their mother’s permission – or was that their Mother on the boat?


Surely this is a proud Mom with her kids, who has however been told to keep a low profile – she never looks at the camera. There are no pictures at all of JC with her kids like this.

Parents of Brendan Cox

The marriage certificate of the wedding of Jo and Brendan on June, 2009 gives his parents as Gordon alistair Cox and Sheila Crook. Gordon had a distinguished career  which may help us to appreciate how Brendan was advisor to prime minister Gordon Brown in his twenties. But wait, what about these two -  the story of the : Man ‘could not cope with wife’  – is that just a 2008 fascinating, familial coincidence, with parents Jessie and Reginald Cox and son Brendan? Here is part of the (Scottish) Marriage Certificate:  Jo & Brendan Cox Marriage Certificate.


Is the Azzuro coffee bar in any way suspicious?
If it was new (newly built on the site of public toilets), next to the library, when there are other cafes right next door. Now it’s closed, despite high acclaim, superb reviews dating from April 2016 to September 2016. One of the main witnesses, Hichem Ben Abdallah, owns it, largely supporting the official line, and a Jo Cox admirer (“Talented, I repeat, talented” remember him?), if a little confused about whether the dry cleaning shop owner was involved. This is interesting in itself as the dry cleaning man is the one who had to put a sign up in his window saying that he didn’t hear anybody shout Britain First, having been quoted as a man who heard that.
Hichem Ben Abdallah was interviewed several times, his accent wavers between foreign of some sort and Yorkshire, which in itself may mean nothing of course, but might also mean he was putting on an accent. He is the man who drew a picture of the gun, describing it as the size of a cucumber. He said that he didn’t see Jo Cox at all as she was hidden by cars.


Have you seen the man dressed as a muslim woman at the Jo Cox tributes?
 If you haven’t here’s the link (he appears at 49 seconds) :

Yes it’s so clear, a minder, an organiser, or at least up to no good. One of the main reasons for not having the burka imo is to stop people from so easily masquerading as Muslims and doing bad stuff in their names.


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