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Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Rockefeller Created Canadian & Quebec Nationalism

Why Rockefeller Created Canadian & Quebec Nationalism

Henry Makow.com April 24, 2010
(Read French? See This Blog )
It seems counterintuitive but both Canadian nationalism and Quebec Nationalism were born in the late 1960′s out of the globalist plan for North American “free trade.” Canadian nationalism was needed to repatriate the Constitution, a prerequisite for Free Trade; while, Quebec nationalism was needed to reassure French Canadians their rights would not be jeopardized by this action.
This illustrates how the Illuminati often get what they want by appearing to seek the opposite. In Arnold Toynbee’s words in 1931: 
“The harder we press our attack upon the idol [of national sovereignty], the more pains we take to keep its priests and devotees in a fool’s paradise – lapped in a false sense of security which will inhibit them from taking up arms in their idol’s defense….”

In 1967, the hundredth anniversary of Canadian confederation, David Rockefeller gave a speech advocating a North American “Free Trade” zone. Free trade leads to the loss of economic sovereignty and one world government. Twenty years later, in 1988, Canadians re-elected Brian Mulroney who brought in Free Trade.
Mulroney was a Conservative but the Rockefellers owned both major political parties in Canada. They have owned the Liberal party ever since Mackenzie King was elected in 1921. King was a former employee of Rockefeller and his campaign were always paid with Rockefeller money. In exchange for this, the liberals would always raise the price of gasoline six months before and after an election in order to pay Rockefeller back.
In order to sign a Free Trade deal with the US, Canada had to be a sovereign country. This was achieved in 1982 when the Constitution was brought back from London. Otherwise, opponents of the deal could have made some sort of constitutional complaint which could have derailed the whole process.
The repatriation of the British North America act (BNAA) was tried several times but was always opposed in Quebec by true nationalists like Premier Maurice Duplessis. The BNAA gave a lot of autonomy to the provinces and any modification could only mean loss of powers for Quebec.
So the only way to reform the constitution would be through a phony crisis. Cue two old Commie Freemason friends: Lévesque and Trudeau. The same month that Rockefeller called for Free Trade, Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau proposed repatriating the Constitution.
Two months later, in November 1967, the PQ (Quebec Separatist Party) was born party to pressure Canada to repatriate the Constitution and to weaken Canada as a nation.
Quebec is run by French Grand Orient Freemasonry. This is the reason
this province went from arch Catholic to arch anti-Catholic today.
This also explain why Quebec has recently banned burkhas in government offices while France is also debating on the same subject at the same time.

The 1968 Bilderberg meeting at Mont Tremblant Quebec was attended by the future PQ leader Jacques Parizeau along with Trudeau, Claude Ryan (editor of the influential newspaper Le Devoir and future leader of the “NO” side at the 1980 “sovereignty association” referendum) as well as Jean Victor Allard, the Canadian army chief of staff…
Talk about false opposition. Both sides of the “Quebec Separatist” debate belong to the internationalist Bilderberg Club.
The last thing the Bilderberg wants is a real independent Quebec, nor do they want a truly independent Canada.
What they want is REGIONALISM, meaning a weak and decentralized Canada which is easier for the globalist to manipulate, like the countries in the EU for example. So the globalists encouraged Quebec nationalism to weaken Canada.
Quebec premier Robert Bourassa was a great admirer of the European model of decentralized power: Canada requires “elastic federalism” he told the CFR in Jan. 1969.
In 1976, René Lévesque gave a speech at the CFR in Chicago before he became premier asking for US support.
In the 1980 referendum, the YES side only got 42% of the vote which was also the same % that the PQ got at the 1976 election. They won a majority of seats but lost the popular vote. In fact, the PQ never got a majority of votes in any provincial elections so how could they still dream to win over a majority of the votes in a referendum?

Canadian nationalism and Quebec separatism have only served as a catalyst to advance free trade and the New World Order.
In 1982, Canada become sovereign. Ironically this was only a step toward losing its sovereignty again.
A day BEFORE the constitution was repatriated in March, 1982, the Canadian Senate published a report on the necessity of free trade. The following year Free Trade talks with the US began.
PQ leaders have always been great supporters of free trade and globalism. On March 26,1985 separatist and future Premier Bernard Landry came out for Free Trade.
Future Separatist Premier Jacques Parizeau called for a North American currency in Dec 1991.
Canadian nationalists were also globalist shills. All of this provides another reminder that mainstream politics is a charade designed to steer the public down a path established decades if not centuries ago.

911-There was a huge explosion in the basement!!!

“Last Man Out” Makes Shocking 9/11 Disclosure

Flyby News – August 11, 2011

By Richard Roepke

“There was a huge explosion in the basement—several seconds before the plane hit the tower!”

William “Willy” Rodriguez is the 9/11 hero who helped save hundreds of lives, and the last person to escape alive from the World Trade Center (WTC) Towers.
Inasmuch as the thrust of this narrative is meant to be about the honor, nobleness, and benevolence of heroism, be forewarned.
In its effort to reveal the essential goodness that resides in the hearts of most human beings, it also inexorably exposes the vilest evil that festers in the minds of a few.
Once past the heroism, this story begins to slice through the slimy underbelly of a vile, pathological beast that controls our lives, and gives us glimpses of the innards of this creature that grins gleefully at our gullibility and simple innocence while trampling on our most basic human rights.
This story is a wake-up call to the citizens of planet Earth.

Decorated Hero

Employed at the WTC for 19 years as a maintenance worker, Rodriguez was responsible for the upkeep and safety of the stairwells within the 110-storey North Tower. On the morning of 9/11, Rodriguez was the only person at the WTC site with the master key to the North Tower stairwell doors. [NB: For fire containment purposes, only doors on every fourth level were normally left unlocked.]
In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, Rodriguez personally rescued fifteen injured persons from the WTC by leading—often carrying—them to safety. Having evacuated the injured from the basement levels, he rushed back into the tower and led firefighters up the stairwells. Unlocking doors to various floors as they ascended, he aided in the successful evacuation of unknown hundreds of survivors.
At great risk to his own life, Rodriguez re-entered the structure three times, and even rescued people trapped between floors in elevator cars by lowering ladders down into shafts. Having helped lead everyone he could find to safety, he finally decided to exit the building.
Rodriguez is believed to be the last person to leave the collapsing North Tower alive.
He survived the building’s collapse by diving beneath a fire truck, where he lay trapped, completely buried in a mountain of dust and rubble for over two hours. Barely able to breathe, he thought he would “die for sure” under that truck where he was literally entombed.
An agnostic, he prayed for the first time in his adult life. As he now unshakably believes, God does listen to heartfelt prayers, and miracles do happen.
A policeman who had been standing across the street had caught a fleeting glimpse of Rodriguez as he leapt under the truck a split second before the tower collapsed in an avalanche of debris.
It was this officer who later returned with help believing that the man under that truck might still be alive.
Rodriguez has been spiritually transformed by this experience and has embraced his faith again with deep reverence.
For his outstanding heroism during America’s desperate hour, William Rodriguez received a special commendation for valor from President George W. Bush at a special White House ceremony.
And that is the extent of the official story as it pertains to William Rodriguez’s involvement relating to rescue efforts following the 9/11 attacks.
But, as you shall see, his incredible heroism was but the tip of the 9/11 iceberg.

“Bombs! Bombs!”

Heroism and accolades aside, what is truly incredible about Rodriguez’s story is a shocking fact that has been concealed from public knowledge, and remains largely unknown to this day.
Rodriguez and a handful of co-workers who were down in the basement at the time of the attack, actually heard and felt huge explosions beneath their feet in the lower basement levels.
While this anomaly in itself should have been cause for serious investigation, it is the timing of these explosions that is extremely troubling:
They occurred several seconds before the first airplane impacted the tower.
The first of these explosions, which occurred about 7-8 seconds before the plane struck the tower was so powerful it literally threw Rodriguez upwards, clean off the floor, as parts of the false ceiling collapsed onto and around him.
Rodriguez heard and felt at least three explosions going off down in the basement levels within seconds of each other.
Absolute pandemonium broke out, with screams of “Bombs! Bombs!” rising above the din as terrified workers scattered in all directions, frantically seeking ways to escape.
[NB: There were a total of six basement levels. Level-2, immediately below Rodriguez’s position and the apparent location of the first explosion, was a “Mechanical Floor”—a restricted access area.]
But the “bombs” were by no means confined to the basement levels.
During his subsequent rescue efforts on the upper floors, Rodriguez claims he heard explosions going off “all over the building.”
Felipe David, a colleague, who was working at the far end of basement Level-1 across from Rodriguez, fell victim to the second explosion. David was walking towards a supply room when the entire wall suddenly exploded in front of him.
Burned beyond recognition, David managed to stagger towards Rodriguez when Willy took one look at the man and froze.
The skin on his face had almost completely peeled away exposing raw, pink flesh, and the burnt skin of his outstretched arms was hanging horrifically, “like sheets of loose cloth.”
David was the first casualty whose life Rodriguez saved by carrying him up to paramedics at street level, after which he returned to the basement in spite of police orders.

The 9/11 Commission Hearing

At the closed-door 9/11 Commission hearing, Rodriguez testified under oath that explosions were going off in the basement of the North Tower before the first plane impacted the building.
He explained in great detail to the Commissioners the numerous cases of serious injuries he had personally witnessed that were caused by these explosions.
He even provided the panel with a list of firsthand witnesses to the explosions, people who were ready to testify under oath.
One of the individuals Rodriguez recommended the panel summon was his friend and fellow employee, John Mongello.
Mongello was in the lobby of the neighboring South Tower when the first aircraft plowed into the North Tower where Rodriguez was located.
It would be another sixteen minutes before the second aircraft would rip into the one Mongello was in.
Yet, within a minute of the first plane hitting the North Tower, an elevator in the South Tower exploded to smithereens right before his eyes!
Mongello and others were literally blown backwards by the blast, as people—many, horribly burned—began to run willy-nilly shrieking in pain, shock, and sheer terror. Thick, black smoke could be seen billowing out of the now exposed elevator shaft, and the pungent smell of “gunpowder” was very evident.
Again, just as with the North Tower, this explosion occurred inside a building that had not yet been struck by a plane!
How could a plane crashing into the North Tower possibly have caused elevators in the South Tower to explode?
The esteemed 9/11 Commission never bothered to ask.
Worse, and to his utter disbelief, Rodriguez later discovered that his statements were completely omitted from the official record. As a result, not one word of this decorated hero’s startling testimony appeared in the much-ballyhooed 9/11 Commission Report, a document that continues to be touted as “the most detailed, definitive study of the events of 9/11.”
Furthermore, Rodriguez was told, quite emphatically, not to speak about the explosions to others until “further investigations” had been carried out. As the world knows, this has yet to happen.
As a result of much public pressure, the Commission’s investigation records were finally made public—seven years later, in January 2009.
Rodriguez was stunned to find that his testimony was among those marked “restricted,” and thus inaccessible to the public. His crucial evidence remains restricted to this day.

Waking Up

Naturally, Rodriguez was flabbergasted by the Commission’s clearly suspect actions, but anger at the subterfuge was soon eclipsed by his far deeper anxiety.
The bombs.
He was convinced beyond a doubt there were explosives planted within the Towers. The official explanation—jet fuel, which is simply kerosene—made no sense at all.
Besides, he had overheard many exchanges on firemen’s two-way radios that day that confirmed virtually all the jet fuel had burned off, and the few remaining scattered fires looked like they could easily be knocked out.
He was convinced the explosions he had seen, felt, and heard that day were not caused by kerosene.
They were caused by deliberately positioned explosives.
What cemented his belief and reinforced it even further was something he saw on television the next day:
WTC building 7 collapsing into its footprint like a house of cards. In a matter of seconds. [1]
He had walked by that building numerous times. WTC7 was a 47-storey steel-framed skyscraper that was located a few hundred feet away from the Towers, and a plane had not even struck it. But, just like the Twin Towers, it, too, it suddenly collapsed into its own footprint.
The first thought that struck him was, “That building was a fortress. How could it just have fallen like that?”
Having experienced the explosions in the North Tower firsthand, and then having seen footage of Building 7 collapse in freefall, there were no doubts whatsoever left in his mind:
All three buildings were purposely demolished with explosives.
[NB: In regard to WTC7, the 9/11 Commission Report, again, mentioned absolutely nothing about this 47-storey skyscraper’s sudden and unbelievable collapse. Nor did it mention a word about the numerous eyewitness accounts of multiple explosions within that building. Not one word. It was completely ignored.]
As to who might have planted the explosives, he was at a loss. He couldn’t conceive how the alleged terrorists could have pulled it off; they couldn’t possibly have gained access to these buildings. He was convinced there had to have been other players involved—insiders.
He found such a prospect not only ominous in the extreme, but also disorienting and confusing on many levels. Suddenly, nothing seemed to make sense. Only one thought consumed him.
Who were the killers?

Strange Recollections

Having worked at the WTC for close upon two decades, he obviously was very familiar with its general layout. The North Tower, in particular, was nigh a second home to him. An extremely affable fellow, Rodriguez had many friends in the WTC community. His days almost invariably began with breakfast with co-workers at the employees’ cafeteria at Windows On The World, the elegant restaurant on the 107th floor.
Especially following the 1993 bombing, security in the towers was extremely tight. That was glaringly obvious wherever he went. So how did the culprits manage to gain access?
He started to look into the security company in charge of the WTC complex, Securacom, and was more than a little surprised by the identities of two of its top executives.
President George W. Bush’s brother Marvin Bush and his cousin, Wirt Walker III, were both principals of the company. Further, he found this very same company was in charge of security at Dulles airport and United Airlines—both central to the attacks.
Brushing this curious connection aside as coincidence, he began to wonder about the practical difficulties the perpetrators would have encountered in gaining access to the buildings. He tried to recall having seen any suspicious people, or strange occurrences.
Pieces began to slowly come together.
He recalled seeing small teams of men in white “HazMat” coveralls busily moving about the building in the weeks preceding the attacks. Their presence didn’t strike him as particularly odd at the time, except for the fact that they used the stairwells almost exclusively and avoided using the service elevators. But he now began to wonder about these men’s real identities and true purpose.
One particularly bizarre incident snapped into focus, one that was so frightening he recalls it made his “hair stand up.”
A few weeks prior to the attacks, he was working in a stairwell on the 34th floor, which he knew to be completely vacant. Suddenly, he heard the strangest sound—one he’d never heard inside the tower in his nearly twenty years there.
It was a powerful, ominous, “rumbling” sound of something extremely heavy being rolled about. It sounded like a “huge metal dumpster on steel wheels, containing something extremely heavy—tons—being rolled around” a floor that he knew to have been totally empty—devoid even of furniture.
Yet, Rodriguez categorically maintains there was “someone” on that floor moving some monstrous contraption about.
Oddly, he admits to having been gripped by intense fear at the time, but he was having difficulty verbalizing to me the exact nature of his apprehension. While this didn’t strike me as having been a particularly inauspicious occurrence, it was clear he had been deeply affected by it. He immediately reported the incident to the main office, but was reassured it was a vacant floor.
Rodriguez was emphatic that he felt so frightened by this incident he didn’t dare open the door to look inside because he literally feared for his life.
He intuitively sensed grave danger behind that door, and did his best to avoid the 34th floor thereafter.
[NB: It is worth considering that long-term occupancy (and thus control) of a whole floor would have granted occupants virtually unlimited and unobstructed access from all sides to the entire 47-column central core of the tower via the elevator shafts. By sequentially disabling individual elevators for ‘servicing,’ the occupants would have had clear access to the entire 1,350-ft central load-bearing core—from the topmost floor right down the 6th level basement sitting on bedrock.]
Willy does not strike me as a man who can be frightened very easily, and this one anecdote has always intrigued me. The emotions I saw in his eyes, and his body language as he was describing the event were real. I was left with no doubt that what he experienced that day was extremely frightening and deeply impressionable.

Man on a Mission

I first met Willy in 2004 when he was touring the country with millionaire philanthropist Jimmy Walter. Walter had recently awoken to 9/11 truth, and was an indomitable firebrand.
Frenziedly mass-producing DVDs, organizing public events and seminars, and doing everything he possibly could to get the message out to the world, he was a one-man tour de force on his own mission of truth.
Such was his fervor, he once even stood in lone protest outside the White House bearing a placard that read, “9/11 was an inside job.” I recall being greatly impressed by the spectacle of such a wealthy, successful man willingly facing scorn and ridicule by going that far out on a limb in the service of a cause as incendiary as 9/11. Quite a guy, Jimmy.
Walter, seeing in Rodriguez the clear mark of authenticity, drive, and commitment, soon took Willy under his wing. Once the two teamed up, Rodriguez was telling his extraordinary story at various public gatherings that Walter was helping organize.
Willy had been “advised” by officials to keep to himself his “different” views on the events of that day, but that wasn’t about to stop him. His deeply traumatic experience and the shocking anomalies he had witnessed simply would not allow him to keep from asking the kind of questions most found exceedingly “uncomfortable”—even outrageously ‘unpatriotic.’

Dalliance with Politics

The White House ceremony had all but guaranteed his meteoric rise to stardom as a national hero. However, his newfound celebrity status would soon have its concomitant obligations.
More than a few high-ranking officials had advised him of the “sensitivity” of the times, and told him in no uncertain terms that it would be unwise for him to pursue his disquieting inquiries into “unfounded theories.”.
It was proving to be “very embarrassing.”
Ironically, at the same time, there was also tremendous support and encouragement being lavished by these very same officials, soliciting his participation on an altogether different agenda: To promote “patriotic unity” and emphasize to the nation the dire need for America to strike back hard at the ‘enemy.’
And things actually got rather intoxicating for a while.
Rodriguez the hero was soon inveigled with promises of political office in the Hispanic community, and carrots of all kinds were dangled before him.
He found the attempts to win him over by various Republican power-players to be almost overwhelming. The heady publicity had suddenly thrust him on the national stage, and he was deemed by Party strategists to be the ideal Republican candidate to woo the more than 30 million Hispanic voters in the country.
Charismatic, articulate, good-looking, fluently bi-lingual and a national hero to boot, he was a natural—the perfect political candidate.
Before joining the WTC staff, Rodriguez had worked for ten years as an aide to New York Governor Mario Cuomo, helping organize press conferences for high-level policy-making events, so he even had the basic political training already under his belt. [He also possessed stage panache to boot. An avid amateur magician, he had worked in his younger days as an assistant to The Amazing Randi.]
The Republican Party even made arrangements to send him to train for political office, and offered Rodriguez millions of dollars in campaign financing to run on the national Hispanic platform. For a brief while he was a rising star with stellar prospects.
But this titillating new potential career also carried with it a huge price—one, he soon discovered, that was in tension with his probity, and sense of righteousness and duty.
It didn’t take him long to decide. He refused to be seduced into concealing a truth he believed the world absolutely needed to know.
There was no doubt in Rodriguez’s mind that the official narrative re 9/11 was far from true. He believed it was his patriotic duty to alert his fellow Americans to what actually happened that terrible day. “I had to choose whether to tell the truth, or play their game,” he told me. “I couldn’t get myself to play their game.”
Tempting as the alternatives were, the forces of truth had prevailed.

Celebrity No More

That pivotal decision caused all Republican encouragement and offers of political support to evaporate.
The decorated 9/11 hero was now quite suddenly not only a Party pariah, but also persona non grata in the halls of high power.
By taking his courageous stand, Rodriguez had unwittingly assumed a very dangerous role, one that would pose a direct threat to powers that lay behind the veneer of party politics.
He had just signed his own political death warrant.
Naturally, the muzzled media didn’t appear willing to report any of what Rodriguez had to say. As always, they felt obliged to promote whatever the propaganda ministry wanted the masses to believe.
It takes enormous courage to go against such opposition, but that’s the kind of man Willy is. He says he owes it to his many friends—more than two hundred of them—who were butchered that day by an evil shadowy group in pursuit of some diabolical geopolitical agenda.
Shocked, inconsolable and deeply disturbed to this day, he continues his campaign with extraordinary energy and an admirable sense of purpose.
When I suggested it might be time for him to throttle back a notch, he responded, “I can’t. I am driven because I have a need to find out who the real killers are. The alleged Arab hijackers couldn’t possibly have rigged all those explosives. No way.”

The Mission Goes Global

Jimmy Walter wasted no time financing a “9/11 Truth World Tour” to raise awareness about the 9/11 fraud by first taking the message across America and later around the world.
And money was no object. Not one to approach such a grand and noble undertaking with anything less that total commitment, Walter famously offered a $1 million cash reward to any engineer or scientist in the world who could prove, in an academic technical paper, that the three towers could have collapsed the way they did without explosives.
Despite massive national publicity—the million-dollar challenge was even sent to the engineering faculties of over 100 universities, as well as a host of major architectural and structural engineering firms—there were no takers.
None. Zero. The prize remains unclaimed to this day. [But is this surprising? How does one prove water isn’t wet?]
Walter’s group was comprised of a team of world-class experts:  architects, engineers, pilots, firefighters, metallurgists, chemists, and psychologists, among others [2]. The group made a slew of public presentations in major cities across the US before moving on to Europe, and later, Venezuela, Singapore, Japan and elsewhere speaking to packed audiences everywhere they traveled.
Walter and Rodriguez even made private presentations to former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. They were surprised to find both these leaders were more than a little knowledgeable about the cover-up.
Willy told me that the home of Nicolas Maduro, president of the Venezuelan Assembly, was brimming with books, videos and documents about the 9/11 cover-up. Maduro, Venezuela’s top legislator, intoned that he was ready to create an international investigative committee to look into the “international crime scene” that is 9/11, and that this would be structured via Chavez’s government.
Walter and Rodriguez also appeared on every major Venezuelan television and radio station, both private and state-owned, and gave presentations to several universities. They were also scheduled to appear on Chavez’s weekly broadcast ‘Alo Presidente’, but this was canceled at the last minute for unspecified reasons.
And things evidently got quite dicey during their trip. Rodriguez discovered that undercover FBI agents on the ground in Venezuela had asked the hotel where he and Walter were staying to turn over a list of names of residents. On hearing this, the Venezuelan National Assembly provided both men armed military protection for the entirety of their trip.

A Sudden Serious Setback

All of these valiant efforts by these two incredibly courageous men eventually amounted to naught. Quite unexpectedly, and inexplicably, all the energy, enthusiasm and momentum they had amassed suddenly appeared to have hit a brick wall.
They were informed, rather sheepishly by cohorts of the two leaders, that 9/11 was simply too big an issue to “rush into,” and that it would be advisable to postpone further action to allow time for “more research.”
Such is the awesome fear-inspiring power and global reach of the amorphous perpetrators of this monstrous crime.
Eventually, in utter frustration at his inability to make any real headway after over three years of tireless effort and colossal expense, and hampered by poor health, Jimmy Walter finally decided to call it a day.
That little adventure had cost Walter over $6 million of his personal money.
Jimmy’s parting words to me, in 2007, embodied a truth that continues to resonate and gain currency as the years roll by:
“Trying to outdo the mainstream media by throwing a few million bucks around is like trying to outshine the sun with a flashgun.”
It’s hardly surprising you’ve heard nothing about these men’s heroic initiatives on the local evening “news”—little more than bread and circuses, artfully packaged and insidiously seeded for consumption by the gullible, clueless masses.

Witnesses Begin to Drop Dead

It wasn’t long afterwards that Rodriguez got his next wake-up call. Kenny Johanneman, another of Willy’s close friends and former WTC colleague, had also been in the basement with him when the bombs were going off.
Willy, now working on behalf of the community of Hispanic victims, survivors and their families, had decided to contact everyone he knew who had been present at the WTC that day so he could record their personal experiences on video.
During a lengthy interview, Johanneman recounted his experience in great detail, holding back nothing. Johanneman, who had made it his personal mission to tell everyone he knew—and anyone else who’d listen—that he had seen “floors blow up in the basement before the plane hit,” appeared extremely eager (almost nervously so, Willy now recalls) to get his story on tape.
Three days after the interview, Rodriguez received the bad news.
Kenny Johanneman had suddenly “committed suicide.” Gunshot to the head.
This is frighteningly reminiscent of Barry Jennings, the former New York Housing Authority Emergency Coordinator and key 9/11 witness who suddenly died of unknown causes days before the release of NIST’s “amended” report on the collapse of WTC7.
Jennings is on record [3] stating, unequivocally and emphatically regarding Building 7, that “explosions were going off all over the place”—while the Twin Towers were still standing!
Jennings also stated during an interview that he was “stepping over bodies” in the main lobby of WTC7 as he was being led out by firemen. The lobby, he testified on video, “looked like a bomb had gone off inside it.”
Not only had no aircraft hit this building, the Twin Towers were still standing.
[NB: This is virtually identical to John Mongello’s testimony about elevators exploding in the South Tower before a plane even hit the building.]
Mr. Jennings, too, suffered a sudden and mysterious death at age 53.
Dylan Avery, a documentary producer, commissioned a private detective to investigate Jennings’ suspicious death (and the subsequent disappearance of his wife and two children). Within days the man returned Avery’s’s check to him and, giving no reason, refused to continue with the case.
The latest casualty in the long line of 9/11 expert witnesses to die under suspicious circumstances was Dutch demolition expert Danny Jawenko, president of Exposieve Demolitie BV, a leading Dutch controlled demolition company.
Having watched a video of WTC Building 7 suddenly fall at freefall speed, Mr. Jawenko had the courage to stand up and authoritatively assert [4] that he was “absolutely positive” WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition.
On July 18, 2011, while driving home alone in his own car, Mr. Jawenko’s vehicle suddenly accelerated, swerved off the road and crashed into a tree at high speed.
Danny Jawenko was killed instantly.

The Mission Ratchets Up

During Rodriguez’s long crusade, he also contacted the FBI, but they never followed up on his reports. [It’s almost certain they did, but were probably allowed to take it only so far.] The same holds true with the mainstream media.
CNN spent a day interviewing Rodriguez at his home, but when it was broadcast the following day it had been thoroughly edited: they glamorized the heroic rescues and the White House tamasha, of course, but wholly excised anything pertaining to the explosions. It was a total whitewash.
Some reporters have subtly warned Rodriguez to keep quiet, as his outspokenness could jeopardize his life. “You don’t know whom you’re dealing with,” one major-network insider told him. But Willy had already defiantly looked death in the face and will probably continue to tell his story, damn the torpedoes.
He says he is speaking for his friends who were forever rendered speechless, and adds, “I am living on borrowed time; I probably should be dead anyway.”
It’s probably this do-or-die attitude that has imbued Rodriguez with the guts to take his dauntless campaign as far as he has.
How gutsy is he, and how far is he willing to go?
In 2004 Rodriguez was the lead plaintiff in a RICO lawsuit filed against President George W. Bush and 155 of his henchmen, accusing them of complicity in the 9/11 attacks, conspiracy to commit murder and other crimes.
This is hardly the behavior of a man afraid of getting whacked.
But don’t hold your breath waiting for a sensational courthouse drama with Dubya sweating it out in the hot seat. The court dismissed Rodriguez’s claims against the USA, DHS, and FEMA, and gave Rodriguez until July 7, 2006 to show cause why his lawsuit should not be dismissed with respect to the other 153 defendants. Due to a falling out with his attorney Rodriguez failed to do so, and the court dismissed the case.
But he’d be the first to tell you this was never about winning.
It was about getting the public to wake up to the facts about 9/11—the single most heinous crime and unconscionable fraud ever foisted on the inhabitants of this planet.

Preparing For The 10th Anniversary

The 9/11 Truth movement is growing almost exponentially, with literally hundreds of groups active worldwide, and more blossoming by the day.
But this took a few years to get going.
So utterly overwhelming was the initial mainstream propaganda barrage, and so raw were people’s emotions and sensitivities in the aftermath of the attacks, those who were quick to see through the fraud couldn’t even begin to think of organizing a handful of local activists, let alone a worldwide network.
Gradually—and thanks almost entirely to the Internet—lines of communication began to open across the country and around the world, helping activists to organize, communicate, build cohesion, and spread the word to the millions still asleep.
It was only a matter of time before people would become aware of the mountains of shockingly obvious evidence that’s freely available online—such as WTC7 in freefall. Common sense would then inevitably kick in and take over, helping them to pierce the veil of the official myth on their own. There is, after all, a limit to denial.
As a result of the steadfast efforts of thousand of dedicated activists, what began as a trickle is now fast reaching torrential proportions.
Reaching critical mass is no longer a distant hope. Especially given the millions waking up around the world to 9/11’s offspring—the bogus ‘war on terror’, DHS, the militarized police state, the monumental Bankster fraud—critical mass re 9/11 is now imminent, and an absolute certainty.
Thousands of activists around the world are helping spread the 9/11 message via public presentations, free DVDs, and even huge highway billboards.
All too aware of the astonishing rise in public awareness, desperate operations are currently afoot by the ‘powers that be’ to counter this worrisome trend.
Major Hollywood stars—including Robert DeNiro—have been signed up to read the fairytale script pushing the ‘Official Conspiracy Theory.’ I.e., how nineteen clueless Arabs who, without tickets or boarding passes, climbed aboard four airliners, hijacked the craft using little box-cutters, and then brilliantly outwitted the most formidable military force on the planet and its entire multi-trillion-dollar defense apparatus for almost two hours—all without a single fighter interceptor in the fearsome American arsenal so much as turning a wheel for the entire duration.
This upcoming mass-media pageant, of course, will be further bolstered by the government’s openly proclaimed—and ongoing—assault on 9/11 “conspiracy” groups.
Obama’s regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, has officially initiated a nakedly aggressive program of “cognitive infiltration,’ an insidious initiative where government agent provocateurs have been ordered to covertly penetrate 9/11 truth movements and attempt to structurally disable these organizations from within by sowing disinformation.
One can only wonder why this kind of deep sabotage would be necessary—unless these “conspiracy nuts” now poses a real and present danger to the powers that be.
But, take heart, dear reader: although truth lives a wretched life, it outlives a lie every time.
Every time.
Besides, it would take a lot more than a covert program of “cognitive infiltration”’ to dismantle 9/11 truth—that would first require rewriting the laws of physics.
On the side of Truth, we have literally thousands of professional architects, engineers, firefighters, pilots, scientists, and other similar groups comprised of professionals with impeccable credentials who are planning their own public relations initiatives.
But, in a country where 78% of its citizens get 92% of their news from television, these groups have their work cut out for them.
Despite the challenges that lie ahead, I cannot bring myself to agree with Jimmy Walter’s assessment that this would be an undertaking tantamount to “trying to outshine the sun with a flashgun.”
Rather, I would prefer to invoke the wisdom of Victor Hugo:
“No army can stop an idea whose time has come.”

The Power Of One

Meanwhile, there is one brave man packing a ‘flashgun’ who’s working wonders on his own. And he dismisses defeat as an impossibility.
I was elated to discover that Willy Rodriguez’s undiminished efforts are still in full swing, and about to reap rich rewards.
The man is on fire. He’s been reeling off interviews with major media outlets around the world at a ferocious rate, gearing up for a full-blown one-man 10th anniversary assault on the Dark Force.
Rodriguez recently mentioned some of the interviews he already has in the bag:
Yomiuri Shinbun (Japan), Arbitron (worldwide), Shanghai Morning Post (China), Express News (Pakistan), Global National News (Canada), Telemondo (Latin America), Le Point (France), RT (Russia), Radio Televicion Espanola (Spain), Reuters, and CNN (again). There are many more in the works that will be ready by 9/11/12.
[NB: Willy was quick to mention he’d learnt a bitter lesson from his last encounter with CNN—now, he rattles off his responses as seamlessly as possible to deny cutting-room butchers their “edit points!”]
Rodriguez is also polishing up a brilliant new documentary all his own, “From The Rubble,” which will also be released in time for the 10th anniversary. I watched the raw version last evening in its entirety.
It’s a brilliant bit of work—profoundly emotive, incredibly detailed, fact-filled and chockablock with riveting interviews with WTC employees, firemen, police officers, paramedics and other first-responders. These are all rescuers who were there, hands-on, in the thick of it, and witnessed the entire tragedy firsthand.
Even in its current rough state, I can unreservedly state it’s the most compelling 9/11 documentary I’ve seen to date.

Time To Give It Our All

Given the appalling trail of deaths of 9/11 witnesses over the past ten years, it would make sense that the best way to ensure the safety of surviving key witnesses like Rodriguez would, ironically, be for these individuals to continue to stay planted in the public spotlight.
Considering the serious threat these brave souls pose to the criminals at large, this might be the only strategy that could offer them a modicum of safety.
The more people who know about this brave man, and the many other men and women like him, the greater the chances of thwarting their ‘suicides’ or ‘heart attacks.’
On behalf of every one in the 9/11 Truth movement; in memory of the three thousand Americans who perished needlessly on that tragic day; and the million-plus innocents who have been slaughtered (and continue to be massacred) in distant lands on account of this fiendish fraud; it would be fitting, proper, and necessary to conclude with a message to all those who have awoken to The Big Lie, yet choose to do nothing:
Silence is complicity.
[3]  www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRaKHq2dfCI  (Barry Jennings Interview)
[4]   www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMhUTrBODtA {Danny Jawenko Interview)

World History and the Bosnian Pyramids

World History and the Bosnian Pyramids

Sam Semir Osmanagich Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Professor of Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina – November 2011 


Almost everything they teach us about the ancient history is wrong: origin of men, civilizations and pyramids. Homo sapiens sapiens is not a result of the evolution and biologists will never find a “missing link”, because the intelligent man is product of genetic engineering. Sumerians are not the beginning of the civilized men, but rather beginning of another cycle of humanity. And finally, original pyramids, most superior and oldest, were made by advanced builders who knew energy, astronomy and construction better than we do. 
In order to understand the ancient monuments, we need to view them through three realms: physical, energy and spiritual. Our scientific instruments are simply not enough to explain the purpose of oldest pyramids, for example. Mainstream scientists, archaeologists, historians and anthropologists, are often main obstacle for scientific progress. 
Gap between physical and spiritual science is to be bridged if we want to get fully understanding of the past. 
Twelve hundred ton stone block in Baalbeck (Lebanon) needs explanation. Who was able to shape, move and install four times bigger blocks than our, 21st century, capabilities? Yonaguni megalithic monuments (Japan) do belong to the previous cycle of humanity. They are undeniable proof, on the bottom of the Pacific floor, 80 meters below the ocean level, that advanced culture lived in the area more than 12.000 years ago before huge quantities of ice melted and caused Pacific level to rise for 80 meters. Machu Picchu (Peru) tells the story of four distinctive civilizations and different construction styles, first civilization being the most advanced. At the same time, all the history books make up story of Inkas being the builders of “royal retreat” in the recent times. New dating of Peruvian, Mexican, Chinese and Egyptian pyramids will take us back much before recognized history and known rulers. 
Oldest Chinese and Egyptian pyramids are much superior to those made later, as unsuccessful replicas. Older are built from granite and sandstone blocks, more recent ones are much smaller built from bricks and mud. Traces of more advanced beings are everywhere around us. In the meantime, mainstream scientists try to fit those monuments into their time coordinates, falsifying the truth. 
Two hundred Cahokia pyramids show astronomical knowledge of the builders who moved several millions tons of construction materials and who knew the difference between cosmic and magnetic north. Mayan world is an example of the knowledge of Universe. Our Solar system circles Milky Way and that 26-thousand years cycle (“long count calendar”) affect all living life on our Planet. Anasazies, ancestors of Pueblo Indians, didn’t need alphabet or physical communication means to recognize danger in different dimensions coming from the depth of Universe. 
As long as they stay within the box, mainstream archaeologists will never be able to explain tooling and logistic needed to build stone heads on Easter Islands, shape granite blocks of Akapana pyramid complex in Bolivia or create chambers of Giza pyramids. 
Stone spheres of western Mexico, southern Costa Rica, Easter Island or twenty locations in remote Bosnia-Herzegovina, are obvious proof of understanding and manipulating of shapes and energy in the distant past. 
On top of all that, discovery of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is telling us that we don’t know our Planet. We might go to the Moon (temporarily, until threaten), but we still need to explore our Mother Earth. More secrets wait to be uncovered and, with the ancient knowledge, help us reach our balance back. 


In April 2005 I first traveled to the town of Visoko, 20 miles northwest from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. My attention was caught by two regularly shaped hills, which I later named the Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. For thousands of years locals have considered those hills to be natural phenomena because they were covered by soil and vegetation. However, when I first saw their triangular faces, obvious corners and orientation toward the cardinal points, I knew that they had to be constructed by a force other than nature.  Since I had been investigating pyramids for decades I knew that the pyramids found in China, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador had the same type of soil and vegetation coverage. 
In 2005 work was begun on this project and construction companies and geologists were paid (out of my pocket) to do core drilling and geo-morphological analysis. We then announced to the world, at the press conference, that the first pyramids in Europe had been discovered.   
Shortly thereafter we established the non-profit Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation and since that time the pyramid investigations in Bosnia have become the world’s largest inter-disciplinary archaeological project. We have spent over 340.000 man-hours in archaeological excavation, sample testing and radiocarbon dating in the period from 2005 to 2011. We determined that the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids consists of five pyramids discovered to date which I named: The Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun, Moon, Dragon, Mother Earth and Love. The site also includes a tumulus complex and a huge underground labyrinth. 
This discovery is historic and changes the knowledge of the early history of Europe for several reasons: 
1. These are the first pyramids discovered in Europe
2. The site includes the largest pyramid structure in the world—The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with its height of over 220 meters is much higher than the Great Pyramid of Egypt (147 meters).
3. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has, according to the Bosnian Institute for Geodesy, the most precise orientation towards cosmic north with the error of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds. 
4. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is completely covered by rectangular concrete blocks. The properties of the concrete, including extreme hardness (up to 133 MPs) and low water absorption (around 1%), are, according to the scientific institutions in Bosnia, Italy and France, far superior to modern concrete materials.
5. The pyramids are covered by soil which is, according to the State Institute for Agro-pedology, approx. 12,000 years old. Radiocarbon dating from the paved terrace on Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, performed by Institute of Physics of Silesian Institute of Technology from Gliwice (Poland) confirmed that terrace was built 10.350 years ago (+/- 50 years). These finding confirm that the Bosnian pyramids are also the oldest known pyramids on the planet.
6. Beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids there is an extensive underground tunnel and chamber network which runs for a total of more than ten miles.
7. Ceramic sculptures have been discovered in the underground labyrinth with a mass of up to 20,000 pounds which makes them the largest found so far from the ancient world. 
The list of the wonders in Bosnian archaeology does not end here. In the vicinity, we discovered the tallest tumulus in the World: 61 meter high. Its nearest competitor, Sillbury Hill in England is 60 meters high. The Bosnian tumulus consists of two-layer megalithic terraces, clay layers and artificial concrete layers. 
A team of physicists detected an energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz.  The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physic and technology. This is the first proof of non-herzian technology on the Planet. It seems that the pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “energy machine” is still working. 
In the underground labyrinth, in 2010, we discovered three chambers and a small blue lake. Energy screening shows that the ionization level is 43 times higher than the average concentration outside which makes the underground chambers into “healing rooms”. 
Further electromagnetic detection in 2011 confirmed that levels of negative radiation through the Hartman, Curry and Schneider grids are equal to zero in the tunnels. There was no technical radiation (from power lines and/or other technology) found in the tunnels and no cosmic radioactivity. Ceramic sculptures are positioned over the underground water flows and the negative energy is transformed into positive.  All of these experiments point to the underground labyrinth as one of the most secure underground constructions in the world and this makes it an ideal place for the body’s rejuvenation and regeneration. 
Two hundred years of Egyptology has not produced a satisfactory answer to the question of what the real purpose was for the oldest and most superior pyramids. 
In only six years, our research in Bosnia has applied inter-disciplinary scientific methods, to look at this complex through the physical, energetic and spiritual dimensions.  We have had pioneering results which affects the entire sphere of knowledge and Pyramid Science.  Our history is changing with each new discovery. 
Perhaps by changing our beginnings or learning to better understand our beginnings we can also change our present and our future for the better.

War for Total Control: Planning the Ultimate ‘Big Brother’ Surveillance Society

War for Total Control: Planning the Ultimate ‘Big Brother’ Surveillance Society

By ADRIAN SALBUCHI – via New Dawn Magazine

It’s an old cliché to say that technology in itself is neither good nor bad, but that all depends on how you use it. In the case of Information and Communications Technologies, and their out-of-control problem child the Internet that has so revolutionised the world, today we seem to be at a key crossroads where all seems to hang on which path Mankind finally treads.
Like a sharp two-edged sword, the Internet and the very rapidly evolving technologies surrounding it, are poised to either usher in a new era of intellectual, cultural and spiritual enlightenment, material well-being and true cooperation amongst nations bent on resolving common global problems; or we may be about to fall into a black abyss of absolute totalitarian control; intellectual, physical and spiritual violence; and mass slavery on an unprecedented scale.
How to resolve this dilemma? We should certainly start by understanding three key issues: who really controls these technologies, what are their medium and long term objectives, why are they being used the way they are…

The Invisible Man

 One of the greatest perils we face today is the difficulty in properly identifying and distinguishing friend from foe; it is increasingly difficult to understand who – even what – the enemy or adversary is which means that society’s key vulnerability stems from its incapacity to properly identify risk, peril and danger. If you cannot see a danger approaching, it will hit you by surprise as the look-out on the Titanic so painfully learned on that fateful night in April 1912.
A vital factor for the survival and prosperity of individuals, families, communities, organisations – even entire nations – lies in properly identifying friends and enemies (or at least adversaries). There is always an “enemy” out there who either wants to have what we own, or wants to place us in his or her service, or may have a myriad of reasons for wanting to somehow weaken or get rid of us, mostly because they want to take for free something that is ours. Some will say this is basic human nature; others that it’s the Darwinian imperative of the survival of the fittest; still others will complain that it’s man’s criminal egotism. Whatever your view, the truth is that in one way or another we all live immersed in “self-protection or defense mode” which begins every morning when we close and lock our front door.
What I mean to say is that self-protection or defense is easy when you can clearly identify and understand your enemy: whether thieves at large on our streets, or foreign powers bent on subduing or colonising us. Here is where modern European languages play us a bad trick, because we use the word “enemy” with far too wide a scope. In fact, we would do well to heed the recommendations of German Jurist Carl Schmitt (1888-1985) who, like the Romans, differentiated between Inimicus (i.e., your own personal enemy whom you might hate for having done you some wrong but who is your own private affair and problem) and Hostis (i.e., a public enemy of the community and State, whom we might not necessarily dislike but who poses a threat to all and must thus be combated).
For example, two hundred years ago, it was easy for the thirteen original colonies of North America to identify as its Hostis the British Crown in London, or for the South American Viceroyalties to identify as their Hostis the Spanish Court in Madrid. A common, visible, credible enemy makes strategic planning that much simpler, for we know who he is, where he is, what he wants, and how he achieves his objectives.
Today’s challenge, however, is far greater because Hostis – the common enemy – is no longer easy to identify. We can no longer simply say “it’s the Brit’s over in London” or “it’s the Reds” or “the Nazis” or “the Japs.” Today, Mankind’s Hostis has become all too complex, often subtle and defying simple identification whether by nation, creed, race, geography, language, or any other easy-to-perceive characteristics. Today’s Hostis is everywhere and nowhere; which requires we refine our search, identifying him more by his tell-tale signs, fingerprints, “DNA” so-to-speak, than by directly perceiving him (or her).
No longer can national leaders rally mass popular support to “fight the Soviets or the Germans, or the Japanese.” A decade ago, they had to resort to weaker abstractions like the Bushian “war on terrorism,” which is meaningless until you actually define what “terrorism” is.1
What we have today is basically a public invisible enemy that is very difficult to specifically pinpoint, but the effects of whose actions we all increasingly suffer everywhere. Perhaps “Global Power Elite” is the closest we can come to describing this veritable global enemy whose planetary interests and objectives for the most part run counter to the common interests of “We the People” everywhere, and yet that too is still quite abstract and faceless.
Nevertheless, and like all “invisible men,” whilst we cannot “see” the enemy we can certainly feel the effects of his actions and can thus certainly learn to trace his tracks, infer where he is now, where he’s going and what he plans to do.
In this world war, all aware citizens need to become hunters of sorts: fighting the Global Power Elite is much like tracking down a dangerous wild tiger in the forest… An experienced, shrewd and watchful hunter does not need to actually see the tiger to know that he’s close by, if he knows how to identify and understand specific tell-tale ‘tiger marks’: here, some broken twigs on a forest path; there, a dead rodent; perhaps tiger droppings by a tree or paw marks on damp soil; a specific scent, or hushed growling echoing in the distance…
A similar task faces us if we are to become free and independent: we must learn and understand who, where and what is the enemy and its weapons of war. We can certainly say that technological research, development and control are among its array of armaments. If we understand the enemy, it should not be all that hard to understand what he will do with the technology so “generously” given to Mankind.

Putting on the Chains of Slavery

 A century ago, Soviet revolutionary Vladimir Lenin said capitalists would one day sell to the communists the very ropes with which communism would hang them. Well, not quite actually as it ended up being the other way around with communists hanging themselves with the invisible “ropes of capitalism,” enthralled as they became at the end of the Bi-Polar world with the West’s mass consumerism. An eloquent snapshot of which right after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 was a little ticky-tacky East German “Trabant” next to a powerful West German Mercedes-Benz. Indeed, a picture that was worth 1,000 words!
22 years later, something similar seems to be happening; only this time it’s the Global Power Elite enthralling us with invisible technological ropes with which millions of people are about to hang themselves, in a figurative sense, of course. Not that all of us are doing that yet, but when you look around at the growing mass population control, the noose is certainly being fitted snugly around our necks.
Humans needs time to adapt and cope with major changes. Through tens of thousands of years of history, change took place very slowly, spanning entire generations so that with each new change, social structures slowly adapted. Today, however, with the explosive advent of information technologies, telecommunications and genetics to name but a few, we’re all mesmerised and desirous to become part of the Info Cybersphere. We’ve been persuaded that we really do need to have the latest cell phones, iPod, iPad, the Internet and cable/satellite TV, iPhone and Blackberry, which potentially is a good thing, but they must be approached with discriminating caution. For they represent a two-edged sword that can either help expand our consciousness and awareness of the world around us in every sense of the word, or they can chain us unwittingly into a macro-system that has grown into a Leviathan with huge capacity to control every detail of our lives.
I am a layman so I won’t delve into the technicalities of today’s information technologies because others are far more qualified to do that, but I can tell you this: all these technologies are not as innocent as they would have us believe: i.e., so “innocent” that 5, 6 or 7 year olds can be set loose to play with video games and the Internet as if they were mere toys. Not so! These technologies must be approached with at least as much caution, prevention and awe as we do when we drive our car, knowing that just as it can safely take as wherever we want to go, if we thoughtlessly rev the engine up to 250 kmph, it can also get us and others killed.
Similarly, this two-edged sword can serve to vanquish the Global Power Elite by making us aware of their intentions and their terrible medium and long-term consequences, or it can serve them to cut our throats. In fact, this Janus-headed monster lies equidistant between them and us. Objectively, either they win and we lose, which means the world will be run by machines that they control or, we use these technologies to rally the overwhelming power of We the People, to annihilate the Global Power Elite. Where does the difference lie? In our awareness. 
The Global Power Elite know full well what they are doing whilst most people don’t, and they will do everything in their power to keep it that way. Here, then, are two global armies pitted against each other. “In this corner…” a tiny but extremely powerful elite controlling a huge machine to their benefit and our enslavement. “In that corner…”, gigantic masses of mostly unaware people using that same machine but without understanding it, nor realising what it’s really being used for.
It is today so embedded into society that, increasingly, every aspect of our lives are controlled by it: whether it be work done on the Internet, Intranets, E-Trade, managing your bank account, reserving your next flight and printing your boarding pass, doing research and fact-finding, or just plain entertainment and whiling the time away. It’s a coin of which we are systematically shown only the “heads” side, i.e., all the benefits, magic, comfort and advantages of being hooked-in and on-line. “Life is so much easier now…” However, we’re not shown the “tail” side that poses a dark and lurking danger: Total Control. The Info Cybersphere represents a super-structure for total control against which individuals can do little to escape from, unless awareness dawns on them.
The key weapon wielded against all peoples in every country is PsyWar – Psychological Warfare – that has successfully: (a) incorporated two, maybe three billion people into the IT Cybersphere allowing growing partial/total control over them, and (b) persuaded billions of people to willingly accept this. The rest of Mankind – the other 3 or 4 billion are “useless eaters” as David Rockefeller once called them – just don’t count because they’re too abjectly poor and are not part of any “market”; there’s literally nothing the Corporate Overworld can sell to them. Thus, they are implicitly earmarked for controlled extermination over the next generation through war, disease, starvation, urban violence, environmental contamination, artificially induced “natural” disasters, or by just plain letting them waste away.
A quick look at some of the technological wonders they have in store for us might better illustrate this:

Watch What You Say… and Do… (and Think..!)

“Romas/COIN” is a super hi-tech military civilian mass surveillance and data gathering project supported by US private defense contractors (Northrop Gruman, notably), think tanks, and the US military and civilian intelligence community, with electronic capabilities to monitor and analyse millions and millions of conversations, sort key data and then re-build it to reflect specific behaviour patterns amongst individuals and groups of people, which enables projecting their future plans, whereabouts, goals and actions. This will make “preventive war” and “preventive arrests” that much easier. For now, much of this mass surveillance and data mining targets Arab speaking peoples, not just in the Middle East/North Africa but the world over, which ties in nicely with the endless “global war on terrorism.”
This represents a quantum leap by the Global Power Elite in that until recently such global hi-tech spying was only done by the National Security Agency, CIA, FBI, MI6 or Mossad (which can always be demonised as modern Gestapo-like entities); now however, we have “friendly” household names like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Pixar/Disney, PointAbout, doing all the spying for the Elite. This private corporate network is part of the invisible noose we are putting around our necks.

Big Brother is Watching You…

Countries one normally believes are bastions of liberty and freedom – the UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand – are prime examples of mass surveillance. Take a stroll through London and a vast and ubiquitous network of several million CCTV cameras will be watching your every move 24/7 in airports, underground and railway stations, street crossings, stores, bus stops, shopping malls, motorways, parks, bridges, condos, public buildings, private offices, utilities, public toilets, toll booths… Wherever you are in London, someone is watching you… very closely. Naturally, all this is done in the name of “national security” which has become a smokescreen for the political and corporate elites’ perception that growing public awareness does pose a real threat to their interests.
In Australia Big Brother is hard at work, not surprising since Australia responded to September 11 with extraordinary law-making. In the ensuing decade, Australia’s Federal Parliament enacted 54 pieces of anti-terrorism legislation; 48 of which were passed under the Howard government, an average of one new anti-terrorism law every seven weeks.
The numbers are striking: Canadian Professor Kent Roach found that “Australia has exceeded the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada in the sheer number of new anti-terrorism laws it has enacted since September 11, 2001. Australia’s hyper-legislation strained the ability of the parliamentary opposition and civil society to keep up, let alone provide effective opposition to, the relentless legislative output.” All brought to you by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO).
Australia’s legislation includes the Telecommunications Interception and Intelligence Services Legislation Amendment Act, and the Intelligence Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 that strengthens and increases ASIO’s powers to conduct offshore surveillance and reach such organisations as WikiLeaks, targeting anyone campaigning on political and social issues.

“We know who you are…”

New technologies may also soon make fingerprints a thing of the past. Vein recognition represents a far more precise method to identify you than traditional fingerprint scanners because of its low .001% false acceptance rate. Using light to penetrate a users’ finger to read vein patterns which are unique and thought to be impossible to replicate, this method is fully fool proof as vein structures change after death, which means severed fingers cannot be used to fool the readers.
Then there’s face recognition where Toshiba recently unveiled a new range of LED-backlit televisions for 2011 including the model WL800A that uses facial recognition. Next time you’re surfing the Internet or speaking on Skype, hmmm… “we know who you are, where you are and what you’re doing…”

Lost & Found: “M’am: We found your missing husband’s black box…”

Microchip Implants for personal tracking and ID are getting smaller and smaller, and ever more injectable without you ever even realising it. Next time an Avian or Swine Flu “crisis” breaks, don’t let yourself be coaxed into mass vaccinating your family. Michael G Michael (University of Wollongong’s School of Information Systems and Technology, Australia), has coined the term “uberveillance” to describe the emerging trend of all-encompassing surveillance, explaining that “Uberveillance is not on the outside looking down, but on the inside looking out through a microchip that is embedded in our bodies.”
The US’s private hi-tech company VeriChip (www.positiveidcorp.com) widely markets implantable nano-chips which store a 16-digit unique ID number on humans “for medical and security purposes, focusing on high-risk patients and the need to identify them and their medical records in an emergency.” To allay any fears they also explain they do not know when or if someone will develop an implantable microchip with GPS technology, but that “it is not an application we are pursuing.” Michael explains that such implantable chips will become like a “black box that will then be a witness to our actual movements, words – perhaps even our thoughts – and play a similar role to the black box placed in an aircraft.” He also predicts microchip implants and their infrastructure could eliminate the need for e-passports, e-tags, and secure ID cards, adding that “microchipping… will eventually become compulsory in the context of identification within the frame of national security.” For now, your mobile phone acts as a passive transponder for radio frequency identification (RFID) readers.

Watch the Birdie…

Not surprisingly, military applications are where trillions of ultra hi-tech dollars are going. We now have drones as tiny as bugs. In a recent piece published in The New York Times2 we learn that the US military’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio runs a flight lab dubbed a “microaviary” where drones designed to replicate flight mechanics of moths, hawks and other creatures are being developed. “‘We’re looking at how you can hide in plain sight’ said Greg Parker, an Aerospace engineer, as he held up a mechanical hawk that in the future might carry out espionage.” Today, the Pentagon has some 7,000 aerial drones explained Ashton B Carter, the Pentagon’s chief weapons buyer and a member of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
“In February 2011, researchers unveiled a hummingbird drone built by the firm AeroVironment for the secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) which can fly at 11 mph and perch on a windowsill… one of the smallest drones in use on the battlefield is the three foot long Raven which troops in Afghanistan toss by hand like a model airplane to peer over the next hill.”
Then we have new “Gorgon Stare” technology that can capture live videos of an entire city, but requires 2,000 analysts to process the data feeds from a single drone compared with 19 analysts per drone today. We can also expect massive growth of armies of military surveillance analysts representing “wonderful new job careers in national defense.”

A Nation of Cowards

That same New York Times piece goes on to say, “within the military, no one disputes that drones save American lives. Many see them as advanced versions of ‘stand-off weapons systems’, like tanks or bombs dropped from aircraft, that the US has used for decades. ‘There’s a kind of nostalgia for the way wars used to be,’ said Deane-Peter Baker, an ethics professor at the US Naval Academy, referring to noble notions of knight-on-knight conflict. Drones are part of a post-heroic age, he said, and in his view, it is not always a problem if they lower the threshold for war… Military ethicists concede that drones can turn war into a video game, inflict civilian casualties and with no Americans directly at risk, and thus more easily draw the US into conflicts.”
This ties in with the Powell Doctrine, drafted by Gen. Colin Powell (CFR) after the First Gulf War which states, amongst other concepts, that the US should only engage in military conflict where its overwhelming military clout guarantees complete victory over carefully chosen weaker enemies. That explains why the US (and its staunch ally Britain) will unilaterally attack Afghanistan and Iraq, but not China or Russia; or why the US (and NATO) imposed “regime change” on Libya but not on North Korea (so intimate with China) or Iran (so close to Russia). This explains why America’s “heroic exploits” included invading tiny Grenada under the Reagan Administration in 1984, and unarmed Panama under Bush Senior in 1991, as well as its unflinching support of nuclear-armed-to-the-teeth Israel against rock-throwing Palestinians.
Clearly, a more overt “doctrine” of abject and shameless cowardice has yet to be advanced by any nation. There, no doubt, lie the seeds of America’s coming demise and that of its key allies: they have become greedy and corrupt nations governed by cowardly rulers

What are You Going to Do?

Whatever happens from now on, Planet Earth depends on how large a portion of the two or three billion “lucky ones” who have voluntarily integrated themselves into the Cybersphere through PC’s, laptops, blackberries, websites, cell phones, etc., become aware of the grave dangers facing us all. How fast they begin taking defensive measures from inside the Cybersphere, especially by identifying and taking advantage of its myriad weak points.
As a friend once said, “if globalisation can be compared to a balloon, then you only need the microscopic point of a sharp pin to blow it up…” Each of us must become such a “microscopic pin.”
As I write, the surveillance and control infrastructure can read this article, plot my location from their satellites using the cell phone in my pocket as a GPS transponder, spy on what I read, write and navigate on my laptop, and God knows what more.
Since 20 years or so, the National Security Agency’s Echelon Project can spy on our phones and emails, targeting specific words used in billions upon billions of messages and texts – “bomb,” “attack,” “Islam,” “Muslim,” “nuclear,” “chemical,” and “biological” are just some of the words and sequences Echelon can snoop into (they’re probably doing this right now as I write and as you read!). Whatever it is they can do today surely exceeds our wildest imagination.
This is no longer just the “national intelligence infrastructure” spanning the CIA, FBI, FEMA, Homeland Security, DARPA, Army, Navy and Air Force Intelligence, and their counterparts in other countries. This now spans private corporations that gather data, organise it, seek and find specific patterns (behaviours, contacts, interests, intents, geographies and infinite others) through which they hope to eventually exert their long-sought dream of total control over populations forming part of their Global System (the rest are as good as dead).
Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and a vast array of intelligence, security, IT, data gathering companies are all linking into increasingly large networks that pool data, findings and capabilities into complex arrays of self-sustaining and evolving structures, that lie outside the visual scope even of governments, for the simple reason that governments cannot even begin to fathom those capabilities, powers and future projections.
Does anybody really believe that Barack Obama, David Cameron, the senators, representatives and MP’s of the US or UK governments have a real clue as to what the NSA, together with Google, together with Boeing, together with Northrop, together with Halliburton, together with Apple, together with Mossad, MI6 and CIA front companies, together with key universities and think tanks, together with…. are reallydeveloping?
Can Congress or Parliament enact more laws to “control” something they themselves cannot understand and, even if they were to enact limiting legislation, by then technology will have evolved even further, easily wiggling its way out of any such laws.

Who’s in Charge?

That brings us to the key question: who’s in charge? Who really runs Australia, Britain, France and Germany? Japan, India and Brazil? The US and Canada? Argentina and South Africa? Even Israel??
We see “elected leaders” accessing top government posts using 19th century “democratic” voting mechanisms, that are all controlled by a highly complex 21st century technocratic Over-world, embedded inside the US, UK, EU and most every other country. It operates from inside these countries – even using the military might of the US and NATO countries – but in no way does it heed, support or respond to the interests of these peoples. Was it really the US, Britain and France that invaded and destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya? Or is it something far more elusive and powerful embedded inside them but controlled from way above today’s completely outdated, eroded, fatally weakened and – at this rate – soon to disappear “sovereign Nation-State”?
It’s high time we make the necessary quantum leaps that will allow us to start joining the dots. We need to move away from silo mentality paradigms, and towards a much more holistic Weltanschauung. We have become too “specialised,” which leads to narrow-mindedness. We talk about finance but never join the dots on its geopolitical overtones. We talk about politics but are blind to underlying social forces. We think Hollywood is only about “entertainment,” not realising how they implant ideas and behaviour patterns into our collective psyche.
Information and data overdrive generate confusion, as we become overwhelmed by trillions of bits of data that swamp our brains every day, hour, minute and second. A healthy tip: take your proper distance and perspective so that we all start to see the big picture. Only then can we move down to the finer detail, because the forest is far, far more important than the tree… at least in this stage where we all need to come to grips with a question that should be growing louder and louder in your mind no matter where you live or who you are: what on Earth is going on!?
We had better find the answers quickly because we are fast coming to a fork of world historic proportions on the road of human destiny. We either climb up the high road leading to human evolution which will necessarily entail the painful but necessary destruction of the Global Power Elite and all who support, consolidate, empower and fuel its growth, or… we slip down the low road into a dark abyss of death, destruction, mass hypnosis and the end of the human spirit; a vision pretty close to what men throughout the ages have described as Hell…
What road will you take? We can still make the right decision. There is not, however, much time left.
1. Arab countries fighting back against US-UK-EU intervention in the Middle East and North Africa are branded “terrorists” or “rogue states,” whilst the very cause of the problem – i.e., long decades of violent US-UK-EU and Israeli terror interference in Arab countries is never branded “terrorism” (in fact, they call it “promoting democracy” or some such Newspeak). Militarised groups are thus branded either “terrorist” or “freedom fighters” depending on which side they stand vis-à-vis the Global Power Elite.
2. See The New York Times, 19 June 2011, “War Evolves with Drones, some Tiny as Bugs”, by Elisabeth Bumiller and Tom Shankar.
ADRIAN SALBUCHI is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio talk-show host in Argentina. He has published several books on geopolitics and economics in Spanish, and recently published his first eBook in English: The Coming World Government: Tragedy & Hope? which can be ordered through his web site www.asalbuchi.com.ar, or details can be requested by E-mail to arsalbuchi@gmail.com. Salbuchi is 58 years of age, married, with four adult children, and works as strategic consultant for domestic and international companies. He is also founder of the Second Republic Project in Argentina, which is expanding internationally (visit: www.secondrepublicproject.com).
The above article appeared in New Dawn No. 129. Reproduced with permission of the publisher. © New Dawn Magazine and the respective author.