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Saturday, August 25, 2012



     This week's newsletter is Volume 3 Number 11 of the Dr John R. Christopher Newsletter on Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease which affects the joints. It is attended by pain, heat, redness, stiffness and swelling. Archaeological evidence indicates that arthritis was known as far back as the earliest dynasties of ancient Egypt and possibly before that time. In the new world we find "prehistoric" North American Indian skeletal populations exhibiting arthritic deposits and bone deformities. The disease knows no boundaries as far as age, social status, or geographical distribution.

I, myself, came into this world bearing the unsavory burden of rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic form of the disease involving the destruction of the tissues of the joints, the cartilage of the joints, and even the bone surfaces themselves. Usually this disease comes upon a person after the age of thirty or forty, but the condition can be inherited. Some other symptoms include excruciating pain or swelling in the joints, debility, anemia, weight loss and fever. If there is extensive damage, the joints themselves can become fused together as the body deposits scar tissue in and around the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis often occurs and recurs during a person's life as it has done during mine. Physical stress or emotional stress can bring it on.

The other common type of arthritis, osteoarthritis, is generally found in older people. It is characterized by the wearing away of the cartilage, the gristle or white elastic substance attached to the articular bone surfaces. The function of the cartilage is to provide a smooth surface for the movement of the bones over each other at the joints. Often this cartilage is worn away and the bare surfaces of the bones rub against each other at the joints. This is extremely painful. The knee joints and hip joints are generally affected because of the constant weight of the body placed on them. The sufferer feels stiffness in the joints accompanied by pain and inflammation often after activity and damp or humid weather.

Several other medical terms have been applied to variations of the osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. These names are not important here. What is important is that we go to the cause of arthritis and apply our remedies accordingly.

There is an advertisement from the media that states "Arthritis STRIKES one person every so-and-so minutes, so give your money to us so we can research and find a cure." Actually arthritis does not Strike an individual. The groundwork for arthritis is laid by generations of man's transgression against the laws of nature. Arthritis has been said to be "incurable." This is because most researchers have not looked into the fundamental reasons for the existence of a disease. We see in our society today, that arthritis is not just a disease that a few oldsters occasionally get, but that it has reached epidemic proportions among the population. The so-called incurable diseases, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc., are due to the long-term suppression of symptoms of these maladies by the extensive and indiscriminate use of allopathic (in most cases unwholesome and inorganic) drugs. The patient often has to take over/ under/or around-the-counter drugs for a lifetime in order to "manage" their disease while the natural body functions slow up and eventually shut down.

There is one basic cause for any disease and this is simply malnutrition. Poor food, poor digestion, poor assimilation, poor utilization, poor elimination. Add stress to this picture and you will see how a wonderful and complex mechanism designed by the Creator of the entire universe, made to function for 1,000 years, can be brutally destroyed by man's inventions: diseases.

One of the medical discoveries for the relief of arthritis, aspirin, was lauded as being the panacea of the century. But just a few years later, we found out the extensive damage that can be done to the stomach by this insipid poison. Mothers who have faithfully followed their doctor's orders and given their children aspirin for fever are now being told that this is a very dangerous practice and should be discontinued. Drugs for arthritic pain have come and gone, each one being replaced by a new, uncertain experiment, possibly giving forth worse side effects than its predecessors. There is one thing about Mother Nature, folks, she is consistent. Nature's laws can be applied yesterday, today, and tomorrow. An apple or a fig was just as good for you in King Solomon's time as it is today-provided it isn't sprayed with DDT, thanks to our pals in the human race.

In this letter we will give you our recommendations for relief of arthritis. They will always remain unquestionably simple and wholesome and have helped many through our years of practice.

An absolute necessity in life is water. It is the universal solvent, the lubricator. The human body is composed of over 80% water. Most of the water we drink comes from the ground and carries with it minerals in solution. It is hard water that often has a lot of calcium in it. I'm sure all of you have seen the calciferous build-up on the inside of a tea kettle or a water vaporizer. When we drink water, this calcification actually goes into our system and cannot be processed by the body. It is accepted but not assimilated. It may be shuttled around the body because it cannot be used. An excess of inorganic calcium can be deposited around the area of the joints, causing great discomfort. We recommend drinking steam distilled water instead of any other.

The consumption of meat adds uric acid wastes to the system, producing gouty inflammation. Processed "foods" with excessive carbohydrate intake also contribute to the malfunction of every cell in the body. It's always been a wonder how we, as a nation, spend so much time and monetary energy to find the proper animal feed when we don't even know what to feed ourselves. 


Several studies have been done on the connection between Vitamin C and arthritis. Richard Lucas in his book, Nature's Medicines reports that in a hospital treating chronic diseases of the elderly, pain of arthritis was decreased within one month by the addition of 8 ounces of orange juice to the daily diet. In another study it was found that arthritis sufferers were relieved of gouty symptoms by drinking canned cherry juice. Because many people eat meat, they have a build-up of uric acid in the system which tends to create these symptoms. Blood uric acid dropped as a result of taking ½ lb. of fresh or canned cherries a day.

Many of our herbs contain Vitamin C. One of the highest is rose-hips. Rose hip tea is very refreshing and will certainly be an aid in eliminating uric acid build-up. Hibiscus flowers also contain high amounts of C. Any citrus fruits can also be aids.

An article appearing in Food Field Reporter, in 1958, stated that there is no "definite" scientific data on just how cherry juice aids in relieving pain caused by diseases where improper balance of calcium is present. They then state that it may be the pigment in the cherries that brings relief.

One of the best empirical (first-hand observation and experience) studies of the above phenomenon is by Dr. D. C. Jarvis, M.D. He observed farm animals and folk medicine practitioners in the state of Vermont.

He noted that Vermont folk medicine, although they did not distinguish between arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, gout, osteoarthritis, etc., they were successful in treating all these diseases with two teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar and two of honey in a glass of water three times a day. They felt that arthritis treatment began in the stomach where the acid balance prevented putrefaction of food. (Bacteria will not grow in an acid medium.) These bacteria guard the door to proper assimilation of nutriments in the stomach and intestine. One of the body's chief necessities is calcium. If the calcium balance is off, the results will be seen in many ways. There will be frayed nerves, inferior fingernails and hair, and other disorders including susceptibility to infectious diseases and arthritis resulting from altered body chemistry.

Calcium enters into solution in an acid medium. The apple cider vinegar creates an acidic medium which is capable of dissolving excess inorganic calcium--even if it is in the form of arthritic deposits in the joints. Cows, when allowed to graze by their own instincts, will always choose acidic vegetation over alkaline. When they are fed winter feed, they may run the risk of developing milk fever which affects the quality of their milk, often paralyzes their hind legs, and makes for difficult calf delivery. The acidity of the system determines the health of the newborn calf as well. Animals even take to drinking apple cider vinegar voluntarily when it is set before them.


When sugar is added to water, the amount of calcium that is absorbed is increased thirty-five times. There is definitely a correlation between the amount of sugar in the blood stream and the precipitating out of calcium around the joints.

A malfunctioning nervous and endocrine system can also be a factor in arthritis. The hypothalamus sends a signal to the parathyroid to begin dissolving bone if the body needs calcium elsewhere. The thyroid gland is the regulator of the reverse process. If the thyroid is underactive, bone may continue to dissolve, causing osteoporosis or bone loss. If it is overactive, excess calcium is deposited back into the bones. When the bones have enough calcium, the malfunctioning thyroid can't say "quit!" So, excess calcium may be deposited on the outside of the bones and even the joints. It would do well to check that thyroid (through iridology or otherwise) and use kelp or some form of organic iodine to rebuild it if it is degenerating. The thyroid herbal formula is a good aid here along with the perfect glandular food, three parts mullein and one part lobelia (as a tea, capsule, or fomentation over the thyroid area).

We have found that an arthritic person can improve their condition remarkably in a few short weeks by making three changes in diet (if nothing else):

1. eliminate meat from the diet
2. eliminate refined sugar from diet
3. drink plenty of distilled water

In addition to this, we suggest changing to the mucusless diet and using the lower bowel tonic and other aids described in the booklet "Dr. Christopher's Three Day Cleansing Program and Mucusless Diet."

A very wonderful herbal aid for arthritis and rheumatism is the formula consisting of hydrangea root (a great calcium solvent for any part of the body), Brigham herb (high in copper), yucca (with saponins that have a detergent-like action within the blood stream to cleanse and purify), chaparral (also high in copper), lobelia, burdock root, sarsaparilla, wild lettuce, valerian, wormwood, cayenne, black cohosh, and black walnut. These herbs detoxify and dissolve old calcium deposits. Some of the herbs are very high in organic calcium, which can be used by the body. There are also herbs which kill fungus and infection and some good pain-relievers. We add here that the process of arthritis is a long one, to have the disease reach a chronic state, and relief (that is, complete relief) can only be a slow process of rebuilding the system. We have mentioned the herbs that are high in copper. We have seen many arthritis sufferers wearing copper bracelets to get relief from the disorder. The marvelous herbs high in copper will do the job much better.

We have found that kidney bean pod tea (one or two quarts daily) to be a Godsend. One old woman of 91 years drank only a few cups daily without changing her diet at all and was able to walk without the use of a cane or walker. As soon as she stopped the tea she was back to her old routine of difficulty with walking once more.

For extreme cases of joint inflammation and pain, we recommend the Bone, Flesh and Cartilage formula, or the Comfrey Fomentation. This could be used either as a fomentation or as an ointment. It is wonderful to dissolve calcium spurs. Make a tea of the following herbs: oak bark, marshmallow root, mullein, wormwood, lobelia, skullcap, comfrey root, walnut bark, and gravel root. Use one ounce of the combined herbs to a pint of water. Soak the herbs for four to six hours prior to simmering them down to one-half the original volume. Then you may add one-fourth the amount of vegetable glycerine if desired. For severe cases, drink one-fourth a cup of tea with three-fourth's of a cup of distilled water three times a day.

For very advanced cases of arthritis, we recommend the "Incurables" program. The fresh fruit and vegetable juices are a necessity. Dr Arthur W. Snyder also recommends celery and cucumber juice, carrot, endive, and apple juice.

Dr. Norman W. Walker's idea is that arthritis is caused by inorganic calcium deposits in the joints as a result of eating concentrated carbohydrates in excess. He suggests grapefruit juice, celery juice, carrot and spinach juice, and carrot and celery juice; carrot, beet, and cucumber is also recommended.

Arthritis need not be the crippling scourge of mankind. If dietary discretion is applied early enough, arthritis can be prevented. In the later stages, it can be reversed if care is taken to apply the simple principles of nature, consistently and faithfully.



CAYENNE - HERBAL KING OF NATURAL HEALINGhttp://www.healthfree.com/health/newsletter/index.html

Cayenne pepper delivers healing blood (the river of life) into sick or dying organs
better than any other herb or medicine.

Dr. John Christopher, famous natural healer, praised the use of Cayenne throughout
the time of his practice. He had this to say in his Newsletter titled "Cayenne",
Vol 1, Number 12
         "In 35 years of practice, and working with the people and teaching, I have 
never on house calls lost one heart attack patient and the reason is, whenever I go in
--if they are still breathing--I pour down them a cup of cayenne tea (a teaspoon of cayenne 
in a cup of hot water, and within minutes they are up and around).  This is one of the 
fastest acting aids we could ever give for the heart, because it feeds that heart immediately.  
Most hearts are suffering from malnutrition because of processed food we are eating, 
but here it gets a good powerful dose of real food and it's something that has brought 
people in time after time.  This is something that everyone should know how great it is, 
because a heart attack can come to your friends or loved ones any time.  And even yourself.  
The warm tea is faster working than tablets, capsules, cold tea, because the warm tea 
opens up the cell structure--makes it expand and accept the cayenne that much faster, 
and it goes directly to the heart, through the artery system, and feeds it in powerful food.  
To show the value of cayenne, and how great it is, and what a wonderful heart food it is, 
this story has been repeated in a number of publications on doctors in the East who put 
some live heart tissue into a sterile beaker filled with distilled water, and fed it nothing 
but cayenne pepper, cleaning off sediments periodically and adding nothing but distilled water 
from natural evaporation.  During the time that they were feeding the heart tissue, they would 
have to trim it continually every few days because it would grow so rapidly.  Having no control 
glands (pituitary and pineal glands), the tissue just continued to grow rapidly and, 
because of this, they had to watch it over the years and the doctors and associates kept 
the heart tissue alive for fifteen years.  After the doctor died, his associates kept it alive for 
two more years before destroying it so they could do more research work on it.  This shows 
the high food value cayenne gives to heart tissue.  This is why so many, many amazing 
instances have come to light, people who have used cayenne when they had heart attacks 
because, in most cases, your heart attack is a case of malnutrition.  The heart hasn't had 
a  decent meal for so long that it is practically starved, and we give it immediately a good 
meal instead of whipping it with nitroglycerine or digitalis or some other type of drug to force 
it to beat rapidly to bring more food values to the heart so that it could find a little help to 
keep going.  Here we give the cayenne directly to the system, and it goes into the heart 
area acting as a good full meal.  Many fast responses come from this." 

" Many of the old herbalist claim that in cases of severe cuts, gunshot wounds, etc.,
cayenne can be taken internally as a tea and the bleeding will stop by the time, 
in most cases, you can caount to ten. Cayenne goes immediately into the blood stream 
and adjusts the blood pressure from the top of the ead, to the bottom of the feet, equalizing
pressure over the whole body. This takes high pressure, which casues rapid bleeding, away 
from the wound and clotting starts immediately. 

"  A person in our audience told how he had cut deeply with a sharp instrument the inside 
of his hand, fingers and palm.  The blood spurted out in streams.  He poured a large amount 
of cayenne pepper into the wound, and within seconds the blood flow slowed down to 
congealed dripping and the bleeding stopped entirely before many seconds had passed.   
With a goodly amount of cayenne covering the wound, he then wrapped it.  He was so excited 
about the rapid results he could hardly wait for the regular herb meeting.  But, as he said, 
the "punch line" was lost, because instead of a nasty ragged scar to show how severely 
he had been hurt, the area was healed and there was no scar."

Cayenne is a unique herb in that makes everything else it is put with, work so much better. 
A good analogy might be, "Does one have to step on the accelerator peddle to make 
the car move? No, one could just put it in gear and go down the road at idle speed. 
As long as the upward incline was not too steep, the car would continue to go forward. 
But, if you step on the gas, it goes much faster and has much more power to go up 
difficult grades. Cayenne is like having an accelerator peddle that works. 
The more cayenne you use, the further down the accelerator peddle is being pressed 
and the more powerfully one achieves the health goals desired". This is most quickly seen
in cases where the heart is the main target of one's healing program.

When there is blockage, there is starvation, then stagnation and finally disease. Using
Cayenne gets circulation where it is needed. Without Cayenne, a cure may come slowly
or not at all. Cayenne moves blood to the sick and dying organs and with it nutrients and
healing bio-chemicals. At the same time it gets the waste materials carried away. 

Bite on a habanero pepper and your head turns red instantly. That's a rush of blood that no
pharmaceutical drug/poisons can create.

Taking Cayenne in capsules is not the way to get healing to most effectively happen. 
Much of Cayenne's healing starts to occur in your mouth. As Cayenne touches your tongue, nerve endings send signals throughout the body, sending along with it waves of fresh blood to wherever your body is sick. These surges of fresh blood do not occur when you bypass the mouth by taking capsules. 

For best results, Cayenne should be taken with something else rather than all by itself.
Eat a meal, take a load of Cayenne along with it to boost the bodies digestive system.
Take Cayenne with all of the herbal preparations one uses; both internally, and externally
in the form of poultices and ointments.

Taking Ginkgo Biloba is well known to help with memory and other mental functions. 
However, it is often found to be effective with only 20% of the most serious cases. If the memory (or life) of someone you love is slipping away, 20% is very poor odds. Use Cayenne to surge the
Ginkgo up into the brain, and that percentage is increased to 95%, with big time results.

With all diseases, there is blockage of blood flow to the sick area. No blood, no healing. 
Cayenne is like a fast moving train that rolls through such blockages. All of the best herbal
preparations in world can't help you if they cannot reach the sick parts.

When it comes to Cayenne, dosage and "hotness" is everything. The amount you would 
use for a sore throat is much less than that used for a blood clot or brain hemorrhage. When
it is a life or death matter, heavy use of Cayenne is the order of the day, every day. A Cayenne Tea can be easily prepared by using 1/4 teaspoon ( or more) of powder in a cup of distilled 
water, or ten or more drops of Cayenne Concentrate in a dup of water. Drinking such a 
beverage with one's meals is an excellent aid to the absorbtion of nutrients.

Weird Rainbow (Derbyshire) 15 Jun 2009

Weird Rainbow (Derbyshire) 15 Jun 2009

I photographed a strange looking rainbow from a bedroom window of our house. It was 15th June 2009, and the apparition took place between approx 19:20 and 19:35.

I also set my old VAIO doing a time lapse - which is not all that clear, but I made this whole set into a YouTube video. Why do the linear sunbeam effects persist for quite a long time (check the times below)?

2009-06-15 19-19-33 Weird Rainbow and Clouds (1) (Small).JPG

2009-06-15 19-19-38 Weird Rainbow and Clouds (2) (Small).JPG

2009-06-15 19-19-48 Weird Rainbow and Clouds (3) (Small).JPG

2009-06-15 19-19-58 Weird Rainbow and Clouds (4) (Small).JPG

2009-06-15 19-20-43 Weird Rainbow and Clouds (6) (Small).JPG

2009-06-15 19-28-16 Weird Rainbow and Clouds (7) (Small).JPG

2009-06-15 19-34-19 Weird Rainbow and Clouds (8) (Small).JPG

2009-06-15 19-34-25 Weird Rainbow and Clouds (9) (Small).JPG
Download the top-res versions here WeirdRainbow.zip:

UK Spray Day 18th Oct 2007

UK Spray Day 18th Oct 2007

Photos and Video from the Ground and From Space

Video by Dave Sherlock and Brian Dovey, Swanley UK
2007-10-18 10-21-00 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (1) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 10-21-08 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (2) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 10-21-12 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (3) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 10-29-05 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (4) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-33-15 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (5) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-33-22 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (6) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-33-26 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (7) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-33-30 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (8) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-46-14 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (9) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-46-24 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (10) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-46-28 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (11) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-48-30 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (12) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-52-10 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (13) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-52-19 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (14) (Small).JPG
2007-10-18 15-52-23 Chemtrails Derby-Leeds (15) (Small).JPG

Below: Shots taken in Hertfordshire

Some shots taken over Keighley 

This bright spot in the chemtrail I just missed the refracted oily rainbow effect. Andrew has a couple of shots of something similar. The slight browning of the outleaf in front of the bright spot is the kast vestige of the colorisation


Shot from Space
Europe_2_01 - Date: 2007/291 - 10/18
True color - Satellite: Terra - Pixel size: 1km

UK - Covert Aerosol Spraying Operations

UK - Covert Aerosol Spraying Operations

Covert Aerosol Spraying Operations As
Observed Over the West Midlands and Staffordshire, U.K
Observations and Insights From A Concerned Citizen - truthseeker68@btinternet.com
 by a Concerned Citizen (not by Andrew Johnson)
     During the summer of 2006, my attention was directed to unusual cloud formations that have become a frequent and alarming feature of the daytime skies over the Wolverhampton area of the West Midlands, U.K, where I reside.
     Whilst hanging some washing on the line during a sunny Saturday afternoon in July 2006, I briefly looked up to appreciate what I anticipated to be a lovely blue summer sky. What I actually witnessed at that moment was a vista virtually filled with criss-crossed and checkerboard patterns that were constructed of thick, milky white lines of cloud. The effect was most unnatural, and new in my experience.
     I have been an aviation enthusiast for a long as I can remember, and maintain what I consider to be a good working familiarity with most types of civilian and military aircraft. The aircraft that were steadily etching more of these strange lines across the sky as I looked on in amazement appeared to consist of three types; two larger types of the KC-135 (a derivative of the Boeing 707) and Boeing KC 767 (the military tanker version of the Boeing 767) varieties, and a smaller, quicker type which recalled the configuration of a McDonnell Douglas MD-80. These aircraft were all flying at high speeds, and initially deposited thin, white trails in their wakes. It was obvious that the patterns visible above were being constructed along some manner of logical precept. More detail will be provided with regard to pattern formation later on in this article.
     The phenomenon witnessed that afternoon was emphatically not one relating to large numbers of jet aircraft expelling typical “contrails” (condensation trails), the latter being most simply stated as heated air being expelled from the engines during flight, which typically deposit a white vapour trail behind the aircraft in question, given the correct conditions. A more familiar analogy of this phenomenon would be the observation of vapour created as one’s breath is expelled into the air on a cold winter’s morning.
     If we follow the above principles of jet contrail explanation in relation to the formation of the trails we are currently witnessing in our skies, we would have cities full of lingering vapour trails deposited by the public during cold winter conditions, and of course, this is simply not the case. Moisture vapour expelled from human lungs does not linger in the air for hours, and neither should water vapour expelled from the engine exhausts of jet aircraft.
     Genuine jet contrails typically dissipate entirely within a few seconds, or at the most a few minutes after being laid down. The peculiar trails observed during that July afternoon were extremely curious, because they stretched for many miles. It was obvious that the trails were also actively expanding over the passage of time, rather than dissipating as should have been the case. Additionally, these peculiar trails often remained visible for hours.
     Within 30-45 minutes after deposition, the previously thin white lines radiated steadily outwards into long horizontal plumes, and eventually connected to form thick patches of misty white cloud. Initially the trails were narrow, being relatively flat on the top and bottom. Within a few minutes, the bottom of the trails began to bubble out and downwards, and in the process, a chain of lobes formed from the base that are referred to as “pendules”. Owing to the subsequent effects of wind movement, the newly created cloud layer would slowly begin to drift. This peculiar manner of cloud reminded me of a milky mix of thick, salty water. The most relevant and accurate word that could be applied to describe the appearance of this strange type of cloud would be “static”.When it had expanded to a great degree, this unusual cloud would literally hang motionless in the sky whilst other natural clouds moved over, under and around it.
     Many other large jet aircraft, most presumably civilian in nature, also flew over at comparable, or higher altitudes during the course of that afternoon. The majority of these planes deposited minimaltypical contrails, and many absolutely none at all. The unusual, thick trails were being created by plain white or dark grey jet aircraft, some of which were decorated with red or orange livery on their tail sections. These aircraft appeared to by very quiet, and as previously mentioned, crossed the sky extremely rapidly in groups of two or three. Within fifteen to twenty minutes of such aircraft passing overhead, more would appear on the horizon to continue the process. The traffic flow of these aircraft over my area appeared to be predominantly from north-west to south-east, being mixed in with commercial traffic.
     My observations during that afternoon commenced at approximately14.00 hours. Over the next three or so hours, dozens more of these thick, white trails were deposited. The day was gradually transformed from a hot and bright sunny afternoon, to one of noticeably cooler conditions, apparently the result of the artificial overcast that had been created above. This artificial cloud layer appeared to possess reflective in its qualities, as the sun seemed to have difficulty penetrating through it effectively.
     The hazy, static cloud that I refer also possessed other unusual characteristics when compared to normal cloud cover. Strange colour properties were apparent when the sun shone through it, with tones of pinkish- brown and light orange being the most prevalent. Spraying operations ceased at approximately 17.30 hours that afternoon, after which the entire sky had been rendered a sea of static white cloud. The blue skies of the early afternoon had been completely eradicated, bringing an eerie end to an enlightening afternoon.
Putting Things Into Context
      I was previously aware of the phenomenon of “chemtrails” from a variety of sources, but was not conscious at the time of the possibility that such operations were being undertaken in the skies over the United Kingdom. My experience of that July afternoon clearly indicated otherwise.
     Since that initial occasion, I have watched the skies diligently for signs of further aerosol operations, as I prefer to refer to them, and sadly, such work appears to be a regular occurrence during most bright, blue-sky mornings, and also some late afternoons in my area. Mid-afternoon and evening operations do also occur, but these seem to be less frequent. Night time operations do happen, but quite rarely.
    During the Easter holiday weekend of 2007, the skies over south Staffordshire and the West Midlands were intensively bombarded by massive spraying operations which commenced at approximately 05.00 hours each morning, and also during most afternoons. Given the warm to actually hot weather conditions present during the spring of 2007, and during the Easter weekend in particular, the heavy ground haze that shrouded Wolverhampton each morning was a sight to behold. I can’t help but consider the possibility that the unusually thick smoggy haze that was actually present all day, but worse in the early mornings, was directly connected to the activities of the multitude of white and grey tanker aircraft laying down their familiar trails across the sky during that weekend.
     On the Sunday afternoon of the Easter weekend, I personally observed literally dozens of spray lines being deposited in grid patterns, with the production of many commencing shortly before the aircraft in question passed over the town of Stafford. Whilst observing a KC-135 Stratotanker through binoculars that afternoon, it was apparent that the spray lines were being emitted from the tail section of that aircraft in two parallel lines, apparently from near the trailing tips of the vertical stabilizers. The KC-135 Stratotanker is a military aircraft that is powered by four engines, so unless the plane in question was only utilizing two engines that particular afternoon whilst travelling at high speed, the nature of the two thick milky white lines being released from the aft section of that aircraft was of great interest. To my amazement, an Easy Jet Boeing 737 crossed paths closely below the KC-135 in question whilst I was observing the latter through binoculars, with the 737 leaving absolutely no contrails whatsoever.
What’s To See?.........
     The linear configurations created by the activities of aerosol spraying aircraft range from simple “x” patterns, to complex grids of lines that may number over a dozen separate transects on occasion. “Sunflower” patterns are also frequently observed, constructed of several lines radiating out from a central point, and all apparently created by individual aircraft. The rapidity of construction of these designs is also notable.
     “Chessboard” configurations (see Figure 1) are quite breath-taking to observe. Figure 1 shows an aircraft is in the process of creating another line (very thin but visible) from right to left, above the highest horizontal trail present in the photograph. Such accuracy is notable, but also very typical, as the spraying process obviously requires great precision. Also observed in the same picture is what I call the “swoop” (see Figure 2), when a line is created straight along the edge of a grid vertically, and then away from the grid at an angle by the means of a sharp turn as the aircraft swiftly climbed away. By the time the aircraft in the figure had performed its escape manoeuvre and was heading toward the south west, the trail had been “switched off” at its source. Newly expelled trails may incorporate unusual physical features which may possibly be vortices, as indicated in Figure 3, but which are most likely the result of an unknown mechanical process during dispersal.
     Also frequently observed are combinations of lines which produce triangular elements somewhere near the centre. This manner of grid often appears to encompass several miles in scope, and appears to be more prevalent on days of high volume spraying.

Fig.1. A “Chessboard” trail pattern as deposited on June 2, 2007. Yet another faint fresh line is being deposited above the uppermost horizontal line from right to left. Such precision is quite typical of such configurations.

Fig.2. The trail apparent on the far left is the edging “swoop” line. After leaving this trail, the aircraft turned sharply to port. Upon reaching airspace over my home a few seconds later, the KC135 turned off its spraying mechanism and continued its flight without leaving an aerosol trail or contrail.  

Fig. 3.An “angel hair” trail before dispersal, as illustrated in a photograph taken on June 2, 2007 in the Wolverhampton area. The KC-135 that deposited this trail extinguished it very shortly after this picture was taken. The white “threads” swirling within the trail lingered for several minutes. A KC-135 is powered by four engines, and should have theoretically left four lines in its wake. The other problem here is that the altitude of the aircraft in question was no more than 15,000 feet, far too low for such extensive contrail formation in usual circumstances. 
Fig. 4. Another “angel hair” trail, with the two threads visible near the base, this time photgraphed over Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA on May 13, 2007. (http://www.carnicom.com/corepulse.htm)
Fig. 5.  The same trail as illustrated in figure 4 , with tear drops, or “pendules” beginning to form from the bottom of the trail as it gradually expands. (http://www.carnicom.com/corepulse.htm)

Fig. 6. The same trail as illustrated in figures 4 and 5, now expanding rapidly.
     As mentioned previously, on occasions when spraying is particularly heavy, the atmosphere near the ground appears to be permeated by a smog-like blanket of haze. I
have not experienced any ill-health or side-effects personally, but individuals in many communities that are subject to persistent aerial spraying frequently suffer from a variety of maladies such as chronic fatigue, nosebleeds, headaches, asthma-type ailments and flu-like symptoms.
What’s It All About?........
     I can only hazard a guess as to the true purpose(s) of the aerial spraying programme that is currently in progress across the globe. In my opinion, the applications of this technology are most likely ones that fulfil a variety of covert agendas, all of which remain totally unacknowledged on an official level, a situation that will most likely persist into the foreseeable future.
     The aircraft appear to be primarily of military origin, with those that appear not to be from outward appearances most likely being leased by the military, or by other government agencies and sub-contractors. The leasing of tanker aircraft to such interests would be an extremely expensive endeavour, but also lucrative business venture from the perspective of the corporations and businesses concerned.
     Operations of the scope and magnitude of a covert global aerosol spraying programme would realistically run into the billions of dollars annually to fund. Immense pressure would be placed upon military and government resources such as pilots and aircrew, and immense technical stresses would be placed upon the aircraft, which would potentially perform thousands of flight hours per year, with correspondingly high levels of take off and landing cycles.
    This programme takes place in plain sight, and appears to have be a highly effective enterprise in a covert sense, because most individuals make little or no critical observation of their immediate environment unless something occurs which affects them directly. The latter observation is not implied in a patronising sense, but is simply borne out of personal observation.
     As advanced as we may believe ourselves to be as a culture in many respects, our instincts are at present extremely blunted, with the majority of individuals lacking adequate “fight or flight” reflexes. This factor makes us easy prey to anyone, or any organised interest(s) that wish to impose their agendas upon us. If we are becoming impervious to recognising such immediate threats, we may realistically be on the road to extinction as a species. Performing like a herd of deer in the figurative headlights does not serve our future interests well.
Reasons For Concern
     There are strong and logical reasons for concern with reference to the aerosol spraying phenomenon that is being implemented globally. I make this statement based on the fact that when concerned individuals make enquiries with the relevant authorities, the typical responses received are denial, derision and stonewalling.
     Several weeks ago, I was reading the weather section of a leading British newspaper, when a statement came to my attention concerning the effects of “jet contrails” on the weather. The same article explained how there had been recent spectacular displays of “contrails” in the skies over the U.K, and that these trails were a purely natural product of the activities of commercial jet aircraft. The article then went on to state, as apparent fact, that such contrails coalesce to form cloud formations, thereby influencing weather conditions during both daytime and night time hours.
     I had never been previously aware of the apparent “fact” that vapour, as expelled by commercial jet aircraft, was capable of producing cloud in quantities sufficient enough to effect weather conditions.This lead me at the time to strongly suspect that the article in question had been planted as a careful piece of disinformation, in order to allay the suspicions of many readers who might have started to notice the unusual artificial cloud formations being created above them, and also to impress upon those who were totally unaware of the phenomenon its allegedly “benign” nature.
     If it were genuinely the case that jet contrails were capable of creating cloud formations, then this would be happening on a daily basis in the skies over my home, and this is simply not the case. This most likely would also have happened in the past, and again, this is not borne out by observation. The aerosol trails deposited by the spraying aircraft are also frequently produced at altitudes far below those that are acceptable for the formation of genuine jet contrails, providing still a further argument against genuine jet contrails as being the sole source of the issue. 
     It has become apparent to me, upon much careful reflection, that an active programme involving the deposition of covert aerosol based elements into the atmosphere of the United Kingdom and other countries currently exists as a physical reality, and that our atmosphere is being infused and contaminated systematically with chemical elements of some manner. I sincerely wish that I was not inclined to accept this point of view, but what is observed several times each week in the skies above my home, and in other areas of the United Kingdom forces me to believe otherwise. It is not currently possible to make any accurate suggestions as to the true rationale behind these spraying operations, but I lean towards a combination of several factors as probable reasons and causes.
     Firstly, the tangible effect of the aerosol trails upon the weather must be considered, often acting in a rapid manner to change local conditions, as an indication that one of the functions of the programme has been connected to weather control and manipulation, at least at the outset. 
     Secondly, the alteration of our atmosphere by introducing fine particulate matter, such as aluminium oxide and barium, may also indicate parallel military applications, ventures that most likely will remain classified for some time, or even permanently. The military does and can keep secrets. It has frequently crossed my mind that the white tanker aircraft with red or orange livery that were mentioned earlier are actually subtly “camouflaged” in this way to appear more or less like commercial aircraft at a distance to the casual observer, or close enough in appearance to be judged as being innocuous.
     Thirdly, and more disturbingly, a term keeps cropping up in my mind on a regular basis while I observe this phenomenon occurring over my home; “crop-dusting”. We are all aware why crop dusting is undertaken, and also its eventual outcome. I would prefer not to believe that such a purpose might be included within the remit of the programme that is currently taking place, but I point to the fact that respiratory illnesses, allergies, asthma and flu-type symptoms have never been more prevalent on a global scale, and especially within the United Kingdom. The thick haze that envelops the Wolverhampton area after heavy episodes of spraying operations would certainly provide the reader pause for thought in this regard.
     I remain convinced that only a few individuals at very high levels of power and influence are actually fully aware of the true nature and scope of this covert programme. It also remains a possibility that the individuals who co-ordinate this programme may exist outside the spheres of the military and government, a desirable option if true plausible deniability was desired. The pilots of the aircraft are most likely just completing their missions as ordered, and the bureaucrats that lie to us about the nature of the phenomenon taking place above their and our heads are simply following the given directives of their masters. I am also satisfied that the latter do not wish to intentionally lie to us, but do so because their respective governments direct them to, and with career- mindedness being an additional motive.
What To Do?.........
     I would strongly suggest that all interested and informed individuals contact their Members of Parliament and demand answers to what is currently being observed in our skies. Also, make detailed observations of the operations in your area, and contact the Civil Aviation Authority, asking which specific aircraft created the lines in question. Our atmosphere is apparently being purposefully contaminated, an event that should be of immense concern to all that are aware of what is occurring. Individuals are also encouraged to actively point out this phenomenon out to their friends and loved ones, and to discuss its possible ramifications. 
     In the final analysis, the structure of our air supply appears to be in process of being altered, indeed vandalized, and such actions, enacted in secrecy, and for whatever reason, must be challenged vigorously from all quarters.
     If readers of this article wish to contact me, please feel free to do so at:
It would be nice to hear from anyone who is interested and concerned about this phenomenon.

UK - Fall of Strange Webs - Aug 2007

UK - Fall of Strange Webs - Aug 2007

On Friday 17th August 2007, I was contacted by Caroline Carter, whom I had previously corresponded with regarding the Chemtrail Report I compiled earlier in the year. This was the message she sent me. Below that is the other information she sent.
Hi Andrew
Would you take a look at these things that we have found covering our garden.  I am worried as  the dog seems very sick also my daughter who put this slide together is unwell today with a sore throat, painful chest and aching bones.
I sent the pictures to a micro biologist who replied that they  looked like nanotubes but they could not be as nanotubes do not float around freely in the air.
[Note, I said to Caroline: If you are using a USB microscope, then I doubt you are seeing nanotubes - a USB microscope wouldn't be powerful enough to say this for sure.]

He was obviously not chemtrail aware. They appeared following a heavy rainfall.
I noticed a neighbour who has a tall evergreen box hedge has this all over one side, where the webby stuff is the hedge is dying.  The same is happening to parts of a hedge in my front garden where some of this stuff is.
The web is quite fluorescent under the microscope. Before gathering it up it looks like a thickish blue cotton, it clearly differs from a spider web in the way it is designed, it is comprised of  many hexagon shapes all joined together. 
Caroline made an online Photo Album of her pictures
She also made a YouTube video:
More pictures and responses from other
Hi Andrew
Sorry to bother you but did you manage to talk to anyone today?
I rung my local paper and I am going to see a reporter tomorrow.
In all honesty I was hoping that you may have found out that these webs although strange looking are not anything sinister.

Last night as it was almost dark, approx9.30pm, Michelle went into the back garden, half of the lawn was glittering with the shiny moisture drops that are starting to becoming familiar.
There had not been any rain, anyway if the moisture was rain the whole of the lawn should have been wet.
We took a lot of photo's, the three attached will give you an idea of the overall picture.
Andrew, this stuff is slightly sticky and there seems to be some kind of invisible web structure holding it together, it is almost impossible to get any web as it dissolves straight away. 

Hi Caroline,
Thank you for taking the time to write and all the work that you have done to photograph and document these materials and the event(s).  This seems to be one of the best things that can be done at this stage, and it is unfortunate that it never seems to go further.   The materials certainly appear to be similiar in nature to the extensive work that I have done on samples that have been sent to me over the years.  The counter claim that will usually be given is that these are spider webs - the case against spider webs can usually be made fairly easily but at least be aware this is what may be thrown at you.  I would send them to Jeff Rense if you can and he may likely give broader exposure to all of the work that you have done.  I believe Jeff's email address is sightings@mindspring.com and you can also mention my name to him if you would like.  You can also send this email to him if you would like.  I think the photographs are best seen by a larger audience.  More attention may be garnered if you can draw any parallel between the decay or decline of vegetation where contact is continuous - I have not seen that claim before and it has ramifications which more of can realize and accept if it is the case.
I would not make physical contact with these materials.  There may be a connection (does seem likely) between these fibers and morgellons but that link has never been proven to my knowledge at this point - I only know it to be circumstantial.  Definitely also become familiar with Dr. Hilde Staningers work (audio interviews) on Rense's site.  I still have more catching up to do there myself but she makes full claim of identification of materials like this as being in the nanotechnology class. 
The materials may decay and my time is limited, but if I can work up time (about a half dozen samples behind right now) to look at them under a more powerful scope I will try to do so.  If they can be sent my address is:
Clifford E Carnicom
Caroline, thanks so much for writing.
We saw the spider web tool being tested in1999, during a period in which a large number of communities were hit with unknown infections sufficient to send large numbers of people to emergency rooms.  The spiderweb is used to hold bio-agents in place long enough to get them down to ground level, where the web material is supposed to dissipate, releasing the germs into the wind.  Terribly sorry you are experiencing the result.
Great research though, and thanks so much for the pictures!!
Obviously I need to alert my readers.  I suspect this is happening in a number of locations.  I see the release of "Bird Flu" in what appears to be a natural way as the most likely scenario for the desired die-off, but I also think they have to get all their ducks in a row first.  They are very close to that point - but they really want to troops on the ground in Iran before the world is paralyzed by pandemic.
Best info is that the chemtrail program has cost a billion dollars U.S. on each side of the Atlantic, every year since it got rolling in 99.  When this year's Easter plot failed, a very angry Bush complained, "That's another billion for Star Wars" - which is their code name for the overall plan (a weapon pointed at an entire planet).
In 99 and 2000, bio tests on different communities were, I believe, used to measure the effectives of the immune-suppressing feature of the Chemtrail component that falls to ground level, Ethylene Dibromide, to see how people with compromised immune systems would react to various forms of infection.  If too many had died from "flu-like symptoms" (as they did in the UK) then they would have backed off on the chemtrail dose rate.
I don't think they even imagined that they would still be spraying at this late date, which is probably at least two years past their original time line.
My best guess is that we will see experiences like yours popping up in many locations to measure chemtrail effectiveness as they go into what they hope is the home stretch.
Ken Welch

Unidentified Insect – 22nd August 2007

Yesterday (21st Aug 2007) Michelle found two dead bugs on the lawn, I thought straight away that something about these bugs was not right, but in all honesty Andrew I had to stop and  consider that I may be over tired and that my imagination was getting out of hand.
I did not however at the time connect the weird bugs with our webs.
This morning the bugs still seemed very strange so I found an article that I remembered seeing, regarding a local lady doctor and her son who is a budding   entomologist,  finding glo-worms nearby, apparently this was rather strange too according to the article.  The doctors number was in the article so I gave her a call and she agreed to look at our bug pics.
The answer you saw.
After getting her reply I looked again at the scope pics of the web things Michelle took the second day.  At the time I did not take too much notice,the web things
seemed a lot more advanced but that was all.
I was also busy catching up on my work which has badly lapsed this last week.
Andrew, after looking at the 2nd day scope pics again,  I am absolutely sure that these bugs will prove to be from the webs..
I have spent hours on the net trying to find some mosquito that does not lay its lava in water, there is not any, well none that I could find.  But neither is there any such mosquito as ours.
If mosquitoes only lay their lava in water what the hell are they doing  in these webs.?
Perhaps an article in yesterdays Daily Mail will help us get to the bottom of the problem (see below)
There is another major concern I have and that is the similarity between one of the web things and a picture I found on google of H5N1.
I have put the google images up next to the particular web thing I am talking about.

Reply From Local Dr.
Hi Caroline,

Well, we've never seen anything like this before. Is there any chance you could slip one of them in a film canister or something & mail it to us, or if you're close enough, drop it round so we can have a closer look. The only conclusions that we've come up with so far are that it's an early moult of some kind of insect. The two barb-like pincers are a bit at odds with the long proboscis - the first suggests it's a predator and the second that it's a sap sucker. The compound eyes suggest some kind of fly. One possibility is that it may be a larval stage of a horse-fly of some kind, which do live in damp soil. Probably the best thing to do for a definitive answer is send the pictures to Surrey Wildlife Trust (http://www.surreywildlifetrust.co.uk) and see if they have an insect expert who can do the identification. If you find out, we'd be very interested to know whatthey are.
Sorry we can't be of more help,
K & B M