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Monday, February 27, 2012


Monday, December 12, 2011


Copyright 2011, InterAmerica, Inc.

One night in mid-September 1971, Juan Rodriguez Dominguez, 80, was guarding a melon farm owned by a lieutenant general of infantry, called "Los Lunarejos" in Aznalcóllar (Sevilla).

About 10:00 pm, Juan, came into the village, very nervous and very scared.

He told his neighbors that "something" very big, like a bus, had landed in the field.


The researchers Ignacio Darnaude and Manuel Osuna managed to interview the witness.

Juan said that about 350 feet away, he watched the landing of a large luminous object, from which descended out of two doors (front, side and back side) a large number of humanoids.

The witness said it was very similar to buses on route to the capital Seville.


He saw more than 50 men of small stature wearing tight, blue uniforms.

They wore "visors" or "something" that prevented him from seeing their faces.

They advanced like a small army, without speaking, in perfect order.

They all went in the direction of a well.

5 or 6 humanoids stayed in the vicinity of the device.

One of small beings had a "lantern" that shone on the witness, causing minor discomfort.

Juan was armed with a shotgun, but never thought of using it (deterred by the large number of humanoids).

At that time, he believed that the beings sent him a mental command (telepathy) to leave the place. He did so, fleeing in fear to the village.

At first Juan thought it might even be an attempted coup against the regime of Francisco Franco.

In the landing place, there appeared traces of a multitude of small footprints.

No doubt this incident is a case of distortion, as Juan Rodriguez, had done military service, worked for a high-ranking military and humanoids behaved and dressed as military.

Besides, the "vehicle" that came down with more than 50 "soldiers" was very similar to the bus that the witness was accustomed to seeing pass through the village.

In fact, the “vehicle” had two doors like that bus which contained lots of people just like the humanoids in the UFO.

Juan unconsciously combined the passengers factor with the military factor (the military is evident throughout all the experience ).

Even the conduct of the alleged alien who shined a light on Juan, was the same as what a military troop might do.

What logic is there in a landing of 50 humanoids to see a well?



  1. Part One

    Dear Mr. Caravaca:

    Reference your "distortion theory," and the following blog post comments here, where you say:

    "In fact, the 'vehicle' had two doors like that bus which contained lots of people just like the humanoids in the UFO.

    "Juan unconsciously combined the passengers factor with the military factor (the military is evident throughout all the experience ).

    "Even the conduct of the alleged alien who shined a light on Juan, was the same as what a military troop might do.

    "What logic is there in a landing of 50 humanoids to see a well?"

    Logic? You expect any form of advanced non-human intelligence to appear or behave necessarily in some anthropomorphic, rational, or logical manner?

    I think I'll have to act here a little as a kind of "devil's advocate" in order to broaden the discussion, and to question to some degree your findings or interpretation in this case, although you could be correct in your conclusions. Maybe.

    How about an "intended distortion theory," or forms of deliberate "anti-logic"?

    While it is most likely, as you say, that, due to the witness's age (80), prior experiences, perception on a subliminal level of surrounding environmental changes, etc., that the witness may have hallucinated and/or confabulated his experience and his subsequent retelling of it, due to a variety of psychological, subconscious, and other internal factors, do you dismiss out of hand that perhaps there may have been an external triggering event (whether prosaic, natural, or possibly intentionally directed at the witness by unknown variables)?

    I think you should not leap to conclusions based on what you think may be the causal factors, or what seems rational and logical to you, when, in fact, your analysis is a retroactive construct based upon the residual data still available in the record about this case. The UFO phenomenon, and the intelligence behind some of it, which may be non-human in rare cases, and thus _could_ be extremely sophisticated or beyond the imagination of most and just might be involved.

    You may need to rethink your distortion theory, as it certainly does not explain some of both the best and equally, bizarre, cases on record.

    Perhaps an "intelligent agency" of some kind, non-human or otherwise, could initiate a trigger event or incident, drawing upon witness memory and environmental cues or even inadvertently (intent vs. no intent) affecting the perception, mind, and recall of the individual concerned, and the witness then sincerely believes and expresses a supposed sequence of events and sights which may or may not have happened as the witness both recalls and characterizes it.

    That does not necessarily mean it all occurred in the witness's brain or imagination, however.

    As Jacques Vallee has long noted, some UFO incidents have a character and modus operandi which denies logic, may be deliberately absurd and unbelievable to non-witnesses, and yet could still have been generated by external factors working on internal mind and brain functions for a variety of reasons, including plausible deniability, creating a social and cultural affect (myth is powerful), and injecting on a very subtle meta-level memetic effects not just on the witness, but more strategically, on those who learn of it, discuss it, publicize it, and contemplate the meaning or significance of it, even if there are no clearly known facts or evidence that can be used, discerned, or forensically provable at the first level of interpretation and analysis, meaning most debate about such stories resides at the "first-level" of whether the incident transpire as perceived and as the witness(es) describe, or not. There are however, ways to look at this issue on a second and third, or meta level.

  2. Part Two

    As you say, "What logic is there in a landing of 50 humanoids to see a well?" Exactly! On its surface, superficially, totally silly and truly absurd. But what if that was part of a staged or designed external scenario, and not purely imaginal or internal to the witness? I mean, who would believe it, right? I sometimes use the metaphor of the Wizard of Oz, and suggest we should try to find the curtain behind which the manipulative source, whether prosaic or not, may create the appearance of a kind of "absurd reality," at least to the witness(es), and more intriguingly, unbelievable to those the story is told or becomes known to. There just could be a wizard behind the wizard who resides quietly, out of sight, behind the invisible curtain, manipulating human consciousness and mind in some situations.

    Or, maybe not. Kind of depends on the circumstances, as always. But I do not consider it impossible that what the witness described might not have been shown to him with other motives and purposes involved, whether human, non-human, or triggered by prosaic natural phenomena affecting and creating a dream-like story in the witness' mind. Do we really know? Can it be proven? Does the evidence only point in one direction? Ockham's razor does not always apply, especially if some intelligent agency, regardless of origin or form, natural or not, is active and is operating covertly or outside of our understanding--tactically, that simplistic variable would be taken into consideration beforehand. Maybe the more absurd the better--but the accumulative volume and weight of these tales has an impact on human consciousness and belief in the long run, like snowflakes individually falling can become a snowstorm and deep fields of icy snow that need plowing. Look at the impact of myth, belief, and religions in particular. Need I say more?

    Whether the incident as described occurred as portrayed by the witness, or not, cannot be proven one way or the other, and operates on a liminal or mythological level as a consequence.

    The mere _debate_ about such anomalous and fortean incidents itself acts mimetically within cultures and upon human belief structures anthropologically and sociologically speaking.

    It would not be wise to reach hasty or seemingly logical or prosaic psychological conclusions as the basis for some incidents, despite their inherent "high strangeness," such as in cases like this one, although I generally agree that your interpretation is more likely than the first-level one that the incident occurred as the witness stated, regardless of the nature of the "footprint evidence," which could have also been belatedly hoaxed. OTOH, you could be wrong. \

    Think about what I'm trying to say--there could be other, more esoteric explanations for the seemingly fabricated or confabulated scenarios and tales some witnesses tell of very strange UFO encounters. How can we tell what a non-human (or conversely, unknown natural cause, like tectonic electromagnetic effects for one prosaic but sub rosa factor) might do to co-create or synthesize an experience that seems irrational, absurd, and illogical to most? Is there a wizard behind the curtain showing us the imagery of Oz, or not. I would suggest both options have at times occurred, that it is not a binary, either/or reductionist choice to be made. There is a "Third Kingdom," as Jerome Clark has discussed, and I simply ask you to consider other possibilities may be involved at times in such strange cases. We simply do not know, as yet, how to separate the wheat from the chaff to the degree we would like to sometimes think.

  3. @Mynona
    What is your point? A great deal of what you underlined here is EXACTLY what Jose is contending. Forgive me, as I am in no way attempting to be rude, but your post seems to be flying around Jose's DT in circles here.

  4. Jeff...

    I thought the same thing.


  5. Mynona, the distortion theory gives an answer to the absurd and illogical cases that Jacques Vallee seen as a complex phenomenon (with my admiration of his work).
    Note that the UFO phenomenon, first of all, is a phenomena, singular and unique, so the mind of the witness prevails over the "external intelligence".
    My theory explains "no logic" (Vallee Theory), the logic is provided from the unconscious of the witness, and so the logic is the same that produces dreams. It depends on the imagination of the witnesses and how they interact with the phenomenon.
    Although you should know that my hypothesis envisages the existence of a real phenomenon (external) that serves as a guideline for the development of experiences.

    I appreciate your extensive commentary

  6. This assumes that the "well" that was being scrutinized was actually a well.

  7. In that time, you could fly helicopters (chinook's) around the country to poison the water supply.

    NATO or ANTI-NATO, perhaps.

    The old man may have never seen a helicopter. How would you describe one, if you weren't allowed to use the actual word 'helicopter'?


  8. mental command (telepathy) to leave

    He can't see the person he hears. Perhaps he has never seen a bullhorn?

  9. Anonymous,

    You bring up an interesting point. If rebel forces were in the area, and you wanted them dehydrated ASAP, you'd poison wells. Perhaps there was no actual well -- but the melons themselves served as a water hole. Perhaps there was a lot of melon-busting taking place...

    Who is the god of the water hole?

  10. Hi Parakletos...

    Their contribution is interesting. But be aware that the investigation of the incident determined that the object was silent and was very bright (the artifact). In fact the whole experience was a great silence.
    The witness insisted that the crew were very small.
    Ignacio Darnaude and Manuel Osuna, had extensive formation and experience, if it had been a helicopter, the researchers would have discovered...

  11. determined that the object was silent and was very bright

    It was dark out. The helicopter would have been illuminated. And in pitch-black night, things appear brighter than they would in the daylight.

    I would need to see the exact questions that were asked of this man, as well as his exact responses.

    An investigator might only ask enough questions to get the answer he wants, for his own psychological reasons.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Copyright 2011, InterAmerica, Inc.

There are many cases that remain, in the archives of the researchers, who perpetuate their questions with the passing of the years, incidents that are well documented but beyond all logic.

Even within the varied UFO universe, these cases are considered unorthodox rarities.

In September 1976, 4:30 a.m., a crew of a DC-9 en route to Madrid (via Frankfort/Barcelona) observed a perplexing, powerful beam of light that illuminated a wide circle to the north of Reus.


The illuminated area covered, as calculated by the commander Alfonso Gonzalez, 30 to 40 miles (!) about 60 kilometers and could be observed by another flight which was about 200 miles from the position of the DC-9.

"There, in front of the plane, was a strong beam of light that seemed to come from the top of the sky. And the cone of light [shone down on the] Earth!".

Gonzalez said, "We could not see the source of the light beam. It was as if a giant spotlight was illuminating part of the soil. But we were so high up that it was impossible to detect exactly what it was illuminating.

All I can say is that was of tremendous height, illuminating a wide circle, somewhat north of Reus.

We were half-way at that time over Maella, and I could see perfectly.


I flew to 30,000 feet. and the light beam was much higher.

The impressive thing is that my colleague, Commander Gomez Gonzalez, was watching from the Pyrenees, about 200 miles away. Can you imagine the height and brightness of that ray?

I approached the beam and gave it two laps and saw that the light cone indeed widened as it descended.

The white circle, on the ground, could add another 30 or 40 miles in diameter. It was enormous! "(Source J.J. Benitez Encuentros en Montaña Roja. 1981.).

The light was bright white in color and lit up everything like day.

The light cone remained static (no flicker) shining in the field (with an inclination of about 45 degrees), and could be observed for at least 30 minutes.

The DC-9 flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet and the point of origin of the light beam could not be distinguished, as it was several thousand feet above the aircraft's position.

The circle projected on the ground was perfect and denoted a mysterious power of extreme focus.

The illuminated area covered the Ebro delta area and lit the Mediterranean Sea.


Needless to say that the spectacular significance of this case appears to be beyond doubt as Spanish UFO researcher J. J. Benitez himself notes:

"Judging from the accounts of witnesses, the light cone had a formidable power. And the intensity remained constant.

There were no apparent changes in fluctuations or the stream of light.

This fact, combined with the perfection of the circle that lit up the sea and part of the Spanish coast, leads me to believe, almost by pure logical deduction, that the beam had an origin or source clearly artificial and provoked. But by whom and for what ?"

Was it a military experiment with satellites (never repeated again) or are we facing a new UFO enigma?



Thursday, November 10, 2011


Copyright 2011, InterAmerica, Inc.


At the height of UFO wave in France in 1954, an alleged Russian pilot produced one of the strangest and disturbing incidents on French territory. It happened on October 20, 1954, in l'Etape Raon (Vosges).

Lazlo Ujvari, of Czechoslovakian origin and a former Legionnaire, was going to his workplace, at a company, from his farm in Deray in "Le La," riding a bicycle until bad road conditions forced him to walk.


It was about 2:30 in the morning.

Suddenly in the middle of the road, a man with a gun in his hand, emerged from the shadows of the forest, and signalled Lazlo to stop.

This was a normal looking person, corpulent, 1'65 meters tall, wearing a cloth cap with earflaps (helmet?), an open-necked blouse, leather-wrapped, cloth trousers and boots.

The witness is intimidated by the gun but not really scared; he had been in the military.

The gun-man talked but Lazlo Ujvari could not understand the language even though the man continued to talk.

Then Lazlo spoke Russian (he spoke several languages) and the stranger understood.

The gun-man asked Lazlo several questions: "Where am I? Spain or Italy?"

When he discovered he was in France, he asked, "How many kilometres to the German frontier?"

Lazlo replied that "it is 100 km to the Rhine in a straight line."

Then the gun-man asked the time, and Lazlo said 2:30.

The gun-man pulled out a pocket watch and replied: "You lie. It is 4." (Moscow would have had 3 hours more).

The "absurd" interrogation continued.

How far away and in what direction is Marseille? (Apparently mispronouncing the city and perhaps referring to elsewhere).

The dialogue stopped and the mysterious individual, never without his gun, asked Lazlo Ujvari to walk forward.

On one side of the road, Lazlo vaguely observed a dark object that seemed, at first to be a car or van. But the closer he got, he realized that it was a great object of about 6 meters in diameter and 3 feet high, composed of two superimposed plates, dark gray, with a dome on top.

Also on the top was an antenna in the form of a "corkscrew."


Lazlo was not stopped by the "Russian pilot" who still intimidated him with his pistol. They walked about 30 meters more, and then the pilot said, “And now Farewell.”

Ujvari mounted his bike and rode for about 200 meters to near the entrance of the village where he stopped.

He then observed a very strong vertical light emerging from the forest, and heard a noise like a "sewing machine" or a whistle.

Then the device rose up, with no lights and after ascending vertically went away, diagonally.

Ujvari was later questioned by the police who did not find fault with his testimony.

Some researchers, like Michel Corrouges (Martians Appear 1963), believes that we "can not rule out the hypothesis of a lost Russian helicopter" although the witness did not recall seeing propellers and the object did not seem to fit the description of a helicopter.

It is very strange that when landing, the missing Russian pilot, had the luck to find a Frenchman in a small region (approximately 7,000 inhabitants), who spoke Russian.

And we also have the unexplained anomalous language used by the supposed "Russian pilot" that could not be understood by the witness despite knowing several languages.

It should be noted that it was Ujvari who first spoke Russian.

What really happened? Was the object a prototype Russian plane or helicopter?

Did a pilot of the USSR get lost?

Or was it a "joke" by the occupants of flying saucers in the middle of the most spectacular UFO wave that took place in Europe?

Again it appears to have influenced the witness to conclude that he had had a close encounter.

Ujvari’s psyche used the phenomenon to recreate the event of a "lost military pilot."

There are some very suspicious elements in this meeting that reveal a "manipulation" (theater).

The witness was a retired military man and faced a gunman at night.

Lazlo was habituated to tension and danger; another witness surely would not have reacted the same way to an armed, unknown man, at night.

Ujvari knows several languages and can speak fluently with the “Russian pilot.”

The experience occurred in a military context that could have been in the imagination of the witness (projected), and was used (captured and distorted) by the "unknown entities" to shape the experience by supplementing and adorning it with the details provided by the psyche of the witness (sent unconsciously).

Again, the mind of an observer is used as a "library" or "documentation" to "project," in a real scenario, a "movie/dream" of a close encounter with the "alien/Russian" (physical components), all to overwhelm and confuse our minds, in a language of images and sensations, close to "dreams" and the "mystical.",

We still do not manage to decode correctly ... but do not lose hope ...



Wednesday, November 23, 2011



In the decade of the 1950s, testimonies from people who claimed to have observed UFOs crew were rejected categorically by the UFO community, considered as a product of hallucinations, or at best as mere fake.

In those early years of UFO research, ufologists were concerned principally to give scientific support for studies of sightings. And therefore, considered that the cases which described a bizarre crew of UFOs would detract from their serious studies, losing credibility with the public.

However, the sudden appearance of several events and wide coverage by the media gave a new approach to the hitherto marginal phenomenon of the crews of the UFOs.

To a large extent, the researchers revised their assumptions about close encounters, thanks to the extraordinary case of Socorro (New Mexico), where a police officer claimed to have seen a mysterious object shaped like metal egg with two little people clad in white uniforms. Later, other police officers were able to confirm the presence of footprints in the landing area of the object. The marks were visible for several days. Burns encountered in the adjacent vegetation revealed that they had been produced by exposure to high temperatures.

The case was thoroughly investigated by the USAF and the FBI, concluding that the officer, Lonnie Zamora, told the truth.

The Socorro sighting was admitted by members of Project Blue Book as UNIDENTIFIED, the only case in its files that included: landing, physical evidence (footprints) and occupants of an unknown aircraft.

Hector Quintanilla, head of the project and known for his skepticism about the UFO phenomenon, wrote in the Journal of the secret services "Intelligence Studies" this statement about the Zamora sighting: "This is the best documented case that exists, and we have not been able to find the vehicle that scared [Officer] Zamora despite extensive research.

On the other hand, the renowned Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Northwestern astronomer and director of Dearborn Observatory), as a consultant, at that time, to the USAF, said the case was one of "the most important UFO sightings in the history of the study of the topic,” adding, “of all close encounters of the third type, this is what I think more clearly suggests a material and concrete craft".


From that moment, ufologists were not just limited to UFO watching in the sky; UFOs had landed in different parts of the world, with their crews observed by hundreds of witnesses.

With the collection of testimonies from people who claimed to have observed the occupants of UFOs, ufologists believed they was another way to find out the purpose and origin of UFOs.

It was logical to assume, that a knowledge of the morphology and activities of the crew of the "alien craft" could represent the key to unraveling the enigma.

However, initial expectations were soon overwhelmed with the results of the first investigations carried out.

Contrary to what was initially expected, that people almost always observed the same kind of aliens that spoke in favor of a uniform and objective phenomenon, they found a multitude of different descriptions.

The heterogeneity in the descriptions of the alleged "aliens" was so broad, raising hundreds of types of "Aliens" observed in or around UFOs, created a great controversy in the UFO community worldwide.

While at first there was a debate between supporters and opponents of this diversity, with the passing of the years, observations of various UFO crew grew in such a way that researchers accepted the possibility that multiple extraterrestrial civilizations were visiting the Earth.

Thousands of testimonies, collected by ufologists, refer to "aliens" as tall, normal, short, and sometimes diminutive with arms that protrude from the chest, no arms, transparent, with claws instead of hands, with green lights in the skin, the shape of sugar cubes, covered with hair, completely bald, with none, one, two or three eyes, with heads of all imaginable and unimaginable shapes, physiognomy reminiscent of Italian or Japanese tourists, frogs, birds, monkeys, horses, kangaroos, insects, lizards, octopus, et cetera.

Finally, a plurality so eloquent and extravagant, that the UFO files can not be classified or ordered; it’s a disparate phenomenology.

We invite (challenge) readers to seek a physical characteristic that has not been observed in an alleged UFO alien sighting somewhere in the world.

In the 1970s, the researcher Jader U. Pereira authored a classic study of 333 cases of UFO landings, where the only conclusion was that most of the occupants of UFOs were humanoids with anthropomorphic characteristics, varying in height between 0.80 and 3 meters.

More recently, Patrick Huyghe (founder of The Anomalist) in a report on the typology of extraterrestrials, writes that there are four basic sections of UFO occupants: humanoid, animal, exotic, robotic, with at least 14 types and 49 variants.

Before trying to explain what hides behind this challenging phenomenon, I’ll expose the reader to several cases that clearly show the differences between the descriptions of the crews of UFOs:



Rydberg and Hans Stig Gustavsson, when they returned to their homes after attending a party, noticed a saucer shaped object with three legs resting on the ground.

From the UFO, they were attacked by four creatures, one meter in height, gray, and devoid of appendages. The creatures seemed to be made of gelatin and were extremely slippery. During blows from the witnesses, the creatures’ bodies became deformed; Rydberg even entered his arm into one of them. Finally, due to the reaction of the witnesses, the creatures fled on board their artefact.



A classic South American ufology, where hairy creatures have been seen aboard UFOs...

Gustavo Gonzalez and Jose Ponce, while driving a van on the outskirts of Caracas, saw a strange bright balloon flying over the road. Stopping your vehicle to continue their observation, they were attacked by a "hairy dwarf" with gleaming eyes, only wearing a loincloth like a lucia dress.

The "dwarf", although looking ridiculous, possessed great strength and threw Gonzalez more than four meters away.

The unusual battle was interrupted by the action of another entity, that blinded Gonzalez by lightning. Jose Ponce, who was on the sidelines, declared that the beings, after collecting soil samples, entered the balloon which rose and disappeared.



Four young men sighted a red object that disappeared behind some trees. Moments later, they saw a dark shape, the size of a person, with giant bat wings.

In West Virginia (USA) during the 1960's, the researcher John A. Keel investigated the multiple appearances of strange flying creatures, with huge, bright red eyes that roamed the area of Point Pleasant, accompanied by constant visions of UFOs, which were described as the Moth-man.



In early February, 1965, five luminous, transparent objects landed on the outskirts of Forrent (Argentina) and five creatures from a size ranging between 1.5 m and 2 m, with a single eye in the center of the forehead, attacked the witness. Apparently they tried to kidnap a good neighbor, who was saved by the heroic action of some of his friends.

The next day, five humanoids returned to the attack, but this time they were repelled by the whole people.

In Belo Horizonte (Brazil), two years before the incident in Forrent, on August 28, 1963, several boys came across a giant one-eyed brown entity, with a red complexion and no common facial traits such as ears and the nose.



Several witnesses at a farm in Kelly Hopkins, observed the landing of a multicolored object.

They were besieged by an undetermined number of strange phosphorescent creatures.

From inside the house ,where they were, they could see, through the windows and doors, beings of no more than one meter in height roaming around.

The creatures had huge bald heads, and bright yellow eyes.

Another important characteristic was the existence of disproportionately large ears in relation to lean bodies.

The witnesses shot at these beings.

Finally after three hours, the witnesses fled in terror to the nearest police station but indicating that the creatures were not hostile at any time.



Julio Lopez de Romana almost ran over, with his car, a small humanoid about 80 cm. with one eye on his face. Later he was chased by a UFO that accompanied him part of the way.



While fishing, a soldier, José Antonio da Silva, was attacked by two beings about 122cm in height, that introduced him into the interior of their artefact, a vertical cylinder, with a saucer on top.

The beings, who looked remarkably like the classic Gnomes, had thick eyebrows, green eyes, big noses, funny, toothless mouths and huge ears.

To reinforce the aspect of little creatures of the forest, the beings had long beards and curly red hair which reached below the waist.



John Hodges and Peter Rodriguez saw two beings in the shape of brains (sic) of about 91 cm high, who led them into a spaceship, where they were waited upon by various humanoid beings.



Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker described strange creatures that subjected them to an exhaustive medical examination.

The beings had extremely rough, pale skin with a silver gray and ghostly appearance.

They had no hair and eyes, and their faces had a conical nose and ears in conical shape. The arms ended in crab claws without fingers and their feet were round.



The multiple observations of beings similar or identical to Big-foot with UFOs, suggests all sorts of theories about the origin of these creatures.

A farmer named Stephen Polasky, along with several witnesses (15), saw a bright red object land nearby.

Once they were near the object, two humanoids were observed, over 2 meters high, completely covered with hair and with two large yellow-green eyes.

The witness with his shotgun, shot the creatures, but were not found to be affected the creatues "saluted like a human."

(Similar to certain other cryptozoological creatures, the crew of UFOs seem to be immune to bullets)



A guard, Zanfretta Fortunato, was the subject of an abduction by giant beings who seemed to have escaped from a terrifying nightmare.

At his solitary job, Zanfretta was surprised by several creatures described as more than three meters tall, with yellow-green, triangular bright eyes.

Their faces was filled with sharp spines instead of hair; they had no ears, Fortunato noted they also had horns. And in the middle of their foreheads, they had a third, very bright eye.


Along with descriptions of the most colorful and extravagant "aliens", it was logical to expect to see robots on board UFOs.

And so, there are hundreds of cases where a wide range of alien robots were seen.

Jean Dolecki witnessed one such incident...

"I had the impression that it was a huge balloon, covered with silver paper (...). I found that the artefact was not sitting on the ground."

Then Mr. Dolecki described the occupants of the UFO he saw in the doorway of the sphere:

"They were not men, that I can assure you! It was more like robots, wearing silver clothes, giant robots, as high as the door (2 or 3 m). I saw that they had short legs and arms like telescopic rods which reminded me of fishing poles.”

Because of apprehension and distance, Dolecki could not see details of the robots’ heads, but added, they seemed to be quadrate [squarish].


A truly baffling case, in terms of UFOs crewscomes from Miguel Herrero Sierra, who, while driving his truck toward the swamp in Buendia (Tendilla), had a peculiar abduction by beings of an "anti-universe."

His experience began after suffering a breakdown with his vehicle, forcing him to stop.

At that moment, a completely normal individual, dressed in a white jumpsuit, invited him to climb aboard a hat-shaped UFO.

Inside the ship, Mr. Herrero Sierra was surprised to note that one of the crew of that object, was identical to him (sic):

"He was sitting with his back to me Sierra told under hypnosis, and turned around to look at me.

My first reaction (I seemed to stand before a mirror) was to approach him, and that's when (...) I was told we could not contact because he was like my negative.

It was exactly like me except that I have the scar on my left cheek; he had it on the right.

He said that we are parallel. The example was in the picture: we are the positive and negative of them or vice versa. Emphasizing that whatever we did, we have an impact on them, and if any of us died for any reason, the negative (to continue calling it that) also died."


As we have seen, the UFO phenomenon involving occupants is more complicated than what we might initially imagine.

British researcher Hilary Evans, an expert on the theme of the entities, wrote in his book Visions, Apparitions, Visitors from Space:

"In the past three decades, reports of UFO-related entities are on a scale that is in excess of the most common type of paranormal entitities, other than those in dreams.

And they present an extraordinary paradox, which is an anomalous phenomenon that is associated with a phenomenon that is abnormal, to an extent that its existence, to say nothing of its nature, is still very much in doubt."

Therefore, because the enigma has so many features, many researchers have proposed different hypotheses that may explain the reason for the diversity observed in the morphology of the crew.

The main currents of thought are as follows;


Some researchers argue that this diversity in the descriptions of UFOnauts, is a sharp test for the presence of different extraterrestrial civilizations visiting our planet.

The hypotheses are based on whether the observations of the occupants of the UFOs respond to simple tale: it would be more logical to suppose that there would be a repeat of the same descriptions, already known and disclosed, but each witness invents his own alien. Therefore, these varieties in the descriptions are proof that witnesses are really telling what they see, regardless of whether or not their descriptions coincide with what is already known to researchers.

Antonio Ribera, Spanish researcher and staunch defender of the extraterrestrial hypothesis (nuts and bolts), once wrote: "the observed morphological diversity among the crew (also called occupants) seems to postulate a variety of sources, but as on our own planet, let’s not forget, that white-Scandinavians, 2 meters tall, coexist with black-skin pygmies measuring 1.20 meters, and both are homo sapiens."


Supporting the theory of the great Analytical Psychologist Carl G. Jung, several UFO thinkers believe that the observations of alien spacecraft and associated crew are due to interactions between the mind of the witness and the collective unconscious.

Dr. Jung argued that our unconscious, besides being particular and private, shares with all our species a set of models, symbols and archetypes that are recognizable to all of us, gathered in enormous planetary mind (collective unconscious).

As our personal unconscious tries to help us mainly through dreams, the collective unconscious (covering the entire human race) could help in a certain time and under specific conditions, the whole of a society relying on symbolic representations that would have the same value as that of the experience of dreaming.

The main aspects that would operate for the planetary mind, would be the personal psychological conflicts of an individual, or global society as well, depending on which is manifested individually or collectively.

The communication would take place as stated above in a coded form, through an archetype, vision or mystical experience, that would try to send us a message that would alleviate this imbalance or mental illness.

"In the individual, explained Dr. Jung, the phenomena of abnormal convictions, visions, dreams, and so on, happen only when one suffers psychic dissociation; i.e., when there is a split between the conscious attitude and content that contrast of conflicts with the unconscious.

Precisely because the conscious mind is not aware of them and, therefore, is faced with a situation from which there seems no way out, this strange content can not be integrated directly, but indirectly expressed, thus generating views, beliefs, hopes, visions, and so forth, of an unexpected and seemingly inexplicable nature.

The projections are what we might call different representations as conditions arise, being merely personal or collective conditions from deeper, personal repressions that are manifested in our immediate environment; the collective content, such as religious conflicts, philosophical, political and social projections choose carriers from a corresponding genus.

One of these projections for a specific genus, would be the UFOs and their crews, as a result of our ancestral belief in God, angels, guardians, which is present in almost all cultures of humanity.

The belief would be "technologized," becoming more amenable for our society, which is accustomed to amazing technological development, where the space race has made us imagine the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

In his work Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky, Dr. Jung interpreted that UFOs were the epitome of a fundamental archetype of humanity, the Mandala, a symbol that represents an integration of all things psychic.

Therefore in this amalgam of human idealizations, which is the collective unconscious, extraterrestrial myth would be represented, which could be evoked in different ways, adapting to the social and personal mind-sets of witnesses, which would explain the reason for the reported diversity of occupants of UFOs.

These events have been increasing mainly due to two factors:

a. We are at the end of a millennium, which is a fear of the unknown and change.

b. The decline of traditional values and the decline in the social strata: scientific, political and especially religious.

The extraterrestrial myth would have germinated to cover the absence of such elements, and serve as an escape valve for a society immersed in current mental conflicts.

On physical manifestations accompanying the Collective Unconscious, researcher Salvador Freixedo believes that “like an individual's unconscious mind governing the functioning of much of your body, this giant collective mind, that is diffused and infiltrated in all individuals on the planet, governs the functioning of human society. The unconscious mind, both the individual and collective, is not only smart, it has a great energy that can sometimes manifest itself in psychical form, appreciated by our senses.

Thus, if the unconscious mind is capable of producing private psychical effects, such as those seen in poltergeist phenomena, the collective unconscious is capable of producing psychical phenomena that have a specific purpose for society."


The most accepted theory by different researchers speculates that the crew of UFOs possess a mechanism of some kind, physical or mental, that allows them to take any physical form.

These beings, which inhabit other dimensions, may be able to "interfere" with the mind of people to show them the way they wanted or expected to see the same subject.

Through the manifestation of an extraordinary event, such as the sight of a strange light in the sky, these entities would create a state of mind with which to control or tune our brains.

Being in close connection with our mind, these entities can make or unmake our experience, enriching our culture, folklore, beliefs, and personality; we become co-creators and interpreters of what we observe.

Hilary Evans in this regard said, "The crucial factor of reports (abduction) is that each case is unique, and is reason enough to suspect that the external phenomenon has an inner meaning specific to each witness individually, assuming that the real motivating factor for the experience is far from the experiences recounted by the witnesses."

Therefore many researchers take us to the folklore of different civilizations to say that these entities have been playing with our credulity, adapting to our cultural environment so that the average person of a certain era would find it easier to believe in fairies and goblins than aliens and spaceships.

These entities controlling its manifestations, through our mind, will create a climate of uncertainty among ufologists, which would help them preserve their identity, and above all, cover the most important, clandestine activities they are developing on our planet.

The following case illustrates perfectly the contents of this hypothesis:

On ducks and aliens: Zimbawue (Africa) May 31, 1974

Peter and Frances, while traveling by car, observed a strange UFO over them, then under hypnosis reported the following experience to the researchers:

"Something" was introduced in the back seat during the trip. An unknown entity spoke to Peter, telling him not to worry about physical appearance; if he wanted, it could be transformed into anything imaginable, even a duck or a monster. The thoughts and desires of Peter could be read by them.



  1. Hello Jose, you’ve made a compelling case for the confusing diversity of characters that have been reported over the past few decades. In some ways, the variety supports the argument that many of these reported encounters genuinely happened. In other ways, we’re correct to doubt them.

    Some hold the position that most were hoaxes generated by media hype and cultural saturation of alien tales and movies. They might add that social unrest was a potent factor and that the reports were manifestations of an alienated rural population. This isn’t supported by the descriptions of the entities or the frequency of reports. It seems reasonable to expect hoaxers, to an extent, would generate a repetition of description – a recognisable template based on cumulative reports. There should be a core of reports that conform to a perceived popular conception of what ‘aliens’ ought to look like. For example, there are few ‘little green men’ and I can only recall a couple of accounts with the familiar stalks on the head.

    Sightings should also peak in the periods when major alien movies are making money at the box office; they don’t. Likewise, the creatures in movies would be reflected in reports if they had such an influence. I’m not suggesting that culture has no influence on UFO or entity reports, of course it does. I’m pointing out that such influences aren’t central to the claims.

    ‘We invite (challenge) readers to seek a physical characteristic that has not been observed in an alleged UFO alien sighting somewhere in the world.’

    This challenge could just as easily be applied to alleged ghosts and alleged Near-Death-Experiences (NDEs). There’s a huge amount of reported NDEs that share particular themes and still remain unique to each claimant. Fiction, fantasies and hoaxes also appear to share the same themes as alleged encounters. If we can imagine it, it’s usually already been described somewhere else; novelty is rare.

    Where physical reality intersects with subjective reality might be the place to look. NDEs and most humanoid encounters are experienced alone; they could have a shared psychological source? The intersection would involve more than one witness or provide physical evidence like typical eye injuries or maybe ground traces?

  2. Hi Kandinsky

    I agree with your opinion.. If the UFO phenomenon, only it was a mental phenomenon or a phenomenon "cutural", it would have a well-defined parameters. Now, would have the highest number of UFO landings, which in France in 1954. Just for the alleged mental contagion, or the proliferation of material "culturally specific" (movies, books, websites, etc).
    If not so, is that the UFO phenomenon is caused by an external factor (capricious and selective)
    I do not think that is important (vital) to solve the enigma, to separate the cases where there is physical evidence of incidents that are only witnesses.
    The anomalous factor, uses the physical evidence, to thrive in the human mind and get us to think that is extraordinary (destroy our known parameters).
    If there were no marks on the ground, many years ago this would have been relegated to a psychological or sociological question.
    The physical tests are just a cog in the phenomenon of Distortion, whose field of action is the human mind and the physical environment.



Saturday, November 5, 2011


Copyright 2011, InterAmerica, Inc.

Many myths and folklore from different cultures have evolved during experiences such as these I’m going to tell.

Depending on the social context and the prevailing belief of the time, anomalous phenomena have been interpreted and oriented in one direction or other (gods, ghosts, fairies, elemental beings, et cetera).

Most disconcerting is that the phenomena themselves have accepted these "definitions" and have adapted their manifestation parameters to those "provided" and "designed" by the witnesses themselves.

The experiences of which we speak are displayed in a "multivalent" which could allow a wide range of interpretations, depending on our particular personal approach. Even the "encounter with the unknown" could "mutate" (transform) while we perceive (feel) it.

It is certainly flexible and interactive phenomena.

This is demonstrated in some close encounters with UFOs, which sometimes have integrated features and details (mixed) of different puzzles that are merged (cryptozoology, ghosts, apparitions of the Virgin, et cetera).

Consider a couple of examples:


On November 1, 1954 around 6:30 pm in Cennina (Bucine, Province of Arezzo, Italy) Rossa Dainelli Lotti (40), a woman who lived on a farm on the outskirts of Cennina, was walking to that location to visit the cemetery and church.

She carried a bouquet of carnations and walked barefoot so as not to stain her shoes and socks.

When she reached a clearing among the trees, she noticed the presence of a strange object that was on the grass.

The object was shaped like two cones joined at the base, about 2 m in height and 1 m in diameter and in the center it was brown.

The device had a gate and inside could be seen two small chairs.

From behind the artifact emerged two small beings, looking like children, 1 m in height, wearing form-fitting overalls, with bright buttons and gray coats. Both had black hair and were wearing red helmets.

Their faces like adults, however, and they spoke in a language that the witness compared with Chinese.

The two humanoids looked at Mrs. Lotti with great joy and a smile, and one of them looked older than she.

They took Mrs. Lotti’s flowers and her socks, throwing them, after an examination, into the object.


Then one of the beings took a strange-looking, rounded cylindrical artifact and pointed it at Mrs. Lotti, who ran away thinking that they wanted to photograph her.

When she was about 100 m away, she turned and found that that object and people were still there.

The encounter lasted about 10 minutes.

The event featured testimonials from people who observed a strange object in the air.

Two brothers, Marcello and Ampelio (9 and 6 years), said, at the time, they saw, from afar, the meeting of Mrs. Lotti with the two beings.

The neighbors who came within 30 minutes of the rare meeting place found a deep hole in the ground about 15 cm with a diameter of 10cm. The hole was also seen by the Chief Inspector of Police in Ambra, Botarelli Zulima, who was hunting in the vicinity when the incident happened.

A year before, in Spain there was a close encounter whose intrinsic nature was the same as the same Italian incident.

What happens is, that in this case, the perception of the child witness (with a more elemental culture that Mrs Lotti) causes the development of the story (action) and some aspects of the scene (humanoid, nave, uniform), change the nuance, providing simpler, basic details of each and every one of the elements of the apparition.

It happened on July 1, 1953, in the small village of Villares del Saz (Cuenca).

A young shepherd, Máximo Muñoz Hernaiz 13 years, also encountered a little crew of a UFO.

While he was tending a herd of cows, about 2 pm, he heard behind him, a loud whistle, sounding like a deflating, big balloon.

After turning around, he found, only 4 meters from his position, something amazing; the witness described a shining "barrel with four legs" yellow (maybe metal), with an engine about 1.30 meters high by 30 cm wide, with 3 individuals who came out of the object through a door at the top of the “barrel.”


The humanoids, about 70 cm in height, in the words of the witness, had yellow skin, slanted eyes, and were wearing blue, bright clothing and had, on their heads,"caps" with flat visors.

Maximo observed that the crew had on their right arms a round plate (perhaps an emblem or symbol that was not distinguishable).

The little men were talking in a language unintelligible to the startled witness.

Then, the "nice little humanoids," aided by a “step” that was on the engine, climbed nimbly into the aircraft with a bounce.

Amid an eerie whistle, the “barrel” started flying, significantly increasing in radiance.

Terrified, Maximo took flight.

The post commander of the Guardia Civil (military police) went to the site and found four tracks about 5 cm deep and 2.5 cm in diameter.

The marks made up a perfect square with 36 cm sides.

The researchers talked to more witnesses who said they saw a strange little flying machine, on the date of the Maximo incident.

Who can doubt that these cases are "bridges" between UFO experiences and encounters with elemental beings (fairies, gnomes, leprechaun, et cetera) hat were characteristic of past centuries.

Small characters, laughing, jumping, with colorful clothes, robbing and pulling pranks.

Nothing could be farther from the absurdity of an alleged alien visitation.

To date we have tried, unsuccessfully, to complete the "puzzle" of UFOs, Marian apparitions, ghosts, big foot, et cetera separately, believing that they are different phenomena.

Let's try to gather all pieces of the " puzzle(s)" and maybe, by "deconstruction" of the anomalous experiences (viewed as a whole), we can contemplate the possibility that the human mind has a role in all of these paranormal "plots."

At least we can try.



Although I agree with your suspicion that the 'human mind has a role' in these reports, it's still difficult to be certain. The reports are too elusive in the details and this makes it a foolhardy guess as to the authenticity of claims, or character of witnesses.

In Vallee's 'The Pattern Behind the UFO Landings,' he analyses some 200 encounters experienced by nearly 700 witnesses. It's an important piece of research for ufology. One significant pattern he understated was the number of witnesses reporting occupants/humanoids.


Of the 200 cases, 15 described more than one witness seeing occupants and 33 occupant sightings were seen by more than one witness.

If reports of humanoids were limited to single-person sightings, we could build a case that human perception, or psychological stimuli, was the probable cause. Environmental infrasound or whatever else could be used to explain individual accounts.

As it stands, we don't have good explanations that account for multiple witnesses describing similar hallucinations/experiences/sightings.

This is where effective investigation comes into play. By dismissing, or establishing, the credibility of the purported witnesses we can either focus on explanations of subjective reality or on consensus reality.

Of course, this is all hindsight opinion as it appears the phenomenon of humanoid sightings is non-repeatable and faded out in the 70s.


Sunday, November 13, 2011




One will find in any listing of close encounters of UFOs, incidents that seem to defy reason and are absurd products of the mind.

They contain elements with the sole purpose of undermining the credibility of those who are encountered.

The encounter is not believed, and is taken as a joke.

Nor does it seem logical that an alleged witness who "invents" an episode of an encounter with a UFO (to fool the press for example) would create absurd and illogical details that cause their case to not be taken seriously.

Therefore, since the root of these elements is absurdity and incoherency I have called it the Distortion.

When there is a close encounter, the entities make up the scenario (stage, actors, etc.) for its representation, in the eyes of the witness, with psychic material extracted from the witness's mind.

It is something like dreams, where the logical and the absurd come together.

When we sleep, our mind represents scenes from "life", many of them inconsistent, but accepted as "normal during the dream.

But when we wake, we see the absurdity of the dream content.

Something similar happens during close encounters with UFO experiences; the intelligences that cause them, they use a “dream” language based on images and sensations.

When "they" are introduced into our reality, they deliberately cause a distortion to manifest itself.

"They" do not show their true appearance.

Achieved virtually (like dreams) the experiences are non-transferable and personal.

While sharing common features (UFO sightings), the data highlight of close encounters is its individualistic character.

There seems to be a different alien different for each witness.

Here is an example of what we speak:

On April 18, 1961, in Eagle River (Wisconsin), Joe Simonton 60, who lived alone on a farm on the outskirts of the city, had a very strange encounter with rare "aliens cooks."

About 11:00 am in the morning, Mr. Simonton heard something like the sound of "knobby tires on wet pavement."

Mr. Simonton observed a metal object landing in his yard.

It was a chromed artefact, very brilliant, 9 meters in diameter and 3.5 meters in height.

The object had the form of two reversed bowls with "exhaust pipes" on its edge.


It did not quite touch the ground.

The witness approached the object. He opened a “gate” and observed a UFO crew of three with dark complexions.

They had a height of 1.5 meters, wore black or navy blue clothing with turtleneck shirts and helmets.

Simonton told the press that the crew seemed to be of "Italian descent" and about 25 or 30 years old.

One of the occupants gave the witness a “metallic” jar with two handles, indicating with gestures that he needed water for drinking, holding the jar to his mouth.

As a good host, Simonton agreed to the request and went to
his house to fill the water jug, which weighed a bit more than aluminium.

Returning, he noted that inside the artefact, one member of the crew was using a grill, making "cookies" (pancakes?).

Simonton didn’t see a fire in the grill.

The interior of the object was similar to wrought iron and matte black and there were several "dashboards."

The witness says he heard a noise like an electric generator.

Simonton asked for some cookies from the "Italians".

The "chef," who had red stripes on the pants, gave Simonton four hot cookies of about 7.5 centimeters in diameter, with small holes.


Then one of the occupants of the device closed the gate and the machine rose at an angle of 45 degrees.

The UFO moved away at high speed toward the south, causing the tops of nearby pine trees to bend, but without causing any visible damage to them.

The experience lasted five minutes.

Simonton ate one of the cookies and told reporters that it "tasted like cardboard."

The police, who knew Simonton for fifteen years said that they believed in the truth of what he said."

The USAF investigated the matter and examined one of the cookies at the "U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare's Food and Drug Laboratory".

The result: hydrogenated fat, starch, buckwheat hulls, soy bean hulls, wheat bran. (Bacteria and radiation readings were normal.)

Chemical, infra-red and other destructive type tests were run on the material which indicated an ordinary cookie of terrestrial origin.

The whereabouts of the mysterious cookies:

1. Eaten by Simoton.
3. The USAF.
4. Remainder to Simonton.

An interesting detail from the analysis of the cookies: they did not contain salt.

Jacques Vallee, in his book Passport to Magonia, compared this "culinary gift" with the food of the fairies which does not contain salt.

Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek, told Major Robert Friend, that the witness told the truth, but it was the product of a "lucid dream" while preparing breakfast.

Simonton was sorry he told his story to the public, as he suffered continuous ridicule and jokes by his neighbors and the press.


I agree in part with the approach of Dr. Hynek: that the witness had an "experience like a dream.”

Simonton certainly had an encounter that seemed "physical", "real," and tangible, caused by an "external intelligence" influencing Simonton's mind.

The psyche of the witness added everyday elements to the alleged UFO landing.

It is particularly strange that a spacecraft had a grill for making cookies, in addition to being manned by "Italian tourists" that offered the cookies but needed a jar of water.

No doubt all these aspects are the result of a complex phenomenon of “distortion” which arises from the union of the mind of Simonton with "unknown intelligences."

If normal dreams usually have aspects and components that are inexplicable, absurd and difficult to understand, imagine the result of the union of the unconscious of a witness with "minds of non-humans," that have the ability to recreate matter at will.

My theory is mainly developed from an individual's perception of any anomalous phenomenon (paranormal, UFOs, cryptozoological, et cetera.), where the witness becomes CO-CREATOR, participating in the elaboration of the unconscious experience, contributing psychological material about the conduct of the aliens, external aspects of the machines, et cetera although the "unknown intelligences" after adapting it, represent it according to their whim, acting as INTERPRETER, decoding of the "manifestation."

I think the main effect of all anomalous experiences are based on my principle called “distortion” (which occurs at the time that the external phenomena connects with the witness) and also because of the strange effects caused by communication between dimensions.

If it were a "mathematical formula" it would be something like this:

DISTORTION=PERCEPTION (transformation of experience with a union of the psyche of the witness and unknown entities)

I am convinced that the principles and mechanisms that are used are similar to dreams + TIME (the phenomenon may be accompanied by alteration in time) + PHYSICS (effects on the subject, creation of matter, alterations in the environment of witnesses, et cetera)

The DISTORTION must be understood as:

1. One means of communication, between "them" and the witness, based on sensations and images.

2. One mode of hiding: A perfect disguise.

At the time of the UFO landing at Eagle River, the "unknown entities" grabbed the mind of Simonton, making sure he would wish for a encounter with "ordinary people of stars" (not monsters, nothing unusual), hospitable, cooking in the spacecraft, pancakes just like any Earth neighbour.

This small detail, the cookies, makes it difficult for many people to believe the testimony of Simonton.

Laughter and disbelief are guaranteed.

Therefore, the "distortion" carries an inherent capacity of absurdity and impossible imagery, the signature of many encounters with UFOs, that allows the phenomenon to move between the real and the extraordinary, between waking and sleeping.

Cookies do not contain anything special in our known universe. But still, by analyzing from our perspective, we notice that the cookies are the product of distortion of reality and because they contained mundane ingredients, there is another more important subliminal, transcendent message, a message that we still do not know how to decode.


1. I believe in the inter-dimensional nature of the UFO phenomenon.

2. It is an "intelligent" phenomenon (entities) that exists outside of us.

3. The phenomenon has takn many centuries, and many demonstrations to interact with humans.

4. The phenomenon has demonstrated mutability, but does fit into society at the time it manifests itself. (Entities never act in an orderly fashion, or follow an established pattern of behaviour. Its manifestations, via mutability, are related to individual perception and distortion.

5. The diversity of the UFO phenomenon:

a. Many humanoid types (tiny, normal, giant, hairy, bald, cyclopian, et cetera.)

b. Multi-forms of "flying saucers" of every size imaginable, from several centimeters to hundreds of meters and multiple forms: plates, round, square, triangular, cigar-shaped, et cetera.

c. A comprehensive report on visitor behaviour (aggressive, curious, funny, naughty, et cetera) with (various languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, accompanied by gestures, telepathy, animal grunts, et cetera.)

d. Erasure (almost magical) of any trace or evidence (by more than half a century of the manifestation) which could prove its reality to the whole world.

All these points point to an obvious distortion of our perception of "them," with the sole purpose of carrying out a great "hoax."

6. If it were a distortion caused by the intrusion into our universe or an aspect of quantum theory, the UFO phenomenon would not present an "aberration" of information as we know it.

7. The most striking feature of the UFO phenomena is, without doubt, the individual characteristic that is presented.
(It has all the features, although obviously not, of a mental phenomenon, as each case seems made for a single witness.)

8. The important connection with other anomalous phenomena (cryptozoology, apparitions of the Virgin, et cetera) indicates that the "intelligence" from "hidden" dimensions use various types of events to deceive.

9. The existence of cases where different anomalous phenomena (at least in appearance) are mixed; for example UFOs manned by Bigfoot, or apparitions of the Virgin seen as part of a UFO sighting (Fatima) clearly indicates that the interaction with the observer goes beyond what one would normally expect.

Obviously this distortion, instigated by unknown intelligences, causes total confusion.

Distortion is a means of communication but also a means of concealment.

The purpose? We do not know…



  1. As I understand it Barry Greenwood possesses the last of Joe's 'pancakes.'

    Simonton contacted the FSR in 1962 (May-June) and described something that has since become quite familiar in the humanoid encounters - enchanting eyes.

    He wrote, 'First those men had a complexion much finer than any woman I ever saw and their eyes just looked right down to the bottom of your shoes. Do you understand? When they looked in your eyes, well you just couldn't stand to look at them for long. They seemed to do something to you.'

    This claim was made before the Hills' case was widely known and represents a very early reference to compelling eyes. It also hints at an interaction on a different level than simple physical reality.

    I can't settle on an explanation that leaves me comfortable. It could be a bizarre case of 'lucid dream' as suggested by Hynek et al. More exotically, it's possible to speculate that it was a stage-managed interjection by something we don't yet understand. This direction is something I'm drawn to as it seems to address aspects of the humanoid encounters that other ideas do not. 'Lucid dreams' cannot account for many other reports...

    In a typical analogy, the presentation of beings, in an absurd situation, could be like the 'shell-game.' As the percipient/witness' attention is focused on the 'show,' something else entirely is on the mind of the intelligence behind the 'show.' Our politicians do something similar every day; they wave around distractions as their real agenda lies out of sight.

    It would be much easier and persuasive to accept the psychological explanation if not for the smaller sub-set of reports that have included multiple witnesses or which have left some form of physical evidence in cases of single witnesses. This doesn't rule out a psychological experience; it seems to put the instrumentality behind the experience out of the jurisdiction of us. In that sense, a physical *something* instigates the experience.

    Puzzling stuff.

    -------"What exactly is a joke?" asked Syd Barrett. Perhaps it is that the pricks at our weaknesses and and this case the punchline is a pancake. When this edible and behavioral metaphor is dissected by forensics, it may be there are no pancakes in nature, yet all the ingredients naturally occur. You could say reasonably, mind you, that a pancake is a composite.It has to be intentionally created from a recipe. The ingredients must be gathered. The ingredients processed. The product to be eaten and then digested. The eating of a pancake is experiential.The event was a pancake.

  2. 'Is it not more likely one man, Joe Simonton, would want to confuse ufologists? '

    As you use the term 'aliens,' between Simonton hoaxing and 'aliens' landing in his back yard to borrow a cup of water, the hoaxing explanation is much more likely.

    Having said that, there was nothing to suggest (at the time) that Simonton was prone to hoaxing. Also, there's no apparent reason to think he, or anything else, sought to confuse ufologists.

    He could well have been a hoaxer, although one of the reasons why his exotic claims are being considered is in the way they coincide with similarly absurd claims. You're an actual researcher whereas I'm just an interested 'extra' in the discussion. As such, I won't try to persuade you to alter your view.

    A reason why I haven't dismissed his account as hoaxed is because it follows a similar MO in other encounter reports. In these, we tend to have people describing absurd encounters who have no history of hoaxing and are never heard from again. Mostly, they receive negative attention and no financial reward. This, for me, is just cause to consider explanations other than hoaxes.

    -------I agree with you Kandinsky, essentially the sighting of Simonton does not differ in content of the events described in other parts of the world. For example, the water is substantial detail on many encounters with UFOs, even during the famous AIR-SHIP wave of 1896/1897, the crew of the dirigible looking water.
    As with the UFOs supposed damaged, another excuse used in many reports. All elements clearly recognizable by the witness, the need for water, or the breakdown on the road.
    Siminton's case is unique, this is why it's so well-known. This is also why it does not coincide with other claims.

    -------Absurdity in itself is not a useful common denominator, it's just an excuse to make the jigsaw of ufology more complex, awe-inspiring and unsolvable. Some puzzle pieces belong to completely different jigsaws.

    -------The need for water is common to known hoax stories, too. It doesn't help.
    I read fluent 'google translate,' and agree with Jose's examples as they gather together some accounts that share the absurdity of some distinct accounts. They are all unique in their own way, and yet so are many, more typical, close encounter claims - differences in descriptions of craft or beings etc.

    -------I think Gary Wilcox, Jean Hingley, Carl Higdon and Robert Taylor et al also fall within the same type of accounts. They are all (claimed) parties to absurd encounters with unusual beings that communicate either nonsense dialogue or surreal physical actions. They also include UFO sightings with secondary source evidence from neighbours and/or police investigators.

    -------I find these accounts intriguing and am drawn to speculate on the stimuli that provoked them. As such, I've read about PTSD and War Vet hallucinations to see if there's a psychological trigger that could link them to a known cause. Mini-strokes (TIAs), infrasound and other possible causes have so far left me unsatisfied.

    So far, hoax or that something unusual occurred appear to be the best options.

    So, the wilder and more unique the claim, the better it fits a pattern? l can't think of one good reason that should make sense.

    -------Patterns are composed of repeating or predictable elements. Random scenarios, no matter whether you personally think they are all "equaIly silly," indicte the exact

    Take 15 or 20 obviously untrue superstitions (walking under ladders, black cats, breaking mirrors, etc.). Should we assume they are all born from the same real supernatural intelligence because they are all so absurd (yet have followers)? Do the same with a dozen urban legends. Should we assume these things are true because they are so silly, lack evidence yet seem to be believed? Surely not. So why regard the silliest tales of UFOs as somehow likely and worthy of rationalization?

    'So, the wilder and more unique the claim, the better it fits a pattern? l can't think of one good reason that should make sense.'

    -------Reductio ad absurdum Chris? Would you agree that the general breadth of UFO reports are inevitably wild and unique? In your book's intro, Bob Goode and Billy McCoy described a huge craft that left physical effects on Goode - this in itself is a pretty wild claim. It's amongst my favourite accounts and should be consigned to hoax by reasoning of its uniqueness.

    Father Gill and his 30+ witnesses in Papua New Guinea are often cited as a strong case through witness credibility, but it's pretty wild stuff. Waving entities? Unlikely! Tehran? Probably a little too much Iranian sun went to their collective heads.

    My point here is to ask where do you draw the line for what is worth considering and what is not? Is the suspicion of unknown aerial craft acceptable and the apparent association of beings with a craft a step too far?


Sunday, October 30, 2011


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On October 21, 1917 while returning from Cambroncino (Caceres, Spain), Nicolas Sanchez Martin, in the company of two women, observed a strange light over the river to be crossed on his way.

Frightened, the women decided to stay over night at Rivera Oveja and wait to continue the next day.

But Nicholas continued his journey and approached the small luminous ball floating in the air.

Calling out to the enigmatic light, it quickly turned against him and his mule.

The ball settled between the legs of the animal. Nicholas dismounted, who, having escaped from the "luminous globe," and with great fear, fled the scene.

After nine days of the incident, the unfortunate witness died at 39 years, in severe pain and with rare bleeding that a physician tried to sear with a small red-hot iron.

Dr. Victor Sanchez Hoyos said in its report that the death was due to pneumonia. Although neighbors and relatives commented that the death was related to his encounter with the light, because until that day Nicholas was inextraordinary good health.

Some experts, like the researcher J.J. Benitez claimed that the witness was exposed to some kind of "ionizing radiation" of "low frequency" that caused his death. Unfortunately we'll never know for sure.

Interestingly, reviewing various historical documents, newspaper, I discovered that the "EL CONTRIBUYENTE" offered the following sensational news to its readers the March 17, 1897, bearing similarities to the incident at Cambroncino.


"Newspapers report that residents of Vitoria: Yurre, Antesana, Lipidana and other people are overwhelmed with fear because of a mysterious light that appears at night near those places. It's sort of a luminous globe with pale lights that wanders through the air or stops at the tips of the twigs. The balloon in question is easily distinguished at a great distance and has been seen by several people. It is said that a curious person who went to the window to contemplate it, had to close the window abruptly, as she saw the phenomenon [and readers will have understood that it is a phenomenon] came toward her, no doubt without good intentions . The fact has given rise to fantastic assumptions, reviving the ancient legends of witches, and as night falls, the simple villagers experience hair-raising, except those who are bald. In De Vitoria some people have come to witness the phenomenon also."



  1. Highly interesting topic about which I wrote this article for Fortean Times, August 2010 issue: Sentient Fireballs and Biting Lights
    Strange luminous encounters, from fleeting sightings to lethal attacks. At the fringes of those luminous phenomena which range from spook lights to freak lightning, there are some strange accounts for which there is no ready explanation. These involve lights that show a parti­cular interest in human beings – and not always to their benefit.
    More here: http://www.forteantimes.com/features/articles/4180/blasts_from_the_past_the_news_that_time_forgot.html

    Sentient Fireballs and Biting Lights

    Strange luminous encounters, from fleeting sightings to lethal attacks

    Blasts - Fireball 1
    At the fringes of those luminous phenomena which range from spook lights to freak lightning, there are some strange accounts for which there is no ready explanation. These involve lights that show a parti­cular interest in human beings – and not always to their benefit.

    Take what befell 12-year-old George Campbell and his father, EW Campbell. They were riding along the ‘Eighty-foot Road’, north of the city of Sherman, Texas, on the night of 4 October 1898. Somewhat after nine o’clock that evening, the boy was witness to a startling phenomenon:

    He is a bright, intelligent little fellow, who said he didn’t believe in ghosts; that his parents had never scared him with spook stories, and he is one of the best- behaved scholars in the fourth grade at the Franklin school building. His story as told to a News reporter to-day is as foll­ows: “Last night papa and I were riding along the ‘Eighty-foot Road’, about two and a half miles [4km] north of town, when all at once everything got very bright. We saw a great ball of fire coming down toward the ground. It got within about three feet [90cm] of the ground and seemed to rest for a while and then it went back up until it got clear out of sight. There was a buzzing sound all the time.” George describes it as being about 10 feet [3m] in diameter and that it hurt one’s eyes to look at it. Although they were very close to it, he says that he did not feel any heat. [1]
    It’s a puzzling tale, one which nowadays might be interpreted as a UFO account.

    Another encounter with a mysterious fireball did not have such a fortunate outcome. Twenty-two years previously, also in Texas, near the town of Palestine, another “intelligent boy” appeared, out of breath and “as pale as he could be”. His story was that he’d been trudging along a highway at night.

    There was a negro woman riding a horse in the direction the little coloured boy was going. The boy appeared that night in Palestine… He said he saw a ball of fire come out of the sky and strike the woman and set her ablaze. The horse ran away with the woman afire on his back, and he ran to town to tell the people what had happened. The people went to look after further parti­culars concerning this curious incid­ent, and they found the woman lying on the ground, her clothing burned off, but enough of life in her to tell that she had been struck in the breast by a ball of fire. She died the next day. The horse was afterwards found with his mane singed. People here think that she was struck by a meteor. [2]

    In contrast, there are also numerous instances of death from above by freak lightning manifesting as balls of fire. These incidents are no less outré, but in such cases we might console ourselves with a natural explanation. In 1866, Miss Addie Murray, a schoolteacher in Ross township, Vermillion county, Illinois, met her untimely end in this way: “She was sitting in the schoolhouse with two pupils, when the house was struck, and she was found sitt­ing in the chair dead, with her clothing nearly burned off, and the child­ren severely stunned. The child­ren describe the scene as a ball of fire falling into the room.” [3] Something similar struck John Whitton, a driver for a telegraph construction train in Leavenworth that same year. “He had occasion to lift the tele­graph line off the ground, when a flash of lightning struck the line at that point, tearing it into small pieces, and instantly killing him. The men who saw the accident state that they saw a ball of fire as large as a man’s fist issue from Whitton’s breast.” [4]

    An unfortunate death by a fireball in 1933 was accompan­ied by a curious premonition on the part of the unfortunate victim. “In San Rocco, during a thunderstorm, a cleric was killed by lightning. The priest was involved in a discussion with several of his congregation in the village street, when quite slowly a one metre [40in] big, orange-coloured fireball came floating through the air straight towards the priest, which then erupted in his vicinity. The incid­ent made quite an impress­ion on the superstitious farmers, more so, as the day before the priest had presaged his own demise that was soon to come.” [5]

    A different kind of strange light, again attracted by the presence of a human being, was experienced by Alec Campbell, working as a game warden in Southern Rhodesia (now Zim­babwe). One night, Campbell was walking by an old burial ground when suddenly a bright light appeared beside him. “The light turned into a ball of fire about the size of a softball and moved along at Campbell’s speed, he said… he turned and stared at the mysterious light. Immediately, the ball started advancing on him.” Campbell remembered the tales that said that if one encountered such a light, the best thing to do was to close one’s eyes, which would cause the light to disappear. He did so, and the light vanished. [6]

    Could there be lights not only possessed of some sort of intelli­gence but which are capable of forming a unique rapport with a person and even delivering painful stings when they so choose?

    This seems to have been the case in Richmond, Indiana, in 1978. The bizarre incident involved local resident Martha Grieswell, 46 at the time, whose house had been plagued by “flashing pinpoints of light” ever since one had come into her bedroom one night in early January that year. Grieswell described how it appeared to her that she and the light were watching each other. The little light approached her: “I said ‘No,’ and it stopped about one and half feet [45cm] away. Then I held out my hand and it came right over and sat in my hand and turned my whole hand a psychedelic purple. It glowed for a while, then shut down to a point of light, then rose from my hand – then the others started to come in…”

    Over the following nights, dozens of the “floating, flashing lights”, mostly white and pinhead-sized, entered her bedroom through the closed window; after that, they became her constant companions as soon as evening fell. Grieswell also began to note some of these lights during the daytime, although then they seemed less active. She moved out of the upstairs bedroom, where the lights continued to manifest, and began conducting experiments to try to ascertain what the lights might be. She captured several in containers, including an aluminium cigar­ette case, and saw them shining through the container walls. Grieswell also immersed the lights in water, keeping them submerged for two days: “The lights were observed to ‘swim’ freely, and when released, to ‘fly’ free, their lights undimmed.” She got the same results when she locked them up in a freezer. She was only able to conduct these experiments when the lights were willing participants, since at other times they simply escaped through the walls of the containers. Radiation tests and an attempted chemical analysis turned up nothing. She did find out, though, that one thing had an effect on the lights. When she touched one with a burning cigarette, the light made “a crackling sound, as if you had wadded up cellophane very rapidly in your hand”. She was unable to replicate that experiment: “You can’t burn them any more. They move away too fast,” she explained. It dawned upon Mrs Grieswell that the lights might learn from experience and therefore might possess some kind of intelligence. When asked why she wanted to get rid of them, she gave the unnerving answer: “Because they bite.” At times, when the lights became more bright, they would sting or bite, giving off a sensation like “the sting of a sweat bee”, and leaving a very small welt. “They go through a tapping motion… When they land, they raise up, then light again… they feel like bugs when they sit on you and that’s when they burn.”

    One night, a light got in her eye, which was a painful experience. The next day, she noticed that the eye was bloodshot and the corner crusted. When the lights were not stinging her, they had a tendency to land and crawl over her during the night. They also stung her husband, who wasn’t able to see them. This might be a significant detail; some of the many curious people who visited her house were able to see the lights, yet others were not.

    Trying to escape the lights for a while, Mrs Grieswell went to her mother in Decatur, but on the third night after her arrival the lights came in through the window and were also seen by her mother. Perhaps, she reasoned, they had been able to follow her or had hidden themselves in her clothing or luggage. She got the impression that the lights meant to say that she could not flee from them. She sought help, and consulted scientists, ufologists and psychic researchers, but to little avail. As she said to the reporter who visited her (he wasn’t able to see the lights): “I’ve just made up my mind that I’m not going to get rid of them.” [7]

    One of the psychic researchers whom Grieswell contacted offered as explanation that she might be “experiencing a stage of consciousness preliminary to becoming a psychic medium”. A plausible suggestion, coming from a psychic researcher, as puzzling luminous phenomena manifest themselves often around mediums, and are well known in the field of para­psych­ology. It is said that Helène Smith experienced the manifest­ation of mysterious globes or lights in her studio where she had taken up painting, long after her association and ensuing break-up with Theo­dore Flournoy: “The visions were accompanied by luminous phenomena. They began with a ball of light which expanded and filled the room. This was not a subjective phenomenon. Helène Smith exposed photo­graphic plates which indeed registered strong luminous effects.” [8]

    Then there is the case of Ada Bessinet, a Toledo medium of the 1920s. Denounced as a subconscious fraud by Professor Hyslop, who had investigated her during 70 sittings between 1909 and 1910, she clearly made more of an impression on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He wrote, describing a séance with her: “Brilliant lights are part of the medium’s power, and even before she had sunk into a trance, they were flying up in graceful curves as high as the ceiling and circling back on us. One nearly rested on my hand. It seems to be a cold light, and its nature has never been determined, but perhaps the cold, vital light of the firefly may be an analogy.” [9] Hereward Carr­ing­ton was another who was not impressed, but he did state that he observed some very curious lights at a 1922 séance which, “on request, hovered for a few moments over exposed photographic plates and that the plates, when developed, showed unusual markings which he failed to obtain by artificial means”. [10]

    “Aerial Phenomena in Texas”, Dallas Morning News, Texas, 5 Oct 1898; “Aerial Phenomena In Texas”, Galveston Daily News, Texas, 6 Oct 1898.
    “Burned To Death By A Meteor”, Burlington Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, 23 Mar 1876; “Burned To Death By A Meteor”, Ohio Democrat, New Philadelphia, Ohio, 30 Mar 1876; “Burned To Death By A Meteor”, Decatur Daily Repub­lican, Decatur, Illinois, 11 April 1876.
    3 The North-West, Free­port, Illinois, 23 Aug 1866.
    4 Bangor Daily Whig And Courier, Bangor, Maine, 26 June 1866.
    5  “Vuurbol Doodt Een Priester”, De Gelderlander, ed. Nijmegen, Netherlands, 18 Aug 1933.
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    Barry Wood: “What Lights Through Yonder Window Broke?” and Barry Wood: “Others Say They’ve Seen The Lights At Mrs Grieswell’s House”, both in the Pallad­ium-Item, Richmond, Indiana, 20 Aug 1978; also summar­ised in the Logansport Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, 28 Aug 1978. An account of Martha Grieswell’s ordeal was also published in Wonders, Dec 1995, as “Life As We Know It Not”, by Mark A Hall, pp109–118.
    8 Nandor Fodor: Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, University Books, 1966, 3rd printing 1969, p350.
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