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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

911 - The Bizarre Politics of 9-11

9-11 and the IMPOSSIBLE
The Bizarre Politics of 9-11

            “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains – however improbable – must be the truth!" - Doyle

Part Four of an Online Journal of 9-11

Above, we see a puppet of the "Virtual Reich" – commonly known as the New World Order. As seen on the day that this picture was taken – 9/11  Bush was the epitome of "impotent."  Bush didn't have a clue, because 'they' couldn't trust him with a clue.  Bush parrots speeches; he is not a  ‘leader.’  The USA has become another sovereign nation; harnessed as an 'asset' of the globo-mob. The most powerful international borders and sovereignty are being methodically ‘time-phased’ into the annals of history.  The efforts behind the WTO, GATT, NAFTA and the like, are too clear, by themselves.
Insane?  It's the only agenda which makes 100% sense.  AND, unfortunately, it does make sense. Start with the tear-down of traditional America; thereby delivering the message to the world, "There's no going back!"  The "European Union" is quite similar; royalty and nationalism are becoming artifacts of history.  When one elects to finally think outside of the proverbial 'box,' it's as brilliant as it is insane.
The question in the foreground: "Will it actually work?"  The jury just left the court room. With the historic lessons of 'human nature,' it can't work.  But, how far will it go, in the meantime?

Think!  After 9-11, why would the White House force the Mexican border wide open? Certainly there has always been a method to that apparent madness; - or is it truly ‘madness?’
Eliminate the impossible!
What we know to be true in current politics can ONLY be a function of a nefarious network; with a method.  CFR, "Trilateral Commission," "Bilderbergers;" they are very real, powerful - and secret!
By any rational analysis, Clinton, Bush, Blair, Karzai; even the U.S. Congress are all puppets of a 'higher' power authority.  Their common trait - submissiveness and an associated 'protection;'  once in, never out.  The insiders never retire - NEVER. (They know too much!)
America is rapidly approaching bankruptcy, destined to owe its allegiance to the international monetary funds as the control mechanism.
Anyone who understands the historic American "Fed," knows how the money works; the scale is obviously radically enlarged.  The economic primer is "The Creature from Jekyll Island." 
The political text books are those such as the PNAC documents (Project for a New American Century), the  "Hart Rudman Report"  (phase 3, in particular), Bush's  "National Security Strategy" (NSS), Brezinski's  "The Grand Chessboard,"  and certainly Barnett's  "The Pentagon's New Map."  [How did this 'plan' become the baby of the Pentagon? The missing expression is "military imperialism," ala the 'Wehrmacht.']
There are no significant secrets.  The ultimate 'fool's' accountability in America is destined to be in the ‘shame-game’ question,  "You didn't know; - or were you just too damned lazy to read?"
The unspoken message, “You deserve what you now have; deal with it.”
At the time of this writing, "America" has been needlessly trashed - as a country and as a culture. Most "norms" of the prideful traditional America have been destroyed, or find themselves under fire; traditional Americanism (Constitutional positions), church, family, marriage, sexuality, education, judicial system; the list goes on.
Massive numbers of American jobs and government employment has been exported. American industrial production is being exported at record speed. The Mexican Border has been forced open from the White house. The "Patriot Act" and similar legislation has taken the American Constitution to its knees - from the White House! The U.S. military is stretched to the breaking point, with the situation rapidly deteriorating. The "National Debt" approaches being a classic manic-depressive patient, with a new credit card. The blatant corruption simply cannot be denied.
Obviously, the core issues of the corrupt 9-11 politics cannot be discussed without including the politics of "WHY?" - and - "HOW?" There is clearly a methodology afoot.
Immediately following 9-11, America suffered the trashing of the American Constitution under such legislation as the “Patriot Act” and the “Homeland Security Act;” the more nefarious "Patriot Act II" was attempted - in secret.
Clearly the Constitution was always powerful enough to block the events of 9-11; even if they had been externally perpetrated – exclusively.  The Constitution can dissuade and punish treason, it cannot force morality or patriotism upon determined traitors.
Somehow the entire set of events of 9-11 were just too much for the American public.  They didn’t notice that INSTANTLY, legislation was on the floor of Congress converting the U.S.  Government into an ex post facto insurance company.  YES! All of that was done in nearly an instant – with no objections from the White House.  Twenty billion dollars, just thrown at 9-11; just for starters! In contrast, try to imagine the screaming and hollering associated with a request for just one billion dollars returned – not added, but returned - to the oft-raped and failing Social Security fund! 
Then, there was the PSYOPS of America’s “Reichstag Fire.” Hundreds of millions of dollars were raped by the institutionalized charities - as America was led to believe that tens of thousands died at the World Trade Center.  Only one personality in America took that issue seriously – only a single man; Bill O’reilly – Fox TV.  His issue was just the internal diversion of charity money. Magically, the matter faded into history.
Left alone, the obviously “approved” charities would have “cleaned house” by prostituting 9-11!
America didn’t notice what was actually happening to them, following 9-11; the events were that overpowering – with a little help from supposed friends.  2,800 people died at the World Trade Center.  But for approximately six months, the count was “estimated” as over ten thousand – despite pleas for factual statistics.  The factual numbers were known, but were secrets.  WHY?
In the “convenient” delay, the charity money came pouring into already rich charities.  America was spellbound by the fear generated by 9-11; the propaganda hook was seated.
The American tax coffers – now converted into an insurance company - would pay for the damage to the WTC, certainly the Pentagon.  The airlines – legally (criminally) responsible for airport security – were held harmless.  If family members of the 9-11 victims would release the airlines from liability, they could have anywhere from .75 – 1.8 million dollars out of the tax coffers.  Even homosexuals could claim to be part of a “couple,” and collect.  The President had endorsed homosexual marriage, in the process of protecting the airlines! 

Adding insult to injury, the airlines ADDITIONALLY reaped billions in rewards, in the form of grants, loans and tax-breaks.  Of all the industries which would suffer 9-11, only the airlines received such treatment!  Imagine rewarding 9-11!  It happened! And it happened so very quickly.  It should be noted that three of the major airlines were headquartered in Texas.
But the bizarre didn’t even end there!
The FBI's, Robert Mueller, cited the fact that there was no documentation to link Al Qaeda to 9-11.  But America still went to war on Afghanistan; later Iraq!  For all the concern over "evil," the Afghan opium crops were re-planted with U.S.  protection.  Late in 2003, it was decided to destroy the opium crops believed to be funding al Qaeda. ??? The world is seemingly expected to believe that there is 'good' heroin and 'bad' heroin.  Yet, such is essentially no different than the 'good' cocaine and 'bad' cocaine from South America.  Utter insanity in a supposedly civilized world.  It's all a function of the controlling political powers of the time.
It is instantly appropriate to observe that "Manufactured War" is in the realm of "absolutely unthinkable" in the American mind.  Thus if anyone is in any fashion expected to believe this; then HOW could that possibly be true?  Few questions in history could be more valid and pertinent.
It is easily noted that there was a major psychological component in the 9-11 news.  Given the magnitude of the 9-11 horror; that's to be expected - to a limited degree.  Yet, there were distinct "assertions" which were methodically dove-tailed into the "news." The "Plausible Assertions" were rarely backed by any documentation.  What little "documentation" that was presented was typically flawed to an extreme.  For example, America watched a videotape of "Osama bin Laden," who had gained approximately 70 pounds in the "low quality" videotape -
- announcing his involvement in 9-11.  The facial features were obviously far off; yet America bought into the obvious farce. 
As to the question of whether such a massive psychological campaign could be expected to work in America, one only has to start with the 1938 "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast, and the short-lived hysteria.  Then America can look to the anti-Communist "McCarthy Hysteria" of the '50s.  Yes, it's happened before - with far less control over the mass media, in that time frame; versus today.
Later, we find the Viet Nam War scammed by the "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution." Beyond the dollar cost, America lost 58,000 kids, with many times that being wounded.  The emotional cost to America was tremendous.  Somehow, America was allowed to forget what Texas greed had done to the nation. 
Yes, war has historically been manufactured by the USA - very profitably.  Following the money, the latest U.S.  wars just happen to trace back to Texas benefactors - again.  The tax coffers - with a starting surplus - were emptied; and deficit spending was back.  Somehow, the world "magically" doesn't catch on.  After Viet Nam, three more profitable wars tracing back to the Texas name of "Bush;" but the world just doesn't make the connection.
The "fear-hope" mechanism (carrot and stick) of four manufactured wars demonstrated that the media could essentially work the "Mind Control" of sci-fi and "I spy" novels.  Try to imagine FOUR wars, without America catching on! It Works!
America essentially surrendered in the case of Viet Nam, and even Somalia.  Winning isn't important; only the corporate and "elite" profits are sacred.  In America, soldiers and veterans have been successfully relegated to the status of fourth-class citizens.
However unpopular the topic, if one dives into the history of Hitler's Nazism, many things are revealed.
Start with the W.W.  II psychiatric profile done on Hitler by the OSS, by Dr.  Walter C.  Langer.  The psychiatrist predicted Hitler's death so closely, one would think the doctor was psychic.  The report got buried at the 'official' level; it's very doubtful that it went un-noticed.
That report left the seed as to what could be done with respect to unmasking and manipulating the human mind.  By reversing the analysis, a methodology was born.  By studying emotional 'cause and effect,' it was clear that manufacturing similar 'cause' could be relied upon for a predictable/desired 'effect.'
Certainly the "brainwashing" of the Korean War era demonstrated the results of a propaganda 'treatment' program, commonly witnessed in modern American society - "re-education." Americans best know the process as "Politically Correct;" that being the un-confined version of "re-education."
The CIA's MKULTRA project didn't last as a secret.  That was a "drug treatment" program to effect the infamous "Manchurian Candidate." To date we know of such probable 'patsy' names as Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan and probably Timothy McVeigh.  The best guess being that the program starts with the chemical "shock treatment" of LSD type drugs, backed by "special education" briefings, hypnosis and an amphetamine 'control' treatment. 
While such "treatments" are obviously too unpredictable to produce a "Manchurian Professional," they could obviously produce the desired patsy, needed for the luxuries of "Plausible Assertion / Denial," as required.
A controlled corporate 'manager,' is more valuable than an assassin.
There is a distinct and endless historic legacy of attempts to harness the power needed to program the human mind.  Hitler's band proved that it was a simple matter of "Perception Control" and, of course, the associated "Emotional Control." The modern version is obviously highly refined, but it all comes straight from Mein Kampf!  To paraphrase, "If the terrorist didn't exist, we'd need to invent him."
Certainly Shirer's "Berlin Diary" adequately describes the Nazi methodology - "Lie with great passion!" Precisely what we witness in America's modern media! The American public can't fathom that the lies can go to such extremes; it's never happened, before. Or, has it?
Between the British intelligence groups & the OSS/CIA, the success elements of Nazism were discovered to be in the media (propaganda, obviously) dictating the perceptions and their associated emotions (not the audience intellect) of the Germans.  Revenge & fear on one end; with "hope" on the other.  (Yes, that does sound familiar, doesn't it?) That emotional dynamic got the German population moving. 
Those who are familiar with the von Clauswitz "Trinity of War" will particularly appreciate what dynamic psychology can do for a leadership. 
 (http://www.clausewitz.com/CWZHOME/Trinity/TRININTR.htm )
The teachings of Von Clausewitz surround the political dynamics of the Government, Populace and the Military.
Thereafter it was a simple matter of the leadership dictating the "nudging" of the herd.  The key observation was that any population is self-powered by 'inspired' emotion (fear/hope); thereafter it was only a matter of establishing blind and/or desperate trust; then issuing suggestions/directions. 
The 1920s Germans were desperate from the financial, social and political effects of World War One; fear was the norm.  Hitler claimed the ability to provide hope.  All the Nazi leadership had to do was to press the START button, then harness the "energy" from a state of randomness/chaos into a political "laser." Thus, we see the "lessons-learned" from the "Third Reich."


The Germans got the Reichstag Fire, America got Pearl Harbor, the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident; now 9-11.
Today, the world witnesses that same process.  The "Empowering Acts" (Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act, etc.) born from fear & revenge - against "terror" and "evil." But, those directly represent one of Hitler's remarks from Mein Kampf, "If the Jew [terrorist] didn't exist, we'd have to invent him." Thus, the world witnesses the PSYOPS of 9-11. 
In post 9-11 America, the 'powers-that-be' proposed such a close parallel to structure to Hitler's Nazism, that historians must have been pushed to near cardiac arrest.  The power structure was an incredible duplication of the Nazi machine, to include the "Reichssicherheitshauptamt," the equivalent of "Homeland Security." Certainly most remember the proposal of the "Citizens Corps" equivalent of the Nazi "Volkssturm," and the "Youth Corps" proposal, a near-equal to the "Hitler Youth." The Americanized parallels are simply too numerous and too close to deny.
The interesting aspect of 9-11 is that, like the "Reichstag Fire," beyond the factual damage, the "government" assertions have no backing.  No hijackers, two magical airplanes which left no trace, no threats to Air Force One, no reason for America's President to go on the run, no significant al Qaeda connection, etc.  BUT, look where the PSYOPS took America, and the world! 
Bush claimed that God told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.  He claimed that "God speaks through me." Those assertions are a minor variant on the Nazi "Gott mit uns!"
History is quite clear.  The invasion of Afghanistan was planned well in advance of 9-11.  An oil/gas pipeline was needed from the Caspian Sea oil fields; Afghanistan was the only logical route.  The Afghan opium production had all but been stopped by the American-made Taliban.  A crisis was afoot!  BUT, whose crisis?
At the end of the proposed pipeline route was an un-fueled electric plant in Dahbol, India – owned by none other than Enron!  Without a cheap fuel supply, it couldn’t operate.  The pipeline route – stalled until the first bombs fell on Afghanistan - had been planned since 1998.  When the first bombs fell on Afghanistan, the pipeline was back on the oil industry table.
The region's petro-politics also extend back through the Balkans to Europe.  The issues are clearly very broad. 
On “Larry King Live,” Senator Warner let it slip that the high-altitude “Humanitarian Food Drops” for Afghanistan had been in development for nearly a year before 9-11.  (For contrast, at the time of this writing, Liberia is left starving as those same food drops are NOT used.) That leaves logic to certify that clearly the Afghan war was that uniquely planned – well in advance of 9-11.
Osama bin Laden was named as the 9-11 culprit.  There was no rational reason to rush to war.  Afghanistan could be starved into surrendering bin Laden.  But, instead, the war was almost instantaneous.  Overnight, Pakistan was converted from a terrorist-sponsoring nation to an ally; and the war was on.  No matter that the alleged leader of the 9-11 hijackers was funded from Saudi Arabia, via Pakistan! 
Later, a Pakistani nuclear scientist was discovered - and pardoned - for selling nuclear technology to Libya and Iran, among others.  The White House never said a word.  Imagine the equivalent - the Taliban "pardoning" Osama bin Laden!
Passionate rhetoric (PSYOPS) aside, under the Geneva Conventions and the UN Charter (which embraces ALL the Geneva Conventions AND the Nuremberg Precedents), the Afghanistan & Iraq invasions instantly qualified as war crimes, as there was no factual or viable threat from either country.  In the legacy of the rise of Hitler's Nazism, fear and revenge had churned up an American blood-thirst.  That blood-thirst was pandered by the media in the delusion of “patriotism;” yet another duplication of the Nazi machine and its methodology.
But, the term "Psyops" is inadequate to explain the power behind the 'mass mind-melding' of 9-11.  The next step up from "Psyops" is a science known as "Coercive Persuasion" the "Jonestown" formula.  9-11 and subsequent events proves that such methodology works.  Details of such mass brainwashing aside, little more can be said.

Then, there was the business of trashing the U.S.  Constitution.

Examining just the timing, it’s far too clear that the so-called “Patriot Act” was pre-written on Clinton’s watch.  The “Homeland Security Act” was also written on Clinton’s watch – both versions.  The Texas-scammed profiteering version made it past the trusting eyes of America - and into law.  It was scammed into law, but America didn’t notice.  The scammed version thrust billions of tax dollars into “connected pockets.” America became a police state - operating with "optional tyranny."
Still, it didn’t end!  The near-secret and brutal “Patriot Act II,” as it’s called, had Denny Hastert’s, Ashcroft’s and Cheney’s name on it.  It still sits in the wings – lurking.  Just the PNAC documents (Project for a New American Century) – and its associated reports - betray Cheney’s role in the “New World Order” being nefariously foisted on an amazingly ignorant global public. 
The mysteriously timed completion of the "Hart Rudman Report" (phase 3, in particular) similarly lays out the base language and "inference" of a global conquest.  All that in the exact style of programmed "mission creep" from ousting Saddam and destroying the Weapons of Mass Destruction, to the military occupation of Iraq, with Bush's Presidential Executive Orders (EO 13303 and EO 13315) laying official claim to the unique control of Iraq's oil exports.  Those also extended the American "National State of Emergency." One may additionally refer to Bush's "National Security Strategy" (NSS) of 17 September, 2002. 
For a general dissertation on the ultimate plan, one needs only to go to the book, "The Grand Chessboard," by Brezinski.  Then ask, "Why is there any 'American mandate' in all this?" It's not a function of 'mandate;' it's raw ambition.  Nothing less than the Americanized version of the Fourth Reich - pandered as the "New World Order."
"Why is America the 'sacred' nation?" Only military, nuclear and aerospace technology keep America in any standing.
The American Constitution is almost dead - at the hands of those who took an oath to uphold that document, against all enemies - foreign and domestic.  The traditional American way of life is equally endangered.  All that from within!
So, in the final analysis of a reasonable and intelligent person; were the events of 9-11 - and subsequent - an al Qaeda terrorist operation?  Certainly the al Qaeda were a “cutout” entity – a “surreal patsy” – otherwise; IMPOSSIBLE!
Results tell the story!  Follow the money.  Just follow the money!  The results of 9-11 were clearly delivered with both a methodology and a vengeance. 
So, where does that leave America? Once again, it leaves America staring down the history of the rise of none other than Adolph Hitler.  Just think to the "model" of Nazism.  Nazism was as perfect a political power machine , in its day, as was the V-1 (now our “Cruise Missile”) and the V-2 (now our ICBM).  The U.S.  news is filled with nothing less than scientific psychological propaganda.  What isn’t covered by the “closely-held” media (methodical silence) is as damning as the lies they pedal; or soft-pedal. 
Despite all the horrors of Nazi Germany, the United States joined Russia in grabbing the best minds it could find, granting those same Nazis special dispensation to come to the United States.  (Operation Paperclip) The Abhorrence of Nazism had limits.  In the shadows, Nazism survived, in some format. 
Hitler left the political legacy that any population is emotionally driven; fear and revenge readily spark an entire population into action.  Thereafter, it’s just a matter of methodically herding an outraged and fearful populace; typically toward an insincere illusion, pandered as "Hope." Independently, Herman Goering affirmed that methodology in his Nuremberg Trial testimony. 

Perception Control = Emotional Control = Mind Control!
The Taliban and Saddam Hussein became overnight monsters – both manufactured by America!  There is no shortage of such monsters on the earth.  America is not God.  These two monsters just happened to factor into the “oil equation” with heroin as a rather common side-kick, in American 'power' history.
So, eliminating just the utter nonsense of 9-11 and beyond, as well as the element of coincidence and chance in all these matters, can it still be possible for foreign “terrorists” to have been the factual or viable threat to America, behind 9-11?   


HOWEVER, the ingrained penchant for revenge being inherent in human nature, it's naive to think that the Muslim community is anything but a harbor for avenging demons.  That wound being self-inflicted by the misplaced trust and selective ignorance of America.  Particularly after the Viet Nam War, Americans should have been the first to spot the nightmare in the shadows of 9-11.

Between the 2001 / 2003 Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, it's easily possible for 50,000 CIVILIANS to have been killed by American bombs and bullets - for what?    What can America say, when new Mujahadeen cry, "This isn't 'terrorism,' this is REVENGE!"

So, where does the elimination of the impossible leave America – or the world, for that matter?  When the bodies are counted, with a high percentage of pure civilians, America became the greatest of monsters – with a world-class Public Relations (PSYOPS) department. 
Exercising any civilized measure of integrity and intelligence, one must immediately look to the obvious parallels of the rise of Nazism, from approximately 1930, onward. 
The world is now witnessing an evolution of a monstrous history – incorrectly presumed to be dead, forever. 
It only takes a moment of thought to realize that in the increasingly “corporate” and “globalized” world, the mass media has been transformed into a more effective entity than Hitler’s “Ministry of Propaganda.”
Eliminating the ‘impossible,’ there is no intelligent room amidst the ‘improbable’ to deny that the world is now witnessing nothing less than the refinement of Hitler’s legacy -

Next-Generation Nazism!
Of all the political documents in history, none has contributed as much to civilization as much as the U.S.  Constitution.  Its preservation is a global mandate!
Yet the danger clearly has not passed. 
The cold-blooded mechanics and motivations behind 9-11 are most often expressed in the field of airport security.  That industry is a scammed disaster - worse than ever before; bilking more billions out of the tax coffers and the passenger pockets, to boot.  Airport security is a damned expensive joke, as its "process" serves to mentally and emotionally condition flying travelers to the "Gestapo" shake-down treatment.
The preservation of American airport security - as a bad joke - telegraphs the reasonable probability that the airline world is very likely to be targeted again.  Aircraft are maneuverable "terrorist devices." The air marshals are going away, the terrorist guns have now been pre-positioned in the cockpits. 
The world now witnesses the mechanics of the next 9-11 as being present - complete with the PSYOPS of "Plausible Assertion." The probability simply cannot be denied.  By all appearances, only the airline-cargo pilots have the ultimate ability to guard against the actual success of another airborne version of 9-11.  There is no assurance that the aviation industry will be the vehicle for the next installment of 9-11.  The question is, Who is going to deliver the next one?  Agents for the profiteers; or Muslim "avengers?"

The clearly phony "Al Qaeda is coming" warnings are still shouted with passion; reality be damned.  The experienced note the proximity of the August "al Qaeda" warnings to the end of the Federal Fiscal Year; apparently there is some un-spent money in the coffers; certainly the Mexican border continues to be held open by the White House as the 'warnings' only speak to incredible dishonesty and hypocrisy.  America should demand far better!

As the domestic political machine lags, it's a reasonably safe bet that another 9-11 will happen; sooner or later.  If so, it is also a safe bet that it will not happen on the East Coast.  They've gotten their share of the "security" money. 
Because Afghanistan clearly can't be politically stabilized; that leaves Iran as the alternate Caspian Sea oil/gas pipeline route.  Russia would find the distinct advantage in that as well, as it would settle the intended "Chechan-style" tariff extortion, if the oil is otherwise routed into Europe.  Further, it would reduce the "Euro-dollar" backing as a "petro-dollar." The American dollar would still shine, over the globe.
That having been said, it is next necessary to ask who is least prepared for a "terrorist" attack?  Seattle?  San Francisco?  Both?  We'll see. The current rumors go to secret bomb shelters being built for the political heads in Washington D.C. Sanity is no longer a feature of American politics.
At the time of this writing, Iran appears to be 'next.' Invading Iran would be a radically worse mistake than Iraq - by an incredible magnitude!  The U.S.  military is a haven for career-minded politicians, in uniform; not military leaders.  While the U.S.  corporate leadership has done its damndest to involve a guilt-sharing S-S global military force, the U.N.  isn't cooperating - for all obvious reasons.  Iran's ferocity and resourcefulness is far superior to Saddam's best day.  Essentially, Iraqi street thugs have 150,000 of the planets' best troops bottled up.  Attacking Iran would be a very serious mistake.

(9-11 Next)

There are no reliable crystal balls available; the future is still uncertain.  Still, Americans, in particular, want and need some method for estimating their security.  As the political climate gets more desperate, it is advisable to keep an eye on the combined local FEMA and "Homeland Security" activity; the more intense their preparations, the more likely the event - and the location.  If FEMA or "Homeland Security" assets are moved, try to discover the magnitude of the urgency behind their move; and their destination.  In order to 'shine,' FEMA needs to coordinate with city officials, police and fire departments, as well as the Red Cross and local hotels.  There will be indicators, in the form of increased activity and particularly an increased staffing or coordination of resources.

"Ladies and gentlemen; - place your bets!"

What ARE the odds?

As the U.S.  Government does its best to cover up the details of 9-11, the man on the street is additionally left with another consideration; the odds of the "presented" version being factual.  While a full statistical analysis is not in order, a "reasonable guestimation" as to the odds of so many anomalies being factual is compelling.  One such SITE has assembled a long list of anomalies challenging anyone's intellect to believe the "official" account of 9-11.  That challenge is expanded by what WASN'T told about 9-11.  The presentation of 310 "What are the odds of..." questions are indeed interesting, at the very minimum.


Beyond the citing the impossible mechanical discrepancies, the impact of 9-11 also requires a focus on the related political issues.  If the horrible truth of 9-11 was covered up; what could possibly be the motive behind the magnitude of that horror?
To be totally fair, one must ask what facts – not just clever rhetoric - support the “official” positions on 9-11 and beyond.  In a sentence, there aren’t enough available pertinent facts to speak to.  “National Security” is obviously another way of saying, “We don’t want to get prosecuted.” Getting caught, seems to be nothing more than a simple political and PR nuisance. 
All evidence points to a single word which persists in haunting humanity - "Power!"  But, the matter takes us one expression further, "Power, just for the perverse thrill of power." Those who love the American Constitution are facing down its destruction, with tyranny clearly postured to replace it.  That's just not acceptable.  The American Constitution is just too perfect a political instrument to appreciably alter or destroy.  It means too much to America - and the world.
Given all the 9-11 American death, America has the mandate to demand WHY the White House would cover up facts and avenues of truth behind 9-11.  By any reasonable standard, if there had been a factual [external] terrorist threat, there would have been a massive effort to expose the details of 9-11; fearing an extended or repeat performance.  The White House forced the Mexican border wide open, spewing claims of "threat" against the United States.  Only the demented can contemplate the White House position as anything less than ludicrous.  Can anyone doubt that the White House players have the REAL answers – however horrifying those answers may be?   
The President claimed to have ordered a full investigation into 9-11; that didn’t come remotely close to happening.
All evidence of 9-11 corruption is treated as being some form of top-secret; a “national security matter.”  Those old enough, instantly put such ‘status’ claims on par with the “state secret” of the Nazis and the Russian Communist Soviet Union.
For all the acclaimed Government “mistakes,” there is no history of rationally expected investigations, reprimands, terminations or prosecutions – except in the case of the whistle-blowers who tried to prevent what became 9-11.  The key resources (whistle blowers) in investigating the ‘official’ account of 9-11 were hammered into silence, to the maximum extent possible!

With nothing but an obviously fake bin Laden videotape, the U.S.  invaded Afghanistan – too poor to have a standing army.  In its recent history, the CIA creation - the Taliban - had made the morally correct choice to stop the massive opium/heroin production (possible price-control). 
Unfortunately for the oil interests, there was not enough Afghan governmental control to ensure the safety of a planned trans-Afghan oil/gas pipeline, against the violent Afghan tribes.  It was apparent that the little recognized Caspian Sea oil/gas would have to be otherwise routed to Europe.  Apparently, that wasn’t acceptable.  With the first bombs falling on Afghanistan, the previously tabled trans-Afghan oil/gas pipeline plan was back in action. 
Disregarding the passionate speeches, there was no viable evidence that al Qaeda was behind 9-11.  That fact left the Afghan invasion as a War Crime, as defined by the Geneva Conventions and the U.N.  Charter – both bearing the U.S.  signatures; add the Nuremberg Precedents.  Cheap rationalization doesn't replace International Law!  By any truly moral standard, the invasion had no viable justification.
Following the Afghan invasion, the re-planting of the Afghan opium fields was almost immediate, with zero opposition from the U.S.  forces.  Viet Nam veterans instantly recognize the pattern; America has seen this before; out of the Asian ”Golden Triangle.”
The war which was planned long before 9-11 prostituted the events of that day for American corporate goals.

It was all too apparent – before the invasion of Iraq – that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.  Saddam was clearly not an imminent threat to the USA; America and the world could be certain of that, because the USA bought all the oil it could get from him.  When Iraq invasion was obviously inevitable, the American oil companies actually doubled their oil purchases from Iraq – funding a supposed monster.  From the beginning of the focus on Saddam, it was known that Iraq had no significant link to 9-11 other than cheap accusations from Bush and his associates.  It’s still no secret that Iraq was not supporting Al Qaeda – the CIA’s other left-over.  Saddam – another U.S.  made monster - killed far fewer Iraqi people than the government of George Bush – Sr.  & Jr.  The greater suggestion is that the 1983 Kurds were actually gassed by Iran.  Or if one prefers to blame Saddam; the morally righteous Rumsfeld was standing in Baghdad , facilitating U.S.  arms sales, as the Iranians were being gassed.  If one still insists on blaming Saddam for gassing the Kurds, that was going on as the U.S. delivered arms to Saddam.
Yes, the Iraq invasion was also a War Crime!
Taking April Glaspie at her 1991 words, Saddam was expected to only take Kuwait's northern oil fields, not the whole country.  Thus, her admonishment that the U.S.  had no position on inter-Arab affairs is left in the light of the USA enabling Saddam - until he got greedy.
Bush's immediate issuance of Presidential Executive Order 13303 (later - E.O. 13315) made it clear that oil was the goal of the 2003 Iraq invasion and occupation.  The single Order made Iraq an American corporate colony.
Before, during and after, America has zero moral ground, when it comes to Iraq.
The post 9-11 case against Saddam was Tyranny, Mass Murder, Torture Chambers and seemingly lawless authority.  In the end, those became the U.S.  modus operandi.  Or; was it all a matter of simple American corporate greed?  The last selection seems to make the most sense.  In the end, it would seem that the underlying issue was that all that Iraqi oil didn’t have adequate U.S.  corporate control! 
To put the Iraq issue into better perspective, it should be appreciated that in the same time frame as the Iraq War, the brutal mass murder and outright genocide in various parts of Africa was essentially ignored by the Bush forces, attesting to the undeniable American hypocrisy, when it comes to "Human Rights." Not even an outraged plea to the U.N. was heard from the White House. 
Bush had pledged billions in AIDS relief to Africa - to the benefit of American corporations - but mass murder and starvation obviously didn't contain a potential for commissions. 
The Arab militia in Sudan is assured to win the oil rich territory; but at an incredibly shameful cost, as America ignores an atrocity, which seems to be somehow "politically correct."
Politically convenient desires and botched attempts aside, the only nuclear weapons to be found in Iraq are the tons of toxic (poisonous - not highly radioactive) depleted uranium munitions, which the U.S.  fired on the Iraqi people – soldiers and civilians.  (Again, contrary to the Geneva Conventions)
The self-acclaimed champion of human rights, the United States military, et al, is totally exposed as a willing employer of torture on Iraqi prisoners - who in many cases were probably innocent of any wrongdoing; at least any which would tempt a rational person to use torture.  That, while ignoring the provisions of the Geneva Conventions. 
Under Article 22 of the Geneva Conventions, penitentiaries can’t used for POWs.  Coercion is not allowed, per Article 17 of the Geneva Conventions.  Offering a steak dinner in exchange for the location of an escape tunnel is a far cry from physical neglect (starvation or exposure to the elements) - or overt torture. 
It’s a long known fact that torture only works as a ‘closed loop.’ “Now that you’ve told us where to find – X – you know what’s going to happen to you, if we come back empty handed!” The primary torture and closure of that loop is too barbaric for anyone “American” to consider. 
In response to the U.S.  torture operation exposure, a few enlisted scapegoats were thrown to the wolves, in the fashion of the Viet Nam My Lai massacre.  The associated commanders walk away; with the illegal prison use continued.  Whether being charged as derelict or complicit, major heads should have instantly rolled. 
Without a status determination tribunal, all prisoners begin in POW status; that’s the international law.  Without such tribunals, when the hostilities cease, the POWs are entitled to immediate repatriation.  That didn’t happen in Afghanistan or Iraq – another war crime by the USA!  Whether the U.S.  bombing of the POW prison at Mazar e Sharif in Afghanistan, or the U.S.  Navy “Gitmo” prison in Cuba, the USA is deeply into blatant War Crimes, when it comes to the POW issue.  The associated Tribunals are under the unique authority of George Bush, not the "Office of the President." That's blatant medieval tyranny!
Another matter is the U.S.  mercenaries in Iraq; estimated at around 20,000; pandered as “security contractors.” Those "mercs" nullified any legal case against “unlawful combatants.” What are the mercs doing?  Guarding U.S.  corporate interests?  AND – who is paying for them?  The U.S.  taxpayer – funding “unlawful combatants;” directly or indirectly.  The “Security Contractors” turned loose in Afghanistan are marauding bounty hunters – still, “Unlawful Combatants.”
That’s just not “America.
When one takes the time to read the Geneva Conventions and the U.N.  Charter, it’s all too apparent that the Afghan & Iraq invasions were - and still are – War Crimes; period!  Blitzkrieg and ‘shock-and-awe.’ The Gitmo prison camp (built by Cheney’s old company) is a miniaturized concentration camp – doing psychological experiments on human beings.  Those same experiments spawned the horror of the Abu Ghraib scandal.  Those tactics date at least as far back as the Pinochet government scandal, involving the CIA.  Even after the Abu Ghraib story broke, there was no mention of setting up legal POW camps – the Penitentiaries are illegal for the U.S.  military to use. 
The Iraq “war” was officially over with the handover of sovereignty to Iraq – what of the POWs?  Under the Geneva Conventions, they were all entitled to immediate release.  The only exception would be any who received a status determination tribunal (none known, prior to the mandatory repatriation entitlement date [cessation of hostilities with Afghanistan]) with an alternate legal status determined.  After the torture scandal broke, the U.S.  forces still operated Saddam’s torture prison, Abu Ghraib.  There's something terribly wrong in the extended operation of the illegal penitentiaries.  The prisons were not turned back to Iraq, after the magic "sovereignty" date.  "Occupation" and "colonialization" should not operate as a new definition of ‘sovereignty.’ Nothing changed, even after the Iraqi elections!The troops sent to 'protect' the Iraqi elections stayed - WHY?
With Saddam toppled and in custody, with the sovereignty of the "new" Iraq being 'official;' what legal authorization is there for the U.S.  forces to be in Iraq?  Even if one cares to label the collective of the Congressional bills as a legitimate "declaration of War," the war is over.  Why are more than 130,000 U.S.  troops still in Iraq?  Protecting U.S.  corporate colonial interests?  Yes, in no uncertain terms!
It's long past time to talk.
Naturally, it was assumed at the start of the Iraq war, that direct and unlimited access to Iraq's oil would reduce American demand for OPEC/Saudi oil, and most likely force prices down; whenever Iraqi oil came to the post-war market.  It almost worked out that way. 
It's academic that the U.S.  “psyops” guys blew it; Iraq didn’t embrace democracy, freedom or America.  Something about Arabs not being driven by Western values, logic and attitudes.  The Iraqi response was predictable enough, but it ended up in the category of "unacceptable" intelligence.
Bush’s almost immediate “Presidential Executive Order 13303” – 22 May, 2003 - declared control of the Iraqi oil to be the province of the United States – with no further directions, as to who would actually dictate the selling of the Iraqi oil – or to whom.  Again, after "granting" Iraq their sovereignty, E.O. 13315 added to the 'colonialization' case against the Bush Administration.
According to the actions of the Iraq resistance fighters (whether the description is popular or not), no one will be buying Iraqi oil, given the constant sabotage.
"A government AND a military can be destroyed; but until the will of the populace is broken, the war will continue."

The American people were lied to about nearly everything to do with 9-11.  The major points of truth are limited to two airliners hitting the WTC towers; that’s where the “official” truth appears to stop.  The rest is essentially lies & cover-ups, with rare exception.  In the American judicial system, those who obscure the facts of 9-11 operate as “accessories after the fact.”
The Mexican border was forced wide open by the White House, as America is told to fear terrorists.  America is sufficiently conditioned to believe in an obvious myth.  The Mexican border serves as an excellent barometer for the level of EXTERNAL terrorism threat; so far, ZERO!
Returning to 9-11, itself.  George Bush Jr.  sat there in an elementary school classroom, and listened/read about goats as the towers fell.  Looking to the related video, he was concerned – as in the look of a guilty conscience.  As the children recited their lesson, Bush nervously grabbed a copy of the book, to read along.  Major terrorism going on, with Andrew Card advising him (supposedly) that “America is under attack.” (A good lip-reader might be able to discriminate the actual verbiage to Bush.) So, then, the fearless leader of the free world high-tailed it for places unknown, pandering the phony story that the hijackers had the digital codes to Air Force one.  That angle was later admitted to be phony, so why did George run?   [Silence (not cowardice) at a time like that is truly golden.]
Before he left the school, Bush claimed that he ordered a complete investigation; that’s not what happened; WHY?  There is no acceptable excuse!
Listening to Bush speak without a prepared statement invites instant and serious questions as to his basic mental capacities.  He typically doesn’t answer impromptu questions, he typically rambles in the general vicinity of the topic.  He’s famous for making ludicrous statements which make many wonder whether or not the statements are Freudian slips, forecasting that we will lose in Iraq and that his administration is always thinking of new ways to harm America (said at the signing of the 2004 Defense Spending Bill – 5 Aug.  2004).  His attention span appears to be approximately five seconds long.
The 9-11 video tape of the plumped-up "Osama's" confession is an obvious fake.  Osama himself is a former – if not a current - CIA asset trained and funded by the US to fight the USSR in Afghanistan. 
With every report of a violent act containing some variant of “suspected al Qaeda,” one would think that every traffic ticket east of the International Date Line has connections to al Qaeda, but Osama has been off the political radar for a very long time.
Blair's infamous Iraq dossier turned out to be fake, plagiarized from a student’s thesis in the USA.  More of the same is regularly exposed in England. 
Those “mobile biological weapons trailers” turned out to be another fake; actually discovered to be hydrogen balloon inflation units sold by the British to Saddam.  The list just rambles on and on and on.  The deception is abounding and continuing.
Few doubt the magnitude of the White House lies to the American people, in particular.  America is among the worlds’ victims of history's greatest and most deadly hoax.
In early 2005, Congressional hearings and investigations revealed the flaws in the pre-invasion "intelligence." No heads were rolled - WHY?

Follow the money
The now transparent 9-11 hoax was obviously perpetrated to ignite a war of economic conquest.  The same corrupt money-politics from the same corporate benefactors – in Texas (among others).  Viet Nam, déjà vu!
Few are aware that Viet Nam was actually focused around off-shore oil – and heroin. 

Michael Moore
Michael Moore's “Fahrenheit 9-11” film plays as a major actor in 'refining' the 9-11 issues.  Yet, it's prominence in the issues mandates that the educated must examine it in an objective context, as well.  The film did a great job of confronting most of the infamous and deadly facts behind 9-11.  But, some prominent issues seem to be METHODICALLY missing.  The aircraft missing at the Pentagon and Pennsylvania; the military nonchalance in responding/accounting.  Add the impossibility of the towers collapsing on their own footprint – supposedly from fire. 
Moore didn’t address the Afghan heroin, the Iraq oil profiteering and also the powerful suggestion of an Israeli connection.  One must ask if Michael Moore has actually fallen for the disinformation.  Maybe didn’t do enough homework, or just seems to have fallen as another victim of the all too obvious Psyops and “Coercive Persuasion” – the “Jonestown” poisoned cool-aid methodology.
Or, did Moore’s “airing license” of his movie come at the expense of methodically leaving Israel out of the matter?  Was Bush sacrificed, to keep the focus totally on al Qaeda?  The risk was high, but the dividends were tremendous.
Moore put a special focus on the private aircraft allowed to fly select Saudis and the bin Ladens within - and out of - the United States in the first few days following 9-11; as the rest of the U.S.  private - not airline - aircraft were grounded.  Those flights transported members of Osama bin Laden's family – with fresh new Swiss citizenship.  THAT - with the background of Bush killing an FBI investigation into the bin Laden family funding of al Qaeda.  There’s the rub; NO available innocence to be ‘presumed.’ The Saudis and bin Ladens could fly, as American medevac flights were prohibited. 
In sum, it appears – fantasies aside - that al Qaeda wasn’t actively involved.  That makes perfect sense – even if the alternate scenario (inside job) is too horrible to think about. 
In any case, it seems that the Bush family and the bin Ladens go back a very long way; as Moore aptly illustrated.  Osama's brother, Salem, was George Junior's money partner in Abusto Energy; the source of the startup money.  Possibly, it was because of that connection that Osama was recruited to play the “holy warrior” for the CIA in the Afghan-USSR battle. 
Moore’s film, “Fahrenheit 9-11” makes a good presentation on the Bush-Saudi-bin Laden connections, putting such players as James Bath and James Baker into appropriate perspective – agents representing the Saudi and bin Laden interests.  Moore estimates that the Bush family is in line to receive 1.4 billion dollars from their Saudi deals.
Moore also put Bush’s Harken stock deal into such perspective that one might anticipate a Martha Stewart presidential pardon on the horizon.  Bush’s illegal Harken stock trading makes her look like small change.
The bin Laden investments in the Carlyle Group – of George Bush Sr.  fame - are now a legend in their own right.  Not until being ‘busted’ by the media did the bin Ladens get forced into withdrawing their Carlyle money – all of it; no questions asked.  Bush Jr.  obviously made no attempt to seize the assets under his terrorist directive.
There is no question that the post 9-11 bin Laden evacuation flights occurred, Osama's family members were among those passengers.  The issue seems to get narrowed down to the question of whether or not these aircraft flights point the 9-11 finger at Saudi Arabia.  Certainly, the finger more readily points to the non-involvement of Saudi Arabia – and al Qaeda!  If the Saudis & bin Ladens were actually involved, there would be no accommodated escape.  The money trail directs the finger of blame at the White House occupants, et al. 
America was first told that Afghanistan was to be blamed for 9-11.  Then Iraq was somehow to blame for 9-11.  Still, why would anyone take any claims of any Arab country being identified as the perpetrator of 9-11 as being credible?
Michael Moore seems to have recognized the bogus claims about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction.  He appears to accept the pandered link of Saddam - Al Qaeda and to 9-11 as a pack of lies.
BUT   Moore seems to have blindly accepted the official story of 9-11, in terms of 9-11 being a function of al Qaeda.  Is there something wrong in that picture?  Why would he trust even that much of Bush’s story?
There is no viable evidence that the supposed hijackers did the 9-11 deed.
Go to the basic question of Saudi Arabia as being any kind of perpetrator of 9-11.  There is no motive, versus the Saudis losing a lot of money & regional power.  The asset seizures in the USA would top one trillion dollars.  One family essentially rules Saudi Arabia, with a history of dynasty overthrows; why risk such a magnitude of failure?  Nothing would be gained!
Look in another direction.  Immediately after the 9-11 attacks, the former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was directly asked what the 9-11 attacks meant for the Israeli-US relations.  His quick reply was a Freudian slip: "It's very good.  Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)." How correct he turned out to be.  But, is there more to the picture?
Regress, for a moment.  Even though the majority of the Nazi concentration camp victims were non-Jewish, certainly history owes a certain debt for the Nazi holocaust.  However, common sense dictates that the USA tax coffers should not be the perpetual "apology purse," after the German "Nazi" debt was terminated.  Not by any intention of racism, it must be observed that the 1948 self-declared "Jewish" State of Israel is not in the same league with the legendary "Holy Grail." Whether the attempted Israeli sinking of the USS Liberty or building the Gaza Wall, Israel is subject to international law and "First Amendment" open discussion - however unpopular that idea may strike anyone.  The deeds of a nation are not on par with the deeds of a religious group.  It only stand to reason that if "Israel" = "Jew," [race and religion] then the U.S.  aid is mandated to be cut off, under just the church-state separation provisions.
Since 9-11 the U.S.  support for Israel's agendas grew stronger, with the Israelis committing still more atrocities against the Palestinians.  However horrible and detestable the Palestinian suicide bombings are, the compelled revenge factor just can’t be ignored.  No amount of logic and law will overcome the basic instincts of human nature - including raw barbarism. 
Despite the illusion of a single "funding hold,” more post 9-11 U.S.  money actually flowed into Israel.  World opinion, which pre 9-11 had been growing against Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, temporarily abated in the 9-11 shadow.  Conversely, the international hostility towards Muslims and Arabs, in general, grew.
Amidst all the U.S.  military action in the region, why was Israel left totally out of the picture?    If Israel is a 'vital' U.S.  ally - worthy of billions in foreign aid - why did Israel contribute nothing significant to the 'war?'
The world is little aware that Israel is in far greater defiance of U.N.  Resolutions than Saddam could ever have dreamed of.  Conversely, immediately before the Iraq invasion, Saddam was being certified as actually being in compliance with the cited U.N.  Resolutions.  As the U.N.  compliance certification became apparent, the invasion was announced; the U.N.  inspection teams had to leave.
Israel is a poster-child for the message that violating U.N. Resolutions is NOT a justification for arbitrary invasion!
But, there was still no Saudi motive behind 9-11.  Saudi Arabia would never commit an act which was guaranteed to strengthen Israeli-US ties.  It’s insane to think that Saudi Arabia would commit an act that was guaranteed to undercut their own oil revenue.  Only the failure of the Iraq invasion has kept the price of oil up – to record levels, at that.  Nor would Saudi Arabia commit an act which would anger the entire world against Muslims/Arabs. 
"Fahrenheit 9/11" seems to have left out some important information, concerning the events of 9-11.  For example, five “dancing art students” were arrested for suspicious behavior, filming, cheering and laughing as the WTC towers burned and collapsed.  They turned out to be Mossad, with the usual ‘catch-and-release’ license.  It seems that the Mossad agents were using the “front” of a moving company for their still unspecified operations.  Apparently, their 9-11 pictures got lost.
To date, no one has a viable clue as to who actually hijacked the 9-11 aircraft.  Two of the aircraft are still missing, with the Pentagon & Shanksville, Pennsylvania sites failing to turn up viable evidence of actual aircraft crashes - versus a limited “salting” of small aircraft parts.  The alleged hijackers failed to turn up on any passenger manifests, or in the autopsies.  At least seven of the alleged hijacker names turned up alive, with no further questions being asked as to whom the supposed hijackers were – or their ‘back-at-home’ connections.  If they didn’t make their flights, why was there not a nation-wide manhunt for them?    Were the alleged hijackers on the infamous bin Laden family escape flights?
If Saudi Arabia was in any fashion behind 9-11, they wouldn’t allow any risk of the operation being traced back to them.  If Saudi Arabia had any connection to 9-11, the obviously phony videotapes and passports would have pointed toward Israel. 
The FBI Director, Robert Mueller, has admitted that there is no documentary evidence proving that the pandered 9-11 hijackers were actually on the 9-11 aircraft.  Nor can the FBI establish any viable al Qaeda link.
The 9-11 warnings sent to Odigo in New York and Israel before the 9-11 aircraft even left the ground, points straight at Israeli connections, not al Qaeda.  There is no possible way that al Qaeda or Saudi interests would exclusively warn Israeli companies if they were behind 9-11. 
So, let’s say that the al Qaeda connection has any viable merit at all.  It wasn't a Saudi-owned company in charge of security at all three of the 9-11 airports.  Saudi Arabia couldn’t be an al Qaeda partner in 9-11, then suffer the latest round of terror attacks against the Saudi Royal family.
So, if the hijackers were never on the flights, can it be said that the airport security failed?    It was always known to be a highly profitable joke, in the first place.
Seemingly in preparation for 9-11, the radical majority of the airport security companies were merged into three corporations, then sold overseas – just in time for 9-11, when they abruptly became worthless. 
Has anyone noticed the price of Gasoline, lately?  Bush won’t even release the oil reserves, intended to block the prices America has been paying.  Nor has Bush said a word about the radical prices.  Instead, a new tax has been added!
The Saudis are being handsomely rewarded – for what?  Not for sponsoring 9-11!  Perhaps for their silence; that certainly fits.  Saudi Arabia can well afford to rebuild Iraq, after the USA is beaten by the rag-tag Saddam remnants of a third-world country left without a viable army – of any type.  American’s just can seem to work hard enough, or pay enough.  Looking to the “Saudi Slot Machines” (gas pumps) America will pay for that rebuilding.
If Israel helped the rogue elements within the U.S.  Government stage such as the 9-11 events, launching wars of conquest in the Middle-East; Israel would be in an ideal position to blackmail the US Government with that very secret – as could Saudi Arabia.  Israel certainly seems to have Bush’s approval on their treatment of the Palestinians.  Gaza Wall or Warsaw Ghetto, the effect is the same.  The Gaza wall is essentially funded by U.S.  dollars!
Well, America - in particular - is stuck with the fact that the Bush family fortune does date to W.W.  II Nazi business deals.
Since 9-11, the U.S.  Government just can’t seem to do enough for Israel.  Retroactively, what did Israel ever do for the U.S.?  As the greatest benefactor, Israel did little to overtly aid the USA.  "Intelligence" and a handful of interrogators is simply not enough from a supposed devoted ally.  When the USA needed a regional military base; Israel didn’t offer, the U.S.  never asked.  When the military might of Iraq was put down, Israel didn't even offer to assist.  For all the billions of U.S.  aid to Israel, there is a major moral debt on the table.  The U.S.  has never devoted that type of loyalty to anyone – not Saddam, not Noriega, no one – why Israel?
In the end, the American GI serves as an Israeli proxy-warrior; America certainly gets nothing from all this.  At the time of this writing, the American body count just passed 1,600 American soldiers killed in Iraq.  For what?  Corporate raids on the U.S.  tax coffers?  Offshore bank accounts?  Certainly that.  Pity the ignorant tax payer.
For whatever reason, the USA just can’t seem to block enough UN Resolutions for the benefit of Israel, with their long standing military expansionist policy against the Palestinians, in particular.  With Iraq’s military down, and threats/plans against Syria and Iran; Israel would stand as the last remaining military power in the region, if Iraq hadn’t turned into a quagmire.
Michael Moore’s "Fahrenheit 9/11" qualifies as the proverbial tip of the New World Order iceberg.  “Fahrenheit 9/11” serves to identify major rogue players within the entire US Government system, who by now realize that Bush and his handlers have been ‘busted’ for lying to the American people.  The result is the American leadership and military committing a long string of War Crimes.  Bush, with his obvious mental problems, seems quite proud of all that. 
The world is expected to believe that God told Bush to invade Afghanistan and Iraq; and God speaks through Bush.  (As Hitler’s Nazis said, “Gott mit uns!)
America should be very certain that Bush & Co. could not do what they did, without major cooperation by highly effective rogue players within the government agencies and the obviously well-controlled mass media.  America has yet to ask, “What are ‘Ethnic Albanians?’”  The mass media won’t tell America that they are Muslims, in bed with Osama bin Laden. 
Americans should shudder with fear, when one looks to the scammed introduction and passage of major anti-Constitutional bills and the voting records for the authorization for the use of force in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Just the dollar expense of these deeds is draconian, let alone the methodical assaults on American freedoms.
“Homeland Security” was a huge profiteering scam – by Texas, again.  Few people know that.  (The Bill contents were switched at the last minute.)
There can be no doubt that the “Patriot Act” and “Homeland Security Act” (The original bill and the substituted bill) were pre-written, just for 9-11.  The Afghan invasion was announced in the international media nearly six months before 9-11.  Again, throw in the “Project for a New American Century" (PNAC) and the "Hart-Rudman Report."  Brezenski’s “The Grand Chessboard” and Barnett's "The Pentagon's New Map" lay out the basic Middle-East conquest plan.
As needed for the approaching American tyranny, both Congressional parties overwhelmingly voted “Yae;” there was no significant remaining partisan politics, regardless of the 9-11 flawed accounts.  The rush to war and the infliction of an American dictatorship was bipartisan. 
No Weapons of Mass Destruction were found in Iraq - as was forewarned - and Saddam Hussein has long been in custody.  As of June 2004, Iraqi sovereignty was restored.  The "war" was over. Thereafter, their is no legitimate mandate for U.S.  military operations in Iraq.  Economic opportunity is no excuse.
As with the citizens of Nazi Germany, in the end, the selectively ignorant American public is to blame – and pay.  That didn’t need to happen; America knows better.

Key Points of the Geneva Conventions
1.  All captives are to be regarded and treated as POWs, until a status determination tribunal is held to resolve any question.
2.  Civilians are entitled to all the protections accorded to POWs, as well as protection from collective punishment or deportation.
3.  POWs may be tried by their captors in a fair and impartial manner, and they are entitled to competent representation. 
4.  At the end of HOSTILITIES, all POWs must be returned to their home countries.
5.  The use of penitentiaries is prohibited.
6.  Prisoners may not be murdered, tortured or subjected to scientific experiments.
7.  Prisoners of war should be "respected and protected" without regard to gender, race, politics or creed. 
8.  Coercion of prisoners is prohibited.
9.  POWs are only obligated to provide their captors with their name, rank, serial number and date of birth.
10.  POWs must be provided with reasonable and hygienic shelter, including food, clothing and medical care.  They can't be used as human shields.  If they are forced to work, they must be compensated and provided with reasonable workplace conditions. 
11.  Hospital facilities may not be used for military purposes. 
12.  War combatants are obligated to search for, collect and care for the wounded and sick after a battle, and they are required to report these activities (as well as the names of prisoners) to the Red Cross. 
13.  Combatants may not capture independent parties attempting to provide humanitarian aid or perform search-and-rescue missions. 
14.  Prisoners must be allowed to communicate with their families.  They must not be subjected to "violence, insults and public curiosity."
15.  The Red Cross must be permitted to visit privately with POWs, to examine the conditions of their confinement and to distribute humanitarian supplies. 
16.  Civilians unfortunate enough to be living in the middle of a war must be allowed to "lead normal lives."
17.  Occupiers of a land must honor the safety, dignity, religious beliefs and cultural mores of the people there. 
18.  Civilians cannot be forced to do military work for an occupying force. 
19.  Occupying powers are obliged to support the health and safety of the population with food and medical supplies (or by allowing humanitarian shipments of the same). 
20.  "Indiscriminate" attacks on civilian targets are forbidden. 
21.  Dams, dikes, nuclear plants, places of worship, cultural landmarks and "objects indispensable to civilian survival" (such as crops or drinking water supplies) may not be specifically targeted. 
22.  Soldiers must be over the age of 15. 
23.  Weapons which cause inordinate environmental damage, "superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering" are prohibited. 
24.  Using a protected emblem (like the Red Cross) to hide military activity or personnel is a war crime.
* * * * * * * *

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