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Monday, August 18, 2014



Talking about "9/11 institutions", what of the WTC complex itself? What was it exactly? Most people in the world are still under the impression that those towering behemoths really were the pride of US bustling capitalism, with shiny modern offices and luscious furniture - and lots of happy tenants, all the way up to 2001. This is entirely false. Of course, the news media kept hammering into our minds that there were "50.000 people" in those buildings... Hence, in order for the public to start accepting that the WTC towers were actually empty (and hopefully everyone knows no one can die in an empty building), it is absolutely essential to destroy this basic myth.

Here are some extracts of "Divided we stand" by Eric Darton (1999) which should be quite illuminating for people who don't know - or cannot come to terms with the notion - that the towers were a redundant, decrepit and largely vacated ghost structure - perhaps long before 2001.


(from p.190)

Pacing out the periphery of the trade towers in the late 1990s, one nav-
igated a cracked badlands of sidewalk crudely patched with mismatch-
ing cement. The weathered, gray (originally white) Italian marble
paving on the plaza was a spiderweb of cracks, a condition that under-
mined the addition of benches and flowerbeds and the tinkling medley
of new-age harmonics emanating from a score of tiny speakers mounted
beneath Yamasaki's arcades. Construction equipment and barricades
around the site appeared to have been deployed and then abandoned
by a retreating army.

And up in the towers, where asbestos removal was still under way,
a host of details pointed toward a rift opening up within the trade cen-
ter itself. In 1985, when New York State moved most of its offices out,
Dean Witter consolidated its operations in twenty-four floors of Tower
2 under a twenty-year lease. Visiting the brokerage and investment
firm's offices and cafeterias, one invariably found them spotlessly
maintained. But on adjacent floors, particularly those with multiple
tenants, the paint was dingy, the carpets were stained, fixtures re-
mained broken, and burned-out fluorescent lights went unreplaced, as
did discolored ceiling tiles. And the listing of a company on the direc-
tory did not reliably indicate that a company was still there.

And who indeed was there, inhabiting the self-proclaimed heart of
world trade? In 1966, as the PA was bulldozing Radio Row, the City
Planning Commission reported that "the prime objective of the WTC is
to simplify and expand international trade by centralizing and consoli-
dating within the Center essential world trade services and activi-
ties.... The Center will contain only government agencies and private
firms which play a part in international marketing and in the adminis-
trative processing of world trade. "
Yet according to its own
1993 occupancy survey, the Port Authority found that trade service and
import-export tenants accounted for only 5 percent of its leases.

The Port Authority closed out the 1990s with a stream of press re-
leases announcing the rental of unimaginably huge quantities of trade
center office space
to "cutting-edge" firms like Sun Microsystems. Yet
around the complex a million square feet stood empty, and the build-
ings originally intended as great catalyzing chambers of world trade
were, by degrees, transforming into a kind of disjunctive real estate
layer-cake. One story above the carpeted, wood-paneled offices of a
Japanese securities firm, a group of artists filled bare walls with boldly
colored images and hung sculptures from the exposed ceiling girders of
a vast echoing cavern. As part of a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
program that turned some of the vacant space in the towers over to
artists rent-free, 40,000 square feet of concrete floor lay paint-
spattered and strewn with the raw materials of a creative urge that has
never been easily reconciled with the imperatives of a bottom line.

On page 204, Eric Darton mentions what is defined as 'the modest economy boost'
of the WTC1993 bombings (I kid you not!) which allowed to relocate
350 bombed-out trade center tenants into vacant office space nearby...

from p. 204

In January 1996, Governor Pataki announced that he was moving
the trade center's last state tenant, the governor's office itself, to cheaper,
more convenient space in midtown.


The February 1993 blast in the basement of the World Trade Center
killed 6 people, injured 1,000 others, displaced 50,000 workers, and
threw 900 Vista Hotel and Windows on the World employees out of
work, but it also provided a modest boost for the regional economy.
This, at any rate, was the conclusion the Port Authority came to in an
April 1993 report released six weeks after the bombing.


For the agency, this silver lining was due in part to the ease with
which the 350 bombed-out trade center tenants could be moved into
abundant vacant office space nearby.
Breathing an almost palpable
sigh of relief, then-PA chair Richard Leone noted that relocating ten-
ants would have been far more protracted and expensive had the ex-
plosion occurred in the boom year of 1985.

In other words, may I tentatively presume that the 1993 bombings helped scare the sh#t out of the last remaining WTC tenants and make them get the hell outta there? You should also know that the official line (post-2001) was that "in September 2001 the WTC towers were at 95% capacity and had 400 tenants". Could that possibly have been a ...ehrm...a lie? Well, "95%" cannot be the truth anyway - since even Wikipedia lists a large number of completely empty floors.

In any case, the material in Darton's book written in 1999 informs us of two extremely interesting factts:

- After the 1993 bombings, 50,000 workers were displaced and 350 tenants were relocated outside the WTC.

- At the end of the nineties, " a stream of press releases announced the rental of unimaginably huge quantities of trade center office space."

So, this begs the question: Could they possibly have "VIRTUALLY re-populated" the WTC towers - with a string of phony press releases?



That "Unblinking" page stinks to high heaven.

The whole idea that "NO-ONE-REALLY-KNOWS" exactly how many tenants or businesses operated within the WTC is preposterous - as if the WTC was some sort of Moroccan souk /market place... :rolleyes: The "Unblinking" people boast of being experts at searching the internet for info that mere mortals usually won't find...

Apparently, the smartass "Unblinking" folks got their tenant list from "the CoStar Group - The world leader for commercial real estate intelligence"

You've gotta love this disclaimer they have regarding their WTC tenant list:

Although CoStar makes efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its information, CoStar makes no representation or warranty regarding the quality, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of such information. CoStar cannot guarantee that its tenant specific data is 100 percent accurate or complete, and errors and omissions do occur. Accordingly, CoStar is not responsible if its information is not accurate, complete or current, and CoStar has no responsibility for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction that you (or a third party) take based upon the tenant specific data presented here.

Also very much worth reading is the "Unblinking" site's discussion of how they 'solved the mystery' of finding (through BELL yellow-page searches..) about 20 companies seemingly renting space in the WTC in the same suite n?7967:

"MYSTERY SOLVED" (scroll down page a little)

See, no mystery there, folks: they were all simply renting "VIRTUAL OFFICE SPACE" from the Alliance Business Centers Network ! Here's what they do:
One may well wonder...how many of the other "WTC tenants" were - likewise - 'virtually renting' office space in the WTC towers?


TENANT LIST OF WTC1 on WickedPedia:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_te ... ade_Center

TENANT LIST OF WTC2 on WickedPedia:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_te ... ade_Center


I then checked the link on the second box down, the Twin Towers Tenant List, which takes you to http://tbtf.com/unblinking/arc/2001-09a.htm As I browsed the list, something caught my eye and I made an almost immediate connection. There were several networks that may have had offices on the 110th floor of WTC1 on the morning of 9/11, yet I can't remember ever hearing any network ever say that they lost anyone on 9/11, which they must have, since I do remember hearing that no one escaped the building from above the impact zone. Here's the list of networks that may have had a presence in WTC1 on 9/11, taken from the Unblinking page:

Tenant Floor Year
Channel (WPIX) 110 2001
Channel 2 CBS (WCBS) 110 2001
Channel 31 (WBIS) 110 2001
Channel 4 NBC 104 2001
Channel 47 (WNJU) Telemundo Noticiero 110 2001
Channel 5 Fox (WNYW) 110 2001
CNN (Turner Broadcasting / Cable Network News) 110

The way I see it, news of some sort is being broadcast around the clock. We don't know what kind of offices these were, but my guess is that since they were directly under the large broadcasting tower on WTC1 (except for NBC), they may have had something to do with getting the signal out. Either way, since the news is always going out, someone must have been in the those offices, perhaps 'round the clock.

While we've been told that most people where "just arriving" or perhaps "on there way" to work at the WTC, I think that those news offices probably had lots of people in them because of the way news works. It's always happening somewhere and whether it's radio or tv, it's always being reported. And if no one above the impact area made it out alive, there could have been hundreds of people in the those offices at the time of the "first impact", yet never any mention by any one of those networks about the people they lost that day? No memorials? Nothing?

Yesterday, it got a little more interesting. I went back to the site above and clicked on the link 240 Phone Listings, which takes you here http://tbtf.com/unblinking/arc/2001-09b.htm Here we find out, again, if the info is accurate, that there was atleast one company who's sole purpose was to make it look like other companies occupied space in the WTC's. They set you up with addresses, phone numbers and the like, and now you are in the WTC, even though you aren't even renting office space.

So now you have to wonder, what companies were actually in the WTC and which ones were just pretending to be in the WTC? Could office space have been rented for companies by a third party, but was actually vacant, but wouldn't show up on a list of vacancies making it appear that the building were mostly "full"?

So, did the networks actually have offices on the 110th floor with people working in them? If they did, then who were they and why no mention of them on any memorials. Or were they fake offices with no one in them? Either way, there should be atleast one name on atleast one memorial of "someone" who "worked" at one of those networks who didn't make it out that day, real or vicsim. Or perahps like the BATF in Oklahoma City, were they told not to come to work that day?
I used Simon's link, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_te ... ade_Center, for the tenant list of WTC1 to see what "companies" had "offices" in the impact zone or above it. As you can see, 2 companies, Marsh USA and Cantor Fitzgerald "occupied" most of the floors I'm concetrating on. This is interesting since you'd only have to have these 2 companies in your pocket to "account" for almost all of the "causualties" in that area. I wonder what the chances are that the impact zone alone would only immediately effect ONE company.

Using that list, I went to the wiki page for the WTC, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Trade_Center, and found that "The damage caused to the north tower by Flight 11 destroyed any means of escape from above the impact zone, trapping 1,344 people.[113]", which was gotten from, "# ^ Dwyer, Jim; Lipton, Eric et al. (May 26, 2002). "102 Minutes: Last Words at the Trade Center; Fighting to Live as the Towers Die". The New York Times. Archived from the original on October 10, 2008. http://www.webcitation.org/5bTftBx4s. Retrieved May 23, 2008. ".

So now I know how many "people" I'm looking for. I then went to Marsh's online memorial, http://memorial.mmc.com/, and added up all the names, which comes out to 332 vicsims, which is a little short of the figure on the wiki page noted above, which says they only lost 295 employees plus 60 contractors, which equals 355 total.

I then headed over to the Cantor-Fitzgerald memorial, http://www.cantorfamilies.com/cantor/jsp/index.jsp, added up all the names on there for a total of 347.

Next I did a search for victims who may have been in the Windows on the World restaurant complex, found another wiki page, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_on_the_World, and got a total of 165 "people" who died.

I subtracted these figures from the 1344 total from the first wiki page, and got a number of 500. So who are these 500 vicsims?

I just found this here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WNBC, "During the September 11, 2001, attacks, the transmitter facilities of WNBC, as well as eight other local television stations and several radio stations, were destroyed when two hijacked airplanes crashed into and destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City. WNBC broadcast engineer Bill Steckman died in the tragedy, along with six other engineers from other television stations. After resuming over-the-air transmissions, the station broadcast from the Armstrong Tower in Alpine, New Jersey. Since 2005, WNBC is broadcasting its signal from the Empire State Building in New York City.".

I also found this wiki page, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WPIX, which says, "On September 11, 2001, the transmitter facilities of WPIX as well as eight other New York City television stations and several radio stations were destroyed when two hijacked airplanes crashed into and destroyed the World Trade Center towers. The station's lead engineer, Steve Jacobson, was among those who were lost in the tragedy. WPIX's satellite feed froze on the last video frame received from the WTC mast, an image of the Twin Towers burning; the image remained on the screen for much of the day until WPIX was able to set up alternate transmission facilities (the microwave relay for WPIX's satellite feed was also up there). Since then, WPIX has transmitted its signal from the Empire State Building.".

It would appear that the rest of the "tenants" of the 110th floor of WTC1, in a word, weren't. There is either no mention of them having anything to with WTC, or they merely had a transmitter on the roof.

So now we have 2 names of people having something to do with broadcasting having died on 9/11, and a mention of 6 others. I guess they didn't have names or something. Even if we take the 2 names + 6 other engineers, which equals 8, we are left with a gaping hole of 492 missing names. Ofcourse, I don't know how anyone would know the exact number of people in or above the impact zone anyway, and this is assuming that anyone was in there to begin with. As we've seen with the vicsim list, we haven't been able to verify anyone.

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