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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


 APPORTS & ASPORTS   page  3 
Apporting is to bring into a seance or Circle. The apport is the object brought into a seance or Circle.
Asporting is to take out of the seance or Circle. The asport is the object taken out of a seance or Circle.

In 1887 and 1888, a manlike creature with wings was reported performing aerial maneuvers over New York and New Jersey. The reports were never taken seriously, yet the creature or something like it reappeared in the Ohio River Valley during 1966 and 1967. It was described as winged, gray, man-sized, man-shaped, with red eyes and was seen by more than a hundred witnesses.

A rain of pink frogs fell on Stroud, in Gloucestershire, England, on October 24, 1987. Naturalist Ian Darling confirmed that the frogs were albinos (the pink color came from the blood flowing beneath their pale skin), but could give no explanation about where they came from. Presumably it was the same place that caused a similar rain of pink frogs on nearby Cirencester two weeks earlier.

Strange rains are far from unusual. Downpour of frogs have been reported from Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Indiana, and Massachusetts, to name just a few locations in the United States. There was a rainfall of herring at Argylshire in Scotland in 1817.

The conventional explanation of this phenomenon is that whirlwinds have scooped up the unfortunate creatures, carried them a distance, then deposited them as rain. If so, the whirlwinds are curiously selective, managing to scoop only frogs from their ponds and carefully segregating herring from the myriad of fish available in the sea. Besides which, the rainfalls have never been confined to amphibians and fish.

There was a fall of large yellow mice on Bergen, Norway, in 1578. A year later it rained lemmings. Burning sulphur fell on Magdenburg, Germany, in 1642. Black eggs pelted down on Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1786. Animal feed fell in Iran in 1828. San Francisco had a rain of beef-yes, beef-in 1851. Cinders have fallen from the sky in Illinois; lizards fell out of the sky on Sacramento; snakes fell out of the sky on Memphis, Tennessee; raining worms in West Virginia; silver coins raining down in Russia; from the sky came banknotes in France and Germany; fall of peaches in Louisiana; out of the sky falling mud, raining wood, glass, and pottery in Cuba. Falling Black "snowflakes" as large as table tops fell on the east coast of the Baltic Sea in 1687. They were found to be rafts of black algae and infusoria.

In 117 a.d., four thousand men of Roman Army's Ninth Legion marched northward out of Dunblane, Scotland, and disappeared. There were no dispatches, no reports of any battle, no bodies, or any other sign of a disaster. The men simply vanished.

The British Consul in Vienna, Benjamin Bathurst, was examining a team of horses on November 25, 1809, in the German town of Perleberg, when he vanished. His valet and secretary saw him walk around to the other side of the horses, at which point he disappeared. People have been disappearing just as mysteriously ever since, including the Toronto businessman who walked into his office and never came out and several individuals who vanished while people were actually looking at them.

The few case studies quoted represent the barest skimming on the surface of a vast literature of anomalies. Such reports have profound implications. If people can be in two places at once or disappear into thin air, if dogs can read minds and cats can tell the future, if a girl can generate a poltergeist and Romasanta really could change into a wolf, then we need to revise our ideas about the nature of reality.
Bilocation; the appearance of the same person in two different places at once is another impossibility, but one apparently achieved by several Christian monks and Christian saints. The list of bilocators includes St. Anthony of Padua, St. Ambrose of Milan, St. Severus of Ravenna, and, in modern times, Padre Pio, an Italian monk. Some of the appearances have been well attested. When Pope Clement XIV was on his deathbed, he had a visit from St. Alphonsus Maria de Ligouri, who was seen by several members of the Papal Court at the pope's bedside. But Alphonsus was confined to his cell at the time-a four-days' journey away.

From the book "Psychic Light" - Maud Lord-Drake
On one occasion a man came for the express purpose of mischief. He said it was all a fraud. Maud met him and looked steadily into his face for a moment. The others all knew something was coming. Finally, with a quick, gasping noise, she jumped forward, reached for his hands, and gave him a sign known only to Masons, and in a strong, clear, masculine voice told him everything he had said on the road; what he had told the boys, and repeated verbatim his jeers and contempt for the subject. She ended by saying, "Now, John Bronson, if you wish to conform to the rules of this meeting you can come in, and welcome, but, if not, you cannot attend." The Captain admitted that his doubts had been utterly vanquished and that he would be only too glad to attend and learn more facts.
Thus was arranged one of the most surprising materializing seances that the medium had held, up to that date. During the seance this same penitent and contrite skeptic was called to the cabinet by the spirit of a young lady. When he approached she eagerly reached forth her hand and took his, saying "My brother." He recognized her face, and in his excitement almost screamed to her to give her name. She spoke distinctly, "Ella."
"My God! my God! It's my sister," said the now thoroughly convinced skeptic. He almost fainted, and was led back to his seat by his smiling and thoroughly triumphant companions, to whom he had only a few hours before ridiculed spirit return.
The influences were not yet through with him. His sister who had been buried only a short time, came again with messages for those in her far away home in the East. A thought of further identification struck him, and he said, "Ella, what did I give you when I came home on a furlough?"
"A ring set with ruby and pearls," she replied.
"Yes, yes," he replied, "where was it left when you were buried?"
"On my finger" said she, putting the hand out and plainly showing the ring to all present. He recognized it at once. He then asked for the wedding ring that had also been buried with her.
She had married a comrade of his company, and when she died, was buried at Keokuk, Iowa. This ring, he said, was left with her wedding ring upon her hand.
She seemed a little puzzled, disappeared for a few seconds, came back, recalled him, and reaching out her hand, put the ring he had given her upon his hand and said, "Keep it, but show it to Charley." Charley was the name of her husband, and Charley's name had not been called by any of the party.
There are many people today in Keokuk, Iowa, who will remember this young Captain Bronson. He attended to show others of his company who had been present several times their folly. On the way to the seance he had scoffed and sneered at his companions for believing anything so utterly ridiculous.
After this strange experience, the Captain, still in possession of his sister's ring, declared he would not rest until his sister's coffin was opened that he might know this was no delusion. He, with several of those present, went to the grave, where, with the sexton, they opened the coffin and examined the hand that had worn the ring. When the coffin was opened, he said, "Boys, look first and tell me." The hands wore no gloves, and strange, but true, the ring was gone! The dead, white hand, they said, bore the impress of the missing ring. The indentation was there. The ring was taken from the soldier brother and slipped upon the finger for the second time.

From the book "Transcendental Physics"  Professor Johann Zollner
A Table Vanishes and Reappears [asported & apported]

I had, as usual, taken my place with Slade at the card-table. Opposite to me stood, as was often the case in other experiments, a small round table near the card table, exactly in the position shown in the photograph (taken from nature) upon Plate III. [see page 108], illustrating the further experiments to be described below. The height of the round table is 77 centimetres, diameter of the surface 46 centimetres, the material birchen--wood, and the weight of the whole table 4.5 kilogrammes. About a minute might have passed after Slade and I had sat down and laid our hands joined together on the table when the round table was set in slow oscillations, which we could both clearly perceive in the top of the round table rising above the card-table, while its lower part was concealed from view by the top of the card-table.
The motions very soon became greater, and the whole table approaching the card-table laid itself under the latter, with its three feet turned towards me. Neither I, nor as it seemed, Mr Slade, knew how the phenomenon would further develop , since during the space of a minute which, now elapsed nothing whatever occurred. Slade was about to take slate and pencil to ask his "spirits" whether we had anything still to expect, when I wished to take a nearer view of the position of the round table lying, as I supposed, under the card-table. To my and Slade's great astonishment we found the space beneath the card-table completely empty, nor were we able to find in all the rest of the room that table which only a minute before was present to our senses. In the expectation of its reappearance [apported] we sat again at the card-table, Slade close to me, at the same angle of the table opposite that near which the round table had stood before. We might have sat about five or six minutes, in intense expectation of what should come, when suddenly Slade again asserted that he saw lights in the air. Although I, as usual, could perceive nothing whatever of the kind, I yet followed involuntarily with my gaze the directions to which Slade turned his head, during all which time our hands remained constantly on the table, linked together under the table, my left leg was almost continually touching Slade's right in its whole extent, which was quite without design, and owing to our proximity at the same corner of the table. Looking up in the air eagerly and astonished, in different directions, Slade asked me if I did not perceive the great lights. I answered decidedly in the negative; but as I turned my head, following Slade's gaze up to the ceiling of the room behind my back, I suddenly observed, at a height of about five feet, the hitherto invisible table with its legs turned upwards very quickly floating down in the air upon the top of the card-table. Although we involuntarily drew back our heads sideways, Slade to the left and I to the right, to avoid injury from the falling table, yet we were both, before the round table had laid itself down on the top of the card table, so violently struck on the side of the head, that I felt the pain on the left of mine fully four hours after this occurrence, which took place at about half-past eleven.


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